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A19602 The estate of the Church with the discourse of times, from the apostles vntill this present: also of the liues of all the emperours, popes of Rome, and Turkes: as also of the Kings of Fraunce, England, Scotland, Spaine, Portugall, Denmarke, &c. With all the memorable accidents of their times. Translated out of French into English by Simon Patrike, Gentleman.; L'estat de l'eglise. English. Hainault, Jean de.; Crespin, Jean, d. 1572.; Patrick, Simon, d. 1613. 1602 (1602) STC 6036; ESTC S109073 532,147 761

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imposed vpon him lawes of extreame rigour Amongst others that hee should subiect himselfe to that which the Pope would ordaine vpon him touching Religion The Duke wished rather to die whereat the Emperor maruelling remitted that condition but yet he tooke from him all his goods sauing 50000. Crownes which the Duke Maurice vnto whom that spoyle came should giue him yearely The 21. of May Wittemberge yeelded it selfe by that Dukes commaundement after hee had acquited to his sonne and his subiects the oath of fidelitie they ought him and Maurice tooke season thereof An example of magnanimitie and constancie more then Heroicke that is Christiā which God giueth to his in the middest of the greatest afflictions of this world The estates of the Empire assembled at Vlme There the Emperours Embassadors purposed to make a league frō thenceforward to appease all troubles if any such arise like this last But the pestilence dissipated this conspiration against the Gospell and the estates retired to Ausbourge The Lantgraue of Hesse to obey the conditions of peace proposed vnto him came vnto the Emperour at Hale and after supper as he would haue departed he was stayed He complained that hee was betrayed and promises not performed vnto him The Emperour before the estates at Ausbourge declared the cause wherefore he set him not at libertie to be this That hee exhibited not the Letters and secrets of the League of Smalcalde And taketh witnesse vnto Maurice and Brandebourge that he neuer meant him lesse then a perpetuall prisoner The doctrine of the Papists dispenseth herein namly that vnto Heretickes men should keepe no faith Peter Lewis the Popes sonne was shine at Plaisance in his Castle by a Band of 36. which had cōspired against him They hanged his body in a chaine on the toppe of the Castle walls a thing much pleasing the people He was slaine the 10. of September on the same day wherevpon his Father Pope Paul being cunning in Negromancie had warned him to take heed The end of tyrants are miserable and horrible and should put vs in mind of Gods iudgement Certaine time after he had beene cast into the graues the Plaisantines themselues massacred him with the stabs of Daggers After Dom Ferdinand de Gonsague strengthned the towne with a Garrison The Masse was abolished in England by a decree iudgement of the publike Councell of all the Realme The Venetians after the Emperours fashion made a very rigorous Edict against such as are called Lutherans One called Francis Spiera of the Citadelle a Towne of the Territories of Venice for that in the said Venice before Iohn Cuse the Popes Legate he had renounced the truth of the Gospell which hee knew fell into dispaire and of a vehement and great apprehension thereof got a great malladie and sicknesse wherein hee could no way be comforted and whatsoeuer any alleadged of Gods promises of his mercie he would still answere that they nothing appertained vnto him because he said hee had sinned against the holy Ghost And in that dispaire finished he pitiously his dayes This is a great good example worthy to be earnestly thought on Maximilian the eldest sonne of Ferdinand from Trent arriued in Spaine and in great magnificence espowsed Mary the Emperours eldest daughter his Cousin-germaine Iane the onely daughter of the king of Nauarre who before was promised vnto the Duke of Cleues was giuen in marriage vnto the Duke of Vendosme The Emperour giueth charge to certaine traytors of the truth namely Iulles Pflug Michael Sidonius and Iohn Islebe Agricula with a Secretarie of Grauiele to build a booke of Religion and called it Interim This booke shooke Almaine more then all the grieuous persecutions that had bin before It was called the Emperours booke Ellenor the dead king Francis widowe left France and retired into her brothers lowe Countries The Bourdelois in Guienne mutined against the King because of a subsidie or taxation and slew the kings Lieftenant there whereof they were by the Constable chastised He constrained themselues to make the fire and to burne all their priuiledges He caused a great number of the chiefe of the towne to be put to death They were constrained to follow the Funeralls of the said Lieftenant slaine in the habit of Criminalls carrying Torches in their hands and demaunding mercie Ambrose Blaurer Minister of Constance and with him a great number of the Bourgesses left the Towne because of Religion The Princes and Townes of Almain are sollicited and forced by the Emperour to giue answere vnto the approbation of his booke The Emperor also caused to be set out a forme of Ecclesiasticall reformation for an outward shew which after they had heard recited they approoued and promised to cause them to be obserued in their Churches with the Popes good pleasure The