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A51571 ScotiƦ indiculum, or, The present state of Scotland together with divers reflections upon the antient state thereof / by A.M. philopatris. A. M. (Alexander Mudie) 1682 (1682) Wing M3038; ESTC R16016 67,555 300

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with_o incomparable_a valour_n and_o extraordinary_a hazard_n of_o his_o own_o royal_a person_n after_o a_o most_o sharp_a engagement_n he_o obtain_v a_o signal_n victory_n over_o the_o whole_a dutch_a fleet_n command_v by_o admiral_n opdam_n who_o perish_v with_o his_o own_o and_o many_o more_o dutch_a ship_n in_o that_o fight_n he_o marry_v anne_n the_o elder_a daughter_n of_o edward_n earl_n of_o clarendon_n late_a lord_n high_a chancellor_n of_o england_n which_o lady_n be_v decease_v by_o who_o he_o have_v a_o numerous_a issue_n whereof_o be_v live_v first_o the_o lady_n mary_n now_o princess_n of_o orange_n bear_v april_n 30._o 1662._o who_o godfather_n be_v prince_n rupert_n and_o godmother_n the_o duchess_n of_o buckingham_n and_o ormond_n his_o royal_a highness_n other_o daughter_n be_v the_o lady_n anne_n bear_v in_o feb._n 1664._o who_o godfather_n be_v gilbert_n than_o lord_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n her_o godmother_n be_v the_o young_a lady_n marry_o her_o sister_n and_o the_o duchess_n of_o monmouth_n this_o present_a duchess_n have_v have_v several_a child_n but_o be_v all_o dead_a her_o royal_a highness_n be_v daughter_n to_o the_o duke_n of_o modena_n in_o italy_n the_o title_n of_o his_o royal_a highness_n be_v duke_n of_o albany_n and_o york_n earl_n of_o ulster_n lord_n high_a admiral_n of_o scotland_n etc._n etc._n of_o the_o prince_n of_o orange_n next_o to_o the_o duke_n of_o york_n and_o his_o issue_n be_v william_n of_o nassaw_n prince_n of_o orange_n only_a issue_n of_o the_o decease_a princess_n royal_a mary_n elder_a daughter_n to_o king_n charles_n the_o first_o and_o wed_v 1641._o to_o william_n of_o nassaw_n commander_n in_o chief_a of_o all_o the_o force_n of_o the_o state_n general_n both_o by_o land_n and_o by_o sea_n his_o highness_n the_o present_a prince_n be_v bear_v nine_o day_n after_o his_o father_n death_n on_o the_o 14_o day_n of_o november_n 1650._o have_v for_o his_o godfather_n the_o lord_n state_n general_n of_o holland_n and_o zealand_n and_o the_o city_n of_o delft_n leyden_n and_o amsterdam_n his_o governess_n be_v the_o lady_n stanhop_n than_o wife_n to_o the_o heer_n van_fw-mi hemuliet_n at_o eight_o year_n of_o age_n be_v send_v to_o the_o university_n of_o leyden_n his_o yearly_a revenue_n be_v about_o 60000_o l._n sterling_a beside_o military_a advantage_n he_o be_v a_o valorous_a prince_n and_o a_o great_a example_n of_o valour_n and_o courage_n beside_o a_o great_a lover_n of_o soldier_n of_o the_o princess_n henrietra_n the_o next_o heir_n after_o the_o fore_n name_v to_o the_o crown_n of_o scotland_n be_v the_o princess_n henrietta_n her_o issue_n who_o we_o bear_v the_o 16_o day_n of_o june_n 1664._o at_o exeter_n during_o the_o heat_n of_o the_o late_a rebellion_n after_o the_o surrender_n of_o exeter_n convey_v to_o oxford_n and_o thence_o 1646._o to_o london_n whence_o with_o her_o governess_n the_o lady_n dalkeith_n she_o escape_v into_o france_n be_v there_o educate_v as_o become_v her_o high_a birth_n and_o quality_n but_o be_v leave_v whole_o to_o the_o care_n and_o maintenance_n of_o the_o queen_n her_o mother_n at_o paris_n embrace_v the_o romish_a religion_n at_o the_o age_n of_o sixteen_o be_v marry_v to_o the_o only_a brother_n of_o the_o french_a king_n the_o illustrious_a prince_n philip_n than_o duke_n