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england_n king_n son_n year_n 19,217 5 5.4142 4 true
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A02948 The copie of the publication of the trewse made betwene the most Cristien [sic] Kynge Henry second of that name themperour, and the kyng of Ingland his sonne published at Roan [sic] on Thursday the xx daye of Februarry [sic] ; translated out of Frenche into Inglishe.; Treaties, etc. 1556 Feb. 5 France.; Henry II, King of France, 1519-1559.; Spain. Treaties, etc, 1555 Feb. 5. 1556 (1556) STC 13090.5; ESTC S3958 942 1 View Text
B00372 The true loves knot untied. Being the right path, whereby to advise princely virgins how to behave themselves, by the example of the renowned princess, the Lady Arabella, and the second son to the Lord Seymore, Late Earl of Hertford. The the tune of, Frogs Galliards.. 1630 (1630) STC 16857.3; ESTC S94039 1,422 1 View Text
B06255 The true lovers knot untied, being the right path whereby to advise princely vergins how to behave themselves, by the example of the renowned princess, the Lady Arabella, and the second son of the Lord Seymore, late Earl of Hartfort. To the tune of, Frog's galliard, &c. Licensed and entered according to order. 1700 (1695-1700?) Wing T2750; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.8[468] 1,423 2 View Text
B06254 The true lovers knot untied: being the right path whereby to advise princely virgins how to behave themselves, by the example of the renowned princess, the Lady Arabella, and the second son of the Lord Seymore, late Earl of Hartfort. To the tune of, Frog's galliard, &c. Licensed and entered according to order. 1700 (1695-1700?) Wing T2749; Interim Tract Supplement Guide EBB65H[118] 1,438 1 View Text
B02868 Dying tears. Or, Englands joy turned to mourning, for the loss of that vertuous Prince, Henry Duke of Glocester, 3d. son to our late soveraign King Charles the first: who departed this life the 13 of September, in the year of our Lord, 1660. Prepare for death before you dye, if you would live eternally. To the tune of, Aim not too high. 1660 (1660) Wing D2958A; ESTC R174796 1,504 1 View Text
B01561 Minerva's check to the author, attempting to write an elegy upon the Right Honourable and much to be lamented Roger first Earl of Orrery, who departed this life at Castle-Marter in the county of Cork in Ireland, 16 Octobris anno 1679. T. B. 1680 (1680) Wing B190; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.3[111] 1,617 1 View Text
A73186 A brave vvarlike song Containing a briefe rehearsall of the deeds of chivalry, performed by the nine vvorthies of the world, the seaven champions of Christendome, with many other remarkable warriours. To the tune of List lusty gallants. 1626 (1626) STC 22918.3; ESTC S124610 1,701 1 View Text
A48113 A Letter of a Jesuit of Liege concerning the method of establishing the Catholik religion in the kingdom of England. 1687 (1687) Wing L1563A; ESTC R43395 2,615 5 View Text
A69427 Here is a lytell shorte cronycle, begynnynge at the. vii. ages of the worlde, w[ith] the comy[n]ge of Brute: and the reygne of all the kynges with the sayntes and martyrs that haue ben in this lande.; Chronicle of all the kings. Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? 1530 (1530) STC 9983.7; ESTC S108702 2,893 10 View Text
A75479 The antiquity of Englands superiority over Scotland. And the equity of incorporating Scotland, or other conquered nation, into the Commonwealth of England. With parallels to our former transactions with Wales, and Ireland. And illustrations out of the Scottish, English, Jewish, Grecian, Assyrian, and Roman histories. / By a well-wisher to this commonwealth. Well-wisher to this commonwealth. 1652 (1652) Wing A3508; Thomason E668_17; ESTC R206979 3,067 8 View Text
A37397 A Declaration of the several treasons, blasphemies and misdemeanors acted, spoken and published against God, the late King, his present Majesty, the nobility, clergy, city, commonalty, &c. by that grand wizard and impostor William Lilly of St. Clements Danes, other wise called Merlinus Anglicus presented to the right honourable the members of the House of Parliament : in order to secure him from acting any further villanies against His Majesty. Gadbury, John, 1627-1704.; Lilly, William, 1602-1681. 1660 (1660) Wing D767; ESTC R8151 4,206 12 View Text
A56425 The Parliaments petition to the Divell to the most high and mighty emperour of darkenesse, Don sel de Lucifer, King of Acheron, Styx & Plegeton, Duke of Tartary, Marquesse of Cocitus, and lord paramount of Limbo. 1648 (1648) Wing P520; ESTC R33019 4,341 12 View Text
A03458 Baziliōlogia a booke of kings beeing the true and liuely effigies of all our English kings from the Conquest vntill this present: with their seuerall coats of: armes, impreses and devises: and a briefe chronologie of their liues and deaths. Elegantly grauen in copper. Elstracke, Renold, fl. 1590-1630, engraver.; Holland, Henry, 1583-1650? 1618 (1618) STC 13581; ESTC S106755 4,362 28 View Text
