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A50648 Anglorum gesta, or, A brief history of England being an exact account of the most remarkable revolutions and most memorable occurrences and transactions in peace and war ... : with several useful catalogues of the bishopricks, cities, shires, colledges and halls in both universities, and tables of the kings reigns and of the dimensions of England, Scotland and Ireland / by George Meriton, gent. Meriton, George, 1634-1711. 1675 (1675) Wing M1787; ESTC R232265 156,802 458

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and 8 moneths He was the 39 Sole Monarch of England he dyed on Sunday the 22 day of April Anno 1508 being in the 24 year of his Reign and about the 52 of his Age and was buried at Weminster in that famous Chappel of his own founding CHAP. XXIX Of King Henry the Eight THis King Henry was Crowned at Westminster by William Warham Arch-Bishop of Canterbury and shortly after Empson and Dudly were attainted by Parliament for their Oppressions in Henry the Seventh's time and were beheaded on Tower hill and now the King at the Instigation of Pope Julius the Second sent into France to demand the Dutches Normandy Guyen Anjou and Mayne and being denied them he hereupon joyned Amity with Maximilian the Emperour Ferdinand King of Spain and some other Princes and then sailed for France where he took Terwin ane Tournay by Siege and then Winter approaching he returned for England first making Thomas Wolsey Bishop of Tournay and afterward of Lincoln York Winchester Bath Worcester Hereford Now during the Siege at Terwin the Scots under the Command of their King James the Fourth Henry's Brother in Law entered the Borders of England pretending Truce broken by the killing of Andrew Barton the Scotch Pirate against whom the Lord Howard Earl of Sury Lord Lieutenant of the North went with an Army to whom joyned his Son the Lord Admiral and these at Flodden Field fought the Scots and gave them a great Overthrow killing the King three Bishops two Abbots twelve Earls and seventeen Lords and Knights besides a great number of Gentlemen and about 8000 Soldiers and almost as many taken prisoners About this time a peace was concluded on between the English and French and Lewis the King of France was to marry Lady Mary King Henry's Sister which shortly after he did and within a quarter of a year after dyed and she was married afterwards at Callis to Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk upon her return for England her Dowry in France was 30000 Crownes yearly for her Life and 120000 Crowns yearly for five years to the King her Brother About this time Wolsey had a Cardinals Cap sent from Pope Leo and was preferred by the King to the place of Lord Chancelor Anno 1517. The Thames was so hard frozen that Men with Horses and Carts might pass betwixt Lambeth and Westminster and this same year was the fifth Lattern Council held being the seventeenth General Council Julius the second and Leo the ten being Popes And now Strangers growing insolent in London a great Tumult thereupon under the Conduct of one John Lincoln did rise on May Eve for which Uproar he was hanged and 400 Boyes and 11 Women were led through the City to Westminster with halters about their Necks in their Shirts but were pardoned by the King And the new King of France paying to King Henry 600000 Crowns in twelve years and under some other certain Conditions had Tournay redelivered to him and Peace was Concluded although Charles the Emperor came in person into England to diswade the King from it but this peace continued not long for the French breaking Truce as was pretended the King thereupon procured several Princes to take the Emperour's part against France and prepared himself for the War causing a general Muster to be made of all able men from 16 years and upwards in every Hamlet Villiage Burrough City and Shire in England and in the mean time the Emperour coming into England again he then agreed to stay for and to take Lady Mary King Henry's Daughter to Wife and then he returned having for his Conduct the Earl of Surry Lord Admiral who at that time wan Morlois and shortly after Returning to France again won and burnt several Towns and then returned to England with great Booty and during these proceedings the Earl of Shrewsbury went against the Duke of Albany who was then made Governor of Scotland and a Truce was concluded on but the Lord Admiral after his Return from France being made Lord Lieutenant of the North notwithstanding the said Truce entered Scotland doing great harm and returned with great Booty Upon the Account of these Wars a Parliament being called by Wolsey's procurement the half of all Spiritual Livings were granted to the King for five years and the Tenth part of temporal Substance and about this time Christian King of Denmark landed in England with his Queen and after 22 dayes Royal Entertainment he Returned to Flanders where he remained as a banished man And now the King sent an Army under the Command of Charles Brandon Duke Suffolk into France who after severral places won and Winter approaching returned honourably for England but the Duke of Albany and the Lord Lieutenant of the North being still at variance at the Mediation of Margaret Queen of