of_o aujou_n till_o the_o death_n of_o the_o uncle_n and_o now_o duke_n of_o orleans_n who_o revenue_n be_v 1100000_o liver_n tournois_n beside_o his_o appanage_n her_o portion_n be_v 40000_o l._n sterl_n her_o jointure_n to_o be_v the_o sa●e_v with_o the_o duchess_n dowager_n of_o orleans_n this_o princess_n have_v one_o daughter_n who_o be_v now_o marry_v to_o the_o king_n of_o spain_n of_o the_o prince_n elector_n palatine_n there_o be_v leave_v alive_a no_o more_o of_o the_o offspring_n of_o king_n charles_n the_o first_o the_o next_o heir_n of_o the_o crown_n of_o scotland_n be_v the_o issue_n and_o descendant_n of_o elizabeth_n late_a queen_n of_o bohemia_n only_a sister_n to_o the_o say_a king_n who_o be_v marry_v to_o frederick_n prince_n palatine_n of_o the_o rhine_n afterward_o style_v king_n of_o bohemia_n who_o elder_a son_n be_v charles_n lodowick_n prince_n elector_n palatine_n of_o the_o rhine_n common_o call_v the_o palsegrave_n from_o the_o high_a dutch_a psaltzgraff_n palatii_fw-la comes_fw-la be_v bear_v the_o 22d_o of_o decemb._n 1617._o at_o heydelberg_n and_o afterward_o at_o the_o age_n of_o three_o or_o four_o year_n convey_v thence_o into_o the_o country_n of_o wittenberg_n and_o brandenburg_n then_o into_o holland_n and_o at_o the_o hague_n and_o at_o the_o university_n of_o leyden_n be_v educate_v in_o a_o princely_a manner_n at_o the_o age_n of_o eighteen_o year_n come_v into_o england_n be_v create_v knight_n of_o the_o garter_n about_o two_o year_n after_o fight_v a_o battle_n at_o vlotta_n in_o westphalia_n in_o the_o year_n 1637._o pass_v incognito_o through_o france_n to_o take_v possession_n of_o brisach_n upon_o the_o rhine_n which_o the_o duke_n of_o saxon_n weymar_n intend_v to_o deliver_v up_o unto_o he_o together_o with_o the_o command_n of_o his_o army_n he_o be_v by_o the_o quick-sighted_a cardinal_n richlieu_n discover_v at_o moulins_n and_o thence_o send_v back_o prisoner_n to_o the_o bois_n de_fw-fr vincennes_n where_o after_o twenty_o three_o week_n imprisonment_n he_o be_v by_o the_o mediation_n of_o the_o king_n of_o great_a britain_n set_v at_o liberty_n in_o the_o year_n 1643._o he_o come_v again_o into_o england_n and_o with_o the_o king_n be_v secret_a consent_n because_o the_o king_n can_v not_o continue_v unto_o he_o the_o wont_a pension_n while_o the_o rebel_n possess_v the_o great_a part_n of_o his_o majesty_n revenue_n make_v his_o address_n to_o and_o abode_n with_o the_o disloyal_a part_n of_o the_o lord_n and_o commons_o at_o westminster_n until_o the_o murder_n of_o the_o say_a king_n and_o the_o restauration_n of_o the_o low_a palatinate_n according_a to_o the_o famous_a treaty_n of_o munster_n for_o which_o he_o be_v constrain_v to_o quit_v all_o his_o right_n to_o the_o upper_a palatinate_n and_o accept_v of_o a_o eight_o electorship_n at_o a_o juncture_n of_o time_n when_o the_o king_n of_o great_a britain_n have_v he_o not_o be_v engage_v at_o home_n by_o a_o impious_a rebellion_n have_v be_v the_o most_o considerable_a of_o all_o other_o at_o that_o treaty_n and_o this_o prince_n his_o nephew_n will_v have_v have_v the_o great_a advantage_n there_o in_o the_o year_n 1650._o he_o espouse_v the_o lady_n charlotte_n at_o cassele_n daughter_n to_o the_o landgrave_n of_o hessen_n he_o have_v one_o son_n name_v charles_n who_o be_v now_o present_a prince_n palatine_n of_o the_o rhine_n a_o hopeful_a and_o magnanimous_a prince_n he_o have_v likewise_o one_o daughter_n name_v charlotte_n this_o be_v all_o the_o issue_n he_o leave_v behind_o he_o of_o prince_n rupert_n next_o to_o the_o issue_n of_o the_o prince_n elector_n palatine_n be_v prince_n rupert_n bear_v