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A41979 Memento's to the vvorld, or, An historical collection of divers wonderful comets and prodigious signs in heaven, that have been seen, some long before the birth of Christ, and many since that time in divers countries, with their wonderful and dreadful effects together, with ample discourses, and profitable observations, upon that admirable star which appeared at the birth of Christ, to the eastern magi : as also upon that comet which appeared in the constellation of Cassiopea, after the horrid massacre of the French-Protestants, Anno 1572, and several other comets, with their effects to this present time / by W.G., minister of the gospel ; likewise, Stella nova, or, The new star, or, An account of the natural signification of the comet, or blazing-star, that hath so long been visible in England, and other countreys, and is yet hanging over our heads, by William Knight ... Greene, William.; Knight, William, fl. 1680-1699. Stella nova. 1681 (1681) Wing G1813; ESTC R13426 22,692 36

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year of his Reign there was a great Eclipse of the Sun and the Moon seemee to be turned into Blood and there was a great Earthquake and a burning Torch like a Bow fell from Heaven with great noise there suddenly followed a great Famine and a little after a great Pestilence raged almost all the World over but chiefly in Italy so that the dead were accounted more than the living And in Lorrain there was a Fountain turned into Blood Henry the Third came to the Empire Anno 1040 and in his time there was seen a Fiery Beam of wonderful greatness between the South and the East running upon the Sun which at the Sun setting fell upon the Earth In the Reign of Herold King of England a fearful Comet appeared which lasted seven days the English being now ready for a War In the time of King William the Conqueror a Blazing Star appeared upon Palm Sunday being the 16th of April 1076. about six of the Clock when the Air was fair and clear About the same time was a general Earthquake in England and in the Winter following a Frost that continued from the first of November until the middle of April In the time of Baldwin the Second King of Jerusalem an unusual Star appeared the first week in Lent in the Evening in the South West and shined at one and the same hour for Twenty Five dayes After this were seen two Moons a little before day one in the East and the other in the West and not long after a Comet putting forth long and flaming Hairs appeared which Elmerus the Monk beholding said did threaten the destruction of that Countrey In the year 1094 in the Reign of William Refus King of England many hideous sights were seen in England as Hosts of Men fighting in the Air flashes of Fire Comets and falling Stars and such like Prodigies And the same year both England and Normandy were sore vexed with Mortality both of Men and Beasts insomuch that Tillage of the Ground was laid aside in divers places by reason whereof there followed great Dearth and Famine About the year of our Lord 1100. Fiery Swords appeared in Heaven which being dispersed through the whole Heaven were seen the greatest part of the Night and very many Stars seemed to fall from Heaven upon the Earth And the smoak went out with an hissing as by Waters poured upon it A most sharp Winter followed and a great Famine followed it and a Mortality of Men and murrain of Beasts both Wild and Tame and Birds fighting together in great Numbers destroyed one another Moreover a great Earthquake in Italy lasted the space of Forty days so that divers Towns and Villages were overthrown And the Moon being in an Eclipse was turned into a bloody colour And a Woman brought forth a Monster having a double Body having also before the Face of a Man and behind the Face of a Dog About this time died Johannes de Temporibus who had been an Esquire to the Emperour Charles the Great having lived 361 Years In the Seventh year of Henry the First King of England upon a Friday night in the first week in Lent there was seen a strange Star between the South and the West which appeared every Night at an hour and so continued for the space of Twenty Five dayes and over against that Star out of the East appeared a great and bright Beam which stretched it self toward the said Star And not long after were seen two Moons one in the East the other in the West In the Thirteenth year of the same Kings Reign at Shrewsbury was a great Earthquake and at Nottingham from Morning until Evening The River of Trent was so dryed up that men went over on foot dry Thereupon followed an hard VVinter great Mortality of People and scarcity of Victuals by reason of the great murrain of Beasts A Comet or Blazing Star appeared in a strange