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friend_n enemy_n true_a zeal_n 759 5 10.9440 5 false
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A20977 The miracle of the peace in Fraunce Celebrated by the ghost of the diuine Du Bartas. / Translated, by Iosuah Sylvester.; Miracle de la paix en France. English. Du Nesme, Jean.; Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.; Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. 1599 (1599) STC 7353.5; ESTC S105425 13,633 72 View Text
A58501 Remarks upon a late paper, entituled, A true relation of the cursed designs and intrigues which have been lately carry'd on, both in England and France, to restore the late King James, &c. discovered by some gentlemen lately arriv'd from St. Germaines. 1694 (1694) Wing R939; ESTC R8504 16,122 12 View Text
A88202 Ionahs cry out of the whales belly: or, Certaine epistles writ by Lieu. Coll. Iohn Lilburne, unto Lieu. Generall Cromwell, and Mr. John Goodwin: complaining of the tyranny of the Houses of Lords and Commons at Westminster; and the unworthy dealing of divers (of those with him that are called) his friends. To the man whom God hath honoured, and will further honour, if he continue honouring him, Lieu. Generall Cromwell at his house in Drury Lane, neare the red-Lion this present. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1647 (1647) Wing L2122; Thomason E400_5; ESTC R201740 21,051 15 View Text
A10724 The true report of a late practise enterprised by a papist with a yong maiden in Wales, accompted emongst our Catholiques in those partes for a greater prophetise, then euer was the holie maide of Kent, till now on Sundaie beyng the iiii. of Marche this present yere 1582. in the Cathedrall Churche at Chester, before the whole assemblie then at a sermon she confessed how she had been seduced by a ronegate priest, and how by his instructions she had feined to see certaine visions, whiche like wise followe in due forme. The pervsyng whereof, the reformed Protestaunte shall finde cause worhtie to laugh at: the wilfull papist matter is to bee ashamed at: and all sortes of people good example to be warned at: truly set doune without any maner of parciallitie, by Barnabe Riche gentleman. Pervsed and allowed accordyng to the order appointed. Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617. 1582 (1582) STC 21004; ESTC S105153 23,787 40 View Text
A67003 A short letter modestly intreating a friends judgement upon Mr. Edwards, his booke he calleth an Anti-apologie, with a large but modest answer thereunto framed, in desire, with such evennesse of hand, and uprightnesse of heart, as that no godly man might be effended at it : and with soule-desire also, that they, who are contrary-minded, might not be offended neither, but instructed. Woodward, Ezekias, 1590-1675.; Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. 1644 (1644) Wing W3502; ESTC R18279 37,876 40 View Text
A45143 A modest and peaceable inquiry into the design and nature of some of those historical mistakes that are found in Dr. Stillingfleet's preface to his Unreasonableness of separation wherein the innocency of Protestant dissenters is cleared up and vindicated from the indecent censures of the doctor / by N. B. Humfrey, John, 1621-1719.; Lobb, Stephen, d. 1699. 1681 (1681) Wing H3694; ESTC R8947 41,612 54 View Text
B07702 The true choice of a friend. Shewing the comfort of a faithfull friend. : A friend is neerer then a brother..; Reasons metamorphosis and restauration Goldwell, Charles. 1625 (1625) STC 11989; ESTC S92716 48,079 300 View Text
A01846 Reasons metaphorphosis, and restauration Whereunto are annexed two other treatises. viz. 1. Choyce and applications. 2. My friend. By Charles Goldwell Master of Artes, and minister of Gods word. Goldwell, Charles. 1621 (1621) STC 11988; ESTC S103303 48,170 303 View Text
A31722 The Character of a Whig, under several denominations to which is added, The reverse, or, The character of a true English-man, in opposition to the former. 1700 (1700) Wing C2001; ESTC R13356 59,454 139 View Text
A93918 The doctrines and principles the persecution, imprisonment, banishment, excommunicating of the saints of God, by the priests and magistrates of Scotland, contrary to the doctrine of Christ and the Apostles ... Stockdale, William, d. 1693. 1659 (1659) Wing S5693A; ESTC R184702 60,391 90 View Text
A20529 Foure godlie and fruitful sermons two preached at Draiton in Oxford-shire, at a fast, enioyned by authoritie, by occasion of the pestilence then dangerously dispearsed. Likewise two other sermons on the twelfth Psalme. VVhereunto is annexed a briefe tract of zeale. / By I. Dod. R. Cleauer. Dod, John, 1549?-1645.; Cleaver, Robert, 1561 or 2-ca. 1625.; Winston, John, fl. 1614-1634.; Greenham, Richard. 1611 (1611) STC 6938; ESTC S114261 70,793 120 View Text
A07909 A vvatch-vvoord to Englande to beware of traytours and tretcherous practises, which haue beene the ouerthrowe of many famous kingdomes and common weales. Written by a faithfull affected freend to his country: who desireth God long to blesse it from traytours, and their secret conspiracyes. Séene and allowed, according to the order appointed in the Quéenes iniunctions. Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633. 1584 (1584) STC 18282; ESTC S112941 79,185 110 View Text