at_o prague_n the_o 17_o of_o december_n 1619._o not_o long_o before_o that_o very_a unfortunate_a battle_n there_o fight_v whereby_o not_o only_o all_o bohemia_n be_v lose_v but_o the_o palatine_a family_n be_v for_o almost_o thirty_o year_n dispossess_v of_o all_o their_o possession_n in_o germany_n at_o thirteen_o year_n of_o age_n he_o march_v with_o the_o then_o prince_n of_o orange_n to_o the_o siege_n of_o rhineberg_n afterward_o in_o england_n be_v create_v knight_n of_o the_o garter_n at_o the_o age_n of_o eighteen_o he_o command_v a_o regiment_n of_o horse_n in_o the_o german_a war_n and_o in_o the_o battle_n of_o vlotta_n 1638._o being_n take_v by_o the_o imperialist_n under_o the_o command_n of_o count_n hatzfield_n he_o continue_v a_o prisoner_n above_o three_o year_n in_o 1642._o return_v into_o england_n make_v general_n of_o the_o horse_n to_o the_o king_n be_v fight_v and_o defeat_v colonel_n sands_n near_o worcester_n rout_v the_o rebel_n horse_n at_o edge-hill_n take_v cirencester_n raise_v the_o siege_n of_o newark_n recover_v lichfield_n and_o bristol_n raise_v the_o long_a siege_n before_o lathamhouse_n fight_v the_o battle_n at_o marston-moor_n be_v create_v earl_n of_o holderness_n and_o duke_n of_o cumberland_n after_o the_o extinction_n of_o the_o male-line_n of_o the_o clifford_n 1643._o final_o the_o king_n force_n at_o land_n be_v total_o defeat_v he_o transport_v himself_o into_o france_n and_o be_v afterward_o make_v admiral_n of_o such_o ship_n of_o war_n as_o submit_v to_o king_n charles_n the_o second_o to_o who_o after_o several_a disaster_n at_o sea_n and_o wonderful_a preservation_n he_o return_v to_o paris_n 1652._o where_o and_o in_o germany_n sometime_o at_o the_o emperor_n court_n and_o sometime_o at_o heydelberg_n he_o pass_v his_o time_n in_o princely_a study_n and_o exercise_n till_o the_o restauration_n of_o his_o majesty_n now_o reign_v after_o which_o return_v into_o england_n
unpunished_a in_o case_n of_o treason_n against_o the_o king_n who_o can_v be_v say_v to_o have_v any_o will_n and_o so_o can_v offend_v who_o during_o his_o idiocy_n or_o lunacy_n shall_v kill_v or_o go_v about_o to_o kill_v the_o king_n he_o shall_v be_v punish_v as_o a_o traitor_n yet_o be_v non_fw-la compos_fw-la mentis_fw-la the_o law_n hold_v he_o can_v commit_v felony_n or_o petty_a treason_n nor_o other_o sort_n of_o high_a treason_n moreover_o for_o the_o precious_a regard_n of_o the_o person_n of_o the_o king_n no_o physic_n ought_v to_o be_v administer_v to_o the_o king_n but_o what_o his_o physician_n prepare_v with_o their_o own_o hand_n and_o not_o by_o the_o hand_n of_o a_o apothecary_n and_o to_o use_v no_o chirurgeon_n but_o such_o as_o be_v swear_v the_o king_n chyrurg●ons_n all_o his_o subject_n by_o oath_n of_o allegiance_n be_v oblige_v and_o bind_v to_o defend_v his_o person_n in_o his_o natural_a as_o well_o as_o political_a capacity_n with_o his_o own_o life_n and_o limb_n he_o be_v pater_fw-la patriae_fw-la &_o dulce_fw-la &_o decorum_n est_fw-la pro_fw-la patria_fw-la mori_fw-la to_o lose_v life_n or_o limb_n in_o defend_v the_o king_n from_o conspiracy_n rebellion_n or_o invasion_n or_o the_o execution_n of_o his_o law_n shall_v seem_v a_o pleasant_a thing_n to_o every_o loyal_a heart_a subject_n the_o king_n revenue_n ancient_o consist_v most_o in_o crown-land_n which_o can_v not_o be_v alienate_v but_o by_o act_n of_o parliament_n and_o in_o the_o ward_n and_o marriage_n of_o the_o vassal_n of_o the_o crown_n but_o most_o of_o these_o have_v be_v of_o late_a year_n give_v away_o and_o most_o of_o the_o tenor_n of_o land_n be_v change_v although_o there_o have_v be_v