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A49770 The interest of Ireland in its trade and wealth stated in two parts first part observes and discovers the causes of Irelands, not more increasing in trade and wealth from the first conquest till now : second part proposeth expedients to remedy all its mercanture maladies, and other wealth-wasting enormities, by which it is kept poor and low : both mix'd with some observations on the politicks of government, relating to the incouragement of trade and increse of wealth : with some reflections on principles of religion, as it relates to the premisses / by Richard Lawrence ... Lawrence, Richard, d. 1684. 1682 (1682) Wing L680A; ESTC R11185 194,038 492

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amount_v to_o 78732_o l._n 12_o s._n per_fw-la annum_fw-la and_o it_o be_v judge_v the_o estate_n of_o his_o royal_a highness_n the_o earl_n of_o cork_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr anglesey_n and_o strafford_n with_o other_o nobleman_n and_o gentleman_n of_o england_n by_o old_a and_o new_a title_n draw_v over_o as_o much_o more_o both_o which_o be_v per_fw-la annum_fw-la 157465_o 40_o  _fw-fr which_o they_o spend_v and_o lay_v out_o in_o purchase_n in_o england_n etc._n etc._n which_o for_o 15_o year_n amount_n to_o  _fw-fr 2361978_o 0_o 0_o so_o that_o this_o one_o drain_v if_o no_o sluice_n can_v be_v contrive_v to_o stop_v its_o current_n must_v necessary_o draw_v ireland_n dry_a of_o wealth_n if_o all_o the_o forementioned_a impediment_n be_v remove_v which_o our_o predecessor_n have_v long_o groan_v under_o and_o several_a strict_a law_n have_v be_v make_v to_o prevent_v it_o as_o in_o the_o three_o year_n of_o richard_n 2._o sir_n john_n davies_n give_v a_o account_n of_o a_o ordinance_n make_v in_o england_n against_o such_o as_o be_v absent_a from_o their_o land_n in_o ireland_n which_o give_v two_o three_o of_o their_o profit_n to_o the_o king_n until_o they_o return_v to_o ireland_n or_o place_v a_o sufficient_a number_n of_o englishman_n to_o defend_v the_o same_o which_o say_v he_o be_v ground_v upon_o good_a reason_n of_o state_n and_o be_v put_v in_o execution_n for_o many_o year_n after_o as_o appear_v by_o sundry_a seizure_n make_v thereupon_o in_o the_o time_n of_o richard_n the_o 2._o henry_n the_o 4._o hen._n 5._o and_o hen._n 6._o whereof_o there_o remain_v record_n in_o the_o remembrancer_n office_n here_o among_o the_o rest_n the_o duke_n of_o norfolk_n himself_o be_v not_o spare_v but_o implead_v upon_o this_o ordinance_n for_o two_o part_n of_o the_o profit_n of_o his_o estate_n and_o afterward_o himself_o the_o earl_n of_o shrewsbury_n the_o lord_n berkley_n and_o other_o who_o have_v land_n in_o ireland_n keep_v their_o continual_a residence_n in_o england_n be_v entire_o reassume_v by_o the_o act_n of_o absentees_n make_v the_o 28_o year_n of_o king_n hen._n 8._o thus_o much_o sir_n jo._n davies_n p._n 199._o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr and_o though_o it_o may_v seem_v hard_o these_o law_n shall_v now_o be_v execute_v yet_o it_o be_v hard_a a_o nation_n shall_v be_v ruin_v and_o if_o themselves_o be_v necessary_o detain_v in_o his_o majesty_n service_n or_o by_o their_o great_a concern_v in_o england_n yet_o why_o they_o shall_v not_o consign_v their_o interest_n in_o this_o kingdom_n to_o their_o young_a son_n etc._n etc._n or_o be_v engage_v some_o other_o way_n to_o spend_v a_o good_a part_n of_o their_o rent_n here_o be_v not_o easy_o answer_v unless_o private_a man_n interest_n be_v to_o be_v prefer_v before_o the_o public_a for_o this_o be_v a_o burden_n this_o kingdom_n will_v not_o be_v long_o able_a to_o bear_v  _fw-fr  _fw-fr i_o might_n also_o insist_v upon_o the_o great_a expense_n this_o kingdom_n be_v at_o in_o educate_v the_o son_n of_o most_o person_n of_o quality_n in_o the_o inn_n of_o court_n and_o university_n in_o england_n and_o foreign_a country_n which_o be_v compute_v to_o cost_v this_o country_n at_o least_o 10000_o pound_n per_fw-la ann_n as_o also_o the_o necessary_a attendance_n of_o our_o nobility_n and_o gentry_n at_o court_n beside_o the_o expense_n of_o their_o person_n and_o retinue_n their_o charge_n for_o new_a honour_n office_n and_o estate_n compute_v to_o 10000_o pound_n per_fw-la ann_n be_v for_o both_o per_fw-mi ann_n 20000_o 0_o 0_o  _fw-fr which_o for_o fifteen_o year_n amount_n to_o  _fw-fr 300000_o 0_o 0_o 7._o the_o chief_a governor_n for_o eight_o year_n of_o this_o period_n alien_n to_o ireland_n peculiar_a interest_n their_o salary_n and_o perquisites_n at_o least_o per_fw-la annum_fw-la 12000_o l._n their_o attendant_n and_o dependent_n come_v and_o return_v with_o they_o estimate_v at_o 1000_o l._n per_fw-la annum_fw-la both_o which_o for_o the_o say_v eight_o year_n amount_n to_o  _fw-fr 104000_o 0_o 0_o add_v to_o this_o the_o voluntary_a unnecessary_a expense_n of_o this_o kingdom_n in_o foreign_a manufacture_n etc._n etc._n as_o state_v chapter_n the_o second_o be_v per_fw-la annum_fw-la 267500_o 0_o 0_o  _fw-fr which_o for_o fifteen_o year_n amount_n to_o  _fw-fr 4012500_o 0_o 0_o as_o also_o the_o expense_n of_o debauchery_n treat_v of_o in_o chap._n 3._o compute_v at_o per_fw-la anum_fw-la 294000_o 0_o 0_o  _fw-fr which_o for_o the_o like_a time_n amount_v to_o  _fw-fr 4410000_o 00_o 00_o there_o be_v also_o to_o be_v add_v as_o a_o yearly_a charge_n in_o case_n of_o the_o chief_a governor_n be_v a_o foreigner_n to_o ireland_n interest_n 13000_o 0_o 0_o  _fw-fr the_o yearly_a charge_n of_o ireland_n be_v per_fw-la a_o 913465_o 4_o 0_o  _fw-fr the_o total_a for_o this_o period_n be_v  _fw-fr 13512660_o 10_o a_o consumption_n great_a enough_o to_o beggar_n rich_a england_n much_o more_o poor_a ireland_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr the_o end_n of_o the_o first_o part._n the_o interest_n of_o ireland_n in_o its_o trade_n and_o wealth_n state_v part_n ii_o propose_v expedient_n for_o ireland_n relief_n against_o its_o trade-obstructing_a and_o wealth-consuming_a malady_n hint_v in_o the_o first_o part._n by_o richard_n laurence_n esq_n