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A13472 A memorial of all the English monarchs being in number 151, from Brute to King Charles. In heroicall verse by Io. Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1630 (1630) STC 23774; ESTC S118225 26,126 113

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richard_n win_v the_o royal_a state_n vnnatnral_o the_o child_n of_o his_o brothe_n the_o king_n and_o duke_n of_o york_n he_o cause_v to_o smother_v for_o sir_n james_n tirrell_n dighton_n and_o black_a will_n do_v in_o the_o tower_n these_o harmless_a prince_n kill_v buckingham_n duke_n do_v raise_v king_n richard_n high_a and_o for_o reward_n he_o lose_v his_o head_n thereby_o a_o fellow_n to_o this_o king_n i_o scarce_o can_v find_v his_o shape_n deform_v and_o crooked_a like_o his_o mind_n most_o cruel_a tyrannous_a inconstant_a stout_a courageous_a hardy_a to_o abide_v all_o danger_n out_o yet_o when_o his_o sin_n be_v mellow_a ripe_a and_o full_a the_o almighty_n justice_n than_o his_o plum●…s_n do_v pull_v by_o bloody_a mean_n he_o do_v the_o kingdom_n gain_v and_o lose_v it_o so_o at_o bosworth_n be_v slay_v this_o richard_n be_v never_o a_o good_a subject_n but_o wh●…_n he_o have_v get_v the_o crown_n he_o strive_v by_o all_o mean_n to_o be_v a_o good_a king_n for_o in_o his_o short_a reign_n of_o two_o year_n two_o mo●…s_n he_o make_v very_o profitable_a law_n which_o be_v yet_o in_o force_n by_o which_o it_o may_v be_v perceive_v how_o willing_a he_o be_v to_o 〈◊〉_d his_o misspend_a time_n henry_n the_o seven_o an._n dom._n 1485._o when_o civil_a war_n full_a fourscore_o year_n &_o more_o have_v make_v this_o kingdom_n welter_v in_o her_o gore_n when_o eighty_o of_o the_o royal_a blood_n be_v kill_v that_o york_n and_o lancaster_n cross_a faction_n hold_v then_o god_n in_o mercy_n look_v on_o this_o land_n bring_v in_o this_o prince_n with_o a_o triumphant_a band_n the_o only_a heir_n of_o the_o lancastrian_n line_n who_o grac●…ously_o consent_v to_o combine_v to_o ease_v poor_a england_n of_o a_o world_n of_o anon_o and_o make_v the_o red_a rose_n and_o the_o white_a but_o one_o by_o marriage_n with_o elizabeth_n the_o fair_a four_o edward_n daughter_n and_o york_n only_o heir_n but_o margaret_n burgund_v lancaster_n storm_v &_o frown_v that_o the_o heir_n of_o lancaster_n in_o state_n be_v crown_v a_o counterfeit_n one_o lambert_n she_o suborn_v beign_a with_o princely_a ornament_n adorn_v to_o claim_v the_o state_n in_o name_n of_o cla●…ce_n son_n who_o in_o the_o tower_n before_o to_o death_n be_v do_v war_n '_o against_o the_o french_a king_n henry_n do_v maintain_v and_o edward_n brave_a lord_n wooduil●…_n there_o be_v slay_v northumberland_n great_a earl_n for_o the_o king_n right_a be_v slay_v by_o northern_a rebel_n in_o sharp_a fight_n the_o king_n besiege_v boulogne_n but_o a_o peace_n the_o french_a king_n seek_v and_o so_o the_o siege_n do_v cease_v still_o burgund_v duchess_n with_o inveterate_a hate_n do_v seek_v to_o ruin_v henry_n royal_a state_n she_o cause_v one_o perkin_n warbeck_n to_o put_v on_o the_o name_n of_o richard_n edward_n murder_a son_n which_o richard_n be_v the_o young_a of_o the_o twain_o of_o edward_n son_n that_o in_o the_o tower_n be_v slay_v the_o king_n at_o last_o these_o traitor_n do_v confound_v and_o