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friend_n jupiter_n mars_n venus_n 2,591 5 12.6694 5 true
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A12254 A theater of the planetary houres for all dayes of the yeare VVherein may be gathered from the earth, vnder the cœlestiall influences, divers sorts of hearbs, rootes, leaves, barkes, flowers, fruits, seedes, stones, animals, &c. for the vse of physick: whereby both suddenly, and happily infirmities may be cured. The evils too are set downe, that happen, and are caused by the seuen plannets: the friendship and hatred betwixt them: the sunne rising; and to finde the determinate houre of it. A worke not onely curious and delightfull, but likewise necessary for physitians, and all curious spirits. Composed by George Simotta a Grecian, of Constantinople, spagirick physitian, to Monsieur, brother to his Majestie of France. Translated out of Greeke, into French, and now into English, fitted to our calculation. Simotta, George. 1631 (1631) STC 22561; ESTC S117413 10,243 36 View Text
A09232 The old wiues tale A pleasant conceited comedie, played by the Queenes Maiesties players. Written by G.P. Peele, George, 1556-1596. 1595 (1595) STC 19545; ESTC S110404 17,163 46 View Text
A91502 Mene mene, tekel upharsin. The second part of Mene tekel, treating of the year MDCLXXXIX. : And modestly shewing what may probably be conjectured to succeed in the affairs of Europe in general, and of England, Holland, Scotland, and France in particular; with something also about the affairs of Ireland, and the French King's forces there. : To which is added a treasonable paper dispersed among the papists, by J. Gadbury, with some reflections thereon, and also on his almanack for 1689. / By John Partridge. Partridge, John, 1644-1715.; Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. 1689 (1689) Wing P619A; ESTC R203323 33,895 50 View Text
A00527 Speculum ægrotorum. The sicke-mens glasse or, A plaine introduction wherby one may giue a true, and infallible iudgement, of the life or death of a sicke bodie, the originall cause of the griefe, how he is tormented and afflicted, what thinges are medicinable to the diseased person: and the day and houre in which he shall recouer, or surrender his vitall breath. Whereunto is annexed a treatise of the foure humors, and how they are ingendered and distributed in our humane bodies: with certaine and manifest signes to discerne of what complexion any man is: and the operation that eating, drinking rest and exercise, worketh in euery person: with certaine speciall preseruatiues for the eye-sight. Composed by Iohn Fage, student in phisicke, and practitioner in astrologie. Fage, John, student in phisicke. 1606 (1606) STC 10665; ESTC S114685 34,615 72 View Text
A15531 The boke of secretes of Albertus Magnus of the vertues of herbes, stones, and certayne beasts : also, a boke of the same author, of the maruaylous thinges of the world, and of certaine effectes caused of certaine beastes.; Liber aggregationis. English. 1560. Albertus, Magnus, Saint, 1193?-1280.; Albertus, de Saxonia, d. 1390. 1560 (1560) STC 258.5; ESTC S1430 34,987 152 View Text
A89090 Catastrophe Galliæ, or, The French king's fatal downfal predicted to happen in or about the years 1691 or 92 : together with his nativity, calculated according to the rules of astrology : as likewise that of the present emperor of Germany and the grand signior : with probable conjectures upon the Turks new eruptions into Europe : all humbly submitted to the candid and ingenuous sons of art / by J.P. ... Merrifield, John. 1691 (1691) Wing M1845A; ESTC R43705 35,916 48 View Text
A50702 Catastasis mundi, or, The true state, vigor, and growing greatness of Christendom, under the influences of the last triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Leo, the late comet, &c. together with the true genitures of Mahomet the imposter, the Grand Seignior, the German Emperour, the French monarch : proving thence that the Turks will be defeated in all their attempts against Christendom, &c., notwithstanding Mr. Holwel's menaces to the contrary in his Catastrophe mundi, and his appendix thereunto : also the said Holwel's monstrous falshoods and errours discovered, retorted, and confuted, and himself remitted to the Turks, to comfort them now after their losses before Vienna / by John Merrifield ... Merrifield, John. 1684 (1684) Wing M1845; ESTC R2397 35,949 49 View Text
