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B07424 The great Plantagenet. Or, A continued succession of that royall name, from Henry the Second, to our sacred soverainge King Charles. By Geo. Buck, Gent.. Buck, George, fl. 1623-1646.; Buck, George, Sir, d. 1623. Daphnis polystephanos. 1635 (1635) STC 3997; ESTC S106071 21,009 66

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continual_o seize_v thereof_o until_o this_o day_n argument_n day_n his_o majesty_n title_n to_o france_n see_v it_o more_o at_o large_a in_o the_o argument_n so_o likewise_o his_o title_n to_o the_o crown_n of_o france_n show_v itself_o clear_o in_o the_o ancient_a possession_n of_o these_o royal_a plantagenet_n here_o present_v his_o majesty_n progenitor_n first_o duke_n of_o normandy_n then_o of_o aquitaine_n earl_n of_o poictou_n of_o anjou_n of_o maine_n of_o touraine_n and_o of_o britain_n and_o after_o angolesme_fw-fr and_o last_o king_n of_o all_o france_n in_o the_o right_n of_o 3._o †_o vide_fw-la john_n froissard_n tom._n 3._o isabella_n or_o elizabeth_n sole_a daughter_n and_o heir_n of_o philip_n le_fw-fr bell_n king_n of_o france_n mother_n of_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o who_o make_v a_o most_o renown_a and_o happy_a entry_n upon_o that_o his_o royal_a inheritance_n and_o he_o his_o great_a heir_n be_v not_o only_o titular_a lord_n but_o also_o actual_a possessor_n of_o france_n many_o year_n and_o yet_o to_o this_o day_n in_o token_n of_o that_o ancient_a right_n have_v seisin_n of_o a_o england_n a_o gersey_n gernesey_n alderney_n etc._n etc._n be_v parcel_n of_o normandy_n &_o so_o consequent_o of_o france_n yet_o possess_v by_o the_o king_n of_o england_n part_n of_o that_o kingdom_n notwithstanding_o that_o counterfeit-heathnish_a law_n salica_n maintain_v by_o all_o the_o power_n of_o france_n many_o age_n against_o they_o his_o majesty_n title_n and_o descent_n from_o the_o ancient_a king_n of_o great_a britain_n and_o which_o be_v least_o know_v may_v thus_o ready_o be_v derive_v king_n derive_v his_o majesty_n title_n from_o the_o british_a king_n the_o welsh_a bard_n as_o also_o our_o best_a herald_n record_v that_o ruffian_n 1_o ruffian_n rhese-ap-gruffith_a surname_v argluid_n prince_n of_o south-wales_n about_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1196_o and_o issue_v from_o cadwallader_n the_o last_o british_a king_n have_v a_o daughter_n name_v julian_n 2_o fair_a julian_n gwenlhiam_n marry_v to_o edmund_n 3_o edmund_n ednevet_n vachan_n lord_n of_o bransencle_n and_o chief_a justice_n of_o wales_n and_o bare_a to_o he_o a_o son_n call_v jeronim_n 4_o geryon_n or_o jeronim_n grono_n this_o grono_n have_v theodore_n 5_o theodore_n tedor_n tedor_n have_v grono_n grono_n have_v tedor_n tedor_n have_v veridik_n 6_o veridik_n meredith_n meredith_n have_v owen_n which_o owen_n marry_v katherine_n widow_n of_o king_n henry_n 5_o and_o daughter_n of_o the_o french_a king_n charles_n the_o sixth_o by_o who_o he_o have_v edmond_n create_v earl_n of_o richmont_n by_o king_n hen._n 6._o his_o brother_n vterine_n and_o this_o edmond_n be_v father_n of_o king_n hen._n 7_o who_o be_v father_n of_o queen_n margaret_n his_o majesty_n great_a grandmother_n and_o last_o to_o finish_v his_o majesty_n title_n to_o all_o those_o diadem_n mention_v in_o this_o poesy_n king_n his_o majesty_n title_n from_o the_o saxon_a king_n i_o have_v insert_v a_o genealogy_n of_o the_o saxon_a king_n draw_v from_o the_o first_o uniter_fw-la of_o the_o heptarchy_n and_o the_o godfather_n of_o anglia_fw-it king_n egbert_n unto_o matilda_n the_o empress_n daughter_n and_o heir_n