A47614 The travels of true godliness, from the beginning of the world to this present day in an apt and pleasant allegory ... / by B.K., author of War with the Devil, and Sion in distress. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1684 (1684) Wing K98; ESTC R17933 96,473 173 View Text
A16269 Bel-vedére, or, The Garden of the muses Bodenham, John, fl. 1600.; Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. 1600 (1600) STC 3189.5; ESTC S102718 102,703 266 View Text
A30336 A discourse of the pastoral care written by Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum. Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1692 (1692) Wing B5777; ESTC R25954 115,662 306 View Text
A34898 A cabinet of spirituall iewells wherein man's misery, God's mercy, Christ's treasury, truth's prevalency, errour's ignominy, grace's excellency, a Christian's duty, the saint's glory, is set forth in eight sermons : with a brief appendix, of the nature, equity, and obligation of tithes under the Gospell, and expediency of marriage to be solemnized onely by a lawfull minister ... / by John Cragge, M.A. ... Cragge, John, M.A. 1657 (1657) Wing C6783; ESTC R4552 116,039 199 View Text
A61352 State-poems; continued from the time of O. Cromwel, to this present year 1697. Written by the greatest wits of the age, viz. The Lord Rochester, the Lord D-t, the Lord V-n, the hon. Mr. M-ue, Sir F. S-d, Mr. Milton, Mr. Prior, Mr. Stepney, Mr. Ayloffe, &c. With several poems in praise of Oliver Cromwel, in Latin and English, by D. South, D. Locke, Sir W. G-n, D. Crew, Mr. Busby, &c. Also some miscellany poems by the same, never before printed Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. Hind and panther transvers'd to the story of the country-mouse and the city-mouse. aut; Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. aut; University of Oxford. 1697 (1697) Wing S5325A; ESTC R219192 116,138 256 View Text
A27214 Some observations upon the apologie of Dr. Henry More for his mystery of godliness by J. Beaumont ... Beaumont, Joseph, 1616-1699. 1665 (1665) Wing B1628; ESTC R18002 132,647 201 View Text
A70819 Appello evangelium for the true doctrine of the divine predestination concorded with the orthodox doctrine of Gods free-grace and mans free-will / by John Plaifere ... ; hereunto is added Dr. Chr. Potter his owne vindication in a letter to Mr. V. touching the same points. Plaifere, John, d. 1632.; Potter, Christopher, 1591-1646. Dr. Potter his own vindication of himself. 1651 (1651) Wing P2419; ESTC R32288 138,799 346 View Text
A17270 The fire of the sanctuarie newly vncouered, or, A compleat tract of zeale. By C. Burges Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665. 1625 (1625) STC 4111; ESTC S115748 142,700 534 View Text
A10111 An exposition, and observations upon Saint Paul to the Galathians togither with incident quæstions debated, and motiues remoued, by Iohn Prime. Prime, John, 1550-1596. 1587 (1587) STC 20369; ESTC S101192 171,068 326 View Text
A73836 Seuen godlie and fruitfull sermons. The six first preached by Master Iohn Dod: the last by Master Robert Cleauer. Whereunto is annexed, a briefe discourse, touching, 1. Extinguishing of the spirit, 2. Murmuring in affliction Dod, John, 1549?-1645.; Cleaver, Robert, 1561 or 2-ca. 1625.; Winston, John, fl. 1614-1634. 1614 (1614) STC 6944; ESTC S109731 185,148 341 View Text
A05562 Politeuphuia VVits common wealth. N. L. (Nicholas Ling), fl. 1580-1607.; Bodenham, John, fl. 1600, attributed name. 1598 (1598) STC 15686; ESTC S108557 193,341 576 View Text
A31037 The Christian temper, or, A discourse concerning the nature and properties of the graces of sanctification written for help in self-examination and holy living / by John Barret ... Barret, John, 1631-1713. 1678 (1678) Wing B907; ESTC R20482 253,096 440 View Text
A26906 The cure of church-divisions, or, Directions for weak Christians to keep them from being dividers or troublers of the church with some directions to the pastors how to deal with such Christians / by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1670 (1670) Wing B1234; ESTC R1684 258,570 520 View Text
A33332 The lives of two and twenty English divines eminent in their generations for learning, piety, and painfulnesse in the work of the ministry, and for their sufferings in the cause of Christ : whereunto are annexed the lives of Gaspar Coligni, that famous admirall of France, slain in the Parisian massacre, and of Joane Queen of Navarr, who died a little before / by Samuel Clarke ... Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1660 (1660) Wing C4540; ESTC R36026 335,009 323 View Text
A12406 The sermons of Maister Henrie Smith gathered into one volume. Printed according to his corrected copies in his life time.; Sermons Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1593 (1593) STC 22719; ESTC S117445 481,730 1,028 View Text