perkin_n for_o a_o counterfeit_n be_v find_v sir_n william_n stanley_n once_o the_o king_n best_a friend_n at_o tower_n hill_n on_o a_o scaffold_n have_v his_o end_n on_o black_a heath_n cornish_a rebel_n be_v o'rthrowne_v a_o shoemaker_n do_v claine_v king_n henry_n crown_n the_o earl_n of_o warwick_n lose_v his_o hapless_a head_n and_o lady_n katherine_n do_v prince_n arthur_n wed_v but_o ere_o six_o month_n be_v full_o go_v and_o pass_v in_o ludlow_n castle_n arthur_n breathe_v his_o last_o king_n henry_n build_v his_o chapel_n from_o the_o ground_n at_o westminster_n who_o like_a can_v scarce_o be_v find_v fair_a margaret_n elder_a daughter_n to_o our_o king_n king_n james_n the_o four_o of_o 〈◊〉_d home_n do_v bring_v where_o those_o two_o prince_n with_o great_a pomp_n and_o cheer_n in_o state_n at_o edinburgh_n marry_v be_v but_o as_o all_o mortal_a ●…hings_n be_v tra●…ory_n so_o to_o a_o end_n come_v h●…nrie●…arthly_a ●…arthly_z glory_n twenty_o three_o year_n and_o 8._o month_n here_o he_o sway_v and_o then_o at_o westminster_n i●…s_v tomb_n be_v lay_v he_o all_o his_o life_n have_v variable_a share_n of_o peace_n war_n joy_n grief_n royalty_n and_o care_n in_o his_o 1._o year_n in_o 7._o week_n space_n there_o die_v in_o london_n 2._o masor_n and_o 6._o alderman_n beside_o many_o hundred_o other_o of_o a_o strange_a sweat_a sickness_n 1485._o anno_fw-la reg._n 12._o at_o saint_n need_v in_o bedfordshire_n there_o fall_v bail-stone_n 18._o inch_n about_o king_n james_n the_o 4._o of_o scotland_n marry_v margaret_n elder_a daughter_n to_o henry_n the_o 7._o from_o who_o our_o gracious_a sovereign_n be_v lineal_o descend_v henry_n the_o eight_o an._n dom._n 1509._o from_o both_o the_o line_n and_o both_o the_o loin_n do_v spring_n of_o york_n &_o lancaster_n this_o mighty_a king_n katherine_n that_o be_v his_o brother_n wife_n of_o late_a he_o take_v to_o wife_n and_o crown_v her_o queen_n in_o state_n empson_n and_o dudley_n lose_v their_o head_n at_o tower_n for_o rack_a the_o poor_a commons_o by_o their_o power_n war_n dreadful_a war_n arise_v betwixt_o we_o and_o france_n lord_n edward_n howard_n drown_v by_o mischance_n at_o breast_n he_o be_v high_a admiral_n in_o fight_n cast_v overboard_o die_v like_o a_o valiant_a knight_n in_o england_n suffolk_n duke_n do_v lose_v his_o head_n the_o king_n to_o tur●…in_n d●…d_v a_o army_n lead_v turney_n he_o win_v with_o his_o victorious_a blade_n king_n james_n of_o scotland_n england_n do_v invade_v but_o surry_v earl_n the_o sco●…sh_a king_n overcome_v who_o lose_v life_n there_o but_o win_v immortal_a fame_n now_o cardinal_n wol●…ey_n in_o the_o king_n high_a grace_n be_v raise_v to_o honour_n from_o great_a place_n to_o place_n lordship_n on_o lordship_n lay_v upon_o his_o back_n until_o the_o burden_n be_v the_o bearer_n wrack_n the_o duke_n of_o buckingham_n his_o head_n do_v lose_v and_o luther_n stout_o do_v the_o pope_n oppose_v blind_a ignorance_n that_o long_o have_v look_v awry_o begin_v to_o see_v truth_n with_o a_o clear_a eye_n and_o then_o the_o king_n inspire_v with_o fervent_a zeal_n reform_v both_o the_o church_n and_o common_a weal_n jehovah_n with_o his_o power_n omnipotent_a do_v make_v this_o king_n his_o gracious_a instrument_n to_o unmask_v his_o truth_n from_o antichristian_a fable_n and_o purge_v