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A47019 A compleat history of Europe, or, A view of the affairs thereof, civil and military from the beginning of the Treaty of Nimeguen, 1676, to the conclusion of the peace with the Turks, 1699 including the articles of the former, and the several infringements of them, the Turkish Wars, the forming of the Grand Confederacy, the revolution in England, &c. : with a particular account of all the actions by sea and land on both sides, and the secret steps that have been made towards a peace, both before, as well as during the last negotiation : wherein are the several treaties at large, the whole intermix'd with divers original letters, declarations, papers and memoirs, never before published / written by a gentleman, who kept an exact journal of all transactions, for above these thirty years. Jones, D. (David), fl. 1676-1720. 1699 (1699) Wing J928A; ESTC R13275 681,693 722

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and_o will_v gain_v his_o point_n in_o favour_n of_o dissenter_n at_o leastwise_o as_o to_o the_o gain_v his_o prerogative_n in_o westminster-hall_n and_o when_o he_o think_v he_o have_v go_v pretty_a far_o that_o way_n he_o grant_v a_o commission_n of_o ecclesiastical_a affair_n which_o yet_o be_v not_o open_v till_o the_o 3d_o of_o aug._n though_o it_o have_v be_v seal_v some_o month_n before_o but_o at_o last_o out_o it_o come_v and_o whereas_o i_o have_v never_o yet_o see_v it_o print_v but_o once_o and_o lest_o the_o same_o shall_v be_v forget_v i_o shall_v insert_v it_o in_o this_o place_n and_o it_o run_v in_o the_o follow_a term_n james_n the_o second_o by_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n king_n of_o england_n scotland_n france_n and_o ireland_n defender_n of_o the_o faith_n etc._n etc._n to_o the_o most_o reverend_a father_n in_o god_n our_o right_a trusty_a and_o right_o well-beloved_a councillor_n william_n lord_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n primate_n of_o all_o england_n and_o metropolitan_a and_o to_o our_o right_a trusty_n and_o well-beloved_a councillor_n george_n lord_n jefferies_n lord_n chancellor_n of_o england_n and_o to_o our_o right_a trusty_a and_o right_o well-beloved_a councillor_n laurence_n earl_n of_o rochester_n lord_n high-treasurer_n of_o england_n and_o to_o our_o right_a trusty_a and_o right_o well-beloved_a cousin_n and_o councillor_n robert_n earl_n of_o sunderland_n precedent_n of_o our_o council_n and_o our_o principal_a secretary_n of_o state_n and_o to_o the_o right_n reverend_a father_n in_o god_n and_o our_o right_a trusty_n and_o well-beloved_a councillor_n nathaniel_n lord_n bishop_n of_o duresme_fw-fr and_o to_o the_o right_n reverend_a father_n in_o god_n our_o right_a trusty_n and_o well-beloved_a thomas_n lord_n bishop_n of_o rochester_n and_o to_o our_o right_a trusty_n and_o well-beloved_a councillor_n sir_n edward_n herbert_n knight_n chief_z justice_z of_o the_o plea_n before_o we_o to_o be_v hold_v assign_v greeting_n we_o for_o divers_a good_a weighty_a and_o necessary_a cause_n and_o consideration_n we_o hereunto_o especial_o move_v of_o our_o mere_a motion_n and_o certain_a knowledge_n by_o force_n and_o virtue_n of_o our_o supreme_a authority_n and_o prerogative_n royal_a do_v assign_v name_n and_o authorize_v by_o these_o our_o letter_n patent_n under_o the_o great_a seal_n of_o england_n you_o the_o say_a lord_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n lord_n chancellor_z of_o england_n lord_n high-treasurer_n of_o england_n lord_n precedent_n of_o our_o council_n lord_n bishop_n of_o duresme_fw-fr lord_n bishop_n of_o rochester_n and_o our_o chief_a justice_n aforesaid_a or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o from_o time_n to_o time_n and_o at_o all_o time_n during_o our_o pleasure_n to_o exercise_n use_v occupy_n and_o execute_v under_o we_o all_o manner_n of_o jurisdiction_n privilege_n and_o preeminence_n in_o any_o wise_a touch_v or_o concern_v any_o spiritual_a or_o ecclesiastical_a jurisdiction_n within_o this_o our_o realm_n of_o england_n and_o dominion_n of_o wales_n and_o to_o visit_v reform_v redress_n order_n correct_v and_o amend_v all_o such_o abuse_n offence_n contempt_n and_o enormity_n whatsoever_o which_o by_o the_o spiritual_a or_o ecclesiastical_a law_n of_o this_o realm_n can_v or_o may_v lawful_o be_v reform_v ordered_n redress_v correct_v restrain_a or_o amend_v to_o the_o pleasure_n of_o almighty_n god_n and_o increase_v of_o virtue_n and_o the_o conservation_n of_o the_o peace_n and_o unity_n of_o this_o realm_n and_o we_o do_v hereby_o give_v and_o grant_v unto_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o thus_o by_o we_o name_v assign_v authorize_v and_o appoint_v by_o force_n of_o our_o supreme_a authority_n and_o prerogative_n royal_a full_a power_n and_o authority_n from_o time_n to_o time_n and_o at_o all_o time_n during_o our_o pleasure_n under_o we_o to_o exercise_n use_v and_o execute_v all_o the_o premise_n according_a to_o the_o tenor_n and_o effect_n of_o these_o our_o letter_n patent_n any_o matter_n or_o cause_n to_o the_o contrary_a in_o any_o wise_a notwithstanding_o and_o we_o do_v by_o these_o present_n give_v full_a power_n and_o authority_n unto_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o by_o all_o lawful_a way_n and_o mean_n from_o time_n to_o time_n hereafter_o during_o our_o pleasure_n to_o inquire_v of_o all_o offence_n contempt_n transgression_n and_o misdemeanour_n do_v and_o commit_v contrary_a to_o the_o ecclesiastical_a law_n of_o this_o our_o realm_n in_o any_o county_n city_n borough_n or_o other_o place_n or_o place_n exempt_a or_o not_o exempt_a within_o this_o our_o realm_n of_o england_n and_o dominion_n of_o wales_n and_o of_o all_o and_o every_o of_o the_o offender_n or_o offender_n therein_o and_o they_o and_o every_o of_o they_o to_o order_n correct_v reform_v and_o punish_v by_o censure_n of_o the_o church_n and_o also_o we_o do_v give_v and_o grant_v full_a power_n and_o authority_n unto_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o in_o like_a manner_n as_o be_v aforesaid_a from_o time_n to_o time_n and_o at_o all_o time_n during_o our_o pleasure_n to_o inquire_v of_o search_v out_o and_o call_v before_o you_o all_z and_o every_o ecclesiastical_a person_n or_o person_n of_o what_o degree_n or_o dignity_n soever_o as_o shall_v offend_v in_o any_o of_o these_o particular_n beforementioned_a and_o they_o and_o every_o of_o they_o to_o correct_v and_o punish_v for_o such_o their_o misbehaviour_n and_o misdemeanour_n by_o suspend_v or_o deprive_v they_o from_o all_o promotion_n ecclesiastical_a and_o from_o all_o function_n in_o the_o church_n and_o to_o inflict_v such_o other_o punishment_n or_o censure_n upon_o they_o according_a to_o the_o ecclesiastical_a law_n of_o this_o