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A40655 The church-history of Britain from the birth of Jesus Christ until the year M.DC.XLVIII endeavoured by Thomas Fuller. Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661.; Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. History of the University of Cambridge snce the conquest.; Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. History of Waltham-Abby in Essex, founded by King Harold. 1655 (1655) Wing F2416_PARTIAL; Wing F2443_PARTIAL; ESTC R14493 1,619,696 1,523

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that_o the_o clergy_n ingross_v all_o secular_a office_n and_o thereupon_o present_v the_o ensue_a petition_n to_o the_o king_n according_a to_o this_o effect_n insist_v only_o in_o the_o substance_n thereof_o 42._o and_o because_o that_o in_o this_o present_a parliament_n it_o be_v declare_v to_o our_o lord_n the_o king_n 45_o 45_o by_o all_o the_o earl_n 1370_o 1370_o baron_n tertii_fw-la exit_fw-la rot._n parl._n in_o turr._n lond._n in_o 45._o ed._n tertii_fw-la and_o commons_o of_o england_n that_o the_o government_n of_o the_o kingdom_n have_v be_v perform_v for_o a_o long_a time_n by_o the_o man_n of_o holy_a church_n which_o be_v not_o it_o not_o justifiables_n in_o the_o french_a original_n 〈◊〉_d whether_o whether_o not_o able_a to_o do_v justice_n or_o not_o to_o be_v justify_v in_o their_o employment_n as_o improper_a for_o it_o justifiable_a in_o all_o case_n whereby_o great_a mischief_n and_o damage_n have_v happen_v in_o time_n past_a and_o more_o may_v happen_v in_o time_n to_o come_v in_o disherit_v of_o the_o crown_n and_o great_a prejudice_n of_o the_o kingdom_n for_o divers_a cause_n that_o a_o man_n may_v declare_v that_o it_o will_v please_v our_o say_a lord_n the_o king_n 1370_o anno_fw-la dom._n 1370_o that_o the_o layman_n of_o the_o say_a kingdom_n which_o be_v sufficient_a and_o able_a of_o estate_n 45._o anno_fw-la regis_fw-la ed._n tertii_fw-la 45._o may_v be_v choose_v for_o this_o and_o that_o no_o other_o person_n be_v hereafter_o make_v chancellor_n treasurer_n clerk_n of_o the_o privy_a seal_n baron_n of_o the_o exchequer_n chamberlain_n of_o the_o exchequer_n controler_n and_o all_o other_o great_a officer_n and_o governor_n of_o the_o say_a kingdom_n and_o that_o this_o thing_n be_v now_o in_o such_o manner_n establish_v in_o form_n aforesaid_a that_o by_o no_o way_n it_o may_v be_v defeat_v or_o any_o thing_n do_v to_o the_o contrary_a in_o any_o time_n to_o come_v save_v always_o to_o our_o lord_n the_o king_n the_o election_n and_o remove_n of_o such_o officer_n but_o that_o always_o they_o be_v layman_n such_o as_o be_v abovesaid_a 43._o to_o this_o petition_n the_o king_n return_v denial_n the_o answer_n in_o effect_n a_o denial_n that_o he_o will_v ordain_v upon_o this_o point_n as_o it_o shall_v best_o seem_v to_o he_o by_o the_o advice_n of_o his_o good_a council_n he_o therefore_o who_o consider_v the_o present_a power_n of_o the_o clergy_n at_o the_o councel-table_n will_v not_o wonder_v if_o all_o thing_n remain_v in_o their_o former_a condition_n till_o the_o nobility_n begin_v more_o open_o to_o favour_n john_n wickliff_n his_o opinion_n which_o the_o next_o book_n god_n willing_a shall_v relate_v 44._o we_o will_v close_v this_o with_o a_o catalogue_n of_o the_o arch-bishop_n of_o canterbury_n canterbury_n simon_n mepham_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n contemporary_a with_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o and_o begin_v with_o simon_n mepham_n make_v archbishop_n in_o the_o first_o year_n of_o his_o reign_n so_o that_o the_o crown_n and_o the_o mitre_n may_v seem_v in_o some_o sort_n to_o have_v start_v together_o only_o here_o be_v the_o odds_o the_o king_n be_v a_o young_a yea_o scarce_o a_o man_n whereas_o the_o archbishop_n be_v well_o strike_v in_o year_n hence_o their_o difference_n in_o hold_v out_o the_o king_n survive_v to_o see_v he_o bury_v and_o six_o more_o whereof_z four_z simons_n inclusive_o heartbroken_a as_o they_o say_v with_o grief_n for_o when_o john_n grandison_n bishop_n of_o exeter_n make_v much_o noise_n with_o his_o name_n but_o more_o with_o his_o activity_n refuse_v to_o be_v visit_v by_o he_o the_o pope_n side_v with_o the_o bishop_n mepham_n so_o resent_v it_o that_o it_o cost_v he_o his_o life_n 45._o john_n stratford_n be_v the_o second_o successor_n john_n sratford_n his_o successor_n consecrate_a first_o bishop_n of_o winchester_n on_o the_o lord_n day_n whereon_o it_o be_v solemn_o sing_v many_o be_v the_o affliction_n of_o the_o righteous_a whereof_o he_o be_v very_o apprehensive_a then_o and_o more_o afterward_o when_o his_o own_o experience_n have_v prove_v a_o comment_n thereon_o yet_o this_o may_v comfort_v he_o whilst_o live_v and_o make_v other_o honour_v his_o memory_n that_o a_o good_a conscience_n without_o any_o great_a crime_n general_o cause_v his_o molestation_n for_o under_o king_n edward_n the_o second_o he_o suffer_v for_o be_v too_o loyal_a a_o subject_n side_v with_o the_o king_n against_o the_o queen_n and_o her_o son_n and_o under_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o he_o be_v molest_v for_o be_v too_o faithful_a a_o patriot_n namely_o in_o pity_v his_o poor_a countreymens_n taxation_n for_o which_o he_o be_v accuse_v for_o correspondency_n with_o the_o french_a and_o comply_v with_o the_o pope_n pope_n and_o king_n of_o france_n then_o blow_v in_o one_o trumpet_n whereat_o king_n edward_n be_v high_o incense_v 46._o however_o stratford_n do_v but_o say_v what_o thousand_o thought_n day_n his_o last_o his_o best_a day_n viz._n that_o a_o peace_n with_o france_n be_v for_o the_o profit_n of_o england_n especial_o as_o proffer_v upon_o such_o honourable_a condition_n this_o the_o archbishop_n be_v zealous_a for_o upon_o a_o threefold_a account_n first_o of_o piety_n to_o save_v the_o effusion_n of_o more_o christian_a blood_n second_o of_o policy_n suspect_v success_n that_o the_o tide_n may_v turn_v and_o what_o be_v sudden_o get_v may_v be_v as_o sudden_o lose_v three_o on_o charity_n sympathize_v with_o the_o sad_a condition_n of_o his_o fellow_n subject_n groan_v under_o the_o burden_n of_o tax_n to_o maintain_v a_o unnecessary_a war_n for_o england_n send_v over_o her_o wealth_n into_o france_n to_o pay_v their_o victorious_a soldier_n and_o receive_v back_o again_o honour_n in_o exchange_n whereby_o our_o nation_n become_v exceed_v proud_a and_o exceed_v poor_a however_o the_o end_n as_o well_o as_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o psalm_n be_v verify_v of_o this_o archbishop_n the_o lord_n deliver_v they_o out_o of_o all_o die_v in_o great_a honour_n and_o good_a esteem_n with_o the_o king_n a_o strong_a argument_n of_o his_o former_a innocence_n 47._o the_o three_o be_v tho._n bradwardine_n archbishop_n tho._n bradwardine_n the_o three_o archbishop_n who_o election_n be_v little_o less_o than_o miraculous_a for_o common_o the_o king_n refuse_v who_o the_o monk_n choose_v the_o pope_n reject_v who_o the_o monk_n and_o king_n do_v elect_v whereas_o all_o interest_n meet_v in_o