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A11931 A general inuentorie of the history of France from the beginning of that monarchie, vnto the treatie of Veruins, in the year 1598. Written by Ihon de Serres. And continued vnto these times, out off the best authors which haue written of that subiect. Translated out of French into English, by Edward Grimeston Gentleman.; Inventaire general de l'histoire de France. English Serres, Jean de, 1540?-1598.; Grimeston, Edward.; Matthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621. 1607 (1607) STC 22244; ESTC S117097 1,983,454 1,322

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fly_v to_o philip_n who_o come_v himself_o with_o a_o very_a great_a army_n and_o enter_v flanders_n flanders_n the_o uncle_n suppla●●●_n his_o nephew_n for_o the_o county_n of_o flanders_n his_o meaning_n be_v to_o make_v a_o benefit_n of_o their_o common_a quarrel_n but_o it_o fall_v out_o otherwise_o by_o his_o providence_n who_o do_v pull_v down_o one_o &_o raise_v up_o a_o other_o always_o just_o although_o the_o cause_n be_v unknown_a unto_o us._n robert_n defeat_v the_o king_n and_o his_o nephew_n after_o this_o victory_n he_o be_v receive_v earl_n of_o flanders_n without_o any_o discontent_n of_o the_o king_n for_o the_o distress_a pupil_n who_o rely_v no_o more_o on_o he_o flee_v for_o succour_n to_o thierry_n bishop_n of_o liege_n who_o make_v a_o accord_n that_o robert_n the_o frison_n shall_v have_v the_o earledom_n of_o flanders_n &_o give_v his_o nephew_n some_o recompense_n after_o this_o peaceable_a possession_n of_o the_o earldom_n of_o flanders_n england_n philip_n forsake_v baldwin_n child_n at_o their_o need_n in_o england_n philip_n become_v a_o dear_a friend_n to_o robert_n forget_v the_o good_a office_n he_o have_v receive_v from_o his_o tutor_n measure_v friendship_n by_o profit_n such_o be_v t●en_v the_o state_n of_o flanders_n england_n have_v a_o great_a change_n we_o have_v say_v that_o robert_n duke_n of_o normandy_n have_v institute_v william_n his_o bastard_n son_n his_o heir_n and_o that_o he_o have_v get_v possession_n of_o the_o d●chie_n but_o behold_v a_o great_a happiness_n attend_v he_o edward_n king_n of_o england_n have_v receive_v much_o kindness_n from_o he_o and_o know_v he_o fit_a for_o the_o government_n of_o the_o realm_n name_v he_o his_o heir_n by_o his_o testament_n by_o virtue_n whereof_o notwithstanding_o all_o the_o policy_n and_o force_n that_o herould_n brother_n to_o the_o queen_n can_v use_v william_n be_v receive_v king_n of_o england_n and_o crown_v in_o a_o solemn_a assemble_v of_o the_o english_a homage_n be_v do_v unto_o he_o as_o to_o their_o lawful_a lord_n &_o this_o great_a dignity_n continue_v in_o his_o posterity_n philip_n see_v this_o new_a power_n impatient_o england_n philip_n discontent_v at_o william_n advancement_n to_o the_o crown_n of_o england_n yet_o can_v he_o not_o prevent_v it_o but_o god_n have_v prepare_v it_o as_o a_o rod_n to_o correct_v this_o realm_n by_o the_o three_o son_n which_o william_n leave_v to_o succeed_v in_o his_o estate_n robert_n william_n and_o henry_n ambition_n be_v the_o levaine_n of_o these_o war_n it_o show_v itself_o soon_o after_o the_o birth_n of_o this_o new_a power_n grow_v to_o the_o duke_n of_o normandy_n who_o first_o breed_v we_o have_v see_v in_o the_o second_o race_n by_o the_o increase_n of_o the_o realm_n of_o england_n robert_n and_o henry_n the_o son_n of_o william_n come_v to_o the_o king_n at_o constans_n upon_o oise_n as_o they_o play_v at_o chess_n with_o lewis_n the_o son_n of_o king_n philip_n there_o fall_v some_o contention_n among_o these_o young_a prince_n and_o from_o injurious_a word_n they_o fall_v to_o blow_n lewis_n call_v henry_n the_o son_n of_o a_o bastard_n henry_n strike_v at_o he_o with_o the_o chessboard_n and_o have_v slay_v he_o if_o robert_n have_v not_o stay_v he_o this_o blow_n be_v give_v robert_n and_o henry_n make_v all_o haste_n to_o save_v themselves_o in_o normandy_n england_n the_o levaine_n of_o distension_n betwixt_o france_n and_o england_n where_o they_o incense_v both_o heaven_n and_o earth_n with_o their_o complaint_n from_o this_o light_a beginning_n grow_v all_o the_o trouble_n which_o disquiet_v these_o two_o estate_n during_o 400._o year_n upon_o diverse_a occasion_n robert_n &_o henry_n be_v escape_v the_o father_n so_o embrace_v the_o quarrel_n for_o their_o child_n as_o they_o fall_v to_o arm_n philip_n go_v to_o field_n and_o take_v vernon_n depend_v of_o normandy_n robert_n go_v out_o of_o normandy_n and_o do_v seize_v upon_o beawois_n king_n william_n part_n from_o england_n and_o land_n in_o france_n with_o a_o great_a and_o mighty_a power_n guienne_n the_o english_a enter_v into_o guienne_n and_o invade_v xaintonge_a and_o poito●_n behold_v the_o first_o check_n of_o a_o dangerous_a game_n philip_n move_v with_o these_o loss_n enter_v into_o normandy_n with_o a_o great_a and_o mighty_a army_n but_o he_o cure_v not_o one_o wound_n in_o make_v of_o another_o william_n on_o the_o other_o side_n run_v and_o spoil_v all_o the_o country_n even_o unto_o the_o gate_n of_o paris_n where_o he_o enter_v not_o then_o but_o his_o posterity_n do_v after_o he_o he_o die_v soon_o after_o but_o the_o quarrel_n suruive_v in_o his_o child_n who_o augment_v this_o hereditary_a hatred_n in_o many_o sort_n while_o they_o begin_v to_o weave_v this_o web_n italy_n be_v in_o no_o better_a estate_n be_v full_a of_o horrible_a combustion_n and_o the_o cause_n be_v so_o much_o the_o more_o lamentable_a for_o that_o the_o mischief_n come_v from_o they_o pope_n condition_n in_o italy_n betwixt_o the_o emperor_n and_o pope_n from_o who_o all_o good_a be_v to_o be_v expect_v we_o have_v former_o speak_v of_o the_o devision_n grow_v betwixt_o the_o emperor_n and_o the_o pope_n of_o rome_n for_o their_o preeminence_n in_o all_o ancient_a time_n the_o pope_n be_v subject_a &_o to_o be_v summon_v before_o the_o emperor_n who_o have_v authority_n to_o create_v they_o &_o to_o depose_v they_o that_o be_v unworthy_a of_o their_o charge_n to_o call_v synod_n and_o to_o confirm_v all_o thing_n which_o concern_v the_o outward_a government_n of_o the_o church_n the_o pope_n on_o the_o other_o side_n maintain_v that_o all_o this_o authority_n be_v he_o usurpation_n the_o pope_n usurpation_n as_o universal_a bishop_n have_v power_n to_o bind_v and_o loose_v &_o to_o judge_v of_o all_o man_n and_o all_o cause_n as_o the_o sovereign_a judge_n of_o the_o church_n not_o to_o be_v judge_v by_o any_o man_n and_o so_o to_o dispose_v absolute_o of_o all_o matter_n as_o well_o ecclesiastical_a as_o civil_a as_o monarch_n in_o the_o church_n not_o only_o arm_v with_o power_n of_o excommunication_n to_o damn_v rebel_n and_o authority_n to_o remit_v sin_n but_o have_v also_o the_o temporal_a