this_o woeful_a land_n from_o babel●…_n babble_n this_o king_n at_o boulogne_n be_v victorious_a in_o peace_n and_o war_n magnific_a glorious_a in_o his_o rage_n bounty_n he_o do_v oft_o express_v his_o liberality_n to_o be_v excess_n in_o revel_n just_n and_o turny_n he_o spend_v more_o then_o five_o of_o his_o forefather_n do_v before_o his_o avarice_n be_v all_o for_o noble_a fame_n among_o the_o worthy_n to_o enroll_v his_o name_n a_o valiant_a champion_n for_o the_o faith_n defence_n be_v the_o great_a title_n of_o this_o mighty_a prince_n six_o wife_n he_o have_v 3._o kate_n 2._o anne_n one_o jane_n two_o be_v divorce_v two_o at_o the_o block_n be_v slay_v one_o son_n and_o two_o fair_a daughter_n he_o do_v leave_v who_o each_o from_o other_o do_v the_o crown_n receive_v the_o first_o be_v edward_n mary_n next_o who_o death_n leave_v state_n and_o realm_n to_o queen_n elizabeth_n he_o thirty_o eight_o year_n keep_v this_o royal_a room_n at_o windsor_n he_o be_v enter_v without_o a_o tomb_n leeth_n edenbourgh_n and_o diverse_a other_o part_n of_o scotland_n be_v spoil_v by_o sir_n john_n dudley_n lord_n viscount_n lisle_n lord_n high_a admiral_n of_o england_n with_o a_o navy_n of_o 200._o tall_a ship_n anno_fw-la 1544._o king_n henry_n go_v to_o boulogne_n he_o enter_v france_n the_o 13._o of_o july_n and_o into_o boulogne_n the_o 25._o of_o september_n in_o which_o year_n be_v take_v 300._o french_a ship_n for_o prize_n edward_n the_o six_o an._n dom._n 1546._o have_v this_o king_n reign_n be_v long_o as_o it_o be_v good_a religion_n in_o a_o peaceable_a state_n have_v stand_v what_o may_v have_v his_o age_n be_v when_o his_o bless_a youth_n so_o valiant_o advance_v god_n sacred_a truth_n at_o nine_o year_n age_n the_o crown_n on_o he_o he_o take_v and_o ere_o sixteen_o he_o crown_n and_o life_n forsake_v too_o good_a for_o earth_n the_o almighty_a take_v his_o spirit_n and_o westminster_n his_o carcase_n do_v inherit_v in_o his_o 5._o year_n a_o strange_a earthquake_n do_v much_o harm_n in_o diverse_a place_n of_o surry_n and_o a_o sweat_a sickness_n general_o over_o england_n that_o dispatch_v those_o that_o be_v in_o good_a health_n in_o 12._o hour_n or_o 24._o at_o the_o most_o in_o one_o week_n there_o die_v of_o it_o in_o london_n 806._o the_o most_o of_o they_o be_v man_n of_o best_a strength_n queen_n mary_n an._n dam._n d●…_n after_o a_o while_n this_o queen_n have_v wear_v the_o crown_n idolatry_n be_v raise_v
at_o westminster_n in_o the_o 17._o of_o his_o reign_n on_o the_o 8._o of_o april_n 1233._o there_o be_v 5_o son_n in_o the_o firmament_n and_o the_o natural_a sun_n be_v as_o red_a as_o blood_n edward_n longshank_n an._n dom._n 1272._o this_o be_v a_o hardy_a wise_a victorious_a king_n the_o welshman_n he_o do_v to_o subjection_n bring_v he_o scotland_n win_v and_o bring_v from_o thence_o by_o fate_n their_o crown_n their_o sceptre_n chair_n and_o cloth_n of_o state_n that_o kingdom_n with_o oppression_n sore_o he_o bruise_v much_o tyranny_n and_o bloodshed_n there_o he_o use_v when_o thirty_o five_o year_n he_o the_o crown_n have_v keep_v at_o westminster_n he_o with_o his_o father_n sleep_v edward_n the_o 1._o in_o the_o 13._o year_n his_o son_n edward_n be_v bear_v at_o carnarvan_n who_o be_v the_o first_o son_n of_o any_o king_n of_o england_n