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A11720 A briefe chronicle, of all the kinges of Scotland declaring in what yeare of the worlde, and of Christ, they began to reigne, how long they reigned, of what qualities they were, and how they died. 1625 (1625) STC 22007; ESTC S116893 14,216 46

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Christ 961. A good Prince and a seuere Iustitiar Hee was slaine by one Donald at Forres in Murray and was buried secretlie vnder the Brig of a River beside Kinlosse but the matter was reuealed and the murtherer and his wife that consented thereto were seuerelie punished Hee reigned fiue yeares LXXIX Culenus Indulfus sonne beganne to reigne in the yeare of the worlde 4936 and in the yeare of Christ 966. An vicious and an effeminate prince Hee was slaine at Methwen by Radardus a Noble man whose Daughter hee had defiled in the fourth yeare of his Reigne LXXX Kenneth the third Duffus Brother beganne to reigne in the yeare of the Worlde 4940 and in the yeare of Christ 970. A valiant and a Wise prince But in the ende hee became Cruell and slew Malcolme his Brothers Sonne and in GODS Iudgement who suffereth not Innocent blood to bee vnpunished hee was slaine by a strange engine an Image fixed in a Wall at Fetticarne by the meanes of a Noble woman there called Fenella in the twentie foure yeare of his reigne LXXXI Constantine the fourth surnamed Calvus Culenus Sonne beganne to reigne in the yeare of the worlde 4964 and in the yeare of Christ 994. An usurper of the Crowne Hee was slaine in Battell at the Towne of Crawmond in Louthian in the second yeare of his reigne LXXXII Grimus Duffus Sonne beganne to reigne in the yeare of the worlde 4966 and in the yeare of Christ 996. A vicious prince he was slaine in Battell by Malcolme the second his successor in the eight yeare of his reigne LXXXIII Malcolme the second Kenneth the third his Sonne beganne to reigne in the yeare of the Worlde 4974 And in the yeare of Christ 1004. A Valiant and a wise prince who made manie good Lawes of the which a few are yet extant Hee was Slayne by a Conspiracie of his Nobles at the Castell of Glammes who after the slaughter thinking to escape were drowned in the Loch of Forfar for it being Winter and the Loch frozen and couered with Snow the Yee brake and they fell in shewing euen the Righteous Iudgement of GOD. He reigned thirtie yeares LXXXIIII Duncane the first Beatrix Malcolme the Second his Daughters Sonne began to reigne in the yeare of the worlde 5004 and in the yeare of Christ 1034. A good and a modest Prince Hee was slaine by Mackbeth traiterouslie in the sixt yeare of his Reigne LXXXV Mackbeth Dovada Malcolme the second his daughters sonne beganne to Reigne in the yeare of the worlde 5010 and in the yeare of Christ 1040. In the beginning of his reigne hee behaued himselfe as a good and just Prince but thereafter hee degenerated into a Cruell Tyrant Hee 〈◊〉 slaine by his Successour Malcolme the third in battell in the seaventeenth yeare of his reigne LXXXVI Malcolme the third surnamed Cammoir Duncane the first his sonne beganne to reigne in the yeare of the world 5027 and in the yeare of Christ 1057. A verie Religious and valiant Prince He married Margaret daughter to Edward surnamed the OVT-LAW sonne vnto Edward sur-named YRON-SIDE King of ENGLAND a verie good and religious Woman according vnto those times vvho bare vnto him sixe Sonnes two Daughters The Sonnes were Edward the Prince Edmond Etheldred Edgar Alexander and David The Daughters were Mathildis or Maude sur-named BONA Wife vnto Henrie the first sur-named BEAVCLERKE King of ENGLAND of whose Vertues is yet extant amongst vs this olde EPIGRAMME Prospera non laetam fecere nee aspera tristem Prospera terror ei aspera risus crant Non decor effecit fragilem non sceptra superbam Sola potens humilis sola pudica decens That is to say in English Prosperitie rejoyced her not To her Griefe was no paine Prosperitie affrayde her eke Affliction was her gaine Her Beautie was no cause of fall In Royall State not proude