sword_n with_o sovereign_a authority_n over_o emperor_n king_n and_o prince_n of_o the_o earth_n to_o place_n and_o displace_v and_o to_o dispo●e_v of_o their_o estate_n hereafter_o we_o shall_v find_v in_o every_o reign_n some_o memorable_a example_n of_o this_o sovereign_a authority_n this_o reign_n give_v a_o very_a notable_a one_o after_o the_o death_n of_o the_o emperor_n conrade_n call_v salic_a henry_n the_o 3._o of_o that_o name_n have_v happy_o govern_v the_o empire_n leave_v it_o to_o his_o son_n henry_n the_o 4_o yet_o very_o young_a so_o as_o the_o pope_n during_o this_o weakness_n of_o the_o empire_n have_v mean_n to_o fortify_v themselves_o and_o so_o embrace_v this_o occasion_n gregory_n the_o 7._o call_v hildebrand_n do_v prohibit_v the_o emperor_n all_o authority_n over_o the_o clergy_n and_o forbid_v upon_o pain_n of_o excommunication_n to_o have_v any_o recourse_n unto_o he_o for_o the_o collation_n of_o benefice_n or_o for_o any_o thing_n else_o that_o depend_v on_o the_o church_n henry_n move_v with_o so_o great_a a_o affront_v ●ope_n strange_a confu●o●s_n betwixt_o the_o empero●r_n and_o the_o ●ope_n let_v gregory_n understand_v that_o this_o his_o decree_n be_v contrary_a to_o the_o ancient_a order_n &_o the_o use_n of_o the_o catholic_a church_n upon_o this_o refusal_n he_o let_v he_o know_v that_o he_o will_v maintain_v the_o right_n of_o the_o empire_n and_o complain_v to_o the_o clergy_n of_o rome_n in_o a_o open_a assembly_n gregory_n call_v a_o other_o wherein_o he_o do_v excommunicate_a henry_n and_o all_o his_o adherent_n and_o send_v forth_o his_o bull_n into_o all_o part_n whereby_o he_o declare_v he_o excommunicate_a and_o degrade_v of_o the_o empire_n and_o in_o his_o place_n cause_v rodolph_n duke_n of_o suevia_n to_o be_v choose_v emperor_n thus_o there_o grow_v two_o faction_n in_o italy_n and_o in_o germany_n one_o for_o the_o emperor_n and_o the_o other_o for_o the_o pope_n behold_v two_o army_n levy_v of_o these_o faction_n ready_a to_o shed_v christian_n blood_n nine_o battle_n be_v give_v upon_o the_o quarrel_n of_o these_o preeminence_n in_o the_o end_n rodolphe_n the_o new_a emperor_n be_v take_v and_o slay_v by_o godefroy_n of_o bovillon_n who_o follow_v the_o emperor_n henry_n the_o four_o who_o after_o this_o victory_n assemble_v a_o great_a council_n at_o bresse_n where_o as_o gregory_n the_o seven_o be_v excommunicate_v and_o clement_n bishop_n of_o r●uenna_n appoint_v to_o succeed_v he_o they_o conduct_v he_o to_o rome_n with_o a_o army_n &_o take_v the_o city_n after_o a_o long_a siege_n whereas_o the_o new_a pope_n be_v sollemnlie_o install_v and_o henry_n the_o 4._o emperor_n restore_v
of_o gold_n &_o precious_a stone_n dedicate_v to_o his_o crown_n by_o a_o holy_a humility_n and_o a_o religious_a acknowledgement_n of_o the_o victory_n which_o the_o son_n of_o god_n have_v get_v by_o his_o blood_n to_o give_v we_o in_o heaven_n the_o crown_n of_o immortal_a life_n this_o famous_a act_n chance_v in_o the_o year_n 1099._o in_o the_o month_n of_o march._n have_v put_v godefroy_n and_o the_o christian_n in_o possession_n of_o the_o holy_a land_n let_v we_o return_v into_o france_n to_o our_o philip_n not_o without_o grief_n to_o see_v the_o dissension_n betwixt_o the_o emperor_n and_o pope_n who_o be_v nothing_o reconcile_v by_o the_o voyage_n to_o the_o holy_a land_n the_o increase_n of_o this_o new_a power_n purchase_v in_o england_n to_o the_o son_n of_o william_n the_o conqueror_n give_v he_o no_o small_a occasion_n to_o look_v to_o his_o affair_n and_o the_o rather_o for_o that_o this_o new_a king_n of_o england_n have_v begin_v to_o make_v a_o breach_n in_o his_o estate_n take_v xaintonge_o and_o poitou_n country_n very_o important_a be_v member_n of_o one_o of_o the_o principal_a province_n of_o his_o realm_n england_n the_o son_n of_o william_n king_n of_o england_n foresee_v also_o that_o normandy_n will_v bandy_v itself_o against_o france_n without_o all_o respect_n william_n have_v le●t_v three_o son_n of_o great_a hope_n william_n surname_v rufus_n king_n of_o england_n robert_n duke_n of_o normandy_n who_o we_o have_v leave_v in_o the_o holy_a land_n and_o henry_n earl_n of_o maine_n withal_o his_o treasure_n philip_n therefore_o to_o secure_v his_o estate_n follow_v the_o example_n of_o his_o ancestor_n cause_v lewis_n his_o son_n who_o he_o have_v by_o berthe_n daughter_n to_o baldwin_n earl_n o●_n flanders_n to_o be_v crown_v king_n die_v philip_n die_v there_o be_v a_o scandalous_a breach_n in_o this_o marriage_n for_o philip_n fall_v in_o love_n with_o bertrade_n the_o wife_n of_o fo●ques_n earl_n of_o anjou_n put_v away_o berthe_a and_o afterward_o have_v reject_v bertrade_n he_o receive_v berthe_o again_o disposition_n his_o disposition_n be_v mother_n to_o king_n lewis_n to_o who_o have_v resign_v the_o crown_n at_o orleans_n he_o die_v at_o melun_n in_o the_o year_n of_o grace_n 1109._o of_o his_o age_n 57_o and_o of_o his_o reign_n 49._o have_v reign_v long_o to_o settle_v his_o estate_n but_o not_o without_o a_o levaine_n of_o much_o trouble_n to_o come_v have_v degenerate_v from_o the_o virtue_n of_o his_o grandfather_n and_o father_n he_o be_v disloyal_a covetous_a love_v nothing_o but_o his_o own_o profit_n pitiless_a ingrate_a and_o one_o who_o sow_v dangerous_a seed_n of_o much_o mischief_n which_o begin_v to_o bud_v in_o the_o reign_n ensue_v lewis_z the_o 6._o call_v the_o gross_a the_o 40._o king_n lewes_n .6_o king_n of_o france_z xxxx_n as_o we_o foresee_v a_o storm_n by_o the_o cloud_n that_o rise_v 1110._o 1110._o by_o the_o dark_a mist_n of_o the_o thick_a air_n reign_n the_o estate_n of_o this_o reign_n pierce_v through_o with_o sparkle_n like_o the_o shine_a of_o a_o close_a fire_n and_o by_o the_o motive_n of_o the_o water_n drive_v with_o a_o violent_a and_o sudden_a wind_n even_o so_o there_o be_v simtome_n &_o fit_n in_o a_o estate_n which_o foretell_v the_o alteration_n which_o shall_v ensue_v the_o which_o fall_v not_o all_o at_o one_o instant_a but_o the_o subject_n be_v gather_v together_o in_o process_n of_o time_n break_v forth_o when_o it_o can_v no_o long_o hold_v there_o be_v this_o difference_n betwixt_o natural_a thing_n and_o those_o which_o belong_v to_o man_n for_o that_o man_n can_v well_o discern_v what_o the_o wether_n will_v be_v but_o he_o be_v blind_a in_o that_o which_o concern_v himself_o and_o never_o believe_v until_o he_o feel_v the_o blow_n fall_v into_o the_o danger_n which_o he_o fly_v by_o his_o own_o fault_n never_o wise_a but_o after_o danger_n france_n have_v enjoy_v peace_n above_o a_o hundred_o year_n under_o these_o forepast_a reign_v she_o now_o grow_v weary_a this_o reign_n be_v a_o preamble_n to_o a_o mornfull_a song_n which_o shall_v make_v they_o to_o weep_v that_o rejoice_v in_o the_o fruition_n of_o so_o long_a