the_o choice_n of_o bradwardine_n yea_o which_o be_v more_o the_o pope_n as_o yet_o not_o know_v that_o the_o monk_n and_o the_o king_n have_v pre-elected_n he_o of_o his_o own_o accord_n as_o by_o supernatural_a instinct_n appoint_v bradwardine_n for_o that_o place_n who_o little_o think_v thereon_o thus_o omne_fw-la tulit_fw-la punctum_fw-la and_o no_o wonder_n see_v he_o mingle_v his_o profitable_a doctrine_n with_o a_o sweet_a and_o amiable_a conversation_n eliz._n camden_n in_o eliz._n indeed_o he_o be_v skill_v in_o school_n learning_n which_o one_o proper_o call_v spinosa_n theologia_n and_o though_o some_o will_v say_v can_v fig_n grow_v on_o thorn_n yet_o his_o thorny_a divinity_n produce_v much_o sweet_a devotion_n 48._o he_o be_v confessor_n to_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o who_o miraculous_a victory_n in_o france_n see_n the_o best_a archbishop_n of_o that_o see_n some_o impute_v more_o to_o this_o man_n devout_a prayer_n then_o either_o to_o the_o policy_n or_o prowess_n of_o the_o english_a nation_n he_o die_v before_o he_o be_v enthronize_v few_o month_n after_o his_o consecration_n though_o now_o advance_v on_o a_o more_o glorious_a and_o durable_a throne_n in_o heaven_n where_o he_o have_v receive_v the_o crown_n from_o god_n who_o here_o defend_v the_o dei_fw-la the_o he_o write_v the_o causae_fw-la dei_fw-la cause_n of_o god_n i_o behold_v he_o as_o the_o most_o pious_a man_n who_o from_o anselm_n not_o to_o say_v augustine_n to_o cranmer_n sit_v on_o that_o seat_n and_o a_o better_a st._n thomas_n though_o not_o saint_v by_o the_o pope_n than_o one_o of_o his_o predecessor_n common_o so_o call_v 49._o simon_n islip_n be_v the_o four_o archbishop_n simon_n islip_n next_o archbishop_n a_o parsimonious_a but_o no_o avaricious_a man_n thrifty_z whilst_o live_v therefore_o clandestine_o enthronize_v and_o when_o dead_a secret_o inter_v without_o any_o solemnity_n yet_o his_o frugality_n may_v be_v excuse_v if_o not_o commend_v herein_o because_o he_o reserve_v his_o estate_n for_o good_a use_n sound_v canterbury_n college_n in_o oxford_n college_n excipe_fw-la merton_n college_n thus_o general_o bishop_n founder_n of_o many_o college_n therein_o denominate_v they_o either_o from_o that_o saint_n to_o who_o they_o be_v dedicate_v or_o from_o their_o see_n as_o exeter_n canterbury_n durham_n lincoln_n put_v thereby_o a_o civil_a obligation_n on_o their_o successor_n to_o be_v as_o visitor_n so_o benefactor_n thereunto_o this_o canterbury_n college_n be_v now_o
only_o spare_v the_o church_n in_o peterborough_n but_o also_o advance_v it_o into_o a_o cathedral_n if_o so_o it_o be_v civil_o do_v of_o he_o not_o to_o disturb_v she_o in_o her_o grave_n who_o he_o have_v so_o disquiet_v in_o her_o bed_n the_o news_n of_o her_o departure_n be_v not_o unwelcome_a to_o queen_n anna_n bollen_a who_o though_o too_o good_a a_o christian_n to_o desire_v her_o death_n be_v too_o wife_n a_o woman_n to_o be_v over-sorrowfull_a for_o the_o same_o see_v former_o she_o be_v the_o king_n wife_n but_o by_o sequestration_n the_o true_a possessor_n of_o his_o bed_n be_v yet_o alive_a whereas_o now_o 22._o now_o gen._n 26._o 22._o rehoboth_n she_o conceive_v god_n have_v make_v room_n for_o she_o 20._o this_o anna_n bollen_a be_v great-grand-childe_n to_o a_o citizen_n bollen_a the_o character_n of_o queen_n anna_n bollen_a sir_n jefferie_n bollen_a lord_n major_a of_o london_n grandchild_n to_o sir_n william_n bollen_a knight_n who_o live_v respected_o in_o his_o country_n daughter_n to_o thomas_n bollen_a earl_n of_o wiltshire_n a_o great_a courtier_n and_o she_o have_v her_o birth_n in_o england_n blood_n by_o her_o ormond_n her_o daughter_n to_o thomas_n earl_n of_o ormond_n grandmother_n from_o ireland_n and_o breed_v in_o france_n under_o mary_n the_o french_a queen_n so_o that_o so_o many_o relation_n meet_v in_o she_o accomplish_v she_o with_o a_o acceptable_a behaviour_n to_o all_o quality_n and_o condition_n of_o people_n of_o a_o handsome_a person_n and_o beautiful_a face_n and_o therefore_o that_o anglicano_n that_o sanders_n de_fw-fr schismate_fw-la anglicano_n pen_n that_o report_v her_o lean-visaged_n long-sided_a gobber-toothed_n yellow-complexioned_n with_o a_o wen_n in_o her_o neck_n both_o manifest_v his_o malice_n and_o disparage_v the_o judgement_n of_o king_n henry_n who_o all_o know_v well_o read_v in_o book_n and_o better_a in_o beauty_n who_o will_v never_o have_v be_v draw_v to_o so_o passionate_a a_o love_n without_o strong_a loadstone_n to_o attract_v it_o this_o queen_n remember_v how_o her_o predecessor_n lose_v the_o king_n love_n with_o her_o over-austerity_n tune_v herself_o to_o a_o more_o open_a and_o debonair_a behaviour_n even_o general_o to_o all_o with_o who_o she_o converse_v which_o be_v observe_v by_o her_o adversary_n be_v improve_v by_o they_o to_o her_o overthrow_n so_o that_o she_o but_o for_o a_o very_a short_a time_n have_v the_o sole_a and_o peaceable_a possession_n of_o her_o husband_n in_o a_o word_n she_o be_v a_o great_a patroness_n of_o the_o protestant_n protector_n of_o the_o persecute_a preferrer_n of_o man_n of_o merit_n among_o who_o hugh_n latimer_n a_o bountiful_a reliever_n of_o the_o poor_a and_o the_o happy_a mother_n of_o queen_n elizabeth_n 21._o on_o the_o eight_o of_o june_n begin_v a_o short_a convocation_n the_o first_o reform_v convocation_n but_o sharp_a parliament_n dissolve_v the_o eighteen_o of_o july_n follow_v effect_v much_o in_o little_a time_n 8._o june_n 8._o matter_n it_o seem_v be_v well_o prepare_v aforehand_o 9_o 9_o and_o the_o house_n assemble_v not_o to_o debate_v but_o do_v the_o king_n desire_n the_o parallel_a convocation_n begin_v the_o day_n after_o be_v one_o new-modelled_n and_o of_o a_o fashion_n different_a from_o all_o former_a convocation_n therein_o the_o lord_n cromwell_n prime_a secretary_n sit_v in_o state_n above_o all_o the_o bishop_n as_o the_o king_n vicar_n or_o vicegerent-generall_n in_o all_o spiritual_a matter_n deformi_fw-la satis_fw-la spectaculo_fw-la say_v my_o 1536._o my_o godw●●●'s_n annal_n anno_fw-la dom._n 1536._o author_n indocto_fw-la lacio_n coetui_fw-la praesidente_fw-la sacratorum_fw-la antistitum_fw-la omnium_fw-la quos_fw-la ante_fw-la haec_fw-la tempora_fw-la anglia_fw-it unquam_fw-la habuisset_fw-la doctissimorum_fw-la in_o one_o respect_n that_o place_n have_v better_o become_v the_o person_n of_o king_n henry_n than_o this_o lord_n his_o proxy_n all_o allow_v the_o king_n a_o very_a able_a scholar_n but_o cromwell_n have_v in_o power_n and_o policy_n what_o he_o lack_v in_o learning_n if_o he_o may_v be_v say_v to_o lack_v it_o who_o at_o pleasure_n may_v command_v the_o borrow_v thereof_o from_o the_o best_a brain_n and_o pen_n of_o those_o of_o his_o own_o party_n in_o the_o convocation_n 22._o this_o convocation_n consist_v of_o two_o house_n convocation_n the_o silence_n in_o the_o abbot_n of_o the_o convocation_n the_o low_a of_o the_o clerk_n and_o proctor_n of_o their_o respective_a cathedral_n and_o diocese_n with_o the_o dean_n and_o arch-deacon_n therein_o the_o upper_a of_o the_o bishop_n with_o