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A07333 The victorious reigne of King Edvvard the Third Written in seven bookes. By his Majesties command. May, Thomas, 1595-1650. 1635 (1635) STC 17719; ESTC S112550 75,194 204

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sustain_v in_o sorrow_n and_o dismay_n bewail_v france_n and_o curse_v that_o sad_a day_n he_o tack_v about_o to_o be_v in_o safety_n go_v but_o by_o the_o warlike_a earl_n of_o huntingdon_n the_o southern_a admiral_n so_o sore_o be_v chase_v and_o hard-beset_a he_o be_v enforce_v at_o last_o by_o secret_a flight_n almost_o alone_o to_o go_v a_o sad_a reporter_n of_o so_o great_a a_o blow_n black_a night_n now_o challenge_v her_o alternate_a reign_n s●●●_n soon_o enough_o to_o hide_v that_o tragic_a stain_n which_o on_o the_o blush_a face_n of_o neptune_n lie_v not_o soon_o enough_o to_o part_v the_o mortal_a fray_n war_n rage_v fire_n be_v spend_v the_o fuel_n go_v and_o all_o that_o mars_n can_v do_v already_o do_v nor_o will_v great_a edward_n then_o approach_v the_o shore_n but_o make_v the_o ocean_n bosom_n which_o before_o have_v be_v the_o stage_n of_o his_o victorious_a fight_n to_o be_v his_o lodging_n field_n while_o all_o the_o night_n drum_v beat_v and_o trumpets_z to_o the_o haven_n nigh_o proclaim_v his_o great_a and_o noble_a victory_n but_o when_o the_o rosy_a morning_n begin_v appear_v with_o joy_n to_o welcome_v his_o arrival_n there_o the_o town_n of_o sluice_n prepare_v while_o all_o along_o the_o haven_n people_n numberless_a do_v throng_n to_o view_v the_o face_n of_o that_o heroic_a king_n and_o all_o the_o shore_n with_o acclamation_n ring_n at_o last_o great_a edward_n land_n and_o wait_v on_o by_o all_o the_o noble_a burgher_n of_o the_o town_n and_o english_a lord_n in_o triumph_n take_v his_o way_n to_o gaunt_n where_o his_o belov_fw-mi d_o queen_n philip_n lie_v with_o such_o expression_n of_o true_a state_n and_o love_n do_v white-armed_a juno_n meet_v triumphant_a jove_n when_o from_o the_o giant_n war_n he_o come_v as_o she_o her_o lord_n return_v from_o this_o great_a victory_n with_o she_o at_o gaunt_n remain_v the_o great_a state_n of_o netherlands_n and_o best_a confoederate_n king_n edward_n have_v for_o his_o great_a war_n in_o hand_n the_o duke_n of_o brabant_n and_o of_o gelderland_n with_o heinault_n earl_n his_o come_n do_v attend_v and_o james_n of_o artevile_n his_o constant_a friend_n who_o power_n have_v draw_v those_o people_n to_o his_o side_n there_o all_o their_o leagve_n be_v firm_o ratify_v while_o happy_a gaunt_n be_v proud_a to_o entertain_v so_o brave_a a_o monarch_n with_o his_o noble_a train_n but_o much_o more_o proud_a that_o she_o have_v be_v the_o place_n of_o birth_n to_o one_o fair_a branch_n of_o edward_n race_n young_a princely_a john_n who_o thence_o shall_v take_v his_o name_n and_o lend_v the_o town_n in_o lief_n eternal_a fame_n annotation_n upon_o the_o second_o book_n a_o this_o great_a battle_n of_o halydon_n hill_n a_o place_n near_o berwick_n be_v teach_v in_o the_o six_o year_n of_o the_o reign_n of_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o of_o england_n and_o the_o second_o of_o king_n david_n of_o scotland_n who_o be_v then_o a_o child_n remain_v in_o france_n and_o archimbald_n dowglas_n earl_n of_o argus_n govern_v the_o realm_n of_o scotland_n for_o he_o the_o english_a army_n be_v lead_v by_o king_n edward_n himself_o in_o person_n that_o of_o scotland_n by_o the_o forename_a earl_n of_o angus_n regent_n of_o the_o kingdom_n in_o this_o battle_n the_o scot_n receive_v a_o great_a overthrow_n although_o the_o writer_n of_o those_o time_n do_v much_o disagree_v about_o the_o number_n of_o those_o that_o perish_v in_o the_o vanquish_a army_n the_o scottish_a history_n allow_v fourteen_o thousand_o the_o english_a name_v above_o thirty_o thousand_o but_o howsoever_o it_o be_v by_o this_o victory_n berwicke_n be_v gain_v to_o the_o crown_n of_o england_n b_o this_o robert_n of_o artois_n be_v a_o prince_n of_o the_o blood_n of_o france_n descend_v from_o robert_n son_n to_o lewis_n the_o eight_o there_o have_v be_v a_o suit_n betwixt_o the_o say_a robert_n and_o maud_n his_o aunt_n countess_n of_o burgundy_n about_o the_o earldom_n of_o artois_n robert_n presume_v upon_o his_o own_o power_n and_o the_o service_n he_o have_v do_v king_n philip_n in_o advance_v he_o to_o the_o crown_n for_o robert_n of_o artois_n be_v at_o the_o first_o a_o great_a maintainer_n of_o philip_n title_n against_o edward_n of_o england_n forge_v a_o deed_n thereby_o to_o overthrow_v his_o aunt_n right_a which_o be_v afterward_o discover_v make_v she_o right_n the_o more_o and_o move_v the_o french_a king_n to_o give_v judgement_n on_o her_o side_n so_o that_o the_o county_n of_o artois_n be_v by_o parliament_n confirm_v upon_o maud_n which_o so_o offend_v robert_n as_o in_o his_o rage_n he_o open_o say_v he_o will_v unmake_v the_o king_n by_o the_o same_o power_n that_o he_o have_v make_v he_o this_o rash_a threaten_n so_o incense_v the_o king_n that_o he_o present_o lay_v to_o apprehend_v he_o but_o fail_v therein_o he_o proclaim_v he_o traitor_n confiscate_v his_o estate_n forbid_v all_o his_o subject_n to_o receive_v or_o aid_v he_o robert_n of_o arto_n be_v be_v thus_o distress_v come_v over_o into_o england_n be_v joyful_o entertain_v by_o king_n edward_n make_v of_o his_o council_n and_o invest_v in_o the_o earldom_n of_o richmond_n where_o he_o become_v a_o great_a incendiary_n between_o the_o two_o king_n discover_v to_o king_n edward_n the_o secret_n of_o france_n and_o disapprove_v now_o of_o king_n philip_n title_n upon_o which_o a_o declaration_n be_v publish_v and_o send_v to_o the_o pope_n and_o all_o the_o neighbour_n prince_n show_v the_o usurpation_n of_o philip_n de_fw-fr valois_n upon_o the_o crown_n of_o france_n c_o there_o be_v among_o the_o fleming_n one_o jaques_n de_fw-fr artevile_n a_o citizen_n of_o gaunt_n of_o great_a estimation_n among_o the_o people_n he_o be_v their_o leader_n and_o tribune_n as_o it_o be_v in_o all_o their_o tumult_n he_o king_n edward_n get_v by_o great_a reward_n to_o take_v his_o part_n and_o thereby_o have_v they_o all_o ready_a to_o assail_v the_o french_a king_n upon_o any_o occasion_n this_o jaques_n though_o a_o man_n of_o mean_a condition_n be_v a_o useful_a friend_n to_o england_n who_o death_n happen_v about_o seven_o year_n after_o for_o in_o a_o tumult_n his_o brain_n be_v beat_v out_o be_v much_o lament_v by_o king_n edward_n d_o this_o robert_n king_n of_o sicily_n as_o collenutius_n and_o other_o neopolitan_a writer_n testify_v be_v a_o learned_a prince_n and_o much_o renown_v for_o his_o skill_n in_o astrology_n he_o be_v about_o this_o time_n say_v our_o froissard_n at_o avignion_n with_o pope_n benedict_n where_o he_o