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A90354 The pedegree and descent of His Excellency, General George Monck. Setting forth how he is descended from King Edvvard the Third, by a branch and slip of the white rose, the House of York. And likewise, his extraction from Richard King of the Romans. With the state, title and descents of the houses of York and Lancaster in their several branches. 1660 (1660) Wing P1048; Thomason E1015_9; ESTC R203171 6,156 16

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THE PEDEGREE and DESCENT OF His EXCELLENCY General George Monck Setting forth how He is descended from King EDVVARD the Third by a Branch and Slip of the WHITE ROSE THE House of York And likewise His Extraction from RICHARD KING of the ROMANS WITH The State Title and Descents of the Houses of YORK and LANCASTER in their several Branches London Printed for W. Godbid over against the Blew Anchor in Little Britain 1659. READER I Would not by this following Discourse be understood to have any Design either to stir up Titles and Claims where there is no Right or to obscure and smother a Right where it is in truth No as I well know it to be a Contest that borders upon Danger so it carries much of Dishonesty in it but this may with safety and without offence be observed That where Empire and Regiment hath been built with the brittle Materials of Murther and Bloodshed it hath seldome proved either prosperous or long-lived as might be cleared by several Precedents to pass by William the Conquerour who though he had a numerous Issue yet none of his Sons left a Son either to succeed or survive them and to instance in the House of Lancaster where three of them successively sate in the Throne the two first being held as fit for Government as any of the Twenty three from the Conquest and the third a person of that Innocency that he attained the Title of a Saint Yet himself and his Son Edward a Prince of great hopes both died Violent and Vnnatural Deaths But it is not my purpose to insist upon this subject other than to give a brief Accompt of the State and Titles of the two Houses of York and Lancaster and the several Branches issuing from either of them as appears by History and Records and amongst others of that Noble Person General Monck whose Prudence and Valour hath raised him to a Degree of Honour and Esteem sutable to his Birth and Honourable Extraction All which is done without Flattery or other sinister end out of love to Truth The Declaration of the Descents of the two Houses of York and Lancaster in their several Branches c. KIng Edward the third married Philippa Daughter to William Earl of Henault and Holland and of his Wife Mary Daughter to Charles Earl of Valoys Son to King Philip the Hardy and Brother to Philip of Valoys King of France she was married to King Edward at York the four and twentieth of January An. 1327. and Crowned at Westminster the first Sunday in Lent following it is said this match was made up in hast by Queen Isabel King Edward's mother for her own Ends yet according to some Opinions a better could never have been made upon deliberation for K. Edwards Ends for albeit her Extraction was not great and her Dower less yet she made amends for both by her vertue never King having a better Wife by her K. Edward had issue seven Sons and five Daughters which were First Edward Prince of Wales commonly called the Black Prince not that he was so in Complexion but from his Heroick and dreadful Acts He was born at Wood-stock the fifteenth of July in the third year of his Fathers reign and shortly after created Prince of Wales Duke of Aquitane and Cornwall and Earl of Chester and in his wives Right Earl of Kent which was Joan the Daughter and Heir of Edmund Plantaginet Earl of Kent and of his Wife Margaret Sister and Heir of Thomas Lord Wake she was a Lady of that admired beauty in that age that she was commonly called The Fair Maid of Kent By her Prince Edward had issue two Sons Edward that died young and Richard born at Burdeaux who after the death of his father was Prince of Wales and after the death of his Grandfather was King of England and known by the Name of King Richard the second William Sirnamed Hatfield second Son to K. Edward the third and Queen Philippa died young and was buried at York The House of YORK LIonel the third Son to King Edward the third and Queen Philippa was born at the City of