B05952 A supplement and addition unto a printed paper, bearing date July 25. 1692. And thus superscribed, To Our Sovereign Lord, King James the II. Rightful King of Great Brittain, and Ireland, wheresoever he now inhabits in the parts beyond the seas. / Richard Stafford, a scribe instructed in the law of God, desireth a speedy, safe, and peaceable coming into England. Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. 1695 (1695) Wing S5139; ESTC R184563 4,539 4 View Text
A85800 Englands present distractions. Paralleld with those of Spaine, and other forraigne countries, with some other modest conjectures, at the causes of the said distempers, and their likeliest cure. / Written by a loyall subject to His Majestie, and a true servant of the Parliament, in vindication of that aspersion cast upon them, for declining His Majesties royall prerogative, or seeking to confine it to limits. By H. G. B. L. C. H. G., B.L.C. 1642 (1642) Wing G24; Thomason E126_19; ESTC R19139 4,699 11 View Text
A91633 A winding-sheet for the rebels at Westminster. A grave as deep as Hell for Fairfax and his Army. With a whip and a bell, for the Satanicall hyrelings of the Synod. / By W.R. W. R. 1648 (1648) Wing R102; Thomason E449_39 4,701 8 View Text
A40647 An alarum to the counties of England and Wales with the oath of abjuration for ever to be abjur'd, or the sad malady and sole remedy of England / by a lover of his native countrey. Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. 1660 (1660) Wing F2402; ESTC R224486 4,703 14 View Text
A58691 An account of Queen Mary's methods for introducing popery, and procuring a Parliament to confirm it seasonable to be published in this time of imminent danger and dedicated to the Right Honourable the Earl of Shaftsbury. T. S. 1681 (1681) Wing S150; ESTC R8480 4,846 17 View Text
A23576 This is the cronycle of all the kyng[es] names that haue ben in Englande, and how many yeres they reygned and how many saynt[es] & martyrs haue ben i[n] this lande, and shewith the hole su[m]me, from the makyng of the worlde tyll the co[m]mynge of Brute, ye whiche is iiii.M.lxxvii. yeres and fro[m] the co[m]mynge of Brute to the Incarnation of Christe is M.C.xxii yeres, & from the Incarnacion to the xxiiii yere of Kynge Henry the vi is M.CCCC.xlvi yeres. 1518 (1518) STC 9983.3; ESTC S2614 4,863 16 View Text
A80650 A briefe abstract of the question of precedency, betweene England and Spain Occasioned by Sir Henry Nevil Knight, the Queen of Englands embassadour, and the embassadour of Spain at Callys, before commissioners appointed by the French King: who had moved a treaty of peace in the two and fortieth yeare of the reigne of the same Queen, by Robert Cotton Esquire, at the commandement of the Queens Majesty. Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. 1642 (1642) Wing C6482A; Thomason E128_2; ESTC R231682 4,935 8 View Text
A26611 A letter from Gen. Monck to King Charls son of the late King Charls of England deceased together with King Charls his answer thereunto. Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II). King Charles his answer thereunto. 1660 (1660) Wing A852A; ESTC R39889 4,991 10 View Text
A73131 Certaine reasons and arguments of policie, why the King of England should hereafter giue over all further treatie, and enter into warre with the Spaniard Scott, Thomas, 1580?-1626. 1624 (1624) STC 22073.6; ESTC S123281 5,414 16 View Text
A11782 Certaine reasons and arguments of policie, why the king of England should hereafter give over all further treatie, and enter into warre with the Spaniard Scott, Thomas, 1580?-1626. 1624 (1624) STC 22073; ESTC S100076 5,421 16 View Text
A88129 The life and death of King Richard the second, who was deposed of his crown, by reason of his not regarding the councell of the sage and wise of his kingdom, but followed the advice of of [sic] wicked and lewd councell, and sought as farre as in him lay, to deprive many good English subjects of their lives and estates, who stood wholly for the good of the commonalty; but at a Parliament holden, his counsellors were all called, whereof some fled, others received condigne punishment according to the law. Published by a Well-wisher to the common-wealth, being worthy the observation of all men in these times of distractions. Well-wisher to the Common-wealth. 1642 (1642) Wing L2002; Thomason E155_15; ESTC R13683 5,772 8 View Text
B08674 A caveat to the three kingdoms:, or, A summary account of the most miserable and deplorable estate and condition of England in the reign of king John, occasioned by his bringing in infinite multitudes of foreign forces : together with the base treachery of Lewis, the French King's son, and his great men, intended against the barons, who invited him in to their assistance : very well worthy to be seriously considered by all true English-men at this time of day / translated out of Matthew Paris. Paris, Matthew, 1200-1259. 1696 (1696) Wing C1616; ESTC R171128 5,839 8 View Text
A90411 The frame of the government of the province of Pennsylvania in America Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1691 (1691) Wing P1293; ESTC R42318 5,912 18 View Text