declare_v to_o the_o pope_n by_o his_o skill_n what_o great_a war_n and_o bloodshed_n be_v like_a to_o be_v and_o lament_v the_o misery_n of_o france_n that_o report_n of_o froissard_n give_v ground_n to_o this_o discouse_n in_o the_o poem_n e_o this_o naval_a fight_n which_o be_v here_o at_o large_a describe_v in_o the_o poem_n be_v out_o of_o doubt_v the_o great_a that_o ever_o have_v be_v upon_o these_o narrow_a sea_n the_o number_n be_v many_o the_o fight_n be_v cruel_a and_o the_o slaughter_n exceed_o great_a the_o french_a navy_n by_o consent_n of_o most_o writer_n consist_v of_o 400_o sail_n the_o english_a consist_v according_a to_o some_o author_n of_o 200_o sail_n according_a to_o other_o of_o 200._o to_o other_o of_o 300._o although_o froissard_n report_n that_o the_o frenchman_n be_v four_o to_o one_o english_a which_o may_v be_v think_v too_o much_o odds_n to_o be_v believe_v for_o the_o french_a in_o those_o day_n have_v good_a seaman_n but_o the_o slaughter_n be_v exceed_v great_a and_o the_o victory_n as_o complete_a on_o the_o english_a side_n as_o can_v be_v imagine_v for_o very_o few_o of_o the_o french_a ship_n escape_v home_o but_o be_v either_o sink_v or_o take_v and_o 30000_o of_o their_o man_n slay_v of_o the_o english_a those_o writer_n that_o report_v most_o have_v mention_v but_o 4000_o the_o reign_n of_o king_n edward_z the_o third_z the_o three_o book_n argument_n iii_o atruce_n '_o betwixt_o france_n and_o england_n king_n be_v make_v the_o garter_n found_v edward_n do_v invade_v king_n philip_n land_n the_o war_n be_v to_o trial_n bring_v and_o that_o renown_a field_n of_o crescy_n fight_v a_o wound_n so_o mortal_a have_v enfeeble_v france_n by_o sea_n receive_v she_o can_v no_o more_o advance_v her_o colour_n there_o no_o more_o have_v she_o or_o vein_n to_o bleed_v or_o spirit_n leave_v to_o strive_v again_o what_o now_o remain_v of_o this_o loud-threatning_a war_n the_o continent_n alone_o must_v feel_v as_o far_o as_o tourney_v fill_v with_o high_a and_o wealthy_a hope_n victorious_a edward_n lead_v his_o cheerful_a troop_n augment_v late_o with_o new-mustred_n band_n of_o his_o confederate_n in_o the_o netherlands_o that_o town_n be_v first_o ennoble_v by_o his_o stay_n judge_v worthy_a to_o be_v make_v the_o
now_o so_o great_a a_o terror_n through_o the_o land_n be_v spread_v of_o he_o that_o to_o his_o conquer_a hand_n themselves_o falaise_n lyseaux_n and_o honfleur_n yield_v and_o uncontrolled_a his_o march_n have_v edward_n hold_v beyond_o the_o bound_n of_o normandy_n at_o last_o fair_a eureux_fw-fr stream_n and_o seine_n itself_o he_o past_o now_o time_n it_o seem_v to_o stop_v his_o furious_a course_n yet_o dare_v the_o french_a oppose_v no_o arm_a force_n but_o break_v the_o bridge_n down_o where_o he_o shall_v pass_v which_o soon_o they_o find_v too_o poor_a a_o bar_n alas_o '_o against_o edward_n spirit_n who_o resolve_a way_n no_o high-swoll'n_a stream_n no_o flood_n have_v power_n to_o stay_v no_o more_o than_o caesar_n after_o he_o have_v go_v past_o the_o forbid_a stream_n of_o rubicon_n one_o part_n of_o some_o near_o abbevile_n be_v know_v that_o may_v be_v ford_v when_o the_o tide_n be_v go_v to_o which_o six_o thousand_o soldier_n philip_n send_v by_o godmar_n lead_v with_o politic_a intent_n to_o stop_v great_a edward_n there_o but_o with_o as_o bad_a a_o destiny_n as_o with_o presage_n as_o sad_a as_o those_o unhappy_a persian_n send_v to_o stay_v at_o granicus_n great_a alexander_n way_n no_o disadvantage_n can_v his_o passage_n bar_v to_o who_o the_o honour_n of_o that_o future_a war_n be_v mean_v by_o fate_n upon_o the_o river_n bank_n stand_v godmer_n soldier_n in_o well-ordered_a rank_n through_o they_o as_o through_o the_o channel_n must_v the_o worth_n of_o english_a soldier_n carve_v their_o passage_n forth_o edward_n that_o know_v their_o resolution_n well_o and_o can_v by_o former_a hard_a adventure_n tell_v that_o his_o bold_a man_n for_o he_o will_v rush_v to_o fight_v through_o way_n which_o some_o will_v fear_v to_o take_v in_o flight_n and_o pass_v that_o stream_n by_o his_o command_n alone_o yet_o will_v not_o now_o command_v but_o lead_v they_o on_o and_o in_o the_o action_n their_o example_n be_v he_o cry_v who_o love_v i_o now_o will_v follow_v i_o and_o spring_v forth_o into_o the_o tremble_a stream_n be_v follow_v with_o such_o spirit_n and_o zeal_n by_o they_o that_o all_o the_o french_a amaze_v at_o a_o sight_n so_o wondrous_a strange_a almost_o forget_v to_o fight_v and_o with_o dismay_n be_v vanquish_v to_o see_v the_o undaunted_a courage_n of_o a_o enemy_n with_o small_a ado_n while_o faint_o they_o oppose_v the_o english_a gain_n the_o bank_n and_o rout_n their_o foe_n of_o who_o be_v many_o slay_v the_o rest_n for_o fear_v disorder_v fly_v but_o their_o retreat_n be_v near_o to_o abbevile_v where_o then_o king_n philip_n lie_v with_o all_o his_o great_a and_o glorious_a army_n they_o chase_v by_o the_o english_a sword_n affright_v come_v and_o by_o their_o fellow_n who_o esteem_v the_o shame_n as_o great_a as_o be_v the_o loss_n receive_v be_v as_o bad_a presage_n of_o the_o future_a war_n king_n philip_n follow_v by_o the_o brave_a host_n that_o ever_o before_o the_o realm_n of_o france_n can_v boast_v in_o confidence_n of_o conquest_n to_o succeed_v and_o to_o revenge_v the_o late_a disgrace_n with_o speed_n although_o advise_v at_o abbevile_n to_o stay_v and_o rest_v his_o army_n march_v thence_o away_o thou_o sweet_a muse_n of_o all_o the_o aönian_a spring_n faire-haired_a calliope_n that_o best_o can_v sing_v of_o king_n high_a deed_n and_o godlike_a hero_n fame_n declare_v king_n philip_n power_n recite_v the_o name_n of_o all_o beside_o the_o native_a chivalry_n of_o france_n and_o flower_n of_o her_o nobility_n the_o foreign_a land_n that_o share_v in_o that_o great_a day_n and_o royal_a prince_n that_o do_v there_o display_v their_o dreadful_a colour_n in_o the_o aid_n of_o france_n and_o forward_o thence_o to_o crescy_n field_n advance_v within_o the_o van_n with_o charles_n of_o alencon_n the_o royal_a banner_n of_o bohemia_n shine_v with_o which_o do_v lodowick_n her_o old_a martial_a king_n his_o furious_a horse_n and_o well-tried_a lance_n bring_v his_o glitter_a plume_n that_o many_o a_o honour_a field_n have_v know_v and_o many_o a_o dreadful_a fight_n behold_v wave_v there_o unhappy_o ordain_v to_o be_v a_o last_a fame_n to_o edward_n victory_n along_o with_o he_o march_v charles_n his_o princely_a son_n for_o who_o the_o fate_n a_o fair_a thread_n have_v spin_a save_v to_o preserve_v the_o name_n and_o ancient_a stem_n and_o after_o wear_v '_o imperial_a diadem_n thither_o from_o far_a majorca_n monarch_n bring_v his_o light-armed_a soldier_n from_o who_o fatal_a sling_n as_o from_o strong_a bow_n death_n be_v carry_v nor_o of_o yore_o