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england_n borough_n esq_n harbour_v 201 4 18.4887 5 false
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A63537 A true list of the knights, citizens and burgesses of the Parliament that met at Westminster the 20th of March, 1689/90. As they have been return'd into the Crown-Office in Chancery Published by authority. Note, that those that have this mark *, were not members of the late Parliament.; Lists. 1690-03-20. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1690 (1690) Wing T2727; ESTC R205832 5,890 1

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richard_n standish_n knt._n *_o peter_n shakerly_n esq_n borough_n of_o clitheree_n anthony_n parker_n esq_n *_o roger_n kenyon_n esq_n borough_n of_o leverpool_n the_o right_a honourable_a richard_n lord_n colchester_n thomas_n norris_n of_o speak_n esq_n lescesser_n 4._o the_o right_a honourable_a bennet_n lord_n sherrard_n *_o sir_n tho._n hesilridge_n bar._n borough_n of_o leicesten_n *_o sir_n edward_n abney_n knt._n laurence_n carter_n esq_n lincoln_n 12._o the_o right_a honourable_a george_n viscount_n castleton_n sir_n thomas_n hussey_n bar._n city_n of_o lincoln_n *_o sir_n john_n bolles_n bar._n sir_n edward_n hussey_n bar._n borough_n of_o boston_n the_o right_a honourable_a robert_n ld._n willoughby_n of_o eresby_n sir_n william_n york_n knt._n borough_n of_o great_a grimsby_n sir_n edward_n ayscogh_n knt._n *_o john_n chaplin_n esq_n town_n of_o stamford_n the_o honourable_a charles_n bertie_n esq_n william_n hyde_n esq_n borough_n of_o grantham_n sir_n john_n brownlowe_n bar._n sir_n william_n ellis_n bar._n middlesex_n 8._o sir_n charles_n gerrard_n bar._n ralph_n hawtrey_n esq_n city_n of_o westminster_n sir_n william_n poultney_n knt._n *_o sir_n walter_n clarges_n bar._n london_n *_o sir_n william_n pritchard_n knt._n *_o sir_n samuel_n dashwood_n knt._n *_o sir_n william_n turnor_n knt._n *_o sir_n thomas_n vernon_n knt._n monmouth_n 3_o the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n marquess_z worcester_z thomas_z morgan_z esq_n borough_n of_o monmouth_n *_o sir_n charles_n kemeys_n knt._n norfolk_z 12._o *_o sir_n jacob_n astley_n knight_n and_o baronet_n sir_n william_n cook_n bar._n city_n of_o norwich_n thomas_n blofeild_n esq_n *_o hugh_n bokonham_n esq_n town_n of_o lyn-regis_a sir_n john_n turner_n knt._n *_o daniel_n bedingfeild_n esq_n town_n of_o great_a yarmouth_n george_n england_n esq_n samuel_n fuller_n esq_n borough_n of_o thetford_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n harbour_v esq_n sir_n francis_n guybon_n knt._n *_o sir_n joseph_n williamson_n knt._n *_o adam_n felton_n esq_n borough_n of_o castlerisle_a the_o right_a honourable_a sir_n robert_n howard_n knt._n robert_n walpole_n esq_n northampton_n 9_o sir_n st._n andrew_n st._n john_n bar._n john_n parkhurst_n esq_n city_n of_o peterborough_n *_o william_n brownlowe_a esq_n gilbert_n dolben_n esq_n town_n of_o northampton_n sir_n thomas_n samuel_n bar._n sir_n william_n langham_n knt._n town_n of_o brackley_n *_o the_o honourable_a sir_n william_n egerton_n knt._n of_o the_o bath_n *_o john_n blencowe_n sergeant_n at_o law_n borough_n of_o higham_n ferrer_n thomas_n andrews_n esq_n northumberland_z 8_o william_n forster_n esq_n philip_n 〈◊〉_d