Scotland King Henrys Sister together with Wolseys working with the King at length Peace was concluded for a time both with Scotland and France after this several Commotions rose amongst the Commons about the payment of the Subside which when the King heard he pardoned the Offenders and remitted the payment of the Subsidy and now Wolsey began to alienate the King's heart from the Emperour and caused him to with-hold Pay from the Duke of Burbon which was the cause of the French King's Captivity of Burbon's March to Rome where he entered the City in one day and caused Pope Clement and 23 Cardinalls to take the Castle of Angelo for their Refuge where they were maugre all the pushes of the Pope's Leaden Bulls and Curses with Bell Book and Candle-light besieged six Moneths for which offence the Duke of Burbon in the Parliament of France was condemned of Treason And during these Broyles at Rome there arose great Troubles in Ireland but they were quickly laid again by Thomas Lord Howard Earl of Surry Lord Lieutennant of that Kingdom who being recalled into England upon some other Service the Earl of Oss●ry was made Deputy and shortly after being displaced Kilder succeeded him against whom Wolsey was a strong Enemy he thereby gained the King's displeasure for his malepartness therein The year 1527 fell such abundance of Rain in November December and January that the Corn fields Pastures and Cattel were thereby destroyed then was it dry till the 12 of April and then Rain again every day and night till the 3 of June following which caused such a Famine in London and all England over that many dyed for want of Succour And now the King begins to charge the Emperour with a promise of Marriage to Lady Mary afterwards our Queen Mary but her Legitimation was by him much questioned as being begotten on his Brother Arthur's Wife hereupon the King grew into dislike of his Marriage and disclaimed his Contract it being the Opinion of some six Forein Universities to be an unlawful Marriage and for this cause Cardinal Campius came into England with whom was joined Cardinal Wolsey in Commission with power to erect a Court to
greedily devoured them half alive by reason of this Famine the Mortality was so great amongst the People that the quick could hardly bury the dead And not long after a great Murrain of kine happened so that the Dogs and Ravens eating thereof were Poysoned and did swell to Death so that no man durst eat any Beef And the next year after this the King calling a Council at Clarendon the Lords refused to appear but they were made Friends again by the Mediation of certain Cardinalls and now the Scots not satisfied with the Honour of their last Victory their King saled into Ireland and there caused himself to be Crowned King but the English there under the Conduct of the arh-Arh-Bishop of Armagh and the Lord Binningham encountr'd the new King who there lost his new Honour with his life to boot and not long after a Truce for two years was concluded between England and Scotland About this time Hugh Spencer upon the Commendation of the Lords was made Lord-Chamberlain and his Father Earl of Winchester and now Dr. Barrenthorp of Oxford taught against the Pope and inveighed against the Deceits and impostures of Anti-Christ after a while the two new Lords Spencers Father and Son grew so insolent that they far exceeded Gaveston alienating the Hearts of the Barrons from the King which caused them to take up Arms against him but not long after the Earl of Lancaster and other 90 Nobles at Borrowbrigs were taken Prisoners and at Pontefract the Earl of Lancaster was Beheaded and other five Barrons hanged and the next day at York the Lords Clifford Mowbray and Deywill were hanged in iron Chains and now the King went against Scotland with an Army but was forced there to escape by night leaving his Treasure and rich Furniture for Pillage and the young Lord Mortimer escaping out of the Tower fled into France and not long after the Queen again sent her complaint to her Father of her ill usage There being now some Troubles in Gascoin the King not going himself sent his Queen into France to Negotiate his Affairs who drew all to agreement upon Condition that her Husband should give Prince Edward his and her Son the Dutchy of Aquitain and Earldom of Pontine for which places the young Prince did Homage to his Uncle the King of France after this the King sending for his Son and Queen home and they refusing to come they were thereupon proclaimed Enemies to the Crown the Queen hereupon without consent either of King or Peers Married the Prince to Philippa the Earl of Hanalt's Daughter and being now fitted for her purpose she raised an Army in Henalt and Germany consisting of 2700 Soldiers and many Forein and English Nobles and sailing for England landed at Orwel in Suffolk the King having notice hereof fled into the West to raise Forces promising a thousand pounds to those who would bring him Lord Mortimers head but the Queen not sleeping in her design pursued her Husband from place to place and at length she got Hugh Spencer the Father whom she caused to be cut-up alive and quartered and the King lying now hid in the Abby of Neath in Wales was there surprized by his Cosen the Earl of Lancaster and Imprisoned in the Castle of