be_v cretan_a shaft_n or_o parthian_a fear_v more_o with_o fifteen_o thousand_o mortal_a crossbow_n there_o the_o stout_a grimaldi_n and_o antonio_n be_v two_o noble_a chief_n from_o stately_a genoa_n who_o galley_n have_v in_o many_o a_o naval_a fray_n against_o prond_n venice_n wrestle_v long_o to_o gain_v the_o rule_n of_o all_o the_o midland_n ocean_n stout_a john_n of_o heinault_n to_o king_n philip_n side_n his_o force_n bring_v although_o so_o near_o ally_v to_o england_n king_n as_o uncle_n to_o the_o queen_n and_o have_v by_o edward_n high_o honour_v be_v he_o now_o have_v change_v his_o faith_n and_o for_o the_o gold_n of_o france_n his_o mercenary_a valour_n sell_v there_o march_v those_o warlike_a fleming_n that_o attend_v their_o earl_n of_o flanders_n lewis_n a_o constant_a friend_n to_o france_n but_o no_o strong_a number_n can_v he_o get_v nor_o over_o his_o subject_n be_v his_o power_n so_o great_a they_o honour_v edward_n worth_n and_o to_o his_o side_n have_v be_v without_o their_o earl_n consent_n ally_v there_o charles_n of_o blois_n lead_v on_o his_o martial_a train_n in_o glitter_a armour_n bourbon_n and_o lorraine_n to_o who_o while_o all_o the_o army_n march_v away_o but_o new_o arrive_v there_o in_o rich_a array_n bring_v savoy_n duke_n a_o thousand_o man_n of_o arm_n who_o from_o the_o lofty_a alps_n the_o loud_v alarm_n of_o this_o great_a war_n have_v draw_v with_o dismal_a fate_n too_o soon_o alas_o arrive_v though_o seem_v late_a how_o many_o man_n do_v fortune_n bring_v from_o far_o their_o part_n to_o suffer_v in_o this_o tragic_a war_n how_o many_o land_n their_o several_a share_n of_o woe_n must_v contribute_v to_o philip_n overthrow_n perchance_o cause_n edward_n will_v his_o force_n advance_v no_o far_o than_o the_o continent_n of_o france_n she_o fear_v his_o fame_n will_v be_v no_o far_o know_v but_o circumscribe_v where_o the_o deed_n be_v do_v nor_o therefore_o suffer_v france_n to_o bleed_v alone_o the_o sad_a bohemian_a wife_n that_o live_v upon_o great_a albis_n bank_n and_o drink_v fair_a moldaes_n stream_n must_v make_v this_o battle_n their_o lament_a theme_n those_o that_o beyond_o the_o cloud_a alps_n do_v dwell_v and_o netherlander_n shall_v be_v force_v to_o tell_v great_a edward_n honour_n while_o their_o own_o dear_a wound_n they_o count_v receive_v on_o crescyes_n fatal_a ground_n while_o thus_o the_o french_a march_n on_o in_o rich_a array_n in_o crescy_n park_n encamp_v edward_n lay_v his_o firm_a battalion_n on_o well_o choose_v ground_n be_v close_v behind_o and_o barricado_v round_o with_o strong_a fence_n make_v by_o plash_v tree_n and_o place_v there_o the_o weighty'st_a carriage_n thither_o be_v all_o the_o leader_n horse_n bring_v to_o cut_v off_o hope_v of_o flight_n and_o leave_v no_o thought_n in_o english_a breast_n but_o death_n or_o victory_n their_o resolution_n that_o before_o be_v high_a by_o this_o strict_a mean_n be_v more_o ascertain_v there_o their_o mind_n be_v cheerful_a fresh_a their_o body_n be_v and_o fit_a to_o encounter_v their_o approach_a foe_n in_o three_o battalia_n do_v the_o king_n dispose_v his_o strength_n which_o all_o in_o ready_a order_n stand_v and_o to_o each_o other_o rescue_v near_o at_o hand_n the_o first_o in_o rank_n that_o early_o bloom_a flower_n of_o fame_n prince_n edward_n lead_v a_o warrior_n before_o a_o man_n no_o down_n have_v clothe_v his_o chin_n nor_o seventeen_o spring_n have_v this_o young_a soldier_n see_v within_o his_o battle_n famous_a leader_n be_v brave_a warwick_n stafford_n harcourt_z delaware_n there_o beauchampe_n bourchier_n clifford_n chandois_n wield_v their_o active_a arm_n who_o many_o a_o honour_a field_n have_v fame_v before_o the_o second_o squadron_n by_o northamptons_n earl_n be_v lead_v there_o willoughby_n there_o arundel_n lord_n rosse_n and_o basset_n stand_v man_n that_o can_v well_o obey_v and_o well_o command_v within_o the_o three_o king_n edward_n mean_v to_o fight_v the_o great_a french_a army_n now_o approach_v their_o sight_n and_o to_o each_o camp_n do_v threaten_v mars_n display_v what_o the_o succeed_a horror_n of_o the_o day_n be_v like_a to_o be_v the_o bloody_a stroke_n be_v nigh_o nor_o in_o the_o power_n of_o fortune_n do_v it_o lie_v their_o warlike_a fury_n long_o to_o restrain_v
for_o heaven_n do_v just_o war_n success_n guide_v do_v thou_o relate_v the_o fight_n the_o king_n have_v do_v when_o humble_o bow_v copland_n thus_o begin_v since_o you_o be_v plea_n d_o dread_a sovereign_n to_o command_v for_o who_o victorious_a brow_n the_o sacred_a hand_n of_o heaven_n be_v weave_v garland_n every_o where_o from_o i_o the_o mean_a of_o your_o servant_n hear_v this_o battle_n great_a success_n and_o what_o for_o you_o the_o same_o high_a hand_n have_v wrought_v in_o england_n now_o to_o durham_n wall_n while_o far_o his_o terror_n spread_v among_o the_o people_n have_v king_n david_n lead_v his_o royal_a army_n where_o those_o warlike_a peer_n of_o scotland_n march_v that_o have_v for_o many_o year_n late_o pass_v so_o well_o the_o english_a border_n know_v that_o there_o so_o many_o strange_a exploit_n have_v do_v and_o wealthy_a pillage_n gain_v when_o to_o withstand_v that_o threaten_a force_n and_o guard_v their_o native_a land_n with_o noble_a spirit_n the_o english_a lord_n prepare_v and_o draw_v their_o force_n to_o this_o sudden_a war_n lord_n percy_n nevil_n mowbray_n de_fw-fr eincourt_n there_o humfrevile_n mawley_n musgrave_n scroop_n appear_v and_o many_o more_o of_o worthy_a note_n to_o who_o the_o man_n at_o arm_n and_o nerve_a archer_n come_v nor_o in_o so_o great_a a_o danger_n be_v it_o think_v enough_o if_o only_o usual_a soldier_n fight_v to_o save_v their_o country_n universal_a harm_n the_o churchman_n fight_v the_o reverend_a prelate_n arm_n the_o two_o archbishop_n and_o grave_n durham_n there_o their_o crosier-stave_n '_o midst_n stream_a ensign_n bear_v no_o cause_n they_o think_v can_v make_v they_o to_o refuse_v so_o dear_a a_o war_n no_o calling_n can_v excuse_v over_o all_o the_o field_n do_v arm_v priest_n appear_v and_o shave_a monk_n unused_a helmet_n wear_v such_o be_v that_o law_n the_o ancient_a roman_n make_v when_o ever_o the_o furious_a gaul_n do_v they_o invade_v no_o priesthood_n from_o war_n service_n then_o excuse_v but_o that_o which_o into_o the_o english_a breast_n infuse_v the_o noble_a fire_n be_v that_o your_o virtuous_a queen_n great_a sir_n among_o we_o be_v in_o person_n see_v nor_o can_v the_o princely_a burden_n of_o her_o womb_n great_a as_o she_o be_v with_o child_n detain_v she_o from_o that_o gracious_a visit_n as_o along_o she_o ride_v on_o every_o rank_n and_o squadron_n she_o bestow_v word_n that_o inspire_v new_a life_n such_o seem_v she_o such_o do_v her_o look_n and_o cheerful_a majesty_n appear_v to_o each_o adore_a soldier_n