the_o lord-abbots_n and_o prior_n i_o mean_v so_o many_o of_o they_o as_o vote_v as_o baron_n in_o parliament_n as_o may_v appear_v by_o their_o several_a ●_o several_a concordatum_fw-la erat_fw-la per_fw-la honorandum_fw-la virum_fw-la cromwell_n &_o reverendos_fw-la epi●copos_n abbates_n &_o priores_fw-la domus_fw-la superioris_fw-la acta_fw-la convocationis_fw-la celebrat_fw-la an._n 1536._o fol._n antepenul_v ●_o subscription_n however_o i_o find_v not_o the_o abbot_n active_a in_o any_o degree_n in_o canvas_v matter_n of_o religion_n whether_o this_o proceed_v from_o any_o desire_n of_o ease_n their_o laziness_n be_v above_o their_o learning_n or_o out_o of_o humility_n count_v it_o more_o proper_a to_o permit_v such_o dispute_n to_o the_o sole_a disposal_n of_o the_o bishop_n as_o most_o concern_v therein_o or_o out_o of_o fear_n loath_a to_o stickle_v on_o religion_n know_v on_o what_o ticklish_a term_n they_o stand_v for_o in_o this_o very_a parliament_n all_o abbey_n which_o can_v not_o dispend_v 200_o li._n a_o year_n be_v dissolve_v and_o bestow_v on_o the_o king_n and_o those_o rich_a abbot_n which_o have_v more_o than_o so_o many_o thousand_o yearly_a know_v that_o maxim_n in_o logic_n to_o be_v true_a magis_fw-la &_o minùs_fw-la non_fw-la variant_n speciem_fw-la more_n and_o less_o do_v not_o alter_v the_o kind_n and_o may_v say_v with_o he_o on_o the_o cross_n they_o be_v in_o the_o same_o condemnation_n though_o as_o yet_o the_o sentence_n be_v not_o pass_v upon_o they_o 23._o we_o will_v observe_v the_o daily_a motion_n in_o this_o convocation_n convocation_n the_o diurnal_a of_o this_o convocation_n as_o with_o my_o own_o hand_n i_o have_v faithful_o transcribe_v they_o out_o of_o the_o record_n hugh_n latimer_n bishop_n of_o worcester_n 16._o june_n 16._o make_v the_o latine-sermon_n take_v for_o his_o text_n 8._o text_n luke_n 16._o 8._o the_o child_n of_o this_o world_n be_v in_o their_o generation_n wise_a than_o the_o child_n of_o light_n on_o the_o friday_n follow_v richard_z gwent_n archdeacon_n of_o london_n be_v present_v and_o confirm_v prolocutor_n in_o this_o convocation_n on_o the_o same_o day_n master_n william_n peter_n doctor_n of_o the_o law_n come_v into_o the_o house_n as_o depute_v from_o his_o master_n the_o lord_n cromwell_n who_o can_v not_o be_v present_a because_o of_o his_o great_a employment_n in_o parliament_n this_o dr._n peter_n claim_v the_o high_a place_n in_o the_o house_n as_o due_a to_o his_o master_n the_o lord_n cromwell_n 9_o cromwell_n record_n of_o cant._n an._n dom._n 1536._o fol._n 9_o &_o petiit_fw-la dictum_fw-la locum_fw-la sibi_fw-la tanquam_fw-la procuratori_fw-la dicti_fw-la magistri_fw-la and_o he_o shall_v i_o say_v request_v or_o require_v the_o same_o precedency_n as_o due_a to_o he_o be_v his_o proctor_n and_o obtain_v it_o according_o without_o any_o dispute_n though_o some_o perchance_o may_v question_v whether_o a_o deputie_n deputy_n as_o one_o degree_n far_o remove_v may_v proper_o claim_v his_o place_n 21._o 21._o who_o be_v primitive_o represent_v next_o wednesday_n come_v in_o the_o lord_n cromwell_n in_o person_n and_o have_v judicious_o seat_v himself_o above_o all_o tender_v unto_o they_o a_o instrument_n to_o be_v public_o sign_v by_o all_o the_o convocation_n concern_v the_o nullity_n of_o the_o king_n marriage_n with_o the_o lady_n anna_n bollen_a 24._o some_o ten_o day_n before_o king_n cranmer_z solemn_o divorce_v anna_n bollen_a from_o the_o king_n archbishop_z cranmer_z at_o lambeth_n have_v hold_v a_o open_a court_n in_o the_o presence_n of_o thomas_n audley_n lord_n chancellor_n charles_n brandon_n duke_n of_o suffolk_n and_o most_o of_o the_o privy_a council_n wherein_o the_o king_n and_o queen_n be_v cite_v to_o appear_v as_o they_o do_v by_o their_o proxy_n doctor_n richard_n samson_n be_v the_o king_n and_o doctor_n nicholas_n wootten_n the_o queen_n then_o proceed_v the_o archbishop_n to_o discuss_v the_o validity_n of_o their_o marriage_n and_o at_o the_o last_o by_o his_o definitive_a sentence_n pronounce_v the_o same_o invalid_a frustrate_a and_o of_o none_o effect_n no_o particular_a cause_n be_v specify_v in_o that_o sentence_n still_o extant_a in_o the_o record_n and_o though_o the_o judge_n and_o court_n seem_v abundant_o satisfy_v in_o the_o reason_n of_o this_o nullity_n yet_o conceal_v the_o same_o unto_o themselves_o they_o think_v not_o fit_a to_o communicate_v this_o treasure_n to_o
henry_n have_v already_o attain_v both_o by_o his_o partial_a reformation_n power_n by_o abolish_n the_o pope_n usurpation_n in_o his_o dominion_n profit_n by_o seize_v on_o the_o land_n and_o good_n of_o suppress_a monastery_n and_o thus_o have_v serve_v his_o own_o turn_n his_o zeal_n wilful_o tire_v to_o go_v any_o far_a and_o only_o abolish_n such_o popery_n as_o be_v in_o order_n to_o his_o aforesaid_a design_n he_o severe_o urge_v the_o rest_n on_o the_o practice_n of_o his_o subject_n 16._o herein_o he_o appear_v like_a to_o jehu_n king_n of_o israel_n jehu_n compare_v with_o king_n jehu_n who_o utter_o root_v out_o the_o foreign_a idolatry_n of_o baal_n fetch_v from_o the_o zidonian_o and_o almost_o appropriate_v to_o the_o family_n of_o ahab_n but_o still_o worship_v the_o calf_n in_o dan_n and_o bethel_n the_o state-idolatry_n of_o the_o kingdom_n so_o our_o henry_n though_o banish_v all_o outlandish_a superstition_n of_o papal_a dependence_n still_o reserve_v and_o maintain_v home_o breed_v popery_n persecute_v the_o refuser_n to_o submit_v thereunto_o 17._o for_o article_n the_o six_o bloody_a article_n by_o the_o persuasion_n of_o bishop_n gardiner_n in_o defiance_n of_o archbishop_n cranmer_n and_z the_o l._n cromwell_n with_o might_n and_o main_n oppose_v it_o it_o be_v enact_v 1._o that_o in_o the_o sacrament_n of_o the_o altar_n after_o consecration_n no_o substance_n of_o bread_n or_o wine_n remain_v but_o the_o natural_a body_n and_o blood_n of_o christ_n 2._o that_o the_o communion_n in_o both_o kind_n be_v not_o necessary_a ad_fw-la salutem_fw-la by_o the_o law_n of_o god_n to_o all_o person_n 3._o that_o priest_n after_o order_n receive_v may_v not_o marry_v by_o the_o law_n of_o god_n 4._o that_o vow_n of_o chastity_n ought_v to_o be_v observe_v 5._o that_o it_o be_v meet_v and_o necessary_a that_o private_a mass_n be_v admit_v and_o continue_v in_o church_n 6._o that_o auricular_a confession_n must_v be_v frequent_v by_o people_n as_o of_o necessity_n to_o salvation_n law_n bad_a as_o pen_v worse_a as_o prosecute_v which_o by_o some_o bishop_n extensive_a interpretation_n be_v make_v commensurate_a to_o the_o whole_a body_n of_o popery_n 18._o indeed_o miscarry_v the_o l._n cromwel_n design_n miscarry_v the_o lord_n cromwell_n unable_a to_o right_v his_o own_o have_v a_o design_n to_o revenge_v himself_o on_o the_o opposite_a party_n by_o procure_v a_o act_n that_o popish_a priest_n convict_v of_o adultery_n shall_v be_v subject_a to_o the_o same_o punishment_n with_o protestant_a minister_n that_o be_v marry_v but_o gardiner_n by_o his_o greatness_n get_v that_o law_n so_o qualify_v that_o it_o soon_o become_v lex_fw-la edentula_fw-la 32._o