Humble alone in Dignitie In Beautie onelie good Shee founded the Kirke of Carleill Now the other daughter was Marie vvife unto Eustathius Earle of Boloigne King Malcolme builded the Kirkes of Durehame and Dumfermeling Hee with his sonne Prince Edward were both slaine at the siedge of Anwicke in the thirtie and sixt yeare of his reigne by Robert Mowbray sur-named Pierce-eye Hee was first buried at Tinmouth but afterwardes his corpse was removed to Dumfermeling and buried there LXXXVII Donald the leanenth sur-named Bane usurped the Crowne after the death of his brother in the yeare of the Worlde 5063 and in the yeare of Christ 1093. But hee was expelled in the verie first yeare that he began to reigne by Duncane the seconde King Malcolmes thirde bastarde sonne LXXXVIII The said Duncane the second usurped the Crowne in the yeare of the vvorlde 5064 and in the yeare of Christ 1094. A rash and foolish Prince and by the procurement of Donald the seaventh he was slaine in the Thane of the Meirnes by Macke-pendir vvhen hee had reigned a little more than one yeare Then Donald the seauenth was made king againe in the yeare of the vvorlde 5065 and in the yeare of Christ 1095. He gaue the West and North Yles to the king of Norway for to assist him to attaine unto the Crowne of Scotland But within three yeares hee was taken captiue by Edgar his Eyes were both put out and after much miserie hee died moste odiouslie even lying in Prison LXXXIX Edgar Malcolme the thirde his sonne beganne his reigne in the yeare of the Worlde 5068 and in the yeare of our Saviour 1098. Hee builded the Priorie of Coldinghame Hee reigned nine yeares and was a good and loving Prince But hee died without succession at Dundie and was buried at Dumfermeling XC Alexander the first sur-named The Fearce succeeded unto his brother in the yeare of the World 5077 and in the yeare of Christ 1107. A verie good and valiant Prince indeede Hee builded the Abbacies of Scone and of Sainct Colmes-Inch And hee tooke to vvyfe Sibylla Daughter unto William the good Duke of Normandie c. at Striviling from whence his dead corpse was solemnlie transported vnto Aber-brothocke and buried there XCIIII Alexander the second succeeded to his Father William In the yeare of the worlde 5184 and in the yeare of Christ 1214. A good Prince Hee married Ieane daughter to Iohn King of England by whome hee had no Succession After her death he married Marie daughter to Ingelrame Earle of Coucey in Fraunce by whome hee had Alexander the thirde Hee died at Kernerie in the West Iles and was buried at Mel-rosse in the thirtie and fiue yeare of his reigne XCV Alexander the third succeeded to his father in the yeare of the worlde 5219 and in the yeare of Christ 1249. A good Prince He married first Margaret daughter to Henry the third King of England by whome hee had Alexander the Prince who married the Earle of Flanders daughter Dauid and Margaret who married Hangonanus or as some call him Ericus sonne to Magnus the fourth King of Norway who
bare to him a daughter commonly called the Mayden of Norway in whome King William his whole posteritie failed and the Crowne of Scotland returned to the posteritie of Dauid Earle of Huntingdoun King Malcolme the fourth and King William his brother After his sonnes death for they died before himselfe without Succession in hope of Posteritie hee married Ioleta Daughter to the Earle of Dreux in Fraunce by whome hee had no Succession Hee builded the crosse Kirke of Peibles He died of a fall off his Horse vpon the Sandes betwixt Easter and Wester King-borne in the thirtie and seaven yeare of his reigne And was buried at Dumfermeling After the death of Alexander the third which was in the yeare of the Worlde 5255 and in the yeare of Christ 1285 there were Sixe Regentes appointed to rule Scotland For the South-side of Forthe were appointed Robert the Arche-Bishop of Glasgowe Iohn Cummin and Iohn the great Steward of Scotland For the North-side of Forthe Mak-duffe Earle of Fife Iohn Cummin Earle of Buchan and William Fraser Arch-Bishop of