Kenelworth young Lord Spencer and the Lords Baldock and Reading being also taken at that time and carried to Hereford where Spencer was hanged 50 foot high and then beheaded and quartered and the Queen gave the bringer of his head to her 1000 pound And now a Parliament being called several Peers to wit 3 Bishops three Earls 2 Barrons 2 Abbots and 2 Justices were sent in the name of the Parliament to the King at Kenelworth to Command his resignation of the Crown to his Son Prince Edward at which message the King fell into a swown amongst the Peers at Kenelworth and afterwards coming to himself seeing no other way resign'd his Diadem Whereupon Sir William Trussel one of the messengers in the name of the whole Realm renounced Homage to the King in these words I William Trussel in the name of all men of the Land of England and of all the Parliament Procurator do Ressign to Thee Edward the Homage that was made to Thee sometimes and from this time forward now following I defie Thee and deprive Thee of all Royal Power and I shall never be tendant to Thee as for King after this time Not long after this the King was taken from Kenelworth and delivered by Indenture to the custody of Thomas Gourny and Sir John Mattravers who shortly after Murthered him by thrusting an hot spit up his Fundament into his Bowels at Barclay Castle for which fact they were forced to fly the Country This Edward the Second was King of England Lord of Ireland Duke of Aquitain c. He was the 4 Son of Edward the I. by Ellianor his Queen Sister to Alfonsus King of Castile His Reign began on Friday the seventh of July Anno Domini 1307 he reigned 19 years 6 Moneths and 18 days and was the 30 sole Monarch of England he was murthered as is before declared Anno 1327 being the 20 year of his Reign and 41 of his Age his body was buried at Gloucester CHAP. XX. Of King Edward the Third commonly called Edward of Windsor ABout the beginning of this King's Reign one Nycholas Lyrian a Divine of Oxford wrote a Book de Visione Dei against the Pope now by Advice of the Lord Mortimer the King acquitted the Scots of all his claim and Superiority to their Kingdom and shortly after this the King of France died without Issue and King Edward laid claim to the Crown and now the Queen-Mother being reported to be with Child by the Lord Mortimer who was too familiar with her he was thereupon taken at Nottingham and sent Prisoner to London where he was hanged at Tyburn remaining on the Gallows the space of two days for an Ignomenious Spectacle and presently after the King abridged his Mother of her too large Dowry bringing her to one thousand pounds per Annum Anno 1339. a Sudden Inundation of Water at New-castle upon Tine did bear down part of the Town-Wall where 120 Men and Women were drowned And the year after near Chippingnorton in Oxford-shire was found a Serpent having two Heads and two Faces like Women one Face attired after the New Fashion of Women's Attire and the other Face like the old Attire and Wings like a Batt And Fiends and Devils and strange Apparitions were seen by Men and spake unto them as they travelled About this time Dr. Ockham of Oxford wrote against the Popes John and Clement affirming them to have no Power over Civil Magistrates And now the King assisted Baliol against David Bruse King of Scotland who was forced to fly into France and Baliol procured the Crown and was made King and did Homage to King Edward as his Father had done to King Edward the First The King went four times into
honour of the twelve Apostles he built also the City Constantin●ple and made a Decree for celebrating the Lord's day instead of the Jewish Sabbath in his time was the first famous general Council of Nice against Arius the Heretick This Emperour was wont to say That Age appeared best in four things Old Wood best to burn Old Wine to Drink Old Friends to trust Old Authors to Read also he said There was but this difference between the Death of old Men and young Men for old Men go to Death and Death comes to young Men he appointed Silvester the Bishop of Rome to wear a Crown of Gold but he contented himself with a Phrygian Miter now a tripple Diadem is thought scarce stately enough for his Successors This Constantine is said to be the first Christian Emperor as Lucius was the first Christian King the honour of both whose Birth-rights England doth glory in XLVIII Julius Apostata he began his Reign Anno Domini 356 and reigned about seven years he had no War with Britain he denied the Faith of Christ and turned Apostate and Writ a Book against Christianity being wounded in the Wars with a poisoned Dart in his left Arm he took a handful of his Blood and throwing it into the Air he blasphemously said Vicisti Galilaee XLIX Jovinianus This Emperour had Peace with Britain he began his Reign Anno Domini 363 and Reigned about a year he became a Christian was Baptized and caused his whole Army to follow his Example his common speech was this O that I might govern wise Men and wise Men govern me L. Valentinianus In his time the Picts began to invade Britain but were vanquished by Theodosius the Deputy This Emperour was highly esteemed of all the Christians being a great favourer of them he forbad Idolatrous Sacrifices by Night and restored to the Churches their former