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A38349 At the court at Whitehall the 20th of July, 1683 England and Wales. Privy Council.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1683 (1683) Wing E2893; ESTC R29792 1,431 5

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At the Court at WHITEHALL The 20th of July 1683. Present The Kings most Excellent Majesty Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Keeper Lord President Lord Privy Seal Duke of Ormond Duke of Albemarle Earl of Peterborrow Earl of Sunderland Earl of Clarendon Earl of Bathe Earl of Craven Earl of Aylesbury Earl of Conway Viscount Falconberg Lord Bishop of London Lord Dartmouth Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr. Chancellor of the Dutchy THe Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee for Trade and Foreign Plantations having this day Presented to the Board a Report concerning new-New-England together with the Draught of a Declaration from His Majesty to the Governour and Company of the Massachusetts-Bay upon issuing a Quo VVarranto against the Charter of that Colony And the said Report and Declaration being Read and Considered at the Board It was Ordered as it is hereby Ordered That Mr. Edward Randolph be sent to New-England with the Notification of the said Quo VVarranto which he is to Deliver to the said Governour and Company of the Massachusetts-Bay And thereupon to Return to give His Majesty and Account of his Proceedings therein And one of His Majestie 's Principal Secretaries of State is likewise to Prepare the said Declaration for His Majestie 's Signature in order to be sent to New-England and delivered to the Governour and Company by the said Edward Randolph as aforesaid And it is hereby further Ordered That His Majestie 's Printers do forthwith Print and deliver unto the said Edward Randolph Two hundred Copies of the aforesaid Declaration as also One hundred Copies of all the Proceedings at the Council-Board concerning the Charter of London which were Printed by Order of His Majesty at this Board to be Dispersed by him in New-England as he shall think best for His Majestie 's Service PHIL. LLOYD Charles R. CHARLES the Second by the Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the Faith c. To all to whom these Presents shall come or may in any wise concern Greeting Although We have thought fit to Issue Our Writ of Quo Warranto against the Charter and Priviledges Claimed by the Governour and Company of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England by reason of some Crimes and Misdemenours by them Committed Yet Our Will and Pleasure is and We do hereby Declare That the Private Interests and Proprieties of all Persons within that Our Colony shall be Continued and Preserved to them so that no man shall receive any Prejudice in his Freehold or Estate and that in case the said Corporation of the Massachusetts-Bay shall before further Prosecution had upon the said Quo VVarranto make a full Submission and entire Resignation to Our Pleasure We will then Regulate their Charter in such manner as shall be for Our Service and the good of that Our Colony without any other Alterations then such as We shall find necessary for the better Support of Our Government there And We do hereby further Declare and Direct That all those Persons who are questioned in or by the said Quo Warranto and shall go about to maintain the Suit against Us shall make their Defence at their own particular Charge without any help by or spending any part of the Publick Stock of Our said Colony And that as well those that are not Freemen as such as are willing to submit to Our Pleasure shall be Discharged from all Rates Levies and Contributions towards the Expence of the said Suit both in their Persons and Estates And Our further Pleasure is That this Our Royal Declaration be Published within Our said Colony that none may pretend ignorance hereof Given under Our Signet and Royal Sign Manual at Our Court at Whitehall the 26th day of July 1683. In the Five and thirtieth Year of Our Reign By His Majestie 's Command L. JENKINS LONDON Printed by the Assigns of John Bill deceas'd And by Henry Hills and Thomas Newcomb Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty 1683. Declaran about the Governor Company of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England 26th July 1683. His Ma Declaran upon issuing His Writ of Quo Warranto agt. the Charter Privileges claimed by the Governor Company of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England ca. 26th July 1683