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A52036 An answer to a booke entitvled An hvmble remonstrance in which the originall of liturgy, episcopacy is discussed : and quares propounded concerning both : the parity of bishops and presbyters in Scripture demonstrated : the occasion of their imparity in antiquity discovered : the disparity of the ancient and our moderne bishops manifested : the antiquity of ruling elders in the church vindicated : the prelaticall church bownded / written by Smectymnvvs. Smectymnuus.; Milton, John, 1608-1674. 1641 (1641) Wing M748; ESTC R21898 76,341 112

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and Judaicall Consultations with the Pope about things cleane and uncleane his proud demeanour toward the British Clergy appeares in his counsell called about no solid point of faith but celebration of Easter where having troubled threatned the Churches of Wales and afterwards of Scotland about Romish Ceremonies hee is said in fine to have beene the stirrer up of Ethelbert by meanes of the Northumbrian King to the slaughter of twelve hundred of those poore laborious Monks of Bangor His Successors busied in nothing but urging and instituting Ceremonies and maintaining precedency we passe over Till Dunstan the Sainted Prelate who of a frantick Necromancer and suspected fornicatour was shorne a Monk and afterwards made a Bishop His worthy deeds are noted by Speed to have beene the cheating King Edred of the treasure committed to his keeping the prohibiting of marriage to the encreasing of all filthinesse in the Clergie of those times as the long Oration of King Edgar in Stow well testifies In Edward the Confessors dayes Robert the Norman no sooner Archbishop of Canterbury but setting the King and Earle Godwine at variance for private revenge broached a civill warre till the Archbishop was banisht Now William the Conquerour had set up Lanfrank Bishop of Canterbury who to requite him spent his faithfull service to the Pope Gregorie in perswading the King to subject himselfe and his state to the Papacy as himselfe writes to the Pope Suasi sed non persuasi The treason of Anselm to Rufus was notorious who not content to withstand the King obstinately in money matters made suit to fetch his Pall or investiture of Archiepiscopacie from Rome which the King denying as flat against his regall Soveraigntie he went without his leave● and for his Romish good service received great honour from the Pope by being seated at his right foot in a Synod with these words Includamus hunc in orbe nostro tanquam alterius orbis Papam Whence perhaps it is that the Sea of Canterbury hath affected a Patriarchy in our dayes This Anselm also condemned the married Clergie Henry the first reigning the same Anselm deprived those Prelats that had beene invested by the King and all the Kingdome is vext with one Prelat who the second time betakes himselfe to his old fortresse at Rome till the King was faine to yeeld Which done and the Archbishop returned spends the rest of his dayes in a long contention and unchristian jangling with York about Primacie Which ended not so but grew as hot betweene York and London as Dean to Canterbury striving for the upper seat at dinner till the King seeing their odious pride put them both out of dores To speak of Ralf and Thurstan the next Archbishops pursuing the same quarrell were tedious as it was no smal molestation to the King and Kingdome Thurstan refusing to stand to the Kings doome and wins the day or else the king must be accurs't by the Pope which further animates him to try the mastry with William next Archbishop of Canterbury and no man can end it but their Father the Pope for which they travel to Rome In the mean while marriage is sharply decreed against Speed 448. and the Legate Cremonensis the declamor against matrimony taken with a strumpet the same night In King Stephens Reigne the haughty Bishops of Canterbury and Winchester bandy about precedencie and to Rome to end the duell Theobald goes to Rome against the Kings will interdicts the Realme and the King forc't to suffer it till refusing to Crowne Eustace the Kings sonne because the Pope had so commanded he flies againe Beckets pride and outragious treasons are too manifest resigning the Kings gift of his Archbishoprick to receive it of the Pope requiring the Custody of Rochester Castle and the Tower of London as belonging to his Seignorie Protects murthering Priests from the temporall sword standing stifly for the liberties and dignities of Clerkes but little to chastise their vices which besides other crying sinnes were above a hundred murthers since Henry the seconds crowning till that time to maintaine which most of the Bishops conspire till terror of the King made them shrink but Becket obdures denies that the King of Englands Courts have authority to judge him And thus was this noble King disquieted by an insolent traytor in habit of a Bishop a great part of his Reigne the land in uproar many excommunicate and accursed France and England set to warre and the King himselfe curbed and controlled and lastly disciplin'd by the Bishops and Monks first with a bare foot penance that drew blood from his feet and lastly with fourescore lashes on his anointed body with rods In the same Kings time it was that the Archbishop of York striving to sit above Canterbury squatts him down on his lap whence with many a cuffe hee was throwne downe Next the pride of W. Longchamp Bishop of Elie was notorious who would ride with a thousand horse and of a Governour in the Kings absence became a Tyrant for which ●lying in womans apparell he was taken To this succeeds contention betweene Canterbury and York about carriage of their crosses and Rome appeal'd to the Bishop of Durham buyes an Earldome No sooner another King but Hubert another Archbishop to vex him and lest that were not enough made Chancellor of England And besides him Geffry of York who refusing to pay a Subsidy within his Precincts and therefore all his temporalities seaz'd excommunicates the Sheriffe beats the Kings Officers and interdicts his whole Province Hubert outbraves the King in Christmasse house-keeping hinders King Iohn by his Legantine power from recovering Normandy After him Stephen-Langton set up by the Pope in spight of the King who opposing such an affront falls under an interdict with his whole Land and at the suit of his Archbishop to the Pope is depos'd by Papall Sentence his Kingdome given to Philip the French King Langtons friend and lastly resignes and ●nfe●ds his Crowne to the Pope After this tragicall Stephen the fray which Boniface the next Archbishop but one had with the Canons of Saint Bartholmews is as pleasant the tearing of Hoods and Cowles the miring of Copes the flying about of wax Candles and Censors in the scuffle cannot be imagined without mirth as his oathes were lowd in this bickering so his curles were as vehement in the contention with the Bishop of Winchester for a slight occasion But now the Bishops had turned their contesting into base and servile f●atteries to advance themselves on the ruine of the Subjects For Peter de Rupibus Bishop of Winchester perswading the King to displace English Officers and substitute Poictivines and telling the Lords to their ces that there were no Peeres in England as in France but that the King might do what he would and by whom he would became a