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A00982 The nine English worthies: or, Famous and worthy princes of England being all of one name; beginning with King Henrie the first, and concluding with Prince Henry, eldest sonne to our Soueraigne Lord the King. Fletcher, Robert, purveyor of carriages to Queen Elizabeth. 1606 (1606) STC 11087; ESTC S118024 29,385 76

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do_v plain_o appear_v it_o will_v seem_v incredible_a to_o be_v tell_v and_o no_o less_o admirable_a how_o he_o do_v abstain_v from_o lascivious_a live_n and_o avaritious_a desire_n in_o such_o time_n and_o estate_n of_o riches_n and_o provoke_a youth_n in_o the_o time_n of_o loss_n he_o be_v no_o more_o sad_a then_o in_o the_o time_n of_o victory_n which_o constancy_n few_o prince_n have_v ever_o use_v to_o speak_v of_o his_o bounty_n and_o liberality_n no_o man_n can_v be_v more_o free_a gentle_a and_o liberal_a in_o bestow_v reward_n upon_o all_o person_n according_a to_o their_o desert_n save_v that_o he_o do_v not_o regard_v money_n to_o keep_v but_o to_o give_v away_o and_o to_o spend_v what_o may_v besayed_z he_o be_v the_o mirror_n of_o all_o christendom_n and_o the_o glory_n of_o his_o country_n the_o flower_n of_o king_n pass_v and_o the_o glass_n of_o all_o succeed_v majesty_n no_o prince_n have_v less_o of_o his_o subject_n no_o king_n conquer_v more_o who_o fame_n by_o his_o death_n lively_o flourish_v as_o his_o act_n in_o his_o life_n be_v see_v and_o remember_v the_o loss_n of_o such_o a_o prince_n can_v not_o be_v sufficient_o lament_v of_o his_o subject_n blame_v fortune_n for_o take_v away_o so_o precious_a a_o jewel_n so_o noble_a a_o ornament_n so_o sure_a a_o defence_n for_o no_o doubt_n so_o much_o hope_v as_o be_v take_v away_o from_o the_o englishman_n the_o assure_a conquest_n of_o all_o france_n by_o his_o sudden_a death_n so_o much_o trust_n be_v increase_v in_o the_o french_a nation_n stomach_n to_o recover_v their_o late_a loss_n again_o as_o not_o many_o year_n after_o they_o do_v indeed_o peter_n basset_n esquire_n and_o one_o of_o his_o chamber_n affirm_v that_o he_o die_v of_o a_o pleurisy_n there_o be_v other_o that_o do_v astirme_v otherwise_o but_o the_o most_o likely_a be_v a_o pleurisy_n indeed_o the_o nature_n of_o that_o disease_n be_v then_o unknowen_a to_o physician_n or_o to_o the_o world_n in_o those_o day_n especial_o this_o king_n reign_v nine_o year_n five_o month_n and_o three_o and_o twenty_o day_n and_o live_v not_o full_a thirty_o eight_o year_n he_o be_v of_o stature_n high_o than_o the_o common_a sort_n of_o body_n lean_a singular_o proportion_v and_o strong_o make_v of_o face_n beautiful_a something_o long_o neck_v black_a haired_a stout_a of_o stomach_n eloquent_a of_o tongue_n in_o martial_a affair_n a_o perfect_a master_n and_o of_o chivalry_n the_o very_a peragon_n his_o body_n inbalm_v and_o lap_v in_o lead_n be_v lay_v in_o a_o chariot_n royal_a rich_o apparel_v in_o cloth_n of_o gold_n upon_o his_o corpse_n be_v lay_v a_o representation_n of_o his_o person_n adorn_v with_o robe_n diadem_n sceptre_n and_o ball_n like_o a_o king_n the_o which_o chariot_n be_v draw_v with_o six_o horse_n rich_o trap_v with_o several_a arm_n the_o first_o with_o the_o arm_n of_o s._n george_n the_o second_o with_o the_o arm_n of_o normandy_n the_o three_o with_o the_o arm_n of_o king_n arthur_n the_o four_o with_o the_o arm_n of_o s._n edward_n the_o five_o with_o the_o arm_n of_o france_n the_o six_o with_o the_o arm_n of_o england_n and_o france_n on_o this_o chariot_n give_v attendance_n james_n king_n of_o scotland_n principal_a mourner_n his_o uncle_n thomas_n duke_n of_o exeter_n richard_n earl_n of_o warwick_n edmond_n earl_n of_o march_n humphrey_n earl_n of_o stafford_n edmond_n earl_n of_o mortaine_a the_o nota._n lord_n fitz_n hugh_n hugh_n l._n beufort_n walt._n l._n hungerford_n sir_n lewis_n robsert_n lord_n bourchier_n sir_n john_n cornwall_n lord_n fanhope_n and_o the_o lord_n cromwell_n be_v the_o mourner_n the_o lord_n lovel_n the_o lord_n audley_n the_o lord_n zouch_n bear_v the_o banner_n of_o saint_n the_o baron_n of_o dublin_n bear_v the_o standard_n the_o earl_n of_o longvile_n bear_v the_o banner_n the_o hatchment_n be_v bear_v only_o by_o captain_n to_o the_o number_n of_o twelve_o and_o round_o about_o the_o chariot_n ride_v five_o hundred_o man_n at_o arm_n all_o in_o black_a armour_n and_o their_o horse_n barbd_v with_o black_a carrying_z the_o but_z end_n of_o their_o spear_n upward_o the_o convoy_n of_o this_o dolorous_a funeral_n be_v commit_v to_o sir_n william_n philip_n treasurer_n of_o his_o househould_v &_o to_o sir_n william_n porter_n his_o chief_a carver_n and_o other_o mourner_n on_o each_o side_n the_o chariot_n be_v 300._o man_n bear_v long_a torch_n and_o lord_n bear_v banner_n baverole_n and_o pennon_n nota._n with_o this_o funeral_n pomp_n he_o be_v convey_v from_o bois_n de_fw-fr vincens_fw-la to_o paris_n and_o so_o to_o rouen_n to_o abuill_n to_o calis_n to_o dover_n and_o so_o through_o london_n to_o westminster_n where_o he_o be_v bury_v with_o such_o solemnity_n as_o to_o such_o a_o prince_n appertain_v especial_o such_o lament_n of_o the_o lord_n and_o such_o mourning_n of_o the_o commons_o asn_a ever_o before_o those_o day_n be_v see_v in_o the_o realm_n of_o england_n there_o be_v as_o i_o do_v think_v a_o epitaph_n fix_v upon_o his_o tumbe_n at_o westminster_n but_o i_o hold_v it_o my_o duty_n to_o continue_v my_o course_n in_o write_v a_o simple_a one_o of_o my_o own_o in_o honour_n of_o he_o etc._n etc._n his_o epitaphe_n ohad_v i_o homer_n pen_n and_o virgil_n wit_n with_o tully_n eloquence_n to_o praise_v this_o prince_n and_o will_v the_o muse_n come_v and_o by_o i_o sit_v yet_o pen_n and_o paper_n will_v my_o muse_n convince_v for_o who_o can_v write_v of_o this_o most_o famous_a king_n and_o shall_v not_o err_v in_o many_o a_o worthy_a thing_n his_o life_n immaculate_a what_o do_v that_o mean_a but_o that_o he_o conquer_v sin_n the_o world_n the_o flesh_n unspotted_a sure_a o_o heart_n and_o body_n clean_a almost_o two_o hundred_o year_n ago_o yet_o fresh_a the_o memory_n of_o thou_o o_o king_n remain_v thy_o tumbe_a like_o crystal_n shine_v devoid_a of_o stain_n prose_n be_v thy_o praise_n which_o holinshed_n hathpend_fw-mi and_o praise_v be_v thy_o name_n o_o king_n for_o ever_o thy_o own_o pure_a praise_n no_o mortal_a man_n can_v mend_v thy_o name_n can_v forget_v be_v no_o never_o england_n and_o france_n ring_v forth_o thy_o famous_a praise_n though_o thou_o reign_v with_o the_o ancient_n of_o all_o day_n yet_o as_o a_o mirror_n or_o a_o look_a glass_n thou_o may_v remain_v o_o king_n among_o we_o still_o succeed_v prince_n will_v not_o let_v thou_o pass_v to_o