A74790 A new Magna Charta: enacted and confirmed by the high and mighty states, the remainder of the Lords and Commons, now sitting at Westminster, in empty Parliament, under the command and wardship of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Lievtenant Generall Cromwell, (our present soveraigne lord the King, now residing at his royall pallace at White-Hall) and Prince Ireton his sonne, and the Army under their command. Containing the many new, large and ample liberties, customes and franchises, of late freely granted and confirmed to our soveraigne lord King Charles, his heires and successors; the Church and state of England and Ireland, and all the freemen, and free-borne people of the same. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1648 (1648) Thomason E427_15; ESTC R203352 6,004 11 View Text
A47520 The kitchin-maids answer to the London apprentice's Word to the wavering Levite, &c. being a vindication of the Reverend Dr. Sherlock ... for his taking the oaths. Kitchin-maid. 1691 (1691) Wing K654; ESTC R7874 6,271 10 View Text
A58454 The Relation of the rejoycings made in Rome for the birth of the most serene Prince of Wales only son of James the Second, King of Great Britain, defender of the faith, &c. / faithfully translated into English, from the Italian impression, as it was printed at Rome and Genoa. 1689 (1689) Wing R863; ESTC R39094 6,403 18 View Text
A47984 A letter from a friend to the wise and learned, in England, Scotland, France, and Ireland 1680 (1680) Wing L1378; ESTC R221715 6,428 13 View Text
A24401 The Bloody almanack wherein is contained : ... the King of Scots new game in France, together with his desires to forreign princes ... concerning the landing of an English army in France ; the time and manner of a great battel to be fought : the engagement of the Scotch King, with the event and success thereof : with other notes ... touching the strange lightnings and apparitions that will be seen in the ayr this year ... Booker, John, 1603-1667.; Napier, John, 1550-1617. 1652 (1652) Wing A1955; ESTC R30740 6,463 11 View Text
A56450 A letter to a friend in the country being a vindication of the Parliaments whole proceedings this last session : with the state of the plot and manner of its discovery. J. P., 17th cent. 1681 (1681) Wing P55; ESTC R30077 6,484 6 View Text
B05862 A short history of the succession of the Kings and Queens of England, from William the Conqueror, to His present Majesty King William, the III. to the imperial crowns of these realms of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland; is briefly illustrated and declared. 1694 (1694) Wing S3602; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.2[201]; Interim Tract Supplement Guide Harl.5937[386] 6,792 1 View Text
A41938 The great prophecy of King William's success in Flanders: or, The happy fourth year of His Majesty's reign giving several famous predictions of the honour of England, in His glorious actions to be performed this present year, 1692. Licensed and entred according to order. 1692 (1692) Wing G1745; ESTC R218946 6,898 12 View Text
A13422 The booke of martyrs· VVherein are set downe the names of such martyrs as suffered persecution, and laid downe theire lives for witnesse-bearing unto the Gospell of Christ Jesus; drawne downe from the primitive Church, to these later times, especially respecting such as have suffered in this land under the tyranny of Antichrist, in opposition to popish errours. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1639 (1639) STC 23733; ESTC S118187 7,444 40 View Text
A92899 Britains triumph, for her imparallel'd deliverance, and her joyfull celebrating the proclamation of her most gracious, incomparable King Charles the Second, &c. defender of the faith. Being a happy fore-runner of the day of his nativity, and as is hoped of his coronation. 1660 (1660) Wing S25; Thomason E1023_13; ESTC R203439 7,489 22 View Text
A13424 A briefe remembrance of all the English monarchs, from the Normans conquest, vntill this present. By Iohn Taylor Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1618 (1618) STC 23736; ESTC S102441 7,924 105 View Text
A62792 To the nobility of England 1679 (1679) Wing T1577; ESTC R2151 8,414 1 View Text
A13482 The olde, old, very olde man: or the age and long life of Thomas Par the sonne of John Parr of Winnington in the parish of Alberbury; in the country of Salopp, (or Shropshire) who was borne in the raigne of King Edward the 4th. and is now living in the Strand, being aged 152. yeares and odd monethes. His manner of life and conversation in so long a pilgrimage; his marriages, and his bringing up to London about the end of September last. 1635. Written by Iohn Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1635 (1635) STC 23781; ESTC S102639 9,432 32 View Text
A13318 A booke, containing the true portraiture of the countenances and attires of the kings of England, from William Conqueror, vnto our Soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth now raigning together with a briefe report of some of the principall acts of the same kings, especially such as haue bene least mentioned in our late writers. Diligently collected by T.T. Talbot, Thomas, antiquary.; Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620, attributed name.; Twyne, Thomas, 1543-1613, attributed name. 1597 (1597) STC 23626; ESTC S100225 9,805 48 View Text