Duke of Wirtemberge at the alone commandement of the Emperour straightway caused the booke to be read vnto the people forbidding them to do any thing to the contrary The Duke of Saxonie being prisoner was much sollicited to receiue the Emperours booke of reformation but he still remained constant without bowing or yeelding either by threatnings or promises which was cause that his gardes began to handle him more roughly and rudely The Preacher which he alwaies till then had with him fearing danger found meanes to escape A great diuersitie of courage betwixt the two Dukes The Duke Maurice returning into his Countrey proposed the Emperours decree caused the Diuines of Leipsic and of Wirtemberge to assemble and determine therevpon Which after they had two or three times assembled they ordained of things indifferent commonly called Adiaphores In the end they set out in writing at Leipsic a forme of Religion which all Duke Maurice subiects should follow The Bishop of Strasbourge summoned the Ministers and Regents of the schoole which held the Colledge of S. Thomas to receiue the Emperours decree Bucer and Phagius with the Senates leaue departed the first day of April to goe into England whither they were called by Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury Thus the Lord prouideth for his After he hath taken his truth from one place he sendeth them into an other to doe his worke there The King of Fesse in Affricke being chased by a certaine Zepziphe king his neighbour who from low estate was growne vnto that greatnesse implored helpe of the Emperour at Auspourge Whilst Religion was thus troubled in Almaine the Pope thought it good to make his profit thereof Therefore he sent their Legates into Almaine with an Indult by which power was giuen vnto them to receiue all such as they would into the bosome of the Church and to permit by the Popes authoritie to communicate the Supper of the Lord vnder both kinds and to eate all kinde of meates at all times The Ministers of the Lantgraues Country refused the Indult Phillip of Austrich made his entry into Bruxelles where his Father was and is receiued in great magnificence and pompe the
I say not Father Take to thy selfe now the treasures the Tapistries and the Prouince of Mustapha and gouerne it at thy pleasure Is it possible I should fall into thy spirit infamous man without all humanitie against all right to put to death so valiant a person as neuer was nor shal be the like in the house of Ottomās Ha ha I will take good order that thou shalt not impudenly vaunt glory that thou hast done the like to me And straight drew his dagger and strooke it so farre into his owne bodie that he fell downe dead vpon the earth Which so soone as his Father knew he made a maruellous mourning and yet left not to seize vpon all his goods which caused a tumult in the Campe of Mustapha but it was nothing in regard of that they did after they knew of his death In such sort that Solyman to the great danger of his life was constrained to chase away Rostan and to dispoile him of all his honours and dignities This death came wel for the Christians whose great enemy Mustapha was who tooke great delight in sheading their blood It brought also such great displeasure vnto the Turkes that therevpon followed amongst them this prouerbe Gietti Soltan Mustaphat That is all we thought on is ended in Musthapha For they thought that he would haue enlarged their Empire which they looked for at no other hand The French tooke Verceil in the Countrey of Turin but seeing they could not keepe it they spoyled pilled it and retyred Edward King of England being in his mortall bed in the moneth of May Northumberland caused one of his sonnes to espowse Iane Suffolke the Kings cousin This King of the age of 16. yeares dyed the 6. of Iuly to the great damage of Christian Religion So soone as Mary was peacibly Queene of Englande at her arriuall at London she caused to be tooke out of prison the Duke of Norfolke and the Bishop of Winchester a pernicious man and made him Chauncellor The Emperours Hoast after it had raced Terouane marched into Artois and there in the moneth of Iuly forced Hesden which the king of France had a litle before taken There was slaine Horace Fernese the husband of the kings bastard daughter and a great number of Gentlemen prisoners A battaile in Saxonie vppon the Riuer of Visurge betwixt the Duke Maurice and the Marquesse Albert wherein Albert was vanquished and Maurice victorious strooken with a bullet whereof he dyed two dayes after A deare victorie bought with death Michael Seruet de Ville-neuisue a Spaniard a pernicious hereticke hauing of long time written execrable things against the Trinitie proudly maintained them at Geneua after long detention the participation of the Councell of the Churches and faithfull Common-wealths of Suecia finally in the ende of October was condemned by the Lordes of the said Towne to be burned aliue The hardnesse of his heart was such that being vpon the wood hee would neuer confesse Iesus Christ the eternall sonne of God but only the sonne of Dauid and the sonne of the eternall God In England by the decree of all the Bishops of the kingdome then assembled the Edicts and statutes of the deceased King Edward concerning Religion were defaced and made voide and the Popish doctrine approued and allowed Albert agreed with Augustus the brother of Maurice by