realm_n and_o further_o we_o do_v give_v full_a power_n and_o authority_n unto_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o by_o virtue_n hereof_o and_o in_o like_a manner_n and_o form_n as_o be_v aforesaid_a to_o inquire_v hear_v determine_v and_o punish_v all_o incest_n adultery_n fornication_n outrage_n misbehaviour_n and_o disorder_n in_o marriage_n and_o all_o other_o grievance_n and_o great_a crime_n or_o offence_n which_o be_v punishable_a or_o reformable_a by_o the_o ecclesiastical_a law_n of_o this_o our_o realm_n commit_v or_o do_v or_o hereafter_o to_o be_v commit_v or_o do_v in_o any_o place_n exempt_v or_o not_o exempt_a within_o this_o our_o realm_n according_a to_o the_o tenor_n of_o the_o ecclesiastical_a law_n in_o that_o behalf_n grant_v you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o full_a power_n and_o authority_n to_o order_n and_o award_v such_o punishment_n to_o every_o such_o offender_n by_o censure_n of_o the_o church_n or_o other_o lawful_a way_n as_o be_v abovesaid_a and_o further_o we_o do_v give_v full_a power_n and_o authority_n to_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o to_o call_v before_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o all_z and_o every_o offender_n and_o offender_n in_o any_o of_o the_o premise_n and_o also_o all_o such_o as_o by_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o shall_v seem_v to_o be_v suspect_v person_n in_o any_o of_o the_o premise_n which_o you_o shall_v object_v against_o they_o and_o to_o proceed_v against_o they_o and_o every_o of_o they_o as_o the_o nature_n and_o quality_n of_o the_o offence_n or_o suspicion_n in_o that_o behalf_n shall_v require_v and_o also_o to_o call_v all_o such_o witness_n or_o any_o other_o person_n or_o person_n that_o can_v inform_v you_o concern_v any_o of_o the_o premise_n as_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o and_o they_o and_o every_o of_o they_o to_o examine_v upon_o their_o corporal_a oath_n for_o the_o better_a trial_n and_o open_v of_o the_o truth_n of_o the_o premise_n or_o any_o part_n thereof_o and_o if_o you_o or_o any_o three_o or_o more_o of_o you_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a whereof_o you_o the_o say_a lord_n chancellor_n to_o be_v one_o shall_v find_v any_o person_n or_o person_n whatsoever_o obstinate_a or_o disobedient_a in_o their_o appearance_n before_o you_o or_o any_o three_o
be_v adjudge_v to_o hinder_v the_o sit_n of_o parliament_n and_o be_v responsible_a therefore_o in_o parliament_n thing_n be_v bring_v to_o this_o desperate_a pass_n between_o they_o without_o any_o visible_a hope_n of_o a_o better_a understanding_n the_o thought_n of_o the_o court_n now_o begin_v to_o think_v of_o a_o prorogation_n or_o dissolution_n and_o the_o commons_o be_v it_o seem_v aware_a of_o it_o for_o on_o monday_n jan._n the_o 10_o before_o the_o usher_n of_o the_o black-rod_n come_v into_o the_o house_n to_o command_v their_o attendance_n on_o the_o king_n in_o the_o house_n of_o lord_n they_o have_v resolve_v that_o whosoever_o advise_v the_o king_n to_o prorogue_v this_o parliament_n to_o any_o purpose_n than_o in_o order_n to_o the_o pass_v of_o a_o bill_n for_o the_o exclusion_n of_o james_n duke_n of_o york_n be_v a_o betrayer_n of_o the_o king_n the_o protestant_a religion_n and_o of_o the_o kingdom_n of_o england_n a_o promoter_n of_o the_o french_a interest_n and_o a_o pensioner_n to_o france_n which_o be_v no_o soon_o do_v but_o they_o be_v prorogue_v to_o the_o 20_o of_o jan._n and_o upon_o the_o 18_o he_o dissolve_v they_o and_o so_o end_v this_o session_n of_o parliament_n with_o which_o have_v run_v out_o a_o few_o day_n into_o the_o new_a year_n we_o conclude_v the_o year_n 1680_o only_o we_o shall_v note_v first_o two_o or_o three_o particular_n on_o the_o 30_o of_o july_n death_n this_o year_n die_v at_o whitehall_n the_o right_a and_o true_o honourable_a thomas_n earl_n of_o ossory_n son_n and_o heir_n apparent_a to_o his_o grace_n the_o duke_n of_o ormond_n after_o some_o few_o day_n sickness_n of_o a_o violent_a fever_n who_o heroic_a bravery_n and_o forward_a zeal_n to_o serve_v his_o king_n and_o country_n on_o all_o commendable_a occasion_n be_v manifest_v by_o many_o brave_a and_o generous_a action_n which_o as_o they_o make_v he_o be_v honour_v and_o esteem_v by_o all_o while_o live_v make_v he_o die_v to_o be_v as_o general_o lament_v he_o be_v the_o father_n of_o his_o grace_n the_o present_a duke_n of_o ormond_n who_o to_o his_o great_a glory_n have_v be_v so_o far_o from_o degenerate_v from_o he_o that_o he_o have_v to_o the_o height_n express_v his_o virtue_n and_o excellency_n both_o in_o peace_n and_o way_n and_o be_v a_o person_n that_o deserve_v as_o much_o and_o if_o all_o circumstance_n be_v consider_v a_o great_a deal_n more_o of_o his_o country_n palatine_n than_o any_o other_o nobleman_n whatsoever_o sept._n following_z be_v remarkable_a for_o the_o death_n of_o two_o elector_n of_o the_o empire_n viz._n on_o the_o 2d_o john_n george_n duke_n of_o saxony_n die_v at_o friburg_n after_o a_o long_a indisposition_n in_o the_o 68th_o year_n of_o his_o age_n leave_v only_o one_o son_n by_o his_o wife_n magdaline_n sibille_n of_o brandenburg_n ansbach_n john_n george_n the_o three_o of_o that_o name_n who_o succeed_v he_o in_o his_o dominion_n and_o dignity_n and_o but_o 5_o day_n after_o depart_v also_o this_o life_n charles_n lovis_fw-la count_n palatine_n of_o the_o rhine_n sudden_o in_o the_o way_n between_o manheim_n and_o frankendal_n after_o a_o light_a indisposition_n of_o 2_o or_o 3_o day_n he_o be_v 63_o year_n old_a and_o leave_v by_o his_o wife_n charlotte_n daughter_n of_o william_n landgrave_n of_o hesse_n one_o son_n charles_n then_o in_o england_n and_o to_o who_o a_o express_a be_v immediate_o dispatch_v to_o give_v he_o advice_n of_o his_o father_n death_n and_o a_o daughter_n charlotte_n elizabeth_n wife_n to_o the_o now_o duke_n of_o orleans_n and_o towards_o the_o middle_n of_o nou._n appear_v a_o comet_n with_o a_o prodigious_a stream_n of_o light_n in_o the_o west_n the_o star_n from_o which_o the_o blaze_n proceed_v be_v but_o small_a and_o when_o first_o discover_v seem_v to_o be_v not_o much_o above_o the_o horizon_n but_o every_o night_n afterward_o it_o appear_v high_a and_o high_o in_o the_o beginning_n of_o the_o night_n and_o consequent_o set_v latter_a and_o latter_a its_o magnitude_n and_o lustre_n also_o proportionable_o decay_v year_n 1681_o the_o nation_n at_o the_o dissolution_n of_o the_o last_o parliament_n upon_o the_o 18_o of_o jan._n as_o already_o mention_v be_v strange_o amaze_v and_o begin_v now_o in_o general_a to_o be_v very_o doubtful_a of_o any_o good_a issue_n in_o their_o common_a concern_v which_o the_o court_n be_v not_o unaware_o of_o and_o therefore_o in_o some_o measure_n to_o allay_v