dublin_n print_v by_o jos_n ray_n for_o jo._n north_n sam._n helsham_n j._n howes_n w._n winter_n and_o el._n dobson_n bookseller_n 1682._o a_o alphabetical_a table_n of_o the_o principle_n thing_n in_o the_o second_o part._n a._n the_o act_n of_o parliament_n of_o 17_o car._n 2._o ireland_n magna_fw-la charta_fw-la and_o why_o p._n 49_o 50_o army_n of_o ireland_n to_o be_v manage_v for_o the_o plant_n of_o the_o country_n and_o how_o p._n 97_o army_n of_o ireland_n how_o it_o ought_v to_o be_v qualify_v p._n 114_o 115_o alien_n why_o protestant_n of_o england_n be_v to_o be_v so_o esteem_v to_o the_o peculiar_a interest_n of_o ireland_n p._n 115_o to_o 122_o apostate_n first_o from_o primitive_a purity_n and_o truth_n in_o religion_n who_o p._n 218_o to_o 220_o antichrist_n who_o so_o esteem_v by_o popish_a author_n p._n 206_o to_o 221_o b._n of_o bank_n p._n 1_o 2_o 3_o 4_o banker_n their_o insolvency_n have_v be_v a_o great_a damage_n to_o ireland_n p._n 4_o bank_n east-india_n its_o constitution_n p._n 7_o banker_n great_a benefit_n by_o their_o unite_a stock_n p._n 8_o bank_n prosperity_n depend_v on_o the_o prince_n countenance_n p._n 9_o bank_n universal_o useful_a to_o a_o country_n lour_v interest_n exchange_n and_o nurse_v manufactury_n p._n 10_o 11_o bank_n secure_a peace_n rescue_n trade_n out_o of_o foreigner_n hand_n increase_v ship_n fishing_n &c_n &c_n p._n 12_o 13_o bank_n accommodate_v person_n of_o all_o rank_n and_o trade_n p._n 16_o 17_o bank_n method_n of_o manage_v p._n 37_o 38_o bank_n security_n be_v most_o visible_a solvent_a and_o free_a from_o trouble_n and_o hazard_n p._n 35_o babylon_n mystical_a where_o p._n 220_o 221_o c._n corporation_n trade_n the_o foundation_n of_o the_o great_a trade_n of_o london_n amsterdam_n venice_n etc._n etc._n p._n 17_o corporation_n trade_n raise_v the_o hance-town_n of_o germany_n p._n 18_o corporation_n trade_n still_o enrich_v the_o place_n of_o its_o residence_n p._n 25_o govern_v the_o trade_n of_o the_o country_n p._n 32_o catalogue_n of_o ireland_n chief_a governor_n from_o ann_n 1271_o to_o 1680._o p._n 122_o to_o 156_o coin_n whether_o advisable_v to_o enhance_v their_o value_n or_o debase_v their_o alloy_n in_o ireland_n p._n 173_o to_o 181_o council_n of_o trent_n their_o illegality_n etc._n etc._n p._n 215_o to_o 217_o christian_n in_o asia_n africa_n etc._n etc._n of_o the_o protestant_a faith_n exceed_v the_o number_n of_o papist_n in_o europe_n p._n 218_o d._n division_n in_o religion_n much_o obstruct_v the_o trade_n and_o wealth_n of_o ireland_n p._n q._n r._n dissenter_n ought_v to_o avoid_v be_v engage_v in_o faction_n of_o state_n p._n m._n n._n o._n dissenter_n can_v rational_o expect_v protection_n from_o a_o prince_n or_o state_n to_o who_o they_o will_v not_o give_v all_o security_n in_o their_o power_n for_o their_o loyalty_n p._n l._n m._n dissent_v protestant_n not_o dangerous_a to_o the_o state_n of_o ireland_n though_o they_o be_v as_o malignant_a against_o the_o religion_n establish_v as_o the_o papist_n p._n i._n k._n l._n doctrine_n of_o devil_n by_o who_o teach_v p._n 221_o e._n england_n danger_n if_o ireland_n be_v possess_v by_o a_o enemy_n especial_o by_o the_o french_a england_n just_a title_n to_o what_o they_o possess_v of_o ireland_n p._n 73_o to_o 76_o england_n faction_n still_o weaken_v its_o interest_n in_o ireland_n p._n 75_o 76_o establishment_n of_o ireland_n p._n 156_o to_o 162_o excommunication_n of_o prince_n by_o pope_n frequent_a p._n 233_o 234_o error_n in_o nonconformity_n more_o dangerous_a than_o error_n in_o conformity_n when_o p._n o._n p._n
government_n hook_n 71._o  _fw-fr 1346._o sir_n roger_n darcy_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1346._o sir_n john_n maurice_n l.j._n in_o who_o time_n desmond_n make_v a_o dissension_n between_o the_o english_a of_o blood_n and_o english_a of_o birth_n  _fw-fr 1348._o sir_n walter_n bermingham_n l.j._n john_n archer_n dep._n camp_n 90._o  _fw-fr 1349._o sir_n walter_n bermingham_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1349._o baron_fw-fr carey_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1349._o sir_n tho._n rooksby_n l.j._n who_o say_v be_v he_o have_v rather_o drink_v out_o of_o wooden_a cup_n and_o pay_v gold_n and_o silver_n for_o his_o liquor_n than_o drink_v out_o of_o gold_n and_o make_v wooden_a payment_n a_o man_n of_o sincere_a and_o upright_a conscience_n say_v camp_n 91._o he_o will_v be_v deem_v a_o precise_a fop_n in_o these_o day_n 1351._o bishop_n of_o lymerick_n l.j._n the_o vlster_n rebel_v and_o subdue_v by_o the_o savage_n camp_n 30._o  _fw-fr 1355._o earl_n of_o desmond_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1356._o sir_n tho._n rooksby_n a_o second_o time_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1357._o sir_n almerick_n de_fw-fr sancta_fw-la l.j._n 1359._o james_n butler_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.j._n he_o marry_v the_o grandchild_n of_o edw._n the_o first_o for_o which_o his_o son_n james_n be_v style_v by_o way_n of_o pre-eminence_n the_o noble_a earl_n  _fw-fr 1360._o earl_n of_o kildare_n l.j._n appoint_v 500_o l._n per_fw-la ann_n salary_n and_o require_v out_o of_o that_o to_o maintain_v 20_o great_a horse_n for_o war._n hook_n 72._o  _fw-fr 1361._o duke_z of_o clarence_z lord_z lieutenant_z the_o three_o son_n of_o edw._n the_o three_o earl_n of_o ulster_n and_o lord_n of_o connaght_n he_o vanquish_v the_o obrians_n etc._n etc._n and_o conquer_v the_o county_n of_o clare_n from_o which_o he_o derive_v his_o title_n of_o clarence_n  _fw-fr 1364._o james_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.d._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1365._o sir_n thom._n dale_n governor_n 1367._o earl_n of_o desmond_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1369._o sir_n william_n de_fw-fr windsor_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1370._o a_o great_a mortality_n in_o ireland_n 1371._o earl_n of_o kildare_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1372._o sir_n robert_n de_fw-fr ashton_n l.j._n 1374._o sir_n william_n de_fw-fr