no_o general_a law_n for_o take_v away_o the_o ward_n the_o revenue_n be_v now_o raise_v out_o of_o the_o custom_n and_o excise_n the_o last_o be_v give_v this_o king_n for_o life_n but_o the_o former_a be_v in_o the_o crown_n for_o ever_o the_o rest_n be_v raise_v out_o of_o what_o remain_v of_o the_o crown-land_n and_o the_o ward_n the_o king_n of_o scotland_n bear_v for_o his_o sovereign_a ensign_n armorial_n as_o follow_v a_o double_a tressure_n counterflower_v de_fw-fr lys_n or_o and_o a_o lion_n rampant_a gules_a of_o the_o present_a queen_n of_o scotland_n england_n etc._n etc._n donna_n catherina_n infanta_n of_o portugal_n be_v queen_n consort_n of_o scotland_n england_n etc._n etc._n and_o the_o second_o person_n in_o the_o kingdom_n be_v daughter_n of_o don_n juan_n the_o four_o of_o that_o name_n king_n of_o portugal_n and_o of_o donna_n lucia_n daughter_n of_o don_n guzman_n el_n bueno_fw-it a_o spaniard_n duke_n of_o medina_n sidonia_n who_o be_v lineal_o descend_v from_o ferdinando_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr cerde_n and_o his_o consort_n blanch_n to_o who_o lewis_n king_n of_o france_n her_o father_n relinquish_v his_o right_n and_o title_n to_o spain_n descend_v to_o he_o by_o his_o mother_n blanch_n elder_a daughter_n and_o heir_n of_o alphonso_n the_o spanish_a king_n the_o queen_n be_v bear_v the_o fourteen_o of_o novemb_n 1638._o at_o villa_n vicosa_n in_o portugal_n she_o be_v baptize_v catherina_n signify_v in_o greek_a pure_a her_o father_n be_v then_o duke_n of_o briganza_n though_o right_a heir_n of_o the_o crown_n of_o portugal_n the_o most_o potent_a subject_n in_o europe_n for_o a_o three_o part_n of_o portugal_n be_v hold_v of_o he_o then_o in_o vassalage_n the_o queen_n be_v only_a sister_n at_o present_a of_o don_n alphonso_n the_o six_o of_o that_o name_n and_o twenty_o three_o king_n of_o portugal_n ●orn_v 1643._o have_v another_o brother_n more_o call_v don_n pedro_n bear_v 1648._o who_o be_v now_o regent_n of_o the_o kingdom_n of_o portugal_n have_v be_v most_o careful_o and_o pious_o educate_v by_o her_o mother_n and_o at_o the_o age_n of_o twenty_o two_o desire_v in_o marriage_n by_o king_n charles_n the_o second_o the_o marriage_n not_o long_o after_o conclude_v by_o the_o negotiation_n of_o don_n francisco_n de_fw-fr melo_n con._n the_o ponte_n marquis_n the_o save_v and_o then_o extraordinary_a ambassador_n of_o the_o king_n of_o portugal_n and_o solemnize_v at_o lisbon_n she_o embark_v for_o england_n upon_o the_o twenty_o three_o of_o april_n 1662._o and_o be_v safe_o by_o the_o earl_n of_o sandwich_n conduct_v by_o a_o squadron_n of_o ship_n to_o portsmouth_n where_o the_o king_n first_o meet_v she_o and_o be_v remarried_n by_o the_o then_o bishop_n of_o london_n who_o afterward_o be_v archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n on_o the_o 23d_o of_o august_n 1662._o her_o majesty_n come_v by_o water_n from_o hampton_n court_n be_v with_o great_a pomp_n and_o magnificence_n first_o receive_v by_o the_o lord_n mayor_n and_o alderman_n of_o london_n at_o chelsey_n and_o thence_o conduct_v by_o water_n to_o whitehall_n the_o portion_n she_o bring_v with_o she_o be_v eight_o hundred_o million_o of_o reas_n or_o two_o million_o of_o crusado_n be_v about_o three_o hundred_o thousand_o pound_n sterling_a together_o with_o that_o important_a place_n of_o tangier_n upon_o the_o the_o ghost_n of_o africa_n and_o the_o isle_n of_o bombaim_n near_o goa_n in_o the_o east-indies_n with_o a_o privilege_n that_o any_o subject_n of_o the_o king_n of_o great_a britain_n etc._n etc._n may_v trade_n free_o in_o the_o east_n and_o west-indies_n plantation_n