Sainct-Andrewes who ruled the Land about the space of seauen yeares untill the Controuersie was decided betwixt Iohn Ballioll and Robert Bruyse Grandfather to Robert Bruyse the King of Scotland come of the two eldest daughters of David Earle of Huntingdoun for Henrie Hastings who married the youngest daughter put not in his sute with the rest and therefore there is little spoken of him XCV Iohn Ballioll was preferred to Robert Bruyse to bee King of Scotland by Edward the first sur-named Lang-shankes King of ENGLAND who was chosen to bee Iudge of the controversie vpon a Condition That hee should acknowledge him as Superiour which condition like an vnworthie man hee received He beganne his reigne in the yeare of the world 5263 and in the yeare of Christ 1293. Hee was a vaine-glorious man little respecting the Weale of his Countrey Hee had not reigned fullie foure Yeares when hee was expelled by the saide Edward and leaving Scotland departed into the partes of Fraunce where hee died long thereafter in exile And so Scotland was without a King and Governement the space of nine yeares during which space the saide Edward the first Lang-shankes cruellie oppressed the Land destroyed the whole auncient Monuments of the Kingdome and shed much innocent blood XCVI Robert Bruyse began to reigne in the yeare of the worlde 5276 and in the yeare of Christ 1306. A valiant good and wise King In the beginning of his reigne hee was subject to great miserie and affliction beeing oppressed by England but at length hauing ouer-come and vanquished Edward the seconde of Carnarvan at the Fielde of Bannocke-burne by the helpe of GOD hee deliuered his owne Countrey of Scotland from the slauerie of England yea and set it at full libertie expelling euen by force of Armes the English Nation quite out of the Land Hee married first Isabell daughter vnto the Earle of Marre who bare vnto him a comelie daughter called Marjorie wife vnto Walter the Great Steward of Scotland of whose happie Race is ruling this day not onelie in Scotland but also over whole Britane Ireland c. as yee shall heare GOD willing anone in the owne place Nowe after the death of King Robert the Bruyce his first wife Isabell the Earle of Marre his Daughter as sayde is hee married another of the same name Isabell who vvas the onelie Daughter and Heretrixe unto Haymerus de Burc Earle of Hultonia or Hulster in Ireland and shee bare unto him one goodlie Sonne and two Daughters to wit David the seconde Margaret the Countesse of Sootherland and her youngest Daughter Maude vvho died in her childhood This good King after he had reigned twentie and foure yeares hee ended his toylsome dayes at Cardrosse and was honourablie buried at Dumfermeling with great solemnitie XCVIII David the second Bruyce succeeded unto his father in the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousand three hundreth and in the yeare of our Redemption one thousand three hundreth and thirtie Hee was a good prince and subject unto verie much affliction in his youth for first after the death of Thomas Ranulph his Regent hee was forced to flee into France euen for safeguarde of his lyfe And after certaine years returning homewardes to Scotland was taken prisoner at the Battell of Durhame by the English-men and holden almost twelue yeares captiue in England But at length as GOD vvould hee was restored to his free libertie and hee married first Ieane Daughter unto Edward the second King of faire England and after her death hee married Margaret Logie Daughter unto Sir Iohn Logie Knight And yet hee died without anie succession in the fourtieth yeare of his reigne at Edinburgh and vvas buried at Holie-Roode-house XCIX Edward Ballioll sonne to Iohn Ballioll vsurped the Crowne of Scotland beeing assisted by Edward the third King of ENGLAND in the Yeare of the Worlde 5302 and in the Yeare of Christ 1332. But hee was expelled at length by Dauid the seconde his Regents and Dauid the seconde established King C. Robert the second surnamed Blear-eye the first of the Stewardes sonne to Walter Steward and