that_o be_v prince_n of_o wales_n an._n 17._o wheat_n at_o 3._o penny_n the_o bushel_n edward_n of_o carnarvan_n an._n dom._n 1307._o the_o hard_a mis_fw-fr hap_n that_o do_v this_o king_n attend_v the_o wretched_a life_n and_o lamentable_a end_n which_o he_o endure_v the_o like_a have_v never_o be_v see_v depose_v and_o poison_v by_o his_o cruel_a queen_n which_o when_o the_o poison_n have_v no_o force_n to_o kill_v another_o way_n she_o wrought_v her_o wicked_a will_n into_o his_o fundament_n a_o red_a hot_a spit_n be_v thrust_v which_o make_v his_o royal_a heart_n to_o split_v in_o his_o 8._o year_n such_o a_o dearth_n that_o dog_n and_o horse_n be_v good_a food_n many_o eat_v their_o own_o child_n and_o old_a prisoner_n tear_v such_o as_o be_v new_o commit_v in_o piece_n and_o devour_v they_o half_a live_n the_o king_n reign_v 19_o year_n 6._o month_n edward_n the_o three_o an._n dom._n 1316._o in_o peace_n and_o war_n ●…his_v king_n be_v right_a &_o good_a he_o do_v reu●…nge_v his_o murder_a father_n blood_n he_o and_o the_o black_a prince_n his_o most_o valiant_a son_n the_o field_n at_o cress●…_n and_o at_o poytiers_n win_v at_o first_o and_o l●…st_a in_o his_o victorious_a reign_n of_o french_a and_o scot_n be_v six_o score_n thousand_o slay_v and_o more_o his_o glory_n further_o to_o advance_v he_o take_v the_o king_n of_o scotland_n and_o of_o france_n the_o noble_a order_n of_o the_o garter_n he_o at_o windsor_n institute_v cause_v to_o be_v when_o fifty_o year_n this_o land_n have_v he_o obey_v at_o westminster_n he_o in_o his_o tomb_n be_v lay_v in_o his_o 12._o year_n he_o quarter_v the_o arm_n of_o england_n and_o france_n as_o they_o be_v at_o this_o day_n henry_n pichard_n vi●…tner_n in_o his_o mayoralty_n feast_v at_o once_o edward_z king_n of_o england_n david_n king_n of_o scotland_n john_n king_n of_o france_n the_o king_n of_o cypress_n the_o prince_n of_o wales_n the_o dolphin_n of_o france_n with_o many_o other_o great_a personage_n of_o honour_n and_o worship_n richard_n the_o second_o an._n dom._n 1377._o young_a king_n rash_a counsel_n law_n &_o right_o neglect_v the_o good_a put_v down_o the_o bad_a in_o state_n ●…rected_v the_o court_n with_o knave_n &_o flat'rer_n here_o do_v swarm_v the_o kingdom_n like_o a_o farm_n be_v let_v to_o farm_n the_o commons_o rise_v in_o army_n rou●…es_n and_o throng_n and_o by_o foul_a treason_n will_v 〈◊〉_d foul_a wrong_n in_o this_o king_n reign_n begin_v the_o civil_a war_n unnatural_o betwixt_o york_n and_o lancaster_n oppression_n on_o oppression_n breed_v confusion_n bad_a prologue_n bad_a proceed_v bad_a conclusion_n king_n richard_n twenty_o two_o year_n reign_v mislead_v depose_v and_o at_o pomfret_n knock_v ith'head_o this_o king_n be_v grandchild_n to_o edward_n the_o 3._o and_o son_n to_o the_o black_a prince_n he_o be_v bear_v at_o bordeaux_n in_o france_n and_o be_v but_o 11._o year_n old_a when_o he_o be_v crown_v so_o that_o all_o his_o miserable_a calamity_n may_v be_v impute_v to_o his_o not_o have_v or_o not_o regard_v good_a counsel_n henry_n the_o four_o an._n dom._n 1399._o the_o crown_n wrong_v get_v from_o the_o wrong_a '_o do_v king_n more_o grief_n than_o joy_n do_v to_o king_n henry_n bring_v france_n england_n scotland_n wales_n arise_v in_o arm_n and_o menace_v henry_n with_o most_o fierce_a