A49161 The Lord Baltemores case concerning the province of Maryland, adjoyning to Virginia in America. With full and clear answers to all material objections, touching his rights, jurisdiction, and proceedings there. And certaine reasons of state, why the Parliament should not impeach the same. Unto which is also annexed, a true copy of a commission from the late King's eldest son, to Mr. William Davenant, to dispossess the Lord Baltemore of the said province, because of his adherence to this Common-wealth. Baltimore, Cecil Calvert, Baron, ca. 1605-1675. 1653 (1653) Wing L3040; ESTC R217733 10,099 25 View Text
A70200 The history of the life & death of Oliver Cromwell the late usurper and pretended protector of England &c. / truely collected and published for a warning to all tyrants and usurpers by J.H. Heath, James, 1629-1664. 1663 (1663) Wing H1335A; ESTC R28052 10,139 17 View Text
A67902 A seasonable expostulation with the Netherlands. Declaring their ingratitude to, and the necessity of their agreement with the Common-wealth of England. Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. 1652 (1652) Wing O523; ESTC R206922 10,155 20 View Text
A64190 The number and names of all the kings of England and Scotland, from the beginning of their governments to this present as also how long each of them reigned, how many of them came to untimely ends, either by imprisonments, banishments, famine, killing of themselves, poyson, drowning, beheading, falling from horses, slaine in battells, murthered, or otherwise / written by John Taylor ... Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1649 (1649) Wing T492; ESTC R10068 10,674 34 View Text
A33690 Reflections upon the East-Indy and Royal African Companies with animadversions, concerning the naturalizing of foreigners / by Roger Coke. Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. 1695 (1695) Wing C4980; ESTC R18371 11,668 28 View Text
A23580 A short cronycle wherin is mencioned all the names of all the kings of England of the mayers, [and] sheriffes of the cytie of Londo[n] of diuers and many notable actes and thi[n]ges done in [the] sith the time of kige henry [the] fourth. 1540 (1540) STC 9985.5; ESTC S109855 12,842 50 View Text
A71345 Mercurius publicus: comprising the sum of forraign intelligence ...[no.24 (7 June-14 June 1660)]; Mercurius publicus (London, England : 1659) Muddiman, Henry, fl.1659-1666, editor.; Dury, Giles editor.; Newcomb, Thomas, d. 1681 or 2, publisher. 1660 (1660) Thomason E186_3 13,021 16 View Text
A04534 The Duke of Saxonie his iubilee with a short chronologie. Both shewing the goodnesse of God, in blessing the Gospel of Christ, since Luther first opposed the Popes pardons. Johann Georg I, Elector of Saxony, 1585-1656. aut; W. S., fl. 1618. 1618 (1618) STC 14656; ESTC S106548 14,071 29 View Text
A07915 A vaunting, daring, and a menacing letter, sent from Sultan Morat the great Turke, from his court at Constantinople, by his embassadour Gobam, to Vladisllaus King of Poland, &c. Which letter was sent to the Christian King, since the truce concluded betweene the Turke and the Persian in March last; as by many copies whereof, may appeare, as it was sent out of Poland. Wherein he declares himselfe a mortall enemy to the said Christian King, threatning to invade his kingdomes and territories, with all manner of hostility. Whereunto is annexed a briefe relation of the Turkish present strength, both of horse and foote: with al the victories the Turkes have prevailed against the Christians these last three hundred yeares. As also what glorious victories the Christians have wonne against the Turkes, till this present yeare. 1638. Published by authority Murad IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1612-1640. 1638 (1638) STC 18286; ESTC S102874 14,115 30 View Text
A62489 Three letters Petre, Edward, 1631-1699. Lettre du R.P. Peters, Jesuite, premier aumonier du roi d'Angle terre, ecrite au R.P. La Chaize, confesseur du roi tres-Chrêtien. English.; La Chaise, François d'Aix de, 1624-1709. Antwoort van den eerwaerdigen vader La chaise, biechtvader van den arder-christelyckten Koninck, op den brief van den eerwaerdigen vader Peters, Jesuit en eersten aelmoessenier van den Koninck van Engelandt. English. 1689 (1689) Wing T1099; ESTC R1356 14,136 8 View Text
A11720 A briefe chronicle, of all the kinges of Scotland declaring in what yeare of the worlde, and of Christ, they began to reigne, how long they reigned, of what qualities they were, and how they died. 1625 (1625) STC 22007; ESTC S116893 14,216 46 View Text
A22662 A declaration conteyning the iust causes and consyderations of this present warre with the Scottis wherin alsoo appereth the trewe & right title the Kinges Most Royall Maiesty hath to the souerayntie of Scotlande. England and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII); Henry VIII, King of England, 1491-1547. 1542 (1542) STC 9179; ESTC S4637 14,331 31 View Text
A87450 The iust reward of rebels, or The life and death of Iack Straw, and Wat Tyler, who for their rebellion and disobedience to ther king and country, were suddenly slaine, and all their tumultuous rout covercome and put to flight. Whereunto is added the ghost of Iack Straw, as he lately appeared to the rebells in Ireland, wishing them to forbeare and repent of their divellish and inhumane actions against their lawfull King and country. 1642 (1642) Wing J1241; Thomason E136_1; ESTC R207765 14,375 14 View Text