ann._n reg._n hen_n 8._o 32._o whilst_o the_o other_o remain_v mordax_fw-la death_n be_v the_o penalty_n of_o such_o who_o be_v make_v guilty_a by_o the_o six_o article_n though_o nicholas_n shaxton_n of_o salisbury_n 1540_o ann._n dom._n 1540_o and_o hugh_n latimer_n of_o worcester_n find_v the_o especial_a favour_n to_o save_v themselves_o by_o lose_v of_o their_o bishopric_n 19_o and_o now_o begin_v edmond_n bonner_n 〈…〉_o 〈…〉_o alias_o savage_a most_o common_o call_v by_o the_o former_a but_o too_o true_o know_v by_o the_o late_a name_n new_o make_v bishop_n of_o london_n to_o display_v the_o colour_n of_o his_o cruelty_n therein_o which_o here_o i_o forbear_v to_o repeat_v because_o cite_v at_o large_a by_o mr._n fox_n for_o i_o desire_v my_o church-history_n shall_v behave_v itself_o to_o his_o book_n of_o martyr_n as_o a_o lieutenant_n to_o its_o captain_n only_o to_o supply_v his_o place_n in_o his_o absence_n to_o be_v supplemental_a thereunto_o in_o such_o matter_n of_o moment_n which_o have_v escape_v his_o observation_n 20._o matchmaker_n betwixt_o private_a person_n seldom_o find_v great_a love_n for_o their_o pain_n hatred_n cromwell_n fal'_v into_o the_o king_n displeasure_n and_o people_n hatred_n betwixt_o prince_n often_o fall_v into_o danger_n as_o here_o it_o prove_v in_o the_o l._n cromwell_n the_o grand_a contriver_n of_o the_o king_n marriage_n with_o anne_n of_o cleve_n on_o he_o the_o king_n have_v confer_v honour_n so_o many_o and_o so_o sudden_o that_o one_o may_v say_v the_o crudity_n thereof_o lay_v unconct_v in_o his_o soul_n so_o that_o he_o can_v not_o have_v time_n to_o digest_v one_o dignity_n before_o another_o be_v pour_v upon_o he_o not_o to_o speak_v of_o his_o mastership_n of_o the_o jewelhouse_n he_o be_v make_v baron_n master_n of_o the_o roll_n the_o king_n vicar-general_a in_o spiritual_a matter_n lord_n privie-seale_n knight_n of_o the_o garter_n earl_n of_o essex_n lord_n great_a chamberlain_n of_o england_n and_o my_o 454._o my_o camden_n brit._n in_o essex_n p._n 454._o author_n observe_v that_o all_o these_o honour_n be_v confer_v upon_o he_o in_o the_o compass_n of_o five_o year_n most_o of_o they_o possess_v by_o he_o not_o five_o month_n i_o may_v add_v and_o all_o take_v from_o he_o in_o less_o than_o five_o minute_n with_o his_o life_n on_o the_o scaffold_n 21._o this_o be_v the_o cause_n why_o he_o be_v envy_v of_o the_o nobility_n and_o gentry_n envy_v why_o cromwell_n be_v deserve_o envy_v be_v by_o birth_n so_o much_o beneath_o all_o by_o preferment_n so_o high_a above_o most_o of_o they_o beside_o many_o of_o his_o advancement_n be_v interpret_v not_o so_o much_o honour_n to_o he_o as_o injury_n to_o other_o as_o be_v either_o in_o use_n improper_a or_o in_o equity_n unfit_a or_o in_o right_a unjust_a or_o in_o conscience_n unlawful_a for_o he_o to_o accept_v his_o mastership_n of_o the_o roll_n such_o who_o be_v breed_v lawyer_n conceive_v it_o fit_a for_o man_n of_o their_o profession_n as_o for_o the_o earldom_n of_o essex_n confer_v upon_o he_o though_o the_o title_n late_o become_v void_a by_o the_o death_n of_o bourchier_n the_o last_o earl_n without_o issue-male_a and_o so_o in_o the_o strictness_n of_o right_n in_o the_o king_n be_v free_a disposal_n yet_o because_o he_o leave_v anne_n a_o sole_a daughter_n behind_o he_o cromwel_n invade_v of_o that_o honour_n breed_v no_o good_a blood_n towards_o he_o among_o the_o kindred_n of_o that_o orphan_n who_o be_v honourable_a and_o numerous_a his_o lord_n great_a chamberlainship_n of_o england_n be_v a_o office_n for_o many_o year_n hereditary_a in_o the_o ancient_n and_o honourable_a house_n of_o oxford_n incense_v all_o of_o all_o that_o family_n when_o behold_v he_o possess_v thereof_o his_o knighthood_n of_o the_o garter_n which_o custom_n have_v appropriate_v to_o such_o who_o by_o three_o degree_n at_o least_o can_v prove_v their_o gentile_a descent_n be_v bestow_v on_o he_o do_v but_o enrage_v his_o competitor_n thereof_o more_o honourable_o extract_v as_o for_o his_o be_v the_o king_n vicar-general_n in_o spiritual_a matter_n all_o the_o clergy_n do_v rage_n thereat_o grutch_v much_o that_o k._n henry_n the_o substance_n and_o more_o that_o cromwell_n his_o shadow_n shall_v assume_v so_o high_a a_o title_n to_o himself_o beside_o cromwel_n name_n be_v odious_a unto_o they_o on_o the_o account_n of_o abbey_n dissolve_v and_o no_o wonder_n if_o this_o samson_n pluck_v down_o the_o pillar_n of_o the_o popish-church_n have_v the_o rest_n of_o the_o structure_n fall_v upon_o he_o 9_o july_n 9_o these_o rejoice_v when_o the_o duke_n of_o norfolk_n arrest_v he_o for_o treason_n at_o the_o councel-table_n whence_o he_o be_v send_v prisoner_n to_o the_o tower_n 22._o and_o now_o to_o speak_v impartial_o of_o he_o part_n cromwell_n admirable_a part_n though_o in_o prison_n if_o we_o reflect_v on_o his_o part_n and_o endowment_n it_o be_v wonderful_a to_o see_v how_o one_o quality_n in_o he_o befriend_v another_o great_a scholar_n he_o be_v none_o the_o latin_a testament_n get_v by_o heart_n be_v the_o masterpiece_n of_o his_o learning_n nor_o any_o study_a lawyer_n never_o long-living_a if_o admit_v in_o the_o inn_n of_o court_n nor_o experience_a soldier_n though_o necessity_n cast_v he_o on_o that_o call_n when_o the_o duke_n of_o burbone_n besiege_v rome_n nor_o courtier_n in_o his_o youth_n till_o breed_v in_o the_o court_n as_o i_o may_v call_v it_o of_o cardinal_z wolsey_n house_n and_o yet_o that_o of_o the_o lawyer_n in_o he_o so_o help_v the_o scholar_n that_o of_o the_o soldier_n the_o lawyer_n that_o of_o the_o courtier_n the_o soldier_n and_o that_o of_o the_o traveller_n so_o perfect_v all_o the_o rest_n be_v no_o stranger_n to_o germany_n well_o acquaint_v with_o france_n most_o familiar_a with_o italy_n that_o the_o result_n of_o all_o together_o make_v he_o for_o endowment_n eminent_a not_o to_o say_v admirable_a 23._o it_o be_v lay_v to_o his_o charge_n cromwell_n article_n charge_v upon_o the_o lord_n cromwell_n first_o that_o he_o have_v exceed_v his_o commission_n in_o act_v many_o thing_n of_o high_a conseqsence_n without_o acquaint_v the_o king_n therewith_o deal_v therein_o