as_o poet_n fancy_v in_o the_o trojan_a war_n majestic_a juno_n when_o in_o all_o her_o state_n she_o will_v descend_v from_o heaven_n to_o animate_v the_o warlike_a greek_n or_o pallas_n come_v to_o lead_v her_o wise_a ulysses_n or_o stout_a diomed._n at_o nevil_n crofle_n a_o place_n not_o fame_v at_o all_o till_o this_o great_a conflict_n and_o king_n david_n fall_n the_o eager_a army_n meet_v to_o try_v their_o cause_n our_o english_a lord_n in_o four_o battalia_n bring_v on_o their_o force_n but_o so_o furious_a grow_v in_o little_a time_n the_o fight_n so_o near_o the_o blow_n that_o soon_o no_o order_n we_o perceive_v at_o all_o for_o like_o one_o body_n close_o move_v they_o all_o and_o think_v the_o archer_n have_v at_o first_o begin_v the_o fight_n with_o wondrous_a happiness_n and_o do_v so_o much_o as_o cause_v the_o future_a victory_n yet_o now_o their_o arrow_n scarce_o have_v room_n to_o fly_v while_o sword_n and_o bill_n do_v all_o while_o hand_n to_o hand_n the_o army_n wrestle_v with_o each_o other_o stand_v small_a ground_n and_o that_o alternate_o they_o give_v as_o by_o a_o river_n side_n tall_a reed_n do_v wave_n or_o when_o a_o field_n of_o lofty_a stand_a corn_n two_o several_a way_n by_o different_a gale_n be_v bear_v that_o if_o a_o man_n have_v from_o some_o hill_n survey_v the_o fight_n and_o see_v what_o equal_a motion_n sway_v both_o army_n there_o he_o will_v have_v be_v so_o far_o from_o judge_v which_o shall_v conquer_v in_o that_o war_n as_o to_o have_v fear_v almost_o that_o all_o will_v die_v and_o leave_v no_o conquest_n but_o one_o tragedy_n no_o stratagem_n no_o foul_a default_n be_v show_v nor_o can_v your_o servant_n tell_v to_o what_o they_o owe_v unless_o to_o justice_n of_o their_o cause_n it_o be_v that_o day_n hard_a conquest_n which_o begin_v then_o appear_v when_o those_o chief_a flower_n of_o scotland_n noble_a blood_n strew_v dead_a those_o place_n where_o before_o they_o stand_v there_o murrey_n earl_n the_o noble_a randolph_n son_n to_o that_o renown_a randolph_n that_o have_v do_v his_o native_a land_n such_o wondrous_a service_n falls_z encircle_v not_o with_o vulgar_a funeral_n alone_o but_o man_n of_o scotland_n great_a power_n her_o marshal_n chamberlain_n and_o chancellor_n with_o many_o more_o of_o note_n and_o dignity_n the_o king_n himself_o who_o with_o resolve_n as_o high_a as_o any_o soldier_n have_v maintain_v the_o fight_n near_o still_o where_o great_a danger_n do_v invite_v his_o forward_a sword_n and_o may_v for_o valiancy_n deserve_v a_o conquest_n not_o captivity_n that_o through_o the_o thigh_n have_v with_o a_o lance_n be_v strike_v beside_o two_o shaft_n that_o in_o his_o body_n stick_v and_o lose_v much_o royal_a blood_n when_o he_o behold_v his_o army_n now_o discomfit_v in_o field_n not_o yet_o dismay_v fight_v on_o when_o it_o be_v my_o chance_n your_o grace_n mean_a soldier_n to_o advance_v the_o next_o to_o he_o i_o humble_o bid_v he_o there_o to_o yield_v himself_o king_n edward_n prisoner_n and_o gentle_o come_v to_o take_v his_o hand_n but_o he_o that_o seek_v for_o death_n before_o captivity_n and_o therefore_o strive_v our_o anger_n to_o provoke_v my_o face_n so_o fierce_o with_o his_o gauntlet_n strike_v that_o two_o tooth_n lose_v can_v witness_v yet_o the_o blow_n then_o with_o his_o sword_n though_o hurt_v and_o weary_v now_o he_o fly_v among_o we_o while_o disdain_n and_o ire_n into_o his_o weary_a nerve_n new_a strength_n inspire_v that_o scarce_o can_v we_o his_o most_o unwilling_a foe_n preserve_v that_o life_n which_o he_o desire_v to_o lose_v at_o last_o he_o fall_v by_o which_o our_o royal_a prey_n we_o seize_v and_o bear_v he_o by_o main_a strength_n away_o that_o fate_n the_o great_a noble_n of_o his_o land_n the_o earl_n of_o fife_n menteith_z and_o southerland_n with_o warlike_a douglas_n be_v enforce_v to_o take_v while_o all_o the_o rest_n that_o can_v escape_v the_o wrack_n of_o that_o sad_a day_n forsake_v the_o tragic_a fight_n and_o into_o scotland_n take_v disorder_v flight_n king_n edward_n please_v with_o this_o relation_n and_o what_o john_n coplond_n in_o that_o fight_n have_v do_v confer_v on_o he_o beside_o revenue_n great_a the_o martial_a honour_n of_o knight_n banneret_n and_o send_v he_o back_o for_o england_n with_o command_n to_o yield_v his_o prisoner_n to_o queen_n philip_n hand_n despair_n have_v enter_v the_o besiege_a town_n of_o calleis_n now_o pale_a famine_n which_o alone_o subdue_v the_o strong_a fort_n have_v take_v hold_n upon_o the_o wretched_a citizen_n and_o gold_n which_o reign_v in_o humane_a breast_n at_o other_o time_n esteem_v a_o price_n even_o for_o the_o great_a crime_n be_v prove_v no_o just_a rate_n at_o all_o to_o bear_v food_n only_o be_v of_o price_n and_o value_v there_o all_o former_a hope_n of_o their_o relief_n be_v cross_v in_o vain_a have_v philip_n with_o a_o numerous_a host_n from_o amiens_n march_v edward_n siege_n to_o raise_v and_o challenge_v he_o in_o vain_a for_o all_o the_o way_n of_o their_o approach_v both_o by_o sea_n and_o land_n be_v by_o the_o english_a keep_v each_o passage_n man_v and_o now_o though_o late_o the_o governor_n be_v bend_v to_o yield_v to_o term_n and_o to_o king_n edward_n send_v who_o scorn_v to_o accept_v of_o any_o term_n but_o these_o that_o six_o the_o wealthy_a of_o their_o burgess_n with_o halter_n on_o their_o neck_n resolve_v to_o die_v shall_v to_o his_o pleasure_n yield_v they_o present_o and_o that_o their_o death_n his_o wrath_n shall_v expiate_v that_o all_o condition_n else_o shall_v come_v too_o late_o and_o he_o no_o mercy_n on_o the_o town_n will_v take_v these_o sad_a condition_n be_v return_v back_o and_o through_o all_o heart_n have_v strike_v a_o chill_a fear_n in_o every_o visage_n do_v pale_a death_n appear_v for_o though_o destruction_n challenge_v but_o a_o few_o it_o threaten_v every_o head_n until_o they_o know_v what_o head_n will_v suffer_v they_o despair_v to_o find_v among_o the_o noble_a rank_n so_o brave_a a_o mind_n that_o will_v on_o that_o condition_n choose_v to_o die_v as_o once_o for_o rome_n devote_a decci_n in_o this_o amaze_n the_o weep_a people_n throng_n into_o the_o public_a marketplace_n among_o their_o cry_n confuse_v and_o different_a