A34383 A Continuation of the state of New-England being a farther account of the Indian warr, and of the engagement betwixt the joynt forces of the United English collonies and the Indians on the 19th of December 1675 ... Together with an account of the intended rebellion of the Negroes in the Barbadoes. 1676 (1676) Wing S119A; Wing C5971; ESTC R29328 14,477 22 View Text
A14275 A tale of tvvo swannes VVherein is comprehended the original and increase of the riuer Lee commonly called Ware-riuer: together, with the antiquitie of sundrie places and townes seated vpon the same. Pleasant to be read, and not altogether vnprofitable to bee vnderstood. By W.V. Vallans, William. 1590 (1590) STC 24590; ESTC S111492 14,794 26 View Text
A86615 Bella Scot-Anglica. A brief of all the battells, and martiall encounters which have happened 'twixt England and Scotland, from all times to the present. VVherunto is annexed a corollary, declaring the causes whereby the Scot is come of late years to be so heightned in his spirits; with some prophecies which are much cryed up, as reflecting upon the fate of both nations. Howell, James, 1594?-1666. 1648 (1648) Wing H3056; Thomason E435_25; ESTC R15335 15,099 23 View Text
A37165 The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, with the restauration of the Protestant religion, or, The downfal of the Pope being a most excellent play, as it was acted both at Bartholomew and Southwark fairs, this present year, 1680, with great applause and approved of and highly commended by all the Protestant nobility, gentry and commonalty of England, who came to be spectators of the same. J. D. 1680 (1680) Wing D31; ESTC R22544 15,259 27 View Text
A42409 An essay upon the fourth and fifth chapters of the Revelation shewing that the Church of England B.L.E. is particularly describ'd in those chapters / by Walter Garrett ... Garrett, Walter. 1690 (1690) Wing G269; ESTC R6105 15,525 19 View Text
A33325 The life and death of the thrice noble and illustrious Edvvard, surnamed the Black Prince son to our victorious King Edward the Third, by whom he was made the First Knight of the most honourable Order of the Garter / by Samuel Clark ... Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1673 (1673) Wing C4532; ESTC R19883 15,827 34 View Text
A48030 The arraignment of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, before the Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord High-Steward of England also, a brief derivation of the most honourable family of the Howards : with an account of what families they are related to by marriages / transcribed out of ancient manuscripts, never before published. Lacy, J. 1685 (1685) Wing L142A; ESTC R202692 15,898 33 View Text
A57799 A royall story, for loyall readers For they intended mischiefe against thee, and imagined such a device as they are not able to performe. And why? because the King putteth his trust in the Lord, and in the mercy of the most highest, hee shall not miscarry. Dalen, Cornelius van, engraver. 1651 (1651) Wing R2153; ESTC R219748 16,088 37 View Text
A63996 England's breath stopp'd being the counter-part of Jvdah's miseries lamented publickly in the New-Church at Westminster on January 30 being the anniversary of the martydom of King Charles the First of blessed memory / by Robert Twisse. Twisse, Robert, d. 1674. 1665 (1665) Wing T3416A; ESTC R967 16,659 42 View Text
A20131 Strange histories, of kings, princes, dukes earles, lords, ladies, knights, and gentlemen With the great troubles and miseries of the Dutches of Suffolke. Verie pleasant either to bee read or sunge, and a most excellent warning for all estates. Deloney, Thomas, 1543?-1600. 1602 (1602) STC 6566; ESTC S105282 16,744 48 View Text
A48056 Letter from Father La Chaise, confessor to the French King, to Father Peters, confessor to the King of England in which is contained the project and designe of that faction to introduce the Prince of Wales : with some observations on his conception and birth : to which added a letter from Will Penn to Father La Chaise about the affaires of that babe and the ensueing progress of the popish design. La Chaise, François d'Aix de, 1624-1709.; Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1688 (1688) Wing L1465; ESTC R30940 16,996 16 View Text
A34337 The Conquest of France with the life and glorious actions of Edward the Black Prince, son to Edward the Third, King of England, his victory, with about twelve thousand archers, and men at arms, over Phillip of France, and a hundred thousand French-men, near Cressey, his vanquishing King John of France, and taking him, and his son prisoners, at the Battle of Poietiers, his love to the Earl of Kent's fair daughter, and marriage with her : also all that passed during that glorious and successful war against France, with the Battle of Agen-Court, and King Henry the Fifth being crowned King of France at Paris, being a history full of great and noble actions in love and arms, to the honour of the English nation, and the encouragement of the horoes [sic] of the present age. 1680 (1680) Wing C5895; ESTC N70022 17,173 22 View Text
