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england_n earl_n lord_n norfolk_n 3,673 5 11.9613 5 false
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A62792 To the nobility of England 1679 (1679) Wing T1577; ESTC R2151 8,414 1

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apud_fw-la lincoln_n generait_fw-fr idem_fw-la dominus_fw-la noster_fw-la qnasdam_fw-la literas_fw-la apostolicas_fw-la cue_n as_o super_fw-la cert_fw-la be_v negoliis_fw-la conditionem_fw-la &_o statum_fw-la regni_fw-la scotiae_fw-la tangentibus_fw-la exparte_v vestra_fw-la recepcrat_fw-mi inmedio_fw-la exhiberi_fw-la &_o seriosè_fw-la nobis_fw-la fecit_fw-la exponi_fw-la quilus_n audit_n be_v &_o diligentius_fw-la intellectis_fw-la tam_fw-la nostris_fw-la sensibus_fw-la admiranda_fw-la quam_fw-la hactenus_fw-la inandita_fw-la in_o eisdem_fw-la audivimus_fw-la contin●ri_fw-la scimus_fw-la enim_fw-la pater_fw-la sanctissime_fw-la &_o notorium_fw-la est_fw-la in_o partibus_fw-la angliae_fw-la &_o nonnullis_fw-la aliis_fw-la non_fw-la ignotum_fw-la quod_fw-la a_o prima_fw-la institutione_n regni_fw-la angliae_fw-la reges_fw-la ejusdem_fw-la regni_fw-la tam_fw-la temporibus_fw-la britonum_fw-la quant_fw-fr anglorum_fw-la supertus_fw-la &_o directum_fw-la dominium_fw-la regni_fw-la scotiae_fw-la habuerunt_fw-la &_o in_o possessione_n vel_fw-la quasi_fw-la superioritat_fw-la be_v &_o directi_fw-la dominii_fw-la ipsius_fw-la regni_fw-la scotiae_fw-la succesivis_fw-la temporibus_fw-la extiterunt_fw-la nec_fw-la nllis_fw-la temporibns_fw-la ipsum_fw-la regnmn_fw-la in_o temporales_fw-la pertinnit_n velpertmet_fw-la quavis_fw-la jure_fw-la ad_fw-la ecclesiam_fw-la snam_fw-la praedictam_fw-la quinimto_fw-la idem_fw-la regnum_fw-la scottae_fw-la progemtoribus_fw-la praedictii_fw-la domini_fw-la nosln_n regtbus_fw-la angliae_fw-la pertinuit_fw-la atque_fw-la sibi_fw-la feodale_n extitit_fw-la ab_fw-la antiqno_fw-la nec_fw-la etiam_fw-la reges_fw-la scotorum_fw-la &_o regnuut_n aliis_fw-la qnam_fw-la rtgihm_n angliae_fw-la subfuerunt_fw-la vel_fw-la subjici_fw-la consuerunt_fw-la neqne_fw-la reges_fw-la angliae_fw-la super_fw-la juribus_fw-la suis_fw-la in_o regno_fw-la praedio_fw-la aut_fw-la aliis_fw-la suis_fw-la temporalibus_fw-la coranto_n aliquo_fw-la judice_fw-la ecclesiastico_fw-la vel_fw-la seculri_fw-la ex_fw-la libera_fw-la praeminentia_fw-la slau_fw-fr suae_fw-la regiae_fw-la diyniatis_fw-la &_o consuetudinis_fw-la cnnctis_fw-la temporibus_fw-la irresragabiliter_fw-la observatae_fw-la resfponderunt_fw-la aut_fw-la respondere_fw-la debebant_fw-la unde_fw-la habilo_fw-la tractatu_fw-la &_o dcliberatione_n diligent_a snper_fw-la contentis_fw-la vestris_fw-la literis_fw-la memoratis_fw-la communis_fw-la concor_fw-la &_o unanimis_fw-la omnium_fw-la nostrorum_fw-la &_o singulorum_fw-la consens_fw-la we_o fuit_fw-la est_fw-la ac_fw-la erit_fw-la inconcussè_fw-la deo_fw-la propitio_fw-la in_fw-la futurum_fw-la quod_fw-la praesatus_fw-la dominus_fw-la noster_fw-la rex_fw-la super_fw-la juribus_fw-la regm_n scotiae_fw-la aut_fw-la aliis_fw-la suis_fw-la tempor_fw-la alibus_fw-la nullatenus_fw-la judicialiter_fw-la respondeat_fw-la coram_fw-la vobis_fw-la nec_fw-la judicium_fw-la subeat_fw-la quoquomodo_fw-la aut_fw-la jura_fw-la sva_fw-la praedicta_fw-la in_o dubinm_fw-la qnaestionis_fw-la dedncat_fw-la nec_fw-la ad_fw-la praesentiam_fw-la vestram_fw-la procuratores_fw-la aut_fw-la nuncios_fw-la ad_fw-la