thing_n the_o king_n summon_v another_o to_o meet_v on_o the_o 21_o of_o march_n follow_v at_o oxford_n which_o be_v no_o soon_o public_o know_v but_o it_o rather_o heighten_v than_o alleviate_v the_o jealousy_n of_o the_o more_o intelligent_a person_n that_o there_o may_v be_v some_o hide_a design_n nourish_v in_o the_o court_n that_o may_v have_v dangerous_a influence_n both_o upon_o the_o nation_n and_o parliament_n whereupon_o several_a of_o the_o nobility_n after_o mature_a consideration_n of_o the_o matter_n resolve_v to_o petition_v the_o king_n against_o the_o meeting_n of_o the_o parliament_n at_o the_o forementioned_a place_n which_o petition_n be_v deliver_v by_o the_o earl_n of_o essex_n with_o which_o he_o make_v a_o short_a pithy_a speech_n and_o both_o which_o we_o have_v hereunto_o subjoin_v may_v it_o please_v your_o majesty_n the_o lord_n here_o present_a king_n together_z with_o divers_z other_o of_o the_o peer_n of_o the_o realm_n take_v notice_n that_o by_o the_o late_a proclamation_n your_o majesty_n have_v declare_v a_o intention_n of_o call_v a_o parliament_n at_o oxford_n and_o observe_v from_o history_n and_o record_n how_o unfortunate_a many_o assembly_n have_v be_v when_o call_v at_o a_o place_n remote_a from_o the_o capital_a city_n as_o particular_o the_o congress_n in_o king_n henry_n the_o ii_n time_n at_o clarendon_n 3_o several_a parliament_n at_o oxford_n in_o henry_n the_o iii_n time_n and_o at_o coventry_n in_o henry_n the_o vi's_fw-la time_n with_o divers_z other_o which_o have_v prove_v fatal_a to_o those_o king_n and_o have_v be_v follow_v with_o great_a mischief_n on_o the_o whole_a kingdom_n and_o consider_v the_o present_a posture_n of_o affair_n the_o many_o jealousy_n and_o discontent_n that_o be_v among_o the_o people_n they_o have_v great_a cause_n to_o apprehend_v that_o the_o consequence_n of_o a_o parliament_n now_o at_o oxford_n may_v be_v as_o fatal_a to_o your_o majesty_n and_o the_o nation_n as_o those_o other_o mention_v have_v be_v to_o they_o reign_v king_n and_o therefore_o we_o do_v conceive_v that_o we_o can_v answer_v it_o to_o god_n to_o your_o majesty_n or_o to_o the_o people_n if_o we_o be_v peer_n of_o the_o realm_n shall_v not_o on_o so_o important_a a_o occasion_n humble_o offer_v our_o advice_n to_o your_o majesty_n that_o if_o possible_a your_o majesty_n may_v be_v prevail_v with_o to_o alter_v this_o as_o we_o apprehend_v reasonable_a resolution_n the_o ground_n and_o reason_n of_o our_o opinion_n be_v contain_v in_o this_o our_o petition_n which_o we_o humble_o present_v to_o your_o majesty_n to_o the_o king_n most_o excellent_a majesty_n the_o humble_a petition_n and_o advice_n of_o the_o lord_n undername_v peer_n of_o the_o realm_n humble_o show_v that_o king_n whereas_o your_o majesty_n have_v be_v please_v by_o divers_a speech_n and_o passage_n to_o your_o house_n of_o parliament_n right_o to_o represent_v to_o they_o the_o danger_n that_o threaten_v your_o majesty_n person_n and_o the_o whole_a kingdom_n from_o the_o mischievous_a and_o wicked_a plot_n of_o the_o papist_n and_o the_o sudden_a growth_n of_o a_o power_n unto_o which_o no_o stop_n or_o remedy_n can_v be_v provide_v unless_o it_o be_v by_o parliament_n and_o a_o union_n of_o your_o majesty_n protestant_a subject_n in_o one_o mind_n and_o one_o interest_n and_o the_o lord-chancellor_n in_o pursuance_n of_o your_o majesty_n command_n have_v more_o at_o large_a demonstrate_v the_o say_a danger_n to_o be_v as_o great_a as_o we_o in_o the_o midst_n of_o our_o fear_n can_v imagine_v they_o and_o so_o press_v that_o our_o liberty_n religion_n life_n and_o the_o whole_a kingdom_n will_v be_v certain_o lose_v if_o a_o speedy_a provision_n be_v not_o make_v against_o they_o and_o your_o majesty_n on_o the_o 21_o of_o apr._n 1679_o have_v call_v unto_o your_o council_n many_o honourable_a and_o worthy_a person_n and_o declare_v to_o they_o and_o the_o whole_a kingdom_n that_o be_v sensible_a of_o the_o evil_a effect_n of_o a_o single_a ministry_n or_o private_a advice_n or_o foreign_a committee_n for_o the_o general_a direction_n of_o your_o affair_n your_o majesty_n will_v for_o the_o future_a refer_v all_o thing_n unto_o the_o council_n and_o by_o the_o constant_a advice_n of_o they_o together_o with_o the_o frequent_a use_n of_o your_o great_a council_n the_o parliament_n your_o majesty_n have_v hereafter_o resolve_v to_o govern_v the_o
cast_v and_o execute_v execute_v as_o much_o lament_v for_o a_o man_n of_o his_o quality_n and_o with_o such_o severe_a censure_n from_o the_o generality_n of_o people_n upon_o the_o hardship_n and_o injustice_n do_v he_o as_o any_o other_o in_o our_o age_n whatsoever_o and_o i_o have_v hear_v it_o say_v that_o even_o king_n james_n himself_o some_o time_n after_o express_v somewhat_o of_o regret_n concern_v it_o but_o though_o cornish_n his_o case_n seem_v to_o have_v be_v resent_v more_o particular_o by_o the_o people_n in_o this_o turmoil_n of_o the_o time_n yet_o the_o violent_a and_o rigorous_a proceed_n of_o the_o king_n and_o his_o bloody_a agent_n do_v not_o pass_v unobserved_a ireland_n and_o leave_v such_o seed_n of_o discontent_n in_o the_o mind_n of_o most_o that_o though_o they_o do_v not_o present_o bud_v forth_o yet_o other_o occasion_n make_v they_o in_o time_n appear_v to_o purpose_n all_o this_o the_o court_n can_v not_o not_o or_o will_v not_o discern_v so_o that_o they_o keep_v on_o their_o pace_n though_o yet_o a_o little_a more_o covert_o in_o england_n but_o the_o popish_a design_n appear_v by_o this_o time_n bare-faced_n enough_o in_o ireland_n for_o the_o king_n be_v no_o soon_o settle_v in_o his_o throne_n but_o he_o begin_v to_o turn_v out_o some_o officer_n there_o who_o have_v be_v most_o zealous_a for_o his_o service_n and_o deserve_v better_a at_o his_o hand_n mere_o because_o they_o have_v be_v count_v firm_a to_o the_o protestant_a religion_n and_o english_a interest_n particular_o my_o lord_n shannon_n captain_n robert_n fitz-gerald_n captain_n richard_n coote_n sir_n george_n st._n george_n and_o put_v into_o their_o place_n one_o kerney_n a_o ruffian_n that_o design_v to_o murder_n charles_n ii_o anderson_n a_o obscure_a fellow_n sheldon_n a_o profess_a papist_n graham_n and_o some_o more_o of_o the_o stamp_n and_o at_o the_o same_o time_n send_v for_o the_o duke_n of_o ormond_n very_o abrupt_o and_o divest_v he_o of_o the_o government_n of_o that_o kingdom_n to_o make_v way_n for_o colonel_n richard_n talbot_n villainy_n a_o man_n of_o all_o other_o most_o hate_a by_o the_o protestant_n to_o model_n the_o army_n and_o one_o who_o have_v be_v name_v by_o oat_n in_o his_o narrative_a year_n before_o for_o this_o service_n so_o that_o many_o who_o before_o believe_v nothing_o of_o the_o plot_n give_v credit_n to_o it_o now_o say_v that_o if_o oat_n be_v a_o ill_a evidence_n he_o