meanes of the King of Denmarke and of the Elector of Brandebourge Iane Suffolke Queene of England as is said by King Edwards testament and the three sonnes of the Duke of Northumberland were declared culpaple and condemned of Treason Iohn Alasco a Polonian Gentleman with a great number of the French and Flemish Churches flying from England did wander and stray a certaine space of time into Denmarke and Saxonie seeking a place to dwel in But they were euery where refused not only of a place of habitation but also they were commaunded to get them out yea in winter time not suffering them to remaine in their hauens The cause of this inhumanitie and inhospitalitie was their difference for the doctrine of the Supper of the Lorde whereof we haue before touched Finally a place was allowed them in East Friseland in the Towne Emden where a Church was open for them and granted by the Countesse of the said Emden a true Christian Princes Ferdinand being at Vienna reiected the supplication of the Estates of his Countrey which demaunded to permit the administration of the Supper of Iesus Christ whole vnder both kindes Iohn Fredericke Duke of Saxonie after his deliuerance from captiuitie agreed with the Duke Augustus and he acquited to him and his heire Males the Electorship the Country of Misne and the Townes where the Mines be yet he held vnto himselfe the name and Armes of the Elector The 20. of February Sibille of Cleues wife of the said Iohn Frederic dyed at Vinaine Eleuen dayes after the said Frederic also deceased happily in his Country amongst his children and other friends and the same day that he dyed was borne vnto the Elector Augustus a sonne named Alexander Thomas Wiat an Englishman conspired and rose vp against the Queene of England because of the straunge marriage she enterprised with Phillip the Emperours sonne On an other part of the kingdome Henry of Suffolke gathered people against her The one and the other were declared enemies of the Commonwealth taken and at diuers times beheaded The 12. of February Iane Suffolke King Edwards cousin germaine instituted heire of the kingdome by his testament was with her husband beheaded After them was made a great butchery of heads at London and Westminster where the Queene then was Elizabeth also her sister was imprisoned vpon her suspition Sienna was besieged by the Pope and the Duke of Florence Peter Stosze which defended it made a sallie vpon them and ouercame a great number of their people Charles Duke of Sauoy spoyled of the greatest best part of his Countrey dyed leauing Emanuell Philebert his sonne heire King Henry about the end of Iune tooke Bouuines Dinan Marienbourge Bius and wasted all the Country besieged Renty vpon the Marches of Artois but the Emperour comming and skirmishing together the king departed in the moneth of August remouing his siege from thence The Kings Armie in Tuscane which Strosze conducted was surprised by the Imperialists and for the most part ouerthrowne Phillip the Emperours sonne arruied the 19. of Iuly in England the 24. following the marriage was made betweene him and the Queene at Winchester The Marquis Albert chased from his Country withdrew into Lorraine and after to the king of France The Emperour caused a Fort to be builded nigh the place where Hesden was Cardinall Poole in a full assembly of all the Estates of the kingdome of England commenced the 12. of Nouember was restored into his dignities goods and honours of which he was depriued by King Henry the eight
he liued for a great Priest Montanus was of Phrygia of a Towne called Ardaba Hee called himselfe the Paraclet Hee forbadde marriage and inuented and instituted Fastes Against those Heretickes writte Apollinaris Hierapolitaine and before him Milciades and Apollonius Appelles the Disciple of Marcian whome Theodotius called the great Hereticke put a beginning to God Also that Christ appeared in a fantasticke bodie Tatianus and his followers Encratites and Seuerians in this time These abstained from all kindes of flesh and drunke no wine They blamed Marriage as well as fornication They cast off the Epistles both of S. Paul and S. Peter The Doctrine of Christian libertie beganne at this time to bee greatly obscured and by little and little the errour tooke encrease For although yet there was no forbidding to vse the good thinges or God yet the Historie of Alcibiades recited in Eusebius Booke 5. Chap. 3. sheweth that by little and little men beganne to place a certaine Religion in seruices forged at pleasure This Alcibiades was one of the Martyres which suffered death in Gaul vnder Marcus Antonius Verus the Emperour Hee vsed to liue so austerely as hee did eate onely bread and drunke water In so much that beeing in prison hee would vse no other diet Attalus a Romane a man renowned amongst the Martyrs being also imprisoned shewed Alcibiades a better way and brought him to this point that after hee vsed indifferently the creatures of God without scruple and with thankesgiuing Eleutherius borne in Greece at Nicopolis ruled at Rome 15. yeares and more Hee made a commaundement against the heresie of the Seuerans which then raigned that no Christian for any ceremonie should reiect any sort of meates whereof there is an accustomed vse Also that none should be dismissed of his Office vnlesse first hee be accused and conuinced of crime That Bishops should finish nothing in an