Marjorie Bruyse King Robert Bruyse his Daughter succeeded to his Mothers Brother In the yeare of the Worlde 5341 and in the yeare of Christ 1371. A good and a Peaceable Prince He married first Eufeme Daughter to Hugh Earle of Rosse who bare vnto him Dauid Earle of Stratherne Walter Earle of Athol and Alexander Earle of Buchan Lord Banneynoch And after her deceasse euen for the affection which hee bare unto his children which hee had begotten before hee was first married hee married Elizabeth Mure Daughter unto Sir Adam Mure a worthie Knight who afore-times had borne unto him Iohn who there-after was called Robert the thirde Earle of Carricke Robert Earle of Fyffe and Menteith and Eufeme wife to Iames Earle of Dowglas But at length this good Prince behoved to goe the way of all flesh and when hee had reigned happilie about nineteene yeares he departed this lyfe in peace at Dun-Donalde and was solemnlie buried at Scone CI. Robert the thirde sur-named Iohn Farne-yeare succeeded unto his father in the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousande three hundreth and three-score and in the yeare of our blessed Saviour Christ Iesus one thousand three hundreth foure-score and ten Hee was a quiet and peaceable Prince and tooke to wyfe Annabell Drummond daughter unto the Laird of Stob-hall who bare unto him David the Prince Duke of Rothesay that died in prison of verie extreame famine at Falkland and Iames the first taken captiue in his voyage to Fraunce and deteined a captiue against all equitie almost the space of eighteene Yeares in England Hee died of displeasure at Rothesay when hee heard of the death of his one sonne and captiuitie of the other Hee was buried at Paisley in the sixteenth yeare of his reigne Then Robert Earle of Fyffe and Menteith beganne to gouerne the Kingdome of Scotland in
the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousand three hundreth three-score and sixteene and in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundreth and sixe And hee died in the fourteenth yeare of his gouernement Iames the first being yet holden captiue in England Murdo Steward succeeded to his father Robert Earle of Fyffe in the Gouernement of Scotland in the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousand three hundreth foure-score and ten and in the yeare of our blessed Redeemer one thousand foure hundreth and twentie and ruled foure yeares Iames the first still continuing a captiue in England But the father and his sonne Walter there-after were both executed euen by the sayde Iames the first for oppression of the Subjectes CII IAMES the first beganne for to reigne in the yeare of the Worlde 5394 and in the yeare of CHRIST 1424. Hee was a good learned vertuous and a just King Hee married Ieane Daughter vnto Iohn Duke of Summer-set and Marques Dorcet sonne to Iohn of Ghendt the thirde sonne to the victorious King of England Edward the third And she bare to him onlie one sonne and sixe daughters to wit Iames the second Margaret wyfe to Lewes the eleventh of that name the Dolphine of Fraunce and there-after King Elizabeth the Duches of Britaine Ieane Countesse of Huntley Eleonor Duches of Austria Marie wyfe to the Lord of Campe-Veere and Annabella who was yet but young This good Prince was slaine trayterouslie alace at Perth by Walter Earle of Athole and Robert Grahame together vvith their pactious Confederates in the thirtie and one yeare of his Reigne if wee count from the death of his Father and in the thirteenth yeare of his Reigne if wee count from his happie deliverance out of ENGLAND Hee was buried at the Charter-house of Perth the which hee indeede had builded CIII IAMES the second succeeded to his Father in the yeare of the Worlde 5407 and in the yeare of CHRIST 1437. A Prince greatlie subject to troubles in his youth Hee married Marie Daughter to Arnolde Duke of Geldre Sisters daughter to Charles sur-named Audax the last Duke of Burgundie c. And shee bare unto him three Sonnes to wit Iames the third Iohn Earle of Marre and Alexander Duke of Albanie More