be_v then_o alive_a thereunto_o before_o the_o marriage_n have_v in_o writing_n seal_v with_o their_o seal_n which_o condition_n we_o declare_v limit_n and_o appoint_v and_o will_v by_o these_o present_n shall_v be_v to_o the_o say_a estate_n of_o our_o say_a daughter_n elizabeth_z in_o the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n and_o other_o the_o premise_n knit_v and_o invest_v and_o if_o it_o shall_v fortune_n our_o say_a daughter_n elizabeth_z to_o die_v without_o issue_n of_o her_o body_n lawful_o beget_v we_o will_v that_o after_o our_o decease_n and_o for_o default_n of_o issue_n of_o the_o several_a body_n of_o we_o and_o of_o our_o say_a son_n prince_z edward_z and_o of_o our_o say_a daughter_n mary_n and_o elizabeth_n and_o say_v imperial_a crown_n and_o other_o the_o premise_n after_o our_o decesse_n shall_v whole_o remain_v and_o come_v to_o the_o heir_n of_o the_o body_n of_o the_o lady_n frances_n our_o niece_n elder_a daughter_n to_o our_o late_a sister_n the_o french_a queen_n lawful_o beget_v and_o for_o default_n of_o such_o issue_n of_o the_o body_n of_o the_o say_a lady_n frances_n we_o will_v that_o the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n and_o other_o the_o premise_n after_o our_o decease_n and_o for_o default_n of_o issue_n of_o the_o several_a body_n of_o we_o and_o of_o our_o son_n prince_n edward_n and_o of_o our_o daughter_n mary_n and_o elizabeth_n and_o of_o the_o lady_n frances_n lawful_o beget_v shall_v whole_o remain_v and_o come_v to_o the_o heir_n of_o the_o body_n of_o the_o lady_n elinor_n our_o niece_n second_o daughter_n to_o our_o say_a sister_n the_o french_a queen_n lawful_o beget_v and_o if_o it_o happen_v the_o say_a lady_n elinor_n to_o die_v without_o issue_n of_o her_o body_n lawful_o beget_v we_o will_v that_o after_o our_o decease_n and_o for_o default_n of_o issue_n of_o the_o several_a body_n of_o we_o and_o of_o our_o say_a son_n prince_z edward_z and_o of_o our_o say_a daughter_n mary_n and_o elizabeth_n and_o of_o the_o say_a lady_n frances_n and_o of_o the_o say_a lady_n elinor_n lawful_o beget_v the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n and_o other_o the_o premise_n shall_v whole_o remain_v and_o come_v to_o the_o next_o rightful_a heir_n and_o we_o sill_z that_o if_o our_o say_a daughter_n mary_n do_v marry_v without_o the_o consent_n and_o assent_v of_o the_o privy_a counselor_n and_o other_o appoint_v by_o we_o to_o be_v of_o counsel_n to_o our_o say_a son_n prince_z edward_z or_o the_o most_o part_n of_o they_o as_o shall_v then_o be_v alive_a thereunto_o before_o the_o say_a marriage_n have_v in_o writing_n seal_v with_o their_o seal_n as_o be_v aforesaid_a that_o then_o and_o from_o thenceforth_o for_o lack_v of_o heir_n of_o the_o several_a body_n of_o we_o and_o of_o our_o say_a son_n prince_z edward_z lawful_o beget_v the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n shall_v whole_o remain_v be_v and_o come_v to_o our_o say_a daughter_n elizabeth_n and_o to_o the_o heir_n of_o her_o body_n lawful_o beget_v in_o such_o manner_n and_o form_n as_o though_o our_o say_a daughter_n mary_n be_v then_o dead_a without_o any_o issue_n of_o the_o body_n of_o our_o say_a daughter_n mary_n lawful_o beget_v any_o thing_n contain_v in_o this_o our_o will_n or_o any_o act_n of_o parliament_n or_o statute_n to_o the_o contrary_a in_o any_o wise_n notwithstanding_o and_o in_o case_n our_o say_a daughter_n the_o lady_n mary_n do_v keep_v and_o perform_v the_o say_a condition_n express_v declare_v and_o limit_v to_o her_o estate_n in_o the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n and_o other_o the_o premise_n in_o this_o our_o last_o will_n declare_v and_o that_o our_o say_a daughter_n elizabeth_z do_v not_o keep_v and_o perform_v for_o her_o part_n the_o say_a condition_n declare_v and_o limit_v by_o this_o our_o last_o will_n to_o the_o estate_n of_o the_o say_a lady_n elizabeth_n in_o the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n of_o this_o realm_n of_o england_n and_o ireland_n 1546_o ann._n dom._n 1546_o and_o other_o the_o premise_n 38._o ann._n regis_fw-la hen_n 8._o 38._o we_o will_v that_o then_o ●and_v from_o thencesorth_n after_o our_o decease_n and_o for_o lack_v of_o heir_n of_o the_o several_a body_n of_o we_o and_o of_o our_o say_a son_n prince_z edward_z and_o of_o our_o say_a daughter_n mary_n lawful_a beget_v the_o say_v imperial_a crown_n and_o other_o the_o premise_n shall_v whole_o remain_v and_o come_v to_o the_o next_o heir_n lawful_o beget_v of_o the_o body_n of_o the_o say_a lady_n frances_n in_o such_o manner_n and_o form_n as_o though_o the_o say_a lady_n elizabeth_n be_v then_o dead_a without_o any_o heir_n of_o her_o body_n lawful_o beget_v any_o thing_n contain_v in_o this_o will_n or_o in_o any_o act_n or_o statute_n to_o the_o contrary_n not_o withstand_v the_o remainder_n over_o for_o lack_n of_o issue_n of_o the_o say_a lady_n frances_n lawful_o beget_v to_o be_v a_o continue_v to_o such_o person_n like_o remainder_n and_o estate_n as_o be_v before_o limit_v and_o declare_v and_o we_o be_v now_o at_o this_o time_n thanks_o to_o almighty_a god_n of_o perfect_a memory_n s._n name_n of_o the_o executo_fw-la s._n do_v constitute_v and_o ordain_v these_o personage_n follow_v our_o executor_n and_o performer_n of_o this_o our_o last_o will_n and_o testament_n willing_a command_a and_o pray_v they_o to_o take_v upon_o they_o the_o occupation_n and_o performance_n of_o the_o same_o as_o executor_n cranmer_n tho_n cranmer_n that_o be_v to_o say_v the_o archbishop_z of_o canterbury_n the_o lord_n wriothesly_a chancellor_n of_o england_n the_o lord_n st._n john_n great_a master_n of_o our_o house_n dudley_n edw._n seymour_n john_n dudley_n the_o earl_n of_o hartford_n great_a chamberlain_n the_o lord_n russell_n lord_n privy_a seal_n the_o viscount_n lisle_n high_a admiral_n of_o england_n the_o bishop_n tonstall_n of_o duresme_fw-fr sir_n anthony_n browne_n knight_n master_n of_o our_o horse_n sir_n edward_n montague_n knight_n chief_a judge_n of_o the_o common_a plea_n justice_n bromley_n sir_n edward_n north_n knight_n chancellor_n of_o the_o augmentation_n sir_n william_n pagett_n knight_n our_o chief_a secretary_n sir_n anthony_z denny_z sir_n william_n herbert_z knights_z chief_a gentleman_n of_o our_o privy_a chamber_n sir_n edward_n wotton_n knight_n and_o mr._n doctor_n wotton_n his_o brother_n and_o all_o these_o we_o will_v to_o be_v our_o executor_n and_o counsellor_n of_o the_o privy_a counsel_n with_o our_o say_a son_n prince_z edward_z in_o all_o matter_n concern_v both_o his_o private_a affair_n and_o public_a affair_n of_o the_o realm_n willing_a and_o charge_v they_o and_o every_o of_o they_o as_o they_o must_v and_o shall_v answer_v at_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n whole_o and_o full_o to_o see_v this_o my_o last_o will_n and_o testament_n perform_v in_o all_o thing_n with_o as_o much_o speed_n a_o diligence_n as_o may_v be_v and_o that_o none_o of_o they_o presume_v to_o meddle_v with_o any_o of_o our_o treasure_n or_o to_o do_v any_o thing_n appoint_v by_o our_o say_a will_n alone_o unless_o the_o most_o part_n of_o the_o whole_a number_n of_o these_o co-executor_n do_v consent_n and_o by_o writing_n agree_v to_o the_o same_o and_o will_v that_o our_o say_a executor_n or_o the_o most_o part_n of_o they_o may_v lawful_o do_v what_o they_o shall_v think_v most_o convenient_a for_o the_o execution_n of_o this_o our_o will_n without_o be_v trouble_v by_o our_o say_a son_n or_o any_o other_o for_o the_o same_o will_v further_o by_o our_o say_a last_o will_n and_o testament_n that_o sir_n ed_n mund_o peckham_n our_o trusty_a servant_n and_o yet_o cofferer_n of_o our_o house_n shall_v be_v treasurer_n and_o have_v the_o receipt_n and_o lay_v out_o of_o all_o such_o treasure_n and_o money_n as_o shll_v be_v defray_v by_o our_o executor_n for_o the_o performance_n of_o this_o our_o last_o will_n straight_o charge_v and_o command_v the_o say_a sir_n edmund_n that_o he_o pay_v no_o great_a sum_n of_o money_n but_o he_o have_v first_o the_o hand_n of_o our_o say_a executor_n or_o of_o the_o most_o part_n of_o they_o for_o his_o discharge_n touch_v the_o same_o charge_v he_o further_o upon_o his_o allegiance_n to_o make_v a_o true_a account_n of_o all_o such_o sum_n as_o shall_v be_v deliver_v to_o his_o hand_n for_o this_o purpose_n and_o since_o we_o have_v now_o name_v and_o constitute_v our_o executor_n we_o will_v and_o charge_v they_o that_o first_o and_o above_o all_o thing_n as_o they_o will_v answer_v before_o god_n and_o as_o we_o put_v our_o singular_a trust_n and_o confidence_n in_o they_o that_o they_o cause_v all_o our_o due_a debt_n that_o can_v be_v reasonable_o show_v and_o prove_v before_o they_o to_o be_v full_o content_v and_o pay_v as_o soon_o as_o they_o convenient_o can_v or_o may_v after_o our_o decease_n without_o long_a delay_n and_o that_o they_o do_v