windsor_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1376._o james_n butler_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1379._o john_n de_fw-fr bromwhich_n l.j._n richard_z the_o second_o  _fw-fr 1381._o dean_n of_o st._n patrick_n and_o lord_n chancellor_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1383._o philip_n de_fw-fr courtney_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1385._o robert_n vere_n earl_n of_o oxford_n marquess_z of_o dublin_n and_o duke_n of_o ireland_n l._n ●_o of_o who_o cambden_n record_v he_o die_v in_o great_a anguish_n and_o penury_n leave_v nothing_o to_o his_o tomb_n but_o title_n nor_o to_o the_o world_n but_o matter_n of_o talk_n of_o his_o ill_a life_n  _fw-fr 1385._o sir_n john_n stanley_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1387._o bish_n of_o meath_z l.j._n  _fw-fr 1389._o sir_n john_n stanley_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1392._o james_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1394._o duke_n of_o gloucester_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1394._o king_n richard_z the_o second_o in_o person_n he_o land_v at_o waterford_n with_o four_o thousand_o man_n at_o arm_n and_o thirty_o thousand_o archer_n leave_v roger_n mortimer_n earl_n of_o ulster_n lord_n of_o trim_n clare_n &_o connaght_n l.l._n slay_v by_o the_o obrians_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1398._o roger_n grey_n l.j._n 1398._o duke_n of_o surrey_n the_o king_n brother_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1399._o king_n richard_n 2._o the_o second_o time_n who_o come_v to_o avenge_v mortitimers_n death_n in_o this_o year_n break_v out_o that_o bloody_a war_n betwixt_o the_o house_n of_o lancaster_n and_o york_n from_o which_o time_n not_o only_a england_n but_o ireland_n be_v divide_v into_o two_o powerful_a faction_n the_o geraldine_n stand_v by_o the_o house_n of_o york_n and_o the_o butler_n by_o the_o house_n of_o lancaster_n the_o king_n return_v soon_o after_o lose_v his_o kingdom_n and_o life_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr henry_n the_o four_o  _fw-fr 1399._o sir_n john_n stanley_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1401._o stephen_n scroop_n l.d._n to_o thomas_n of_o lancaster_n the_o king_n son_n 1403._o james_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.j._n choose_v by_o the_o nobleman_n of_o ireland_n  _fw-fr 1405._o gerald_n earl_n of_o kildare_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1406._o stephen_n scroop_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1407._o james_n son_n of_o the_o former_a earl_n of_o ormond_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1408._o thomas_n of_o lancaster_n the_o king_n son_n l.l._n leave_v thomas_n butler_n dep._n the_o sword_n give_v to_o the_o city_n of_o dublin_n the_o provost_n make_v major_a  _fw-fr henry_n the_o five_o  _fw-fr 1413._o the_o say_a butler_n continue_v l.j._n  _fw-fr 1413._o sir_n john_n stanley_n l.l._n the_o ancestor_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o derby_n  _fw-fr 1414._o crawley_n archbishop_n of_o dublin_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1414._o sir_n john_n talbot_n l.l._n in_o who_o time_n ireland_n supply_v the_o king_n with_o 1600_o man_n to_o assist_v he_o in_o his_o war_n with_o france_n  _fw-fr 1419._o richard_z talbot_z archbishop_n of_o dublin_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1420._o james_n butler_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n his_o grandsire_n james_n surname_v the_o chaste_a near_a athy_n vanquish_v the_o army_n of_o the_o o_o moorsand_n mac_n morroughs_n etc._n etc._n quell_v the_o obrians_n in_o leinster_n the_o bourks_n mac_n mahon_n etc._n etc._n in_o thomond_n in_o three_o month_n time_n camp_n 97._o  _fw-fr henry_n the_o six_o  _fw-fr 1423._o earl_n of_o ulster_n l.l._n and_o die_v of_o the_o plague_n  _fw-fr 1425._o john_n lord_n talbot_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1426._o james_n butler_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.j._n and_o die_v at_o ormond-place_n in_o london_n  _fw-fr 1427._o sir_n john_n de_fw-fr grey_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1428._o edward_n dantsey_n bishop_n of_o meath_z dep._n  _fw-fr 1428._o sir_n john_n sutton_n l.l._n sir_n tho._n strange_a his_o dep._n  _fw-fr 1432_o sir_n christopher_n plunket_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1435_o sir_n thomas_n stanley_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1436_o talbot_n archbp_a of_o dublin_n l.d._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1438_o lion_n lord_n wells_n l.l._n 1440_o james_n earl_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1441_o sir_n william_n stanley_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1441_o stephen_n scroop_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1442_o will._n wells_n dep._n to_o lion_n lord_n wells_n 1443_o earl_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1446_o earl_n of_o shrewsbury_n l.l._n 1447_o talbot_n archbp_a of_o dublin_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1449_o duke_n of_o york_n l.l._n in_o meath_z the_o rebel_n burn_v several_a town_n and_o village_n destroy_v man_n woman_n and_o child_n without_o mercy_n camp_n 99_o  _fw-fr 1450_o earl_n of_o ormond_n and_o wiltshire_n lord_n treasurer_n of_o england_n l._n dep._n to_o the_o duke_n of_o york_n  _fw-fr 1454_o archbishop_n of_o ardmagh_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1454_o earl_n of_o kildare_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1454_o sir_n edward_n fitz_n eustace_n lord_n deputy_n to_o the_o duke_n of_o york_n  _fw-fr 1456_o earl_n of_o kildare_n lord_n deputy_n  _fw-fr 1459_o richard_n duke_n of_o york_n earl_n of_o ulster_n and_o lord_n of_o connaght_n lord_n lieutenant_n who_o contract_v with_o the_o king_n for_o two_o thousand_o pound_n per_fw-la annum_fw-la with_o the_o irish_a revenue_n to_o support_v the_o government_n ten_o year_n the_o nobility_n of_o ireland_n increase_v in_o faction_n betwixt_o