A10076 Ephesus vvarning before her woe A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on Passion Sunday, the 17. of March last. By Sampson Price, Bachelour of Diuinity, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford: and lecturer at S. Olaus. Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. 1618 (1618) STC 20330; ESTC S115214 43,526 80 View Text
A11276 Masquarade du ciel presented to the great Queene of the little vvorld. A celestiall map, representing the true site and motions of the heavenly bodies, through the yeeres 1639, 1640, &c. Shadowing the late commotions, between Saturn and Mercury, about the northern Thule. With the happy peace and union, through the whole little world, made by the goodnesse of Phebus and his royall Phebe. By J.S. Sadler, John, 1615-1674. 1640 (1640) STC 21542; ESTC R3852 47,675 46 View Text
A47492 Vates astrologicus, or, England's astrological prophet, fortelling what is likely to befall Great-Britain and Ireland, particularly the great and famous city of London as also France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sicily, Apalia, Bohemia, Turkey, and indeed all Europe, but more especially the see of Rome, for twenty years together, beginning March 10, 1683, and ending March 10, 1702 : likewise astrological judgments of the effects of that famous triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, being thrice repeated in that regal sign Leo, the great dignities of the Sun and Jupiter: also some remarks upon the eclipses, and more especially upon that great and famous visible eclipse of the sun, July 2, 1684 : with twenty years predictions from some of the most eminent mutual aspects of the planets, and eclipses of the luminaries, and annual revolutions of the sun : here are also many hieroglyphicks representing the future state and changes of the world : to which is added a treatise of the pestilence, both for the prevention and cure thereof / by Richard Kirby. Kirby, Richard, b. 1649. 1683 (1683) Wing K623; ESTC R17066 50,255 59 View Text
A06859 The diall of destiny A booke very delectable and pleasaunt: wherein may be seene the continuall and customable course, disposition, qualities, effectes, and influence of the seuen planets ouer all kyndes of creatures here belowe: also the seuerall and sundry situation of countryes and kingdomes. Compiled and discussed briefly, aswell astrologically, as poetically, and philosophically by Iohn Maplet Maister of Arte. Maplet, John, d. 1592. 1581 (1581) STC 17295; ESTC S120741 65,061 168 View Text
A91999 Keiromantia [sic] or, The art of divining by the lines and signatures engraven in the hand of man, by the hand of nature, theorically, practically. Wherein you have the secret concordance, and harmony betwixt it, and astrology, made evident in 19. genitures. Together with a learned philosophicall discourse of the soule of the world, and the vniversall spirit thereof. A matchlesse piece. / Written originally in Latine by Io: Rothmanne, D. in Phisique, and now faithfully Englished, by Geo: Wharton Esq.; Cheiromantia. Rothmann, Johann.; Wharton, George, Sir, 1617-1681. 1652 (1652) Wing R2001; Thomason E1237_3; ESTC R210441 69,654 193 View Text
A00700 A learned astronomical discourse, of the iudgement of natiuities Deuided into three bookes, and dedicated first to Katherin the French Queene, by Oger Ferrier her physition. Translated by Thomas Kelway Gentleman.; Jugemens astronomiques sur les nativités. English Ferrier, Auger, 1513-1588.; Kelway, Thomas. 1593 (1593) STC 10833; ESTC S102052 72,919 126 View Text
A90821 Country astrology in three books. Being the many years astrological experiments and painful collections of John Pool of the county of Glocester, student in astrology and physick. A work very useful for all such as are lovers of astrology, and do delight in the serious study of calculating nativities. Poole, John, b. 1610. 1650 (1650) Wing P2811; Thomason E607_6; ESTC R205867 73,353 119 View Text