accusation intended against a Bishop without knowledge of the Pope but they might determine by Sentences the causes of other Church people That a Clarke may not be drawne into any cause but before his Bishop from whom if there were cause of suspition he might appeale Christian Religion then greatly augmented and came into farre greater suertie then before Lucius King of England and his Countrey receiued the Faith Many Nobles of Rome with their wiues and children were conuerted and Baptized The said Lucius left his Kingdome and went to preach the Faith first in France after in Almaine where hee was martyred Smyrna in Asia whereof Policarpus was Bishop was ouerthrowne by Earthquake and for the repaire of it tributes and tallages were laid Commodus the 18. Emperour raigned 13. yeares cruel luxurious incestuous of his owne Neeses hee held in his Pallaice three hundreth Concubines and three hundreth buggering boyes In a wicked rage he slew Lucilla his sister Being at the hot houses and but pricked with a Flea he cast the maister of the house into the Furnace Ireneus Bishop of Lions flourished The Temple of Serapis burnt in Alexandria The Capitoll at Rome and the Librarie burnt by lightning Apollonius a Senator of Rome accused to be a Christian presented to the Senate a booke conteining a defence of the Christians He was beheaded because the Imperiall lawe had so ordeined it Heereby appeares that Popes or Bishops of Rome were not as at this present they are Apollonius a man of authoritie could not shunne the sentence of death onely because he was a Christian hauing so many friends at Rome The Imperiall Lawe then was that such as were in Iudgement conuicted to be Christians should be punished with death Commodus made die many Noble persons It is recited in the History of the Martyrs of Gaule that the Painims sollicited and by torments constrained the seruants of Christians to confesse of their maisters things impossible once to be imagined Namely that they did eate the flesh of litle children that they committed paldiardizes and whoredomes such as is vnlawfull to name In so much as they which before had vsed some moderation in Christians causes gaue themselues greater licence to exercise crueltie against them This happened at Lions and at Vienne Eusebius reciteth it in his Epistle of the faithfull of Lions and of Vienne in Chap. 1. of the 5. booke At Rome the Pallace and the Temple of Vesta and of Peace and the greatest part of the Towne was consumed by fire Commodus the 13. yeare of his Empire was strangled of the age of 32. yeares by the counsell of Martia his chiefe Concubine who fauoured the Christians and other her friends which he had condemned to death because they shewed him certain his insolencies but they by this meanes preuented him and little there wanted that the bodie of this Tyrant was not drawne into Tyber by the common people Aelius Pertmax the ninteenth Emperour held the Empire by the space of sixe moneths His couetousnesse caused his death for retaining his souldiers wages He was of the age of seuentie yeares Didius Inhanus of Millaine 20. Emperour raigned foure or seuen or two moneths as some say Hauing slaine his predecessor hee was slaine of his Successor of the age of 56. yeares For his auarice he was hated of all Some say he was slaine by a souldier of little estimation within his Pallaice Victor Bishop of Rome borne in Affricke ruled tenne yeares He ordeined that such as would not reconcile themselues should be depriued of the Table of the Lord. Hee instituted that vnlesse it were in cases of necessitie Catholicke Baptisme should be celebrated in the time of the feast of Easter As we may see in the first Decretall Epistle attributed vnto him It were incredible if all Historians did not witnesse it that for the day of celebratiō of the feast of Easter so great a schisme should happen in the Church that of a dissention and question thereof so terrible a warre should come and all by this Victors meanes who would needs haue the feast of Easter celebrated on the Sunday because of the mysterie of the resurrection and would not haue the Fastes broken but on that day Victor writ to Policrates who was a Ruler amongst the Bishops of Asia and gaue commaundement in his Letters whereat all the Bishops of Asia were greatly offended Septimus Seuerus Pertinax borne in Affrica 21. Emperour raigned 18. yeares and dyed of the age of 70. yeares in England Many Sinodes were held in diuers Prouinces touching the Feast of Easter vpon what day it should be celebrated and by common accord it was agreed that the saide Feast of Easter should be celebrated vpon the Lordes day on which was his Resurrection and on no other day But the Bishops of the Countrey of Asia were of a contrary opinion saying that they should keepe the customes of of their Auncestors touching that Which Victor seeing would needs haue depriued generally all the Churches of Asia and