heaven_n without_o administer_a thy_o will._n such_o testament_n grant_v all_o thy_o heir_n to_o prove_v then_o england_n glory_n never_o shall_v remove_v rest_v then_o o_o rex_n and_o rise_v up_o with_o renown_n westmonastery_n do_v thy_o tomb_n possess_v succeed_v sovereign_a do_v enjoy_v thy_o crown_n and_o kingdom_n all_o one_o more_o for_o who_o we_o bless_v thy_o name_n great_a god_n who_o long_o prolong_v his_o day_n to_o england_n comfort_n and_o ay-lasting_a praise_n king_n henry_n the_o six_o after_o that_o death_n have_v bereave_v the_o world_n of_o that_o noble_a prince_n king_n henry_n the_o five_o his_o only_a son_n prince_n henry_n be_v of_o the_o age_n of_o nine_o month_n or_o thereabouts_o with_o the_o sound_n of_o trumpet_n be_v open_o proclaim_v king_n of_o england_n and_o of_o france_n the_o thirteen_o day_n of_o august_n anno._n 1422._o by_o the_o name_n of_o king_n henry_n the_o six_o the_o custody_n of_o this_o young_a prince_n be_v commit_v to_o the_o duke_n of_o exeter_n and_o to_o henry_n beuford_n bishop_n of_o winchester_n in_o the_o eight_o year_n of_o his_o reign_n &_o the_o same_o of_o his_o age_n he_o be_v with_o all_o solemnity_n crown_v king_n at_o westminster_n not_o long_o after_o which_o time_n he_o take_v the_o sea_n at_o dover_n land_v at_o calis_n from_o thence_o to_o rouen_n and_o so_o to_o paris_n whither_o attend_v on_o he_o his_o uncle_n the_o cardinal_n of_o winchester_n the_o cardinal_n and_o archbishop_n of_o york_n the_o duke_n of_o bedford_n york_n and_o norfolk_n the_o earl_n of_o warwick_n salisbury_n oxford_n huntingdon_n ormond_n mortaine_a and_o suffolk_n of_o gaskoine_n there_o be_v the_o earl_n of_o longvoile_n and_o march_n beside_o many_o noble_a man_n of_o england_n gwyen_n and_o normandy_n and_o the_o chief_a of_o the_o french_a nation_n be_v the_o duke_n of_o burgundy_n lewis_n of_o luxenburgh_n cardinal_n and_o chancellor_n of_o france_n for_o king_n henry_n the_o bishop_n of_o bavior_n and_o noyom_n both_o peer_n of_o france_n the_o bishop_n of_o paris_n and_o diverse_a other_o bishop_n the_o earl_n of_o vandemont_n with_o a_o great_a number_n of_o other_o nobleman_n superfluous_a to_o be_v name_v and_o he_o have_v a_o guard_n about_o his_o person_n of_o three_o hundred_o choice_n archer_n some_o on_o horseback_n and_o part_n on_o foot_n with_o what_o triumph_v pageant_n scotfree_a and_o sumptuous_a show_n he_o be_v
flesh_n the_o devil_n thomas_n binwin_n gent._n upon_o his_o worthy_a young_a master_n the_o nine_o worthy_n i_o fall_v the_o worthy_n shall_v on_o earth_n appear_v the_o ancient_a worthy_n nine_o in_o rank_n and_o place_n three_o from_o judaea_n three_o from_o other_o where_o and_o christian_n three_o our_o britain_n be_v hopeful_a grace_n our_o sweet_a young_a prince_n thereby_o can_v take_v small_a stain_n though_o they_o from_o grave_n be_v raise_v up_o again_o now_o for_o those_o king_n which_o henry_n have_v to_o name_n may_v they_o compare_v with_o henry_n britain_n prince_n these_o worthy_n though_o of_o far_o renown_a fame_n have_v seek_v and_o fight_v long_a time_n ago_o and_o since_o in_o vain_a for_o to_o conjoin_v their_o neighbour_n land_n to_o this_o their_o own_o continue_v war_n and_o strife_n until_o it_o please_v jehovas_n mighty_a hand_n from_o hence_o to_o give_v king_n james_n the_o four_o a_o wife_n henry_n seventh_n sister_n lady_z margaret_z fair_a of_o who_o descend_v our_o liege_n and_o gracious_a king_n and_o brave_a prince_n henry_n his_o thrice_o worthy_a heir_n magnify_v god_n and_o nature_n for_o this_o thing_n which_o sole_a succession_n have_v bring_v such_o accord_n that_o he_o of_o both_o may_v once_o rest_v sovereign_a lord_n this_o then_o may_v make_v our_o worthy_a principal_n of_o late_a nine_a his_o future_a power_n and_o strength_n yea_o more_o herein_o exceed_a worthy_n all_o they_o be_v dead_a be_v now_o entumbd_a at_o length_n this_o worthy_a life_n god_n grant_v he_o long_o to_o live_v grant_v long_o good_a lord_n the_o king_n his_o father_n reign_n and_o to_o his_o princely_a son_n thy_o grace_n give_v great_a god_n that_o both_o may_v britain_n wealth_n maintain_v the_o author_n excuse_n of_o a_o escape_n in_o the_o title_n follow_v next_o title_n some_o small_a error_n may_v contain_v which_o do_v aver_v henry_n nine_o english_a king_n yet_o to_o my_o book_n why_o shall_v it_o seem_v a_o stain_n sith_o to_o great_a britain_n it_o great_a comfort_n bring_v the_o hopeful_a prince_n and_o heir_n apparent_a he_o with_o the_o eight_o king_n well_o may_v consort_v be_v twice_o scape_v by_o pen_n and_o press_v i_o fear_v to_o raze_v his_o future_a style_n at_o who_o even_o king_n may_v gaze_v the_o nine_o english_a worthy_n or_o famous_a and_o worthy_a king_n of_o england_n be_v all_o of_o one_o name_n beginning_z with_o king_n henry_n the_o first_o and_o conclude_v with_o henry_n now_o prince_n of_o great_a britain_n king_n henry_n the_o first_o king_n henry_n the_o first_o be_v the_o son_n of_o william_n the_o brother_n to_o william_n rufus_n that_o be_v immediate_o before_o king_n of_o england_n which_o worthy_a king_n for_o his_o wisdom_n learning_n judgement_n and_o honourable_a policy_n be_v surname_v henry_n beuclarke_n or_o the_o fair_a writer_n and_o good_a scholar_n he_o begin_v his_o reign_n the_o five_o day_n of_o august_n anno_fw-la domini_fw-la 1100._o he_o be_v crown_v at_o westminster_n reign_v 35._o year_n and_o 4._o month_n lack_v 4._o day_n he_o be_v strong_a of_o body_n comely_a of_o stature_n black_a haired_a large_a and_o fair_a eye_n a_o princely_a and_o a_o pleasant_a countenance_n excel_v in_o three_o virtue_n most_o commendable_a and_o comfortable_a to_o the_o subject_n of_o his_o time_n viz_n wisdom_n eloquence_n and_o valour_n his_o epitaphe_n henry_n the_o first_o a_o king_n a_o prince_n son_n excellent_a wise_a well_o learn_v of_o valiant_a mind_n his_o government_n record_v this_o have_v win_v for_o everlasting_a praise_n to_o he_o assign_v first_o worthy_a then_o take_v place_n o_o mighty_a prince_n that_o with_o these_o virtue_n do_v thy_o foe_n convince_v king_n henry_n the_o second_o of_o that_o name_n he_o be_v a_o frenchman_n bear_v the_o second_o son_n of_o jeffrey_n plantagenet_n earl_n of_o anjou_n beget_v of_o mawde_z the_o empress_n daughter_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o first_o he_o begin_v his_o reign_n over_o this_o noble_a kealme_n of_o england_n the_o 25_o day_n of_o october_n in_o the_o year_n after_o the_o incarnation_n of_o our_o saviour_n christ_n 1154._o and_o depart_v this_o life_n in_o an._n 1189._o in_o the_o 61._o year_n of_o his_o age_n after_o he_o have_v reign_v 34._o year_n 9_o month_n and_o two_o day_n and_o here_o may_v be_v think_v say_v the_o historiographer_n that_o the_o reign_n of_o