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A23580 A short cronycle wherin is mencioned all the names of all the kings of England of the mayers, [and] sheriffes of the cytie of Londo[n] of diuers and many notable actes and thi[n]ges done in [the] sith the time of kige henry [the] fourth. 1540 (1540) STC 9985.5; ESTC S109855 12,842 50

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H. vii William Martyne skynner mayre William purchase Wylliam welbeke shir ¶ This yere in the monethe of October was a fraye made vpon the Esterlynges by the commons of the City of London specyally by mercers seruauntes Anno M. cccc.lxxxxiii Anno. ix H. vii Raufe Astry fysshmonger mayre Robert Fabyan Wyllyam Wyngar shir ¶ In this yere was wheate at .vi. d. the busshell bay salte at .iii. d. ob a busshell in the cytye of London ¶ Syr wyllyam Stanley beheded Anno do M. cccc.lxxxxiiii .. Anno. x. H. vii Rychard Chawry salter mayre Nycolas alwyn Iohn Warner shirifes ¶ In this yere in London were whyte heryng solde for thre shyllinges iiii d a barell not aboue Anno M. cccc.lxxxxv Anno. xi H. vii Henry Collet mercer knyght mayre Thomas kneysworth Henry Somyr Shir. Anno. M. cccc.lxxxxvi Anno. xii H. vii Iohn̄ are mercer mayre Iohn̄ Shaa Rychard Haddon shirifs ¶ I this yere the .xvii. day of Iune was Blakheth felde Anno. M. cccc.lxxxxvii Anno. xiii H. vii Wyllyam Purchase mercer mayre Bartylmewe Rede Tho. wyndoute shir Anno M. cccc.lxxxxviii Anno. xiiii H. vii Iohn̄ Percyuale marchaunt Tayloure mayre Thomas Bradburye Stephan Ienyns sherifs Anno. M. cccc.lxxxxix Anno. xv H. vii Nycolas Alwyn mayre Iames. Wilforde Rycharde Bronde shirifs Anno do M. ccccc Anno. xvi Henry vii Wyllyam Remyngton mayre Iohn̄ hawes wyllyam Stede shirifs ¶ In this yere the .iiii. daye of October landed at Plymmouth Katherin doughter of the kynge of Spayne Anno. do M. ccccc.i Anno. xviii H. vii Iohn̄ Shaa goldsmith mayre Laurence Aylemer Henry Hede shirifs ¶ In this yere vpon saynt Erkenwaldes daye was prince Arthur maryed to the foresayde lady Katherin Anno do M. ccccc.ii Anno. xviii H. vii Bartylmew Rede goldsmyth mayre Henry Keybell Nycolas Nynys shirifs ¶ In this yere the .xi. daye of Februarye dyed quene Elyzabeth in the tower of London lyinge in chyldbed And the .viii. day of August was the kīg of Scottes maried to Margarete eldest doughter of the king Anno do M. ccccc.iii Anno. xix H. vii William Capell draper mayre Xp̄ofer Hawes Robert Wattes Thomas Graunger shirifs Anno. do M. ccccc.iiii Anno. xx H. vii Iohn̄ Wyngar grocer mayre Roger Achylley William Browne shir Anno do M. ccccc.v Anno. xxi Hē vii Thomas Kneysworth fyshmōger mayre Rycharde Shore Roger Groue shirifs ¶ In this yere was the Wethercocke of Paules blowen downe and the duke of Burgoyne was dryuen to lād in the West countrey Anno do M. Anno. xxii H. vij Rycharde Haddō mercer knyght mayre Wylliā Copīger Wylliā Fytzwilliā shyr Anno. do M. ccccc.vii Anno. xxiii H. vii Wyllyam Browne mercer Laurence Aylmer draper mayers Wylliam Butler Iohn̄ Kyrkby shirifs ¶ In this same yere was a greate parte of the cytye of Norwyche brente Anno. M. ccccc.viii Anno. xxiiii H. vij Steph. Genīs marchaūt taylour mayre Tho. Exmew Rycharde Smyth shirifs ¶ In this yere the .xxi. daye of Apryll in the .xxiiii. yere of his reygne dyed kynge Henry the .vii. at Rychemonde and was buryed at westmynstre OVr most gracyous soueraygne lorde kyng Henry the .viii. began his most gracyous reygne the .xxii. daye of Apryll in