Priviledges Liberties and Possessions which the other Emperours had sold his usual saying was That Gold was tried with the Touchstone and Men with Gold LI. Gratianus and Vallens This Vallens was Vncle to Gracianus and Ruled with him four years beginning his Reign Anno Domini 365 he at first recalled Nazianzen and Basill from Banishment and was Baptized by Eudoxius but turned Arrian afterwards and persecuted the Orthodox Bishops of the East as Eusebius Pelagius Gregorius Nissenus c. he caused also 80 of the Christian Embassadors that were then in Constantinople to be all sent to Sea in one ship and then the ship to be set on Fire But as the Emperor Vallens was very impious so on the contrary Gratianus was very good for he expelled out of Italy all sorts of Hereticks and all the People being reduced to the Faith of JESVS CHRIST he caused all the ruined Churches to be repaired he began his Reign Anno Domini 367 and reigned 6 years These Emperours had no War with Britain LII Maximus and Valentinianus junior These Emperours Ruled about six years and began to Reign Anno Domini ●73 as some Authors affirm but Maximus his Reign was so short that some Historians take no notice of him They had no War with Britain LIII Theodosius This Emperour began his Reign Anno Domini 379 and Reigned about four years according to some Authors he had no War with Britain Fla. Stillicoe being the Deputy in this Emperours time Damasus being Pope was the second general Council and the first at Constantinople in his time also were great losses by Earthquakes in several places both by Sea and Land which continued about six Months LIV. Arcadius and Honorius The Reign of these two Copartners began in the year 384 and ended Anno Domini 402. They had no War with Britain in their time at noon-day a strange Fire from Heaven penetrating the great Church of Constantinople fastned upon the Bishops seat in the Church and consumed it afterwards growing up like a Tree fastned upon the Roof and devoured it and lastly passing the midst of the people without hurting any to the great amazement of all seized upon the Senate-house and burnt it to ashes LV. Theodosius junior and Valentinianus The Reign of these two Emperours began Anno Domini 402. They reigned till the year 450. of which time Theodosius Reigned only twenty two years in their time was the third general Council held at Ephesus which was the first held at that place Caelestinus being Pope in these Emperours time the Romans left Britain of their own accord after they had possessed the same about 597 years and then shortly after the Saxons made themselves Soveraign Lords and Masters thereof CHAP. IV. Of the Conquest of Britain by the Saxons as also of the Commencement and Continuance of their several Kingdoms therein during the Heptarchy with the Names of the Kings Ruling in each Kingdom THE Pickts and Scots after the Romans had left Britain did much annoy the poor Britains and the Romans sent them aid against them several times and at their last coming helped them to build a Wall from Sea to Sea between England and Scotland and bidding them farewell desired them to look to themselves for they would no more undertake such long and hazardous journeys for their sakes And now the Saxons after the Romans had quit left the Island under the Command of Hengist and Horsa landed at Ebsfleet in the Island of Thanet in Kent about the year of Christ 448 as some Authors affirm for they differ amongst themselves in this point These Saxons were sent for by the Britains the Romans refusing to come to aid them against the Pickts and Scots who were got into their Land as far as Stanford and the Britains intending them the Isle of Thanet to live in that they might be near at hand to afford them help as often as occasion required but the Saxons not contented with the Island of Thanet which the Britains had assigned them for their good service they having now got good footing in the Land they began to display themselves in their colours and made it appear that they intended the best part for themselves and that the Britains should be at their Disposals Whereupon the Britains Petitioned them and had good Answers but afterwards had all their goods spoiled and plundered by them And Hengist at a certain time causing the British Nobles to meet him on Salisbury-Plain under pretence of a Treaty did there treacherously cause them to be slain giving this Watch word to his Soldiers New cout Seaxes that is Take your Swords at which words They fell on the Nobles and slew them It is not certainly known from whence these Saxons originally descended but it is probably thought from Sacae a People in Asia and it is said by so some Authors That Hengist and Horsa were Nephews to Woden and Fria the Saxon Dieties in Honour of Woden they called the Fourth day of the Week Wodensday and the Sixth day Friday in Honour of his wife Fria The Saxons used to go singing to the Wars and
