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england_n degree_n temperate_a zone_n 55 3 12.8307 5 false
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A51876 A Map of the whole world, or, The Orb terrestrial in four parts, (viz.) Asia, Europe [double brace] Affrica [sic], America : containing all the known and most remarkable capes, ports, bayes, and isles, rocks, rivers, towns and cities ... and a new exact geography, especially their longitudes and latitudes, in alphabetical order, and fitted to all capacities ... 1668 (1668) Wing M559A; ESTC R43423 109,857 206

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taunt_v 24_o 11_o taut_n 29_o 28_o tazitia_fw-la 23_o 67_o tebelbest_fw-la 30_o 34_o tebes_n 32_o 66_o techort_a 28_o 35_o tecule_v 29_o 17_o tednest_n 32_o 16_o tedsa_fw-la 33_o 20_o tedza_n 30_o 17_o tegazza_n here_o be_v salt_n mine_n 22_o 19_o tegda_fw-la 31_o 23_o tegdeman_n 34_o 30_o tegenent_fw-la 31_o 24_o tegnat_n 29_o 28_o tegorarin_n 29_o 29_o j._n d._n telesni_n 34_o 28_o tenede_a 29_o 17_o teneriffa_n 29_o 07_o tenes_n 32_o 28_o tesegdel_n 28_o 17_o teserim_n 32_o 24_o tesset_fw-la 27_o 14_o tesul_n 29_o 16_o tetuan_n 35_o 21_o teusar_n 28_o 37_o tialso_fw-la 23_o 51_o tigisac_n 33_o 27_o tinda_n 08_o 48_o tirut_n 12_o 66_o tirut_n 11_o 66_o tocror_n 17_o 15_o tombotu_n 16_o 15_o tombotu_n reg._n 15_o 16_o p._n d._n tonobaia_n 24_o 75_o tremissen_n 33_o 25_o tremissen_n 34_o 25_o a._n trinitade_fw-la 19_o 360_o tripoli_n 33_o 41_o tripoli_n vechio_n 33_o 40_o j._n d._n tristan_n de_fw-fr cunha_n 36_o 24_o tububasan_n 31_o 25_o tucca_n 35_o 36_o tunis_n 35_o 33_o tunis_n 36_o 37_o tupsa_fw-la 14_o 30_o turna_fw-la 19_o 08_o five_o vabi_n lake_n 24_o 51_o vagne_n 08_o 73_o vallonta_n 28_o 56_o vamba_n 02_o 51_o vangue_n 02_o 55_o vaugue_n 01_o 54_o vellio_n 04_o 79_o c._n verde_n 15_o 07_o vigitunagna_fw-la 29_o 54_o villadi_n 09_o 44_o villa_n long_fw-mi 07_o 21_o r._n s._n vincent_n 04_o 19_o s._n vincente_n 18_o 359_o vingangora_n 14_o 81_o vis_fw-fr bay_a 34_o 55_o vleiis_n bay_n 34_o 54_o unbia_fw-la 36_o 37_o g._n there_fw-mi voltos_fw-la 28_o 48_o usargala_n mons_fw-la 28_o 30_o uxoo_o 09_o 24_o w._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr x_o xabanda_n 09_o 24_o xoa_n 01_o 64_o y_o y._n  _fw-fr  _fw-fr z_o zachet_n 05_o 75_o zafareni_n 33_o 24_o zaflan_n 04_o 65_o zaflan_n lake_n 05_o 65_o r._n zaire_n 03_o 50_o zaire_n 09_o 53_o ☞_o zaire_n lake_n 09_o 54_o there_o be_v triton_n and_o siren_n say_v to_o be_v zama_n 13_o 74_o zanara_n 31_o 49_o zanfara_fw-la 12_o 42_o zanfara_fw-mi reg._n 13_o 43_o desert_n of_o zanfara_n 13_o 40_o zanhaga_fw-la 24_o 15_o zante_n 37_o 48_o zanzibar_n 05_o 73_o zefala_n 19_o 63_o zegzeg_n 12_o 34_o zegzeg_n 11_o 33_o zeit_n 04_o 76_o zembre_n 13_o 56_o zembre_n lake_n 11_o 55_o zendico_n 31_o 45_o zereni_n 33_o 25_o zet_z 11_o 58_o zet_z 11_o 57_o zet_z 17_o 53_o zibid_v 23_o 71_o zigide_a 12_o 54_o zihil_fw-la mo_z 17_o 49_o zimbaolo_fw-la 25_o 61_o zingi_n 09_o 84_o zingi_n people_n 08_o 85_o zinibro_fw-la 23_o 53_o zit_o 27_o 27_o zoca_fw-la 08_o 51_o zuenziga_fw-la 28_o 26_o zuenziga_n reg._n 24_o 24_o c._n la_o zuiha_n 32_o 45_o zumetta_n 11_o 71_o the_o