alarm_n hot_a percy_n dowglas_n mortimer_n glend●…wre_n at_o shrewsbury_n the_o king_n or●…threw_v their_o power_n he_o fourteen_o year_n do_v reign_v and_o then_o do_v die_v at_o cant●…rbury_n bury_v he_o do_v lie_v henry_n the_o 4._o he_o begin_v his_o reign_n the_o 29._o of_o september_n 1399._o and_o the_o 14._o of_o february_n follow_v king_n richard_n the_o 2._o be_v in_o prison_n at_o pomfret-castle_n be_v murder_v the_o reign_n of_o king_n henry_n be_v a_o continual_a war_n and_o trouble_v henry_n the_o five_o an._n dom._n 1412._o this_o be_v a_o king_n renown_a n●…ere_o and_o far_o a_o mars_n of_o man_n a_o thunderbolt_n of_o war_n at_o agincourt_n the_o french_a be_v overthrow_v and_o henry_n heir_n proclaim_v unto_o that_o crown_n ●…ine_a year_n reign_v this_o valiant_a prince_n win_v more_o i_o hena●…_n the_o king_n do_v after_o or_o before_o entomb_v at_o westminster_n his_o carcase_n lie_v his_o soul_n do_v like_o his_o act_n ascend_v the_o sky_n henry_n the_o 5._o in_o his_o 3._o year_n he_o pass_v the_o sea_n with_o 1000_o 〈◊〉_d of_o ship_n and_o vessel_n into_o france_n his_o tomb_n or_o statue_n be_v cover_v with_o silver_n but_o this_o iron_n age_n have_v devour_v henry_n the_o six_o an._n dom._n 1422._o this_o infant_n prince_n scarce_o be_v nine_o month_n old_a the_o realm_n of_o france_n and_o england_n he_o do_v hold_n but_o he_o uncapable_a through_o want_n of_o year_n be_v ouer-gouerned_a by_o mis-gouerned_a peer_n now_o york_n and_o lancaster_n with_o bloody_a war_n both_o wound_n this_o kingdom_n with_o deep_a deadly_a scar_n wh●…st_n this_o good_a king_n by_o york_n oppose_v depose_v expose_v to_o danger_n be_v captive_v 〈◊〉_d '_o d_o his_o 〈◊〉_d ●…xilde_v his_o son_n and_o many_o friend_n f●…d_n murder_v slaughter_a last_o ●…ate_n contend_v to_o crown_v he_o once_o again_o who_o then_o at_o last_o be_v murder_v thirty_o nine_o year_n be_v past_a king_n henry_n the_o fix_a be_v 10._o year_n old_a be_v crown_v king_n of_o france_n in_o paris_n but_o with_o the_o strife_n betwixt_o the_o nobility_n and_o the_o commons_o in_o england_n the_o most_o part_n of_o france_n be_v lose_v again_o which_o be_v never_o recover_v since_o edward_n the_o four_o an._n dom._n 1460._o edward_n the_o 4_o the_o house_n of_o york_n great_a heir_n by_o bloody_a war_n attain_v the_o regal_a chair●…_n the_o poor_a king_n henry_n into_o scotland_n flee_v and_o four_o year_n there_o be_v royal_o clothe_v and_o feed_v still_o good_a success●…_n with_o he_o be_v in_o the_o wane_n he_o by_o king_n edward_n power_n at_o last_o be_v take_v but_o yet_o before_o the_o ten_o year_n of_o his_o reign_n hence_o edward_n flee_v and_o henry_n crown_v again_o by_o warwick_n mean_n six_o month_n he_o hold_v the_o same_o till_o edward_n back_o in_o arm_n to_o england_n come_v and_o fight_v stout_o make_v this_o kingdom_n yield_v and_o slay_v great_a warwick_n earl_n at_o barnet_n field_n thus_o civil_a war_n on_o war_n and_o broil_n on_o broil_n and_o england_n against_o england_n spill_v and_o spoil_n now_o york_n than_o lancaster_n than_o york_n again_o quell_v lancaster_n thus_o joy_n grief_n pleasure_n pain_n do_v like_o inconstant_a water_n ebb_v and_o flow_v one_o rise_n be_v the_o other_o overthrow_n king_n edward_n twenty_o two_o year_n rule_v this_o land_n and_o lie_v at_o