the_o house_n of_o york_n and_o lancas_n ter_z many_o destroy_v whereby_o the_o irish_a grow_v troublesome_a forcible_o possess_v the_o estate_n of_o the_o engli_fw-la sh_n in_o ulster_n munster_n and_o connaght_n  _fw-fr edward_n the_o four_o  _fw-fr 1460_o earl_n of_o kildare_n lord_n justice_n  _fw-fr 1461_o sir_n rowland_n fitz_n eustace_n lord_n of_o portleister_n and_o viscount_n baltinglass_n lord_n deputy_n to_o george_n duke_n of_o clarence_n  _fw-fr 1463_o thomas_n earl_n of_o desmond_n deputy_n to_o the_o duke_n of_o clarence_n behead_v for_o exact_v coin_n and_o livery_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1467_o john_n lord_n tiptoft_n earl_n of_o worcester_n l.d._n 1471_o thomas_n earl_n of_o kildare_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1475_o bishop_n of_o meath_z dep._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1478_o lord_n grey_n l.d._n 1478_o sir_n robert_n preston_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1479_o e._n of_o kildare_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1483_o edw._n 5._o rich._n 3._o  _fw-fr 1485_o the_o say_a earl_n of_o kildare_n l.d._n to_o john_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr pole_n earl_n of_o lincoln_n l.l._n the_o imposture_n lambert_n simnell_n make_v a_o disturbance_n in_o ireland_n  _fw-fr henry_n the_o seven_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1491_o duke_n of_o bedford_n l.l._n 1492_o fitz_n simons_n archbishop_n of_o dublin_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1493_o preston_n the_o first_o lord_n viscount_n gormanstown_n l.d._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1494_o sir_n edward_n poynings_n l.d._n send_v over_o to_o quell_v the_o imposture_n perkin_n warbeck_n who_o in_o a_o parliament_n at_o drogheda_n the_o 10._o of_o henry_n the_o seven_o past_o that_o act_n call_v poynings_n act_n quell_v the_o o_o caryl_n mac_n nemarras_n and_o obrians_n in_o the_o county_n of_o gallaway_n receive_v the_o honour_n of_o the_o order_n of_o the_o garter_n etc._n
a_o experience_a soldier_n to_o resist_v tyrone_n who_o be_v then_o 1000_o horse_n and_o 9500_o foot_n strong_a 1597_o sir_n thomas_n norris_n precedent_n of_o munster_n lord_n general_n of_o the_o army_n against_o tyrone_n  _fw-fr 1597_o adam_n loftus_n lord_n chancellor_n of_o ireland_n and_o sir_n robert_n gardiner_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1597_o the_o lord_n burrough_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1598._o robert_n earl_n of_o essex_n l.l._n bring_v over_o a_o fresh_a army_n of_o 16000_o foot_n and_o 1300_o horse_n success_n not_o answerable_a be_v malign_v at_o court_n the_o fate_n of_o too_o many_o of_o his_o predecessor_n return_v for_o england_n and_o be_v behede_v in_o the_o tower_n 1601._o 1599_o sir_n adam_n loftus_n and_o sir_n george_n carey_n justice_n  _fw-fr 1599_o lord_n mountjoy_n l.l._n subdue_v the_o spaniard_n etc._n etc._n then_o possess_v of_o kinsale_n soon_o after_o tyrone_n and_o so_o end_v that_o war_n which_o have_v cost_v the_o crown_n of_o england_n 1198717_o l._n cambden_n appendix_n to_o eliz._n king_n james_n  _fw-fr 1603_o sir_n george_n carey_n l.d._n send_v the_o first_o justice_n of_o assize_n into_o ulster_n  _fw-fr 1604_o sir_n arthur_n chichester_n l.d._n send_v the_o first_o justice_n of_o assize_n into_o munster_n and_o connaght_n  _fw-fr 1615_o thomas_n jones_n archbp_a of_o dublin_n etc._n etc._n and_o sir_n richard_n wingfield_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1614_o sir_n arthur_n chichester_n than_o lord_n of_o belfast_n the_o ancestor_n of_o the_o now_o earl_n of_o donnegall_a l.d._n in_o parliament_n repeal_v several_a statute_n declare_v the_o irish_a rebel_n not_o subject_n but_o enemy_n vide_fw-la act._n 11._o jacobi_n fol._n 427._o the_o harp_n first_o marshal_v with_o the_o arm_n of_o great_a britain_n  _fw-fr 1615_o thomas_n jones_n lord_n chancellor_n of_o ireland_n and_o sir_n john_n denham_n chief_a justice_n of_o the_o king_n bench_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1616_o lord_n grandeson_n l.d._n 1622_o lord_n viscount_n ely_n and_o lord_n visc_n power_n court_n l._n i_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1625_o lord_n visc_n falkland_n l.d._n charles_n the_o first_o  _fw-fr 1629_o lord_n of_o cork_n and_o lord_n of_o ely_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1633_o lord_n viscount_n wentworth_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1636_o lord_n of_o ely_n and_o sir_n christoph_n wandesford_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1636_o thomas_n lord_n viscount_n wentworth_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1639_o lord_n dillon_n and_o sir_n christoph_n wandesford_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1639_o earl_n of_o strafford_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1640_o chistoph_n wandesford_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1640_o lord_n dillon_n and_o sir_n william_n parson_n l._n just_a  _fw-fr 1640_o sir_n william_n parson_n and_o sir_n john_n borlace_n l.j._n under_o who_o government_n on_o the_o 23d_o of_o octob._n 1641._o the_o bloody_a irish_a most_o bloody_a rebellion_n break_v out_o  _fw-fr 1643_o sir_n john_n borlace_n and_o sir_n henry_n tichburne_n l.j._n person_n eminent_o qualify_v for_o the_o time_n they_o govern_v be_v both_o old_a soldier_n and_o true_a heart_a englishman_n tichburne_n gallant_o secure_v and_o defend_v drogheda_n against_o the_o rebel_n and_o thereby_o preserve_v dublin_n and_o the_o multitude_n of_o poor_a strip_v english_a in_o their_o slight_n thither_o  _fw-fr 1643_o janu._n 21._o james_n then_o marquis_n now_o duke_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1650_o ulick_n bourke_n marquis_n of_o clanriccard_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1660_o sir_n maurice_n eustace_n lord_n chancellor_n roger_n boyle_n earl_n of_o orrery_n and_o charles_n coote_n earl_n of_o montroth_o l.j._n  _fw-fr 1662._o july_n 28._o james_n duke_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1663._o