the yere of oure Lorde M. ccccc.ix and was crowned at Westmynstre in the feest of the natyuytie of saynt Iohn̄ Baptist Henry the viiith Anno. do M. ccccc.ix Anno. j. Henry viij Thomas Bradburye mercer mayre George Monox Ihon̄ Doket shirifs ¶ Empson dudley beheded in August Syr William Fitzwilliam disfranchasyd bycause he wold not be shirife Anno dn̄i M. ccccc.x Anno. ij Hē viij Henry Keybell mayre Iohn̄ Mylborne Iohn̄ Rest shirifs ¶ Prince Henry borne at Rychemonde on newyers day solempne Iusts kept at Westmynster And on saynt Mathewes day the prynce dyed Anno dn̄i M. ccccc.xi Anno. iii. H. viiij Roger Achyley draper / mayre Nycolas Shelton Thomas Myrfyne shirifs ¶ The lorde Darcy sent into Spayne to ayde the king of Spayne against the Mores but peace was made before his aryuynge so he returned the same season was syr Edwarde Pownynges sent into Gelderland to ayde the prynce of Castell the lorde Haward toke Andrew bortō c.lx. scottes .ii. fayre shyps Anno do M. ccccc.xii Anno. iiii H. viii William Copynger fyshmōger Rychard Haddon knyght / mayrs Roberte Holdernes Rober Fenrother / shiriffes Edmonde de la poole beheded ¶ This yere the lorde Marques Dorset was sent in to Spayne with .x. M men dyd moch hurte in Guyon returned in winter by reason of the flix on sent lawrens daye the Regent the Carycke were brent which were .ii. great shyps Anno dn̄i M. ccccc.xiii Anno. v. H. viij William Browne mercer / mayre Iohn̄ Dawes Iohn̄ Bruge / shiriffes ¶ The sayd Dawes dyed wtin the yere / in his place was chosen Roger Basforde ¶ Syr Edwarde Howard lord Admyrall of England was slayne on saint Markes daye in Brytayne by to moch hardynes after in Iune the king besieged Turwyn discōfited the power of Fraunce at Boomye toke the Cytyes of Turwyn and Turney returned without any more battayle offered duryng which tyme the kynge of Scottes enoyed England with a. c. M. men was slayne hym selfe .xj. Erles by therle of Surrey the kynges lieftenaunt / wherfore the kyng created hym after duke of Norfolke his sonne Erle of Surrey Anno do M. ccccc.xiiii Anno. vj. H. viii George Monox draper / mayre Iamys yarforde Iohn̄ Mundy / shirifs ¶ This yere was a peace concluded betwene England and Fraunce and on S. Denyes day the Frenche kynge maryed the lady Mary the kinges syster he dyed on new yeres day after therfore the kīg sente for her agayne by the duke of Suffolke other Also this yere was Rychard Hunne hanged in the lollars tower Anno do M. ccccc.xv Anno. vij H. viij William Butler grocer / mayre Henry Worley Rycharde Grey / shiriffes ¶ The sayd Grey dyed within the yere in his place was chosen William Bayly ¶ The quene of scottes came to London in Maye and taryed there a hole yere ¶ In Apryll the Frenche quene came in to England was maryed to lord Charles duke of Suffolke this yere Margret quene of scottes syster to the kynge fled in England lay at Harbottell she was delyuered of a doughter called Margrete And in February was borne the lady Mary the kynges doughter at Grenewyche Anno. M. ccccc.xvi Anno viij H. viii Iohn̄ Rest grocer / mayre Thomas Seymer Rycharde Thurston / shiriffes ¶ This yere was such a frost that all mē with Cartes myght passe bytwene westmynstre and Lambeth ¶ On May euen this yere was an insurrection of yonge persons agaynst alyenes of the whiche dyuers were put to execucion and the other came to westmynster with halters about theyr nekes were pardoned and the .xviij. day of Maye the quene of scottes returned to her countrey Anno. do M. ccccc.xvij Anno. ix H.