be_v certain_o a_o good_a prophet_n talbot_n be_v no_o soon_o invest_v with_o his_o office_n but_o he_o prosecute_v it_o in_o such_o a_o manner_n as_o may_v best_o be_v expect_v from_o a_o man_n of_o so_o insolent_a a_o temper_n exercise_v at_o the_o same_o time_n so_o much_o barbarity_n and_o falsehood_n that_o if_o the_o army_n have_v not_o be_v the_o best_a principled_a with_o loyalty_n and_o obedience_n in_o the_o world_n they_o have_v mutiny_v or_o at_o least_o send_v he_o pack_v into_o another_o world_n he_o will_v take_v a_o officer_n in_o the_o morning_n into_o his_o closet_n and_o with_o all_o the_o oath_n curse_n and_o damnation_n that_o be_v never_o want_v to_o he_o profess_v all_o friendship_n and_o kindness_n to_o he_o and_o promise_v the_o continuance_n of_o his_o commission_n to_o he_o but_o when_o the_o afternoon_n come_v will_v cashier_v he_o with_o all_o the_o contempt_n and_o disgrace_n imaginable_a nay_o perhaps_o while_o he_o be_v thus_o caress_v he_o he_o have_v actual_o give_v away_o his_o commission_n to_o another_o and_o if_o he_o thus_o brutish_o use_v the_o officer_n you_o can_v think_v he_o can_v be_v kind_a and_o more_o mannerly_a towards_o the_o soldier_n and_o trooper_n who_o way_n with_o they_o be_v to_o march_v they_o from_o their_o usual_a quarter_n to_o some_o remote_a place_n where_o he_o think_v they_o be_v least_o know_v and_o will_v be_v put_v to_o great_a hardship_n and_o there_o he_o will_v strip_v they_o the_o foot_n of_o their_o clothes_n for_o which_o they_o have_v pay_v and_o the_o trooper_n of_o their_o horse_n boot_n and_o accoutrement_n buy_v with_o their_o own_o money_n and_o set_v they_o to_o walk_v barefooted_a a_o 100_o and_o a_o 150_o mile_n to_o their_o home_n or_o friend_n if_o they_o have_v any_o it_o be_v true_a he_o will_v sometime_o promise_v they_o something_o for_o their_o horse_n but_o then_o they_o must_v go_v to_o dublin_n for_o it_o and_o if_o any_o be_v so_o credulous_a as_o to_o go_v to_o demand_v the_o small_a pittance_n he_o have_v promise_v they_o or_o arrear_n of_o pay_n he_o contrive_v it_o so_o that_o they_o be_v oblige_v to_o wait_v till_o they_o have_v spend_v there_o as_o much_o as_o they_o expect_v though_o most_o of_o they_o after_o all_o get_v nothing_o by_o this_o mean_a 2_o or_o 300_o english_a gentleman_n who_o have_v lay_v out_o all_o or_o great_a part_n of_o their_o portion_n or_o contract_v debt_n on_o commission_n be_v leave_v not_o worth_a any_o thing_n and_o turn_v out_o without_o reason_n or_o consideration_n and_o 5_o or_o 6000_o soldier_n send_v a_o beg_n and_o yet_o bishop_n tyrrel_n so_o early_o as_o in_o july_n this_o year_n recommend_v this_o talbot_n to_o the_o king_n as_o a_o most_o fit_a person_n to_o be_v lord_n lieutenant_n of_o ireland_n and_o in_o some_o time_n he_o obtain_v it_o beside_o the_o dignity_n of_o earl_n of_o tirconnell_n king_n james_n by_o his_o wicked_a instrument_n talbot_n parliament_n find_v he_o may_v do_v what_o he_o will_v in_o ireland_n think_v he_o have_v now_o his_o great_a rival_n be_v take_v off_o a_o clear_a field_n to_o do_v the_o same_o in_o england_n he_o have_v find_v his_o parliament_n last_o session_n extraordinary_o pliable_a to_o his_o desire_n and_o therefore_o at_o their_o next_o meeting_n in_o nou._n he_o tell_v they_o that_o the_o militia_n so_o much_o before_o depend_v on_o be_v not_o sufficient_a for_o his_o occasion_n and_o that_o nothing_o will_v do_v but_o a_o stand_a force_n of_o well_o discipline_v troop_n to_o defend_v he_o from_o all_o such_o as_o either_o at_o home_o or_o abroad_o be_v dispose_v to_o disturb_v the_o nation_n that_o therefore_o the_o concern_v he_o have_v both_o of_o his_o own_o and_o subject_n tranquillity_n make_v he_o think_v it_o necessary_a to_o increase_v the_o number_n as_o he_o have_v do_v that_o he_o owe_v this_o as_o well_o to_o the_o honour_n as_o security_n of_o the_o nation_n who_o reputation_n have_v be_v so_o infinite_o expose_v to_o all_o its_o neighbour_n by_o be_v lay_v open_a to_o the_o late_a wretched_a attempt_n that_o it_o can_v not_o be_v repair_v without_o keep_v such_o a_o body_n of_o man_n on_o foot_n that_o none_o may_v ever_o have_v the_o thought_n again_o of_o find_v they_o so_o miserable_o unprovided_a that_o therefore_o he_o require_v a_o supply_n answerable_a to_o the_o expense_n and_o that_o he_o can_v not_o doubt_v but_o what_o they_o have_v begin_v so_o much_o to_o the_o honour_n and_o defence_n of_o the_o government_n will_v be_v continue_v by_o they_o with_o all_o the_o cheerfulness_n and_o readiness_n that_o be_v requisite_a for_o a_o work_n of_o so_o great_a importance_n but_o then_o he_o come_v to_o the_o nice_a point_n and_o say_v that_o no_o man_n shall_v take_v exception_n that_o some_o officer_n in_o the_o army_n be_v not_o qualify_v for_o their_o employment_n according_a to_o the_o late_a test_n for_o that_o he_o must_v tell_v they_o those_o gentleman_n be_v most_o of_o they_o well_o know_v to_o he_o and_o have_v former_o serve_v he_o on_o several_a occasion_n and_o always_o approve_v the_o loyalty_n of_o their_o principle_n by_o their_o practice_n he_o think_v they_o now_o fit_a to_o be_v employ_v under_o he_o and_o that_o he_o will_v deal_v plain_o with_o they_o that_o after_o have_v have_v the_o benefit_n of_o their_o service_n in_o such_o a_o time_n of_o need_n and_o danger_n he_o will_v neither_o expose_v they_o to_o disgrace_n nor_o himself_o to_o the_o want_n of_o they_o if_o there_o shall_v be_v another_o rebellion_n to_o make_v they_o necessary_a to_o he_o then_o he_o cajole_v they_o with_o what_o feat_n he_o have_v already_o do_v for_o the_o nation_n and_o how_o much_o more_o he_o will_v do_v still_o even_o to_o the_o hazard_n of_o his_o life_n in_o the_o defence_n and_o true_a interest_n of_o the_o nation_n and_o hope_v no_o groundless_a fear_n and_o jealousy_n shall_v put_v a_o stop_v thereunto_o with_o something_o more_o to_o the_o same_o purpose_n which_o i_o shall_v not_o trouble_v myself_o nor_o the_o reader_n with_o but_o come_v to_o tell_v he_o that_o both_o house_n enter_v into_o a_o debate_n upon_o the_o speech_n speech_n some_o of_o the_o lord_n be_v against_o return_v his_o majesty_n thanks_o for_o it_o and_o speak_v pretty_a smart_o to_o the_o matter_n but_o the_o majority_n be_v for_o it_o