boc_fw-la muttat_fw-la praecipuc_fw-la cum_fw-la praemissa_fw-la cederent_fw-la manifeslè_fw-la in_o exhaeredationem_fw-la jnris_fw-la coronae_fw-la regni_fw-la angliae_fw-la &_o dignitatis_fw-la ac_fw-la subver_fw-la sionem_fw-la status_fw-la ejusdem_fw-la regni_fw-la notoriam_fw-la nec_fw-la non_fw-la in_o praejudicium_fw-la libertatum_fw-la consuetudinum_fw-la &_o legum_fw-la paternarum_fw-la ad_fw-la quarum_fw-la observationem_fw-la &_o defensionm_fw-la ex_fw-la debito_fw-la praestiti_fw-la juramenti_fw-la ostringimur_fw-la &_o quae_fw-la manu_fw-la tenebimus_fw-la toto_fw-la posse_fw-la totisque_fw-la viribus_fw-la cum_fw-la dei_fw-la auxilio_fw-la defendemus_fw-la nec_fw-la etiam_fw-la permittimus_fw-la aut_fw-la aliquatenus_fw-la permittemus_fw-la sicut_fw-la nec_fw-la possumus_fw-la nec_fw-la debemus_fw-la praemissa_fw-la tam_fw-la insolita_fw-la indehita_fw-la praejudicialia_fw-la &_o alius_fw-la inaudita_fw-la praelibatum_fw-la dominum_fw-la nostrum_fw-la regem_fw-la etiamsi_fw-la vellet_fw-la facere_fw-la seu_fw-la quomodolibet_fw-la attemptare_fw-la quocirca_fw-la sanctitati_fw-la vestrae_fw-la reverenter_fw-la &_o humiliter_fw-la supplicamus_fw-la quatenus_fw-la eundem_fw-la dominum_fw-la nostrum_fw-la regem_fw-la qui_fw-la inter_fw-la alios_fw-la principes_fw-la orbis_fw-la terrae_fw-la catholicum_fw-la se_fw-la exhibet_fw-la &_o ecclesiae_fw-la romanae_fw-la devotum_fw-la jura_fw-la sva_fw-la libertates_fw-la consuetudines_fw-la &_o leges_fw-la praedicta_fw-la absque_fw-la diminutione_n &_o inquietudine_fw-la pacifice_fw-la possidere_fw-la &_o ea_fw-la illibata_fw-la persistere_fw-la benignius_fw-la permittatis_fw-la in_o cujus_fw-la rei_fw-la testimonium_fw-la sigilla_fw-la nostra_fw-la tam_fw-la pro_fw-la nobis_fw-la quàm_fw-la pro_fw-la tota_fw-la communnitate_fw-la praedicti_fw-la regni_fw-la angliae_fw-la praesentibus_fw-la sunt_fw-la appensa_fw-la datum_n apud_fw-la lyncoln_n 12_o die_v februarii_fw-la anno_fw-la domini_fw-la millesimo_fw-la tricentesimo_fw-la the_o copy_n of_o a_o letter_n send_v by_o the_o earl_n and_o baron_n of_o england_n to_o the_o pope_n concern_v the_o affair_n of_o scotland_n in_o the_o 29._o year_n of_o the_o reign_n of_o king_n edward_z the_o first_o to_o the_o most_o holy_a father_n in_o christ_n bonifice_fw-la by_o divine_a providence_n of_o the_o holy_a roman_a and_o catholic_n church_n pope_n his_o dutyful_a son_n john_n earl_n of_o 1_o warren_n thomas_n earl_n of_o 2_o lancaster_n ralph_n the_o montehermerii_n earl_n of_o 3_o gloucester_n and_o hertford_n humphrey_n 4_o bohun_n earl_n of_o hereford_n and_o essex_n constable_n of_o england_n roger_n 5_o bigot_z earl_n of_o norfolk_n and_o marshal_n of_o england_n guy_n earl_n of_o 6_o warwick_n richard_z earl_n of_o 7_o arundel_n 8_o adomar_n of_o valencia_n lord_n de_fw-fr montemaco_n 9_o henry_n of_o lancaster_n lord_n of_o monemuth_n john_n 10_o hastings_z lord_z of_o abergavenny_z henry_n 11_o percy_z lord_n of_o topclif_n fdmund_n 12_o mortimer_n lord_n of_o wigmore_n 13_o robert_n son_n of_o walter_n lord_n of_o woodham_n william_n lord_n 14_o molyns_n john_n 15_o st._n john_n lord_n of_o hanacre_n hugh_n the_o 16_o ver_fw-la lord_n of_o swanescampe_v william_n 17_o brewose_a lord_n of_o gower_n robert_z 18_o montalt_n lord_n of_o hawardyn_n robert_n 19_o tateshale_v lord_n of_o buckingham_n reginald_n 20_o grey_a lord_n of_o ruthin_n henry_n 21_o grey_a lord_n of_o codenore_n