get_v safe_a to_o their_o journey_n end_n through_o all_o poictou_n and_o through_o the_o county_n of_o xantoigne_n they_o go_v the_o french_a admire_v but_o resist_v not_o till_o to_o the_o river_n side_n at_o blays_n they_o get_v which_o with_o their_o wealth_n and_o prisoner_n all_o they_o pass_v and_o at_o fair_a bordeaux_n safe_a arrive_v at_o last_o sad_a fame_n before_o have_v into_o england_n bring_v the_o prince_n his_o danger_n what_o amaze_v think_v can_v hope_v alas_o for_o conquest_n there_o or_o who_o dare_v think_v that_o valour_n disadvantage_v so_o can_v work_v itself_o a_o passage_n fear_v possess_v all_o english_a heart_n and_o great_a king_n edward_n breast_n revenge_n have_v enter_v in_o as_o horrid_a height_n as_o france_n can_v fear_v or_o that_o great_a cause_n invite_v how_o many_o city_n have_v he_o doom_v to_o sack_n and_o man_n to_o death_n but_o fame_n can_v not_o be_v slack_a fate_n will_v not_o suffer_v england_n long_o to_o err_v nor_o such_o a_o day_n triumphant_a joy_n defer_v but_o on_o a_o sudden_a as_o the_o golden_a sun_n when_o dark_a thunder-cloud_n be_v new_o go_v shoot_v forth_o again_o in_o all_o his_o glorious_a light_n that_o man_n amaze_v scarce_o dare_v trust_v their_o sight_n they_o hear_v of_o poitiers_n battle_n of_o the_o high_a and_o strange_a success_n but_o incredulity_n a_o while_n the_o freedom_n of_o that_o joy_n control_v for_o fear_v of_o too_o much_o surfeit_v their_o soul_n with_o such_o a_o change_n so_o slow_o they_o receive_v the_o unlooked_a for_o news_n and_o by_o degree_n believe_v that_o even_o their_o eye_n be_v satisfy_v as_o soon_o as_o be_v their_o ear_n almost_o nor_o have_v the_o moon_n thrice_o fill_v her_o orb_n before_o to_o second_o fame_n with_o that_o great_a king_n victorious_a edward_n come_v oh_o how_o to_o plymouth_n where_o the_o paince_n arrive_v from_o every_o part_n the_o people_n flock_v and_o strive_v betimes_o to_o kiss_v that_o martial_a hand_n and_o see_v so_o great_a a_o prize_n of_o one_o day_n vi●●ory_n now_o safe_a at_o home_n as_o much_o be_v all_o the_o way_n from_o thence_o to_o london_n as_o their_o progress_n lay_v with_o show_n adorn_v and_o throng_a people_n fill_v where_o equal_a to_o his_o prowess_n they_o behold_v the_o prince_n his_o goodness_n how_o he_o humble_o ride_v below_o the_o king_n no_o pride_n his_o gesture_n show_v but_o such_o respect_n as_o if_o he_o do_v not_o bring_v in_o triumph_n thither_o but_o attend_v a_o king_n where_o noble_a edward_n shall_v we_o find_v for_o thou_o a_o parallel_n in_o true_a humanity_n what_o ancient_a prince_n or_o modern_a ever_o show_v so_o sweet_a a_o temper_n join_v with_o fortitude_n what_o conqueror_n do_v ever_o use_v success_n more_o modest_o or_o stain_v his_o fortune_n less_o imperial_a rome_n in_o her_o most_o virtuous_a age_n when_o wise_a writer_n dare_v by_o strong_a presage_n affirm_v the_o world_n sole_a empire_n due_a to_o be_v not_o to_o her_o strength_n but_o her_o morality_n know_v no_o such_o virtue_n to_o great_a prince_n fall_v how_o far_o unlike_o it_o her_o proud_a general_n in_o that_o inhuman_a pomp_n of_o triumph_n deal_v jugurtha_n syphax_n and_o great_a perseus_n feel_v and_o yet_o what_o roman_a army_n ever_o can_v boast_v a_o noble_a conquest_n than_o thy_o english_a host_n at_o poitiers_n battle_n win_v without_o rome_n vice_n her_o great_a virtue_n thou_o do_v equalise_v in_o that_o great_a act_n and_o shewedst_v as_o then_o be_v try_v the_o roman_a prowess_n not_o the_o roman_a pride_n with_o joy_n as_o great_a but_o more_o magnificence_n do_v london_n welcome_a her_o triumphant_a prince_n where_o great_a king_n edward_n with_o all_o courtesy_n receive_v king_n john_n of_o france_n as_o if_o that_o he_o do_v emulate_v the_o virtue_n of_o his_o son_n or_o rather_o will_v approve_v what_o he_o have_v do_v and_o by_o that_o noble_a moderation_n show_v himself_o the_o stock_n from_o whence_o prince_n edward_n grow_v within_o his_o sumptuous_a hall_n at_o westminster_n he_o entertain_v and_o feast_v they_o all_o and_o there_o the_o pensive_a king_n with_o gentle_a speech_n cheer_v to_o all_o the_o other_o princely_a prisoner_n the_o like_a respect_n the_o lord_n of_o england_n give_v and_o at_o the_o board_n in_o full-crowned_a goblet_n strive_v to_o banish_v from_o their_o breast_n all_o thought_n of_o care_n over_o which_o old_a hero_n fortune_n and_o the_o rare_a event_n of_o ancient_a battle_n they_o relate_v so_o over_o the_o wine_n in_o massy_a phthian_a plate_n talk_v great_a achilles_n in_o his_o tent_n at_o night_n when_o he_o the_o grecian_a prince_n do_v invite_v but_o he_o who_o noble_a action_n be_v become_v the_o argument_n of_o every_o tongue_n on_o who_o the_o greedy_a eye_n of_o all_o be_v fix_v there_o prince_z edward_z seem_v himself_o of_o heavy_a cheer_n a_o great_a captive_n in_o his_o own_o sad_a thought_n than_o those_o that_o he_o from_o poitiers_n battle_n bring_v nor_o can_v great_a mars_n with_o all_o his_o honour_n heal_v the_o wound_n that_o love_n have_v make_v deep_a sigh_n will_v steal_v sometime_o from_o he_o although_o with_o care_n repress_v and_o speak_v the_o inward_a passion_n of_o his_o breast_n among_o the_o sparkle_a beauty_n that_o resort_n more_o to_o enlighten_v this_o triumphant_a court_n his_o love-ficke_a eye_n do_v often_o wander_v round_a to_o find_v although_o he_o fear_v to_o find_v his_o wound_n kent_n beauteous_a countess_n but_o no_o where_o at_o all_o do_v she_o appear_v nor_o be_v the_o festival_n grace_v with_o her_o presence_n soon_o have_v she_o be_v spy_v if_o there_o nor_o can_v so_o bright_a a_o star_n be_v hide_v but_o miss_v she_o his_o other_o passion_n rise_v a_o thousand_o doubt_n and_o jealous_a fear_n surprise_v his_o love_a breast_n at_o once_o alas_o what_o crime_n of_o fate_n shall_v he_o suspect_v at_o such_o a_o time_n of_o courtly_a state_n and_o high_a magnificence_n what_o cruel_a cause_n shall_v keep_v the_o lady_n thence_o fain_o will_v he_o know_v yet_o blush_v to_o inquire_v and_o though_o he_o burn_v still_o strive_v to_o hide_v the_o fire_n as_o many_o man_n who_o sudden_a ruine_n nigh_o have_v be_v in_o height_n of_o all_o their_o jollity_n and_o some_o have_v be_v observe_v in_o pensive_a mood_n just_o then_o when_o fate_n contrive_v their_o great_a good_a even_o so_o it_o fare_v with_o princely_a edward_n here_o who_o fear_v the_o worst_a and_o can_v think_v how_o near_o the_o accomplishment_n of_o his_o desire_n shall_v be_v till_o to_o remove_v the_o sad_a uncertainty_n some_o lord_n discourse_v do_v by_o chance_n relate_v how_o noble_a holland_n be_v decease_v of_o late_a a_o sudden_a change_n in_o edward_n look_n appear_v again_o the_o passion_n alter_v doubt_n or_o fear_n since_o now_o to_o every_o eye_n the_o cause_n be_v plain_a that_o do_v the_o countess_n from_o this_o feast_n detain_v no_o long_o hold_v possession_n in_o his_o breast_n love_v free_o enter_v to_o displace_v the_o rest_n the_o prince_n resolve_v his_o please_a fuit_fw-la to_o move_v and_o spite_n of_o all_o opposer_n gain_v his_o love_n in_o savoy_n palace_n when_o the_o feast_n be_v end_v king_n john_n of_o france_n be_v lodge_v and_o thence_o attend_v in_o fit_a state_n to_o windsor_n castle_n there_o to_o enjoy_v what_o sport_n the_o season_n of_o tho_o year_n will_v yield_v what_o game_n the_o country_n can_v present_v to_o give_v a_o king_n perplex_a thought_n