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A58767 A publication of the royal authority of the most serene, most mighty and most august monarch James the Seventh by the grace of God King of Scotland. Scotland. Privy Council.; James II, King of England, 1633-1701.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II); Scotland. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James VII) 1685 (1685) Wing S1994; ESTC R32977 1,574 1

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A PUBLICATION Of the Royal Authority of the most Serene most Mighty and most August Monarch JAMES the Seventh by the Grace of God King of Scotland England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith c. The Earl of Perth Lord High Chancellor The Lord Archbishop of St. Andrews The Duke of Queensberry L. High Treasurer The Lord Arch-bishop of Glasgow The Lord Marquess of Athol Lord Privy Seal The Lord Duke of Hamilton The Lord Marquess of Douglas The Earl of Drumlanrig The Earl of Wintoun The Earl of Linlithgow Lord Justice-general The Earl of Southesk The Earl of Panmure The Earl of Tweedale The Earl of Balcarras The Lord Yester The Lord Kinnaird L. President of the Session L. Register L. Advocat L. Justice-Clerk L. Castlehill General Lieutenant Drummond Drumelzeer Abbotshall Colonel Graham of Claver-house Gossfoord FOrasmuch as it hath pleased the Almighty GOd to Call CHARLES the Second Our late Soveraign Lord of Glorious and ever Blessed Memory from a Temporary Crown to Inherit an Eternal in the Heavens Whereby the undoubted Right of Succession to Him in the Imperial Crown of This Realm was immediately Devolved on the Sacred Person of His Royal and Dearest Brother Our present Sacred Soveraign whom GOD long preserve Therefore We the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council Authorized in that Capacity by His Majesties Royal Letter bearing Date at Whitehall the sixth Day of February instant Do with the Concurrence of Several other Lords Spiritual and Temporal Barons and Burgesses of this Realm Hereby Declare and Proclaim to all the World That Our Soveraign Lord JAMES the Seventh is by Lawful and undoubted Succession and Descent KING of Scotland England France and Ireland and the Dominions there-unto-belonging Defender of the Faith C. Whom GOD preserve and Bless with a Long Glorious Happy Life and Prosperous Reign And whom We shall humbly Obey Dutifully and Faithfully Serve Maintain and Defend with Our Lives and Fortunes against all Deadly as Our only Righteous King and Soveraign over all Persons and in all Causes as Holding His Imperial Crown from GOD alone And for Testification whereof We here in presence of the Almighty God and great number of His Majesties Faithful People of all Estates and Qualities who are assisting with Us at this Solemn Publication of Our Due Humble and Faithful Acknowledgement of his Supream Soveraign Authority at the Mercat Cross of the City of Edinburgh Declare and Publish That Our said Soveraign Lord by the Goodness and Providence of Almighty GOD is of Scotland England France and Ireland and Dominions thereunto-belonging The most POTENT MIGHTY and undoubted KING And hereby give Our Oaths with up-lifted Hands that We shall bear True and Faithful Allegiance unto Our said Sacred Soveraign JAMES the Seventh King of Great-Britain France and Ireland Defender of the F●●●h c. And to His Lawful Heirs and Successors and sha ll perform all Duties Service and Obedience to him as becomes His Faithful 〈…〉 al and Dutiful Subjects So help Us GOD. Per actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii WILL. PATERSON Cls. Sti. Concilii GOD Save King JAMES the Seventh By the King JAMES R. JAMES the Seventh by the Grace of GOD King of Scotland England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith c. To all and sundry Our good Subjects whom these Presents do or may concern Greeting Whereas it hath pleased GOD this day to call out of this Life from the possession of an Earthly Diadem to the fruition of an Eternal Crown of Glory His late Majesty Our Royal and most dearly beloved Brother Charles the Second We have thought fit to publish Our Royal Pleasure That all Our Officers of State Privy-Councillors Magistrates and all other Officers whatsoever both Civil and Military within Our Ancient Kingdom of Scotland do and they and every one of them respectively are hereby Authorized and Required to Act in all things conform to the late Commissions and Instructions they had from His said late Majesty of Blessed Memory until new Commissions from Us can be prepared and sent down to them And for their so doing This shall be to them and every one of them respectively a full Warrant Given under Our Royal Hand at Our Court at Whitehall the Sixth day of February 1684 5. And of Our Reign the Firs Year By His MAJESTY's Command To. DRUMMOND Edinburgh the 10 th of February 1685. ORdered by His Majesties Privy-Council of Scotland that this Proclamation be forthwith Printed and Published Extracted by me Colin Mekenzie Cls. Sti. Concilii Edinburgh Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson Printer to His most Sacred Majesty And Reprinted at London by The Newcomb for Susanna Forrester 1685.