rest_n the_o name_n of_o royal_a authority_n hold_v all_o those_o great_a man_n back_o which_o have_v any_o interest_n therein_o the_o wisdom_n of_o capet_n robert_n henry_n and_o philip_n have_v so_o bridle_v they_o as_o they_o willing_o obey_v now_o they_o be_v of_o a_o other_o humour_n the_o duke_n of_o normandy_n who_o since_o capet_n have_v be_v obedient_a and_o affectionate_a to_o the_o crown_n obedience_n the_o french_a begin_v to_o fall_v from_o their_o obedience_n see_a himself_o strengthen_v with_o the_o realm_n of_o england_n he_o frame_v all_o his_o practice_n to_o overthrow_v this_o order_n by_o rebellion_n and_o tumult_n lewis_n have_v scarce_o perform_v his_o father_n funeral_n before_o the_o fire_n of_o rebellion_n kindle_v in_o diverse_a part_n of_o the_o realm_n and_o as_o if_o the_o king_n youth_n have_v be_v a_o blemish_n to_o his_o dignity_n every_o one_o will_v play_v the_o petty_a king_n the_o place_n near_o unto_o paris_n begin_v these_o first_o revolt_n by_o reason_n of_o the_o many_o great_a horse_n thereabouts_o corbeil_n have_v a_o earl_n 1109_o 1109_o chartres_n a_o other_o piseaux_n in_o because_o have_v one_o crecy_n have_v his_o lord_n marle_n his_o pompone_n his_o and_o so_o diverse_a other_o seigneury_n have_v every_o one_o their_o particular_a lord_n but_o as_o a_o disease_n stir_v up_o all_o the_o humour_n in_o a_o weak_a body_n so_o all_o that_o be_v discontent_v with_o lewis_n gather_v together_o into_o one_o head_n to_o afflict_v he_o under_o the_o countenance_n of_o the_o king_n of_o england_n they_o be_v for_o a_o time_n suppress_v yet_o this_o be_v but_o to_o open_v a_o vain_a and_o not_o to_o cure_v the_o fever_n guy_n of_o crecy_n the_o lord_n piseaux_n 〈◊〉_d earl_n of_o dammartin_n thibaud_n earl_n of_o champagne_n and_o brye_n pean_n of_o lowre_n in_o parisi_n milon_n of_o montleh●ry_n and_o philippe_n the_o bastard_n of_o king_n philippe_n all_o joint_o play_v the_o mutine_n and_o rise_v against_o their_o king_n at_o the_o same_o instant_n henry_n king_n of_o england_n go_v to_o field_n his_o private_a quarrel_n be_v for_o the_o town_n of_o guysor_n seat_v upon_o the_o river_n of_o epre_n on_o the_o confine_n of_o normandy_n punish_v rebel_n suppress_v and_o punish_v but_o this_o small_a process_n be_v soon_o end_v for_o lewis_n have_v defeat_v the_o english_a near_o unto_o guysor_n he_o force_v henry_n to_o retire_v and_o afterward_o punish_v all_o these_o rebel_n increase_v his_o revenue_n by_o their_o confiscation_n but_o the_o quarrel_n betwixt_o the_o emperor_n and_o the_o pope_n do_v hatch_v a_o more_o dangerous_a process_n for_o france_n we_o have_v say_v that_o henry_n the_o 5._o band_v against_o his_o father_n henry_n the_o 4._o who_o have_v associate_v he_o to_o the_o empire_n and_o have_v cast_v he_o into_o prison_n by_o the_o pope_n council_n where_o this_o poor_a man_n die_v for_o grief_n henry_n the_o 5._o wonderful_o trouble_v in_o conscience_n and_o vex_v with_o daily_a approach_n that_o he_o have_v violate_v the_o imperial_a right_n resolve_v to_o have_v his_o revenge_n of_o pope_n pascall_n the_o author_n of_o this_o cruel_a and_o unkind_a council_n to_o conclude_v he_o a●mes_v and_o that_o with_o so_o great_a a_o resolution_n as_o in_o few_o day_n 〈…〉_o the_o emperor_n 〈◊〉_d for_o his_o 〈…〉_o he_o assemble_v threescore_o thousand_o foot_n and_o thirty_o thousand_o horle_fw-mi with_o this_o army_n he_o go_v into_o it●lie_n and_o have_v take_v and_o spoil_v no●arre_n pontremolo_fw-la and_o arezzo_n he_o come_v a_o conqueror_n to_o the_o gate_n of_o rome_n the_o which_o be_v open_v without_o any_o resistance_n be_v enter_v the_o city_n and_o cause_v the_o pope_n and_o college_n to_o assemble_v he_o make_v know_v unto_o they_o the_o right_n of_o the_o empire_n as_o pope_n leo_n the_o eight_o have_v acknowledge_v they_o to_o otho_n the_o second_o emperor_n oath_n the_o emperor_n com●s_v to_o rom●_n and_o 〈◊〉_d the_o ●o●e_n to_o take_v a_o oath_n and_o before_o he_o adrian_n to_o charlemain_n according_a to_o the_o decree_n of_o the_o council_n at_o rome_n contain_v in_o the_o sixty_o three_o distinction_n and_o to_o conclude_v he_o force_v he_o to_o take_v the_o oath_n of_o fidelity_n as_o to_o the_o true_a and_o lawful_a emperor_n and_o then_o return_v with_o his_o army_n pope_n pascal_n extreme_o move_v with_o this_o 〈◊〉_d call_v a_o council_n wherein_o he_o protest_v to_o have_v be_v force_v by_o 〈◊〉_d so_o by_o consequence_n pronounce_v that_o whatsoever_o he_o have_v promise_v be_v of_o no_o force_n and_o after_o all_o these_o toil_n he_o die_v gelisais_n succeed_v he_o both_o in_o place_n and_o hatred_n against_o the_o emperor_n
henry_n but_o be_v too_o weak_a of_o himself_o neither_o have_v any_o such_o friend_n as_o the_o king_n of_o france_n according_a to_o the_o trial_n so_o often_o make_v time_n out_o of_o mind_n he_o come_v into_o france_n but_o he_o die_v at_o clunie_n and_o in_o his_o place_n calixtus_n son_n to_o the_o earl_n of_o bourgongne_n be_v choose_v pope_n the_o reputation_n of_o the_o place_n from_o whence_o he_o be_v descend_v be_v great_a so_o as_o he_o be_v a_o frenchman_n easy_o call_v a_o council_n in_o france_n to_o the_o great_a satisfaction_n of_o the_o french_a 〈◊〉_d the_o emperor_n degrade_v by_o the_o pope_n decree_n in_o a_o council_n at_o 〈◊〉_d it_o be_v hold_v at_o rheims_n where_o by_o a_o ecclesiastical_a decree_n he_o declare_v henry_n a_o enemy_n to_o the_o church_n and_o degrade_v of_o the_o imperial_a dignity_n as_o this_o ignominious_a decree_n do_v move_v the_o emperor_n so_o do_v it_o minister_v matter_n to_o the_o king_n of_o england_n his_o brother_n in_o law_n to_o embrace_v all_o occasion_n to_o annoy_n lewis_n his_o capital_a enemy_n for_o see_v this_o council_n have_v be_v hold_v in_o france_n and_o consist_v chief_o of_o the_o french_a church_n it_o be_v very_o apparent_a that_o the_o king_n favour_n be_v very_o prejudicial_a to_o the_o emperor_n affair_n the_o english_a fail_v not_o to_o harp_n upon_o this_o string_n to_o the_o emperor_n france_n the_o emperor_n and_o ●ing_a o●_n england_n join_v against_o france_n be_v already_o incense_v by_o the_o thing_n itself_o promise_v he_o all_o his_o mean_n &_o encourage_v he_o to_o enter_v france_n on_o the_o one_o side_n while_o that_o he_o come_v on_o the_o other_o with_o all_o the_o force_n of_o normandy_n and_o england_n the_o party_n be_v not_o small_a neither_o have_v lewis_n small_a cause_n to_o fear_n be_v encounter_v by_o two_o such_o enemy_n but_o god_n show_v he_o the_o rod_n and_o reserve_v the_o punishment_n for_o a_o other_o season_n for_o as_o the_o emperor_n be_v go_v to_o field_n the_o german_a prince_n foresee_v the_o misery_n of_o a_o war_n undertake_v light_o upon_o despite_n and_o weigh_v the_o importance_n of_o neighbourhood_n give_v he_o to_o understand_v that_o he_o