of_o king_n hen._n 2._o ancestor_n of_o all_o the_o english_a king_n until_o this_o day_n from_o who_o this_o poesy_n be_v a_o continue_a pedigree_n unto_o his_o majesty_n and_o his_o most_o excellent_a son_n etc._n etc._n but_o it_o may_v be_v object_v why_o i_o derive_v not_o his_o title_n and_o genealogy_n from_o some_o of_o the_o ancient_a monarch_n of_o this_o isle_n briton_n or_o saxon_n or_o at_o the_o least_o from_o k._n william_n the_o conqueror_n i_o must_v answer_v that_o to_o have_v choose_v any_o of_o the_o most_o ancient_a king_n i_o must_v have_v look_v so_o far_o back_o as_o i_o shall_v not_o only_o have_v be_v too_o tedious_a but_o also_o lose_v myself_o in_o obscure_a way_n as_o they_o know_v which_o know_v what_o our_o ancient_a story_n be_v but_o as_o for_o william_n the_o conqueror_n there_o be_v many_o reason_n why_o i_o shall_v not_o begin_v with_o he_o although_o i_o go_v as_o near_o he_o as_o his_o son_n daughter_n for_o first_o he_o be_v a_o bastard_n 1603._o vide_fw-la lib._n 5._o stephani_fw-la cadomensis_n de_fw-fr gulielmo_n conquestore_fw-mi editum_fw-la an._n dom._n 1603._o and_o yet_o not_o that_o of_o the_o blood_n royal_a of_o england_n his_o chief_a title_n to_o the_o crown_n be_v but_o violence_n and_o his_o sword_n as_o he_o confess_v with_o remorse_n of_o conscience_n at_o his_o death_n second_o he_o be_v never_o possess_v of_o one_o half_a of_o britain_n for_o he_o have_v neither_o scotland_n nor_o wales_n and_o in_o ireland_n not_o one_o foot_n furthermore_o girard_n du._n haillan_n and_o other_o french_a antiquary_n according_a to_o their_o salic_a heraldry_n say_v that_o his_o line_n end_v in_o his_o son_n king_n hen._n 1._o philosalicus_fw-la philosalicus_fw-la for_o all_o they_o hold_v as_o a_o maxim_n la_n famille_fw-fr se_fw-fr cotinuè_fw-fr es_fw-mi masle_n et_fw-la se_fw-la finist_n aux_fw-fr filles_fw-fr and_o yet_o du._n haillan_n notwithstanding_o or_o forget_v this_o affirm_v in_o another_o place_n that_o the_o race_n of_o the_o king_n of_o england_n issue_v out_o of_o the_o house_n of_o anjou_n viz._n from_o our_o great_a henry_n and_o his_o ancestor_n continue_v until_o this_o day_n from_o who_o there_o be_v many_o reason_n on_o the_o other_o side_n why_o i_o shall_v deduce_v the_o genealogy_n of_o our_o king_n pass_v etc._n k._n henry_n 2._o the_o great_a king_n etc._n etc._n and_o of_o our_o present_a sovereign_a lord_n king_n charles_n for_o this_o great_a henry_n be_v not_o only_o rightful_a heir_n and_o king_n of_o england_n but_o also_o the_o great_a king_n of_o who_o there_o be_v any_o credible_a story_n extant_a which_o have_v be_v in_o this_o isle_n of_o britain_n since_o the_o time_n of_o the_o roman_a emperor_n who_o be_v repute_v lord_n of_o all_o the_o world_n which_o thus_o i_o demonstrate_v brief_o he_o be_v king_n of_o england_n in_o the_o right_n of_o his_o mother_n matilda_n 20._o king_n malcolm_z knight_v this_o king_n henry_n 2._o at_o 15._o year_n of_o age_n neubrig_n who_o write_v much_o in_o the_o honour_n of_o this_o k._n malcolm_n lib._n 2._o cap._n 20._o the_o empress_n daughter_n and_o heir_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o first_o by_o matilda_n bona_n daughter_n of_o king_n malcolm_n canmoir_n and_o of_o margaret_n his_o wife_n who_o be_v the_o daughter_n of_o edward_n exul_fw-la the_o saxon_a prince_n the_o son_n of_o edmund_n ironside_n king_n of_o england_n anno_fw-la dom._n 1016._o this_o edmund_n be_v son_n and_o heir_n to_o king_n etheldred_n who_o in_o ancient_a charter_n be_v write_v totius_fw-la britanniae_fw-la rex_fw-la quod_fw-la nota_fw-la because_o a_o anonymus_fw-la in_o a_o little_a