ouer shee bare a daughter unto him called Marie who was first married unto Thomas Boyde Earle of Arrane and after his decourting unto Iames Hammiltoun of Cadsow And the King was slaine at the siedge of Roxburgh in the twentie and fourth yeare of his Reigne CIIII. IAMES the thirde succeeded unto his Father in the yeare of the World 5430 and in the yeare of our Redemption 1460. A Prince corrupted by wicked Courteours God wots Hee married Margaret daughter unto Christianus the first sur-named Dives that is to say Ritch King of Denmarke Norway and Sweden And when he had reigned twentie nine yeares hee was slaine at the Fielde and Battell of Bannocke-Burne and Princelie buried at Cambus-Kenneth CV IAMES the fourth succeeded to his Father in the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousand foure hundreth fiftie and nine and in the yeare of IESVS CHRIST one thousand foure hundreth foure-score and nine A verie Noble and Couragious King Hee married first Margaret eldest daughter to Henrie the seaventh Earle of Ritchmond and there-after King of faire England And after her deecasse hee married Elizabeth daughter unto Edward the fourth King of England In whose two persones the two Houses of Lancaster and Yorke were united and the Bloodie Civill Warres of England finished This good Prince was slaine at Flowdon by England in the twentie and fift yeare of his Reigne CVI. IAMES the fift succeeded to his father in the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousand foure hundreth foure-score and foure and in the yeare of CHRIST one thousand fiue hundreth and fourteene A just Prince and seuere First hee married Magdalene daughter to Francis the first King of Fraunce but she died verie shortlie there-after without anie succession Then hee married Marie of Lorayne Duches of Longe-Ville daughter unto Claude Duke of Guise Hee died at Falke-land in the twentie and ninth yeare of his Reigne and was buried at Holie-Roode-House CVII MARIE succeeded unto her Father IAMES the fift in the yeare of the Worlde fiue thousand fiue hundreth and thirteene and in the yeare of our blessed LORD one thousande fiue hundreth fourtie and three A Princesse vertuouslie inclined Shee first married Frauncis the seconde Dolphine of Fraunce and there-after King And after his deceasse returning home to Scotland a Widow shee married Henrie Steward Duke of Albanie c. Lord Darley Sonne to Matthew Earle of Lennox a comelie prince and Pro-nephew to Henrie the seuenth King of ENGLAND unto whome shee bare IAMES the Sixt. But alace after eighteene yeares captiuitie shee was put to death in ENGLAND in the yeare of CHRIST 1586 the eight day of Februarie and lyeth nowe entombed at WEST-MVNSTER CVIII IAMES the Sixt succeeded unto his Mother in the yeare of the Worlde Fiue thousande fiue hundreth thirtie and seauen and in the yeare of IESVS CHRIST One thousand fiue hundreth three-score and seauen A verie good Godlie peaceable wise and learned Prince as indeede his sundrie Workes which are alreadie gone foorth in Print in sundrie Languages euen to the view of the whole Worlde to the great comfort of us his louing Subjectes and all others who truelie professe the Gospel of Iesus Christ and to the terror of all Heretiques Athists and Papists can testifie Hee married Anna Daughter to Fredericke the second King of Denmarke c. and to Sophia Vlricus the Duke of Mechelenburgh his daughter vvho bare unto him Henrie Fredericke the Prince who died in the prime of his youth Elizabeth wyfe to Prince Palatine of the Rhene c. and Charles our hopefull Prince now about the age of 23 yeares The sayd IAMES the sixt euen through GODS prouidence and righteous Succession is now presentlie King of Great BRITANE FRANCE IRELAND whom wee beseech euen the GOD of Heauen upon the knees of our loyall hearts to continue his dayes longer than long amongst us yea that his happie posteritie remaine still to gouerne ouer ours to the farder aduancement of GODS Glorie and the comfort of His Elect euen for euer and euer Amen * ⁎ * FINIS From Aberdene 1623. Ian. 30.