windsor_n where_o his_o tomb_n do_v stand_v edward_n the_o 4._o in_o the_o first_o year_n on_o palme-sunday_n 1460._o there_o be_v a_o battle_n fight_v betwixt_o king_n edward_n and_o king_n henry_n near_o todcaster_n wherein_o be_v slay_v of_o englishman_n on_o both_o side_n 53000_o 700_o and_o 11._o person_n the_o bloody_a victory_n fall_v to_o king_n edward_n in_o the_o 10._o year_n of_o his_o reign_n he_o be_v force_v to_o forsake_v this_o land_n whereby_o king_n henry_n be_v restore_v again_o to_o the_o crown_n but_o short_o after_o edward_z return_v and_o henry_n be_v ●…urthered_v edward_n the_o five_o an._n dom._n 1483._o high_a birth_n blood_n state_n and_o innocent_a in_o year_n eclipse_v and_o murder_v by_o insult_a peer_n this_o king_n be_v never_o crown_v short_a be_v his_o reign_n for_o to_o be_v short_a he_o in_o short_a space_n be_v slay_v edward_n the_o 5._o within_o 3._o month_n after_o the_o death_n of_o his_o father_n he_o and_o his_o brother_n richard_n duke_n of_o york_n be_v deprive_v both_o of_o their_o life_n and_o he_o of_o the_o crown_n by_o their_o tyrannous_a uncle_n richard_n duke_n of_o gloster_n richard_n the_o three_o an._n dom._n 1483._o by_o reason_n mischief_n murder_n and_o debate_n usurp_a
war_n his_o young_a brother_n trouble_v he_o with_o jar_n at_o london_n such_o a_o furious_a wind_n do_v blow_v which_o do_v six_o hundred_o house_n overthrow_v the_o city_n gloster_n be_v by_o welshman_n sack_v northumberland_n be_v by_o king_n william_n wrack_v william_n de_fw-mi oue_z and_o william_n the_o aluery_n in_o cruel_a torment_n die_v at_o salisbury_n duke_n robert_n lay_v all_o normandy_n to_o gage_v unto_o the_o king_n war_n with_o the_o turk_n to_o wage_v westminster_n hall_n be_v build_v the_o dane_n come_v in_o and_o the_o orchades_n and_o the_o i_o will_v of_o man_n do_v win_v but_o as_o the_o king_n be_v hunt_v in_o hampshire_n sir_n walter_n tirr●…ll_n shoot_v at_o a_o deer_n the_o arrow_n glauncing'gainst_a a_o tree_n by_o chance_n the_o unhappy_a king_n kill_v by_o the_o hapless_a glance_v a_o collier_n cart_n to_o winchester_n do_v bring_v the_o corpse_n where_o unbemoand_v they_o lay_v the_o king_n rufus_n in_o the_o 8._o year_n of_o his_o reign_n the_o christian_a army_n go_v to_o jerusalem_n under_o the_o conduct_n of_o godfrey_n duke_n of_o bulloyne_n in_o which_o war_n serve_v robert_n duke_n of_o normandy_n the_o king_n elder_a brother_n who_o pawn_v his_o dukedom_n for_o 16666_o pound_n weight_n of_o silver_n in_o the_o 11._o year_n the_o land_n of_o the_o late_a earl_n godwine_n sink_v in_o the_o sea_n and_o be_v to_o this_o day_n call_v godwine_n sand_n this_o king_n die_v the_o 2._o of_o august_n 1100._o he_o reign_v 12._o year_n 11._o month_n and_o be_v bury_v at_o winchester_n henry_n the_o first_o an._n dom._n 1100._o this_o henry_n for_o his_o wisdom_n beuclarke_n name_v th'vnlawfull_a law_n and_o measure_n he_o reclaim_v the_o norman_a duke_n eldest_a brother_n to_o the_o king_n to_o claim_v the_o crown_n a_o mighty_a host_n do_v bring_v saint_n bartholomewes_n be_v found_v and_o saint_n gyles_n and_o henry_n stop_v duke_n robert_n mouth_n with_o wile_n then_o peace_n be_v make_v but_o after_o war_n do_v rise_v the_o king_n tooke_n brother_n and_o put_v out_o his_o eye_n here_o windsor_n church_n and_o castle_n be_v erect_v