the_o frenchman_n and_o the_o name_n take_v a_o end_n after_o they_o have_v bear_v sway_n 122._o year_n after_o the_o come_n in_o of_o king_n william_n the_o conqueror_n for_o those_o king_n which_o reign_v after_o this_o henry_n the_o second_o may_v right_o be_v call_v englishman_n because_o they_o be_v bear_v in_o england_n and_o use_v the_o english_a tongue_n custom_n and_o manner_n according_a to_o the_o nature_n and_o quality_n of_o the_o country_n his_o body_n be_v bury_v at_o fountverand_n which_o be_v a_o abbey_n situate_v not_o far_o from_o the_o eagle_n within_o the_o duchy_n of_o almucon_n his_o description_n he_o be_v a_o man_n of_o good_a stature_n and_o very_a well_o form_v of_o comely_a countenance_n partly_o red_a haired_a grey_a eye_n of_o wit_n quick_a and_o perfect_a good_a memory_n so_o that_o he_o can_v remember_v long_o all_o thing_n of_o any_o moment_n which_o he_o have_v either_o hear_v or_o see_v of_o body_n somewhat_o fleshy_a and_o strong_a and_o can_v abide_v very_o patient_o the_o displeasure_n both_o of_o cold_a and_o heat_n he_o have_v a_o large_a head_n a_o broad_a breast_n and_o very_o spare_v of_o diet_n the_o rather_o because_o he_o will_v not_o be_v too_o fat_a therefore_o when_o he_o be_v at_o leisure_n and_o free_a from_o war_n his_o exercise_n be_v hunt_v and_o progress_n travel_n he_o be_v a_o prince_n of_o stout_a stomach_n and_o invincible_a courage_n more_o resolute_a and_o constant_a in_o time_n of_o adversity_n then_o in_o prosperity_n liberal_a to_o all_o man_n but_o chief_o unto_o soldier_n pitiful_a to_o the_o poor_a a_o excellent_a virtue_n and_o nature_n in_o a_o prince_n for_o proof_n whereof_o in_o a_o time_n of_o dearth_n which_o happen_v in_o anjou_n and_o mayne_n he_o do_v at_o his_o own_o cost_n and_o princely_a pity_n feed_v ten_o thousand_o poor_a people_n every_o day_n with_o good_a victual_n from_o the_o first_o of_o april_n till_o the_o last_o of_o july_n an._n dom._n 1176._o and_o above_o his_o princely_a and_o most_o magnificent_a housekeep_n he_o store_v garner_n cellar_n and_o store-howse_n religious_a person_n and_o their_o house_n tribute_n and_o tax_n he_o take_v very_o seldom_o and_o those_o not_o great_a he_o be_v very_o expect_v in_o feat_n of_o war_n and_o no_o less_o fortunate_a therein_o he_o will_v praise_v his_o captain_n and_o man_n of_o war_n after_o their_o death_n to_o encourage_v those_o that_o live_v he_o be_v well_o learned_a as_o those_o prince_n aforesaid_a and_o exceed_a wise_n his_o care_n to_o have_v justice_n due_o administer_v in_o his_o realm_n be_v exceed_a great_a in_o so_o much_o that_o find_v that_o the_o sheriff_n in_o his_o time_n be_v rather_o incline_v to_o seek_v their_o own_o gain_n then_o to_o deal_v upright_o with_o his_o subject_n he_o appoint_v sapranisor_n over_o they_o to_o over_o see_v their_o do_n as_o if_o they_o have_v be_v controller_n so_o as_o a_o awful_a regard_n make_v they_o circumspect_a and_o wary_a in_o their_o do_n he_o ordain_v also_o punishment_n for_o hunter_n in_o forest_n and_o ground_n of_o warren_n either_o by_o fine_n or_o byimprisonment_n he_o ordain_v that_o murderer_n shall_v be_v hang_v other_o offence_n he_o punish_v with_o loss_n of_o limb_n and_o otherwise_o as_o the_o quality_n of_o the_o offence_n require_v most_o careful_a he_o be_v to_o have_v justice_n administer_v without_o corruption_n he_o try_v man_n of_o sundry_a sort_n to_o execute_v justice_n with_o justice_n but_o in_o fine_a he_o refer_v it_o to_o the_o bishop_n and_o clergy_n man_n hope_v in_o that_o profession_n to_o find_v the_o most_o integrity_n and_o yet_o he_o little_o regard_v the_o bishop_n of_o rome_n or_o fear_v his_o censure_n as_o be_v manifest_a by_o the_o history_n of_o thomas_n becket_n in_o this_o king_n time_n and_o sundry_a other_o i_o find_v two_o latin_a epitaph_n translate_v into_o rude_a english_a by_o the_o writer_n of_o this_o whole_a history_n the_o effect_n whereof_o somewhat_o reform_v be_v as_o follow_v king_n henry_n be_v of_o late_a my_o famous_a name_n a_o conqueror_n of_o many_o a_o princely_a land_n small_a epitaph_n shall_v need_v to_o advance_v my_o fame_n what_o do_v by_o i_o be_v do_v by_o powerful_a hand_n and_o in_o my_o day_n i_o pass_v not_o a_o pin_n for_o pope_n of_o rome_n he_o nought_o of_o i_o can_v win_v war_n law_n and_o justice_n as_o a_o princess_n word_n i_o hold_v they_o always_o of_o the_o great_a regard_n where_o peace_n will_v not_o prevail_v
i_o draw_v my_o sword_n unto_o myself_o and_o soldier_n full_a reward_n i_o give_v and_o with_o small_a bloodshed_n as_o i_o can_v i_o tame_v my_o foe_n and_o quail_v prince_n bold_a as_o second_v worthy_a i_o do_v claim_v the_o place_n among_o the_o nine_o and_o more_o for_o in_o my_o time_n all_o christian_a prince_n seek_v to_o i_o for_o grace_n for_o without_o i_o they_o can_v not_o live_v sans_o crime_n my_o peer_n and_o prince_n i_o maintain_v with_o right_a and_o in_o the_o field_n dub_v many_o a_o worthy_a knight_n king_n henry_n the_o three_o king_n henry_n the_o three_o of_o that_o name_n be_v the_o elder_a son_n of_o king_n john_n the_o young_a son_n of_o king_n henry_n the_o second_o be_v a_o child_n of_o the_o age_n of_o nine_o year_n he_o begin_v his_o reign_n over_o the_o realm_n of_o england_n the_o 19_o day_n of_o october_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1216._o he_o be_v crown_v at_o gloucester_n by_o the_o hand_n of_o two_o bishop_n viz._n winchester_n and_o bath_n by_o the_o honourable_a mean_n of_o william_n martial_n then_o earl_n of_o pembroke_n he_o be_v a_o prince_n of_o great_a wisdom_n power_n and_o policy_n by_o who_o eloquent_a oration_n this_o young_a king_n be_v crown_v as_o be_v here_o mention_v he_o depart_v this_o life_n at_o westminster_n the_o 16._o day_n of_o november_n nota._n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1272._o after_o he_o have_v live_v 65._o year_n and_o reign_v king_n of_o this_o realm_n 56._o year_n &_o 28._o day_n he_o be_v bury_v at_o westminster_n leave_v a_o princely_a and_o a_o very_a honourable_a issue_n as_o edward_n prince_n of_o wales_n who_o succeed_v he_o by_o the_o name_n of_o king_n edward_n the_o first_o he_o have_v one_o son_n more_o and_o three_o daughter_n he_o be_v of_o body_n well_o cast_v to_o use_v the_o former_a writer_n own_o word_n be_v strong_a and_o of_o a_o good_a stature_n well_o favour_v and_o of_o a_o be_v wtifull_a face_n only_o blemish_v a_o little_a in_o the_o lid_n of_o one_o of_o his_o eye_n of_o nature_n very_o courteous_a and_o of_o stomach_n both_o noble_a and_o stout_a as_o may_v appear_v by_o his_o many_o battle_n and_o victory_n a_o devaut_n prince_n towards_o his_o god_n and_o bountiful_a in_o work_n of_o relief_n and_o comfort_n towards_o the_o poor_a and_o needy_a therefore_o