A short cronycle wherin is mencioned all the names of all the kingꝭ of England of the mayers shiriffes of the cytie of Londō of diuers and many notable actes and thīges done in sith the time of kīge Henry the fourth Iohn̄ Byddell IUSTICIA Charitas Fides PRUDENCIA SPES Obedientia Patientia ¶ To know whan the foure termes of the yere begyn and ende The terme nexte after the Natiuitie of our lorde begynneth the .xxiiii daye of Ianuary and endeth the .xii. daye of Februarye Easter terme begynneth the thyrd day after the quindecim of easter and endeth the fourth daye after the Assencion of our lorde Mydsomer terme begynneth the thyrde daye after the Octaues of the Trinitie endeth the .xi. day of Iulye Myghelmas terme beginneth the .ix. daye of October and endeth the .xxviii. daye of Nouembre Henry the iiij th HEnry the fourth sonne to Iohn of Gaunte late Duke of Lancastre and thyrde sonne of Edwarde the thyrde toke possession of this realme of Englande the laste day of September in the yere of our lord god a M.CCC lxxxxix Anno. dn̄i M.ccc lxxxxix Anno. H. iiii Thomas knolles Grocer mayre Wyllylyam Hyde Iohn walderne Shiriffes ¶ In this yere dyed kynge rycharde the seconde ¶ In this yere dyuers dukes erles of Englande other were accorded to make a mūmyng on twelfe daye at nyght trayterously to kylle the kinge than beyng at wyndsore whiche beinge warned therof departed sodenlye came to London and made pursute after the said cōspiratours whiche apprehended and taken were after by the order of the lawe put to death ¶ In this yere was enacted by auctorytye of parliament that no lorde nor other mā myght gyue any gownes or lyuecyes to any of their tenauntes or other ꝑsons except onely theyr housholde meynyal seruauntes ¶ In this yere was also enacted that al repyers other fyshers from Rye wynchessee other costes of the see syde shold sell theyr fysshe them selfe in Cornhyll Chepe and other stretes of London to al men that wolde by of them fisshmongers and all other that wolde by the sayd fisshe to make sale agayne of it onely except Anno. dn̄i M. CCCC Anno. ij H. iiii Iohn̄ Fraunces Goldsmyth mayre Iohn̄ wakele William Ebot shirifs ¶ This yere a pryour .viii. treers were hanged at tyburne for treason Anno. do M. cccc.i Anno. iij. Henr. iiii Iohn̄ Shadworth mayre William Fremyngham William Venour Shiriffes Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.ii Anno. iiii H. iiii Iohn̄ Walcot mayre Roberte Chicheley Rycharde Marlow shirifs ¶ The battayle of Shrowysbury Anno do M. cccc.iii Anno. v. Henr. iiii William Askham mayre Thomas Fawkener Thomas Poole shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.iiii Anno. vi Hen. iiii Iohn Hynde draper mayre William Lowth Stephan Spylman Sheriffes ¶ In this yere Scrope archebysshop of yorke was beheded for treason Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.v Anno. vii Hen. iiii Iohn̄ Woodcocke mayre Henry Barton William Crowner Shirifs Anno. do M. Anno. viii Hen. iiii Richarde whityngton Mercer mayre Nycolas Wotton Geffrey broke shirifs Anno. dn̄i M. cccc vii Anno. ix H. iiii William Standon grocer mayre Henrye Halton Henry Ponfret shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.viii Anno. x. H. iiii Drewe Barencyne Goldsmythe mayre Thomas Duke William Norton shir Anno. do M. cccc.ix Anno. xi Henr. iiii Rycharde Marlow yrenmonger mayre Iohn Hawe William Chicheley shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.x