content_a and_o david_n king_n of_o scotland_n that_o ten_o year_n have_v be_v detay_v in_o england_n prisoner_n be_v ransom_v home_o since_o england_n seem_v to_o be_v secure_v from_o france_n by_o john_n captivity_n unhappy_a france_n while_o england_n nothing_o know_v but_o joy_n and_o triumph_n now_o overwhelm_v with_o woe_n sit_v like_o a_o mourn_a widow_n wail_v her_o fate_n and_o she_o that_o be_v the_o pride_n of_o europe_n late_o be_v fall_v from_o all_o her_o glory_n and_o become_v the_o pity_n of_o astonish_a christendom_n her_o bosom_n fill_v with_o sad_a confusion_n and_o rebel_v member_n while_o the_o head_n be_v go_v do_v from_o their_o safe_a and_o wholesome_a order_n fall_v the_o royal_a city_n paris_n most_o of_o all_o be_v out_o of_o joint_n that_o shall_v the_o rest_n redeem_v sick_a even_o to_o death_n do_v this_o great_a kingdom_n seem_v nor_o can_v the_o cure_n be_v sudden_a for_o the_o sun_n five_o time_n through_o his_o celestial_a sign_n must_v run_v before_o king_n john_n of_o france_n be_v ransom_v home_o yet_o healthy_a far_a for_o france_n in_o time_n to_o come_v shall_v this_o confusion_n and_o long_a sickness_n prove_v by_o such_o unlooked-for_a way_n the_o power_n above_o do_v work_n in_o their_o dispose_n providence_n wise_a charles_n the_o dauphine_n by_o experience_n of_o those_o disorder_a and_o rough_a time_n shall_v gain_v so_o true_a a_o
thousand_o die_v strew_v the_o purple_a plain_n the_o wretched_a soldier_n feel_v but_o can_v see_v the_o wondrous_a cause_n of_o this_o great_a tragedy_n some_o with_a amaze_n and_o fear_n be_v almost_o kill_v some_o only_o overthrow_v but_o all_o heart_n fill_v withsad_a destruction_n think_v the_o day_n of_o doom_n and_o dissolution_n of_o the_o world_n be_v come_v or_o else_o surprise_v with_o more_o particular_a fear_n they_o deem_v alas_o some_o wing_a messenger_n of_o god_n above_o against_o their_o camp_n be_v send_v to_o inflict_v on_o they_o immediate_a punishment_n as_o once_o a_o angel_n send_v from_o god_n do_v smite_v the_o host_n of_o proud_a senacherib_n by_o night_n great_a edward_n sad_o tremble_v every_o where_o enforce_v his_o die_a soldier_n groan_n to_o hear_v but_o when_o the_o horror_n of_o the_o storm_n be_v go_v the_o darkness_n vanish_v and_o bright_a daylight_n shine_v on_o they_o again_o and_o have_v discover_v all_o his_o heart_n relent_v and_o in_o the_o pity_v fall_v of_o his_o poor_a man_n he_o think_v he_o true_o see_v god_n wrath_n for_o all_o those_o christian_a tragedy_n which_o his_o victorious_a sword_n in_o france_n have_v wrought_v and_o all_o the_o woe_n he_o have_v on_o scotland_n bring_v never_o fore_o do_v edward_n pensive_a breast_n true_o revolve_v how_o tragic_a be_v the_o best_a success_n that_o war_n '_o against_o christian_a land_n afford_v what_o impious_a wound_n his_o sad_o conquer_a sword_n have_v make_v in_o europe_n all_o the_o battle_n be_v win_v since_o first_o that_o fatal_a title_n he_o begin_v to_o set_v on_o foot_n be_v run_v in_o his_o thought_n now_o crescy_n poitiers_n halidowne_o be_v bring_v into_o his_o fad_a remembrance_n and_o almost_o he_o wish_v all_o his_o triumph_n have_v be_v lose_v rather_o than_o with_o such_o horrid_a slaughter_n win_v for_o which_o in_o penitent_a devotion_n his_o knee_n in_o chartres_n temple_n edward_n bow_n forgiveness_n beg_v for_o what_o be_v past_a and_o vow_n thenceforth_o the_o fury_n of_o his_o sword_n shall_v cease_v and_o he_o with_o wretched_a france_n conclude_v a_o peace_n on_o easy_a term_n than_o erst_o he_o stand_v upon_o home_n to_o his_o land_n restore_v ransom_v john_n few_o month_n have_v pass_v before_o this_o good_a intent_n of_o pious_a edward_n find_v accomplishment_n at_o brettigny_n so_o well_o on_o either_o side_n the_o agent_n deal_v that_o peace_n be_v ratify_v on_o steady_a article_n and_o john_n who_o here_o five_o paint_a spring_n have_v see_v a_o prisoner_n be_v to_o his_o native_a land_n return_v back_o with_o kind_a embrace_n the_o two_o monarch_n take_v their_o leave_n at_o calleis_n with_o a_o royal_a heart_n so_o full_a of_o love_n do_v john_n from_o edward_n part_n so_o well_o his_o usage_n please_v he_o that_o he_o intend_v again_o in_o noble_a courtesy_n to_o visit_v england_n and_o for_o favour_n do_v to_o thank_v great_a edward_n and_o his_o princely_a son_n the_o bloody_a storm_n of_o war_n away_o be_v blow_v and_o white-winged_a peace_n from_o heaven_n descend_v down_o to_o cheer_v fair_a france_n her_o late_a afflict_a state_n whilst_o england_n quiet_a court_n do_v celebrate_v at_o once_o two_o princely_a nuptial_n with_o as_o high_a a_o state_n as_o may_v befit_v their_o dignity_n the_o paphian_a queen_n in_o all_o her_o smile_n appear_v his_o purple_a robe_n the_o please_a hymen_n wear_v when_o brave_a prince_n edward_n now_o all_o let_v remove_v wed_v that_o fair_a countess_n he_o so_o long_o have_v love_v and_o john_n of_o gaunt_n enjoy_v the_o wealthy_a heir_n of_o noble_a henry_n duke_n of_o lancaster_n the_o state_n at_o home_o well_o settle_v to_o employ_v prince_n edward_n worth_n and_o raise_v his_o dignity_n he_o with_o his_o princess_n and_o a_o noble_a train_n be_v send_v away_o to_o govern_v aquitaine_n annotation_n upon_o the_o six_o book_n a_o concern_v the_o lowly_a demeanour_n of_o edward_n the_o black_a prince_n towards_o king_n john_n of_o france_n after_o he_o have_v take_v he_o prisoner_n in_o the_o battle_n of_o poitiers_n and_o the_o courteous_a reception_n which_o king_n edward_n give_v he_o here_o in_o england_n there_o be_v no_o author_n either_o then_o or_o since_o but_o do_v free_o acknowledge_v insomuch_o as_o many_o year_n after_o guicciardine_n a_o italian_a writer_n and_o therefore_o indifferent_a to_o both_o nation_n speak_v of_o the_o war_n of_o christendom_n in_o his_o time_n when_o francis_n the_o first_o king_n of_o france_n have_v be_v take_v prisoner_n at_o the_o battle_n of_o pavia_n by_o the_o soldier_n of_o charles_n the_o five_o emperor_n and_o king_n of_o spain_n and_o have_v long_o be_v keep_v in_o hard_a durance_n in_o the_o castle_n of_o madrid_n bring_v in_o king_n francis_n complain_v of_o his_o unworthy_a usage_n where_o compare_v the_o misfortune_n of_o king_n john_n with_o his_o own_o and_o the_o wonderful_a difference_n of_o both_o their_o entertainment_n he_o much_o extol_v the_o courtesy_n of_o the_o english_a nation_n and_o condemn_v the_o spaniard_n insolence_n and_o so_o much_o do_v that_o courtesy_n work_v upon_o the_o noble_a disposition_n of_o king_n john_n that_o as_o many_o of_o that_o time_n think_v it_o occasion_v his_o voluntary_a come_n into_o england_n to_o visit_v king_n edward_n not_o many_o year_n after_o his_o releasement_n though_o other_o occasion_n there_o may_v be_v of_o that_o journey_n as_o the_o sell_n of_o his_o affair_n before_o his_o