king_n forager_n which_o great_o perplex_v he_o so_o that_o understanding_n at_o last_o that_o the_o main_a body_n of_o the_o tartar_n command_v by_o sultan_n nuradin_n be_v come_v near_o his_o camp_n yet_o without_o be_v able_a precise_o to_o learn_v the_o place_n where_o they_o be_v he_o cause_v it_o to_o be_v publish_v among_o the_o moldavian_n that_o whoever_o bring_v he_o certain_a intelligence_n of_o they_o shall_v have_v the_o reward_n of_o 200_o crown_n whereupon_o one_o that_o be_v well_o acquaint_v with_o the_o country_n go_v into_o the_o enemy_n camp_n and_o have_v observe_v it_o return_v and_o give_v the_o king_n a_o account_n that_o they_o lie_v within_o a_o mile_n of_o his_o army_n and_o that_o a_o party_n of_o 4000_o tartar_n be_v advance_v at_o some_o distance_n from_o the_o rest_n the_o king_n be_v thus_o inform_v of_o the_o posture_n the_o enemy_n be_v in_o detach_v the_o court-marshal_n and_o the_o court-treasurer_n about_o midnight_n to_o attack_v those_o advance_a troop_n and_o follow_v himself_o with_o the_o whole_a army_n this_o detachment_n with_o the_o help_n of_o the_o moldavian_n who_o be_v their_o guide_n come_v upon_o the_o enemy_n before_o they_o have_v time_n to_o retire_v to_o their_o main_a body_n and_o after_o a_o sharp_a dispute_n entire_o rout_v they_o take_v about_o 300_o prisoner_n among_o who_o be_v several_a murza_n and_o other_o person_n of_o considerable_a note_n among_o the_o tartar_n tartar_n while_o this_o be_v do_v the_o king_n also_o advance_v and_o attack_v the_o serasquier_n and_o sultan_n who_o not_o know_v of_o the_o defeat_n of_o their_o advance_a troop_n expect_v they_o will_v have_v fall_v upon_o the_o pole_n in_o their_o rear_n and_o flank_n and_o with_o this_o encouragement_n they_o put_v themselves_o into_o a_o posture_n to_o oppose_v he_o however_o they_o be_v deceive_v and_o after_o a_o short_a fight_n be_v rout_v and_o force_v to_o flee_v leave_v a_o great_a many_o slay_a and_o prisoner_n behind_o they_o but_o not_o without_o loss_n also_o on_o the_o pole_n side_n there_o be_v several_a officer_n and_o person_n of_o quality_n and_o particular_o the_o palatine_a podolskie_n among_o the_o number_n of_o the_o slay_a but_o while_o these_o thing_n be_v do_v by_o the_o polish_v army_n abroad_o the_o country_n near_o home_n be_v cruel_o ravage_v by_o the_o garrison_n of_o caminiec_n who_o make_v frequent_a incursion_n into_o the_o polish_v territory_n which_o together_o with_o the_o king_n be_v march_v homeward_o after_o this_o last_o action_n and_o demolish_n the_o forementioned_a fort_n in_o his_o return_n which_o he_o have_v raise_v as_o he_o go_v onward_o make_v this_o expedition_n to_o be_v little_a thought_n of_o and_o as_o little_a advantage_n to_o redound_v to_o the_o pole_n from_o it_o as_o they_o hitherto_o have_v reap_v by_o their_o alliance_n with_o the_o moscovite_n who_o make_v a_o mighty_a smoke_n this_o campaign_n but_o very_o little_a fire_n of_o who_o we_o shall_v have_v more_o occasion_n to_o talk_v hereafter_o year_n 1687_o now_o we_o be_v come_v to_o another_o year_n and_o the_o affair_n of_o england_n fall_n of_o course_n under_o our_o consideration_n and_o as_o we_o leave_v off_o with_o take_v notice_n of_o the_o king_n kindness_n to_o his_o roman_a catholic_n subject_n in_o a_o more_o particular_a manner_n scotland_n in_o the_o letter_n he_o write_v to_o the_o parliament_n of_o scotland_n we_o be_v now_o to_o tell_v you_o of_o a_o more_o general_a act_n of_o he_o and_o that_o be_v upon_o the_o 12_o of_o february_n to_o issue_v out_o his_o proclamation_n for_o a_o toleration_n of_o religion_n unto_o all_o wherein_o by_o the_o by_o you_o be_v to_o observe_v that_o he_o exert_v his_o absolute_a power_n which_o he_o say_v his_o subject_n ought_v to_o obey_v without_o reserve_n but_o the_o toleration_n he_o allow_v his_o roman_a catholic_n subject_n in_o scotland_n he_o will_v scarce_o allow_v to_o his_o protestant_a subject_n in_o ireland_n for_o tyrconnel_n so_o do_v talbot_n merit_v for_o reform_v the_o army_n be_v not_o only_o make_v a_o earl_n there_o but_o lord-lieutenant_n in_o ireland_n to_o boot_v in_o the_o room_n of_o my_o lord_n clarendon_n and_o one_o fitton_n a_o infamous_a person_n detect_v for_o forgery_n not_o only_o at_o westminster_n but_o chester_n too_o be_v bring_v out_o of_o the_o king_n be_v bench_n prison_n in_o england_n to_o be_v chancellor_n and_o keeper_n of_o the_o king_n conscience_n in_o ireland_n sir_n charles_n porter_n be_v turn_v out_o to_o make_v way_n for_o he_o now_o talbot_n be_v thus_o advance_v in_o honour_n and_o office_n begin_v to_o exert_v his_o authority_n and_o his_o first_o proclamation_n towards_o the_o end_n of_o feb._n import_v a_o promise_n to_o defend_v the_o law_n liberty_n and_o establish_v religion_n but_o fair_o leave_v out_o the_o preservation_n of_o the_o act_n of_o settlement_n and_o explanation_n however_o though_o at_o first_o he_o only_o leave_v they_o out_o be_v resolve_v to_o out_o the_o protestant_n first_o and_o to_o let_v the_o irish_a into_o their_o forfeit_v estate_n yet_o he_o do_v not_o stop_v there_o we_o tell_v you_o last_o year_n what_o effort_n be_v make_v to_o propagate_v the_o king_n power_n in_o westminster-hall_n and_o what_o instruction_n the_o judge_n have_v in_o their_o circuit_n to_o dispense_v with_o the_o penal_a law_n and_o test_n against_o dissenter_n from_o the_o church_n and_o now_o these_o thing_n be_v bring_v pretty_a well_o to_o bear_v upon_o the_o 25_o of_o april_n out_o come_v the_o king_n declaration_n for_o liberty_n of_o conscience_n which_o be_v conceive_v in_o the_o follow_a term_n his_o majeety_n gracious_a declaration_n to_o all_o his_o love_a subject_n for_o liberty_n of_o conscience_n james_n r._n it_o have_v please_v almighty_a god_n not_o only_o to_o bring_v we_o to_o the_o imperial_a crown_n of_o these_o kingdom_n through_o the_o great_a difficulty_n but_o to_o preserve_v we_o by_o a_o more_o than_o ordinary_a providence_n upon_o the_o throne_n of_o our_o royal_a ancestor_n there_o be_v nothing_o now_o that_o we_o so_o earnest_o desire_v as_o to_o establish_v our_o government_n on_o such_o a_o foundation_n as_o may_v make_v our_o subject_n happy_a and_o unite_v they_o to_o we_o by_o inclination_n as_o well_o as_o duty_n which_o we_o think_v can_v be_v do_v by_o no_o mean_n so_o effectual_o as_o by_o grant_v to_o they_o the_o free_a exercise_n of_o their_o religion_n for_o the_o time_n to_o come_v and_o add_v that_o to_o the_o perfect_a enjoyment_n of_o their_o property_n which_o have_v never_o be_v in_o any_o case_n invade_v by_o we_o since_o our_o come_n to_o the_o crown_n which_o be_v the_o two_o thing_n man_n value_v most_o shall_v ever_o be_v preserve_v in_o these_o kingdom_n during_o our_o reign_n over_o they_o as_o the_o true_a method_n of_o their_o peace_n and_o our_o glory_n we_o can_v but_o hearty_o wish_v as_o it_o will_v easy_o be_v believe_v that_o all_o people_n of_o our_o dominion_n be_v member_n of_o the_o catholic_n church_n yet_o we_o humble_o thank_v almighty_a god_n it_o be_v and_o have_v of_o long_a time_n be_v our_o constant_a sense_n and_o opinion_n which_o upon_o divers_a occasion_n we_o have_v declare_v that_o conscience_n ought_v not_o to_o be_v constrain_v nor_o people_n force_v in_o matter_n of_o mere_a religion_n it_o have_v ever_o be_v direct_o contrary_a to_o our_o inclination_n as_o we_o think_v it_o be_v to_o the_o