execute_v these_o point_n first_o that_o be_v to_o say_v the_o payment_n of_o our_o debt_n with_o redress_n of_o injury_n if_o any_o such_o can_v be_v due_o prove_v though_o to_o we_o they_o be_v unknown_a before_o any_o other_o part_n of_o this_o our_o will_n and_o testament_n our_o burial_n exequy_n and_o funeral_n only_o except_v furthermore_o we_o will_v that_o all_o such_o grant_n and_o gift_n as_o we_o have_v make_v give_v or_o promise_v to_o any_o which_o be_v not_o yet_o perfect_v under_o our_o singe_v or_o any_o our_o seal_n as_o they_o ought_v to_o be_v and_o all_o such_o recompense_n for_o exchange_n sale_n or_o any_o other_o thing_n or_o thing_n as_o aught_o to_o have_v be_v make_v by_o we_o and_o be_v not_o yet_o accomplish_v shall_v be_v perfect_v in_o every_o point_n towards_o all_o manner_n of_o man_n for_o discharge_v of_o our_o conscience_n charge_v our_o executor_n and_o all_o the_o rest_n of_o our_o counselor_n to_o see_v the_o same_o do_v perform_v finish_v and_o accomplish_v in_o every_o point_n foresee_v that_o the_o say_v gift_n grant_n and_o promise_v and_o recompense_n shall_v appear_v to_o our_o say_a executor_n or_o the_o most_o part_n of_o they_o to_o have_v be_v grant_v make_v accord_v or_o promise_v in_o any_o manner_n of_o wise_a further_o according_a to_o the_o law_n of_o almighty_a god_n and_o for_o the_o fatherly_a love_n which_o we_o bear_v to_o our_o son_n prince_n edward_n and_o to_o this_o our_o realm_n we_o declare_v he_o according_a to_o justice_n equity_n and_o conscience_n to_o be_v our_o lawful_a heir_n and_o do_v give_v and_o bequeath_v unto_o he_o the_o succession_n of_o our_o realm_n of_o england_n and_o ireland_n with_o our_o title_n of_o france_n and_o all_o our_o dominion_n both_o on_o this_o side_n the_o sea_n and_o beyond_o a_o convenient_a portion_n for_o our_o will_n and_o testament_n to_o be_v reserve_v also_o we_o give_v unto_o he_o all_o our_o plate_n stuff_n of_o household_n artillery_n ordnance_n ammunition_n ship_n cable_n and_o all_o other_o thing_n and_o implement_n to_o they_o belong_v and_o money_n also_o and_o jewel_n save_v such_o portion_n as_o shall_v satisfy_v this_o our_o last_o will_n and_o testament_n charge_v and_o command_v he_o on_o pain_n of_o our_o curse_n see_v he_o have_v so_o love_v a_o father_n of_o we_o and_o that_o our_o chief_a labour_n and_o study_v in_o this_o world_n be_v to_o establish_v he_o in_o the_o crown_n imperial_a of_o this_o realm_n after_o our_o decease_n in_o such_o sort_n as_o may_v be_v please_v to_o god_n and_o to_o the_o wealth_n of_o this_o realm_n and_o to_o his_o own_o honour_n and_o quiet_a that_o he_o be_v order_v and_o rule_v both_o in_o his_o marriage_n and_o also_o in_o order_v the_o affair_n of_o the_o realm_n as_o well_o outward_a as_o inward_a and_o also_o in_o all_o his_o own_o private_a affair_n and_o in_o give_v of_o office_n of_o charge_n by_o the_o advice_n and_o counsel_n of_o our_o right_n entire_o belove_v counselor_n the_o archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n the_o lord_n wriothesly_a chancellor_n of_o england_n the_o lord_n st._n john_n great_a master_n of_o our_o house_n the_o lord_n russell_n lord_n privy_a seal_n the_o earl_n of_o hertford_n great_a chamberlain_n of_o england_n the_o viscount_n lisle_n high_a admiral_n of_o england_n the_o bishop_n tonstall_n of_o duresme_fw-fr sir_n anthony_n browne_n knight_n master_n of_o our_o horse_n sir_n william_n pagett_n our_o chief_a secretary_n sir_n anthony_z denny_z sir_n william_n herbert_n justice_z montague_z and_o bromley_n sir_n edward_n wotton_n mr._n doctor_n wotton_n and_o sir_n edward_n north_n who_o we_o ordain_v name_n and_o appoint_v and_o by_o these_o present_v sign_v with_o our_o hand_n do_v make_v and_o constitute_v our_o privy_a counsel_n with_o our_o say_a son_n and_o will_v that_o they_o have_v the_o governance_n of_o our_o most_o dear_a son_n prince_z edward_z and_o of_o all_o our_o realm_n dominion_n and_o subject_n and_o of_o all_o the_o affair_n public_a and_o private_a until_o he_o shall_v have_v full_o complete_v the_o xviij_o the_o year_n of_o his_o age_n and_o for_o because_o the_o variety_n and_o number_n of_o thing_n affair_n and_o matter_n be_v and_o may_v be_v such_o as_o we_o not_o know_v the_o certainty_n of_o they_o before_o can_v convenient_o prescribe_v a_o certain_a order_n or_o rule_v unto_o our_o say_a counselor_n for_o their_o behaviour_n and_o proceed_n in_o this_o charge_n which_o we_o have_v now_o and_o do_v appoint_v unto_o they_o about_o our_o say_a son_n during_o the_o time_n of_o his_o minority_n aforesaid_a we_o therefore_o for_o the_o special_a trust_n and_o confidence_n which_o we_o have_v in_o they_o will_n and_o by_o these_o present_n do_v give_v and_o grant_v full_a power_n and_o authority_n unto_o our_o say_a counselor_n that_o they_o all_o or_o the_o most_o part_n of_o they_o be_v assemble_v together_o in_o counsel_n or_o if_o any_o of_o they_o fortune_n to_o die_v the_o more_o part_n of_o they_o which_o shall_v be_v for_o the_o time_n live_v be_v assemble_v in_o counsel_n together_o 1546._o ann._n dom._n 1546._o shall_v 38._o ann._n reg._n hen_n 8._o 38._o and_o may_v make_v devise_v and_o ordain_v what_o thing_n soever_o they_o or_o the_o more_o part_n of_o they_o as_o aforesaid_a shall_v during_o the_o minority_n of_o our_o say_a son_n think_v meet_v necessary_a and_o convenient_a for_o the_o benefit_n honour_n and_o surety_n of_o the_o weal_n profit_n and_o commodity_n of_o our_o say_a son_n his_o realm_n dominion_n or_o subject_n or_o the_o discharge_n of_o our_o conscience_n and_o the_o same_o thing_n devise_v make_v or_o ordain_v by_o they_o or_o the_o more_o part_n of_o they_o aforesaid_a shall_v and_o may_v lawful_o do_v execute_v and_o accomplish_v or_o cause_n to_o be_v do_v execute_v and_o accomplish_v by_o their_o discretion_n or_o the_o discretion_n of_o the_o more_o part_n of_o they_o as_o aforesaid_a in_o as_o large_a and_o ample_a manner_n as_o if_o we_o have_v or_o do_v express_v unto_o they_o by_o a_o more_o special_a commission_n under_o our_o great_a seal_n of_o england_n every_o particular_a cause_n that_o may_v chance_v or_o occur_v during_o the_o time_n of_o our_o say_a son_n minority_n and_o the_o selfsame_a manner_n