ought_v not_o to_o attempt_v war_n against_o the_o king_n of_o france_n without_o declare_v unto_o he_o the_o cause_n of_o his_o discontent_n he_o therefore_o send_v his_o ambassador_n to_o this_o end_n 1112._o 1112._o lewis_n do_v wise_o answer_v he_o that_o he_o be_v exceed_o sorry_a to_o see_v the_o two_o great_a pillar_n of_o the_o church_n so_o shake_v by_o these_o dissension_n and_o that_o it_o be_v to_o be_v fear_v the_o whole_a building_n will_v be_v ruin_v so_o as_o be_v a_o friend_n to_o both_o he_o desire_v great_o to_o be_v a_o mediator_n of_o concord_n and_o not_o to_o carry_v coal_n to_o increase_v the_o fire_n too_o much_o kindle_v already_o the_o which_o ought_v to_o be_v quench_v for_o the_o good_a and_o quiet_a of_o all_o christendom_n this_o ambassage_n be_v please_v and_o prevail_v so_o much_o as_o the_o emperor_n disarm_v reconcile_v the_o french_a king_n and_o the_o emperor_n reconcile_v and_o be_v content_a to_o make_v lewis_n a_o mediator_n for_o a_o accord_n betwixt_o he_o and_o the_o pope_n to_o the_o great_a grief_n of_o the_o king_n of_o england_n who_o expect_v a_o long_a continuance_n of_o this_o ia●●e_n the_o composition_n be_v make_v at_o worm_n very_o beneficial_a for_o the_o pope_n in_o the_o year_n 1122._o whereby_o henry_n grant_v he_o the_o installing_n of_o bishop_n and_o other_o benefice_n this_o do_v ease_v the_o sore_n but_o not_o cure_v it_o as_o the_o sequel_n of_o the_o history_n will_v show_v while_o that_o prince_n have_v leisure_n to_o contend_v the_o poor_a people_n die_v for_o hunger_n in_o many_o place_n of_o europe_n this_o famine_n be_v exceed_v great_a in_o flanders_n flanders_n notable_a trouble_n in_o flanders_n who_o then_o have_v for_o their_o earl_n charles_n surname_v the_o good_a for_o his_o good_a disposition_n and_o great_a charity_n to_o the_o poor_a he_o seek_v by_o all_o mean_n to_o relieve_v they_o but_o as_o barrenness_n be_v one_o of_o the_o cause_n of_o this_o famine_n so_o the_o cruel_a covetousness_n of_o the_o rich_a be_v a_o great_a hindrance_n to_o the_o commodity_n of_o victual_n whereby_o there_o grow_v as_o remarkable_a a_o act_n as_o the_o success_n be_v strange_a the_o particular_a report_n whereof_o the_o reader_n must_v pardon_v in_o the_o breefenesse_n of_o our_o stile_n there_o be_v three_o brethren_n at_o bruges_n of_o the_o chief_a of_o the_o country_n the_o which_o have_v gather_v together_o a_o great_a quantity_n of_o grain_n and_o will_v not_o sell_v it_o expect_v a_o great_a dearth_n which_o may_v cause_v a_o great_a price_n that_o be_v bertholphe_n wendestrate_n povost_n of_o s._n donas_fw-la and_o chancellor_n of_o flanders_n lambert_n and_o boussard_n wendestrate_n brethren_n and_o a_o other_o rich_a bourge_v call_v lambert_n one_o of_o the_o chief_a of_o the_o city_n this_o dignity_n of_o provostand_v chancellor_n be_v so_o great_a as_o he_o supply_v the_o prince_n place_n in_o his_o absence_n upon_o the_o people_n complaint_n the_o earl_n decree_n that_o all_o the_o granier_n of_o these_o great_a house_n shall_v be_v open_v and_o the_o corn_n sell_v to_o the_o people_n at_o a_o reasonable_a rate_n the_o commission_n be_v give_v to_o thamard_n almoner_n of_o the_o earl_n house_n as_o a_o thing_n befit_v his_o charge_n he_o cause_v the_o granier_n of_o these_o rich_a bourgess_n to_o be_v open_v the_o corn_n be_v sell_v to_o the_o people_n and_o the_o money_n deliver_v to_o the_o owner_n the_o people_n be_v relieve_v by_o the_o courageous_a care_n of_o thamard_n commend_v he_o the_o wendestrate_n and_o lambert_n great_o discontent_v with_o this_o sale_n wherein_o they_o hold_v themselves_o interest_v cause_v many_o indignity_n to_o be_v do_v unto_o he_o lambert_n be_v direct_o accuse_v by_o information_n be_v a_o very_a audacious_a young_a man_n and_o the_o wendestrate_n be_v touch_v therewith_o the_o earl_n offend_v with_o these_o audacious_a attempt_n repair_v they_o by_o justice_n threaten_v lambert_n that_o if_o he_o continue_v he_o will_v severe_o punish_v he_o there_o be_v also_o a_o other_o complaint_n make_v by_o a_o old_a abbot_n against_o the_o provost_n flanders_n treachery_n against_o the_o good_a earl_n of_o flanders_n to_o who_o the_o earl_n speak_v rough_o command_v he_o to_o restore_v unto_o the_o abbot_n what_o he_o ought_v he_o these_o free_a admonition_n of_o the_o good_a earl_n charles_n do_v so_o alter_v the_o proud_a &_o treacherous_a mind_n of_o these_o citizen_n as_o they_o resolve_v to_o kill_v he_o his_o mild_a facility_n give_v these_o wicked_a spirit_n both_o courage_n to_o attempt_v and_o boldness_n to_o execute_v and_o the_o end_n be_v answerable_a to_o their_o wicked_a desseine_n as_o the_o good_a earl_n charles_n go_v ill_o accompany_v in_o the_o morning_n to_o his_o devotion_n to_o the_o church_n of_o s._n donas_fw-la on_o ash_n wednesday_n behold_v a_o troop_n of_o young_a mad_a man_n lead_v by_o this_o lambert_n come_v unto_o he_o be_v unarm_v on_o his_o knee_n in_o a_o chapel_n the_o priest_n attire_v in_o his_o ornament_n at_o the_o altar_n the_o earl_n hold_v forth_o his_o arm_n to_o give_v his_o alm_n to_o a_o poor_a woman_n &_o without_o any_o warning_n they_o beat_v he_o down_o with_o their_o sword_n &_o kill_v he_o and_o so_o force_v all_o to_o give_v way_n murder_v the_o earl_n of_o flanders_n and_o his_o almonet_n murder_v they_o seek_v for_o thamard_n who_o they_o find_v &_o massacre_n with_o so_o great_a a_o fury_n as_o they_o leave_v he_o upon_o the_o place_n hew_v into_o many_o piece_n their_o troop_n increase_v and_o they_o fly_v to_o the_o palace_n where_o all_o be_v amaze_v and_o find_a it_o without_o guard_n without_o key_n &_o without_o any_o gate_n shut_v they_o enter_v it_o with_o horrible_a cry_n they_o kill_v sack_z and_o spoil_v and_o run_v from_o thence_o into_o the_o city_n bruges_n cruelty_n in_o the_o city_n of_o bruges_n they_o commit_v the_o like_a in_o those_o house_n which_o they_o know_v best_o affect_v to_o the_o good_a earl_n charles_n this_o furious_a cruelty_n be_v accompany_v with_o a_o overween_a indiscretion_n as_o if_o they_o have_v make_v some_o goodly_a conquest_n they_o brave_a it_o 1117._o 1117._o and_o play_v the_o master_n without_o fear_n of_o any_o punishment_n the_o people_n exceed_o grieve_v to_o see_v these_o barbarous_a cruelty_n against_o their_o good_a prince_n who_o they_o love_v as_o a_o father_n dare_v not_o speak_v a_o word_n during_o this_o fury_n whereas_o this_o troop_n of_o murderer_n command_v absolute_o but_o the_o wise_a citizen_n flee_v to_o lewis_n as_o to_o their_o sovereign_a lord_n lewis_n come_v to_o bruges_n with_o great_a speed_n