book_n dedicate_v to_o king_n james_n affirm_v that_o never_o any_o prince_n be_v king_n of_o this_o whole_a isle_n until_o then_o but_o he_o be_v deceive_v for_o beside_o constantius_n chlorus_n and_o his_o son_n our_o countryman_n constantine_n the_o great_a constans_n aurelius_n ambrose_n uter_n and_o other_o which_o be_v lord_n of_o all_o great_a britain_n edgar_n also_o the_o father_n of_o this_o king_n etheldred_n be_v absolute_a monarch_n of_o this_o island_n and_o so_o puissant_a in_o force_n both_o by_o land_n and_o sea_n as_o he_o be_v surname_v the_o great_a and_o be_v style_v totius_fw-la albionis_fw-la basileus_n &_o anglici_fw-la orbis_n basileus_n as_o g._n malmsburiensis_n &_o florentius_n wigorniensis_n witness_n policratico_n britaria_fw-la ab_fw-la adventu_fw-la saxonum_n in_fw-la insulam_fw-la appellatur_fw-la anglica_n joan._n salisb._n in_o policratico_n whereupon_o to_o note_n also_o by_o the_o way_n some_o think_v that_o the_o word_n anglia_fw-it be_v sometime_o use_v for_o the_o whole_a isle_n and_o which_o jon_n lidgate_n disert_o assever_v in_o king_n arthur_n complaint_n in_o these_o word_n great_a britain_n now_o call_v england_n and_o so_o likewise_o do_v geoffry_n chaucer_n in_o the_o franklins_n tale_n viz._n polichronic_n ranulfus_n higeden_n in_o polichronic_n in_o england_n that_o clepid_a be_v britain_n and_o ranulphus_fw-la cestrensis_fw-la a_o grave_a author_n peremptory_o affirm_v that_o king_n egbert_n after_o his_o conquest_n ordain_v and_o command_v that_o the_o saxon_n and_o jute_n shall_v be_v call_v angle_n and_o this_o britain_n shall_v be_v call_v england_n but_o i_o leave_v this_o to_o be_v discuss_v by_o antiquary_n and_o to_o return_v to_o the_o ancient_a saxon_a king_n progenitor_n of_o this_o henry_n and_o also_o possessor_n of_o the_o whole_a isle_n it_o be_v to_o be_v show_v for_o the_o better_a confirmation_n of_o that_o which_o have_v be_v say_v against_o the_o opinion_n of_o the_o anonymus_fw-la in_o diverse_a ancient_a record_n and_o charter_n of_o donation_n of_o these_o king_n to_o monastery_n and_o to_o cathedral_n church_n ecclesiae_fw-la exit_fw-la archiv_fw-la be_v ciscestrensis_fw-la
of_o his_o majesty_n device_n for_o the_o knight_n of_o the_o bath_n whilst_o bright_a renown_n build_v trophy_n of_o his_o fame_n unto_o the_o southern_a and_o the_o northern_a bind_v and_o all_o the_o muse_n consecrate_v his_o name_n who_o wisdom_n justice_n &_o piety_n have_v give_v his_o act_n a_o monument_n shall_v endure_v with_o heaven_n 45._o and_o britain_n have_v no_o soon_o faith_n and_o force_v combine_a but_o her_o dolphin_n in_o tender_a age_n france_n henry_n prince_n of_o great_a britain_n k._n henry_n 2._o bury_v in_o frontenalx_n king_n charles_n have_v so_o many_o so_o ancient_a &_o so_o lawful_a title_n to_o this_o empire_n as_o never_o any_o prince_n heir_n general_a of_o this_o kingdom_n have_v he_o marry_v mary_n daughter_n to_o henry_n 4._o of_o france_n vow_n to_o redeem_v from_o gallike_a bond_n the_o cor_n of_o his_o grandsire_n the_o great_a plantagenet_n and_o seize_v upon_o his_o southern_a heritage_n and_o bound_n &_o trophy_n in_o the_o pyren_n set_v stay_v muse_n here_o drop_v a_o tear_n for_o death_n black_a cloud_n too_o soon_o his_o glory_n &_o our_o hope_n do_v shroud_v 46._o but_o turn_v our_o eye_n now_o from_o the_o cloud_a west_n and_o see_v the_o new_a sun_n rise_v in_o the_o east_n with_o what_o auspicious_a brow_n the_o heaven_n express_v their_o glad_a praesage_n the_o celestial_a sign_n with_o holy_a augury_n shine_v saturn_n do_v feast_v with_o spritely_o icve_v while_o apollo_n divine_v in_o delphic_a