intend_a voyage_n to_o the_o holy_a war_n and_o yet_o those_o perchance_o may_v well_o have_v be_v perform_v by_o ambassador_n but_o howsoever_o it_o be_v in_o the_o year_n 1364_o and_o of_o king_n edward_n reign_n the_o 38_o this_o king_n john_n come_v into_o england_n and_o beside_o he_o two_o other_o king_n the_o king_n of_o scotland_n and_o of_o cyprus_n where_o the_o magnificence_n of_o the_o english_a court_n be_v well_o express_v in_o feast_v sumptuous_o three_o king_n at_o once_o the_o king_n of_o scotland_n and_o the_o king_n of_o cyprus_n after_o they_o have_v dispatch_v their_o business_n return_v home_o to_o their_o own_o kingdom_n but_o king_n john_n of_o france_n fall_v sick_a and_o die_v at_o london_n the_o year_n follow_v his_o death_n be_v much_o lament_v by_o king_n edward_n who_o solemn_o attend_v his_o corpse_n to_o dover_n from_o whence_o it_o be_v convey_v to_o saint_n denys_n and_o entomb_v with_o his_o ancestor_n b_o this_o miraculous_a storm_n of_o hail_n stone_n which_o near_o to_o chartres_n fall_v upon_o king_n edward_n army_n be_v esteem_v by_o many_o of_o those_o time_n a_o immediate_a messenger_n of_o god_n wrath_n for_o all_o the_o christian_a blood_n which_o king_n edward_n for_o many_o year_n have_v shed_v both_o in_o france_n and_o scotland_n so_o great_a be_v the_o hail_n and_o so_o violent_a the_o fall_n of_o it_o that_o it_o fell_v horse_n to_o the_o ground_n and_o slay_v above_o two_o thousand_o of_o the_o english_a soldier_n king_n edward_n himself_o be_v much_o astonish_v and_o think_v it_o no_o less_o than_o a_o immediate_a judgement_n of_o god_n upon_o which_o in_o penitence_n he_o perform_v many_o devotion_n and_o on_o reasonable_a term_n conclude_v a_o peace_n with_o france_n so_o that_o king_n john_n be_v ransom_v and_o return_v home_o to_o his_o own_o kingdom_n after_o he_o have_v remain_v a_o prisoner_n five_o year_n in_o england_n the_o reign_n of_o king_n edward_z the_o third_z the_o seven_o book_n argument_n vii_o prince_n edward_n march_v into_o spain_n to_o fight_v '_o against_o henry_n in_o depose_a pedro_n right_n at_o naveret_n he_o beat_v the_o strength_n of_o spain_n and_o set_v don_n pedro_n in_o his_o throne_n again_o prince_n edward_n honour_n be_v not_o mount_v yet_o up_o to_o her_o zenith_n fate_n be_v in_o his_o debt_n another_o garland_n and_o from_o aquitaine_n she_o call_v he_o forth_o again_o that_o conquer_a spain_n may_v feel_v his_o noble_a prowess_n and_o advance_v his_o fame_n as_o high_a as_o erst_o triumph_v france_n the_o tyrant_n pedro_n of_o castille_n be_v by_o his_o land_n depose_v for_o brutish_a cruelty_n who_o crown_n his_o bastard-brother_n henry_n gain_v at_o bordeaux_n then_o the_o prince_n of_o wales_n remain_v who_o fame_n be_v spread_v through_o every_o land_n and_o he_o esteem_v the_o noble_a flower_n of_o chivalry_n that_o europe_n boast_v to_o his_o martial_a court_n depose_v pedro_n humble_o do_v resort_v and_o weep_v crave_v prince_n edward_n aid_n to_o gain_v his_o right_n that_o pedro_n may_v his_o suit_n obtain_v beside_o that_o blood_n alliance_n that_o he_o bring_v the_o bad_a example_n of_o depose_v king_n persuade_v the_o prince_n and_o to_o that_o brave_a intent_n his_o father_n great_a king_n edward_n gives_z consent_n at_o hand_n great_a troop_n of_o expert_a soldier_n be_v cashier_v of_o late_a from_o service_n of_o the_o war_n who_o now_o employment_n want_n since_o
maiden_n prey_n a_o royal_a army_n will_v vouchsafe_v to_o take_v nor_o be_v king_n philip_n in_o her_o rescue_n slack_a but_o for_o the_o late_a dishonourable_a blow_n fill_v with_o revenge_n and_o fury_n thither_o now_o be_v march_v with_o a_o numerous_a host_n and_o bring_v beside_o his_o frenchman_n the_o two_o warlike_a king_n navarre_n and_o boheme_n nor_o will_v edward_n rise_v from_o tourney_n siege_n although_o too_o small_a a_o prize_n one_o city_n conquest_n now_o appear_v to_o be_v for_o edward_n sword_n but_o fortune_n let_v he_o see_v that_o she_o to_o crown_v his_o glorious_a hope_n so_o nigh_o have_v bring_v a_o war_n of_o great_a dignity_n and_o now_o the_o two_o incense_a king_n be_v meet_v and_o their_o great_a cause_n on_o one_o day_n trial_n set_v as_o all_o believe_v all_o expectation_n near_o be_v draw_v nor_o have_v they_o time_n to_o hope_n or_o fear_n the_o army_n both_o stand_v range_v in_o fair_a array_n and_o fierce_a bellona_n proud_a of_o such_o a_o day_n as_o if_o it_o lay_v not_o in_o the_o power_n of_o chance_n that_o storm_n to_o scatter_v shake_v her_o dreadful_a lance_n for_o like_o two_o high-swoll'n_a sea_n on_o either_o side_n who_o meeting_n rage_n no_o isthmos_n do_v divide_v but_o wind_n that_o from_o contrary_a quarter_n blow_v together_o drive_v the_o two_o battalia_fw-la show_n but_o that_o eternal_a god_n who_o from_o on_o high_a survey_v all_o host_n dispose_v victory_n call_v thence_o the_o lord_n of_o host_n and_o set_v the_o time_n of_o war_n or_o peace_n as_o sinful_a nation_n crime_n provoke_v his_o justice_n do_v not_o think_v it_o good_a that_o cloud_n shall_v yet_o dissolve_v in_o shower_n of_o blood_n but_o please_v to_o respite_n for_o a_o time_n the_o woe_n of_o wretched_a france_n and_o for_o his_o purpose_n choose_v a_o instrument_n who_o weakness_n may_v make_v know_v the_o power_n that_o reconcile_v they_o be_v his_o own_o a_o veil_a nun_n alone_o can_v interpose_v and_o stay_v the_o fury_n of_o these_o arm_a foe_n jane_n de_fw-fr valois_n a_o princely_a lady_n near_o to_o one_o in_o blood_n as_o by_o alliance_n dear_a to_o tother_o mother_n to_o great_a edward_n queen_n and_o philip_n sister_n who_o of_o late_o have_v be_v since_o heinault_n death_n at_o fontenelles_n vow_v a_o holy_a nun_n she_o waken_v with_o the_o loud_a alarm_n of_o this_o so_o great_a so_o fear_v a_o blow_n her_o quiet_a cloister_n have_v forsake_v now_o amid_o their_o arm_a troop_n her_o way_n she_o take_v and_o through_o the_o rude_a breast_n a_o reverence_n strike_v well_o do_v the_o fame_n of_o her_o chaste_a life_n before_o become_v the_o sacred_a habit_n that_o she_o wear_v pure_a innocence_n her_o snow-white_a veil_n profess_v her_o black_a a_o sorrow_n silent_o express_v grave_a be_v her_o comely_a face_n devotion_n on_o beauty_n ruin_n with_o more_o beauty_n shine_v in_o all_o her_o gesture_n dwell_v humility_n but_o temper_v with_o command_a majesty_n as_o thus_o she_o pass_v to_o persuade_v the_o king_n fair_a peace_n descend_v and_o with_o her_o silver_n wing_n cut_v the_o air_n above_o the_o princess_n still_o hang_v gentle_o hover_v who_o calm_a breath_n do_v fill_v the_o change_a camp_n the_o soldier_n begin_v to_o feel_v a_o mildness_n seize_v their_o breast_n all_o thought_n of_o steel_n of_o blood_n and_o slaughter_n seem_v to_o withdraw_v this_o gentle_a nymph_n when_o fierce_a bellona_n see_v as_o she_o from_o heaven_n