these_o butcher_n attend_v their_o misery_n rebel_n lewis_n king_n of_o france_n punish_v the_o rebel_n shut_v themselves_o into_o the_o great_a tower_n of_o s._n donas_fw-la lewis_n do_v first_o bury_v the_o body_n of_o this_o good_a earl_n honourable_o the_o which_o have_v lie_v without_o sepulchre_n and_o then_o do_v punish_v the_o murderer_n and_o their_o complice_n rigorous_o but_o this_o be_v not_o all_o he_o must_v provide_v for_o the_o earldom_n remain_v without_o a_o lord_n by_o the_o death_n of_o count_n charles_n decease_a without_o child_n flanders_n pretendant_o for_o the_o earldom_n of_o flanders_n there_o want_v no_o pretendant_o william_n of_o ypre_n son_n to_o philip_n of_o flanders_n the_o second_o son_n of_o robert_n the_o frison_n king_n henry_n of_o england_n who_o desire_v great_o to_o join_v this_o goodly_a country_n with_o his_o normandy_n stephen_n of_o blois_n earl_n of_o montrevill_n and_o bologne_n baldwin_n earl_n of_o hainault_n and_o william_n the_o son_n of_o robert_n call_v court-house_n brother_n to_o the_o king_n of_o england_n but_o his_o swear_a enemy_n have_v use_v his_o father_n ill_a and_o keep_v he_o prisoner_n lewis_n be_v sovereign_a judge_n of_o this_o controversy_n flanders_n depend_v on_o the_o crown_n of_o france_n he_o assign_v all_o the_o pretendant_o of_o the_o city_n of_o arras_n signifi_v that_o his_o intent_n be_v to_o do_v he_o justice_n but_o in_o effect_n he_o incline_v to_o favour_n adiudging_a the_o earldom_n of_o flanders_n to_o the_o last_o that_o be_v to_o william_n of_o normandy_n to_o bind_v he_o with_o more_o strict_a bound_n against_o his_o ●●nsman_n on_o the_o other_o side_n the_o fleming_n assemble_v at_o ypre_n and_o choose_v william_n of_o lo●_n lord_n of_o ypre_n the_o king_n advance_v with_o his_o force_n to_o ypre_n to_o prevent_v this_o popular_a election_n where_o he_o enter_v the_o stong_o and_o force_v william_n to_o renounce_v it_o flanders_n william_n of_o normandy_n make_v earl_n of_o flanders_n from_o thence_o he_o go_v to_o all_o other_o good_a city_n where_o by_o his_o authority_n he_o cause_v william_n of_o normandy_n to_o be_v receive_v for_o lawful_a earl_n and_o put_v he_o in_o solemn_a possession_n by_o a_o public_a act_n but_o his_o favour_n have_v ill_o bestow_v this_o goodly_a inheritance_n of_o a_o unworthy_a man_n who_o fury_n deprive_v he_o present_o lewis_n have_v install_v he_o subject_n he_o oppress_v his_o new_a subject_n return_n into_o france_n william_n instead_o of_o win_v his_o new_a subject_n by_o equity_n and_o mildness_n begin_v to_o oppress_v they_o after_o a_o rigorous_a and_o imperious_a manner_n by_o infringe_v of_o their_o previlege_n ostentation_n of_o his_o authority_n tax_n subsidy_n new_a imposition_n and_o by_o all_o other_o mean_n which_o prince_n that_o seek_v to_o loose_v their_o estate_n hold_v to_o torment_v their_o subject_n he_o have_v so_o far_o exceed_v as_o the_o city_n without_o any_o waver_a resolve_n to_o provide_v a_o better_a earl_n and_o to_o this_o intent_n they_o seek_v a_o head_n the_o memory_n of_o their_o good_a earl_n make_v they_o to_o cast_v their_o eye_n upon_o he_o that_o have_v most_o right_a to_o this_o inheritance_n as_o the_o near_a kinsman_n which_o be_v thierri_n son_n to_o the_o duke_n of_o alsatia_n and_o of_o gertrude_n daughter_n to_o robert_n the_o frison_n the_o fleming_n entreat_v he_o to_o come_v into_o their_o country_n earl_n the_o fleming_n choo●e_v they_o a_o new_a earl_n promise_v he_o all_o assistance_n to_o conquer_v the_o state_n he_o come_v and_o be_v receive_v with_o a_o extraordinary_a joy_n by_o all_o the_o people_n all_o the_o city_n assemble_v to_o acknowledge_v he_o by_o order_n and_o dismiss_v william_n of_o normandy_n who_o see_v a_o flat_a repulse_n by_o this_o people_n thus_o free_v repair_v to_o lewis_n for_o succour_n in_o this_o extremity_n lewis_n fail_v he_o not_o his_o army_n march_v with_o great_a speed_n he_o himself_o come_v in_o person_n and_o be_v receive_v into_o arras_n from_o thence_o he_o adiorne_v thierry_n to_o come_v and_o answer_v before_o he_o as_o his_o sovereign_n by_o what_o warrant_n he_o carry_v himself_o for_o earl_n this_o summons_n be_v make_v unto_o he_o at_o ypre_n whether_o he_o have_v retire_v himself_o have_v condemn_v he_o by_o default_n defeat_v thierrithe_o new_a earl_n of_o flanders_n defeat_v he_o approach_v his_o army_n to_o ypre_n to_o vex_v the_o inhib●bitants_n thierri_n sally_n forth_o with_o a_o notable_a troop_n of_o man_n they_o join_v the_o fight_n be_v fierce_a but_o the_o check_n fall_v upon_o thierry_n force_n who_o with_o much_o a_o do_v save_v himself_o in_o alost_n william_n pursue_v he_o and_o approach_v the_o town_n summon_v the_o inhabitant_n to_o obey_v and_o to_o deliver_v up_o thierri_a as_o a_o usurper_n flanders_n william_n of_o normandy_n st●●●e_n in_o flanders_n but_o he_o be_v not_o advise_v that_o one_o with_o a_o crossbow_n shoot_v a_o arrow_n at_o he_o and_o pierce_v he_o through_o the_o arm_n behold_v he_o be_v wound_v and_o within_o two_o day_n he_o die_v thierri_n and_o the_o fleming_n send_v present_o to_o lewis_n to_o beseech_v he_o to_o receive_v they_o into_o favour_n whereby_o he_o may_v be_v assure_v of_o their_o faithful_a service_n lewis_n consent_v and_o confirm_v he_o and_o have_v cause_v he_o to_o take_v the_o oath_n of_o fidelity_n and_o receive_v his_o homage_n after_o the_o manner_n of_o his_o ancestor_n 1121._o 1121._o he_o return_v into_o france_n but_o flanders_n continue_v not_o long_o in_o quiet_a as_o we_o shall_v see_v hereafter_o to_o these_o stir_n of_o flanders_n be_v add_v some_o garboil_n in_o bourbonois_n and_o awergne_n archibauld_n earl_n of_o bourbon_n be_v decease_a leave_v one_o son_n of_o the_o same_o name_n bourbonois_n trouble_n in_o bourbonois_n but_o a_o young_a man_n and_o a_o brother_n call_v haman_n who_o abuse_v the_o time_n in_o the_o weak_a minority_n of_o his_o nephew_n will_v make_v himself_o master_n of_o bourbonois_n pretend_v the_o earldom_n to_o appertain_v unto_o he_o by_o the_o death_n of_o his_o elder_a brother_n to_o who_o he_o must_v succeed_v in_o order_n as_o the_o young_a of_o the_o house_n the_o mother_n and_o friend_n of_o archibauld_n oppose_v against_o hamon_n the_o right_a of_o representation_n inviolable_a in_o france_n in_o great_a house_n which_o be_v that_o the_o son_n of_o the_o elder_a brother_n represent_v the_o father_n and_o without_o doubt_n succeed_v in_o all_o his_o right_n to_o enjoy_v they_o as_o if_o he_o himself_o live_v for_o that_o the_o father_n revive_v in_o the_o son_n hamon_n build_v his_o chief_a interest_n upon_o force_n will_v not_o admit_v any_o reason_n that_o make_v for_o his_o nephew_n so_o as_o the_o matter_n be_v bring_v before_o the_o king_n who_o by_o the_o advice_n of_o his_o council_n declare_v archibauld_n the_o lawful_a heir_n and_o put_v haman_n from_o his_o pretension_n command_v he_o to_o leave_v the_o possession_n of_o bourbonois_n free_a to_o his_o nephew_n 1123._o 1123._o this_o archibauld_n do_v afterward_o marry_v his_o