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A76374 Extraordinary nevves from the Court of Spain: declaring the late solemnities that were perform'd in the highest way of magnificence, at the reception of the young queen, the emperors daughter; as also, of Hamet Aga Mustafera, the great Turks ambassador; together with the substance of his ambassie, and the originalls of his credentiall letters: some passages also of the English ambassadors in that court. / Sent in a large letter to a person of quality in this kingdom from Madrid. T. B. 1650 (1650) Wing B183; Thomason E603_11; ESTC R204266 7,759 15

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inter nos pace salus Laus splendoris omnium vestrarum virtutum huc usaque advolavit Domine etiamsi Leges quas profitemar diversae sint tamen impedimento esse non valuerunt quin gloriosum vestrum propositum non cognoverim magnique judicaverim Absit ut hostibus vestris qui in magno numero sunt adjutor factus sim quippe quorum actionibus me nunquam non subduxi expeditionibus exercitibus eorum quos in procinctu habent remoram injeci ut vos victorias vobis dignas reportare potueritis Ex mea parte omnia peracturus sum quae Bassa meus Camerarius amicus vobiscum transiget cui plenam fidem adhibebitis Subsign'd Dominus Mundi English'd thus Aly Solyman LOrd of the Ottoman Family Emperor and Lord of Lords and of the Princes of the earthly world Defender of the Law instituted by our Prophet Mahomet and declar'd unto us c. To the most glorious of all the Christian Princes the most mighty Arbiter and Pacifier of all Christian Princes and most absolute in all vertues King Philip. May the end of your life be happy and peace being made between us health attend you The glory of the splendor of all your vertues hath flown hither My Lord And though the Lawes we professe be different yet they were not able to be an impediment but that I knew and much esteem'd your glorious purpose Far be it from me that I should be an assistant to your enemies who are many in number for I have withdrawn my self from their expeditions and the Armies which they have now afoot and whereunto I have put a stop that you might carry away those victories that are worthy of you For my part I shall perform all things that my Bassa Chamberlain and friend shall transact with you to whom you shall give full faith Subsign'd The Lord of the World In his private instructions he propos'd these things following First the great Emperor will deliver to his royall Catholike Majesty the Holy Sepulcher and other sacred places in Jerusalem Secondly he is willing that a free exercise of commerce may flourish in all maritine ports and that Pyrats be not tolerated hereafter any where Thirdly he is willing that Don John of Austria whose election may be free to some Kingdome may take to wife the Sultana who may imbrace the Catholike Religion Fourthly that the use of slaves be quite taken off for the future on both fides and those that are now in quality of Captifs may be freely releas'd and restor'd without ransome Now there is intelligence certainly sent that the Sultana who is the grand Turks sister and some five years since was taken by the Malteses is converted to the Catholike Faith To these advertisements I shall adde the presents which the Turkish Ambassador brought the King of Spain and were tendred with much solemnity First there were four Lions with golden chains and collars also emboss'd with pure gold whereon were engraven the Armes of his royall Majesty Secondly there were twelve Cimiters with massie gold hilts and scabbards tied to gold chains and curiously ingraven on the hilts and chapes Thirdly there were four chests fill'd with Turky knifes their hafts of massie gold and embroyder'd with pearl of much value Fourthly there were twelve Unicorns horns ev'ry one twelve yards long inlaid with gold and engraven with his Catholique Majesties Arms. Fiftly there were four and twenty Turky carpets interwoven with gold and silk on which were drawn those victories which his Catholike Majesty had obtain'd since he was King Sixthly a Coach of Chrystall and gold figur'd in form of a triremiary gallie hung with sails of silk in a specious manner wherein were drawn the triumphs and victories of his Majesty Seventhly two smaller chests were fill'd with feathers of high price Eighthly there was a great Christal box imbroyder'd with pearl which contain'd forty fair Bezar stones ev'ry one weighing fourteen ounces Ninthly there was a coverlet for a bed beautified with forty stars whereon Caesars victories were describ'd Lastly six horses white and black with so many turkish slaves Touching the reality of this Embassie and what the successe will be we yet suspend our judgment for the transactions of things are carried so privately that they are kept from vulgar knowledge as indeed all great affairs of State should be Besides this Turkish Ambassador divers others there are here two English Ambassadors one for the King of Scotland as they term him here and the other from the States of England The first is the Lord Cottington who was once your Lord high Treasurer of England who hath about twelve in his company yet hath he a fair Palace two Coaches attending him and diet for himself and his family all upon this Kings charge but he