description_n of_o america_n america_n face_n america_n discover_v in_o part_n by_o americus_n vespusius_n though_o some_o contend_v that_o it_o be_v know_v before_o among_o other_o to_o madoc_n a_o welsh_a man_n who_o leave_v there_o some_o welsh_a word_n as_o penguin_n &c_n &c_n though_o it_o be_v uncertain_a how_o they_o can_v find_v it_o without_o the_o use_n of_o the_o compass_n not_o then_o know_v the_o discovery_n whereof_o when_o some_o allege_v easy_a columbus_n desire_v they_o to_o set_v a_o egg_n on_o its_o head_n which_o when_o they_o can_v not_o do_v he_o bruise_v one_o end_n gentle_o and_o do_v it_o show_v they_o how_o easy_a it_o be_v to_o do_v a_o thing_n that_o they_o see_v do_v before_o their_o face_n bound_a s._n by_o the_o magellane_n streights_n and_o the_o unknown_a world_n w._n mare_fw-la del_fw-it zur_n and_o asia_n e._n atlantic_a europe_n and_o africa_n a_o question_n whether_o a_o island_n or_o a_o continent_n the_o know_a part_n of_o it_o discover_v since_o flavio_n malphi_n find_v out_o the_o compass_n and_o its_o eight_o wind_n at_o naples_n people_v with_o a_o race_n of_o tartar_n store_v with_o gold_n fruit_n and_o spice_n exchange_v for_o hammers-knive_n axe_n etc._n etc._n the_o defect_n of_o which_o former_o they_o supply_v with_o fire_n be_v i._o estotiland_n with_o its_o rich_a mine_n know_v only_o by_o such_o cape_n and_o promontory_n as_o have_v english_a name_n as_o prince_n henry_n foreland_n cape_n charles_n cape_n wolstenham_n king_n foreland_n hudson_n streights_n and_o bay_n ii_o terra_n de_fw-fr laborodor●_n or_o new_a britain_n with_o its_o breast_n sancta_fw-la maria_fw-la and_o cabo_n marzo_n possess_v by_o the_o french_a iii_o newfoundland_n and_o its_o fair_a haven_n roigneuce_n on_o the_o good_a fish_n place_n cape_n de_fw-fr raz_n the_o fair_a haven_n broad_a and_o safe_a thornbay_n and_o thinity-bay_n bona_n vesta_n white_a bay_n or_o cape_n blank_a port_n trespassez_fw-fr port_n presenza_n port_n des_fw-fr basques_n and_o st._n george_n bay_n iv_o bacaeloos_n a_o english_a island_n and_o colony_n 1608._o furnish_v with_o codfish_n sables_n musk_n wheat_n rye_n v._o nova_n francia_n s._n of_o new_a britain_n with_o its_o skin_n fish_n jewel_n esurgnie_n 1_o hochleda_n 2_o studac_n 3_o quebeche_n or_o st._n croix_n 4_o the_o safe_a but_o small_a haven_n tadonsac_n 5_o the_o sort_n francoroi_n and_o st._n lewis_n vi_o nova_n scotia_n where_o port_n royal_a on_o the_o large_a bay_n francoise_n st._n luke_n bay_n the_o note_a port_n gaspe_n and_o the_o fair_a bay_n gachepe_n under_o the_o french_a vii_o fruitful_a temperate_a but_o not_o well_o inhabit_v or_o trade_v be_v shallow-coasted_n norumbega_n between_o nova_n scotia_n and_o virginia_n rammeae_n frequent_v by_o the_o french_a for_o the_o morse-fish_n and_o its_o deer_n and_o antidotal_a tooth_n and_o oil_n brion_n britton_n and_o its_o good_a fish_v english_a haven_n newport_n the_o not_o plant_v isle_n de_fw-fr sable_n viii_o new-england_n between_o norumbega_n and_o new_a belgium_n in_o a_o temperate_a zone_n between_o forty_o one_o and_o forty_o four_o degree_n like_o italy_n or_o france_n afford_v beside_o all_o necessary_n and_o