A90212 Speedy advice to all Roman Catholicks; especially, those concerned in Scotland and Ireland Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. 1689 (1689) Wing O56aA; ESTC R230350 17,548 24 View Text
A53528 Sound advice to Roman Catholics, especially the residue of poor, seduced and deluded Papists in England who obstinately shut both eyes and ears against the clearest light of the Gospel of Christ and surest evidences of Scripture and reason to which is added a Word to the people called Quakers / by T.O. Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. 1689 (1689) Wing O56; ESTC R15543 17,650 24 View Text
A67239 A prospective glasse wherein Englands bondage under the Normane yoke, with the rise, growth, and continuation is clearly asserted, a subject not yet treated upon ... shewing how the law came to be in an unknown tongue, and from whence the judges and other inferior lawyers had their beginning, and in opposition to former law, how the 4 termes of the yeer came to be kept : as also, the corruption of this law, bringing with it the fines and rents to the lord of the manor for all free- holds and copyhold land : being a collection from the most choice of modern historians : with some copyhold land : being a collection from the most choice of modern historians : with some brief observations upon Scripture, as proving from thence that this law is contradictory to the nature of God's dealing with the sons of man, and contrary to the nature of freedome / by a lover of Englishmens freedomes. Lover of Englishmens freedomes.; Walker, Henry, fl. 1641-1660. 1649 (1649) Wing W380; ESTC R24593 17,780 25 View Text
A04853 A sermon preached in St. Maries at Oxford the 24. of March being the day of his sacred Maiesties inauguration and Maundie thursday. By John Kinge Doctor of Divinity, Deane of Christ Church, and Vicechancellor of the Vniversitie. King, John, 1559?-1621. 1608 (1608) STC 14987; ESTC S106564 18,225 34 View Text
A41836 A brief narrative and deduction of the several remarkable cases of Sir William Courten, and Sir Paul Pyndar, Knights, and William Courten late of London Esquire, deceased their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, together with their surviving partners and adventurers with them to the East-Indies, China and Japan, and divers other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and America : faithfully represented to both houses of Parliament. Graves, Edward. 1679 (1679) Wing G1605; ESTC R39444 18,876 18 View Text
A64348 A sermon preach'd to the Protestants of Ireland in the city of London at St. Helens, Octob. 23, 1690 being the day appointed by act of Parliament in Ireland for an anniversary thanksgiving for the deliverence of the Protestants of that kingdom from the bloody massacre begun by the Irish papists on the 23d of October, 1641 / by Richard, Lord Bishop of Killala. Tenison, Richard, 1640?-1705. 1691 (1691) Wing T684; ESTC R9854 19,055 32 View Text
A11721 A catalogue of the kings of Scotland Together with their seuerall armes, wiues, and issue. Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627? 1610 (1610) STC 22008; ESTC S120354 19,544 38 View Text
A26252 An Authentical account of the formalities and judicial proceedings upon arraigning at Westminster, a peer of the realm before a Lord high-steward 1680 (1680) Wing A4264; ESTC R25898 19,733 37 View Text
A38775 A rule from heaven, or, VVholsom counsel to a distracted state wherein is discovered the onely way for settling the good old cause and removing the maladies incident thereunto : and Mr. Pugh his prophesies opened / by Arise Evans. Evans, Arise, b. 1607. 1659 (1659) Wing E3463; ESTC R14509 19,866 63 View Text
A38774 Light for the Ievvs, or, The means to convert them in answer to a book of theirs called The hope of Israel, vvritten and printed by Manasseth Ben-Israel, chief agent for the Jews here, 1650. Evans, Arise, b. 1607. 1656 (1656) Wing E3461; ESTC R20613 19,867 58 View Text
A62230 Summus angliæ seneschallus, or, A survey of the Lord High-Steward of England his office, dignity, and jurisdiction, particularly the manner of arraigning a peer indicted of treason, or felony : in a letter to the Lords in the Tower ... Saunders, Edmund, Sir, d. 1683. 1680 (1680) Wing S745; ESTC R9936 19,870 38 View Text
B10051 An historical epistle of the great amitie and good offices betvvixt the popes of Rome, and kings of Great Britanie. Written to King Iames soone after his coming into England. / By Richard Smith ... Smith, Richard, 1566-1655.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) 1652 (1652) Wing S4153; ESTC R184318 20,328 71 View Text
A91218 Minors no senators. Or A briefe discourse, proving, that infants under the age of 21. yeares, are uncapable, in point of law, of being members of Parliament, and that the elections of any such are meere nullities; yea, injurious, prejuditiall, dishonourable to the whole Parliament and Kingdome, in sundry respects. / Written by a common-lawyer (a true lover of his country, and honourer of the Parliament) to a friend and client of his, for his private satisfaction, and published for the common-good. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1646 (1646) Wing P4008; Thomason E506_33; ESTC R205590 20,692 18 View Text