grows daily more and more out of request as all use to do in time when they live upon another mans charge 'T is true that they were here at first very sensible of your late Kings death and of the manner of it and they resent it still as he was a King and Soveraign Prince but as he was an hereticall King as they term'd him here they were rather glad of it it being such a brand to the reformed Religion and an advantage to theirs people do commonly use to deride an Englishman when they meet him saying what 's become of your great Defender of the Faith what 's become of your Queen the daughter of Henry the Great had she been of the house of Austria she should not have been left so long unrevenged Our Infanta Donna Maria had not been so busie and you had prosper'd better by her but you would have none of her and see what 's become of you Now who can blame our King to assist the Subjects of England considering how often your Kings did adhere to the Hollanders his revolted Subjects against him Your Parliaments Agent is but lately arriv'd and he had all the respects and formalities that a Soveraign Minister of State could expect he had two Audiences the three first daies he came one publique the other private with Don Luis de Haro the Favorite who swaies most And though this Agent be of a complexion that the Spaniards do hate for they paint Judas alwaies with red hair yet there hath not been the least affront or indignity offer'd him yet 'T is thought generally here that this Crown will make a league and confederate with your State provided they engage with him to recover the Kingdome of Portugall for Spain hath been observ'd to prefer alwaies her own interest before any friendship The news here is from Lisbon that your Parliaments Fleet by hovering upon those seas and half blocking up the mouth of the River do much infest those coasts and utterly destroy trading so that King John is thought to be in a sad condition and cannot tell what Saint to pray unto The King of France his chiefest Confederate and Protector in a manner hath written lately peremptory letters unto him that he should favor and adhere to Prince Rupert who as 't is bruited here is upon selling away his Ships unto him They give Porto Longone here to be as good as retaken upon the Coasts of Italy and they promise themselves great successes against the French this year yet they complain against the Hollander that he hath broke the Capitulations of peace in divers things There was one attempting to translate your late Kings Book into Spanish but he was surpriz'd the copy suppress'd and the Translator hardly escap'd the Inquisition because it contains som passages offensive to the Church of Rome and had it been publish'd 't is thought it had run the same fate as King James's Confessio Fidei did which was publikely burnt by the Officer of the Inquisition in times pass'd The English Roman Catholikes here are in great hopes that if there be a league struck betwixt this King and your State the Recusants in England and Ireland will be better us'd There is a fresh report that the young Queen is already with child though som think that this report proceeds rather from hopes then truth if it prove so and that she be deliver'd of a male I believe a treaty wil quickly be set on foot to match the young Infanta who is like to be a goodly Lady till then she may haply prove a State Maid before she be suffer'd to have a husband This is all that the Spanish Court affords for the present at least 't is all that I dare trust under seal by the next you shall hear further from me provided that you be punctuall in the continuance of this monethly correspondence so I pray God guard you and guide you in all your affaires and purposes Your true friend to love and serve you T. B.
Extraordinary NEWES FROM The Court of Spain DECLARING The late Solemnities that were perform'd in the highest way of magnificence at the Reception of the Young Queen the Emperors Daughter AS ALSO Of Hamet Aga Mustafera the Great Turks Ambassador together with the substance of his Ambassie and the Originalls of his Credentiall Letters Some Passages also of the English Ambassadors in that Court Sent in a large Letter to a Person of quality in this Kingdom from MADRID LONDON Printed for Richard Lowndes at the signe of the Unicorn on Lud-gate Hill 1650. Laus Deo Madrid Iune 1. 1650. Noble Sir YOurs of the twentieth pass'd came safely to hand and with more speed then ordinary I send you a thousand thanks for the variety of newes you please to impart unto me therein whereby I have oblig'd the best of our Nation in this Countrey for we may be said to have liv'd here in clouds of ignorance touching your doings in England till your Letter gave us some light To correspond with you in the like kind I returne you what this Court affords most remarkable and of those things whereof I have been an ocular witnesse the oldest men living here say they never saw such gallantries and pomp as have been lately here at the entrance of the young Queen who by speciall dispensation was permitted to be married to this King notwithstanding that her Mother the Empresse was his sister by whole blood and should have been Queen of England if the Devill had not broken the match I meane the Infanta Donna Maria who is going upon her 16. and he 