because by it wee embrace him that iustifieth vs that is to say Christ our Lord with whom it vniteth and ioyneth vs. In such sort that we are made partakers of him and all the goods he hath and that frō thence good workes should come that is from Iesus who is within vs by the force and free efficacie of whom we begin to will that which is good and to employ our selues therein Zozimus a Grecian by Nation hee ordained that on the Saterday before Easter waxe should in euery Parish bee blessed That Deacons shoule hide their windowes with a cloath And that Clarkes should not publikely drinke He ruled about two yeares The Pelagian heresie was condemned of the Bishops at the Councells of Ephesus Carthage and Mitiuitaine Before Pelagius England knewe not what superstitious Monkery meant neither yet learned to preferre by vaine and friuolous allegories the righteousnes of workes before the merit of Iesus Christ But this Pelagius begun to broach this pestilent heresie vnder Maximus King of Englande the yeare of Christ 390. The Doctors which were before this Pelagius vsed in their writings this word Merite in the signification to obtaine or attaine Peter Martyr The beginning of the Kings of France THe French-men are said to be issued of the Troians and as Histories say came after the destruction of Troy with the Duke Francion to the pooles of Meotides which at this day is called the Golfe de la Tana aboue and something farre frō Constantinople as men draw towards the North neare there they builded a Towne which they inhabited vntil the time of Valentinian the Emperour sonne of Valentinian and the brother of Gratian also Emperours They were honoured by the said Emperour and made free of paying tribute for 10. yeares in consideratiō that they reduced the Almanes vnder the obedience of the Romanes But afterward when the tribute came again to be laid vpon them and they vnwilling to subiect themselues they forsooke the Country and came with their Duke Marcomir into Franconia which is betwixt Saxe and Almaine Pharamond the sonne of Marcomir was chosen for their King and began to raigne ouer them the yeare of the worlde 4383. and of Iesus Christ 420. vnder whom first they vsed Lawes and appointed foure Nobles which iudged of causes and differences betwixt men Then was the Salike Lawe made which stood vpon many articles amongst which there was one which tooke frō daughters the right to succeed in the Crowne and Realme of Fraunce Hee raigned 11. yeares Paul Emil. the first booke Boniface the first of that name a Romane ruled at Rome 4. yeares His Father was a Priest called Iucundus The fourth schisme was by a Priest called Enlalius who was also ordeined whereof came great dissention and schisme which endured 7. moneths but finally Boniface was approued The sixt Councell of Carthage after some the seuenth S. Hierome died of the age of 91. yeares The Affricane Councell was now which is a confirmation and recapitulation of the Councels of Carthage The titles of the Canons are in the number 105. Boniface renewed certaine decrees attributed to his predecessors Amongst others that none should be ordeined a Priest before the age of 30. yeares c. Also that no woman or Nunne might touch or wash the Priests ornaments which are holy The Hunnes a cruell and barbarous people which came out of Scithia did great hurt all ouer and at their comming into Italie many fled towards the Adriatike sea and tooke place in those litle Iles which were in great number and liued as they could of fishing After they beganne to make certaine buildings in these Iles and principally in that which is called Miroalto it being the chiefest of them There was at this time many Churches in Italie Sozom. reciteth them lib. 4. cha 24. where hee makes mention of the faithful which retired into the places where is now builded the Towne of Venice in the Adriatike Sea There is also heereof made mention in the Epistle of the Romane Sinode which was held vnder Constantine Theodor. Liber 2. Chapter twentie and two The Emperour Honorius being at Millan and vnderstanding the dissention for the electiō of the Romane Bishops deposed them both and writ to Boniface that whē two were elected he would ordain that neither should be allowed notwithstanding for this time he allowed the election of Boniface Boniface by his Legate Faustin Bishop a fierce and proud man and Philip and Esellus Priests proposed to the sixt Councell of Carthage that it might be graunted that appellations of Bishops might be sent to Rome and that no Councell should be allowed vnlesse he send thither his Legate to doo it and alledged for his speech the decree of Nice The Bishops caused the bookes to be searched and the Registers of the Councell if it were so Also they caused to come from Constantinople a Copie of the said Councell but finding it not to be so as the said Boniface had alledged by his Legate his request was reiected See the Epistle of the said Councell of Affricke to Boniface and to Celestine in the first volume of the Councells Note here by what meanes the Popes sought to obtaine their primacie Celestine first of that name a Romane or of Campaine after some He ordeined that the Introitus of the Masse should be of some Psalme Dauid yea and the Graduall which they call the Offertorie and added vnto the thē Praiers with the song Naucler Also that the Priest should say before the Introitum the 43. Psalme Indica me Deus Supl. Chron. Item that they should sing three Sanctus Abb. Vsp This said yeare 426. the Emperour Honorius died The third generall Councell at Ephesus against Nestorius Bishop of Constantinople of 200. Bishops It was there concluded that Iesus Christ is one alone person in two natures and that the Virgine Marie by good right is called the mother of God Cyrillus Bishop of Alexandria assisted there Theodosius the younger alone obteined the Empire and raigned 