of_o proceed_v which_o they_o shall_v for_o the_o time_n think_v meet_v to_o use_v and_o follow_v will_v and_o charge_v our_o say_a son_n and_o all_o other_o which_o shall_v hereafter_o be_v counselor_n to_o our_o say_a son_n that_o they_o never_o charge_v molest_v trouble_n or_o disquiet_v our_o aforesaid_a counselor_n nor_o any_o of_o they_o for_o the_o devise_v or_o do_v nor_o any_o other_o person_n for_o the_o do_v of_o that_o they_o shall_v devise_v or_o the_o more_o part_n of_o they_o devise_n or_o do_v assemble_v as_o be_v aforesaid_a and_o we_o do_v charge_n express_o the_o same_o our_o entire_o belove_a counselor_n and_o executor_n that_o they_o shall_v take_v upon_o they_o the_o rule_n and_o charge_n of_o our_o say_a son_n and_o heir_n in_o all_o his_o cause_n and_o affair_n and_o of_o the_o whole_a realm_n do_v nevertheless_o all_o thing_n as_o under_o he_o and_o in_o his_o name_n until_o our_o say_a son_n and_o heir_n shall_v be_v bestow_v and_o marry_v by_o their_o advice_n and_o that_o the_o xviij_o the_o year_n be_v expire_v willing_a and_o desire_v furthermore_o our_o say_a trusty_a counselor_n and_o then_o all_o our_o trusty_a and_o assure_a servant_n and_o three_o all_o other_o our_o love_a subject_n to_o aid_v and_o assist_v our_o forename_a counsellor_n in_o the_o execution_n of_o the_o premise_n during_o the_o aforesaid_a time_n not_o doubt_v but_o they_o will_v in_o all_o thing_n deal_v so_o true_o and_o upright_o as_o they_o shall_v have_v cause_n to_o think_v they_o well_o choose_v for_o the_o charge_n commit_v unto_o they_o straight_o charge_v our_o say_a counselor_n and_o executor_n and_o in_o god_n name_n exhort_v they_o for_o the_o singular_a trust_n and_o special_a confidence_n which_o we_o have_v and_o ever_o have_v in_o they_o to_o have_v a_o due_a and_o diligent_a eye_n perfect_a zeal_n love_n and_o affection_n to_o the_o honour_n surety_n estate_n and_o dignity_n of_o our_o say_a son_n and_o the_o good_a state_n and_o prosperity_n of_o this_o our_o realm_n and_o that_o all_o delay_v set_v apart_o they_o well_o aid_v and_o assist_v our_o say_a counselor_n and_o executor_n to_o the_o performance_n of_o this_o our_o present_a testament_n and_o last_o will_n in_o every_o part_n as_o they_o will_v answer_v before_o god_n at_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n cum_fw-la venerit_fw-la judicare_fw-la vivos_fw-la &_o mortuos_fw-la and_o furthermore_o for_o the_o special_a trust_n and_o confidence_n which_o we_o have_v in_o the_o earl_n of_o arundel_n and_o essex_n that_o now_o be_v sir_n thomas_n cheny_n knight_n
procure_v the_o vote_n of_o the_o nobility_n feed_v the_o 329._o the_o 〈…〉_o pag._n 329._o earl_n of_o arundel_n with_o fond_a hope_n that_o she_o will_v marry_v he_o and_o promise_v the_o duke_n of_o norfolk_n a_o dispensation_n from_o his_o wife_n which_o he_o can_v not_o with_o such_o expedition_n obtain_v from_o the_o pope_n and_o yet_o faith_n he_o when_o all_o be_v do_v it_o be_v carry_v in_o the_o house_n of_o lord_n but_o by_o 303._o by_o idem_fw-la pag._n 303._o three_o voice_n here_o not_o to_o mention_v how_o in_o the_o great_a counsel_n matter_n of_o most_o high_a concernment_n have_v be_v determine_v with_o as_o few_o as_o three_o clear_a decisive_a suffrage_n this_o suggestion_n of_o sanders_n be_v a_o loud_a untruth_n for_o the_o act_n have_v easy_o pass_v the_o house_n of_o commons_o find_v none_o of_o the_o temporal_a nobility_n in_o the_o house_n of_o lord_n to_o oppose_v it_o save_v only_o the_o 19_o the_o camden_n elizabeth_n in_o this_o year_n pag_n 19_o earl_n of_o shrewsbury_n and_o anthony_n brown_a viscount_n montacute_n who_o have_v former_o be_v employ_v to_o reconcile_v the_o kingdom_n of_o england_n to_o his_o holiness_n as_o for_o the_o bishop_n there_o be_v but_o fourteen_o and_o the_o abbot_n of_o westminster_n then_o alive_a of_o who_o four_o be_v absent_a whether_o voluntary_o or_o out_o of_o sickness_n uncertain_a the_o rest_n can_v not_o make_v any_o considerable_a opposition_n if_o any_o other_o artifice_n be_v use_v in_o cunning_a contrive_v the_o business_n the_o protestant_n be_v not_o aforchand_o but_o just_a even_o with_o the_o papist_n who_o have_v use_v the_o same_o subtlety_n in_o their_o own_o cause_n in_o the_o first_o parliament_n of_o queen_n mary_n 10._o but_o now_o to_o remove_v into_o the_o convocation_n convocation_n the_o act_n of_o this_o year_n convocation_n which_o at_o this_o time_n be_v very_o small_a and_o silent_a for_o as_o it_o be_v observe_v in_o nature_n when_o one_o twin_n be_v of_o a_o unusual_a strength_n and_o bigness_n the_o other_o his_o partner_n bear_v with_o he_o be_v weak_a and_o dwingle_v away_o so_o here_o this_o parliament_n be_v very_o active_a in_o matter_n of_o religion_n the_o convocation_n young_a brother_n thereunto_o be_v little_o employ_v and_o less_o regard_v only_o after_o a_o mass_n of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n have_v be_v celebrate_v edmond_n bonner_n bishop_n of_o london_n in_o the_o vacancy_n of_o the_o archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n precedent_n of_o the_o convocation_n begin_v with_o a_o speech_n to_o this_o effect_n that_o although_o it_o have_v be_v a_o ancient_a and_o laudable_a custom_n to_o begin_v such_o meeting_n of_o the_o clergy_n with_o a_o latin_a sermon_n yet_o such_o now_o be_v not_o to_o be_v expect_v partly_o because_o the_o archbishop_n be_v dead_a who_o be_v to_o design_n the_o preacher_n and_o partly_o because_o they_o have_v receive_v a_o 15._o a_o libre_fw-la synod_n anno_fw-la dom._n 1559._o folio_fw-la 15._o mandate_n from_o the_o privy_a council_n that_o no_o such_o sermon_n shall_v be_v make_v in_o that_o church_n till_o they_o be_v further_o inform_v by_o the_o queeu_n and_o her_o council_n in_o the_o three_o session_n on_o friday_n nicholas_n harpsfield_n doctor_n of_o law_n and_o archdeacon_n of_o canterbury_n be_v choose_v 6._o choose_v ib._n fol._n 6._o referendary_a or_o prolocutor_n for_o the_o clergy_n a_o place_n of_o some_o credit_n 8._o credit_n fol._n 8._o but_o little_a pain_n to_o discharge_v see_v the_o only_a remarkable_a thing_n which_o pass_v in_o this_o convocation_n be_v certain_a article_n of_o religion_n 18._o feb._n 18._o which_o they_o tender_v to_o the_o etc._n the_o to_o the_o bps._n that_o they_o may_v present_v they_o to_o the_o parli_n etc._n etc._n parliament_n which_o here_o we_o both_o transcribe_v and_o translate_v request_v the_o reader_n not_o to_o begrutch_v his_o pain_n to_o peruse_v they_o consider_v they_o be_v the_o last_o in_o this_o kind_n that_o ever_o be_v represent_v in_o england_n by_o a_o legal_a corporation_n in_o defence_n of_o the_o popish_a religion_n and_o though_o error_n do_v go_v out_o with_o a_o stink_n yet_o it_o be_v a_o presume_v that_o it_o do_v go_v out_o we_o be_v so_o far_o from_o deny_v a_o grave_n to_o bury_v they_o that_o we_o will_v erect_v the_o original_a the_o copy_v by_o i_o out_o of_o the_o original_a monument_n over_o this_o ash_n of_o these_o dead_a error_n reverendi_fw-la in_o christo_fw-la patres_fw-la ac_fw-la domini_fw-la colendissimi_fw-la 1558_o