Antwerp the 29th of November in the twelfth year of his fathers reign He married Elizabeth daughter and heir of William Burgh Earl of Ulster in Ireland and because he had by her the Honour of Clave in the County of Thomond he was in Parliament made Duke of Clarence from which Dutchy the name of Clarencieux being the Title of King of Arms for the South parts of England is derived This Duke had issue by her onely one daughter his heir named Philippa who was married to Edmund Lord Mortimer Earl of March and in her right was Earl of Ulster and had issue by her three Sons which were First Roger Mortimer Earl of March and Ulster and by Parliament in the 9th of King Richard the second appointed his Successor in the Kingdom of England and shortly after so proclaimed Sir Edmund Mortimer Knight second son and Sir John Mortimer Knight third son Beheaded 3 Hen 6. Roger Mortimer aforesaid Earl of March and Ulster married Eleanor Daughter of Thomas Holland Earl of Kent and by her had Issue Edmund and Roger Mortimer that died without Issue and Anne his Daughter that after her Brothers death became Heir to a goodly inheritance and was married to Richard Plantaginet Sirnamed Coningsburgh Earl of Cambridge by whom he had issue Richard Plantaginet Duke of York and Isabel a Daughter married to Henry Lord Bourcheir Earl of Essex Richard Duke of York and Earl of Cambridge was Lieutenant to King Henry the sixth in his Kingdom of France and Dutchie of Normandy and was the first of the House of York that raised that grievous war against the house of Lancaster and gave for his Cognizance the White Rose He married Cecily Daughter to Ralph Nevil the first Earl of Westmerland by whom he had issue Edward first Son King of England by the Name of 1. King Edward the fourth 2. Edmund second Son Earl of Rutland slain at the Battel of Wakefield by the Lord Clifford 3. George Plantaginet third Son Duke of Clarence Earl of Warwick and Salisbury in the Right of his Wife Isabel eldest Daughter and Coheir of Richard Nevil Earl of Salisbury by whom he had issue Edward Earl of Warwick beheaded by King Henry the seventh leaving no issue and Margaret Countess of Salisbury married to Sir Richard Pool Knight she was beheaded by King Hen. 8. 4. Richard Plantaginet fourth Son to Richard Duke of York was first Duke of Glocestor and after King of England known by the Name of King Richard the third who died without issue to survive him Richard Duke of York aforesaid had four Daughters which were 1. Anne married to Henry Holland Duke of Exeter first secondly to Sir Thomas St. Leoger Knight by whom she had daughter and heir married to Thomas Manners Lord Ross 2. Elizabeth second daughter married to John de la Pool Duke of Suffolk 3.
Margaret the third daughter married to Charles Duke of Burgundy And 4. Ursula was the fourth daughter King Edward the fourth aforesaid married Elizabeth daughter to Richard Woodvile Earl Rivers Widow to Sir John Grey Knight by whom he had issue three sons and seven daughters Edward eldest son to King Edward and Queen Elizabeth was presently after his fathers death with his brother the Duke of York most barbarously murthered in the Tower of London by their unnatural Uncle Richard Duke of Glocester that was left their Protector George Plantaginet third Son to King Edward the fourth and his Wife Queen Elizabeth was Duke of Bedford and died young 1. Elizabeth eldest daughter to King Edward the fourth and his wife Queen Elizabeth was married to Henry Earl of Richmond after King of England known by the name of King Henry the seventh 2. Cecile second Daughter to King Edward the fourth and Queen Elizabeth was married to John Lord Viscount Wells but died without any issue 3. Ann the third Daughter of King Edward the fourth and Queen Elizabeth was married to Thomas Duke of Norfolk and had by him two Sons that died without issue 4. Bridget the fourth Daughter to King Edward the fourth and Queen Elizabeth was a Nun at Dartford in Kent 5. 