rapture_n the_o age_n renew_v again_o and_o take_v new_a influence_n from_o bright_a charles_n his_o wain_n 47._o the_o star_n of_o all_o yet_o be_v not_o absolute_a and_o fate_n conspire_v to_o keep_v they_o in_o their_o want_n but_o god_n and_o fate_n desert_n and_o public_a brute_n have_v all_o pronounce_v he_o sole_a the_o worthy_a one_o to_o wear_v the_o garland_n make_v of_o many_o plant_n and_o add_v eternal_a sceptre_n to_o his_o throne_n of_o who_o apollo_n in_o his_o sacred_a rage_n do_v as_o you_o hear_v such_o wondrous_a thing_n praesage_v 48._o and_o to_o accomplish_v full_a his_o happiness_n heaven_n have_v to_o he_o a_o royal_a spouse_n decree_v all_o those_o frail_a saint_n and_o flatter_a goddess_n shall_v kneel_v to_o she_o so_o wise_a so_o fair_a so_o loyal_a so_o great_a yet_o meek_a as_o do_v her_o sex_n exceed_v and_o both_o thrice_o bless_v in_o their_o issue_n royal_a for_o he_o and_o they_o which_o shall_v from_o they_o descend_v shall_v reign_v in_o britain_n till_o the_o world_n have_v end_n bricaine_n charles_n prince_n of_o great_a bricaine_n 49._o away_o profane_a sink_v to_o the_o low_a hell_n with_o your_o detract_n murmurr_n and_o hoarse_a envy_n will_v yield_v that_o fame_n not_o parallel_n spleen_n the_o fate_n of_o this_o great_a pair_n which_o do_v out_o shine_v the_o lustre_n of_o all_o former_a king_n and_o queen_n strengthen_v with_o all_o the_o power_n &_o hand_n divine_a and_o in_o so_o just_a a_o scope_n their_o soul_n be_v sphere_v none_o ever_o live_v more_o love_v admire_v and_o fear_v 50_o and_o every_o nymph_n and_o goddess_n of_o the_o plain_n shall_v wear_v rich_a favour_n of_o genesta_n plant_n and_o that_o no_o common_a injury_n profane_v the_o sacred_a privilege_n of_o her_o bless_a abode_n the_o muse_n there_o shall_v keep_v their_o solemn_a haunt_n and_o in_o her_o shade_n sing_v many_o learned_a ode_n whilst_o poet_n make_v her_o garland_n more_o divine_a then_o that_o which_o do_v for_o ariadne_n shine_v damaetas_n 51._o thanks_o bless_v prophet_n praise_v be_v thy_o art_n which_o have_v so_o much_o resolve_v my_o travail_a mind_n my_o wish_n be_v satisfy_v in_o every_o part_n my_o thought_n and_o doubt_n be_v ridle_v every_o one_o and_o i_o confess_v his_o name_n thou_o have_v divine_v to_o who_o high_a worth_n this_o garland_n due_a alone_a for_o who_o immortal_a reign_n and_o happy_a fate_n let_v all_o our_o vow_n and_o prayer_n be_v consecrate_v upon_o king_n henry_n the_o second_o the_o first_o plantagenet_n of_o england_n etc._n etc._n when_o warlike_a henry_n by_o his_o puissance_n have_v set_v his_o foot_n upon_o the_o breast_n of_o france_n sceptered_a hibernia_n without_o blood_n or_o sweat_n and_o by_o his_o conquest_n make_v his_o name_n so_o great_a that_o it_o find_v way_n to_o victory_n and_o fame_n and_o burft_v the_o gall_n of_o war_n where_o ere_o he_o come_v to_o crown_v his_o fate_n and_o make_v he_o great_a yet_o there_o be_v no_o title_n but_o plantagenet_z to_o who_o immortal_a lineage_n fame_n can_v add_v no_o great_a glory_n then_o from_o he_o they_o have_v a_o name_n so_o great_a in_o destiny_n and_o fate_n rome_n will_v have_v envy_v or_o have_v trimble_v at_o and_o her_o proud_a triumph_n too_o look_v pale_a set_v by_o the_o bright_a honour_n of_o plantagenet_z whilst_o their_o imperial_a bay_n as_o check_v with_o thunder_n drop_v from_o their_o swell_a temple_n even_o with_o wonder_n to_o see_v their_o fate_n so_o far_o out_o shine_v by_o odds_o and_o pedigree_n of_o all_o their_o demigod_n and_o to_o be_v heir_n unto_o great_a henry_n fame_n will_v not_o be_v rome_n but_o change_v her_o fate_n &_o name_n finis_fw-la