A11395 Du Bartas his deuine weekes and workes translated: and dedicated to the Kings most excellent Maiestie by Iosuah Syluester; Sepmaine. English Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.; Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618.; Pibrac, Guy du Faur, seigneur de, 1529-1584. Quatrains. English.; La Noue, Odet de, seigneur de Téligny, d. 1618. Paradoxe que les adversitez sont plus necessaires que les prosperités. English.; Hudson, Thomas, 16th/17th cent.; Hole, William, d. 1624, engraver. 1611 (1611) STC 21651; ESTC S110823 556,900 1,016 View Text
A40196 The great mistery of the great whore unfolded, and antichrists kingdom revealed unto destruction in answer to many false doctrines and principles which Babylons merchants have traded with, being held forth by the professed ministers, and teachers, and professors in England, Ireland, and Scotland, taken under their owne hands, and from their owne mouths, sent forth by them from time to time, against the despised people of the Lord called Quakers, who are of the seed of that woman, who hath been long fled into wildernes ... in this answer to the multitude of doctrines held forth by the many false sects, which have lost the key of knowledge, and been on foot since the apostles dayes, called Anabaptists, Independents, Presbyters, Ranters, and many others, who out of their own mouths have manifested themselves not to be of a true descent from the true Christian Churches : but it's discovered that they have been all made drunk with the wine of fornication received from the whore which hath sitten upon the beast, after whom the world hath wondred / by George Fox. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1659 (1659) Wing F1832; ESTC R18020 590,130 408 View Text
A40137 A collection of many select and Christian epistles, letters and testimonies written on sundry occasions, by that ancient, eminent, faithful friend and minister of Christ Jesus, George Fox ; the second volume. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1698 (1698) Wing F1764; ESTC R15883 725,753 580 View Text
A10668 The triumphs of Gods revenge against the crying and execrable sinne of (willfull and premeditated) murther VVith his miraculous discoveries, and severe punishments thereof. In thirtie severall tragicall histories (digested into sixe bookes) committed in divers countries beyond the seas, never published, or imprinted in any other language. Histories which containe great varietie of mournfull and memorable accidents ... With a table of all the severall letters and challenges, contained in the whole sixe bookes. Written by Iohn Reynolds.; God's revenge against murder Reynolds, John, fl. 1621-1650.; Payne, John, d. 1647?, engraver. 1635 (1635) STC 20944; ESTC S116165 822,529 714 View Text
A13535 A commentarie vpon the Epistle of S. Paul written to Titus. Preached in Cambridge by Thomas Taylor, and now published for the further vse of the Church of God. With three short tables in the end for the easier finding of 1. doctrines, 2. obseruations, 3. questions contained in the same Taylor, Thomas, 1576-1632. 1612 (1612) STC 23825; ESTC S118201 835,950 784 View Text
A63069 A commentary or exposition upon these following books of holy Scripture Proverbs of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Songs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel & Daniel : being a third volume of annotations upon the whole Bible / by John Trapp ... Trapp, John, 1601-1669. 1660 (1660) Wing T2044; ESTC R11937 1,489,801 1,015 View Text
A02178 The workes of the reuerend and faithfull seruant af Iesus Christ M. Richard Greenham, minister and preacher of the Word of God collected into one volume: reuised, corrected, and published, for the further building of all such as loue the truth, and desire to know the power of godlinesse. By H.H.; Works Greenham, Richard.; Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603.; Hill, Robert, d. 1623. 1612 (1612) STC 12318; ESTC S120843 1,539,296 988 View Text
A40888 LXXX sermons preached at the parish-church of St. Mary Magdalene Milk-street, London whereof nine of them not till now published / by the late eminent and learned divine Anthony Farindon ... ; in two volumes, with a large table to both.; Sermons. Selections. 1672 Farindon, Anthony, 1598-1658. 1672 (1672) Wing F429_VARIANT; ESTC R37327 1,664,550 1,226 View Text
A58876 Clelia, an excellent new romance the whole work in five parts, dedicated to Mademoiselle de Longueville / written in French by the exquisite pen of Monsieur de Scudery, governour of Nostredame de la Garde.; Clélie. English Scudéry, Madeleine de, 1607-1701.; Davies, John, 1625-1693.; Havers, G. (George) 1678 (1678) Wing S2156; ESTC R19972 1,985,102 870 View Text
A55363 Annotations upon the Holy Bible. Vol. I wherein the sacred text is inserted, and various readings annex'd, together with parallel scriptures, the more difficult terms in each verse are explained, seeming contradictions reconciled, questions and doubts resolved, and the whole text opened / by the late reverend and learned divine Mr. Matthew Poole. Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. 1683 (1683) Wing P2820; ESTC R39678 6,571,344 1,258 View Text
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