descend_v down_o and_o know_v her_o hope_n be_v now_o put_v off_o away_o she_o fly_v and_o leave_v the_o field_n but_o with_o a_o angry_a look_n turn_v back_o and_o proud_o her_o plume_a helmet_n shake_v go_v sluggish_a nymph_n quoth_v she_o enjoy_v thy_o day_n fate_n may_v defer_v but_o can_v wipe_v away_o this_o kingdom_n wound_n but_o it_o be_v not_o their_o decree_n the_o field_n of_o tourney_n shall_v renown_v be_v to_o future_a time_n for_o such_o a_o glorious_a day_n in_o crescy_n field_n brave_a edward_n shall_v display_v his_o conquer_a colour_n there_o the_o french_a shall_v fall_v and_o that_o poor_a village_n now_o scarce_o name_v at_o all_o shall_v for_o the_o death_n of_o many_o thousand_o be_v a_o place_n of_o fame_n to_o all_o posterity_n there_o i_o shall_v reign_v till_o then_o dull_a field_n adieu_o and_o like_o a_o dragon_n through_o the_o air_n she_o fly_v and_o now_o so_o well_o the_o princess_n do_v persuade_v both_o king_n so_o powerful_a he_o that_o send_v she_o make_v her_o pious_a eloquence_n that_o all_o their_o hate_n seem_v banish_v philip_n of_o valois_n forget_v his_o thirst_n of_o vengeance_n for_o the_o fatal_a blow_n france_n take_v in_o that_o great_a naval_a overthrow_n edward_n relent_v too_o content_a to_o cease_v his_o royal_a claim_n a_o while_n a_o sudden_a peace_n be_v for_o three_o year_n conclude_v to_o remain_v the_o dreadful_a colour_n fold_v up_o again_o the_o threaten_a sword_n be_v sheathe_v not_o stain_v yet_o in_o blood_n at_o all_o and_o all_o those_o prince_n meet_v to_o make_v the_o trial_n of_o so_o great_a a_o day_n depart_v again_o king_n edward_n take_v his_o way_n by_o flanders_n home_n and_o with_o his_o dear_a queen_n that_o royal_a pledge_n that_o for_o two_o year_n have_v be_v leave_v there_o by_o he_o the_o honour_n of_o their_o clime_n and_o there_o have_v bring_v within_o that_o happy_a time_n his_o royal_a family_n a_o fair_a increase_n two_o princely_a son_n to_o england_n cross_v the_o sea_n but_o soon_o war_n flame_n that_o have_v a_o while_n in_o vain_a be_v by_o the_o truce_n depress_v break_v out_o again_o and_o high_o blaze_v but_o by_o degree_n it_o come_v nor_o do_v the_o royal_a quarrel_n and_o great_a claim_n that_o edward_n lay_v to_o france_n begin_v the_o jar_n but_o to_o draw_v on_o this_o great_a and_o fatal_a war_n collateral_a cause_n be_v find_v out_o by_o fate_n and_o first_o in_o aid_n of_o their_o confoederates_n about_o the_o question_a right_n of_o britain_n land_n th'engage_v prince_n by_o their_o servant_n hand_n and_o mean_a strength_n begin_v to_o blow_v the_o flame_n to_o england_n montford_n widow_a duchess_n come_v and_o here_o from_o edward_n noble_a succour_n gain_v against_o charles_n of_o bloys_n who_o philip_n power_n sustain_v the_o earl_n of_o suffolk_n pembroke_n salisbury_n and_o stafford_n flower_n of_o english_a chevalry_n bourchier_n and_o spencer_n lord_n and_o many_o more_o of_o honour_a name_n with_o she_o to_o britain_n go_v with_o they_o go_v robert_n of_o artois_n who_o first_o in_o edward_n kindle_v that_o ambitious_a thirst_n and_o fire_v his_o active_a spirit_n to_o advance_v his_o own_o high_a honour_n by_o the_o woe_n of_o france_n at_o vannes_n siege_n so_o fate_n ordain_v he_o take_v his_o mortal_a wound_n but_o ere_o the_o soul_n forsake_v her_o earthly_a relic_n thence_o to_o england_n ground_n transport_v back_o a_o quiet_a grave_n he_o find_v her_o soldier_n england_n willing_o entomb_v his_o native_a france_n that_o by_o his_o mean_n be_v doom_v so_o many_o follow_a mischief_n to_o endure_v bestow_v his_o death_n but_o not_o his_o sepulture_n vannes_n and_o other_o little_a town_n be_v win_v and_o lose_v but_o no_o important_a action_n this_o war_n produce_v where_o the_o threat_n be_v high_a save_o that_o the_o two_o great_a foe_n be_v draw_v so_o nigh_o though_o timely_a truce_n do_v again_o prevent_v the_o fatal_a blow_n great_a edward_n not_o content_a to_o send_v in_o montford_n aid_n those_o force_n over_o arrive_v himself_o upon_o the_o britain_n shore_n to_o who_o prince_n john_n the_o duke_n of_o normandy_n with_o forty_o thousand_o man_n approach_v nigh_o in_o bloys_n his_o right_n the_o army_n both_o prepare_v to_o give_v the_o blow_n never_o be_v the_o stroke_n of_o war_n and_o britain_n vannes_n have_v almost_o behold_v what_o be_v decree_v to_o crescyes_n fatal_a field_n the_o royal_a power_n of_o england_n and_o of_o france_n in_o britain_n cause_n to_o try_v their_o puissance_n before_o their_o own_o great_a quarrel_n they_o maintain_v but_o britain_n duchy_n must_v not_o hope_v to_o gain_v so_o great_a a_o honour_n here_o clear_a grow_v the_o day_n without_o a_o shower_n this_o cloud_n be_v blow_v away_o the_o war_n be_v do_v two_o cardinal_n atone_v as_o erst_o a_o lady_n gentle_a breath_n have_v do_v the_o royal_a army_n and_o so_o well_o persuade_v truce_n be_v again_o betwixt_o france_n and_o england_n make_v stern_a mars_n a_o while_n from_o deed_n of_o blood_n restrain_v strive_v still_o to_o whet_v his_o rage_n and_o entertain_v that_o breathe_a space_n in_o pastime_n to_o prepare_v his_o cruel_a force_n for_o the_o ensue_a war_n for_o like_o a_o camp_n show_v edward_n martial_a court_n to_o which_o the_o knight_n of_o great_a fame_n resort_n from_o every_o land_n their_o prowess_n there_o to_o try_v and_o gain_v renown_n by_o active_a chivalry_n
to_o now_o do_v the_o day_n grow_v black_a than_o before_o the_o sword_n that_o glisteren_n late_o in_o purple_a gore_n now_o all_o distain_v their_o former_a brightness_n lose_v while_o high_a the_o tragic_a heap_n of_o slaughter_n rose_n sword_n meet_v sword_n and_o break_v lance_n sound_v clatter_v of_o arm_a breast_n that_o fall_v to_o ground_n and_o die_a soldier_n groan_n be_v only_o hear_v horror_n in_o all_o her_o sad_a shape_n appear_v but_o long_o the_o fury_n of_o a_o storm_n so_o strong_a can_v not_o endure_v nor_o fortune_n waver_v long_o in_o such_o a_o trial_n but_o at_o last_o must_v show_v which_o way_n her_o favour_n be_v decree_v to_o go_v the_o english_a sword_n with_o slaughter_n reek_v all_o at_o last_o have_v carve_v in_o the_o frenchman_n fall_n their_o way_n to_o victory_n who_o now_o apace_o be_v beat_v down_o and_o strew_v the_o purple_a place_n where_o like_o their_o own_o pale-fading_a lily_n lie_v the_o flower_n of_o all_o the_o french_a nobility_n what_o muse_n can_v in_o this_o field_n of_o death_n declare_v each_o private_a wound_n each_o fate_n particular_a or_o pay_v the_o several_a obsequy_n to_o all_o '_o among_o common_a soldier_n slaughter_a prince_n fall_v betwixt_o who_o death_n take_v away_o the_o distance_n now_o while_o in_o one_o stream_n their_o blood_n commix_v flow_v there_o alencon_n strive_v to_o cure_v in_o vain_a the_o wound_n of_o france_n be_v beat_v down_o and_o slay_v there_o die_v maj