and_o wales_n rebel_v most_o sharp_o be_v correct_v all_o the_o king_n son_n and_o eight_o score_n person_n more_o be_v drown_v by_o tempest_n near_o the_o norman_a shore_n thus_o all_o his_o joy_n in_o child_n loss_n bereave_v save_o only_a maud_n the_o widow_n empress_n leave_v who_o geffrey_n anioy_n earl_n to_o wife_n do_v get_v from_o who_o do_v spring_v the_o name_n plant●…genet_n the_o king_n proclaim_v his_o daughter_n or_o her_o seed_n after_o his_o death_n shall_v in_o the_o realm_n succeed_v and_o after_o thirty_o five_o year_n time_n be_v past_a king_n henry_n by_o a_o surfeit_n breathe_v his_o last_o much_o trouble_n in_o his_o day_n this_o kingdom_n weary_v he_o die_v and_o dead_a at_o redding_n he_o lie_v bury_v thus_o god_n that_o lift_v the_o low_a cast_v down_o the_o high_a cause_v all_o the_o conqueror_n son_n untimely_o die_v henry_n the_o 1._o he_o hold_v the_o crown_n wrongful_o from_o his_o elder_a brother_n robert_n duke_n of_o normandy_n and_o overcome_v he_o in_o battle_n most_o unnatural_o put_v out_o his_o eye_n he_o reign_v 35._o y●…res_n his_o brain_n eye_n and_o bowel_n be_v bury_v at_o roan_n in_o france_n and_o the_o rest_n of_o his_o body_n at_o redding_n his_o physician_n that_o open_v his_o head_n be_v kill_v sudden_o with_o the_o stench_n of_o his_o brain_n king_n stephen_n an._n dom._n 1135._o stephen_n earl_n of_o b●…loign_n the_o earl_n of_o bloys_n his_o son_n from_o the_o empress_n maud_n this_o famous_a kingdom_n win_v domestic_a foreign_a dangerous_a discord_n betwixt_o faction_n f●…ctions_n of_o the_o king_n and_o his_o lord_n war_n betwixt_o the_o king_n and_o the_o empress_n for_o the_o crown_n both_o taste_v fortune_n favour_n and_o her_o frown_n now_o up_o now_o down_o like_o ball_n at_o tennis_n toss_v till_o stephen_n gain_v the_o goal_n and_o the_o empress_n lose_v and_o after_o eighteen_o year_n be_v come_v and_o go_v the_o king_n not_o have_v any_o lawful_a son_n he_o die_v and_o change_v his_o kingdom_n &_o his_o strength_n for_o a_o small_a sepulchre_n of_o six_o foot_n length_n king_n stephen_n he_o be_v noble_a valiant_a liberal_a and_o politic_a and_o almost_o in_o continual_a trouble_n in_o the_o 1._o year_n of_o his_o reign_n a_o fire_n burn_v all_o the_o street_n from_o london-stone_n east_n to_o paul_n and_o west_n to_o algate_n and_o within_o 2._o year_n after_o the_o ci●…ties_n of_o york_n rochester_n and_o bath_n be_v burn_v he_o reign_v 18._o year_n 10._o month_n and_o be_v bury_v at_o feversham_n henry_n the_o second_o an_fw-mi dom._n 1154._o this_o king_n unto_o the_o empress_n maud_n be_v heir_n and_o lawful_o obtain_v the_o regal_a chair_n he_o be_v courageous_a and_o yet_o most_o unchaste_a which_o vice_n his_o other_o virtue_n all_o deface_v he_o love_v fair_a rosamond_n the_o world_n fair_a rose_n for_o which_o his_o wife_n and_o child_n turn_v his_o foe_n he_o make_v his_o son_n copartner_n in_o his_o crown_n who_o raise_v strong_a war_n to_o put_v his_o father_n down_o fair_a rosamond_n at_o woodstock_n by_o the_o queen_n be_v poison_v in_o revengefull-iealous_a spleen_n in_o toil_n and_o trouble_v with_o his_o son_n and_o peer_n the_o king_n reign_v almost_o five_o and_o thirty_o year_n he_o near_o his_o death_n do_v curse_v his_o day_n of_o birth_n he_o curse_v his_o son_n and_o sad_o leave_v