esq_n town_n of_o newcasstle_n upon_o tine_n sir_n ralph_n carr_n knt._n *_o william_n carr_n esq_n burough_n of_o morpeth_n the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n morpeth_n roger_n fenwick_n esq_n town_n of_o berwick_n upon_o tweed_n sir_n francis_n blake_n knt._n *_o samuel_n ogle_n esq_n nottingham_n 8._o sir_n scroop_n how_o knt._n william_n sacheverel_n esq_n town_n of_o nottingham_n *_o charles_n hutchinson_n esq_n *_o richard_n slater_n esq_n borough_n of_o eastretford_n the_o honourable_a evelin_n peirpont_n esq_n john_n thornehagh_n esq_n town_n of_o newark_n upon_o trent_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n lord_n eland_n the_o honourable_a nicholas_n sanderson_n esq_n oxon_n 9_o the_o right_a honourable_a montague_n lord_n norreys_n sir_n robert_n jenkinson_n bar._n university_n of_o oxon._n the_o honourable_a heneage_n finch_n esq_n sir_n thomas_n clarges_n knt._n city_n of_o oxon._n the_o honourable_a henry_n bertie_n esq_n sir_n edward_n norreys_n knt._n borough_n of_o new_a woodstock_n sir_n thomas_n littleton_n bar._n *_o thomas_n wheat_n esq_n borough_n of_o banbury_n sir_n robert_n dashwood_n knt._n and_o bar._n rutland_z 2._o sir_n thomas_n mackworth_n bar._n bennet_n sherrard_n esq_n salop_n 12._o the_o honourable_a richard_n newport_n esq_n edward_n kynaston_n of_o oately_a esq_n town_n of_o salop._n the_o honourable_a andrew_n newport_n esq_n *_o richard_n mitton_n esq_n borough_n of_o bruges_n alias_o bridgenorth_n sir_n william_n whitmore_n bar._n sir_n edward_n acton_n bar._n borough_n of_o ludlow_n *_o thomas_n hanmer_n esq_n *_o william_n gower_z esq_n borough_n of_o wenlock_n sir_n wilham_n forester_n knt._n george_n weld_n esq_n town_n of_o bishops-castle_n *_o william_n oakeley_n esq_n *_o richacd_a mason_n esq_n somerset_n 18_o *_o sir_n edward_n phillips_n knt._n nathaniel_z palmer_n esq_n city_n of_o bristol_n sir_n richard_n hart_n knt._n sir_n john_n knight_n knt._n city_n of_o bath_n the_o right_a honourable_a maurice_n viscount_n fitzharding_n sir_n william_n 〈◊〉_d knt._n city_n of_o wells_n edward_n berkeley_n esq_n *_o hopton_n wyndham_n esq_n borough_n of_o taunton_n sir_n william_n portman_n bar._n *_o edward_n clarke_n esq_n borough_n of_o bridgwater_n sir_n francis_n warr_n bar._n henry_n bull_n esq_n borough_n of_o minhead_n francis_n lutterel_n esq_n nathaniel_n palmer_n esq_n borough_n of_o ilchester_n sir_n edward_n windham_n bar._n john_n hunt_v esq_n borough_n of_o milbornport_n *_o sir_n thomas_n travel_v knt._n sir_n charles_n carteret_n knt._n southampton_n 26._o the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n marquis_n of_o winchester_n richard_n norton_n esq_n city_n of_o winchester_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n lord_n pawlett_n *_o frederick_n tilney_n esq_n town_n of_o southampton_n sir_n charles_n windham_n knt._n sir_n benjamin_n newland_n knt._n town_n of_o portsmouth_n the_o honourable_a edward_n russel_n esq_n *_o nicholas_n hedger_n alderman_n borough_n of_o yarmouth_n sir_n john_n trevor_n knt_n *_o charles_n dunc●●●●_n esq_n borough_n of_o petersfield_n robert_n michael_n esq_n richard_n holt_n esq_n borough_n of_o newport_n alias_o medona_n sir_n robert_n holmes_n knt._n sir_n william_n stephens_n knt._n borough_n of_o stockbridge_n *_o william_n