a_o worthy_a and_o worthy_a of_o the_o insue_a epitaph_n his_o epitaphe_n henry_n the_o three_o begin_v his_o reign_n in_o peace_n and_o likewise_o bring_v a_o mighty_a peace_n to_o pass_v begin_v his_o force_a factious_a french_a surcease_n and_o land_v lewis_n in_o france_n where_o first_o he_o be_v else_o noble_a england_n have_v be_v thrust_v in_o thrall_n by_o lodowick_n and_o his_o lusty_a gallant_n then_o but_o english_a britain_n be_v banish_v the_o gall_n so_o show_v that_o they_o be_v true_a english_a man_n king_n henry_n then_o of_o worthy_n be_v the_o chief_a that_o for_o his_o subject_n wrought_v so_o greatreliefe_n king_n henry_n the_o four_o when_o king_n richard_n the_o secod_n have_v resign_v the_o crown_n as_o in_o his_o history_n it_o appear_v he_o do_v henry_n plantagenet_n bear_v at_o bollingbroke_n in_o the_o county_n of_o lincoln_n duke_n of_o lancaster_n earl_n of_o hertford_n leicester_n and_o lincoln_n be_v with_o the_o general_a consent_n both_o of_o the_o lord_n and_o commons_o of_o the_o realm_n publish_v proclaim_v and_o declare_v king_n of_o england_n france_n and_o lord_n of_o ireland_n he_o be_v crown_v at_o westminster_n in_o an._n 1399._o with_o great_a and_o kingly_a majesty_n all_o officer_n of_o estate_n and_o of_o princely_a service_n do_v their_o homage_v and_o attend_v upon_o the_o same_o he_o depart_v this_o life_n the_o 20._o day_n of_o march_n 1413._o and_o in_o the_o year_n of_o his_o age_n 46._o when_o he_o have_v reign_v 13._o year_n five_o month_n and_o odd_a day_n the_o manner_n of_o his_o death_n this_o king_n be_v endue_v with_o magnanimity_n and_o do_v purpose_v a_o voyage_n against_o the_o infidel_n and_o to_o have_v with_o his_o force_n and_o might_n redeem_v palestina_n or_o the_o holy_a land_n then_o so_o call_v from_o the_o infidel_n have_v a_o army_n and_o all_o honourable_a provision_n for_o such_o a_o journey_n ready_a and_o be_v the_o time_n of_o his_o high_a court_n of_o parliament_n he_o fall_v sudden_o and_o extreme_o sick_a as_o he_o be_v then_o though_o vain_o pray_v before_o saint_n edward_n shrine_n from_o whence_o be_v remove_v into_o a_o chamber_n of_o the_o abbot_n of_o westminster_n call_v jerusalem_n he_o depart_v as_o be_v above_o say_v but_o during_o the_o time_n of_o his_o sickness_n say_v some_o writer_n he_o cause_v his_o crown_n to_o be_v set_v upon_o a_o pillow_n at_o his_o bed_n head_n and_o sudden_o the_o pang_n of_o death_n have_v power_n over_o he_o he_o seem_v dead_a and_o the_o gentlemen_z attendants_z cover_v his_o face_n with_o a_o veil_n that_o valiant_a prince_n his_o son_n be_v advertise_v thereof_o enter_v into_o the_o chamber_n take_v away_o the_o crown_n and_o depart_v the_o king_n his_o father_n revive_v quick_o and_o do_v perceive_v the_o lack_n of_o his_o crown_n and_o have_v knowledge_n that_o the_o prince_n his_o son_n have_v take_v it_o away_o he_o cause_v he_o to_o appear_v before_o his_o presence_n demand_v of_o he_o how_o he_o dare_v presume_v to_o such_o a_o act_n who_o make_v unto_o the_o king_n a_o humble_a and_o princely_a answer_n but_o the_o king_n answer_v with_o a_o powerful_a majesty_n say_v with_o a_o great_a sigh_n well_o fair_a son_n what_o right_o i_o have_v to_o it_o god_n know_v yet_o i_o commit_v all_o to_o god_n and_o wish_v unto_o you_o all_o good_a grace_n from_o he_o worthy_a of_o so_o high_a and_o mighty_a a_o call_n so_o yield_v up_o the_o ghost_n in_o the_o abbot_n of_o westminster_n chamber_n call_v jerusalem_n as_o be_v aforesaid_a and_o himself_o be_v tell_v that_o the_o same_o chamber_n be_v so_o call_v he_o take_v comfort_n there_o at_o and_o much_o rejoice_v therein_o for_o determine_v a_o most_o honourable_a journey_n towards_o jerusalem_n he_o do_v end_v his_o day_n in_o jerusalem_n his_o description_n this_o king_n be_v of_o a_o mean_a stature_n well_o proportion_v and_o formal_o compact_v quick_a prompt_a and_o ready_a of_o wit_n of_o a_o stout_a courage_n and_o in_o his_o latter_a day_n he_o show_v himself_o so_o gentle_a that_o he_o obtain_v more_o love_n among_o the_o noble_n and_o people_n of_o this_o roalme_n than_o he_o have_v purchase_v envy_n concern_v his_o right_n to_o the_o crown_n mention_v to_o the_o prince_n his_o son_n he_o be_v bury_v at_o canterbury_n the_o king_n his_o son_n be_v present_a at_o his_o funeral_n his_o epitaphe_n henry_n the_o four_o though_o richard_n second_v shall_v have_v die_v our_o king_n he_o die_v our_o king_n indeed_o which_o act_n by_o dint_n ofsword_n be_v so_o control_v that_o many_o english_a heart_n it_o make_v to_o bleed_v shrewsburie_n field_n do_v still_o the_o matter_n scan_v where_o percy_n pierce_v the_o heart_n of_o many_o a_o man_n themselves_o be_v pierce_v and_o perish_v in_o the_o field_n this_o mighty_a king_n can_v not_o be_v conquer_v so_o lord_n henry_n hotspur_n can_v not_o make_v he_o yield_v northumberland_n earl_n worcester_n thousand_o more_o the_o prince_n of_o wales_n a_o leader_n young_a but_o bold_a fight_v for_o his_o father_n like_o a_o lion_n old_a like_o a_o old_a lion_n rampant_a open_a jaw_n devour_v beast_n so_o fight_v this_o peerless_a prince_n yet_o be_v he_o wound_v in_o the_o face_n god_n know_v pray_v to_o take_v tent_n he_o say_v i_o will_v convince_v those_o foe_n that_o dare_v behold_v my_o father_n face_n within_o his_o land_n and_o work_v he_o this_o disgrace_n the_o brave_a earl_n dowglas_n strike_v the_o king_n on_o helm_n and_o fell_v he_o flat_a upon_o the_o trample_a plain_n slay_v walter_n blunt_n and_o like_a to_o overwhelm_v the_o king_n the_o prince_n and_o all_o their_o valiant_a train_n till_o kingly_a valour_n force_v dowglas_n flight_n and_o with_o his_o hand_n slay_v thirty_o six_o outright_o dowglas_n be_v take_v prisoner_n in_o the_o place_n so_o be_v the_o earl_n of_o wore'ster_n worthy_a pain_n and_o so_o he_o be_v behead_v want_v grace_n but_o dowglas_n be_v receive_v to_o grace_v again_o and_o free_o ransom_v by_o that_o worthy_a king_n against_o who_o he_o fight_v and_o many_o foe_n do_v bring_v more_o of_o this_o king_n if_o more_o you_o list_v to_o hear_v then_o read_v his_o story_n and_o more_o shall_v you_o find_v that_o from_o his_o prime_n unto_o his_o perfect_a year_n great_a honour_n and_o great_a fortune_n be_v assign_v unto_o this_o king_n but_o more_o unto_o his_o son_n who_o have_v no_o peer_n since_o christian_a world_n begin_v king_n counterfeit_n