anno_fw-la dom._n 1558_o quoniam_fw-la fama_fw-la publica_fw-la referente_fw-la ad_fw-la nostram_fw-la nuper_fw-la notitiam_fw-la pervenit_fw-la multa_fw-la religionis_fw-la christianae_n dogmata_fw-la publicae_fw-la &_o unanimi_fw-la gentium_fw-la christianarum_fw-la consensu_fw-la hactenus_fw-la recepta_fw-la &_o probata_fw-la ac_fw-la ab_fw-la apostolis_n ad_fw-la nos_fw-la usque_fw-la concorditer_fw-la per_fw-la manus_fw-la deducta_fw-la pr●esertim_fw-la articulos_fw-la infra_fw-la scriptos_fw-la in_o dubium_fw-la vocari_fw-la hinc_fw-la est_fw-la quod_fw-la nos_fw-la cantuariensis_n provinciae_fw-la inferior_a secundarius_fw-la clerus_fw-la in_o uno_fw-la deo_fw-la sic_fw-la disponente_fw-la ac_fw-la serenissimae_fw-la domine_fw-la nostrae_fw-la reginae_fw-la decani_fw-la &_o capitul_n cant._n mandato_fw-la brevi_fw-la parliamenti_fw-la ac_fw-la monitione_n ecclesiastica_fw-la solita_fw-la declarata_fw-la id_fw-la exigente_fw-la convenientes_fw-la partium_fw-la nostrarum_fw-la esse_fw-la existimavimus_fw-la tunt_fw-la nostrae_fw-la tum_fw-la eorum_fw-la quorum_fw-la cura_fw-la nobis_fw-la committitur_fw-la aeternae_fw-la saluti_fw-la omnibus_fw-la quibus_fw-la poterimus_fw-la modis_fw-la prospicere_fw-la quocirca_fw-la majorum_fw-la nostrorum_fw-la exemplis_fw-la commoti_fw-la qui_fw-la in_o similia_fw-la saepe_fw-la tempora_fw-la inciderunt_fw-la fidem_fw-la quam_fw-la in_o articulis_fw-la infra_fw-la scriptis_fw-la veram_fw-la esse_fw-la credimus_fw-la &_o ex_fw-la animo_fw-la profitemur_fw-la ad_fw-la dei_fw-la laudem_fw-la &_o honorem_fw-la officiique_fw-la &_o aliarum_fw-la nostrae_fw-la curae_fw-la commissarum_fw-la exonerationem_fw-la praentibus_fw-la duximus_fw-la publicè_fw-la auferendam_fw-la affirmantes_fw-la &_o sicut_fw-la deus_fw-la nos_fw-la in_o die_fw-la judicij_fw-la adjuvet_fw-la asserentes_fw-la primò_fw-la quod_fw-la in_o sacramento_n altaris_fw-la virtute_fw-la christi_fw-la verbo_fw-la svo_fw-la à_fw-la sacerdote_fw-la debitè_fw-fr prolato_fw-la assistentis_fw-la praesens_fw-la est_fw-la realiter_fw-la sub_fw-la speciebus_fw-la panis_fw-la &_o vini_fw-la naturale_fw-la corpus_fw-la christi_fw-la conceptum_fw-la de_fw-fr virgin_n mariae_fw-la item_n naturalis_fw-la ejus_fw-la sanguis_fw-la item_n quod_fw-la post_fw-la consecrationem_fw-la non_fw-la remanet_fw-la substantia_fw-la panis_fw-la &_o vini_fw-la neque_fw-la alia_fw-la ulla_fw-la substantia_fw-la nisi_fw-la substantia_fw-la dei_fw-la &_o hominis_fw-la item_n quoth_v in_o missa_fw-la offertur_fw-la verum_fw-la christi_fw-la corpus_fw-la &_o verus_fw-la ejusdem_fw-la sanguis_fw-la sacrificium_fw-la propitiatiorium_fw-la pro_fw-la vivis_fw-la &_o defunctis_fw-la item_n quod_fw-la petro_n apostolo_n &_o ejus_fw-la legitimis_fw-la successoribus_fw-la in_o sede_fw-la apostclica_fw-la tanquim_fw-la christi_fw-la vicariis_fw-la data_fw-la est_fw-la suprema_fw-la potestas_fw-la pascendi_fw-la &_o regendi_fw-la ecclesiam_fw-la christi_fw-la militantem_fw-la et_fw-la fratres_fw-la suos_fw-la confirmandi_fw-la item_n quod_fw-la authoritas_fw-la tractandi_fw-la &_o dissiniendi_fw-la de_fw-la ijs_fw-la quae_fw-la spectant_fw-la ad_fw-la fidem_fw-la 1457._o anno_fw-la dom._n 1457._o sacrantentum_fw-la &_o disciplinam_fw-la ecclesiasticam_fw-la hactenus_fw-la semper_fw-la spectavit_fw-la &_o spectare_fw-la debet_fw-la tantum_fw-la ad_fw-la pastor_n ecclesiae_fw-la quos_fw-la spiritus_fw-la sanctus_n in_fw-la hoc_fw-la in_o ecclesiam_fw-la dei_fw-la pasuit_fw-la &_o non_fw-la ad_fw-la laicos_fw-la quam_fw-la nostram_fw-la assertionem_fw-la affirmationem_fw-la &_o fidem_fw-la nos_fw-la inferior_a clerus_fw-la praedictus_fw-la considerationes_fw-la praedictas_fw-la vestris_n paternitatibus_fw-la tenore_fw-la presentium_fw-la exhibemus_fw-la humiliter_fw-la supplicantes_fw-la ut_fw-la quia_fw-la nobis_fw-la non_fw-la est_fw-la copia_fw-la hanc_fw-la nostram_fw-la sententiam_fw-la &_o intentionem_fw-la aliter_fw-la illis_fw-la quos_fw-la in_o hac_fw-la parte_fw-la interest_n notificandi_fw-la vos_fw-fr qui_fw-fr patres_fw-la estis_fw-la ista_fw-la superioribus_fw-la ordinibus_fw-la significare_fw-la velitis_fw-la qua_fw-la in_o re_fw-la offictum_fw-la charitatis_fw-la ac_fw-la pietatis_fw-la ut_fw-la arbitramur_fw-la praestabitis_fw-la &_o saluti_fw-la gregis_fw-la vestri_fw-la ut_fw-la par_fw-fr est_fw-la prospicietis_fw-la &_o vestras_fw-la ipsi_fw-la animas_fw-la liberabisis_fw-la reverend_n father_n in_o christ_n and_o our_o honourable_a lord_n whereas_o by_o the_o report_n of_o public_a fame_n it_o have_v come_v unto_o our_o knowledge_n that_o many_o doctrine_n of_o the_o christain_n religion_n hitherto_o receive_v and_o approve_v by_o the_o unanimous_a consent_n of_o christian_a nation_n and_o with_o joint_a agreement_n as_o by_o hand_n deduce_v from_o the_o apostle_n unto_o we_o especial_o the_o article_n under-written_a be_v now_o call_v into_o question_n hence_o it_o be_v that_o we_o the_o inferior_a and_o secondary_a clergy_n of_o the_o province_n of_o canterbury_n assemble_v in_o one_o body_n god_n so_o dispose_v it_o and_o the_o command_n of_o our_o lady_n the_o queen_n most_o excellent_a majesty_n together_o with_o the_o mandate_n of_o the_o dean_n and_o chapter_n of_o canterbury_n the_o parliament-writ_a and_o
mountain_n bishop_n of_o london_n have_v much_o ado_n to_o make_v his_o chaplain_n peace_n for_o licens_v thereof_o the_o printer_n and_o translator_n be_v for_o some_o time_n keep_v in_o prison_n 19_o yet_o after_o all_o this_o con●hued_a yet_o still_o con●hued_a and_o after_o merick_n casaubon_n have_v write_v a_o latin_a vindication_n to_o give_v satisfaction_n to_o all_o 22._o ann._n regis_fw-la ja._n 22._o 1624._o ann._n dom._n 1624._o the_o same_o translation_n since_o be_v print_v in_o amsterdam_n with_o a_o justificatory_a preface_n of_o the_o former_a edition_n so_o impudent_a be_v some_o false_o to_o father_n book_n on_o worthy_a author_n to_o make_v they_o more_o vendible_a for_o their_o own_o profit_n though_o it_o discredit_v the_o memory_n of_o other_o 20._o the_o business_n of_o the_o palatinate_n be_v now_o debate_v by_o martiallist_n counsel_n none_o of_o the_o work_n counsel_n the_o king_n council_n of_o war_n dissuade_v from_o regain_n it_o in_o kind_n advise_v he_o rather_o to_o recover_v it_o in_o value_n where_o he_o can_v with_o the_o best_a conveniency_n out_o of_o the_o spanish_a dominion_n for_o the_o palatinate_n be_v not_o worth_a the_o rewinning_n which_o grant_n recover_v by_o the_o english_a can_v not_o recover_v itself_o for_o many_o year_n such_o the_o havoc_n and_o waste_n make_v therein_o second_o it_o be_v hard_a to_o be_v get_v such_o the_o distance_n thereof_o and_o hard_a to_o be_v keep_v so_o ill-neighboured_n it_o be_v on_o all_o side_n so_o that_o the_o king_n if_o so_o please_v may_v with_o as_o much_o honour_n and_o more_o ease_n carve_v out_o his_o own_o reparation_n near_a home_n 21._o during_o these_o agitation_n sick_a king_n james_n fall_v sick_a k._n james_n fall_v sick_a at_o theobalds_n of_o a_o tertian_n ague_n common_o call_v in_o spring_n for_o a_o king_n rather_o physical_a than_o dangerous_a but_o soon_o after_o