26. yeares Celestine gaue commaundement to all Ecclesiasticall persons to know and obserue the Canons He sent Palladius a Greeke and Patricius into Scotland and Ireland preach the faith He sent into England Saint Germaine Bishop of Anxerce against the Pelagian heresie He ordeined that none should attempt any thing in an others parish Item that no Bishop should be ordeined against the wil of the people but that the consent of the Cleargie and of the people was requisite The Church in that time was greatly troubled and especially in Affrike the Ecclesiasticall people were cast into exile and martyred by Gensericus of the Vandales Palladius composed the life of S. Iohn Chrisostome S. Augustine Bishop of Hipone of the age of seuentie sixe yeares dyed after he had gouerned the said Church fortie sixe yeares the third moneth after his Towne was besieged by the Vandales euen when he writ against Iulian a Pelagian Bishop
Historie lib. 9. chap. 43. and others make mention that S. Iohn Baptist reuealed his head to two Monkes which were hid nigh an house and after that the said head was transported into Edissa a Citie in Phinitia where he was honoured Monkes beare witnesse in their owne cause But how came this head from thence vnto Amiens in Picardie where hee is adored See Iohn Caluin in his booke of Relikes Leo made many Epistles euen 66. in number Saint Germaine Bishop of Anxerre Seuerus Bishop of Treners Lupus Bishop of Troy were againe sent into England against the Pelagian heresie Many Councels were held at this time after that of Chalcedone The first at Auranges a Towne in the Prouince of Narbone The second at Valens The third Councell of Carpentras The fourth at Arles The fift at Venice The sixt at Tours In the Councell of Tours the censure Ecclesiastical against Priests marriages was moderated which was to be excommunicated and depriued of the Communion which was permitted them only vpon condition they should not come to higher degree or dignitie and that they should abstaine from celebrating and administring to the people Archephali heretikes in this time which cast off the Councell of Chalcedone Eucherius Bishop of Lions in this time sent a booke conteining the praise of Hermits liues to S. Hilarie Bishop of Arles who went into an Hermitage as is said Item an other booke De contemptu mundi In this time the wisest gaue themselues to write the praises of virginitie and of a contemplatiue and monastike life The bookes of the Manicheans were burnt in Rome Theodosius dyed of the pestilence at Constantinople Earthquakes Comets and other tokens were seene in heauen Anian Bishop of Orleans Lupus Bishop of Troy Nicasius Bishop of Rhemes were martyred Valentinian the Emperour slaine at Rome of his people by the fraud of Argobastus Martian chosen Emperour raigned 7. yeares he made alliance with the Vandales It was he which was wont to say that a Prince ought not to take armes as long as it is lawfull to liue in peace Rome was taken againe by Gensericke towardes whom also went Leo and entreated of him that the Towne might not be put to fire and sword Some say hee intreated nothing at this time Orleans was besieged by Attila about this time after he had wasted Almaine and a great part of France but before Orleans his people were discomfited by Merouee King of France and there was slaine 180000. men That which is said of Geneuiesue virgin at Paris is reported of this time This is now the great Diana of the Parisians Martian the Emperour was slaine at Constanstinople by the conspiracie of his owne men Childeric the fourth King of France a Panim raigned 26. yeares a man subiect to leachery which to maintaine hee laide great taxes vpon the people wherevppon hee was reiected from the kingdome A Gouernor of Soisson and Meion of called Giles a Romane succeeded in his place and raigned eight yeares but after Childeric was restored After Childeric was called againe hee gouernerned wisely vertuoufly and valiantly hee put to flight his enemy Giles and sacked the Townes of Treuers and Coloigne and hee retyred to Treuers After also he conquered Orleans and all the Countrey along the Riuer of Loire vntill Angiers and then brought all the Countrey of Angiou vnder his subiection He tooke also the Cittie of Trect and all the Countrey along the Riuer of Rhene and greatly encreased the Kingdome of France He vsed great ingratitude towardes Basin King of Lorraine called Thoringe who had kindly entertained and maintained him all the time hee was depriued of his kingdome For hee receiued the wife of the saide Basin and tooke her for his owne wife Leo Emperour first of that name a Grecian left for his successor Leo who was of Ariadne his daughter and of Zenon He sent Basalike a warriour against Gensericke King of the Vandales Constantinople and a great part of Italie was as it were in perpetuall trouble vnder this Emperour who raigned about 17. yeares Hilarie borne at Sardes Bishop of Rome ruled 7. yeares His time was full of troubles These ordinances are attributed vnto him That no Romane Bishop should chuse him a successour And this constitution stretched to all Ecclesiasticall dignitie Naucler and Suppl Chronic. That a Clarke should receiue no Inuesture of a Laie person That none should be admitted vnto orders if he were not learned and hauing all his members In a Sinode at Rome of fiftie Bishoppes it was ordained that the Decrees of