may_n 21._o thomas_n earl_n of_o ossory_n d._n  _fw-fr septemb_n 1665_o james_n duke_n of_o ormond_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1668_o apr._n 25._o thomas_n earl_n of_o ossory_n d._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1669_o sept._n 10._o john_n lord_n roberts_n l.l._n 1660_o april_n 21._o john_n lord_n berkley_n l.l._n 1671_o michael_n boyle_n archbishop_n of_o dublin_n lord_n chancellor_n and_o sir_n arthur_n forbes_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr septemb_n 1671_o john_n lord_n berkley_n l.l._n  _fw-fr 1672_o may_n 21._o arthur_n earl_n of_o essex_n l.l._n 1677_o aug._n 24._o james_n duke_n of_o ormond_n the_o present_a l.l._n  _fw-fr chap._n iu._n the_o head_n of_o the_o establishment_n for_o ireland_n commence_v march_n 25._o 1676._o civil_a list_n exchequer_n yearly_o allowance_n  _fw-fr lord_n treasurer_n 336_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr vice-treasurer_n 50_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr chancellor_n of_o the_o exchequer_n 200_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr lord_n chief_a baron_n for_o his_o fee_fw-mi and_o robe_n 500_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr second_a baron_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr three_o baron_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr prime_a sergeant_n at_o law_n for_o his_o fee_fw-mi and_o robe_n 33_o 16_o 08_o  _fw-fr second_a sergeant_n 30_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr attorney_n general_n 88_o 06_o 08_o  _fw-fr solicitor_n general_n 88_o 06_o 08_o  _fw-fr auditor_n general_n 184_o 00_o 08_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o more_o in_o full_a of_o all_o fee_n due_a to_o he_o upon_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 31_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr carry_v forward_o 2341_o 10_o 08_o bring_v over_o 2341_o 10_o 08_o surveyor_n general_n 60_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr escheator_n of_o leinster_n 06_o 13_o 04_o  _fw-fr escheator_n of_o munster_n 01_o 05_o 00_o  _fw-fr escheator_n of_o connaght_n 01_o 05_o 00_o  _fw-fr escheator_n of_o ulster_n 01_o 05_o 00_o  _fw-fr chief_a remembrancer_n 30_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o in_o full_a satisfaction_n of_o all_o fee_n due_a to_o he_o upon_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 21_o 19_o 02_o  _fw-fr second_a remembrancer_n 07_o 15_o 06_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o in_o full_a of_o all_o fee_n upon_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 45_o 06_o 09_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o pipe_n 45_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o in_o full_a of_o all_o fee_n due_a to_o he_o upon_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 111_o 12_o 00_o  _fw-fr chief_a chamberlain_n 10_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr second_a chamberlain_n 05_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr comptroller_n of_o the_o pipe_n 07_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o more_o in_o full_a of_o all_o fee_n due_a to_o he_o upon_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 46_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr usher_n of_o the_o exchequer_n 12_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o for_o fee_n upon_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 11_o 12_o 06_o  _fw-fr transcripter_n and_o foreign_a opposer_n 15_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o for_o pass_a account_n 38_o 15_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr carried_z forward_z 2819_o 19_o 11_o bring_v over_o 2819_o 19_o 11_o summonister_n 07_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n to_o he_o more_o for_o the_o like_a fee_n 36_o 08_o 06_o  _fw-fr marshal_n of_o the_o four_o court_n 04_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o bell_n 30_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o first_o fruit_n and_o twenty_o part_v 27_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n for_o fee_n in_o pass_a sheriff_n account_n 11_o 04_o 09_o  _fw-fr cryer_n of_o the_o exchequer_n 01_o 13_o 04_o  _fw-fr and_n for_o the_o like_a fee_n 07_o 15_o 00_o  _fw-fr pursivant_n of_o the_o exchequer_n for_o carry_v writ_n 71_o 05_o 00_o  _fw-fr and_n for_o the_o like_a fee_n 07_o 15_o 00_o  _fw-fr auditor_n of_o the_o foreign_a account_n and_o imprest_n 121_o 13_o 04_o  _fw-fr three_o commissioner_n of_o appeal_n 300_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 3446_o 14_o 10_o court_n of_o king_n bench._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr lord_n chief_a justice_n 600_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr second_a justice_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr three_o justice_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o crown_n 007_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1407_o 10_o 00_o chancery_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr lord_n chancellor_n 1000_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr master_n of_o the_o roll_n 157_o 09_o 11_o  _fw-fr four_o master_n of_o the_o chancery_n twenty_o pound_n each_o 80_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o crown_n and_o chancery_n 25_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o hannaper_n 35_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1297_o 19_o 11_o court_n of_o common_a pleas._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr lord_n chief_a justice_n 500_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr second_a justice_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr three_o justice_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr prothonotary_n 07_o 10_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1307_o 10_o 00_o state_n and_o patent_n officer_n etc._n etc._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr officers_z attending_z the_o state_n 71589_o 01_o 10_o  _fw-fr incident_n 2187_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr custom_n officer_n 238_o 06_o 08_o  _fw-fr creation_n money_n 544_o 11_o 08_o  _fw-fr perpetuity_n 489_o 15_o 06_o  _fw-fr temporary_a payment_n 9367_o 17_o 01½_n  _fw-fr concordatams_n 4500_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr to_o use_n to_o be_v appoint_v by_o sign_n manual_n 27000_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 115916_o 12_o 09½_n military_a list_n general_z officer_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr lord_n lieutenant_n 6593_o 06_o 08_o  _fw-fr marshal_n of_o ireland_n 634_o 12_o 00_o  _fw-fr muster-master_n general_n and_o clerk_n of_o the_o check_v 336_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr six_o commissary_n of_o the_o