46. both of a faire Austrian complexion Out of these late solemnities and pomp you may infer what a prudent and well govern'd Nation this is for though this Kings Sword be so long that it reacheth every where and is perpetually out of the Scabbard although he have actuall warres with the whole power of France and in Italie although he have two of his owne Kingdomes in Spaine her selfe lately revolted quite from him I mean Catalonia and Portugall and that they bait him on both sides by daily incursions yet here in the Court there 's no appearance of any war at all but there is as much bravery freedome security and pleasure as if this King had no enemy at all one can scarce see a thing call'd a man in buff all the Towne over Here are at this time at least half a score Ambassadors and among others the grand Seignior seems to stoop to this King at last and seek his friendship the substance of whose Embassie I send you herewith together with the stately entrance of the young Queen but for your better understanding I will deduce her journey from the beginning After that the Royall Spouse the Imperiall Infanta Donna Maria de Austria had departed from the City of Vienna in a most splendid equipage being accompanied with the King of Hungary and a great number of Attendants she came to Trent where there being magnificent preparations made for her beforehand and many triumphall new Gates and Theaters erected purposely to honor her she rested some time Thence she advanc'd her journey to Brescia where she was introduced and welcom'd by the Republike of Venice in mighty great state and entertain'd all the while an S. Marks charge the expence of the hospitality amounting to seventy thousand Duckets From Brescia she remov'd to the City of Milan where with the King of Hungary her brother and but thirty of her servants she went in privately and unknowne by reason of a great glut of raine which still increas'd but when the weather grew faire and the heavens began to smile again she made a very solemn entry being attended by two thousand five hundred persons at least The Venetian State discharged her expences all the while for two hundred miles space there being five and twenty Waggons that were laden with all sorts of provisions and six hundred Cuirassiers in compleat armor with four hundred Horsemen besides that attended her all along she bestowed upon the Lord Capello Generall to the Venetians a huge gold chain imboss'd with rich Diamonds estimated at four thousand Crownes and she gave forty gold chaines more amongst other Officers Moreover Generall Capello in the name of His Imperiall Majesty was created by the King of Hungary Knight of the Romane Empire she bestowed also on the Venetian Magistrates foure and twenty rich vests of cloth of silver together with huge gilt Cups Basons and Ewers she gave also a great Christall Beaker full of gold and frosted about with curious workmanship to the Towne for a lasting monument she her selfe was presented also by the Archbishop with two Crucifixes of Jasper and other precious stones with divers Relikes of Saints and rare Medaills There were Tiltings and Horse-fights with artificiall fire-works appointed whereupon the King of Hungary her brother taking his leave very tenderly of her and with wonderfull affection returned back to Germany againe A little after the Apostolicall Nuncio presented her with the Holy Rose and many rare Relikes besides From thence she directed her course to Finall the people breaking out into a thousand good wishes for the prosperity of her voyage and her issue all the way she went But the Genowayes Ambassador was not well intreated by the people in regard he came late and without any present for which he was publikely jeer'd at and revil'd considering how infinitely that Republic is beholden to the King of Spain and that she hath her well-being by him Nor did the Queen her self look upon him with any grace From thence she set forward for Papia where she was brought in by the Bishop with a mighty deal of reverence under a stately canopy in a rich chaire of State accompanied by Augustus Duke of Tursis by Sannettino Doria by the Duke of Anello by Marquis Spinola and other Generalls in a most magnificent equipage and conducted to the palace of Don Diego Alvardi The next morning betimes she was saluted by the Cardinal Doncheus and four Napolitan Ambassadors the great pieces of Artillery thundring off ev'ry where Then she imbark'd her self in a Fleet of gallies for Spain and arriving with wondrous speed at Denia in the Kingdom of Valentia she was welcom'd ashore and entertain'd with much splendor and unutterable joy and applauses But in the Court at Madrid 't is incredible what endeavors were made and inventions devis'd to congratulate her coming in raising up triumphant arches with such art and wonderfull artifice that the like were never beheld as every one cryed out by humane eyes since the creation The King stir'd himself notably with Donna Maria his daughter a Princesse of about thirteen yeers of age to receive this new glorious Queen at the Escurial which is esteem'd the eighth wonder of the world it being a royall Palace an University of it self and a Monastery containing twelve great Quadrangles where the great Constable of Castile with all the Grandees and a