form for rising in the East when once it came aloft in the Firmament it kept not its course forward but seemed to go backward as if it had been retrograde About the year 1157 three Suns appeared together in the West after two hours the other sailing that which was in the middle did also set After the same manner in the next year three Moons appeared and in the middle of one the sign of the Cross These signs were interpreted by some to be a token of the grievous discord of the Cardinals in the Election of the Pope and of the Princes in the Election of the Emperour Earthquakes about this time where almost every where and did shake some Provinces many years especially Syria and Silicia in which many Cities did long shake and some of them were overwhelmed with great destruction of People In the third year of John King of England there were seen in Yorkshire five Moons one in the East the second in the VVest the third in the North the fourth in the South and the fifth as it were set in the midst of the other having many Blazing Stars about it and went five or six times encompassing the other as it were the space of one hour and shortly after vanished away The following VVinter was extreamly cold more than the natural course had been aforetime and in the Spring time there fell such abundance of Rain as caused the Rivers to swell with higher floods then they had been accustomed which caused great inundations This Kings Reign was full of troubles Pope Innocent III. Excommunicated and deposed him and put England in interdict bestowed it upon Philip August King of France upon condition of Conquering it and afterwards takes off the Interdict receives homage from King John and makes England a fee of the Roman See and that King his Vassal In the year of our Lord 1256 in the Reign of King Henry III. many wonders hapned A Comet appeared the Sea rose with most high Tides Rivers were so filled with abundance of water by reason of the great and continued Rain that wonderful Flouds followed therethereupon and many high Buildings were beaten down by the force of Tempests In the same Kings Reign there appeared a Comet very dreadful to behold for the space of 30 days together Moreover on the Coast of England there was a great Battel among the Fishes of the Sea so that there were eleven Whales cast on Land beside other huge and monstrous Fishes which appeared to be dead of some hurts received And one of those mighty Fishes coming into the Thames alive was pursued by the Fisher men and it could scarce pass through the Arches of London-Bridge At length with Darts and other such Weapons they slew him before the Kings Mannor at Mortlack whither they followed him There was also a great sound heard the same Year in sundry parts of England at one and the same time as if it had been the noise of some mighty Mountain that had fallen into the Sea A Comet of notable magnitude
appeared in the Heavens in the Year 1263 rising from the East above three Months with great brightness and did send forth his rays to the midst of Heaven setting towards the West When he first appeared Pope Vrban IV began to be Sick but in the same Night that Vrban Dyed he began to disappear Soon after the Corronation of Edward I. King of England there hapned such an Earth-quake with Lightning and Thunder and therewithal the appearing of a Burning-Drake and a Blazing-Star or Comet that the people were filled with great fear and astonishment In the time of Wenceslaus the Third King of Bohemia there Appeared in the Heaven a large Comet which did presage the great Destruction which followed in which Year upon Saint Andrew's Day there hapned a great Earth-quake which lasting divers Days by Intervals overthrew many Buildings In the Year 1314 Three Moons Appeared together in the Heaven and a Comet was seen in the North which lasted Three Months It vanishing in the same Year in the Month of November Phillip King of France dyed a Boar breaking the Legs of his Horse as he was Hunting he fell from his Horse of which fall he dyed shortly after In the Ninth Year of King Edward the Second before Christmas a blazing-Star or Comet Appeared in the North part of the Firmament for the space of a Month together After it followed a woful Famine for Victuals was so scant and dear and other Grain raised to so high a price that the poor people were constrained through Famine to eat the Flesh of Horses Dogs and other wild Beasts and many starved having nothing to feed upon throughout the Land After this Dearth and scarcity of Victuals ensued a great Mortality of people so that what with the War with the Scots and with the Famine and Pestilence the people of England were wonderfully wasted and consumed In the Year 1337 in the Tenth Year of the Reign of King Edward III. a Comet or Blazing-Star