convenience_n for_o live_v in_o as_o great_a plenty_n as_o england_n timber_n saltfish_n venison_n all_o fowl_n fur_n amber_n flax_n linen_n iron_n pitch_n mast_n cable_n oyster_n for_o trade_n the_o people_n nought_o people_n like_n our_o religion_n at_o first_o so_o well_o that_o they_o will_v say_v king_n james_n be_v good_a and_o his_o god_n good_a but_o tanto_fw-la nought_o tractable_a but_o not_o to_o our_o shame_n well_o instruct_v have_v near_o upon_o forty_o good_a haven_n whereof_o these_o of_o note_n boston_n quillipiache_n bristol_n barstable_n st._n george_n fort_n on_o the_o mouth_n of_o the_o sagahadac_n new_a plymouth_n etc._n etc._n ix_o nieu-nederlands_a n._n w._n of_o new_a england_n s._n e._n of_o virginia_n of_o a_o temperate_a air_n and_o soil_n afford_v timber_n all_o grain_n flax_n hemp_n fowl_n sturgeon_n salmon_n nut_n in_o a_o little_a isle_n near_o which_o on_o the_o noordt_n rivier_n be_v new_a amsterdam_n and_o orange-fort_n x._o virginia_n between_o niew_n belgium_n and_o florida_n where_o the_o heat_n from_o thirty_o four_o to_o thirty_o eight_o degree_n nor_o she_o latitude_n be_v temper_v by_o cool_a brize_n from_o the_o sea_n with_o its_o woody_a hill_n and_o fruitful_a dale_n its_o allom_n pitch_n turpentine_n cedar_n grape_n oil_n gum_n iron_n copper_n timber_n fish_n fowl_n curistal_n pearl_n fruit_n and_o industrious_a watchful_a industrious_a over_o who_o here_o and_o at_o new_a england_n they_o be_v after_o several_a surprise_v very_o watchful_a negro_n well_o water_v eight_o or_o nine_o large_a river_n and_o in_o the_o south_n side_n of_o a_o large_a bay_n where_o the_o english_a settle_v be_v 1_o the_o well_o trade_a port_n ketoughtan_n on_o the_o cheese_n poacke_n 2_o bermuda_n 3_o dales-gift_n 4_o henry_n town_n and_z 5_o james_z town_z xi_o bermudaz_n with_o its_o cedar_n silkworm_n pearl_n amber_n fruit_n harvest_n fruit_n whereof_o it_o yield_v two_o harvest_n maes_n impregnable_a healthy_a but_o tempestuous_a well_o trade_v for_o tobacco_n well_o fortify_v and_o people_v xii_o florida_n n._n w._n of_o virginia_n e._n of_o mexico_n rich_a in_o gold_n silver_n emerald_n tarquoise_n and_o pearl_n cedar_n timber_n chestnut_n cherry_n grape_n plum_n cypress-tree_n fowl_n water_v by_o twelve_o river_n have_v plant_v st._n helen_n near_a virginia_n port-royal_a on_o the_o majo_n well_o frequent_v ant_n ocalis_fw-la st._n mathews_n and_o st._n augustine_n st._n philip_n and_o st._n jago_n famous_a for_o cape_n martyr_n lucaios_n note_v only_o for_o land_n mark_v by_o sea_n man_n not_o to_o mention_v the_o large_a rude_a cold_a and_o unpeopled_a quivira_n cold_a cibola_n with_o its_o cedar_n and_o cotton_n not_o observable_a but_o for_o the_o name_n give_v in_o the_o map_n as_o po_n de_fw-fr st._n clara_n cape_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr plaidas_n st._n michael_n laque_n del_fw-it oro_fw-la rio_n de_fw-fr teron_n and_o rey_n coronado_n cabo_n blance_n cape_n st._n clare_n cape_n st._n lucas_n the_o good_a haven_n st._n cross_n the_o convenient_a haven_n st._n andrews_n the_o isle_n st._n thome_n cape_n trinidado_n cape_n enganni_n puebla_n de_fw-fr las_fw-fr canoas_n world_n canoas_n