etc._n for_o his_o reward_n hook_n 79._o 1495_o henry_n dean_n chancellor_n of_o ireland_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1496_o girald_n e._n of_o kildare_n l.l._n the_o obrians_n mac_n nemarras_n ●o_o caryll_n etc._n etc._n with_o the_o great_a power_n of_o irish_a see_v together_o his_o ince_n the_o conquest_n up_o in_o arm_n rout_v and_o slay_v not_o one_o englishman_n lose_v camp_n 105_o  _fw-fr 1501_o henry_n duke_n of_o york_n after_z king_n hen._n 8._o l_o l._n earl_n of_o kildare_n d._n  _fw-fr 1503_o fitz_n simons_n archbishop_n of_o dublin_n l.d._n  _fw-fr henry_n the_o eight_o  _fw-fr 1509_o earl_n of_o kildare_n continue_v this_o be_v he_o of_o who_o the_o king_n speak_v if_o all_o ireland_n can_v rule_v this_o earl_n than_o this_o earl_n shall_v rule_v all_o ireland_n campion_n 107._o  _fw-fr 1513_o girald_n the_o son_n of_o girald_n late_a earl_n of_o kildare_n l.j._n in_o his_o time_n the_o 23._o of_o hen._n 8._o it_o be_v enact_v that_o none_o shall_v be_v elect_v l.j._n but_o a_o englishman_n bear_v in_o england_n except_o by_o patent_n from_o the_o king_n  _fw-fr 1515_o lord_n visc_n gormanstown_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1515_o earl_n of_o kildare_n continue_v lord_n dep._n in_o order_n to_o unite_v the_o family_n marry_v his_o sister_n with_o pierce_n butler_n earl_n of_o ossery_n campion_n 107._o  _fw-fr 1519_o sir_n thomas_n fitz_n maurice_n of_o the_o house_n of_o kildare_n l.j._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1520_o earl_n of_o surrey_n l.l._n ulster_n in_o rebellion_n campion_n 108._o 1521_o earl_n of_o ormond_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1524_o girald_n earl_n of_o kildare_n l.d._n about_o this_o time_n the_o geraldine_n arrive_v to_o their_o great_a height_n of_o power_n and_o the_o butler_n to_o the_o great_a height_n of_o spirit_n against_o they_o but_o the_o earl_n of_o ormond_n more_o politic_a and_o of_o a_o cool_a temper_n gain_v ground_n and_o run_v kildare_n out_o of_o breath_n campion_n 106._o  _fw-fr 1526_o thomas_n fitz_n girald_n of_o leislipe_n and_o richard_n nugent_n baron_n of_o delvin_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1528_o pierce_n butler_n e._n of_o ossery_n l.d._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1530_o sir_n william_n skiffington_n l.d._n vanquish_a the_o tool_n and_o the_o bourn_n camp_n 107._o 1532_o girald_n earl_n of_o kildare_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1534_o thomas_n son_n to_o the_o earl_n of_o kildare_n l.d._n who_o upon_o a_o false_a report_n of_o his_o father_n than_o prisoner_n in_o the_o tower_n be_v behead_v taunt_o throw_v up_o the_o insignia_fw-la regalia_z killed_z the_o archbishop_n of_o dublin_n defy_v the_o king_n and_o his_o authority_n proclaim_v open_a war_n destroy_v and_o burn_v all_o before_o he_o none_o resist_v till_o the_o butler_n raise_v their_o country_n to_o oppose_v he_o upon_o which_o he_o write_v a_o letter_n to_o his_o intimate_a acquaintance_n and_o cousin_n james_n butler_n who_o answer_n thereto_o be_v so_o loyal_a pertinent_a and_o smart_a i_o es_fw-mi teem_v it_o worth_a a_o place_n among_o my_o annotation_n as_o a_o good_a pattern_n for_o young_a nobleman_n to_o write_v by_o when_o under_o the_o like_a temptation_n take_v pen_n in_o hand_n to_o write_v to_o you_o my_o resolute_a answer_n i_o muse_v in_o the_o very_a first_o line_n by_o what_o name_n to_o call_v you_o my_o lord_n or_o my_o cousin_n see_v your_o notorious_a treason_n have_v destained_a your_o honour_n and_o your_o desperate_a lewdness_n shame_v your_o kindred_n you_o be_v so_o liberal_a in_o part_a stake_n with_o i_o that_o a_o man_n will_v ween_v you_o have_v no_o right_n to_o the_o game_n so_o importunate_a in_o crave_v my_o company_n as_o if_o you_o will_v persuade_v i_o to_o hang_v with_o you_o for_o good_a fellowship_n and_o think_v you_o that_o james_n be_v so_o mad_a to_o gape_v for_o gudgeon_n or_o so_o ungracious_a to_o sell_v his_o truth_n for_o a_o piece_n of_o ireland_n be_v it_o so_o as_o it_o can_v be_v that_o the_o chicken_n you_o reckon_v be_v both_o hatch_v and_o feather_a yet_o be_v thou_o sure_a i_o have_v rather_o in_o this_o quarrel_n die_v thy_o enemy_n than_o live_v thy_o partner_n camp_n 119._o  _fw-fr 1534_o sir_n william_n skiffington_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1535_o leonard_n lord_n grey_a lord_n viscount_n graney_n in_o ireland_n l.d._n thomas_n earl_n of_o kildare_n etc._n etc._n taint_v  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1540_o sir_n anthony_n st._n leger_n d._n in_o his_o time_n the_o king_n and_o his_o successor_n enact_v in_o parliament_n to_o be_v style_v king_n of_o ireland_n and_o the_o supremacy_n grant_v to_o the_o crown_n 1540_o sir_n will._n brereton_n baron_n of_o loghlin_n in_o ireland_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1543_o sir_n william_n brabazon_n l.j._n the_o cavenagh_n rebel_n  _fw-fr 1544_o sir_n anthony_n st._n leger_n the_o second_o time_n l.d._n james_n earl_n of_o ormond_n at_o the_o king_n desire_n sail_v into_o scotland_n to_o aid_v the_o earl_n of_o lenox_n return_v to_o london_n himself_z and_o fifty_o of_o his_o servant_n poison_v at_o a_o supper_n of_o which_o eighteen_o die_v he_o by_o will_n ordain_v his_o heart_n shall_v be_v inter_v in_o ireland_n on_o who_o be_v make_v this_o epitaph_n vid._n hook_n 105._o the_o live_a heart_n