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B13201 Orders and directions, together with a commission for the better administration of iustice, and more perfect information of His Maiestie how, and by whom the lawes and statutes tending to the reliefe of the poore, the well ordering and training vp of youth in trades, and the reformation of disorders and disordered persons, are executed throughout the kingdome: which His royall Maiestie hath commanded to be published and inquired of, by the body of his Priuie Councell, whom he hath made principall commissioners for this purpose. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1631 (1631) STC 9252.2; ESTC S101026 8,931 62

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ORDERS AND DIRECTIONS Together With a Commission for the better Administration of Iustice and more perfect Information of His MAIESTIE How and by whom the Lawes and Statutes tending to the reliefe of the Poore the well ordering and training vp of youth in Trades and the reformation of Disorders and disordered persons are executed throughout the Kingdome Which His Royall MAIESTIE hath commanded to be Published and Inquired of by the Body of His Priuie Councell whom He hath made principall Commissioners for this purpose Imprinted at London by ROBERT BARKER Printer to the Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE And by the Assignes of IOHN BILL 1630. HONI SOIT QVI MAL Y PENSE DIEV ET MON DROIT A Commission to the Lords and others of the Priuie Councell for putting in execution of the Lawes and Statutes for reliefe of the poore punishment of Rogues and imployment of gifts to charitable vses c. CHARLES by the grace of GOD King of England Scotland France Ireland Defender of the Faith c. To the most Reuerend Father in God Our right trustie and welbeloued Counsellor GEORGE Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Primate and Metropolitane of all England And to Our right trustie and welbeloued Counsellor THOMAS Lord COVENTRIE Lord Keeper of Our great Seale of England And also to the right Reuerend Father in GOD Our right trustie and welbeloued Counsellor SAMVEL Lord Archbishop of Yorke Primate and Metropolitane of England And likewise to Our right trustie and welbeloued Counsellor RICHARD Lord WESTON Our high Treasurer of England And also to Our right trustie and right welbeloued Cousins and Counsellors EDVVARD Viscount CONVVAY Lord President of Our Priuy Councell HENRY Earle of Manchester keeper of Our Priuy Seale ROBERT Earle of Lindsey Lord Great Chamberlaine of England THOMAS Earle of Arundel and Surrey Earle Marshal of England PHILIP Earle of Pembroke and Mountgomery Lord Chamberlaine of Our Houshold THEOPHILVS Earle of Suffolke Lord Warden of our Cinque-Ports EDVVARD Earle of Dorset Lord Chamberlaine to our dearest Consort the Queene WILLIAM Earle of Salisbury WILLIAM Earle of Exester IOHN Earle of Bridgewater IAMES Earle of Carlile HENRY Earle of Holland WILLIAM Earle of Banbury HENRY Earle of Danby VVILLIAM Earle of Morton THOMAS Earle of Kelly EDVVARD Viscount Wimbledon DVDLEYViscount Dorchester one of Our principall Secretaries of State THOMASViscount Wentworth Lord President of Our Councell in the North parts OLIVER Viscount Grandison HENRYViscount Falkeland And likewise to the Reuerend Father in God Our right trustie and welbeloued Counsellours WILLIAM Lord Bishop of London RICHARD Lord Bishop of Winchester And also to Our right trustie and welbeloued Counsellors EDWARD Lord Newburgh Chancellour of our Duchy of Lancaster Sir THOMAS EDMVNDS Knight Treasurer of Our Houshold Sir HENRY VANE Knight Comptroller of Our Houshold Sir THOMAS IERMYN Knight Vice-Chamberlaine of Our Houshold Sir ROBERT NAVNTON Knight Master of Our Court of Wards and Liueries Sir IOHN COKE Knight one other of Our principall Secretaries of State Sir FRANCIS COTTINGTON Baronet Chancellor of Our Exchequer Sir IVLIVS CAESAR Knight Master of the Rolles And Sir WILLIAM ALEXANDER Knight greeting WHereas diuers good Lawes and Statutes most necessary for these times haue during the happie Reigne of Queene ELIZABETH and of Our late Father of blessed memorie and since our comming to the Crowne of England been with great wisedome peitie and policie made and enacted in Parliament aswell for the charitable reliefe of aged and impotent poore people not able by their labours to get their liuings and for the training vp of Youth in honest and profitable Trades and Mysteries by putting them forth to be Apprentices as also for the setting to worke of idle persons who being of abilitie to worke in some kinde or other doe neuerthelesse refuse to labour and either wander vp and downe the Citie and Countrey begging or which is worse maintaine themselues by filching and stealing And for the punishment of sundry Rogues and Vagabonds and setting of them to worke And for the suppressing of that odious and loathsome sinne of Drunkennesse And the repressing of idlenesse the roote of so many euils The due execution of which and the like lawes and Statutes would preuent and cut off many offences and crimes of high nature ANd whereas we are informed that the defect of the execution of the said good and politique Lawes and Constitutions in that behalfe made proceedeth espicially from the neglect of duetie in some of Our Iustices of the Peace and other Officers Magistrates and Ministers of the Peace within the seuerall Counties Cities and townes Corporate of this our Realme of England and Dominion of Wales to whom the care and trust of seeing the said Lawes to be put in execution is by the sayd Lawes principally cōmitted which remissenesse neglect of duty doth grow and arise from this That by the most of the sayd Lawes there are little or no Penalties or Forfcitures at all inflicted vpon the said Iustices of Peace Magistrates Officers and Ministers for not performing their duties in that behalfe or if any be yet partly by reason of the smallnesse thereof and partly by reason of their power and authoritie in their seuerall places whereby they hold others vnder them in awe there are few or no Complaints or Informations made of the neglects and want of due execution of the Offices of the said Iustices and other Ministers and although the care and diligence of our Iudges and Iustices of Assise be neuer so great yet by reason of the shortnesse of their Assizes and Sessions in euery County and multiplicitie of businesse they neither haue due information of the said neglects nor in those times can take such exact courses as were requisite for redresse of such generall abuses and inconueniences so highly importing the publique good of this Our Realme by reason whereof the said Justices of Peace Magistrates Officers and Ministers are now of late in most parts of this Our Kingdome growne secure in their said negligence and the said politique and necessarie Lawes and Statutes laid aside or little regarded as Lawes of small vse and consequence whereas vpon the present making of the said Lawes the same being then duely executed as also at this day in some Counties and parts of this Our Kingdome where some Iustices of Peace and other Magistrates doe duely and diligently execute the same there euidently appeareth great reformation benefit and safety to redound to the Commonwealth And likewise when as there was care taken and diligence vsed to haue the Lawes concerning charitable vses wel executed and all pious gifts to bee imployed according to the good intent of the Donors these poore people were better relieued then now they are All which We taking into Our Princely care for the preseruation of the common Peace of this Realme the performance of mens pious intentions in their gifts of Charitie and the generall good and quiet of Our Subiects After long and mature deliberation finding that