daughter_n beatrix_n to_o robert_n earl_n of_o clermont_n in_o beawoisis_n son_n to_o the_o king_n s_o lewis_n bourbon_n the_o st●●ke_n of_o the_o house_n of_o bourbon_n and_o of_o this_o marriage_n by_o the_o royal_a stem_n be_v descend_v the_o most_o famous_a race_n of_o bourbon_n the_o which_o at_o this_o day_n do_v happy_o enjoy_v the_o crown_n and_o realm_n of_o france_n but_o haman_n who_o hold_v some_o place_n in_o burbonois_n will_v not_o leave_v the_o possession_n refuse_v to_o obey_v the_o king_n commandment_n rely_v upon_o the_o favour_n of_o eustache_n earl_n of_o awergne_n who_o seek_v to_o free_v himself_o there_o be_v a_o private_a subject_n of_o complaint_n against_o he_o have_v displace_v the_o bishop_n of_o clermont_n against_o the_o king_n will_n these_o occasion_n draw_v the_o king_n into_o bourbonois_n where_o have_v besiege_v haman_n he_o end_v this_o controversy_n in_o favour_n of_o archibauld_n the_o affair_n of_o awergne_n be_v more_o difficult_a by_o reason_n of_o william_n duke_n of_o guienne_n who_o embrace_v the_o cause_n for_o the_o earl_n of_o awergne_n pretend_v that_o he_o be_v his_o vassal_n this_o quarrel_n seem_v to_o take_v a_o long_a course_n but_o it_o be_v pacify_v by_o this_o mean_n lewis_n have_v six_o son_n philip_n lewis_n henry_n another_z philip_z peter_n robert_n and_o one_o daughter_n constance_z he_o have_v crown_v his_o elder_a son_n philip_n who_o die_v by_o a_o strange_a accident_n go_v to_o take_v the_o air_n on_o horseback_n accident_n philip_n elder_a son_n to_o lewis_n die_v by_o a_o strange_a accident_n a_o hog_n pass_v under_o the_o belly_n of_o his_o horse_n the_o which_o be_v fear_v do_v shake_v this_o young_a king_n so_o violent_o as_o he_o throw_v he_o down_o and_o so_o bruise_v he_o as_o within_o few_o day_n after_o he_o
her_o impudency_n do_v so_o fa●re_v exceed_v as_o she_o will_v dishonourablie_o have_v stay_v in_o antioch_n and_o leave_v her_o husband_n presume_v to_o cloak_n her_o shame_n with_o a_o show_n of_o religion_n say_v without_o blush_v that_o she_o can_v be_v no_o more_o the_o wife_n of_o lewis_n to_o who_o she_o be_v cousin_n in_o the_o four_o degree_n prefer_v the_o love_n of_o a_o jester_n name_v saladin_n of_o the_o sarrazin_n race_n unchaste_a queen_n eleno●_n unchaste_a before_o the_o greatness_n of_o a_o king_n of_o france_n her_o lawful_a husband_n lewis_n be_v much_o disquiet_v persuade_v this_o woman_n to_o return_v a_o heavy_a burden_n to_o his_o mind_n then_o to_o his_o ship_n be_v return_v to_o his_o house_n he_o free_v himself_o with_o all_o the_o speed_n he_o can_v and_o whereas_o he_o shall_v have_v cast_v this_o insatiate_a woman_n into_o the_o river_n be_v no_o more_o his_o wife_n and_o retain_v her_o dowry_n just_o get_v she_o play_v bankrupt_a of_o her_o honour_n guienne_n lewis_n pretend_v a_o cause_n to_o be_v divorce_v from_o elinor_n and_o restore_v her_o guienne_n he_o call_v a_o council_n at_o baugency_n to_o have_v she_o divorce_v the_o which_o be_v grant_v under_o colour_n of_o this_o far_o fetch_v consangunitie_n but_o his_o desire_n be_v to_o be_v free_v from_o she_o so_o retain_v two_o daughter_n bear_v under_o the_o vale_n of_o their_o marriage_n he_o restore_v unto_o elinor_n all_o her_o country_n of_o guienne_n that_o be_v he_o put_v into_o the_o hand_n of_o his_o furious_a enemy_n a_o torch_n to_o set_v his_o whole_a realm_n on_o fire_n for_o so_o soon_o as_o she_o see_v herself_o free_v from_o the_o subjection_n and_o fear_n of_o a_o husband_n she_o stay_v not_o long_o to_o acquaint_v herself_o with_o henry_n king_n of_o england_n and_o du●e_v of_o normandy_n england_n elinor_n marry_v with_o henry_n king_n of_o england_n the_o great_a and_o most_o capital_a enemy_n that_o lewis_n have_v so_o he_o obtain_v guienne_n by_o the_o voluntary_a session_n which_o lewis_n make_v to_o have_v the_o better_a mean_n to_o annoy_v he_o and_o his_o whole_a realm_n moreover_o lewis_n pay_v dear_o for_o so_o great_a a_o discomoditie_n for_o the_o pope_n will_v not_o give_v he_o a_o dispense_n to_o marry_v again_o without_o a_o great_a sum_n of_o money_n to_o be_v employ_v in_o the_o war_n of_o the_o holy_a land_n and_o to_o finish_v this_o work_n he_o take_v to_o wife_n constance_n the_o daughter_n of_o alphonso_n king_n of_o galicia_n be_v a_o weak_a friend_n again_o lewis_n marry_v again_o and_o far_o off_o this_o marriage_n be_v not_o great_o convenient_a neither_o for_o his_o own_o quiet_a not_o the_o peace_n of_o his_o subject_n this_o subject_n of_o deadly_a rancour_n increase_a the_o hatred_n of_o these_o two_o neighbour_n monarch_n of_o france_n and_o england_n burst_v forth_o soon_o by_o dangerous_a effect_n the_o benefit_n of_o the_o new_a purchase_n of_o guienne_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o that_o perilous_a war_n the_o which_o have_v so_o long_o and_o so_o lamentable_a a_o continuance_n william_n duke_n of_o guienne_n grandfather_n by_o the_o father_n to_o queen_n elinor_n have_v marry_v the_o only_a daughter_n of_o the_o first_o raimond_n earl_n of_o tholouse_n who_o have_v engage_v the_o say_a county_n to_o raimond_n earl_n of_o saint_n gilles_n who_o since_o also_o call_v himself_o earl_n of_o tholouse_n be_v seize_v of_o the_o say_a county_n and_o enjoy_v it_o quiet_o under_o the_o king_n obedience_n henry_n king_n of_o england_n offer_v the_o money_n to_o raimond_n to_o redeem_v it_o tholouse_n the_o first_o war_n betwixt_o france_n and_o england_n for_o the_o earldom_n of_o tholouse_n and_o demand_v the_o earldom_n as_o his_o wife_n right_a upon_o his_o refusal_n he_o arm_n enter_v into_o quercy_n take_v cahors_n spoil_v the_o country_n and_o besiege_v tholouse_n lewis_n entreat_v by_o raimond_n run_v to_o quench_v this_o fire_n be_v arrive_v and_o the_o two_o army_n ready_a to_o join_v a_o peace_n be_v make_v betwixt_o the_o two_o king_n by_o the_o marriage_n of_o marguerite_n the_o daughter_n of_o lewis_n with_o henry_n the_o elder_a son_n of_o henry_n king_n of_o england_n marriage_n the_o two_o king_n reconcile_v by_o a_o marriage_n but_o for_o that_o she_o be_v very_o young_a and_o not_o yet_o marriageable_a she_o be_v deliver_v into_o henry_n the_o father_n hand_n until_o she_o be_v of_o fit_a age_n to_o marry_v lewis_n have_v now_o bury_v his_o wife_n constance_n who_o leave_v he_o but_o two_o daughter_n without_o any_o heir_n male_a so_o as_o be_v desirous_a to_o have_v a_o successor_n he_o make_v no_o delay_n to_o matry_n and_o take_v to_o his_o three_o wife_n alix_n the_o daughter_n of_o thibaud_n earl_n of_o champagne_n his_o vassal_n 1151._o 1151._o and_o new_o reconcile_v but_o not_o great_o affect_v unto_o he_o until_o that_o time_n he_o have_v a_o son_n present_o by_o she_o who_o he_o call_v dieu_fw-fr donné_fw-fr or_o give_v of_o god_n as_o a_o acknowledgement_n that_o god_n have_v send_v he_o at_z