B07424 The great Plantagenet. Or, A continued succession of that royall name, from Henry the Second, to our sacred soverainge King Charles. By Geo. Buck, Gent.. Buck, George, fl. 1623-1646.; Buck, George, Sir, d. 1623. Daphnis polystephanos. 1635 (1635) STC 3997; ESTC S106071 21,009 66 View Text
A95583 A short relation of a long iourney, made round or ovall by encompassing the principalitie of Wales, from London, through and by the counties of Middlesex and Buckingham, Berks, Oxonia, Warwick, Stafford, Chester, Flint, Denbigh, Anglesey, Carnarvan, Merioneth, Cardigan, Pembrooke, Caermarden, Glamorgan, Monmouth, Glocester, &c. This painfull circuit began on Tuesday the 13 of July last, 1652. and was ended (or both ends brought together) on Tuesday the 7. of September following, being near 600. miles. Whereunto is annexed an epitome of the famous history of Wales. / Performed by the riding, going, crawling, running, and writing of John Taylor, dwelling at the sign of the Poets Head, in Phenix Alley, near the midle of Long Aker or Covent Garden. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1653 (1653) Wing T512; Thomason E1432_2; ESTC R209533 21,036 48 View Text
A13484 Part of this summers travels, or News from hell, Hull, and Hallifax, from York, Linne, Leicester, Chester, Coventry, Lichfield, Nottingham, and the Divells Ars a peake With many pleasant passages, worthy your observation and reading. By Iohn Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1639 (1639) STC 23783; ESTC S111384 21,041 54 View Text
A35589 The Case between Sir Jerom Alexander, Knight ... and Sir William Ashton, Knight ... concerning precedency Alexander, Jerome, Sir.; Ashton, William, Sir. 1661 (1661) Wing C853; ESTC R7783 21,183 14 View Text
A63182 The triall of Mr. John Gibbons, in Westminster-Hall, before the High-Court of Justice, beginning July 18. 1651 Gibbons, John, d. 1651. 1652 (1652) Wing T2200A; ESTC R203889 21,228 22 View Text
A10670 Votivæ Angliæ: or The desires and vvishes of England Contayned in a patheticall discourse, presented to the King on New-yeares Day last. Wherein are vnfolded and represented, manie strong reasons, and true and solide motives, to perswade his Majestie to drawe his royall sword, for the restoring of the Pallatynat, and Electorat, to his sonne in lawe Prince Fredericke, to his onlie daughter the Ladie Elizabeth, and theyr princelie issue. Against the treacherous vsurpation, and formidable ambition and power of the Emperour, the King of Spayne, and the Duke of Bavaria, whoe unjustlie possesse and detayne the same. Together with some aphorismes returned (with a large interest) to the Pope in answer of his. Written by S.R.N.I. Reynolds, John, fl. 1621-1650. 1624 (1624) STC 20946.1; ESTC S117031 21,745 45 View Text
A62146 Peter pursued, or, Dr. Heylin overtaken, arrested, and arraigned upon his three appendixes 1. Respondet Petrus, 2. Answer to the Post-haste reply, 3. Advertisements on three histories of Mary Queen of Scots, King Iames, and King Charls : patch'd together in his Examen historicum, for which the doctor is brought to censure / by William Sanderson, Esq. Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. 1658 (1658) Wing S649; ESTC R5219 22,615 61 View Text
A41979 Memento's to the vvorld, or, An historical collection of divers wonderful comets and prodigious signs in heaven, that have been seen, some long before the birth of Christ, and many since that time in divers countries, with their wonderful and dreadful effects together, with ample discourses, and profitable observations, upon that admirable star which appeared at the birth of Christ, to the eastern magi : as also upon that comet which appeared in the constellation of Cassiopea, after the horrid massacre of the French-Protestants, Anno 1572, and several other comets, with their effects to this present time / by W.G., minister of the gospel ; likewise, Stella nova, or, The new star, or, An account of the natural signification of the comet, or blazing-star, that hath so long been visible in England, and other countreys, and is yet hanging over our heads, by William Knight ... Greene, William.; Knight, William, fl. 1680-1699. Stella nova. 1681 (1681) Wing G1813; ESTC R13426 22,692 36 View Text
A58699 The religion established by law, asserted to conduce most to the true interest of prince and subject as it was delivered in a charge, at the general quarter sessions of the peace, held at the borough of Newark, for the county of Nottingham, by adjournment for taking the oaths of Supremacy, &c., according to the late act of Parliament July 21th 1673 / by Peniston Whalley Esq. Whalley, Penistone. 1674 (1674) Wing S1535; ESTC R183102 23,556 38 View Text