Anno. xii Hen. iiii Thomas Knolles grocer Mayre Iohn Pe●ne Thomas Pyke Shiriffes ¶ This yere was abyll put into the parliament agaynst the spiritualtye for wāstynge othe temporaltyes Anno. do M. cccc.xi Anno. xiii H iiii Robert Chicheley grocer mayre Iohn Reynwell Walter Cotton shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.xii Anno. xiiii H. iiii William Walderne mercer mayre Raufe Leuyngham William Seuenok shirifs ¶ The sayd kyng Henry the fourth dyed the .xx. day of marche in the sayde yere of our lord M. cccc.xii whan he had regned xiii yeres .v. monethes and .xxi. dayes is buryed at Canterbury Henry the fyfthe HEnry the fyfth began his reygne the xxi daye of Marche in the yere of our lorde nexte aboue mencioned was crowned at westminster the .ix. daye of Aprill folowynge in the yere of our lorde god a. M. cccc.xiii Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.xiiii Anno. i. Hen. v. William Walderne mercer mayre Raufe Leuyngham William Seuenoke Shir Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.xxiiii Anno. ii Hen. v. William Crowner draper mayre Iohn Sutton Iohn Mycoll shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.xv Anno. iiii Henr. v Thomas Fawkener mercer mayre Iohn̄ Mychell Thomas Aleyn shirifs ¶ The batayle of Agyncourte Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.xvi Anno. iiii He. v Nicolas Wotton draper mayre Wylliam Cambrige Alane Euerade shiriffes Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.xvii Anno. v Hen. v Henry Barton skynner mayre Robert Whitington Iohn Couentre shiriffes Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.xviii Anno. vi H. v. Rycharde Marlowe yrenmonger mayre Henry Rede Iohn̄ Gedney shirifs ¶ This yere syr Iohn̄ Oldcastel knyght lorde Cobham was hanged in cheynes after brent Anno do M. cccc.xix Anno. vii Hen. v William Seuenok grocer mayre Iohn̄ Parnes Rauf Barton Iohn̄ Brian shir Anno dn̄i M. cccc.xx Anno. viii Hen. v Rycharde Whitingham mercer mayre Roberte Whitingham Iohn Butler shir Anno. do M. cccc.xxi Anno. Hen. v. William Cambrige grocer mayre Iohn̄ Butler William Weston shirifs ¶ The byrth of Henry the syxthe Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.xxii Anno. x. Hen. v Robert Chicheley grocer mayre Rycharde Iosielyn William weston shir ¶ The sayde kyng Henrye the fyfte dyed the .xxi. day of August in the yere of oure lorde next aboue mencioned whan he had reigned .ix. yeres .v. monethes and .xxiiii. dayes and lyeth buryed at Westmynster Henry the syxth HEnry the syxth began his reygne the fyrst day of September in the yere of our lorde next aboue mecyoned was crowned at westmynster in the .viii. yere of his reygne all whiche tyme before for infuffiency of age he was commytted to the rule of his vncles the dukes of Bedford of Gloucestre he was of the age of viii monethes odde dayes not aboue Anno. do M. cccc.xxiii Anno. i. Henr. vi William Walderne mayre William Estfelde Roberte Tatersale shirifs Anno do M. cccc.xiiii Anno. ii Hen. vi William crowner draper mayre Nycolas Iames. Thomas Wadeforde shirifs ¶ In this yere the duke of Bedforde Regent of fraunce made war vpon the Dolphin of Fraunce to thenglishmen ferthe vyctorye at the batayle of Vernoyle Anno. do M. cccc.xv Anno. iii. Henr. vi Iohn̄ Mychel mayre Symonde Seman Iohn Bithwater shiriffes Anno. do M. cccc.xxvi Anno. v. Hen. vi Iohn Couentre Mercer mayre William Milrede Iohn Brokle shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.xxvii Anno. v. H. vi Iohn Raynwell fysshmonger mayre Robert Arnolde Iohn Higham shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.xxviii Anno. vi H. vi Iohn Gedney draper mayre Robert Otly Henry Frowike shirifs Anno do M. cccc.xxix Anno. vii H. vi Henry ●a●ton skynner mayre Thomas Dashous Rauf Holand shir