his_o and_o his_o subject_n prayer_n this_o be_v he_o that_o shall_v succeed_v he_o i_o shall_v begin_v to_o describe_v his_o reign_n but_o order_n command_v i_o to_o relate_v what_o happen_v during_o the_o reign_n of_o lewis_n in_o the_o neighbour_n nation_n of_o england_n and_o italy_n wherein_o lewis_n have_v great_a cross_n henry_n king_n of_o england_n have_v two_o son_n by_o elinor_n richard_n and_o geoffr●y_n and_o by_o his_o first_o wife_n he_o have_v henry_n who_o be_v make_v sure_a to_o marguerit_fw-la of_o france_n of_o who_o we_o have_v speak_v the_o father_n cause_v he_o to_o be_v crown_v to_o settle_v he_o in_o his_o life_n time_n and_o tie_v the_o english_a unto_o he_o by_o homage_n a_o young_a prince_n ambitious_a audacious_a ill_o advise_v and_o rash_a who_o can_v long_o contain_v himself_o with_o the_o taste_n of_o this_o new_a authority_n son_n notable_a trouble_n in_o england_n betw●●●_n the_o father_n and_o the_o son_n but_o will_v play_v the_o king_n with_o his_o father_n and_o although_o his_o father_n admonition_n restrain_v he_o for_o awhile_o yet_o this_o ambitious_a humour_n still_o burst_v forth_o so_o as_o the_o father_n from_o mild_a admonition_n come_v to_o threat_n the_o insolency_n of_o this_o young_a prince_n increase_v daily_o some_o year_n pass_v while_o this_o fire_n lie_v smother_v very_o long_o for_o young_a henry_n to_o who_o the_o father_n life_n seem_v too_o tedious_a and_o the_o child_n of_o the_o second_o wife_n grow_v by_o the_o care_n of_o elinor_n their_o mother_n henry_n the_o father_n discontent_v with_o his_o son_n and_o fear_v that_o in_o consumate_v the_o marriage_n betwixt_o he_o and_o the_o daughter_n of_o france_n the_o young_a prince_n will_v grow_v proud_a augment_v his_o train_n and_o state_n and_o through_o the_o favour_n of_o king_n lewis_n his_o father_n in_o law_n attempt_v something_o prejudicial_a to_o his_o authority_n he_o delay_v the_o accomplishment_n of_o this_o marriage_n although_o the_o virgin_n wer●_n of_o more_o than_o sufficient_a year_n to_o marry_v to_o this_o mischief_n be_v add_v a_o other_o more_o shameful_a for_o that_o henry_n the_o father_n cause_v this_o princess_n to_o be_v careful_o keep_v the_o which_o shall_v be_v his_o daughter_n in_o law_n fear_v lest_o his_o son_n shall_v violent_o take_v she_o away_o father_n prince_n henry_n jealous_a of_o his_o own_o father_n and_o marry_v she_o elinor_n fall_v into_o jealousy_n as_o if_o henry_n have_v abuse_v she_o and_o it_o be_v easy_a to_o settle_v this_o conceit_n in_o her_o son_n in_o law_n henry_n head_n who_o have_v the_o chief_a interest_n in_o this_o delay_n and_o to_o publish_v this_o scandalous_a report_n unto_o the_o people_n to_o make_v the_o old_a man_n more_o odious_a unto_o the_o whole_a world_n a_o malicious_a and_o importune_a woman_n bear_v for_o a_o great_a plague_n to_o both_o these_o estate_n as_o man_n do_v common_o adore_v the_o sun_n rise_v so_o there_o want_v no_o sycophant_n in_o court_n to_o flatte●_n the_o care_n of_o this_o young_a king_n and_o likewise_o to_o incense_v the_o two_o king_n one_o against_o the_o other_o in_o flatter_v their_o passion_n thus_o henry_n transport_v by_o these_o occasion_n complain_v to_o lewis_n of_o the_o double_a wrong_n his_o father_n do_v he_o both_o in_o the_o delay_n of_o his_o marriage_n and_o denial_n of_o his_o authority_n and_o as_o lewis_n at_o his_o request_n have_v give_v some_o admonition_n unto_o henry_n in_o the_o end_n this_o passionate_a young_a prince_n come_v to_o paris_n where_o be_v well_o receive_v he_o enter_v league_n with_o lewis_n to_o make_v war_n against_o his_o father_n and_o to_o disquiet_v he_o in_o diverse_a part_n william_n king_n of_o scotland_n be_v a_o associate_n upon_o condition_n that_o henry_n shall_v give_v he_o
the_o country_n of_o northu●●●●and_n adjoin_v unto_o scotland_n for_o his_o charge_n in_o the_o war_n henry_n the_o father_n advertise_v of_o all_o these_o preparation_n move_v not_o hope_v that_o reason_n shall_v reclaim_v his_o son_n and_o to_o this_o end_n he_o send_v a_o honourable_a ambassage_n to_o lewis_n and_o to_o his_o son_n be_v in_o france_n the_o which_o make_v they_o more_o resolute_a a_o usual_a thing_n in_o such_o as_o be_v seek_v unto_o elinor_n add_v more_o to_o this_o dissension_n great_a enough_o of_o itself_o father_n the_o son_n make_v war_n against_o the_o father_n to_o cross_v the_o affair_n of_o her_o old_a husband_n with_o who_o she_o stand_v in_o very_o bad_a term_n she_o do_v bandy_v she_o two_o son_n richard_n and_o geoffrey_n against_o the_o father_n cause_v they_o to_o join_v with_o their_o brother_n henry_n who_o be_v puff_v up_o wonderful_o here-with_a have_v his_o brother_n for_o companion_n of_o his_o fury_n the_o war_n break_v forth_o among_o they_o the_o king_n army_n enter_v into_o normandy_n the_o which_o obey_v the_o father_n henry_n the_o son_n take_v some_o place_n and_o engage_v some_o man_n of_o war_n with_o great_a promise_n and_o by_o great_a assurance_n of_o good_a the_o which_o be_v not_o in_o his_o power_n to_o perform_v henry_n the_o father_n have_v provide_v for_o england_n against_o william_n king_n of_o scot_n pass_v into_o normandy_n where_o lie_v all_o the_o burden_n of_o the_o war_n and_o arm_n with_o great_a speed_n the_o coldness_n of_o his_o age_n be_v chase_v by_o the_o lively_a apprehension_n of_o so_o many_o indignity_n the_o great_a part_n of_o his_o subject_n detest_v the_o presumption_n of_o this_o son_n neither_o can_v they_o allow_v of_o lewis_n his_o proceed_n 1155._o 1155._o who_o have_v do_v better_a in_o cast_v water_n then_o oil_n into_o this_o homebred_a fire_n father_n lewis_n support_v the_o son_n against_o the_o father_n lewis_n besiege_v vernueil_n and_o fear_v to_o be_v force_v to_o raise_v the_o siege_n under_o colour_n of_o a_o parley_n with_o henry_n he_o take_v the_o town_n and_o send_v force_n from_o other_o part_n into_o england_n to_o cause_v new_a broil_n richard_n duke_n of_o guienne_n by_o his_o mother_n right_a make_v war_n there_o but_o all_o these_o unlawful_a attempt_n have_v no_o success_n the_o french_a that_o pass_v into_o england_n be_v beat_v &_o richard_n prevail_v not_o against_o his_o father_n to_o who_o most_o of_o the_o city_n yield_v daily_o &_o leave_v the_o son_n richard_n draw_v to_o his_o duty_n by_o the_o respect_n of_o nature_n not_o but_o they_o prevail_v not_o which_o can_v be_v deny_v &_o force_v by_o necessity_n desire_v to_o parley_v with_o his_o father_n he_o be_v receive_v into_o grace_n and_o deal_v with_o his_o brother_n henry_n for_o the_o like_a reconciliation_n lewis_n find_v henry_n disposition_n allow_v of_o it_o they_o send_v ambassador_n of_o either_o side_n this_o uncivil_a &_o unlawful_a war_n be_v end_v by_o this_o accord_n son_n henry_n king_n of_o england_n reconcile_v to_o his_o