Appeared with long and terrible Streams passing from it which continued thirty Days Soon after the French burnt South-hampton which they almost wholly consumed to Ashes and did many other mischiefs with their Ships on the Coasts of England In the Year 1351 in the North there Appeared a Comet in the Month of December which being extinct violent Winds followed and a Coelestial Beam was seen to glide along the Heavens the former part of it burning And they write that before the Death of Pope Innocent VI. there was so great a refection of the Sun as the like had not been before seen In the Month of March in the Year of our Lord 1402 and third Year of Henry IV. King of England there Appeared a Blazing-Star first between the Eastern part of the Firmament and the North flashing forth Fire and flames round about and lastly shooting forth Fiery streams towards the North foreshewing as was thought the great effusion of Blood which followed about the parts of Wales and Northumberland In the Year 1438 there was a great Eclipse of the Sun and divers Wars and Dissentions followed A Comet also Appeared and there followed a slaughter of Men in Liege In the Three and Thirtieth Year of the Reign of Henry VI. King of England during the Civil Wars between the Houses of Lancaster and York a Comet Appeared in the Month of June the Beams whereof extended it self into the South of which King Henry and his Son felt the sad effects In the Year 1456 a Comet was seen in the East in the month of June in the Fifteenth degree of Cancer a very great Earthquake followed on the 5th Day of December at Eleven a Clock at Night And another on the Thirtieth Day of the same Month such as in the memory of Man there had not any where been seen the like for vehemency especially in Apulia Naples Beneventum and many other Cities and Towns round about many Temples and Pallaces and other Houses were overwhelmed with the Destruction of many Men and Cattel The like hapned at Cajeta Capua Aversa and the rest of the Cities of old Campania In the Year 1457. another followed which they called a black Comet in the Month of June in the 20 degree of Pisces which was seen for the space of a month and did variously affect the minds of Men. A great Comet Appeared throughout the month of January in the beginning of the Year 1472 in a Fiery colour with long and black hairs bending towards the West whose body was about the entrance of Libra afterwards it bended it self onely in the North that it might be judged that it went out without the Zodiack and it continued Fourscore days But this Comet being scarce dissolved another Appeared of a fiery hair which seemed to be seated in the Sign of Aries and its Tayl stretched out it self towards the East A grievous Drought followed and a Pestilence and most cruel and bloody Wars in many places There were Two Comets seen before the Battel of Crescy in France where though the English got a great Victory over the French by the Sword so it seemeth as our Chronicles do relate that the Sword of the Destroying Angel slew a multitude of the English at home Phillip the first King of Spain and Father to the Emperour Charles V. being at Tudele of Duero there Appeared a strange Comet in the Firmament foreshewing as they said afterward the Approaching Death of King Phillip which happened soon after in the City of Burgos to the general grief of all his Subjects the Comet still Appearing whereunto he did Attribute his Death saying often in his pains and agonies Ha Cometa ha Cometa He dyed in the Year of our Lord 1506 haveing Reigned one Year and Ten Months His Body was laid many Years after by his Son Charles in the Royal Chappel of Granado having remained in divers places In Queen Maries Reign in the Year of our Lord 1556 a Blazing-Star was seen at all times of the Night on the Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth and Tenth of March a little before the Burning of Thomas Cranmer Arch-Bishop of Canterbury The Horrid Massacre of the Protestants in France being Acted August 24 c. 1572 a Grave Writer relates That about a quarter of a Year after Viz. November 17. there Appeared a Star in the Constellation of Cassiopea Mirae magnitudinis perspicua luce praefulgida of Wonderful bigness and very resplendent with a perspicuous light He saith That many Men passed their Judgments upon it Eruditorumque hac dere jactati versus Beza hath divers Verses upon it I take it the last was this Tuvero Herodes Sangui notente cave And thou bloody Herod beware Pointing I suppose to the French King Charles the IX and others Authors of and Actors in that Barbarous and Bloody Tragedy He addeth Illa totos novem menses in coeto Emicait That Star shined clearly for the space of nine whole Months in the Heaven The King himself Dyed May 30. 1574. about one