montague_n esq_n richard_n whithe_v esq_n borough_n of_o newtown_n the_o right_a honourable_a richard_n earl_n of_o ranelagh_n thomas_n do_v esq_n borough_n of_o christ-church_n francis_n gwyn_n esq_n william_n ettrick_n esq_n borough_n of_o whitchurch_n henry_n wallop_v esq_n the_o honourable_a james_n ●●●●el_a esq_n borough_n of_o lim●●●●on_n john_n burrard_n e●●_n *_o thomas_n d●●●_n ●sq_n borough_n of_o andover_n the_o honourable_a francis_n pawlet_n of_o amport_n esq_n john_n pollen_n esq_n staffordshire_n 10._o the_o honourable_a john_n grey_a esq_n *_o walter_n chetwind_v esq_n city_n of_o lichfield_n robert_n burdett_n esq_n *_o richard_n dyot_n esq_n borough_n of_o stafford_n john_n chetwind_v esq_n *_o jonathan_n cope_n esq_n borough_n of_o newcastle_n under_o line_n sir_n william_n leveson_n gower_n bar._n *_o sir_n thomas_n bellot_n bar._n borough_n of_o tamworth_n *_o sir_n henry_n gough_n knt._n *_o michael_n biddulph_n esq_n suffolk_n 16._o *_o sir_n samuel_n barnadiston_n bar._n sir_n gervas_n elwes_n bar._n borough_n of_o ipswich_n sir_n john_n barker_n bar._n sir_n charles_n blois_n bar._n borough_n of_o dunwich_n sir_n robert_n rich_a knt._n &_o bar._n sir_n philip_n skippon_n knt._n borough_n of_o orford_n thomas_n glemham_n esq_n *_o thomas_n felton_n esq_n borough_n of_o alborough_n sir_n henry_n johnson_n knt._n william_n johnson_n esq_n borough_n of_o sudbury_n philip_n guidon_n esq_n *_o john_n robinson_n esq_n borough_n of_o eye_n henry_n poley_n esq_n *_o thomas_n davenant_n esq_n borough_n of_o s._n edmondsbury_n sir_n robert_n davers_n bar._n *_o henry_n goldwell_n esq_n surrey_n 14._o sir_n richard_n onslow_n bar._n *_o sir_n francis_n vincent_n bar._n borough_n of_o southwark_n *_o anthony_n bowyer_n esq_n john_n arnold_n esq_n borough_n of_o blech_o thomas_n howard_n esq_n sir_n robert_n 〈◊〉_d knt._n borough_n of_o ryegate_n *_o sir_n john_n parson_n knt._n *_o john_n parson_n esq_n borough_n of_o guildford_n *_o morgan_z randyll_o esq_n foot_n onslow_n esq_n borough_n of_o gatton_n sir_n john_n thompson_n bar._n thomas_n turgis_n esq_n borough_n of_o haslemere_n *_o geo._n rodeney_n bridges_n esq_n denzill_n onslow_n esq_n sussex_n 20._o sir_n john_n pelham_n bar._n sir_n william_n thomas_n bar._n city_n of_o chichester_n sir_n thomas_n miller_n knt._n thomas_n may_v esq_n borough_n of_o horsham_n john_n machell_n esq_n *_o thomas_n white_a jun._n gent._n borough_n of_o midhurst_n sir_n william_n morley_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n john_n lewkner_n esq_n borough_n of_o lewes_n thomas_n pelham_n esq_n richard_n bridger_n esq_n borough_n of_o shoreham_n sir_n edward_n hungerford_n knt._n of_o the_o bath_n *_o john_n pery_n esq_n borough_n of_o bramber_n *_o nicholas_n barbon_n esq_n *_o 〈…〉_o borough_n of_o steyning_n sir_n john_n fag_n bar._n *_o robert_n fag_n esq_n borough_n of_o east-grinsted_n the_o honourable_a tho._n sackvile_n esq_n sir_n thomas_n dyke_n bar._n borough_n of_o arundel_n william_n morley_n esq_n *_o james_n butler_n es●_n warwick_n hire_v 6._o *_o william_n b●●ley_n esq_n *_o andrew_n ●●●cher_a esq_n c●●●_n of_o coventry_n *_o rich●●●_n hopkins_n esq_n joh●●●atford_n esq_n borough_n of_o warwick_n ●●●_o right_n honourable_a william_n lord_n digby_n *_o william_n colemore_n esq_n westmoreland_n 4._o the_o