king_n in_o kingly_a armour_n clad_v be_v beat_v down_o by_o the_o earl_n dowglas_n hand_n to_o see_v they_o fall_v it_o seem_v his_o heart_n to_o glad_a to_o rise_v again_o he_o say_v o_o powerful_a land_n that_o valiant_a heart_n withstand_v fortune_n check_v three_o king_n to_o rise_v each_o one_o in_o other_o neck_n king_n henry_n the_o five_o the_o prince_n of_o wales_n son_n and_o heir_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o four_o be_v bear_v at_o mounmouth_n in_o wales_n upon_o the_o river_n of_o why_o after_o his_o father_n be_v depart_v this_o life_n he_o take_v on_o he_o the_o regiment_n of_o the_o realm_n of_o england_n the_o 20._o day_n of_o march_n and_o be_v proclaim_v king_n by_o the_o name_n of_o henry_n the_o five_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1413_o such_o great_a hope_n &_o good_a expectation_n be_v have_v of_o this_o king_n fortunate_a success_n to_o follow_v that_o within_o sour_a day_n after_o his_o father_n departure_n diverse_a noble_a man_n and_o honourable_a personage_n do_v to_o he_o homage_n and_o swear_v to_o he_o due_a obedience_n which_o have_v not_o be_v see_v do_v to_o any_o his_o predecessor_n king_n of_o this_o realm_n till_o they_o have_v be_v possess_v of_o the_o crown_n he_o be_v crown_v the_o nine_o day_n of_o april_n be_v palme-sonday_n and_o be_v a_o very_a fierce_a and_o cruel_a day_n for_o variety_n of_o foul_a weather_n man_n divine_v and_o deem_v diverse_o what_o may_v ensue_v of_o such_o a_o beginning_n but_o whatsoever_o man_n fantasy_n may_v or_o do_v conjecture_v yet_o this_o be_v the_o king_n that_o according_a to_o the_o proverb_n do_v show_v and_o declare_v indeed_o how_o true_a and_o new_a honour_n ought_v to_o make_v exchange_n of_o old_a and_o evil_a manner_n for_o no_o soon_o be_v he_o invest_v king_n and_o have_v receive_v the_o crown_n but_o he_o do_v put_v upon_o he_o the_o shape_n of_o a_o new_a man_n turn_v insolency_n and_o wildenesse_n into_o gravity_n and_o soberness_n and_o whereas_o he_o have_v pass_v his_o youth_n with_o wanton_a and_o dissolute_a wild_a young_a gentleman_n who_o have_v lead_v he_o into_o all_o excess_n of_o riot_n in_o so_o much_o as_o one_o of_o his_o youthful_a train_n be_v commit_v by_o the_o lord_n chief_a justice_n for_o misdemeanour_n the_o youthful_a prince_n do_v strike_v the_o lord_n chief_a justice_n upon_o the_o face_n who_o also_o present_o commit_v the_o prince_n to_o straight_o and_o close_a prison_n the_o king_n his_o father_n mainetain_v the_o lord_n chief_a justice_n banish_v the_o prince_n from_o his_o presence_n and_o court_n do_v remove_v he_o from_o the_o counsel_n table_n and_o will_v not_o readmit_v he_o into_o favour_n until_o with_o submission_n extraordinary_a he_o obtain_v the_o same_o but_o as_o before_o be_v place_v in_o the_o seat_n royal_a he_o call_v these_o gallant_n before_o he_o tell_v they_o of_o his_o and_o their_o own_o fault_n banish_v they_o from_o his_o presence_n not_o unrewarded_a nor_o yet_o unprefer_v inhibit_v they_o upon_o a_o great_a pain_n not_o once_o to_o approach_v lodge_v or_o sojourn_v within_o ten_o mile_n of_o his_o court_n or_o mansion_n and_o then_o he_o make_v choice_n of_o grave_n wise_a and_o politic_a counsellor_n by_o who_o high_a wisdom_n and_o prudent_a advertisement_n he_o may_v at_o all_o time_n rule_v to_o his_o honour_n and_o govern_v to_o his_o profit_n and_o consider_v with_o himself_o what_o charge_n he_o have_v in_o hand_n and_o what_o appertain_v to_o his_o duty_n and_o office_n he_o trust_v not_o too_o much_o to_o his_o own_o wisdom_n judgement_n and_o direction_n but_o as_o be_v aforesaid_a he_o call_v to_o his_o counsel_n such_o honourable_a personage_n as_o may_v assist_v he_o in_o the_o government_n of_o so_o weighty_a a_o charge_n to_o instruct_v he_o with_o such_o good_a reason_n and_o fruitful_a persuasion_n as_o that_o thereby_o he_o may_v show_v himself_o to_o his_o subject_n a_o mirror_n of_o virtue_n and_o a_o example_n of_o just_a and_o upright_o deal_n and_o have_v first_o lay_v the_o foundation_n of_o his_o government_n sure_a he_o do_v provident_o forecast_v and_o consider_v in_o his_o princely_a mind_n that_o every_o good_a gift_n and_o every_o perfect_a gift_n come_v down_o from_o the_o father_n of_o light_n he_o determine_v withal_o to_o begin_v with_o something_o most_o acceptable_a to_o his_o divine_a majesty_n and_o therefore_o command_v the_o clergy_n sincere_o &_o true_o to_o preach_v the_o word_n of_o god_n and_o live_v according_o that_o they_o may_v be_v as_o they_o ought_v to_o be_v and_o their_o profession_n require_v lantern_n of_o light_n to_o the_o temporalty_n the_o lay_v man_n he_o command_v to_o serve_v god_n and_o obey_v their_o prince_n prohibit_v they_o above_o all_o thing_n the_o breach_n of_o matrimony_n the_o foul_a abuse_n of_o swear_v chief_o of_o wilful_a perjury_n and_o to_o that_o end_n he_o ordain_v good_a &_o wholesome_a law_n and_o present_o summon_v a_o parliament_n in_o the_o which_o in_o honour_n of_o the_o most_o noble_a order_n of_o the_o garter_n he_o ordain_v the_o day_n of_o s._n george_n ever_o after_o to_o be_v keep_v with_o a_o double_a feast_n in_o this_o his_o first_o parliament_n he_o propound_v matter_n of_o question_n touch_v the_o hierarchy_n of_o churchgovernment_n that_o time_n but_o be_v answer_v with_o the_o just_a and_o lawful_a title_n which_o he_o have_v to_o the_o kingdom_n of_o france_n which_o when_o he_o have_v conceive_v to_o pursue_v the_o dolphin_n of_o france_n a_o valiant_a young_a prince_n send_v unto_o his_o majesty_n a_o barrel_n of_o tennis_n ball_n as_o if_o he_o will_v have_v say_v these_o be_v fit_a instrument_n for_o such_o a_o young_a gentleman_n to_o play_v withal_o as_o you_o the_o king_n of_o england_n be_v &_o not_o at_o these_o year_n to_o forecast_v the_o conquest_n or_o rather_o a_o reconquest_n of_o the_o noble_a and_o renown_a kingdom_n of_o france_n which_o the_o king_n my_o father_n and_o i_o the_o dolphin_n do_v and_o will_v possess_v maugre_o the_o power_n of_o england_n but_o this_o redoubt_a king_n magnanimous_a wise_a grave_a and_o settle_v to_o all_o kingly_a resolution_n send_v the_o dolphin_n this_o mild_a and_o sober_a answer_n go_v tell_v that_o gallant_a young_a gentleman_n your_o master_n that_o i_o do_v thank_v he_o for_o his_o present_n and_o will_v with_o all_o speed_n prepare_v to_o send_v he_o in_o requital_n such_o store_n of_o london_n ball_n as_o shall_v batter_v the_o strong_a hold_n make_v stoop_v the_o most_o beautiful_a tower_n and_o make_v flat_a the_o chimney_n and_o roufe_n of_o house_n about_o his_o and_o his_o father_n ear_n that_o be_v contain_v in_o the_o realm_n &_o confine_n of_o france_n for_o i_o will_v make_v the_o high_a crown_n to_o stoop_v and_o the_o proud_a mitre_n to_o kneel_v down_o yea_o and_o that_o before_o one_o year_n do_v pass_v i_o by_o the_o power_n of_o god_n which_o thing_n to_o make_v good_a he_o slack_v no_o time_n omit_v no_o occasion_n lose_v no_o opportunity_n but_o make_v preparation_n both_o by_o sea_n and_o land_n to_o execute_v the_o full_a of_o his_o intend_a purpose_n be_v furnish_v for_o the_o expedition_n of_o the_o