besieged Somerton and won it and invading the Northumbers brought away great spoil which gave occasion to Cuthred the West-Saxon to fight him giving him the foyl at Burford and afterwards encountring Cuthred a second time he was treacherously slain by his own Subjects near Tanworth in Warwick-shire at the procurement of one Bernred one of their Leaders who thought thereby to gain the Crown to himself This King founded the Monastery of Crowland as some Authors affirm This Ethelbald was the tenth King of Mercia and eleventh petty Monarch he began to Reign Anno 716 and reigned 42 years 12. Offa His first War was with Alrick King of Kent whom he slew at Otteford and afterwards marching from South to North he made Havock of all before him to Humber and at his return overthrew Kenwolf and his West-Saxons near Merton whither he was going to visit his Paramour he caused a great Ditch to be cast between England and Wales which is still called Offa's ditch and the Welsh presuming to throw down some part thereof he thereupon entred their Territories with an Army and slew Marmodius their King and all his Associates His last Wars were against the Danes who had invaded England and were by him with their no small loss forced back to their Ships to this King was sent a Book of the Decrees of the Second Council of Nice for a present from Charles King of France And now growing weary of his Government he made his Son Egfride King and gave the Pope Peter-pence out of his Dominions after the example of Inas And so going to Rome he gave Pope Hadrian the first ample and Rich Gifts for canonizing Albane the Protomartyr of England for a Saint At his return he built the Monastery of St. Abane and in Testimony of Repentance for the Blood he had spilt he gave the tenth part of his goods to Church-men and the poor This Offa was the eleventh Mercian King and twelfth petty Monarch his Reign began Anno 758. and he ruled 39 years 13. Egfride He restored the Church to all her antient Priviledges which his Father had deprived her of This Egfride was twelfth King of Mercia and 13 petty Monarch his Reign was short about four Months only he began his Reign Anno Domini 797. 14. Kenwolfe He warred against Kent and took Ethelbert the third King of Kent of that name Prisoner giving the Kingdom to Cuthred but afterwards building a goodly Church at Winchcomb in Glucestershire upon the day of the Dedication he led Pren to the high Altar and there in the presence of 13 Bishops and ten Dukes and many other Nobles he released him and set him at liberty And now each of these petty Monarchs having striven which of them could extend and inlarge his Limits furthest at length this succeeding Egbert brought the seven headed Fountain of their Heptarchy to run in one Channel of an intire Monarchy This Kenwolf was the thirteenth King of Mercia and last of the petty Monarchs He began his Reign Anno Domini seven hundred ninety seven and reigned twenty two years CHAP. VII Of those 15 Saxon Princes who were accounted sole Monarchs of this Kingdom of ENGLAND 1. EGbert He gained Rule over all the seven Kingdoms of the Saxons and so became sole Monarch of England which none of them before him ever was he had fourteen years War with the Cornish and Welsh and took West-Chester their chief Hold from them making a strict Law against all those should dare to enter over Offa's Ditch or set one Foot within his English Dominions He slew Bernulf King of Mercia in Battel and drove the King of Kent out of his Kingdom the Eastangles and East-Saxons also submitted to him with the South-Saxons also whereupon he caused himself to be Crowned absolute Monarch at Winchester And this Monarchy continued in the Saxons till the Danes first got and then lost it again and the Saxon's issue upon the next entrance thereof failing it then fell to the Normans This Egbert first gave the name of ENGLAND to this Country and named the Inhabitants English In the fourteenth year of his Monarchy the Danes with 33 Ships landed in England to whom he gave Battel but had the worst of the day loosing two of his chief Captains and two Bishops hardly escaping himself And the second year after they landed in Wales with whom joined the Welsh but at this time fortune not always frowning he overcame both parties and in the last of his Reign the Danes sacked the Island of Shippy near Kent and with much ado were expelled This Egbert was the 17 King of the West-Saxons and first sole Monarch of England He began his Reign as Monarch Anno 819 and reigned 17 years 2. Ethelwolf This King was made Bishop of Winchester before his Father Egbert's Death and was in a manner constrained by his Clergy to take upon him the Government And so he bestowed his Bishoprick on Swithin his Tutor after several Bickerings with the Danes at length he gave them a great overthrow at Ocley he freed Church Lands from all Tribute and regal Services And going to Rome he there confirmed Peter-Pence and at his return he gave yearly to Rome 300 Marks for a requital of his kind reception there This Ethelwolf was eldest Son to Egbert and the 2 sole Monarch of England He began his Reign Anno 837 and reigned about 20 years 3. Ethelbald He was eldest Son to Ethelwolf by his first Wife Osburga his Butler's Daughter he was with his Father in several of the Battels against the Danes but all his good and valiant Actions were blasted by his taking of Judith his Stepmother the King of France his Daughter and his Fathers second Wife to his Imbraces for he was suddenly snatch away by the hand of Providence for this incestuous Marriage after whose Death Lady Judith returning to her Father was intercepted