yonge prince named Edwarde ¶ In this yere were kyng Edward and the Duke of Gloucestre attaynedas traytours and kinge Edwarde proclaymed vsurper of the Crowne ¶ In this yere kinge Edwarde landed in the North at a place called Rauynspore with a small company of flemynges ¶ In this yere was king Henry the sixth taken by kynge Edwarde the fourth in the bysshops palays at Paules in London ¶ In this yere was Bernet felde Anno. do M. cccc.lxxi Anno. xi Ed. iiii William Edwarde grocer mayre Iohn̄ Aleyne Iohn̄ Chelley shirifs ¶ In this yere kyng Edward the fourth began agayne his dominion ouer the realme of Englande ¶ The battayle at Tewkesbury ¶ This yere dyed kynge Henry the sixte Anno do M. cccc lxxii Anno. xii Ed. iiii Wyllyam hamptō fisshmonger mayre Thomas Bledlow Iohn̄ browne shirifs Anno M. cccc.lxxiii Anno. xiii Ed. iiii Iohn̄ Tate mercer mayre William Stocker Robert Byllesdon shirifs Anno M. cccc.lxxiiii An. xiiii Ed. iiii Roberte Drope draper mayre Edmunde Shaa Thomas Hyll shirifs ¶ In this yere kinge Edwarde made a voyage into Fraunce Anno do M. cccc.lxxv Anno. xv Ed. iiij Robert Basset salter mayre Robert Coswyche Hugh Bryce shiriffes ¶ In this yere were dyuerse bakers of London set vpon the pyllory for makinge of lyght weyght of breade Anno do M. cccc.lxxvi Anno. xvi E. iiii Raufe Iosselyne draper mayre Rycharde Rawson William Horne shir ¶ In this yere from Crypylgate to Bisshops gate Lōdon wall was newlye repayred Anno M. cccc.lxxvii Anno. xvii Ed. iiii Humfreye Heyforde goldsmyth mayre Henry Collet Iohn̄ Stocker shiriffes ¶ In this yere George duke of Clarence yonger brother to kinge Edwarde beinge prysoner in the Tower of London was there drowned in a barell of maulueseye Anno. M. cccc.lxxviii Anno. xviii E. iiii Rycharde Gardyner mercer / mayre Robert Hardynge Robert Byfelde / shir ¶ In this yere was great mortalytie in London through out all England Anno do M. cccc.lxxix Anno. xix Ed. iiii Barthylmewe Iames draper / mayre Thomas Ilam Iohn̄ warde shiriffes Anno dn̄i M. cccc.lxxx Anno xx Ed. iiii Iohn̄ Browne / mayre William Bacon William Danyell / shiriffes Anno dn̄i M. cccc.lxxxi Anno. xxi E. iiii William Haryot draper knyght / mayre Robert Tate William Wykynge Rycharde Chawry / shiriffes ¶ This yere in the moneth of of Iuly the kynge sent for the mayre with certeyn of his bretherne and comyners of the City of London vnto the forest of waltham there caused the game to be broughte before them so that they sawe course after course many a dere both reed falowe slayne And after that the kinge cōmaunded his officers to bringe the mayre his company vnto a pleasaunt lodge made al of grene bowes there set them to dyner serued them with many deynty disshes and dyuers wynes good plenty ouer that caused the lorde chambrelayne with other lordes to chere the mayre his company sondry tymes whyle they were at dyner and at theyr departyng gaue vnto them venyson grate plenty ¶ In this yere also the kinge sente vnto the mayrenesse of Lōdon and her systers aldermēs wyues two hartes .vi. buckes and a tunne of wyne to make them mery withall Anno. do M. cccc.lxxxii An. xxii Ed. iiii Edmunde Shaa goldsmyth mayre Iohn̄ Mathew