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Word A Word B Word C Word D Occurrence Frequency Band MI MI Band Prominent
friend_n lord_n monk_n prior_n 767 5 15.1914 5 false
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ID Title Author Corrected Date of Publication (TCP Date of Publication) STC Words Pages
A91655 The first [second] book of the works of Mr. Francis Rabelais, Doctor in Physick, containing five books of the lives, heroick deeds, and sayings of Gargantua, and his sonne Pantagruel. Together with the Pantagrueline prognostication, the oracle of the divine Bachus, and response of the bottle. Hereunto are annexed the navigations unto the sounding isle, and the isle of the Apedests: as likewise the philosophical cream with a Limosm epistle. / All done by Mr. Francis Rabelais, in the French tongue, and now faithfully translated into English.; Gargantua et Pantagruel. English. 1653 Rabelais, François, ca. 1490-1553?; Urquhart, Thomas, Sir, 1611-1660.; Hall, John, 1627-1656. 1653 (1653) Wing R105; Thomason E1429_1; ESTC R202203 215,621 504 View Text
A57001 The works of the famous Mr. Francis Rabelais, doctor in physick treating of the lives, heroick deeds, and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel : to which is newly added the life of the author / written originally in French, and translated into English by Sr. Thomas Urchard.; Works. English. 1664 Rabelais, François, ca. 1490-1553?; Urquhart, Thomas, Sir, 1611-1660. 1664 (1664) Wing R103; ESTC R24488 220,658 520 View Text
A14827 A decacordon of ten quodlibeticall questions concerning religion and state wherein the authour framing himfelfe [sic] a quilibet to euery quodlibet, decides an hundred crosse interrogatorie doubts, about the generall contentions betwixt the seminarie priests and Iesuits at this present. Watson, William, 1559?-1603. 1602 (1602) STC 25123; ESTC S119542 424,791 390 View Text
A57009 The works of F. Rabelais, M.D., or, The lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and Pantagruel with a large account of the life and works of the author, particularly an explanation of the most difficult passages in them never before publish'd in any language / done out of French by Sir Tho. Urchard, Kt., and others. Rabelais, François, ca. 1490-1553?; Urquhart, Thomas, Sir, 1611-1660. 1694 (1694) Wing R104; ESTC R29255 455,145 1,095 View Text
A40672 The history of the worthies of England who for parts and learning have been eminent in the several counties : together with an historical narrative of the native commodities and rarities in each county / endeavoured by Thomas Fuller.; History of the worthies of England Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661.; Fuller, John, b. 1640 or 41. 1662 (1662) Wing F2441; ESTC R6196 1,376,474 1,013 View Text
A67922 Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happenyng in the Church. [vol. 1] with an vniuersall history of the same, wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter tymes of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions agaynst the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as nowe lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland. Newly reuised and recognised, partly also augmented, and now the fourth time agayne published and recommended to the studious reader, by the author (through the helpe of Christ our Lord) Iohn Foxe, which desireth thee good reader to helpe him with thy prayer.; Actes and monuments Foxe, John, 1516-1587. 1583 (1583) STC 11225; ESTC S122167 3,006,471 816 View Text
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