A90869 A compendious view, or Cosmographical, and geographical description of the whole world. With more plain general rules, touching the use of the globe, then bave been yet published. Wherein is shewed the situation of the several countries, and islands: their particular governments, manners, commodities, and religions. Also a chronology of the most eminent persons, and things that have been since the creation, to this present: wherein you have a brief of the gospel, or a plain, and easie table, directing readily where to find the several things, that were taught, spoke, done and suffered, by Jesus Christ, throughout the said gospel. The which is not onely pleasant, and delightful; but very useful, and profitable; for all. But cheifly for those who want, either time, to read, or money to buy, many books. / By Tho. Porter. Porter, Thomas, fl. 1654-1668. 1659 (1659) Wing P2998A; Thomason E1863_2; ESTC R210226 74,944 154 View Text
A35396 Semeiotica uranica, or, An astrological judgment of diseases from the decumbiture of the sick (1) from Aven Ezra by the way of introduction, (2) from Noel Duret by way of direction ... : to which is added, The signs of life or death by the body of the sick party according to the judgment of Hippocrates / by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. ...; Semeiotica uranica Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Hippocrates. Prognostica.; Duret, Noël, ca. 1590-ca. 1650.; Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meïr, 1092-1167. 1651 (1651) Wing C7547; ESTC R7964 79,136 212 View Text
A50786 Practical astrology in two parts : the first part containeth an easie introduction to the whole art of astrologie ... : the second part sheweth the resolution of all manner of horary questions which concern the life of man, his estate, brethren, or short journeys ... / by John Middleton, Philomath. Middleton, John, Philomath. 1679 (1679) Wing M1978; ESTC R844 102,271 330 View Text
A18047 The fountaine of ancient fiction Wherein is liuely depictured the images and statues of the gods of the ancients, with their proper and perticular expositions. Done out of Italian into English, by Richard Linche Gent. Linche, Richard.; Cartari, Vincenzo, b. ca. 1500. Imagini de i dei de gli antichi. 1599 (1599) STC 4691; ESTC S107896 106,455 205 View Text
A26563 Henry Cornelius Agrippa's fourth book of occult philosophy and geomancy magical elements of Peter de Abano : astronomical geomancy : the nature of spirits : and Arbatel of magick / translated into English by Robert Turner ...; De occulta philosophia. Book 4. English. Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.; Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665.; Petrus, de Abano, ca. 1250-ca. 1315. Heptameron, or magical elements of Peter de Abano. 1655 (1655) Wing A785A; ESTC R40727 133,640 309 View Text
A26564 Henry Cornelius Agrippa his fourth book of occult philosophy of geomancie, magical elements of Peter de Aban : astronomical geomancie ; the nature of spirits ; Arbatel of magick ; the species or several kindes of magick / translated into English by Robert Turner.; De occulta philosophia. Book 4. English. Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.; Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.; Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665.; Petrus, de Abano, ca. 1250-ca. 1315. Heptameron. 1665 (1665) Wing A786; ESTC R32699 134,939 242 View Text
A14293 The golden-groue moralized in three bookes: a worke very necessary for all such, as would know how to gouerne themselues, their houses, or their countrey. Made by W. Vaughan, Master of Artes, and student in the ciuill law, Vaughan, William, 1577-1641. 1600 (1600) STC 24610; ESTC S111527 151,476 422 View Text
A47660 Modern curiosities of art & nature extracted out of the cabinets of the most eminent personages of the French court : together with the choicest secrets in mechanicks, communicated by the most approved artists of France / composed and experimented by the Sieur Lemery, apothecary to the French king ; made English from the original French.; Recueil des curiositez rares et nouvelles des plus admirables effets de la nature et de l'art. English Lémery, Nicolas, 1645-1715. 1685 (1685) Wing L1041; ESTC R12683 153,646 404 View Text
A16918 VVits theater of the little world Albott, Robert, fl. 1600.; Bodenham, John, fl. 1600. 1599 (1599) STC 381; ESTC S113430 200,389 568 View Text