interest_n of_o government_n which_o it_o destroy_v by_o spoil_v trade_n depopulate_v country_n and_o discourage_a stranger_n and_o final_o that_o it_o never_o obtain_v the_o end_n for_o which_o it_o be_v employ_v and_o in_o this_o we_o be_v the_o more_o confirm_v by_o the_o reflection_n we_o have_v make_v upon_o the_o conduct_n of_o the_o four_o last_o reign_n for_o after_o all_o the_o frequent_a and_o press_a endeavour_n that_o be_v use_v in_o each_o of_o they_o to_o reduce_v this_o kingdom_n to_o a_o exact_a conformity_n in_o religion_n it_o be_v visible_a the_o success_n have_v not_o answer_v the_o design_n and_o that_o the_o difficulty_n be_v invincible_a we_o therefore_o out_o of_o our_o princely_a care_n and_o affection_n unto_o all_o our_o love_a subject_n that_o they_o may_v live_v at_o ease_n and_o quiet_v and_o for_o the_o increase_n of_o trade_n and_o encouragement_n of_o stranger_n have_v think_v fit_a by_o virtue_n of_o our_o royal_a prerogative_n to_o issue_v forth_o this_o our_o declaration_n of_o indulgence_n make_v no_o doubt_n of_o the_o concurrence_n of_o our_o two_o house_n of_o parliament_n when_o we_o shall_v think_v it_o convenient_a for_o they_o to_o meet_v in_o the_o first_o place_n we_o do_v declare_v that_o we_o will_v protect_v and_o maintain_v our_o arch-bishop_n bishop_n and_o clergy_n and_o all_o other_o our_o subject_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n in_o the_o free_a
be_v too_o often_o accompany_v i_o be_o not_o ignorant_a of_o the_o frequent_a mischief_n wrought_v in_o the_o world_n by_o factious_a pretence_n of_o religion_n but_o be_v not_o religion_n the_o most_o justifiable_a cause_n it_o will_v not_o be_v make_v the_o most_o specious_a pretence_n and_o your_o majesty_n have_v already_o show_v too_o interest_v a_o sense_n of_o religion_n to_o doubt_v the_o just_a effect_n of_o it_o on_o one_o who_o practice_n have_v i_o hope_v never_o give_v the_o world_n cause_n to_o censure_v his_o real_a conviction_n of_o it_o or_o his_o backwardness_n to_o perform_v what_o his_o honour_n and_o conscience_n prompt_v he_o to_o how_o then_o can_v i_o long_o disguise_v my_o just_a concern_v for_o that_o religion_n in_o which_o i_o have_v be_v so_o happy_o educate_v which_o my_o judgement_n true_o convince_v i_o to_o be_v the_o best_a and_o for_o the_o support_n of_o which_o i_o be_o so_o high_o interest_v in_o my_o native_a country_n and_o be_v not_o england_n now_o by_o the_o most_o endear_n tie_v become_v so_o whilst_o the_o restless_a spirit_n of_o the_o enemy_n of_o the_o reform_a religion_n back_v by_o the_o cruel_a zeal_n and_o prevail_a power_n of_o france_n just_o alarm_n and_o unite_v all_o the_o protestant_a prince_n of_o christendom_n and_o engage_v they_o in_o so_o vast_a a_o expense_n for_o the_o support_n of_o it_o can_v i_o act_v so_o degenerous_a and_o mean_a a_o part_n to_o deny_v my_o concurrence_n to_o such_o worthy_a endeavour_n for_o the_o disabuse_v your_o majesty_n by_o the_o re-inforcement_n of_o those_o law_n and_o re-establishment_n of_o that_o government_n on_o which_o alone_o depend_v the_o wellbeing_a of_o your_o majesty_n and_o of_o the_o protestant_a religion_n in_o europe_n this_o sir_n be_v that_o irresistible_a and_o only_a cause_n that_o can_v come_v in_o competition_n with_o my_o duty_n and_o obligation_n to_o your_o majesty_n and_o be_v able_a to_o fear_v i_o from_o you_o whilst_o the_o same_o affectionate_a desire_n of_o serve_v you_o continue_v in_o i_o can_v i_o secure_v your_o person_n ●_o by_o the_o hazard_n of_o my_o life_n i_o shall_v think_v it_o can_v not_o be_v better_o employ_v and_o will_v to_o god_n these_o your_o distract_a kingdom_n may_v yet_o receive_v that_o satisfactory_a compliance_n from_o your_o majesty_n in_o all_o their_o justifiable_a pretension_n as_o might_n upon_o the_o only_a sure_a foundation_n that_o of_o the_o love_n and_o interest_n of_o your_o subject_n establish_v your_o government_n and_o as_o strong_o unite_v the_o heart_n of_o all_o your_o subject_n to_o you_o as_o be_v that_o of_o etc._n etc._n the_o lord_n churchill_n leave_v a_o letter_n to_o the_o same_o purpose_n which_o run_v thus_o sir_n since_o man_n be_v seldom_o suspect_v of_o sincerity_n when_o they_o act_v contrary_a to_o their_o interest_n and_o though_o my_o dutiful_a behaviour_n to_o your_o majesty_n in_o the_o worst_a of_o time_n for_o which_o i_o acknowledge_v my_o poor_a service_n much_o over-paid_a may_v not_o be_v sufficient_a to_o incline_v you_o to_o a_o charitable_a interpretation_n of_o my_o action_n yet_o i_o hope_v the_o great_a advantage_n i_o enjoy_v under_o your_o majesty_n which_o i_o can_v never_o expect_v in_o any_o other_o change_n of_o government_n may_v reasonable_o convince_v your_o majesty_n and_o the_o world_n that_o i_o be_o act_v by_o a_o high_a principle_n when_o i_o offer_v that_o violence_n to_o my_o inclination_n and_o interest_n as_o to_o desert_v your_o majesty_n at_o a_o time_n when_o your_o affair_n seem_v to_o challenge_v the_o strict_a obedience_n from_o all_o your_o subject_n much_o more_o from_o one_o who_o lie_v under_o the_o great_a personal_n obligation_n imaginable_a to_o your_o majesty_n this_o sir_n can_v proceed_v from_o nothing_o but_o the_o inviolable_a dictate_v of_o my_o conscience_n and_o a_o necessary_a concern_v for_o my_o religion_n which_o no_o good_a man_n can_v oppose_v and_o with_o which_o i_o be_o instruct_v nothing_o ought_v to_o come_v in_o competition_n heaven_n know_v with_o what_o partiality_n my_o dutiful_a opinion_n of_o your_o majesty_n have_v hitherto_o represent_v those_o unhappy_a design_n which_o inconsiderate_a and_o self-interested_n man_n have_v frame_v against_o your_o majesty_n true_a interest_n and_o the_o protestant_a religion_n but_o as_o i_o can_v no_o long_o join_v with_o such_o to_o give_v a_o pretence_n by_o conquest_n to_o bring_v they_o to_o effect_v so_o i_o will_v always_o with_o the_o hazard_n of_o my_o life_n and_o fortune_n so_o much_o your_o majesty_n due_a endeavour_v to_o preserve_v your_o royal_a person_n and_o lawful_a right_n with_o all_o the_o tender_a concern_v and_o dutig●l_a respect_n that_o become_v etc._n etc._n upon_o this_o the_o army_n retreat_v to_o read_v and_o the_o king_n very_o disconsolate_a return_v on_o the_o 26_o in_o the_o evening_n to_o london_n from_o whence_o the_o princess_n ann_n of_o denmark_n his_o second_o daughter_n be_v go_v private_o the_o night_n before_o and_o if_o she_o have_v not_o leave_v a_o letter_n behind_o she_o to_o show_v the_o reason_n of_o her_o retreat_n the_o king_n be_v own_o guard_n have_v in_o all_o probability_n tear_v all_o the_o popish_a party_n to_o piece_n upon_o a_o surmise_n that_o they_o have_v make_v she_o away_o the_o letter_n she_o leave_v for_o the_o queen_n be_v as_o follow_v madam_n i_o beg_v your_o pardon_n if_o be_o so_o deep_o affect_v with_o