fleet_n ready_a for_o his_o majesty_n and_o army_n to_o sail_v forth_o for_o the_o entire_a conquest_n of_o all_o france_n behold_v a_o conspiracy_n be_v practise_v against_o this_o immaculate_a king_n by_o the_o earl_n of_o cambridge_n and_o other_o at_o sowthhampton_n upon_o who_o he_o command_v though_o sore_o against_o his_o will_n as_o some_o author_n do_v affirm_v execution_n to_o be_v do_v upon_o his_o go_v to_o shipboard_n make_v it_o know_v by_o a_o most_o love_a and_o princely_a oration_n how_o unwilling_a he_o be_v to_o have_v take_v life_n away_o or_o to_o have_v leave_v the_o noble_a earl_n of_o camebridge_n dead_a and_o sequester_v from_o his_o then_o victorious_a voyage_n yet_o have_v he_o see_v or_o foresee_v at_o that_o time_n to_o have_v show_v the_o like_a upon_o the_o earl_n of_o march_n richard_n duke_n of_o york_n have_v not_o claim_v afterward_o as_o he_o do_v nor_o confound_v the_o state_n and_o government_n of_o this_o king_n only_a son_n nor_o wrought_v his_o own_o end_n at_o wakefield_n as_o he_o do_v but_o the_o almighty_a be_v and_o ever_o will_v be_v all_o in_o all_o this_o his_o first_o and_o honourable_a voyage_n into_o france_n his_o warlike_a proceed_n there_o his_o conquest_n of_o many_o particular_n his_o battle_n or_o most_o famous_a victory_n at_o agincourt_n where_o he_o slay_v and_o subject_v to_o himself_o as_o prisoner_n and_o captive_n all_o the_o flower_n and_o chivalry_n of_o france_n his_o return_n again_o into_o england_n his_o second_o voyage_n back_o again_o his_o second_o conquest_n of_o all_o france_n the_o homage_n of_o philip_n duke_n of_o burgundy_n with_o other_o estate_n of_o
france_n his_o marriage_n with_o katherine_n the_o french_a king_n daughter_n his_o triumphant_a stay_n there_o in_o paris_n his_o princely_a or_o rather_o imperial_a howsekéeping_n there_o his_o return_n again_o into_o england_n his_o last_o return_n into_o france_n his_o settle_n of_o the_o estate_n there_o his_o coronation_n at_o paris_n the_o most_o prophetical_a censure_n of_o prince_n henry_n his_o son_n bear_v at_o windsor_n and_o afterward_o king_n of_o england_n crown_v also_o in_o paris_n king_n of_o france_n his_o untimely_a or_o most_o lamentable_a death_n his_o return_n into_o england_n in_o mournful_a funeral_n be_v extant_a in_o his_o history_n and_o the_o best_a worthy_a of_o read_v in_o regard_n of_o his_o own_o princely_a person_n valour_n virtue_n and_o most_o excellent_a act_n of_o all_o the_o other_o chronicle_n of_o the_o english_a nation_n and_o yet_o to_o observe_v the_o order_n and_o decorum_n of_o my_o poor_a endeavour_n in_o abstract_v the_o beginning_n and_o end_n of_o eight_o most_o worthy_a king_n and_o all_o henry_n i_o will_v conclude_v this_o most_o worthy_a king_n with_o the_o manner_n of_o his_o death_n and_o description_n use_v the_o hystoriegrapher_n own_o word_n phrase_n and_o manner_n as_o not_o to_o be_v amend_v by_o any_o the_o king_n fall_v sick_a and_o so_o be_v bring_v to_o boy_n de_fw-mi vincens_fw-la and_o thither_o come_v to_o visit_v his_o majesty_n with_o heavy_a heart_n the_o duke_n of_o bedford_n &_o gloucester_n the_o earl_n of_o salisoury_n and_o warwick_n who_o the_o king_n right_o love_o welcome_v and_o show_v himself_o to_o be_v no_o less_o glad_a of_o their_o presence_n but_o when_o he_o do_v see_v they_o pensive_a for_o his_o sickness_n and_o danger_n wherein_o he_o lay_v with_o many_o grave_a pithy_a and_o courteous_a word_n recomfort_v they_o the_o best_o have_v can_v and_o there_o with_o he_o exhort_v they_o to_o be_v trusty_a and_o faithful_a unto_o his_o son_n to_o see_v that_o he_o may_v be_v virtuous_o educate_v and_o bring_v up_o concern_v the_o rule_n and_o gonernance_n of_o his_o realm_n during_o the_o minority_n and_o young_a year_n of_o his_o say_a son_n he_o will_v they_o to_o join_v together_o in_o all_o friendly_a love_n and_o concord_n keep_v continual_a peace_n and_o amity_n with_o the_o duke_n of_o burgundy_n and_o never_o to_o make_v treaty_n with_o charles_n who_o call_v himself_o dolphin_n of_o vyenne_n by_o the_o which_o any_o part_n of_o the_o crown_n of_o france_n or_o of_o the_o duchy_n of_o normandy_n and_o gwyene_n may_v be_v lessen_v and_o diminish_v and_o further_o that_o the_o duke_n of_o orleans_n and_o the_o other_o prince_n shall_v remain_v prisoner_n till_o his_o son_n come_v to_o lawful_a age_n lest_o by_o return_v they_o may_v kindle_v more_o fire_n in_o one_o day_n then_o can_v well_o be_v quench_v again_o in_o three_o he_o further_o advertise_v they_o that_o if_o they_o think_v it_o necessary_a than_o it_o shall_v be_v good_a to_o have_v his_o brother_n the_o duke_n of_o gloucester_n to_o be_v protector_n of_o england_n during_o the_o minority_n of_o his_o son_n and_o his_o brother_n the_o duke_n of_o bedford_n with_o the_o help_n of_o the_o duke_n of_o burgundy_n to_o be_v regent_n of_o france_n command_v he_o with_o fire_n and_o sword_n to_o persecute_v the_o dolphin_n until_o he_o have_v either_o bring_v he_o to_o reason_n and_o obeisance_n or_o else_o to_o drive_v and_o expel_v he_o out_o of_o the_o realm_n of_o france_n and_o herewith_o he_o protest_v unto_o they_o that_o neither_o ambitious_a desire_n to_o enlarge_v his_o dominion_n neither_o to_o purchase_v vain_a renowue_n and_o worldly_a fame_n nor_o any_o such_o consideration_n have_v move_v he_o to_o take_v that_o war_n in_o hand_n but_o only_o that_o in_o prosecute_a his_o just_a title_n he_o may_v in_o the_o end_n attain_v to_o perfect_a peace_n and_o come_v to_o enjoy_v those_o piece_n of_o his_o inheritance_n which_o to_o he_o of_o right_n belong_v and_o that_o before_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o same_o war_n he_o be_v full_o persuade_v by_o man_n both_o wise_a and_o holy_a of_o life_n he_o may_v and_o ought_v upon_o such_o inteut_n both_o begin_v the_o same_o war_n and_o follow_v they_o till_o he_o have_v bring_v they_o to_o a_o end_n just_o and_o right_o and_o that_o without_o all_o danger_n of_o the_o almighty_n displeasure_n or_o peril_n of_o soul_n the_o noble_a man_n present_v promise_v to_o observe_v his_o precept_n and_o perform_v his_o desire_n but_o their_o heart_n be_v so_o pensive_a and_o replenish_v with_o sorrow_n that_o one_o can_v not_o for_o weep_v behold_v a_o other_o then_o he_o receive_v the_o sacrament_n and_o fell_a to_o devout_a prayer_n and_o in_o say_v of_o certain_a psalm_n meet_v for_o the_o present_a time_n he_o end_v the_o day_n of_o this_o life_n the_o last_o day_n of_o august_n anno_fw-la 1422._o his_o description_n this_o henry_n be_v a_o king_n who_o life_n be_v immaculate_a and_o his_o live_n without_o spot_n this_o king_n be_v a_o prince_n who_o all_o man_n love_v and_o be_v of_o none_o envy_v this_o prince_n be_v a_o captain_n against_o who_o