by the way and forced by Baldwine Forrester of Ardema who at length appeasing her Father was by him made Earl of Flanders from whom and this Judith descended Maud the Wife of our William the Conqueror This Ethelbald was the third sole Monarch of England He began his Reign Anno Domini 857 and reigned two years 4. Ethelbert He was never out of Wars but constantly pestered with those devouring Locusts the Danes And landing one time they destroyed Winchester but a great part of them were slain before they could recover their Ships again This Ethelbert was second Son of Ethelwolf and fourth sole Monarch of England he began to Rule Anno 860 and Ruled 5 years 5. Ethelred The Danes in his time began to over-run the whole Country and being Pagans spoiled all before them pulling down Monasteries and Abbyes and defiling the Virgins to evade which Disgrace the Virgins of Coldingham cut off their own Noses and upper lips to make themselves appear distastful to these leacherous Pagans These cruel Fellows under the Command of Hungar and Hubba their two Dukes in their
Arch-Bishop of York This King made St. Germans in Cornwall a Bishop's Sea which was afterwards translated to Cridington by Canutus the Dane and at last setled at Exceter by Edward the Confessor This Edred was the 10 Sole Monarch of England his Reign began Anno 946. and he reigned 9 years 11. Edwye He is reported to have abused a Ladie 's Chastity in the face of his Council Monks were expelled from their places by him and married Priests put in their Rooms He also banished Dunstan into Flanders This Edwye was eldest Son of Edmund and eleventh Sole Monarch of England He began to rule Anno 955. and ruled 4 4 years 12. Edgar He had Peace with the Danes and in his time some Divines in Oxford were branded in the face and banished for affirming That the Church of Rome was the whore of Babylon Monkery a stinking Carrion their Vows Nurses of Sodomy c. Dunstan was recalled from Banishment by the King And the sin of Drunkenness being very rife in his time he thereupon caused Cups to be made with certain Pins or Marks with a Penalty to such as should drink deeper than the Mark He also caused the Princes of Wales to render him yearly by way of Tribute 300 Wolves heads by which means Wolves were destroyed in this Nation And every year he rid his Circuit to take Notice of the Abuses and Corruption of his Judges if any were in the Administration of his Laws He is said to be very lascivious not forbearing the very Nuns for he begot St. Edith on Wolfchild the Nun and at Andover plotting to lye with a Western Duke's Daughter he was fitted by the Mother with a Substituted waiting-Creature whom he afterwards retained for his Concubine And now the Fame of the Incomparable Features and Beauty of Duke Orgarus's fair Daughter being spread as far as the Court and ringing in the King's Ears he forthwith longs for the Injoyment of her Company and so Ethelwold a principal Courtier was sent for her but he overcome in Love with her concealed the King's Message and marries her himself And then returning told the King Fame was a Lyar for the Lady was far Inferior in every respect to that which she was reported to be But the King going to hunt afterwards in that part of the Country and going to Ethelwold's house and seeing the Lady's Beauty he perciev'd the Cheat so he slew Ethelwold her Husband with a Javeline as they were hunting and married her himself For these and the like prancks he was injoyned by Bishop Dunstan not to wear his Crown for seven years which he patiently submitted unto but held on his lascivious courses still Vpon the River Dee he had 7 Petty Kings to row his Barge to shew his Greatness This Edgar was the Second Son of Edmund and the 12 sole Monarch of England he began his Reign Anno 959. and reigned 16 years 13. Edward At his Entrance to the Crown was a great Famine and a blasing Star and great Contentions were in his time between the Monks and Married Priests Dunstan being for the Monks and Duke Alfarus for the Priests and the meeting for disputation in an high Room the Prease was so great that the Chamber fell and several were slain and hurt but Dunstan's chair being seated on a post fell not but he continued in his Seat which being taken for a Miracle manifested in behalf of the Monks they thereupon carried the day and the Priests were left to injoy their Wives and lose their places And afterwards the King going a hunting not far from the Castle where his Mother in Law was being dry with pursuing his Game he calls here to take a Glass of Wine she dissembling her Malice with outward Joy to see him caused the Wine to brought which was no sooner at his Mouth but a two-edged Dagger was struck into Back by a Servant appointed for that purpose by her He feeling himself wounded put spurs to his horse and rid away but presently fell from his Horse and was dragg'd about the Fields till he died This Edward was the Eldest Son of Edgar and the 13 Sole Monarch of England he began to reign Anno 975. and reign'd 4 years 14. Ethelred When he was about 10 years old being informed how his Brother Edward was slain by his Mother's means he wept and took on so heavily that his Mother beat him almost to Death with wax Candles nothing else being near at hand This so