son_n that_o the_o father_n shall_v re●aine_v alone_o in_o the_o royal_a authority_n acknowledge_v and_o obey_v of_o all_o his_o son_n that_o he_o shall_v give_v honourable_a allowance_n to_o either_o of_o they_o according_a to_o their_o degree_n that_o the_o marriage_n of_o henry_n with_o marguerite_n the_o elder_a daughter_n of_o king_n lewis_n shall_v be_v consummate_v and_o that_o alix_n his_o other_o daughter_n shall_v be_v give_v in_o marriage_n to_o richard_n the_o other_o son_n of_o henry_n to_o make_v a_o absolute_a accord_n thus_o this_o tragedy_n seem_v to_o end_v with_o a_o comedy_n but_o there_o shall_v be_v change_n of_o subject_n upon_o another_o scaffold_n as_o these_o thing_n pass_v in_o england_n italy_n be_v nothing_o quiet_o by_o the_o dissension_n that_o be_v reviue_v betwixt_o the_o emperor_n and_o pope_n after_o the_o death_n of_o conrade_n frederick_n surname_v barberousse_n be_v create_v emperor_n of_o who_o history_n yield_v a_o honourable_a testimony_n of_o his_o wisdom_n and_o valour_n have_v pacify_v germany_n he_o come_v into_o italy_n to_o repair_v the_o confusion_n breed_v both_o by_o long_a absence_n and_o the_o death_n of_o conrade_n the_o emperor_n have_v punish_v the_o veronois_n and_o the_o milanois_n pope_n new_a dissension_n betwixt_o the_o emperor_n and_o pope_n have_v incense_v pope_n adrian_n who_o support_v they_o the_o faction_n of_o guelph_n and_o gibelin_n be_v confuse_o spread_v throughout_o all_o the_o city_n so_o as_o he_o be_v ready_a to_o excommunicate_v he_o when_o as_o death_n stay_v this_o storm_n leave_v it_o ready_a to_o his_o successor_n the_o schism_n which_o grow_v in_o the_o sea_n of_o rome_n by_o these_o faction_n stay_v the_o blow_n some_o have_v call_v victor_n as_o most_o affectionate_a to_o the_o emperor_n partie●_n other_o alexander_n as_o his_o swear_a enemy_n to_o remedy_v this_o division_n frederick_n call_v a_o council_n at_o pavia_n and_o send_v to_o both_o the_o pope_n to_o come_v thither_o victor_n come_v and_o offer_v to_o perform_v what_o shall_v be_v decree_v alexander_n on_o the_o other_o side_n make_v the_o old_a answer_n these_o be_v the_o word_n of_o the_o history_n that_o the_o pope_n be_v not_o to_o be_v judge_v by_o any_o man_n live_v and_o that_o he_o neither_o aught_o nor_o will_v appear_v the_o council_n be_v thus_o dissolve_v without_o any_o good_a conclusion_n the_o emperor_n for_o the_o make_n of_o a_o accord_n entreat_v lewis_n king_n of_o france_n henry_n king_n of_o england_n and_o the_o king_n of_o scotland_n and_o bohemia_n to_o meet_v in_o some_o convenient_a place_n for_o a_o parley_n dijon_n be_v appoint_v as_o border_v upon_o the_o empire_n they_o meet_v but_o their_o conference_n do_v aggravate_v the_o quarrel_n lewis_n be_v whole_o for_o alexander_n who_o have_v likewise_o gain_v the_o venetian_n and_o the_o great_a part_n of_o italy_n the_o issue_n of_o this_o pa●ley_n be_v open_a force_n the_o which_o frederick_n employ_v against_o the_o milanois_n be_v the_o principal_a cause_n of_o this_o dissension_n milan_n frederick_n the_o emperor_n ruin_v milan_n who_o he_o do_v punish_v severelie_o have_v take_v spoil_v and_o sack_v their_o city_n ruin_v it_o utter_o cause_v salt_n to_o be_v sow_v there_o &_o punish_v the_o author_n of_o this_o rebellion_n capital_o alexander_n not_o able_a to_o resist_v frederick_n retire_v himself_o into_o france_n from_o whence_o he_o plant_v his_o battery_n against_o the_o emperor_n the_o milanois_n save_v what_o they_o can_v in_o this_o shipwreck_n begin_v to_o build_v their_o city_n under_o the_o favour_n of_o pope_n alexander_n &_o to_o make_v new_a design_n against_o frederick_n who_o return_v into_o italy_n make_v himself_o master_n of_o genoa_n pope_n he_o take_v rom●_n and_o create_v a_o new_a pope_n from_o whence_o their_o mean_n come_v defeat_v the_o roman_n in_o a_o pitch_a field_n take_v rome_n &_o cause_v another_o pope_n call_v calixtus_n to_o be_v create_v in_o the_o place_n of_o alexander_n the_o 3._o alexander_n save_v himself_o at_o venice_n otho_n the_o son_n of_o frederick_n follow_v after_o to_o take_v he_o with_o 75._o galley_n venetians_n otho_n the_o emperor_n son_n ca●en_v by_o the_o venetians_n but_o the_o chance_n turn_v for_o he_o himself_o be_v take_v by_o cian_a general_n of_o the_o venetian_n and_o carry_v prisoner_n to_o venice_n then_o frederick_n grow_v more_o mild_a &_o accept_v of_o such_o condition_n of_o peace_n as_o alexander_n have_v prescribe_v that_o he_o shall_v crave_v absolution_n on_o his_o knee_n and_o himself_o shall_v lead_v his_o army_n into_o asia_n so_o as_o frederick_n come_v to_o venice_n and_o be_v prostrate_a at_o the_o pope_n foot_n in_o a_o solemn_a assembly_n 1171._o 1171._o he_o ask_v pardon_n the_o pope_n set_v his_o foot_n upon_o his_o neck_n and_o cry_v with_o a_o loud_a voice_n super_fw-la aspidem_fw-la et_fw-la basiliscum_fw-la ambulabis_fw-la the_o emperor_n move_v with_o this_o disgrace_n pope_n the_o emperor_n subject_n himself_o base_o to_o the_o pope_n answer_n non_fw-la tibi_fw-la sed_fw-la petro._n the_o pope_n reply_v et_fw-la mihi_fw-la &_o petro._n this_o bravado_n of_o alexander_n seem_v so_o strange_a to_o some_o of_o his_o train_n as_o theodore_n marquis_n of_o misnia_n tremble_v and_o gnash_v his_o tooth_n with_o choler_n be_v hold_v back_o by_o the_o reins_n of_o respect_n yet_o he_o run_v to_o the_o emperor_n and_o take_v he_o up_o the_o pope_n fear_v least_o these_o german_n shall_v offer_v he_o some_o violence_n be_v amaze_v cast_v himself_o about_o frederick_n neck_n who_o even_o now_o he_o hold_v under_o his_o foot_n beseech_v he_o to_o preserve_v he_o from_o his_o train_n the_o emperor_n give_v he_o his_o word_n for_o he_o be_v the_o strong_a both_o within_o the_o city_n and_o without_o have_v humble_v himself_o for_o
france_z xxxxvi_fw-la he_o find_v his_o authority_n respect_v within_o the_o realm_n 1286._o 1286._o as_o well_o for_o his_o age_n philip._n the_o disposition_n of_o philip._n as_o have_v govern_v the_o state_n with_o dignity_n under_o his_o father_n philip._n a_o good_a prince_n judicious_a and_o of_o a_o noble_a mind_n and_o the_o which_o be_v not_o the_o least_o point_n of_o happiness_n in_o this_o life_n he_o be_v well_o marry_v with_o joane_n queen_n of_o navarre_n whereof_o he_o take_v the_o name_n of_o king_n before_o the_o decease_n of_o his_o father_n issue_n his_o issue_n enjoy_v her_o as_o a_o sweet_a companion_n of_o his_o complexion_n he_o have_v three_o son_n by_o she_o goodly_a prince_n of_o body_n and_o excellent_a spirit_n lewis_z philip_n and_o charles_n which_o shall_v be_v king_n successive_o one_o after_o another_o but_o all_o so_o ill_o match_v son_n philip_n unhappy_a in_o the_o marriage_n of_o his_o son_n as_o it_o be_v his_o grief_n to_o see_v his_o child_n house_n infect_v with_o three_o strumpet_n