fortune_n never_o frown_v nor_o mischance_n once_o spurn_v this_o captain_n be_v a_o shepherd_n who_o his_o flock_n both_o love_v and_o obey_v this_o shepherd_n be_v such_o a_o justiciary_a that_o he_o leave_v no_o offence_n unpunished_a nor_o good_a desert_n unrecompense_v &_o full_o reward_v this_o justiciary_a be_v so_o fear_v that_o all_o rebellion_n be_v banish_v and_o sedition_n suppress_v his_o virtue_n be_v no_o more_o notable_a than_o his_o other_o quality_n be_v worthy_a of_o praise_n in_o strength_n and_o nimbleness_n of_o body_n from_o his_o youth_n few_o or_o none_o be_v to_o he_o comparable_a in_o wrestle_v leap_v and_o run_v no_o man_n almost_o dare_v with_o he_o presume_v in_o cast_v of_o great_a iron_n bar_n &_o heavy_a stone_n he_o excel_v common_o all_o man_n cold_a weather_n never_o make_v he_o siothful_a nor_o hot_a cause_v he_o to_o shrink_v &_o when_o he_o most_o labour_v his_o head_n be_v uncover_v he_o be_v no_o more_o weary_a of_o his_o armour_n then_o of_o a_o light_a cloak_n hunger_n and_o thirst_n to_o he_o be_v never_o noisome_a he_o be_v never_o afraid_a of_o a_o wound_n nor_o will_v shrink_v for_o the_o pain_n in_o dress_v he_o neither_o turn_v his_o nose_n from_o ill_a savoure_n nor_o from_o smoke_n and_o dust_n will_v close_v his_o eye_n no_o man_n can_v be_v find_v more_o temperate_a in_o eat_v and_o drink_v who_o diet_n be_v not_o too_o delicate_a but_o rather_o more_o meet_a for_o man_n of_o war_n then_o for_o dainty_a and_o delicate_a person_n every_o honest_a person_n be_v permit_v to_o come_v to_o he_o even_o sit_v at_o meal_n and_o either_o secret_o or_o open_o to_o declare_v their_o mind_n and_o intent_n high_a and_o weighty_a cause_n as_o well_o between_o man_n of_o war_n as_o other_o he_o will_v glad_o hear_v and_o either_o determine_v they_o himself_o or_o commit_v they_o to_o other_o to_o give_v sentence_n he_o sleep_v very_o little_a and_o that_o be_v move_v either_o by_o bodily_a labour_n or_o unquietness_n of_o mind_n but_o be_v in_o sleep_n no_o small_a noise_n can_v awake_v he_o insomuch_o as_o when_o his_o soldier_n do_v sing_v or_o minstrel_n play_v in_o the_o camp_n that_o it_o sound_v withal_o than_o he_o sleep_v most_o sound_o his_o courage_n be_v invincible_a and_o his_o heart_n so_o immutable_a that_o fear_n be_v banish_v from_o he_o if_o a_o alarm_n chance_v to_o be_v raise_v by_o his_o enemy_n he_o be_v the_o first_o in_o armour_n and_o the_o first_o that_o will_v set_v forward_o in_o the_o time_n of_o war_n he_o will_v not_o only_o get_v knowledge_n what_o his_o enemy_n do_v but_o what_o they_o say_v and_o intend_v to_o do_v so_o that_o all_o thing_n to_o he_o be_v know_v aforehand_o and_o of_o his_o device_n few_o person_n before_o the_o execution_n of_o his_o purpose_a intent_n shall_v be_v make_v privy_a he_o have_v knowledge_n in_o the_o order_n and_o guide_v of_o a_o army_n and_o such_o a_o rare_a gift_n to_o encourage_v his_o man_n to_o fight_v that_o the_o frenchman_n say_v it_o be_v impossible_a for_o he_o to_o be_v vanquish_v in_o battle_n he_o have_v such_o wit_n such_o prudence_n and_o such_o policy_n that_o he_o never_o enterprise_v any_o thing_n before_o he_o have_v full_o debate_v it_o and_o foreséen_v all_o the_o main_a chance_n that_o may_v happen_v and_o when_o the_o end_n be_v once_o conclude_v he_o with_o all_o diligence_n and_o courage_n set_v his_o purpose_n forward_o what_o policy_n he_o have_v in_o find_v sudden_a remedy_n from_o present_a and_o dangerous_a mischief_n and_o what_o practice_n he_o use_v in_o save_v himself_o and_o his_o people_n in_o sudden_a distress_n except_o by_o his_o act_n they_o
receive_v into_o paris_n will_v be_v too_o tedious_a to_o repeat_v on_o the_o seven_o day_n of_o december_n he_o be_v crown_v king_n of_o france_n in_o our_o lady_n church_n so_o call_v in_o paris_n by_o the_o cardinal_n of_o winchester_n the_o bishop_n of_o paris_n not_o be_v content_v that_o the_o cardinal_n shall_v execute_v such_o a_o high_a office_n in_o his_o church_n and_o jurisdiction_n after_o all_o ceremony_n finish_v the_o king_n return_v to_o the_o palace_n have_v one_o crown_n on_o his_o head_n and_o another_o bear_v before_o he_o one_o sceptre_n in_o his_o hand_n and_o another_o bear_v before_o he_o a_o triumphant_a feast_n and_o great_a rejoice_n but_o mingle_v with_o distaste_n by_o mean_n of_o the_o proud_a cardinal_n of_o winchester_n who_o prefer_v his_o own_o will_n before_o the_o weal_n public_a control_v that_o mighty_a prince_n and_o valiant_a captain_n the_o duke_n of_o bedford_n protector_n of_o france_n which_o malice_n move_v and_o heart-burn_n broach_v by_o the_o cardinal_n be_v remember_v and_o revenge_v by_o the_o nobility_n but_o my_o only_a purpose_n be_v to_o select_v forth_o the_o name_n of_o henry_n and_o but_o to_o note_v their_o beginning_n &_o end_n by_o way_n of_o abstract_n i_o will_v leave_v this_o worthy_a young_a prince_n yet_o a_o while_n and_o tell_v the_o untimely_a death_n of_o john_n duke_n of_o bedford_n a_o tale_n worthy_a of_o note_n and_o memory_n and_o this_o be_v it_o viz._n this_o year_n the_o fourtéenth_fw-mi day_n of_o september_n 1436._o die_v john_n duke_n of_o bedford_n and_o regent_n of_o france_n a_o man_n most_o politic_a in_o peace_n and_o no_o less_o hardy_a in_o war_n and_o yet_o no_o more_o valiant_a than_o merciful_a when_o he_o have_v the_o victory_n who_o body_n be_v with_o all_o funeral_n pomp_n and_o solemn_a obsequy_n bury_v in_o the_o cathedral_n church_n of_o rouen_n in_o the_o north_n side_n of_o the_o quire_n under_o a_o sumptuous_a &_o costly_a monument_n etc._n etc._n which_o tumbe_a when_o king_n lewis_n the_o 11._o know_v to_o be_v his_o and_o be_v incite_v by_o certain_a indiscréet_n frenchmen_n to_o deface_v the_o same_o he_o answer_v what_o honour_n shall_v it_o be_v to_o we_o or_o to_o you_o to_o break_v this_o monument_n and_o to_o pull_v forth_o of_o the_o ground_n the_o dead_a body_n of_o he_o who_o in_o his_o life_n time_n neither_o my_o father_n nor_o your_o progenitor_n with_o all_o their_o puissance_n and_o friend_n be_v not_o once_o able_a to_o make_v flee_v one_o foot_n backward_o but_o by_o his_o strength_n wisdom_n and_o policy_n he_o keep_v they_o all_o out_o of_o the_o principal_a dominion_n of_o the_o realm_n of_o france_n and_o also_o out_o of_o this_o noble_a and_o famous_a duchy_n of_o normandy_n wherefore_o i_o say_v first_o as_o god_n have_v his_o soul_n so_o shall_v his_o body_n now_o lie_v in_o rest_n who_o when_o he_o be_v alive_a will_v have_v disquiet_v the_o proud_a of_o we_o all_o and_o as_o for_o the_o tomb_n i_o do_v assure_v you_o it_o be_v not_o so_o decent_a nor_o convenient_a as_o his_o honour_n and_o act_n deserve_v no_o although_o it_o be_v more_o scotfree_a and_o more_o beautiful_a than_o it_o