distasted the King that he could never after endure Wax Candles to be burnt before him He was grievously pestered with the Danes compounding for his quiet with them at 10000 pounds first then they raised him afterwards from 10 to 16 and so to 20 24 30 and lastly to 40000 pounds the Danes never giving over digging in this Golden Myne till they had quite exhausted it Elfrick Earl of Mercia turning Traytor he and his Son Algarus had both their Eyes put out by the King's Command And now the King considering the misery of his People and seeing himself not able to withstand the Danes by force he sought to vanquish them by policy and so gave notice to all his Cities every where on St. Brices day to fall upon the Danes and murther them which was accordingly put in Execution but this News flying into Denmark for all the King's Council was betrayed at all times by Edricus one of his own Councellors there came again fresh Supplies and Swanus the Dane so grievously oppressed the Countrie burning and destroying all before them that he gave them thirty thousand pounds for Peace Not long after they slew 900 Monks and Men of Religion in Canterbury and having wrested a great sum of Money from the Arch Bishop Alphegus they then stoned him to Death at Greenwich The King seeing those proceedings sends his Wife Emma and her two Sons into Normandy to her Brother Richard Duke thereof and shortly after followed himself But at length Swanus the Dane being stabbed by his own Men they make Canutus his Son their King so not long after King Ethelred returns again into England and perceiving the several Treasons against him and seeing himself not able to withstand their Fury he shortly after died In his time was St. Dunstan very famous amongst the Saxons he did use to exercise several Mysteries and Trades at several times to avoid Idleness and one time being working in the Gold-Smiths Trade in a Cell near Glastenbury and making of a Gold Chalice The Devil as the Story goes did there appear unto him in the likeness of a handsome Woman intending to tempt him to lewdness but he by inspiration understood the cheat and so immediately he got the Devil by the nose with the hot Tongs he had in his hands which made the Devil cry out and roar so terribly that People came to see what the matter was who will may believe This Ethelred was third Son of Edgar and the fourteenth sole Monarch of England He
began his Reign Anno 979 and reigned 37 years 15. Edmund He was Sirnamed Ironside He gave the Danes several Battel overthrew them and raised the Siege at London he worsted Canutus 4 times at least in the plain Field and had in all likelihood rid England of him if the Traitor Edrick and others of the Perfidious Clergy and Nobility had not secretly assisted him Edmund fought a single Duel with Canutus the Dane and dangerously wounded him whereupon Canutus desisted and cried out to King Edmund saying What need is there for us thus to indanger our Lives if thou consent to divide the Kingdom between us we shall then be at peace and like two Brothers which thing Edmund consented unto and did accept of Canute for his Co-partner in the Kingdom But not long after Edmund being easing of himself he was by Duke Edrick that Grand Traytor thrust into the Fundament with a sharp Spear and his head cut off and presented to Canute as an acceptable Sacrifice as was hoped but he detesting such Traiterous Villany caused Edricks head to be chopt off and to be advanced upon a Pole above the rest of his Fellows as it was promised him an advancement fit for the betrayers of their King and Country And now the Saxons Monarchy by the Death of Edmund being drawn to a Period and the Standard of their Government overthrown The Danes began to Advance the Banner of their Conquest and after King Edmund's Death displayed it in open Field none being able to withstand them so they made themselves sole Masters of the Island after it had been in Possession of the Saxons about 566 years it was a long time after the Danes first entrance before they became sole Monarchs thereof This Edmund was third Son of Ethelfrid and the fifteenth sole Monarch of England his Reign began Anno 1016 and he reigned about 1 year CHAP. VIII Of the Danes and their Conquest of Britain with the memorable Accidents happening during the time of those three Danish Monarchs who ruled here THE Original of these Danes is thought by some to be from the Scythians but others rather think to come from Scandia an Island scituate Northward not far from the Continent of Denmark As to their Religion it was much alike to that of the Saxons Their first Invasion was about the year 787 and about 230 years after they became sole Masters of England which Sovereignty continued but about twenty four years which they had struggled for above two hundred years Their Succession of Monarchs were these three following 1. Canutus He was Son to Swanus and was Crowned at London by Livingus Arch-Bishop of Canterbury he sent Edward and Edmund the two Sons of Edmund Ironside the last Saxon Monarch to his Brother the King of Sweeden to be made away but he abhorring the Fact transferred them to the King of Hungary And now he marries Emma King Ethelreds Widdow by whose Counsel he wrested 82000 Pounds out of his Subjects to give those lazy