William white shirifs ¶ In this begynnynge of the .xxiii. yere of the kinge at westmynster the .ix. daye of Aprill dyed the noble kinge Edward the fourth is buryed at wyndsore whan he had rigned to recken his begynnynge out of the lande with all other tyme full xxii yeres as moche as from the fourthe day of Marche vnto the .ix. daye of Aprill leuynge after him two sonnes that is to saye prince Edwarde his eldest sonne Rycharde duke of yorke thre doughters as Elysabeth that after was quene Cyceley and Katheryne Edward the fyfte EDward the fyfth began his reigne ouer the realme of England the .xi. day of April in the begynnyng of the yere of our lorde M. cccc.lxxxiii the same Edward beīg of the age of .xi. yeres or there aboute This Edwarde was neuer crowned but shamefully murthered by the cōmaundemente of Rycharde the thyrde that after was kinge of Englande Rychard the .iij. Rycharde the thyrde began his dominyon ouer the realme of Englande the .xxi. day of Iune in the yere of our lord M. CCCC.lxxxiii and the syxt day of Iuly than next folowynge was crowned at westmynster Anno. do M. cccc.lxxxiii Anno. i. Ry. iii. Robert Byllesdon haberdassher mayre Thomas Norland Williā martyne shir ¶ In this yere was the duke of Buckingham beheded at Salysbury Anno do M. cccc.lxxxiiii Anno. ii R. iii. Thomas Hyll mayre Thomas Breteyn Rycarde Chestre Raufe Astry shir ¶ The .xxii. day of August in the yere of our lord M. cccc.lxxxv was the battayle of Bosworth nere to Leycestre in the whiche kynge Rycharde the thyrde in the thyrde yere of his reygne was slayne by kinge Henry the seuenth the whiche in the same day began his reigne ouer the realme of Englande and the .xxx. day of October than next folowing was crowned at west mynster ¶ In the .xiii. day of September in the yere of our lorde last before mencyoned of the sweat dyed the foresayd Thomas Hil mayre in whose place the .xxiiii. day of the moneth yere of our lord last before mencyoned Williā Stocker knight was chosen mayre which Stocker dyed the xviii day of the sayde moneth also of the sweat the .xxix. day of the sayd moneth of September was Iohn̄ Warde chosen mayre so contynued vntyll the feaste of Symō and Iude than next folowynge Henry the seuēth Anno do M. cccc.lxxxv Anno. i. H. vii Hughe Bryce goldsmyth knight mayre Iohn̄ Tate Iohn̄ Swan Shirifs Anno. do M. cccc.lxxviii An. ii H. vii Henry Collet mercer knight mayre Iohn percyuale Hugh Clopton shirifs ¶ In this yere the kinge maryed kynge Edwardes eldest doughter named Elyzabeth in the moneth of Septembre next after was prince Arthur borne at Wynchestre Anno. M. cccc.lxxxvii Anno. iii. H. vii Wylliam Horne mayre Wylliam Remyngton Iohn̄ Fenkyll shirifs ¶ This yere on saynte Katheryns daye was the quene crowned at westmynster Anno. M. cccc.lxxxviii Anno. iiii H. vii Robert Tate mercer mayre Wyllyam Isaac Raufe Tylney shirifs ¶ In this yere the cōmons of the North slew the erle of Northumberland in the same yere was the felde of Dykesmew in Flaūders foughten by the lord Dawbeney where the lorde Morley was sleyne Anno. dn̄i M. cccc.lxxxix Anno. v. Hē vii William white mayre Wylliam Capell Iohn̄ Broke shirifs Anno do M. cccc.lxxxx Anno. vi H. vii Iohn̄ Mathew mercer mayre Hēry Cote Robert Reuel Hugh Pemberton shirifs ¶ This yere was lorde Henry the kinges seconde son borne at Grenewich in Iune Anno do M. cccc.lxxxxi Anno. vii H. vii Hugh Clopton mercer mayre Thomas wode William browne shir Anno do M. cccc.lxxxxii Anno. viii