be_v but_o to_o return_v according_a to_o the_o occasion_n and_o by_o the_o way_n to_o touch_v this_o worthy_a prince_n his_o misfortune_n in_o his_o minority_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o his_o noble_n dissension_n and_o that_o the_o cause_n of_o a_o unméete_a and_o unfortunate_a marriage_n so_o that_o the_o prince_n in_o his_o young_a year_n spend_v all_o the_o honour_n power_n and_o pleasure_n of_o this_o mighty_a and_o worthy_a king_n who_o life_n be_v immaculate_a like_o his_o father_n who_o patience_n overcome_v all_o his_o perplexity_n once_o depose_v from_o his_o regal_a state_n and_o dignity_n and_o once_o again_o restore_v in_o which_o interim_n be_v his_o prophetical_a speech_n to_o those_o prince_n and_o noble_n about_o he_o touch_v the_o young_a earl_n of_o richmond_n a_o child_n of_o ten_o year_n old_a behold_v say_v he_o steadfast_o behold_v the_o young_a earl_n this_o be_v he_o who_o we_o and_o all_o our_o adversary_n must_v give_v place_n unto_o when_o all_o be_v do_v he_o be_v again_o depose_v commit_v to_o the_o tower_n of_o london_n his_o only_a son_n slay_v his_o queen_n take_v sanctuary_n his_o noble_n best_a subject_n and_o all_o his_o partaker_n slay_v in_o sundry_a battle_n himself_o last_o murder_v in_o prison_n and_o yet_o his_o patience_n integrity_n godly_a life_n and_o good_a work_n be_v no_o less_o commendable_a than_o the_o act_n of_o his_o father_n be_v famous_a and_o honourable_a he_o reign_v 38._o year_n 6._o month_n and_o odd_a day_n and_o other_o 6._o month_n after_o his_o readeption_n of_o the_o crown_n helive_v 52._o year_n to_o censure_v he_o the_o god_n punish_v he_o for_o his_o grandfather_n &_o father_n fault_n or_o that_o miracle_n be_v wrought_v by_o he_o i_o neither_o will_v believe_v nor_o write_v as_o the_o writer_n of_o his_o history_n do_v nor_o of_o king_n henry_n the_o seavenths_n purpose_n to_o have_v he_o canonize_v for_o a_o saint_n but_o yet_o the_o love_n of_o that_o most_o mighty_a king_n that_o in_o the_o zeal_n of_o this_o king_n immaculate_a life_n will_v have_v have_v he_o remember_v for_o such_o holiness_n do_v commend_v my_o purpose_n which_o be_v to_o commend_v he_o for_o the_o six_o worthy_a and_o in_o rank_n also_o above_o all_o other_o his_o princely_a deed_n the_o king_n college_n in_o camebridge_n and_o eton_n college_n near_o windsor_n be_v both_o very_a excellent_a monument_n of_o his_o princely_a liberality_n and_o myself_o have_v observe_v forty_o year_n together_o that_o god_n bless_v both_o those_o house_n the_o one_o for_o education_n and_o the_o other_o for_o bring_v forth_o very_o excellent_a scholar_n his_o description_n he_o be_v of_o a_o seemly_a stature_n of_o body_n slender_a to_o which_o proportion_n all_o his_o part_n be_v answerable_a his_o face_n be_v very_o beautiful_a wherein_o be_v ever_o resident_a a_o sweet_a reseblance_n of_o bounty_n wherewith_o his_o royal_a heart_n be_v natural_o endue_v and_o ever_o thereunto_o incline_v he_o abhor_v all_o vice_n both_o of_o the_o body_n and_o of_o the_o soul_n his_o patience_n be_v such_o that_o of_o injury_n do_v to_o he_o which_o be_v innumerable_a he_o do_v never_o seek_v vengeance_n think_v and_o say_v that_o for_o such_o adversity_n as_o befall_v he_o his_o sin_n shall_v be_v forget_v and_o forgive_v what_o loss_n soever_o do_v happen_v unto_o he_o he_o never_o esteem_v nor_o make_v account_n thereof_o but_o if_o any_o thing_n be_v do_v which_o seem_v to_o offend_v the_o almighty_a that_o he_o lament_v with_o sorrowful_a repentance_n his_o epitaphe_n henry_n the_o six_o a_o prince_n a_o saint_n a_o king_n fair_a england_n sovereign_a eight_z and_o thirty_o year_n which_o time_n with_o more_o his_o woeful_a end_n do_v bring_v as_o in_o his_o story_n do_v too_o plain_o appear_v o_o have_v his_o uncle_n live_v and_o well_o agree_v his_o death_n have_v not_o so_o vile_o be_v decree_v have_v dela_n poole_n be_v dead_a ere_o he_o be_v bear_v king_n raynars_n daughter_n have_v not_o be_v thy_o wife_n if_o innocency_n thou_o have_v hold_v in_o scorn_n and_o reach_v thy_o hand_n to_o war_n debate_n and_o strife_n and_o parent_n like_v have_v prove_v mars_n his_o son_n gloucester_n have_v not_o thy_o fatal_a thread_n unspon_n have_v richard_n warwick_n win_v at_o barnet_n field_n brave_a montacute_n or_o many_o noble_n more_o that_o flee_v or_o die_v or_o be_v enforce_v to_o yield_v but_o power_n divine_a have_v not_o ordain_v so_o he_o have_v not_o go_v back_o prisoner_n to_o the_o tower_n and_o there_o detain_v until_o his_o late_a hour_n tewksbury_n field_n have_v like_a or_o worse_a success_n duke_n somerset_n the_o earl_n of_o devon_n eke_o the_o marquesse_n dorset_n take_v in_o the_o press_n the_o poor_a young_a prince_n be_v find_v who_o crofts_n do_v seek_v and_o bring_v before_o the_o king_n by_o arm_a band_n who_o richard_n gloucester_n murder_v out_o of_o hand_n do_v patient_a job_n endure_v more_o pain_n than_o this_o most_o mighty_a prince_n who_o hear_v all_o this_o ill_a yet_o never_o murmur_v or_o once_o think_v amiss_o more_o than_o a_o man_n remain_v patient_a still_o a_o king_n indeed_o a_o conqueror_n of_o the_o mind_n in_o all_o the_o story_n we_o no_o such_o do_v find_v divine_a profane_a or_o moral_a as_o i_o yet_o do_v ever_o read_v such_o magnanimity_n to_o rest_v in_o man_n where_o human_a hart_n be_v set_v or_o who_o have_v feel_v of_o extremity_n rest_v now_o o_o king_n in_o heaven_n most_o happy_a shrine_n preserve_v from_o foesb_n all_o the_o power_n divine_a let_v windsor_n be_v his_o monument_n of_o state_n because_o he_o be_v both_o bear_v and_o bury_v there_o knight_n of_o
of_o all_o grace_n great_a alexander_n macedonian_a prince_n who_o the_o earth_n continent_n can_v not_o content_a der_fw-ge philippe_n his_o father_n nation_n do_v convince_v for_o which_o his_o son_n with_o tear_n do_v sorelament_n say_v with_o sigh_n his_o father_n captain_n to_o my_o father_n will_v leave_v nothing_o i_o to_o do_v hector_n of_o troy_n a_o valiant_a champion_n try_v against_o factious_a foe_n do_v oft_o reinforce_v the_o field_n ector_n enforce_v they_o their_o face_n else_o to_o hide_v or_o plead_v for_o mercy_n and_o like_v suppliant_n yield_v not_o any_o of_o our_o henry_n want_v power_n to_o have_v subdue_v he_o in_o his_o stern_a stour_n if_o julius_n caesar_n can_v have_v be_v a_o king_n sar_n with_o conquest_n which_o his_o roman_a legion_n make_v by_o bloody_a bodkin_n he_o shall_v not_o the_o sting_n have_v feel_v of_o death_n in_o powerful_a senate_n shade_n brutus_n his_o son_n nor_o cassius_n have_v conspire_v his_o death_n have_v he_o not_o kingly_a state_n require_v arthur_n of_o britain_n most_o renowned_a king_n rthur_n six_o of_o the_o nine_o be_v not_o his_o equal_a peer_n full_o thirty_o king_n dome_n