A91183 The first part of an historical collection of the ancient Parliaments of England, from the yeer of our Lord 673, till the end of King John's reign, anno 1216. Wherein is cleerly demonstrated by histories and records beyond contradiction, that the ancient parliaments, and great councels of England, during all this tract of time, and many yeers after, were constituted, and consisted onely of our kings, princes, dukes, earls, nobles, barons, spiritual and temporal lords, and those we now usually stile the House of Peers; and that both the legislative and judicial power of our parliaments resided onliy [sic] in them; without any knights, citizens, burgesses of Parliament, or Commons House, not knowne, nor heard of, till of punier times then these. Published, to inform the ignorance, and check the insolent usurpations of those few commoners, who now call themselves not only the Commons House, but Parliament of England; and (as much as in them lies) have most unjustly excluded both our King and lords from being any Members, or branches of our late, or future Parliaments. / By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esquire. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1649 (1649) Wing P3957; Thomason E569_23; ESTC R203232 23,817 33 View Text
A39971 The Forfeitures of Londons charter, or, An impartial account of the several seisures of the city charter together with the means and methods that were used for the recovery of the same, with the causes by which it came forfeited, as likewise the imprisonments, deposing and fining the lord being faithfully collected out of antient and modern historys, and now seasonably published for the satisfaction of the inquisitive, upon the late arrest made upon the said charter by writ of quo warranto. 1682 (1682) Wing F1557; ESTC R18801 24,150 37 View Text
A33327 The life & death of William, surnamed the Conqueror, King of England and Duke of Normandy, who dyed Anno Christi, 1087 by Samuel Clarke ... Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1671 (1671) Wing C4534; ESTC R19248 24,316 47 View Text
A17119 Daphnis polystephanos An eclog treating of crownes, and of garlandes, and to whom of right they appertaine. Addressed, and consecrated to the Kings Maiestie. By G.B. Knight. Buck, George, Sir, d. 1623.; I. W. S., artist.; Woutneel, Ioan, engraver. 1605 (1605) STC 3996; ESTC S104803 24,580 61 View Text
A28457 Animadversions upon Sr. Richard Baker's Chronicle, and its continuation wherein many errors are discover'd, and some truths advanced / by T.B., Esq. Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679. 1672 (1672) Wing B3327; ESTC R6294 24,738 120 View Text
A30617 The soveraignty of the British seas proved by records, history, and the municipall lawes of this kingdome / written in the yeare 1633, by that learned knight, Sr John Boroughs ... Borough, John, Sir, d. 1643. 1651 (1651) Wing B6129; Wing B3774_CANCELLED; ESTC R10587 24,855 175 View Text
A86394 The manner of holding Parliaments in England. Collected forth of our ancient records. Whereunto is added. Certaine ancient customs of this kingdome. The prerogative and power of Parliaments. The order and forme of the placing and sitting of the Kings Majesty and peeres in the upper house of Parliament. The order and course of passing bills in Parliament. With the stately and magnificent order, of proceeding to Parliament, of the most high and mighty prince, King Charles, on Monday the 13th. of Aprill 1640. in the 16th. yeare of his Majesties reigne, first on horse backe from White Hall to Westminster-Abby-Church, and from thence on foot to the Parliament house. Hakewill, William, 1574-1655. 1641 (1641) Wing H214; Thomason E157_11; ESTC R212700 24,894 61 View Text
A09846 A blowe for the Pope Touching the Popes prerogatiues. Extracted word for word out of the Booke of martyres.; Actes and monuments. Selections Foxe, John, 1516-1587. 1631 (1631) STC 20110; ESTC S105126 25,856 50 View Text
A50352 The VVhite-Powder Plot discovered, or, A prophetical poeme wherein is most elegantly revealed the secret combination of Hell and Rome, against the interest of true religion, and more particularly against the late King of blessed memory, and kingdom of England. Written before the late unhappy wars broke forth, and too sadly verified in them, which yet the author scarce lived to see. Also a prophetical rapture concerning the future extent of this British Empire into Italy. By George May, gent. May, George, gent. 1662 (1662) Wing M1388A; ESTC R217747 25,879 52 View Text
A13472 A memorial of all the English monarchs being in number 151, from Brute to King Charles. In heroicall verse by Io. Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1630 (1630) STC 23774; ESTC S118225 26,126 113 View Text
A04786 A chronycle with a genealogie declaryng that the Brittons and Welshemen are linealiye dyscended from Brute. Newly and very wittely compyled in meter Kelton, Arthur. 1578 (1578) STC 14918; ESTC S120688 26,701 80 View Text
A16280 An epitome of the title that the Kynges Maiestie of Englande, hath to the souereigntie of Scotlande continued vpon the auncient writers of both nacions, from the beginnyng. Bodrugan, Nicholas. 1548 (1548) STC 3196; ESTC S102853 27,844 124 View Text
A60879 A brief history of the succession collected out of the records, and the most authentick historians, written for the satisfaction of the Earl of H. Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. 1681 (1681) Wing S4638; ESTC R11938 27,921 19 View Text