where_o lay_v engrave_v the_o care_n of_o country_n deer_n to_o country_n lifeless_a be_v restore_v and_o lie_v engrave_v here_o now_o heartless_a live_v his_o country_n then_o alas_o what_o joy_n be_v leave_v who_o see_v hope_n who_o hap_n who_o heart_n he_o be_v till_o death_n his_o life_n bereave_v what_o honour_n then_o be_v due_a to_o he_o for_o he_o what_o worthy_a rite_n but_o that_o each_o heart_n with_o hearty_a love_n his_o worthy_a heart_n requite_v my_o author_n give_v he_o this_o character_n a_o man_n no_o less_o politic_a in_o peace_n than_o valiant_a in_o war_n that_o as_o he_o will_v not_o begin_v any_o martial_a broil_n rash_o or_o unadvised_o so_o he_o will_v not_o seem_v to_o put_v it_o up_o light_o or_o easy_o  _fw-fr 1546_o sir_n william_n brabazon_n a_o second_o time_n l.j._n  _fw-fr edward_n the_o six_o  _fw-fr 1547_o sir_n anthony_n st._n leger_n l.d._n he_o subdue_v the_o byrns_n tool_n c_o conners_n etc._n etc._n  _fw-fr 1548_o sir_n edward_n bellingham_n l.d._n dublin_n bailiff_n make_v sheriff_n camp_n 123._o  _fw-fr 1549_o sir_n francis_n bryan_n marshal_n of_o ireland_n l._n just_a elect_v by_o the_o king_n leave_n  _fw-fr 1449_o sir_n william_n brabazon_n the_o three_o time_n l.j._n the_o cavenagh_n then_o in_o rebellion_n  _fw-fr 1550_o sir_n anthony_n st._n leger_n a_o four_o time_n l.d._n he_o subdue_v the_o cavenagh_n  _fw-fr 1551_o sir_n james_n crofts_n l.d._n ulster_n king_n at_o arm_n first_o institute_v and_o the_o liturgy_n print_v and_o enjoin_v to_o be_v read_v in_o english_a  _fw-fr 1552_o sir_n thomas_n cusack_n and_o sir_n garret_n aylmer_n l.j._n  _fw-fr queen_n mary_n  _fw-fr 1553_o sir_n anthony_n st._n leger_n the_o five_o time_n lord_n deputy_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1556_o lord_n radcliff_n viscount_n fitz_n walter_n l.d._n 1557_o hugh_n corwin_n archbishop_n of_o dublin_n and_o sir_n hen._n sidney_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1557_o sir_n henry_n sidney_n treasurer_n of_o ireland_n l.j._n shane_n o_o neal_n rebel_n  _fw-fr queen_n elizabeth_n  _fw-fr 1558_o radcliff_n earl_n of_o sussex_n l.l._n sir_n henry_n sidney_n his_o dep._n subdue_v the_o o_o conners_n o_o moor_n o_o dempsey_n &c_n &c_n  _fw-fr 1559_o sir_n william_n fitz_n williams_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1559_o earl_n of_o sussex_n return_v l.l._n shane_n o_o neal_n submit_v campion_n 125._o  _fw-fr 1561_o earl_n of_o sussex_n l.l._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1565_o sir_n nicholas_n arnold_n l.j._n 1565_o sir_n henry_n sidney_n l.d._n shane_n o_o neal_n attaint_v and_o the_o name_v extinguish_v in_o parliament_n the_o presidency_n of_o munster_n and_o connaght_n be_v institute_v  _fw-fr 1567._o dr._n weston_n lord_n chancellor_n and_o sir_n will._n fitz_n william_n lord_n treasurer_n of_o ireland_n l.j._n  _fw-fr 1586_o sir_n henry_n sidney_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1571_o sir_n william_n fitz_n williams_n l.d._n  _fw-fr 1575._o sir_n henry_n sidney_n l.d._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1578_o sir_n will._n drury_n l.j._n desmond_n rebel_n  _fw-fr 1579_o sir_n will._n pelham_n l.j._n rescue_v carickfoyle_n from_o the_o spaniard_n  _fw-fr 1580_o lord_n grey_n l.d._n who_o drive_v the_o 700_o spaniard_n and_o italian_n out_o of_o kerry_n and_o destroy_v they_o with_o the_o irish_a that_o join_v with_o they_o 1582._o adam_n loftus_n archbishop_n of_o dublin_n and_o lord_n chancellor_n of_o ireland_n with_o sir_n henry_n wallop_v treasurer_n of_o ireland_n l.j._n desmond_n surprise_v and_o his_o head_n send_v to_o england_n  _fw-fr 1584._o sir_n john_n perrot_n l.d._n 1588._o sir_n william_n fitz_n williams_n l.d._n  _fw-fr b_n blame_v for_o suffer_v the_o irish_a to_o be_v first_o train_v up_o in_o arm_n this_o year_n the_o university_n of_o dublin_n found_v and_o endow_v with_o many_o privilege_n by_o the_o queen_n  _fw-fr 1594_o sir_n william_n russel_n l.d._n sir_n john_n norris_n send_v as_o
muster_n 400_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr comptroller_n of_o the_o muster_n and_o check_v 436_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr advocate_n general_n of_o the_o army_n 112_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr chirurgeon_n general_n 112_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 8623_o 18_o 08_o officer_n of_o the_o ordnance_n and_o train_n of_o artillery_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr master_n of_o the_o ordnance_n 453_o 09_o 00_o  _fw-fr lieut._n of_o the_o ordnance_n 117_o 12_o 00_o  _fw-fr comptroller_n of_o the_o ordnance_n 100_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr clerk_n of_o the_o ammunition_n and_o stores_n 67_o 04_o 00_o  _fw-fr engineer_n and_o overseer_n of_o his_o majesty_n fortification_n 300_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr inferior_a officer_n of_o the_o train_n of_o artillery_n 728_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr  _fw-fr  _fw-fr 1766_o 05_o 00_o horse_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr king_n guard_n 5502_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr twenty_o four_o troop_n 45_o 360_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr lord_n lieutenant_n own_o troop_n 5_o private_a horseman_n and_o 3_o trumpet_n more_o than_o other_o troop_n 252_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr an_n additional_a pay_v to_o private_a horseman_n of_o four_o troop_n do_v duty_n at_o dublin_n 756_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr foot_n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr company_n of_o foot_n guard_n 1128_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr royal_a regiment_n 17035_o 04_o 00_o  _fw-fr field_n and_o staff-officer_n of_o the_o say_a regiment_n 1341_o 04_o 00_o  _fw-fr 74_o company_n 64646_o 08_o 00_o  _fw-fr earl_n dunbartons_n regiment_n 19616_o 16_o 00_o  _fw-fr sir_n nich._n armourer_n governor_n of_o the_o new_a fort_n near_o kinsale_n 365_o 00_o 00_o  _fw-fr total_a of_o the_o military_a list_n  _fw-fr 166392_o 15_o 08_o list_n