6. Mary and Margaret the 5. and 6. Daughters died young 7. Katharine the seventh Daughter to K. Edward the fourth and Queen Elizabeth was married to Will. Courtney Earl of Devonshire who by her had issue Henry Courtney Earl of Devon and Marquess of Excester that was beheaded by King Henry the eighth and was father to Edward Courtney the last Earl of Devonshire and Marquess of Excester of that family who died without issue King Edward the fourth had a Natural Daughter whose name was Elizabeth she was married to Sir Tho. Lumley Knight who by her had issue Richard Lord Lumley c. King Edward the fourth had also a Natural Son called Arthur Plantaginet and as is by General consent affirmed he had him by his Concubine the Lady Eliz. Lucy This Arthur married Elizabeth Sister and Heir of John Grey Viscount Lisle Widow of Edm. Dudley and in that respect he was by King Henry the Eighth created Viscount Lisle and had issue by her three Daughters his Coheirs which were Elizabeth married to Sir Francis Jobson of Westmerland Knight Lieutenant of the Tower of London whose Heir General is Edward Brock of Apsal in Suffolk Esquire who is descended of a younger Brother of the ancient family of Brook Lord Cobham Frances another Daughter and Coheir of the said Arthur Plantaginet was married first to John Basset in the County of Devon by whom she had Sir Arthur Basset Knight c. she after married to Sir Thomas Monck of Potheridge in the aforesaid County of Devon which Sir Thomas was the Son of Anthony the Son and Heir of Humphery Monck of Potheridge and of his Wife Mary Daughter and Coheir of Rich. Champernoon in Cornwall by the Daughter and Coheir of Sir John Lumley Knight and of his Wife the Daughter and Coheir of Sir Humphrey Talbot Knight which Richard Champernoon was Son to Richard Son of John third Son to Richard Son to Henry Son to Thomas Son of Richard and Joan his Wife Daughter and Heir of Ralph Vantort and of his Wife Joan Daughter to Edmund Earl of Cornwall Son to Richard King of the Romans Sir Thomas Monck aforesaid had issue Anthony Monck first Son and several other Children from whom is descended George Monck Lord of Potheridge and at this time the Famous and most Renowned General Bridget the third daughter and Coheir of Arthur Plantaginet was married to Sir William Cardon Knight There is a story of this Arthur which may to some seem worthy the relating and it is this He being Lieutenant of Callis and some of his servants having a design to betray the said Town to the French which being discovered to the King and his Council he was committed Prisoner to the Tower of London but after search and due Examination of the business the truth appeared which cleared his Innocency and thereupon King Henry the eighth sent him a rich Ring from off his own Finger with a Message to assure him That he was fully satisfied of his Loyalty and therefore advised him not to be cast down and dejected at his Imprisonment but to rest confident of his favour that would suddenly procure his enlargement Which token of the Kings favour and news of his freedome from prison he entertain'd with such joy that the very same night he died with the excess of the same This is the Title and these are the several Branches and Slips of the White Rose of the House of York Now follows the Title and Descent of the House of Lancaster The House of LANCASTER IOhn of Gaunt fourth Son to King Edward the third and Queen Philippa so called from the Town of Gaunt in Flanders where he was born in the fourteenth year of his fathers Reign He was in his childhood created Earl of Richmond which Title was after recalled and bestowed upon John Duke of Britain who had married his Sister and to whose Dutchy it had formerly belonged This John of Gaunt had three wives the first was Blanch daughter and in the end sole heir to Henry Duke of Lancaster son of Edmund sirnamed Crook-back and in her right was at first Earl and after Duke of Lancaster c. and by her had issue Henry Plantaginet sirnamed Bullingbrook of the place where he was born in Lincolnshire He was Earl of Derby Duke of Hereford and after King of England known by the name of King Henry the fourth c. The said John Duke of Lancaster had two daughters Viz. 1. Philippa married to John King of Portugal 2. Elizabeth married first to John Holland Duke of Exeter secondly to Sir John Cornwall Baron Fanhop The second wife of John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster was Constance daughter and Coheir of Peter King of Castile and Leon by whom he had issue Katharine heir to her Mothers Inheritance that was married to Henry son to John King of Spain The third wife of Iohn of Gaunt aforesaid was Katharine daughter and Coheir of Wayne Roet a Gascoigne Guien King of Arms for that Countrey Widow to Sir Hugh Swinford a Knight of Lincolnshire by whom he had issue three sons and one daughter 1. Iohn Beauford Earl of Somerset first son of Iohn of Gaunt and Katharine Swinford 2. Thomas Beauford second son Duke of Exeter 3. Henry Beauford third son was Bishop of Winchester Ioan daughter of Iohn of Gaunt and Katharine Swinford was married first to Robert Lord Ferrers of Oustey secondly to Ralph Nevil the first Earl of Westmerland who by her had issue eight sons and five daughters c. These three Sons and the Daughter of John of Gaunt and Katharine Swinford were born before Marriage and were made Legitimate by Act of Parliament in the twentieth year of King Richard