A88614 Pambotanologia. Sive Enchiridion botanicum. Or A compleat herball containing the summe of what hath hitherto been published either by ancient or moderne authors both Galenicall and chymicall, touching trees, shrubs, plants, fruits, flowers, &c. In an alphabeticall order: wherein all that are not in the physick garden in Oxford are noted with asterisks. Shewing their place, time, names, kindes, temperature, vertues, use, dose, danger and antidotes. Together with an [brace] introduction to herbarisme, &c. appendix of exoticks. Universall index of plants: shewing what grow wild in England. / By Robert Lovell St. C.C. Ox. Lovell, Robert, 1630?-1690. 1659 (1659) Wing L3243; Thomason E1858_1; Thomason E1859_1; ESTC R202783 202,597 420 View Text
A56504 Defectio geniturarum being an essay toward the reviving and proving the true old principles of astrology hitherto neglected or at leastwise not observed or understood : wherein many things relating to this science are handled and discoursed ... / by John Partridge. Partridge, John, 1644-1715. 1697 (1697) Wing P617; ESTC R26179 278,401 372 View Text
A65576 The works of that late most excellent philosopher and astronomer, Sir George Wharton, bar. collected into one volume / by John Gadbvry ... Wharton, George, Sir, 1617-1681.; Gadbury, John, 1627-1704.; Rothmann, Johann. Chiromancia. English. 1683 (1683) Wing W1538; ESTC R15152 333,516 700 View Text
A52521 The true prophecies or prognostications of Michael Nostradamus, physician to Henry II, Francis II, and Charles IX, kings of France and one of the best astronomers that ever were a work full of curiosity and learning / translated and commented by Theophilvs de Garencieres ...; Prophéties. English & French Nostradamus, 1503-1566.; Garencières, Theophilus, 1610-1680. 1685 (1685) Wing N1400; ESTC R230636 379,688 560 View Text
A62395 Scot's Discovery of vvitchcraft proving the common opinions of witches contracting with divels, spirits, or familiars ... to be but imaginary, erronious conceptions and novelties : wherein also, the lewde unchristian all written and published in anno 1584, by Reginald Scot, Esquire.; Discoverie of witchcraft Scot, Reginald, 1538?-1599. 1651 (1651) Wing S943; ESTC R19425 465,580 448 View Text
A39847 Mosaicall philosophy grounded upon the essentiall truth, or eternal sapience / written first in Latin and afterwards thus rendred into English by Robert Fludd, Esq.; Philosophia Moysaica. English Fludd, Robert, 1574-1637. 1659 (1659) Wing F1391; ESTC R6980 471,831 303 View Text
A57689 Astrologia restaurata, or, Astrologie restored being an introduction to the general and chief part of the language of the stars : in four books ... / by VVilliam Ramesey, Gent. ... Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6.; Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. Introduction to the iudgement of the stars.; Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. Introduction to elections.; Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. Astrologia munda. 1653 (1653) Wing R201; ESTC R20735 479,753 423 View Text
A62397 The discovery of witchcraft proving that the compacts and contracts of witches with devils and all infernal spirits or familiars are but erroneous novelties and imaginary conceptions : also discovering, how far their power extendeth in killing, tormenting, consuming, or curing the bodies of men, women, children, or animals by charms, philtres, periapts, pentacles, curses, and conjurations : wherein likewise the unchristian practices and inhumane dealings of searchers and witch-tryers upon aged, melancholly, and superstitious people, in extorting confessions by terrors and tortures, and in devising false marks and symptoms, are notably detected ... : in sixteen books / by Reginald Scot ... ; whereunto is added an excellent Discourse of the nature and substance of devils and spirits, in two books : the first by the aforesaid author, the second now added in this third edition ... conducing to the compleating of the whole work, with nine chapters at the beginning of the fifteenth [sic] book of The discovery.; Discoverie of witchcraft Scot, Reginald, 1538?-1599.; Scot, Reginald, 1538?-1599. Discourse concerning the nature and substance of devils and spirits. 1665 (1665) Wing S945A; ESTC R20054 529,066 395 View Text
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