of_o pension_n  _fw-fr 11200_o 00_o 00_o of_o which_o pay_v to_o person_n in_o england_n  _fw-fr 5780_o 00_o 00_o total_a of_o his_o majesty_n charge_v  _fw-fr 230969_o 02_o 06½_n a_o table_n for_o reduce_v plantation_n acre_n into_o english_a in_o the_o several_a province_n of_o ireland_n according_a to_o the_o explanatory_a act_n viz._n for_o every_o english_a statute_n acre_n in_o the_o province_n of_o leinster_n 3_o d._n munster_n 2_o d._n ob_fw-la connaght_o 1_o d._n q._n ulster_n 2_o d._n irish_a english_a acres_n leinster_n munster_n ulster_n connaght_n ir._n a._n en._n a._n r._n p._n pts._n l._n s._n d._n q._n l._n s._n d._n q._n l._n s._n d._n q._n l._n s._n d._n q._n 1_o 1_o 2_o 19_o 21_o  _fw-fr 0_o 4_o 3_o  _fw-fr 0_o 3_o 3_o  _fw-fr 0_o 3_o 1_o  _fw-fr 0_o 2_o 2_o 2_o 3_o 0_o 38_o 42_o  _fw-fr 0_o 9_o 3_o  _fw-fr 0_o 7_o 1_o  _fw-fr 0_o 6_o 2_o  _fw-fr 0_o 4_o 3_o 3_o 4_o 3_o 17_o 63_o  _fw-fr 1_o 2_o 2_o  _fw-fr 0_o 11_o 0_o  _fw-fr 0_o 1_o 3_o  _fw-fr 0_o 7_o 1_o 4_o 0_o 1_o 36_o 84_o  _fw-fr 1_o 7_o 2_o  _fw-fr 1_o 2_o 2_o  _fw-fr 1_o 4_o 0_o  _fw-fr 0_o 9_o 3_o 5_o 8_o 0_o 15_o 105_o  _fw-fr 0_o 2_o 1_o  _fw-fr 1_o 6_o 1_o  _fw-fr 1_o 4_o 1_o  _fw-fr 1_o 0_o 0_o 6_o 9_o 2_o 35_o 5_o  _fw-fr 2_o 5_o 1_o  _fw-fr 1_o 9_o 3_o  _fw-fr 1_o 7_o 2_o  _fw-fr 1_o 2_o 2_o 7_o 11_o 1_o 14_o 26_o  _fw-fr 2_o 10_o 0_o  _fw-fr 2_o 1_o 2_o  _fw-fr 1_o 10_o 3_o  _fw-fr 1_o 5_o 0_o 8_o 12_o 3_o 33_o 44_o  _fw-fr 3_o 2_o 3_o  _fw-fr 2_o 5_o 1_o  _fw-fr 2_o 2_o 0_o  _fw-fr 1_o 7_o 2_o 9_o 14_o 2_o 12_o 68_o  _fw-fr 3_o 7_o 3_o  _fw-fr 2_o 8_o 3_o  _fw-fr 2_o 6_o 1_o  _fw-fr 1_o 9_o 3_o 10_o 16_o 0_o 31_o 89_o  _fw-fr 4_o 0_o 2_o  _fw-fr 4_o 0_o 2_o  _fw-fr 2_o 8_o 2_o  _fw-fr 2_o 0_o 1_o 20_o 32_o 1_o 23_o 57_o  _fw-fr 8_o 1_o 1_o  _fw-fr 6_o 1_o 3_o  _fw-fr 5_o 4_o 3_o  _fw-fr 4_o 0_o 2_o 30_o 48_o 2_o 15_o 25_o  _fw-fr 12_o 1_o 3_o  _fw-fr 9_o 1_o 1_o  _fw-fr 8_o 1_o 1_o  _fw-fr 6_o 1_o 0_o 40_o 64_o 3_o 6_o 114_o  _fw-fr 16_o 2_o 2_o  _fw-fr 12_o 1_o 3_o  _fw-fr 10_o 9_o 2_o  _fw-fr 8_o 1_o 1_o 50_o 80_o 3_o 38_o 82_o 1_o 0_o 3_o 0_o  _fw-fr 15_o 2_o 1_o  _fw-fr 13_o 6_o 0_o  _fw-fr 10_o 1_o 2_o 60_o 97_o 0_o 30_o 50_o 1_o 4_o 3_o 2_o  _fw-fr 18_o 2_o 3_o  _fw-fr 16_o 2_o 2_o  _fw-fr 12_o 1_o 3_o 70_o 113_o 1_o 22_o 18_o 1_o 8_o 4_o 1_o 1_o 1_o 3_o 1_o  _fw-fr 18_o 10_o 2_o  _fw-fr 14_o 2_o 0_o 80_o 129_o 2_o 13_o 107_o 1_o 12_o 4_o 3_o 1_o 4_o 3_o 2_o 1_o 1_o 7_o 1_o  _fw-fr 16_o 2_o 1_o 90_o 145_o 3_o 5_o 75_o 1_o 16_o 5_o 1_o 1_o 7_o 4_o 0_o 1_o 4_o 3_o 2_o  _fw-fr 18_o 2_o 3_o 100_o 161_o 3_o 37_o 43_o 2_o 0_o 6_o 0_o 1_o 10_o 4_o 2_o 1_o 7_o 0_o 0_o 1_o 0_o 3_o 0_o 500_o 809_o 3_o 26_o 94_o 10_o 2_o 5_o 3_o 7_o 11_o 1_o 1_o 6_o 14_o 11_o 3_o 5_o 1_o 2_o 3_o 1000_o 1619_o 3_o 13_o 67_o 20_o 4_o 11_o 2_o 15_o 3_o 6_o 2_o 13_o 9_o 11_o 3_o 10_o 2_o 5_o 3_o 5000_o 80991_o 0_o 27_o 39_o 101_o 4_o 9_o 2_o 75_o 18_o 7_o 0_o 67_o 9_o 10_o 2_o 50_o 12_o 4_o 2_o 10000_o 16198_o 1_o 15_o 5_o 202_o 9_o 7_o 0_o 151_o 17_o 2_o 1_o 134_o 19_o 9_o 0_o 101_o 4_o 9_o 0_o chap._n v._o the_o establishment_n of_o the_o subsidy_n of_o ireland_n nobility_n subsidy_n duke_n of_o ormond_n 100_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o cork_n 110_o 00_o 00_o marquis_n of_o antrim_n 60_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o kildare_n 56_o 13_o 00_o earl_n of_o thomond_n 40_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o strafford_n 35_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o clanriccard_n 35_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o castlehaven_n 02_o 10_o 00_o earl_n of_o roscommon_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o londonderry_n 10_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o desmond_n 10_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o meath_z 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o barrymore_n 30_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o carbury_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o arglass_n 20_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o donnegall_a 50_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o cavan_n 02_o 10_o 00_o earl_n of_o clanbrazil_n 30_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o inchiquin_n 10_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o clancarty_n 40_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o orrery_n 20_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o montrath_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o drogheda_n 40_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o waterford_n 23_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o mountalexander_n 05_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o castlemain_n 20_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o arran_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o carlingford_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o longford_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o tyrone_n 15_o 00_o 00_o earl_n of_o ranelegh_n 15_o 00_o 00_o viscount_n grandison_n 10_o 00_o 00_o wilmot_n 10_o 00_o 00_o valentia_n 30_o 00_o 00_o dillon_n 20_o 00_o 00_o loftus_n of_o ely_n 12_o 10_o 00_o sword_n 12_o 10_o 00_o kilmurrey_n 12_o 10_o 00_o conway_n 30_o 00_o 00_o mayo_n 10_o 00_o 00_o savil_n 20_o 00_o 00_o lanesborough_n 10_o 00_o 00_o castlestone_n 20_o 00_o 00_o chaworth_n 20_o 00_o 00_o scudamore_n of_o sligoe_n 12_o 10_o 00_o lumley_n 12_o 10_o 00_o strangford_n 12_o 10_o 00_o wenman_n of_o fryan_n 10_o 00_o 00_o molleux_n 17_o 10_o 00_o fairfax_n 12_o 10_o 00_o fitz_n williams_n 07_o 00_o 00_o rathcoole_n 12_o 10_o 00_o bareford_n 12_o 10_o 00_o bulkley_n 15_o 00_o 00_o ogle_n 12_o 10_o 00_o bronkart_n 12_o 10_o 00_o cullen_n 20_o 00_o 00_o gallmoy_n 03_o 00_o 00_o kingsland_n 20_o 00_o 00_o shannon_n 12_o 10_o 00_o dromore_n 12_o 10_o 00_o cloin_n 10_o 00_o 00_o mazareen_n 10_o 00_o 00_o cholmondlegh_n 12_o 10_o 00_o fanshaw_n of_o donnamore_n 05_o 00_o 00_o duncannon_n 12_o 10_o 00_o fitz_n harding_n 20_o 00_o 00_o clare_n 20_o 00_o 00_o charlemont_n 10_o 00_o 00_o power_n court_n 10_o 00_o 00_o 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