the_o surprise_v news_n of_o the_o prince_n be_v go_v queen_n as_o not_o to_o be_v able_a to_o see_v you_o but_o to_o leave_v this_o paper_n to_o express_v my_o humble_a duty_n to_o the_o king_n and_o yourself_o and_o to_o let_v you_o know_v that_o i_o be_o go_v to_o absent_v my_o self_n to_o avoid_v the_o king_n displeasure_n which_o i_o be_o not_o able_a to_o bear_v either_o against_o the_o prince_n or_o myself_o and_o i_o shall_v stay_v at_o so_o great_a a_o distance_n as_o not_o to_o return_v before_o i_o hear_v the_o happy_a news_n of_o a_o reconcilement_n and_o as_o i_o be_o confident_a the_o prince_n do_v not_o leave_v the_o king_n with_o any_o other_o design_n than_o to_o use_v all_o possible_a mean_n for_o his_o preservation_n so_o i_o hope_v you_o will_v do_v i_o the_o justice_n to_o believe_v that_o i_o be_o not_o capable_a of_o follow_v he_o for_o any_o other_o end_n never_o be_v any_o one_o in_o such_o a_o unhappy_a condition_n so_o divide_v between_o duty_n and_o affection_n to_o a_o father_n and_o a_o husband_n and_o therefore_o i_o know_v not_o what_o to_o do_v but_o to_o follow_v one_o to_o preserve_v the_o other_o i_o see_v the_o general_a fall_v off_o of_o the_o nobility_n and_o gentry_n who_o avow_v to_o have_v no_o other_o end_n than_o to_o prevail_v with_o the_o king_n to_o secure_v their_o religion_n which_o they_o see_v so_o much_o in_o danger_n by_o the_o violent_a counsel_n of_o the_o priest_n who_o to_o promote_v their_o own_o religion_n do_v not_o care_n to_o what_o danger_n they_o expose_v the_o king_n i_o be_o full_o persuade_v that_o the_o prince_n of_o orange_n design_n the_o king_n safety_n and_o preservation_n and_o hope_v all_o thing_n may_v be_v compose_v without_o more_o bloodshed_n by_o the_o call_v of_o a_o parliament_n god_n grant_v a_o happy_a end_n to_o these_o trouble_n that_o the_o king_n reign_n may_v be_v prosperous_a and_o that_o i_o may_v short_o meet_v you_o in_o perfect_a peace_n and_o safety_n till_o when_o let_v i_o beg_v you_o to_o continue_v the_o same_o favourable_a opinion_n that_o you_o have_v hitherto_o have_v of_o etc._n etc._n the_o first_o thing_n do_v upon_o the_o king_n return_n be_v the_o turn_a sir_n edward_n hale_v out_o from_o be_v lieutenant_n of_o the_o tower_n and_o then_o to_o order_v writ_n to_o be_v issue_v out_o for_o the_o sit_v of_o a_o parliament_n the_o 15_o of_o jan._n but_o that_o be_v too_o late_o and_o the_o nation_n be_v now_o in_o such_o a_o ferment_n that_o neither_o this_o pace_n nor_o a_o proclamation_n of_o the_o 30_o of_o nou._n require_v the_o election_n to_o be_v do_v in_o a_o fair_a and_o legal_a manner_n signify_v any_o thing_n so_o that_o the_o king_n now_o begin_v to_o provide_v for_o his_o family_n and_o first_o he_o send_v away_o the_o prince_n of_o wales_n to_o portsmouth_n but_o my_o lord_n dartmouth_n will_v not_o suffer_v he_o to_o be_v carry_v into_o france_n yet_o the_o queen_n soon_o after_o find_v a_o way_n to_o convey_v he_o herself_o and_o divers_a other_o thither_o and_o indeed_o it_o be_v high_a time_n for_o scotland_n now_o be_v as_o much_o alarm_v as_o england_n and_o some_o of_o the_o nobility_n and_o gentry_n be_v send_v up_o with_o a_o petition_n for_o a_o free_a parliament_n orange_n all_o the_o north_n of_o england_n be_v secure_v for_o the_o prince_n newcastle_n receive_v the_o lord_n lum●ey_n and_o declare_v
ecclesiastical_a affair_n by_o levy_v money_n for_o and_o to_o the_o use_n of_o the_o crown_n by_o pretence_n of_o prerogative_n for_o other_o time_n and_o in_o other_o manner_n than_o the_o same_o be_v grant_v by_o parliament_n by_o raise_v and_o keep_v a_o stand_a army_n within_o the_o kingdom_n in_o time_n of_o peace_n without_o consent_n of_o parliament_n and_o quarter_a soldier_n contrary_a to_o law_n by_o cause_v several_a good_a subject_n be_v protestant_n to_o be_v disarm_v at_o the_o same_o time_n when_o papist_n be_v both_o arm_v and_o employ_v contrary_a to_o law_n by_o violate_v the_o freedom_n of_o election_n of_o member_n to_o serve_v in_o parliament_n by_o prosecution_n in_o the_o court_n of_o king's-bench_n for_o matter_n and_o cause_n cognizable_a only_o in_o parliament_n and_o by_o divers_a other_o arbitrary_a and_o illegal_a course_n and_o whereas_o of_o late_a year_n partial_a corrupt_a and_o unqualified_a person_n have_v be_v return_v and_o serve_v on_o jury_n in_o trial_n and_o particular_o divers_a juror_n in_o trial_n for_o high-treason_n which_o be_v not_o freeholder_n and_o excessive_a bail_n have_v be_v require_v of_o person_n commit_v in_o criminal_a case_n to_o elude_v the_o benefit_n of_o the_o law_n make_v for_o the_o liberty_n of_o the_o subject_a and_o excessive_a fine_n have_v be_v impose_v and_o illegal_a and_o cruel_a punishment_n inflict_v and_o several_a grant_n and_o promise_v make_v of_o fine_n and_o forfeiture_n before_o any_o conviction_n or_o judgement_n against_o the_o person_n upon_o who_o the_o same_o be_v to_o be_v levy_v all_o which_o be_v utter_o and_o direct_o contrary_a to_o the_o know_a law_n and_o statute_n and_o freedom_n of_o this_o realm_n and_o whereas_o the_o late_a king_n james_n the_o second_o have_v abdicate_v the_o government_n and_o the_o throne_n be_v thereby_o vacant_a his_o highness_n the_o prince_n of_o orange_n who_o it_o have_v please_v almighty_a god_n to_o make_v the_o glorious_a instrument_n of_o deliver_v this_o kingdom_n from_o popery_n and_o arbitrary_a power_n do_v by_o the_o advice_n of_o the_o lord_n spiritual_a and_o temporal_a and_o divers_a principal_a person_n of_o the_o commons_o cause_v letter_n to_o be_v write_v to_o the_o lord_n spiritual_a and_o temporal_a be_v protestant_n and_o other_o letter_n to_o the_o several_a county_n city_n university_n burrough_n and_o cinque-port_n for_o the_o choose_n of_o such_o person_n to_o represent_v they_o as_o be_v of_o right_a to_o be_v send_v to_o parliament_n to_o meet_v and_o sit_v at_o westminster_n jan._n 22d_o 1688._o in_o order_n to_o such_o a_o establishment_n as_o that_o their_o religion_n law_n and_o liberty_n may_v not_o again_o be_v in_o danger_n of_o be_v subvert_v upon_o which_o letter_n election_n have_v be_v according_o make_v and_o thereupon_o the_o say_a lord_n spiritual_a and_o temporal_a and_o commons_o pursuant_n to_o their_o respective_a letter_n and_o election_n be_v now_o assemble_v in_o a_o full_a and_o free_a representation_n of_o this_o nation_n take_v into_o their_o most_o serious_a consideration_n the_o best_a mean_n for_o attain_v the_o end_n aforesaid_a do_v in_o the_o first_o place_n as_o their_o ancestor_n in_o like_a case_n have_v usual_o do_v for_o the_o vindicate_a their_o ancient_a right_n and_o liberty_n declare_v that_o the_o pretend_a power_n of_o suspending_a law_n or_o the_o execution_n of_o law_n by_o regal_a authority_n without_o consent_n of_o parliament_n be_v illegal_a that_o the_o