Danes that were sent packing to Denmark there being then no more need for them here He called a Parliament at Oxford and enacted several good Lawes which are to be seen in several old Chronicles and too large here to be incerted He is said to be an Enemy to Dissemblers Traytors and Flatterers for on a time he caused himself to be placed in a Chair where the Sea ebbs and flows at Southampton and commanded the Sea that it should not swell so as to wet his Feet but the disobedient Sea the Tide then coming out presently dashed up to his Thighs whereupon he started up and said to the Flatterers who had extoll'd his greatness to be unmatchable You see all the might and power of Kings is but vanity for none is worthy to have the name of King but he that hath all● things subject to his Laws And so after that time as some Authors affirm he would never suffer the Crown to come on his head but set it on the Crucifix head at Winchester In the third year of his Reign he went into Denmark and chased from thence the Vandalls who had invaded that Kingdom And at length he went on Pilgrimage to Rome and is Recorded for a very good Man setting aside his intention to have murthered King Edmunds two Sons This Canutus was the 16 sole Monarch of England He began his Reign Anno 1017. and reigned eighteen years he was buried in the old Monastery at Winchester 2. Harrold He was so swift that he was called Harefoot Earl Goodwine was against his coming to the Crown but the Londoners and Lords on the North side of Thames were for him and prevailed he by Treachery of Goodwine afterwards got the two Sons of Emma Edward and Alfride the last of which had his eyes put out and his Belly opened and one end of his Bowels drawn out and fastned to a Stake and then he was pricked with sharp poiniards and forced round about the Stake till all his Intralls were wound out He caused also Queen Emma to be banished and her goods to be confiscate but the Earl of Fland●rs received her honourably This Harrold was the Second Son of Canutus and the seventeen sole Monarch of England he began his Reign Anno 1036 he reigned four years and was buried at Westminster as Mr. Stow affirms 3. Hardicanute He was Crowned at London by Elnothus Arch-Bishop of Canterbury He caused the body of his half Brother Harrold to be digged out of his Grave and thrown into the Thames after he had first cut off his Head but some Fishers finding the body buried it decently in St. Clements without Temple Bar this Hardicanute was a great Epicure and had his Tables spread four time dayly and furnished with Dainties for the satisfying of his greedy Appetite through the Perswasions of Earl Goodwine he raised the Sum of 32147 pounds in England for the payment of his Fleet which greatly distasted his Subjects the thing desired by Earl Goodwine two of the Collectors of this Money were slain at Worcester for which offence their City was set on Fire The King Drinking freely at a Wedding in Lambeth got a Surfeit and died some say he was choaked at Dinner there but certain it is he died and with him dyed the Danes Monarchy over England and it fell again to the Saxons for Edward the Seventh Son of Ethelred by Emma his Queen was sent for out of Normandy by the English and was made King which thing was brought about by Earl Goodwines means and Leofrick Earl of Chester This Hardicanute was third Son of Canutus and eighteenth sole Monarch of England He began to Reign Anno 1040 And reigned about two years he was buried at Winchester CHAP. IX Of the Saxons Re-entry again to the Monarchy of England after the Danes Conquest THis new Possession of the Saxons was but of short Continuance till William the Norman Duke came and made a Forceable Entry upon them and though his Entry were
among them That the People there eat Horses Dogs Cats yea and Man's Flesh Not long after this there was a Decree made by him That no English Scholar should come to any Promotion depriving Stigand Arch-Bishop of Canterbury Eglewine Bishop of the East-angles and several other Bishops for no evident Cause but only to give Place to his Normans He also abrogated the English Laws and set up his own in the Norman Tongue to the great Dammage of the English Hereupon the Earls Edwine and Morcar with Frederick Abbot of St. Albans set up Edgar Atheling again for their General and rebelled against the Conqueror who seeing their daily increase of Forces concluded a Peace with them and Swore To keep inviolable the Antient LAWS of the Land and those of St. Edward But not long after he took from the Abby of St. Albans all the Lands between Barnet and London-Stone and bereaved all the Abbies and Monasteries of England of all their Treasure sparing neither Challices nor Shrines And now Malcolm King of Scots who sided with the English and King William made a League and reared a Stone-Cross on Stain-Moor in Westmerland called the Roy-Cross for a Meer Mark to the Bounds of both Kingdoms And shortly after this the King took his Voyage for Normandy again the People being there in Rebellion but by the Prowess of the English they were quickly brought again to their Obedience Now during this Stay in Normandy the Nobles in England rebell again but at his Return were quickly dismaied So he caused the Eyes of some of them to be put out the hand