the Apostolike seate should be receiued and published vniuersally There also it was ordained that the Bishop might correct that which his predecessor had euil ordeined This Pope confirmed the domination and principalitie of the Apostolike seate He made three Epistles He depriued a Bishop of his dignitie called Ireneus because by ambition he had left his Church to goe into an other which was by Canons forbidden Remy Bishop of Rhemes and Patricius his brother was Bishop of Soissons Simplicius Tiburtin succeeded Hilarie and gouerned the Romane Church 15. yeares and more after some He declared as his predecessor that the Romane Church was the chiefe and principall He builded many Temples and dedicated them Hee instituted that in the Church of Peter and Paul there should be seuen Priestes to heare the penitents and to Baptise them In the first volume of Councells Leo the younger was left a childe successor of the Empire by his Grand-father on the mothers side and hauing gouerned a yeare he was content that his Father Zeno should raigne for him In so much that with his owne hands he placed the Diademe vpon his Fathers head That which is said of king Arthur is of this time Zenon Isaurike Emperour raigned 16. or 17. yeares He was an Arrian a cruell man He was buried aliue being drunke by his wife Arriadne The English men came farre into France The Arrians exercised great cruelties Honorius an Arrian king of Vandals persecuted greatly the Christians in Affrike more then 4976. were exiled in diuers places without sparing sexe or age afterward at diuers times and with diuers punishments were put to death Some had their hands cut off some their tongues Certain times after vnder the shadow of a Councell hee made assemble all Bishops Doctors and other Catholikes to the number of 324. after Paulus Diaconus but after others 444. he sent into exile caused the Tēples to be shut vp against Catholikes gaue them to the Arrians One Bishop called Laetus was burnt to the end to feare others The Bishop of Carthage Eugenius with more thē 500. of the Cleargy were banished But 2. yeres after Honorius died miserably of vermine And Gonthamundus succeeded him He reuoked Eugenius from exile At the request also of whom all the others were called home and the Churches opened An horrible famine in Affrike Naucler It is a
said Councell it is ordeined that the Apocalips should be accounted Canonicall In the said Councell Priests were reprehended because after the Lordes praier they communicated and blessed the people wherefore in the 17. Chap. they are forbidden to communicate alone but with all the assembly after the ordinance of Iesus Christ It was also ordeined that after the Lords praier the blessing should follow And then only they should receiue the Sacrament of the bodie and blood of Christ in this order that is the Priests and the Deacons should make the Communion before the Aultar the Clarkes in the hearts and the people out of the heart The Masse yet was not as is at this day wherein Priests communicate alone In the Councell of Bracare 1. and 2. held in Spaine it was ordeined that if any did not confesse the Father the Sonne and the holy Ghost three persons to be one same substance vertue and power as the Apostolike Catholike Church teacheth should be excommunicated and accursed In the 19. chap. If any beleeue soules and bodies to be subiect to the Starres as the Painims say and the Priscillianists maintaine let them be excommunicated and accursed In the 36. chap. that they should bury no dead bodies in Churches but without The Councell of Bracare 2. in the 14. chap. All they are anathematized which abstaine from eating flesh vpon superstition The same was ordeined in the Councell of Toledo 13. Note by this which is said that the Spaniards more then any other resisted the forbidding of meates and of single life Dagobert King of France raigned 14. yeares and during his raigne he gaue great reuenewes to Churches and caused to be builded the Abbey of S. Denis in France and placed there the three aforesaid bodies of S. Denis Eleutherius and Rusticus in Tombes couered with fine gold and enriched with precious stones And it wold hardly be beleeued the great riches of gold siluer and precious stones the Townes and other goods which he gaue to the said Church and Abbey of S. Denis which they yet possesse at this day He founded also the Abbey of S. Amande nigh Tournay and endowed it with great reuenewes All his study was to gather and wheresoeuer hee went to take Relickes to enrich the Abbey of S. Denis In so much that for that cause hee was called the Theefe of Relikes And as Clouis the first of that name had his trust in S. Martine of Tours so this had in the bodie of S. Hilarie of Poitiers In so much that hauing taken and rased the said Towne destroyed the Temples yea that of S. Hilarie he caused to carry the Coffin with other Relickes to S. Denis in France The cause of this sacking spoile was because the Poitiers had giuen succours of people and siluer to the Gascoignes which rebelled against him Moreouer Dagobert was a man so giuen to women that he Instituted a Colledge whither hee caused to resort the fairest women and apparelled them like Queenes for which thing being reprehended of S. Amand he sent him to exile But Gaguin saith he was after reuoked Seuerin Pope ruled at Rome two yeares His study was to repaire Churches to endowe them