belong_v to_o the_o portague_n the_o queen_n jointure_n by_o the_o article_n of_o marriage_n be_v thirty_o thousand_o pound_n sterling_a per_fw-la annum_fw-la and_o the_o king_n out_o of_o his_o great_a affection_n towards_o she_o have_v as_o a_o addition_n settle_v upon_o she_o 10000_o l._n per_fw-la annum_fw-la more_fw-it the_o queen_n arm_n as_o daughter_n to_o the_o king_n of_o portugal_n be_v argent_fw-fr five_o scutcheon_n azure_a crosswise_o each_o scutcheon_n charge_v with_o five_o plate_n or_o bezant_z argent_fw-fr saltier-wise_a with_o a_o point_n sable_a the_o border_n gules_a charge_v with_o six_o castle_n or._n queen_n catherine_n be_v a_o personage_n of_o rare_a perfection_n of_o eminent_a piety_n and_o modesty_n and_o extraordinary_a religious_a and_o charitable_a chap._n iu._n of_o the_o present_a prince_n and_o princess_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o first_o of_o the_o duke_n of_o albany_n and_o york_n the_o first_o prince_n of_o the_o blood_n be_v the_o most_o illustrious_a prince_n james_z duke_z of_o albany_z and_o york_n second_o son_n to_z king_n charles_n the_o martyr_n and_o only_a brother_n to_o the_o present_a king_n our_o sovereign_n he_o be_v bear_v octob._n 14._o 1633._o the_o 24_o of_o the_o same_o month_n be_v baptise_a and_o afterward_o commit_v to_o the_o government_n of_o the_o then_o countess_n of_o dorset_n there_o be_v no_o ceremony_n use_v in_o england_n when_o he_o be_v create_v d._n of_o york_n which_o be_v the_o 27._o of_o july_n 1643._o the_o iniquity_n of_o these_o time_n not_o admit_v thereof_o scotland_n not_o be_v so_o happy_a as_o to_o have_v he_o or_o any_o of_o the_o royal_a family_n at_o that_o time_n among_o they_o after_o the_o surrender_n of_o oxford_n his_o royal_a highness_n be_v in_o 1646._o convey_v to_o london_n by_o the_o prevail_a disloyal_a part_n of_o the_o two_o house_n of_o parliament_n and_o commit_v with_o his_o brother_n gloucester_n and_o sister_n elizabeth_n to_o the_o care_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o northumberland_n in_o the_o year_n 1648._o age_a about_o fifteen_o be_v by_o colonel_n bampfield_n convey_v in_o a_o disguise_n or_o habit_n of_o a_o girl_n beyond_o sea_n first_o to_o his_o sister_n the_o princess_n royal_a of_o orange_n in_o holland_n and_o afterward_o to_o the_o queen_n his_o mother_n then_o at_o paris_n where_o he_o be_v careful_o educate_v in_o the_o religion_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n and_o in_o all_o exercise_n meet_v for_o such_o a_o prince_n about_o the_o age_n of_o twenty_o in_o france_n he_o go_v into_o the_o campagne_n and_o serve_v with_o much_o gallantry_n under_o the_o great_a commander_n the_o than_o protestant_a marshal_n de_fw-fr turene_n for_o the_o french_a king_n against_o the_o spanish_a force_n in_o flanders_n notwithstanding_o which_v upon_o a_o treaty_n between_o the_o french_a king_n and_o cromwell_n the_o usurper_n in_o 1655._o be_v oblige_v with_o all_o his_o retinue_n to_o leave_v the_o french_a dominion_n and_o invite_v into_o flanders_n by_o don_n juan_n of_o austria_n he_o there_o serve_v under_o he_o against_o the_o french_a king_n then_o league_v with_o the_o english_a rebel_n against_o spain_n where_o his_o magnanimity_n and_o dexterity_n in_o martial_a affair_n though_o unsuccessful_a be_v very_o eminent_a in_o the_o year_n 1660._o come_v over_o with_o the_o king_n into_o england_n and_o be_v lord_z high_a admiral_n in_o the_o year_n 1665._o in_o the_o war_n against_o the_o unite_a state_n of_o the_o netherlands_o command_v in_o person_n the_o whole_a royal_a navy_n on_o the_o sea_n between_o england_n and_o holland_n where_o