the second and they were named Beauford of a Castle so called which the Duke of Lancaster had in France where they were all born John Beaufort afore-mentioned was also Marquess Dorset and married Margaret Daughter to Thomas Holland Earl of Kent by whom he had issue Henry that died without issue and John Beauford second Son Earl and Duke of Somerset who married Margaret Daughter of Sir John Beauchamp of Bletso Knight by whom he had issue Margaret his Daughter and Heir married to Edmund Tudor Sirnamed Hadham Earl of Richmond by whom he had issue Henry Earl of Richmond and after King of England called Henry the seventh Iohn Marquess Dorset had two Daughters viz. Ioan married to Iames the first King of Scots and Margaret the second married to Thomas Courtney Earl of Devonshire Edmund Beaufort third Son to Iohn Marquess Dorset was Earl of Moriton in Normandy and after the death of his Brother Iohn Duke of Somerset and Marquess Dorset He married Eleanor Daughter and Coheir of Richard Beauchamp Earl of Warwick by whom he had issue four Sons and five Daughters viz. Henry Beaufort Son and Heir of Edmund was after the death of his Father Duke of Somerset and Marquess Dorset he died without Legitimate issue but had a Natural Son called Charles Somerset whom King Henry the eighth created Earl of VVorcester 1. Eleanor eldest Daughter to Edmund Beaufort Duke of Somerset was married first to Iames Butler Earl of VViltshire secondly to Sir Robert Spencer Knight one of whose Daughters and Coheirs Margaret was married to Thomas Cary Grandfather to Henry Cary the first Baron Hunsdon 2. Ioan second daughter of Edmund Duke of Somerset married to the Lord Hoth in Ireland 3. Ann the third daughter married to Sir VVill. Paston Knight 4. Margaret the fourth daughter married to Humphrey Earl of Stafford and after to Sir Richard Darel Knight 5. Elizabeth or Isabel fifth daughter married to Sir Henry Lewis Knight This is the descent of the several Branches of the House of Lancaster who gave for their Cognizance the Red Rose by which it appears that notwithstan-the Crown of England Upon the deposing K. Richard the second he having no issue was to descend to Roger Mortimer Earl of March and Ulster before-mentioned Yet Henry of Bullingbrook before spoken of taking advantage of the peoples discontents and the General dislike they had of his Cousin King Richards evil Government He places the Crown upon his own head and from the year An. 1399 until the fourth of March An. 1460 in three descents the slips of the Red Rose in the Line of Lancaster did sit in the throne end bear Rule And the Eruption of the House of York did never appear until Richard Plantaginet Duke of York before-mentioned upon the twenty third of March An. 1455. drew his sword to make good his Claim and Title to the Crown and Kingdome of England from which time issued all the murthers and overthrows and slaughters that continued until the death of Richard the third in which Bloody contest were slain no less then fourscore Princes of the Blood Royal and double the Number of Natives as were lost in all our Wars and Conquests in France But these Uncivil Civil quarrels had a happy Period after that Henry Earl of Richmond before-mentioned had overthrown King Richard the third in Bosworthfield and himself in the head of his Army had the Crown set upon his head and shortly after upon the thirtieth of Octob. in An. 1485. he was with great solemnity Anointed and Crowned King of England by the whole consent of the Nobility and Commons by the Name of King Henry the seventh and on the eighteenth day of Ianuary following was solemnized his marriage with the Lady Elizabeth King Edward the fourths daughter which added to his Title a wreath of Three so indissolvable that no age since hath Ever questioned it c. FINIS