hugh_o 22_o bardolf_n lord_n of_o wirmegey_n robert_n 23_o toney_n lord_n of_o wallingford_n william_n 24_o rous_n lord_n of_o hamelake_n 25_o robert_n clifford_n keeper_n of_o apleby_n castle_n peter_z 26_o illake_n lord_n of_o mulgrave_n 27_o philip_n lord_n of_o kyme_n 28_o robert_n son_n of_o roger_n lord_n of_o clavering_n john_n 29_o mohun_n lord_n of_o dunsier_fw-fr 30_o almeric_n of_o st._n amand_n lord_n of_o widehay_n william_n 31_o ferrars_n lord_n of_o groby_n alan_n la_fw-it 32_o zouche_n lord_n of_o asheby_n theobald_n 33_o verdoun_n lord_n of_o webbele_n thomas_n 34_o furnyvall_n lord_n of_o shefeld_n thomas_n 35_o multon_n lord_n of_o egremont_n william_n 36_o latime_n lord_n of_o corbi_n thomas_n lord_n 37_o berkele_n 38_o fulco_n son_n of_o warin_n lord_n of_o witington_n john_n lord_n 39_o segrave_n edmund_n 40_o eyncourt_n lord_n of_o thurgerton_n peter_n 41_o corbet_n lord_n of_o caus_n william_n 42_o cantlup_o lord_n of_o ravesthorp_n john_n 43_o beauchamp_n lord_n of_o hacche_n roger_n 44_o mortimer_n lord_n of_o penkethlin_n 45_o john_n son_n of_o reginald_n lord_n of_o blenlevi_n ranulph_n 46_o nevil_n lord_n of_o raby_n 47_o brian_n son_n of_o alan_n lord_n of_o bedale_n william_n 48_o marshal_n lord_n of_o hengham_n walter_n 49_o lord_n of_o huntercombe_n william_n 50_o martin_n lord_n of_o camme_n henry_n 51_o le_fw-fr tyeis_fw-la lord_n of_o chilton_n 52_o roger_n le_fw-fr ware_n lord_n of_o isefield_n john_n 53_o river_n lord_n of_o anger_n 54_o john_n lancastre_n lord_n of_o grisedale_n 55_o robert_n son_n of_o payn_n lord_n of_o lammer_n henry_n 56_o tr●gotz_n lord_n of_o garringe_n ralph_n 57_o typard_a lord_n of_o limford_n walter_n lord_n 58_o faucumberg_n 59_o roger_n l'estrange_n lord_n of_o ellesmere_n 60_o john_n l'estrange_n lord_n of_o knokyn_n 61_o thomas_n chaurtes_n lord_n of_o norton_n 62_o walter_n beauchamp_n lord_n of_o alecester_n 63_o richard_n talebot_n lord_n of_o eckleswell_n john_n 64_o buttecourt_n lord_n of_o mendesham_n 65_o john_n engayn_o lord_n of_o colum_n 66_o hugh_n poynz_n lord_n of_o corimalet_n 67_o adam_n lord_n wells_n 68_o simon_n lord_n montacute_n 69_o john_n lord_n sullee_n 70_o john_n mocles_n lord_n of_o canterbury_n edmund_z baron_fw-fr 71_o stafford_n john_n 72_o lovel_n lord_n of_o sack_v edmund_n 73_o hasting_n lord_n of_o enchuneholmocke_n 74_o ralph_n son_n of_o william_n lord_n of_o grainthorp_n 75_o robert_n scales_n lord_n of_o neuseles_a 76_o william_n touchet_n lord_n of_o levenhale_n john_n 77_o abadam_n lord_n of_o beverston_n john_n 78_o havaringe_n lord_n of_o grafton_n robert_n 79_o ward_n lord_n of_o whitehall_n nicholas_n 80_o segrave_n lord_n of_o stowe_n 81_o walter_n teye_n lord_n of_o stangreve_n john_n 82_o l'isle_n lord_n of_o wodeton_n 83_o eustace_n lord_n hacche_n gilbert_n 84_o pecche_n lord_n of_o corby_n william_n 85_o paynell_n lord_n of_o tracinton_n 86_o bogo_n knovill_n lord_n of_o whitminster_n ful●o_n 87_o l'estrange_n lord_n of_o corfham_n 88_o henry_n pinkeney_n lord_n of_o wedon_n john_n 89_o hudleston_n lord_n of_o daney_n roger_n 90_o huntingfeld_n lord_n of_o bradonhame_n 91_o hugh_n son_n of_o henry_n lord_n of_o raveneswath_n 92_o john_n le_fw-fr breton_n lord_n of_o sporle_n nicholas_n 93_o carrau_n lord_n of_o mulesford_n 94_o thomas_n lord_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr roche_n walter_z 95_o muncey_n lord_n of_o thornton_n 96_o john_n son_n of_o