the_o earth_n he_o at_o founteverard_n in_o his_o tomb_n be_v lay_v and_o his_o son_n richard_n next_o the_o sceptre_n sway_v henry_n the_o 2._o in_o the_o 12._o year_n of_o this_o king_n a_o earthquake_n in_o norfolk_n suffolk_z and_o elye_v that_o make_v bell_n ring_v with_o shake_v the_o steeple_n and_o overthrow_v man_n that_o stand_v on_o their_o foot_n nicholas_n breakespeare_n a_o englishman_n be_v pope_n of_o rome_n and_o be_v name_v adrian_n the_o four_o he_o give_v the_o lordship_n of_o ireland_n to_o king_n henry_n richard_n cordelion_n an._n dom._n 1189._o this_o brave_a victorious_a lion-hearted_a prince_n the_o foe_n of_o christ_n in_o jury_n do_v convince_v whilst_o at_o jerusalem_n he_o wan_a renown_n his_o brother_n john_n at_o home_n usurp_v his_o crown_n and_o as_o he_o home_o return_v his_o own_o to_o gain_v by_o austria_n duke_n the_o king_n be_v prisoner_n take_v his_o ransom_n be_v a_o hundred_o thousand_o pound_n which_o pay_v in_o england_n he_o again_o be_v crown_v yet_o after_o nine_o full_a year_n and_o 9_o month_n reign_n he_o with_o a_o shot_n be_v kill_v in_o aquitane_n his_o burial_n at_o 〈◊〉_d be_v ●…hought_v meet_a at_o his_o dead_a father_n second_o henry_n foot_n richard_n the_o 1._o he_o conquer_v the_o kingdom_n of_o cypress_n and_o he_o take_v from_o the_o infidel_n the_o city_n of_o acon_n &_o joppa_n and_o deliver_v they_o to_o christian_n in_o his_o 2._o year_n the_o bone_n of_o the_o renown_a king_n arthur_n be_v find_v at_o glastenbury_n king_n richard_n bowel_n be_v bury_v at_o chalne_a castle_n in_o aquitane_n his_o heart_n at_o roan_n and_o his_o body_n at_o founteverard_n king_n john_n an._n dom._n 1199._o john_n earl_n of_o morton_n take_v the_o regal_a seat_n his_o state_n his_o toil_n his_o pomp_n his_o care_n all_o great_a the_o french_a the_o welsh_z the_o scotch_a all_o prove_v his_o foe_n the_o pope_n king_n john_n do_v from_o his_o crown_n depose_v his_o lord_n rebel_v from_o france_n the_o dolphin_n come_v and_o waste_v england_n much_o with_o sword_n and_o flame_n and_o after_o seventeen_o year_n be_v full_o expire_v king_n john_n be_v poison_v to_o his_o grave_n retire_v king_n john_n in_o the_o 8._o year_n many_o man_n woman_n and_o cattle_n be_v slay_v with_o thunder_n and_o many_o house_n burn_v and_o the_o corn_n be_v beat_v down_o with_o hail_n as_o big_a as_o goose_n egg_n some_o say_v the_o king_n be_v po●…soned_v by_o a_o monk_n and_o other_o write_v that_o he_o die_v of_o a_o surfeit_n at_o newark_n but_o his_o life_n be_v full_a of_o trouble_n and_o after_o his_o death_n he_o be_v by_o base_a villain_n robe_v and_o leave_v naked_a without_o any_o thing_n to_o cover_v the_o corpse_n he_o be_v bury_v at_o worcester_n henry_n the_o three_o an._n dom._n 1216._o have_v bloody_a war_n the_o french_a in_o england_n make_v strong_a hold_n town_n tower_n &_o castle_n they_o invade_v but_o afterward_o it_o be_v k._n henry_n chance_n by_o force_n perforce_o to_o force_v they_o back_o to_o france_n great_a discord_n betwixt_o the_o king_n and_o baron_n be_v and_o faction_n do_v the_o realm_n in_o piece_n tear_v a_o world_n of_o mischief_n do_v this_o land_n abide_v and_o fifty_o six_o year_n reign_v the_o king_n and_o die_v henry_n the_o 3._o this_o king_n be_v bear_v at_o winchester_n crown_v at_o gloucester_n &_o bury_v