with many ornaments and encrease the reuenewes therof Supp Chron. Fasc Temp. His election was ratified by Isacheus exarche For thē the election of Popes was nothing vnlesse it were authorised by the Emperour or his Lieftenant Naucler The treasures of the Church of S. Iohn de Lateran were pilled by Maurice Gouernor of Rome Isacheus exarche of Italie one part of the bootie was sent to Constantinople to Heraclius This was the yeare that the said Heraclius endured that great wound of the Sarrasins Naucler In the time of this Pope dyed Mahumet the yeare 637. and after began to be worshipped of his followers Mahumet signifieth Fury or Indignation Aman Bishop of Traict baptized Sigebert the sonne of Dagobert King of France Chron. Iohn Pope 4. of that name borne in Dalmatia ruled at Rome about two yeares He ordeined that whosoeuer should take away any Church goods should be bound to restore fourfold Naucler The yeare 640. Lent began to be kept in England Chro. Sigeb Rotharis King of Lombards was an Arrian and all his people after his example In so much that there was almost no Citie nor Towne which had not two Bishops the one a Catholicke and the other an Arrian Suppl Chron. Theodorus a Grecian the sonne of Theodorus Bishop of Ierusalem gouerned the Romane Church 6. yeares 5. months and 18. dayes Supp Chron. Dagobert gaue to the Abbey of S. Denis a Faire and Market called Le Lendy betwixt Paris and S. Denis The Emperour Heraclius being aged gaue trust to Diuinations and Enchauntments of diuels This is the first Emperour that ruled in the East since the Empire was transferred thither who hath hadde that infamie to haue lost the Empire of Asia and to haue bene of the heresie of the Monothelites and Eutechians After he had thus polluted himselfe by these arts heresies and incest of his niece he died of a newe and straunge disease namely that the purses of his testicles turned vpside downe with the priuie member alwaies stiffe Insomuch that whensoeuer he vttered his vrine it sprinkled his face if a table had not beene placed about his nauell to driue it backe Egnatius and others recite the same Constantine his sonne of his first wife Eudoxia succeeded in the Empire but his mother in lawe Martine caused him to be poisoned before he had raigned a yeare and so she raigned with her sonne Heracleonas about two yeares Nauclerus rehearseth that the said Martine committed that fact by the Councell of Pirrhus Bishop of Constantinople an heretike who returned from his exile of Affrike after the death of the said Heraclius The Senate of Constantinople made the tongue of the said Empresse to be cut out and the nose of the said Heraclionas and cast them both into exile They also caused Pyrrhus to bee most shamefully put to death whom Paul succeeded as wicked an heretike as his former predecessor The Pope Theodorus in the Church of S. Peter the Cleargie and the Church being present excommunicated and declared the aboue named Paul Patriarke of Constantinople an heretike and his adherents and hauing mingled wine with Inke in a Challice he writ with his owne hand the excommunication to signifie that it was inuiolable as if Iesus Christ had writ it with his owne bloud Consider here how much the Church then although it was wholly giuen to superstitions did abhorre such as confounded the two natures in Christ. This Theodorus instituted the blessing of the Sierge on Easter Saterday Constance Emperour sonne of the said Constantine and of Gregorie his wife called otherwise by some Constantine the 3. raigned 28. yeares He was a tyrant and an heretike and persecuted the Catholiques He fauoured the heresie of Paul
Sarrasins It was hee which enriched the Crosse with precious stones the which the Deacons vsed to carrie before the Popes The yeare of Christ 849. Leo Emperour of Constantinople was slaine in his Pallace hee beeing in his Chappell by a conspiracie of his Nobles and especially of Count Michael who after obtained the Empire nine yeares Naucler Chron Sigeb A Sinode at Rome of 64. or after some 47. Bishops was assembled by Leo wherein a great Cardinall was condemned and deposed because he had left his Parish fiue yeares and for other crimes Notwithstanding after this the same Pope ordained that a Bishop ought not to be condemned vnlesse hee were euicted by 72. witnesses A great mutation hapned in France by the Normanes Frisons Brittaines and others which wasted it Adulphus after the Chronicle of Eusebius or Ethelwolphus or Alidulphus or Adolphus after some the first Christian King of England went to Rome on Pilgrimage with his sonne Alfredus Nauclerus And graunted to the Pope Leo of each house in his Countrey a certaine peece of Siluer for tribute payable to the Popes of Rome euerie yeare in the honour of Saint Peter which custome was long time after kept This Tribute was called S. Peters pence or guilt and so was all England made subiect to the Popes seate Functius The body of S. Helena mother of Constantine the great from Rome was transpoted into France Chron. Sig. and Fasc Temp. In Almaine vpon the coast of Rhene a great famine came and after that a great earth quake whereby S. Albons Church at Magunce fell An Aduertisement As for the Popes on the Romane seate from Phocas the Emperour hitherto they haue still multiplyed newe traditions ceremonies buildings pleasures pompes and warres they haue deuised and practised murthers alterations