pretend_a power_n of_o dispense_n law_n or_o the_o execute_n of_o law_n by_o regal_a authority_n as_o it_o have_v be_v assume_v and_o exercise_v of_o late_a be_v illegal_a that_o the_o commission_n for_o erect_v the_o late_a court_n of_o commissioner_n for_o ecclesiastical_a cause_n and_o all_o other_o commission_n and_o court_n of_o the_o like_a nature_n be_v illegal_a and_o pernicious_a that_o levy_v of_o money_n to_o or_o for_o the_o use_n of_o the_o crown_n by_o pretence_n of_o prerogative_n without_o grant_n of_o parliament_n for_o long_a time_n or_o in_o other_o manner_n than_o the_o same_o be_v or_o shall_v be_v grant_v be_v illegal_a that_o it_o be_v the_o right_n of_o the_o subject_n to_o petition_v the_o king_n and_o all_o commitment_n and_o prosecution_n for_o such_o petition_v be_v illegal_a that_o the_o raise_n and_o keep_v a_o stand_a army_n within_o the_o kingdom_n in_o time_n of_o peace_n unless_o it_o be_v by_o consent_n of_o parliament_n be_v against_o law_n that_o the_o subject_n be_v protestant_n may_v have_v arm_n for_o their_o defence_n suitable_a to_o their_o condition_n and_o as_o allow_v by_o law_n that_o the_o election_n of_o member_n of_o parliament_n ought_v to_o be_v free_a that_o the_o freedom_n of_o speech_n or_o debate_n and_o proceed_n in_o parliament_n ought_v not_o to_o be_v impeach_v or_o question_v in_o any_o court_n or_o place_n out_o of_o parliament_n that_o excessive_a bail_n ought_v not_o to_o be_v require_v nor_o excessive_a fine_n impose_v nor_o cruel_a and_o unusual_a punishment_n inflict_v that_o juror_n ought_v to_o be_v due_o impanel_v and_o return_v and_o juror_n which_o pass_v upon_o man_n in_o trial_n for_o high-treason_n ought_v to_o be_v freeholder_n that_o all_o grant_n and_o promise_v of_o fine_n and_o forfeiture_n of_o particular_a person_n before_o conviction_n be_v illegal_a and_o void_a and_o that_o for_o redress_v of_o all_o grievance_n and_o for_o the_o amend_v strengthen_v and_o preserve_v of_o the_o law_n parliament_n ought_v to_o be_v hold_v frequent_o and_o they_o do_v claim_v demand_n and_o insist_v upon_o all_o and_o singular_a the_o premise_n as_o their_o undoubted_a right_n and_o liberty_n and_o that_o no_o declaration_n judgement_n do_n or_o proceed_n to_o the_o prejudice_n of_o the_o people_n in_o any_o of_o the_o say_a premise_n aught_o in_o any_o wise_a to_o be_v draw_v hereafter_o into_o consequence_n or_o example_n to_o which_o demand_n of_o their_o right_n they_o be_v particular_o encourage_v by_o the_o declaration_n of_o his_o highness_n the_o prince_n of_o orange_n as_o be_v the_o only_a mean_n for_o obtain_v a_o full_a redress_n and_o remedy_n therein_o have_v therefore_o a_o entire_a confidence_n that_o his_o say_a highness_n the_o prince_n of_o orange_n will_v perfect_v the_o deliverance_n so_o far_o advance_v by_o he_o and_o will_v still_o preserve_v they_o from_o the_o violation_n of_o their_o right_n which_o they_o have_v here_o assert_v and_o from_o all_o other_o attempt_v upon_o their_o religion_n right_n and_o liberty_n the_o say_v lord_n spiritual_a and_o temporal_a and_o commons_o assemble_v at_o westminster_n do_v resolve_v that_o william_n and_o mary_n prince_n and_o princess_n of_o orange_n be_v and_o be_v declare_v king_n and_o queen_n of_o england_n france_n and_o ireland_n and_o the_o dominion_n thereunto_o belong_v to_o hold_v the_o crown_n and_o royal_a dignity_n of_o the_o say_a kingdom_n and_o dominion_n to_o they_o the_o say_a prince_n and_o princess_n during_o their_o life_n and_o the_o life_n of_o the_o survivor_n of_o they_o and_o that_o the_o sole_a and_o full_a exercise_n of_o the_o regal_a power_n be_v only_o in_o and_o execute_v by_o the_o say_a prince_n of_o orange_n in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o say_a prince_n and_o princess_n during_o their_o life_n and_o after_o their_o decease_n the_o say_a crown_n and_o royal_a dignity_n of_o the_o say_a kingdom_n and_o dominion_n to_o be_v to_o the_o heir_n of_o the_o body_n of_o the_o say_a princess_n and_o for_o default_n of_o such_o issue_n to_o the_o princess_n anne_n of_o denmark_n and_o the_o heir_n of_o her_o body_n and_o for_o default_n of_o such_o issue_n to_o the_o heir_n of_o the_o body_n of_o the_o say_a prince_n of_o orange_n and_o the_o say_a lord_n spiritual_a and_o temporal_a and_o commons_o do_v pray_v the_o say_a prince_n and_o princess_n of_o orange_n to_o accept_v the_o same_o according_o and_o that_o the_o oath_n hereafter_o mention_v be_v take_v by_o all_o person_n of_o who_o the_o oath_n of_o allegiance_n and_o supremacy_n may_v be_v require_v by_o law_n instead_o of_o they_o and_o that_o the_o say_v oath_n of_o allegiance_n and_o supremacy_n be_v abrogate_a i_o a._n b._n do_v sincere_o promise_v and_o swear_v that_o i_o will_v be_v faithful_a and_o bear_v true_a allegiance_n to_o their_o majesty_n king_n william_n and_o queen_n mary_n so_o help_v i_o god_n i_o a._n b._n do_v swear_v that_o i_o do_v from_o my_o heart_n abhor_v detest_v and_o abjure_v as_o impious_a and_o heretical_a this_o damnable_a doctrine_n and_o position_n that_o prince_n excommunicate_v or_o deprive_v by_o the_o pope_n or_o any_o authority_n of_o the_o see_v of_o rome_n may_v be_v depose_v or_o murder_v by_o their_o subject_n or_o any_o other_o whatsoever_o and_o i_o do_v declare_v that_o no_o foreign_a prince_n person_n prelate_n state_n or_o potentate_n have_v or_o aught_o to_o have_v any_o jurisdiction_n power_n
pretty_a flat_a the_o king_n give_v order_n that_o the_o counterscarp_n shall_v be_v attack_v that_o afternoon_n and_o have_v it_o not_o be_v for_o one_o error_n which_o yet_o can_v not_o well_o be_v avoid_v the_o place_n have_v be_v infallible_o carry_v however_o to_o show_v you_o the_o bravery_n of_o our_o man_n upon_o this_o occasion_n we_o will_v give_v you_o a_o few_o particular_n about_o half_a a_o hour_n after_o 3_o the_o signal_n be_v give_v by_o fire_v 3_o piece_n of_o cannon_n and_o the_o granadeer_n stand_v in_o the_o furthermost_a angle_n of_o the_o trench_n they_o leap_v over_o and_o run_v towards_o the_o counterscarp_n fire_v their_o piece_n and_o throw_v in_o their_o granade_n which_o give_v the_o irish_a the_o alarm_n who_o have_v all_o their_o gun_n ready_a and_o discharge_v great_a and_o small_a shot_n upon_o they_o as_o fast_o as_o possible_a who_o be_v not_o behind_o with_o they_o in_o either_o so_o that_o in_o less_o than_o 2_o minute_n there_o be_v such_o a_o terrible_a noise_n that_o you_o will_v have_v think_v the_o sky_n ready_a to_o rend_v in_o sunder_o captain_n carlisle_n of_o my_o lord_n drogheda_n regiment_n run_v on_o with_o his_o granadeer_n to_o the_o counterscarp_n and_o though_o he_o be_v wound_v twice_o between_o that_o and_o the_o trench_n yet_o he_o go_v brave_o on_o and_o command_v his_o man_n to_o throw_v in_o their_o granade_n but_o leap_v into_o the_o dry_a