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A16282 The manners, lauues, and customes of all nations collected out of the best vvriters by Ioannes Boemus ... ; with many other things of the same argument, gathered out of the historie of Nicholas Damascen ; the like also out of the history of America, or Brasill, written by Iohn Lerius ; the faith, religion and manners of the Aethiopians, and the deploration of the people of Lappia, compiled by Damianus a ̀Goes ; with a short discourse of the Aethiopians, taken out of Ioseph Scaliger his seuenth booke de emendatione temporum ; written in Latin, and now newly translated into English, by Ed. Aston.; Omnium gentium mores, leges, et ritus. English. 1611 Boemus, Joannes, ca. 1485-1535.; Góis, Damião de, 1502-1574.; Nicolaus, of Damascus.; Léry, Jean de, 1534-1611. Histoire d'un voyage fait en la terre du Brésil.; Scaliger, Joseph Juste, 1540-1609. De emendatione temporum.; Aston, Edward, b. 1573 or 4. 1611 (1611) STC 3198.5; ESTC S102777 343,933 572

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be_v inferior_a house_n to_o the_o inn_n of_o court_n furnish_v with_o attorney_n solicitor_n and_o young_a gentleman_n and_o clerk_n that_o be_v to_o live_v and_o study_v there_o for_o a_o space_n as_o probationer_n before_o they_o be_v think_v fit_a to_o be_v admit_v to_o the_o inn_n of_o court_n which_o eight_o house_n be_v call_v the_o inn_n of_o chancery_n this_o city_n and_o suburb_n be_v divide_v into_o six_o and_o twenty_o ward_n and_o about_o a_o hundred_o and_o twenty_o parish_n the_o chief_a magistrate_n there_o under_o the_o king_n be_v the_o lord_n maior_n under_o who_o be_v diverse_a inferior_a officer_n over_o every_o several_a company_n and_o ward_n who_o do_v all_o of_o they_o attend_v the_o mayor_n when_o he_o take_v his_o oath_n in_o such_o seemly_a manner_n as_o he_o that_o behold_v their_o stately_a pageant_n and_o device_n their_o passage_n by_o water_n to_o westminster_n and_o back_o again_o their_o go_v to_o paul_n the_o infinite_a number_n of_o attendant_n of_o alderman_n and_o all_o sort_n of_o people_n their_o rare_a and_o costly_a banquet_n and_o all_o their_o form_n of_o government_n sure_o i_o suppose_v he_o will_v hold_v opinion_n that_o no_o city_n of_o the_o world_n have_v the_o like_a this_o superficial_a commendation_n of_o this_o renown_a city_n of_o london_n shall_v suffice_v for_o all_o and_o therefore_o i_o will_v pass_v over_o the_o rest_n in_o silence_n for_o that_o there_o be_v no_o one_o thing_n worthy_a memory_n in_o any_o city_n or_o town_n of_o the_o whole_a realm_n that_o the_o like_a or_o better_a be_v not_o to_o be_v find_v in_o the_o city_n of_o london_n the_o university_n only_o except_v which_o be_v the_o nurse-garden_n and_o seminary_n of_o all_o good_a art_n and_o science_n and_o of_o these_o there_o be_v two_o oxford_z and_o cambridge_n which_o consist_v of_o sundry_a college_n and_o hals_n erect_v and_o found_v by_o godly_a and_o devout_a founder_n and_o benefactor_n and_o endow_v with_o large_a rent_n and_o revenue_n for_o the_o maintenance_n of_o poor_a scholar_n who_o be_v there_o maintain_v and_o instruct_v in_o learning_n of_o all_o sort_n and_o be_v next_o unto_o london_n the_o two_o worthy_n of_o our_o kingdom_n and_o in_o truth_n the_o most_o famous_a university_n in_o christendom_n i_o think_v it_o not_o amiss_o omit_v to_o speak_v any_o thing_n of_o the_o citizen_n and_o townsman_n or_o the_o divide_a government_n betwixt_o they_o &_o the_o university_n to_o recite_v in_o particular_a the_o name_n of_o the_o college_n and_o hals_n in_o both_o university_n their_o founder_n &_o benefactor_n and_o the_o time_n of_o their_o several_a foundation_n first_o therefore_o of_o oxford_n without_o addition_n of_o superiority_n for_o that_o as_o the_o proverb_n be_v as_o proud_a go_v behind_o as_o before_o there_o be_v contain_v in_o that_o university_n beside_o nine_o hals_fw-ge viz._n gloucester_n hall_n broad-gate_n s._n marry_o hall_n albaine_a hall_n white_a hall_n new_a inn_n edmund_n hall_n hart_n hall_n and_o magdalin_n hall_n which_o differ_v from_o the_o college_n for_o that_o the_o college_n have_v land_n to_o maintain_v their_o society_n which_o the_o hals_fw-ge in_fw-ge oxford_n do_v want_n and_o therefore_o though_o all_o scholarlike_a exercise_n be_v there_o practise_v as_o well_o as_o in_o the_o college_n yet_o in_o respect_n of_o the_o want_n of_o maintenance_n they_o do_v in_o part_n resemble_v the_o ins_n in_o court_n sixteen_o college_n that_o be_v to_o say_v 1_o university_n college_n found_v by_o alured_n king_n of_o the_o saxon_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 872._o 2_o baylyoll_a college_n found_v by_o john_n baylyoll_a king_n of_o the_o scot_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1263._o 3_o martin_n college_n found_v by_o walter_n martin_n bish_n of_o rochester_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1273._o 4_o excester_n college_n and_o hart_n hall_n found_v by_o staphel●n_a bishop_n of_o excester_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1316._o which_o say_v college_n be_v much_o augment_v by_o sir_n william_n peter_n secretary_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o eight_o in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1566._o 5_o oriall_a college_n found_v by_o adam_n browne_n bring_v up_o in_o the_o university_n of_o oxford_n by_o king_n edward_n the_o second_o in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1323._o 6_o queen_n college_n found_v by_o robert_n eglesfield_n chaplin_n to_o philippe_n king_n edward_n the_o three_o wife_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1349._o 7_o new_a college_n found_v by_o william_n wicham_n bishop_n of_o winchester_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1375._o 8_o lincoln_n college_n found_v by_o richard_n fleming_n bishop_n of_o lincoln_n and_o increase_v by_o thomas_n rotheram_n bishop_n of_o the_o same_o diocese_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1420._o 9_o all_o soul_n college_n found_v by_o henry_n chechelsey_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1437._o 10_o magdalin_n college_n and_o magdalin_n hall_n found_v by_o william_n wainflet_n bishop_n of_o winchester_n and_o chancellor_n of_o england_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1456._o 11_o brazen-nose_n college_n found_v by_o william_n smith_n bishop_n of_o lincoln_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1513_o and_o late_o increase_v by_o doctor_n nowell_n deane_n of_o paul_n 12_o corpus_fw-la christi_fw-la college_n found_v by_o richard_n fox_n bishop_n of_o winchester_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1516._o 13_o christ_n church_n found_v by_o cardinal_n wolsey_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1526._o and_o endow_v with_o land_n by_o king_n henry_n the_o eight_o 14_o s._n johns_n college_n found_v by_o sir_n thomas_n white_a maior_n of_o london_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1557._o 15_o trinity_n college_n found_v by_o sir_n thomas_n pope_n knight_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1566._o 16_o jesus_n college_n found_v by_o hugh_n price_n doctor_n of_o the_o civil_a law_n there_o be_v another_o college_n now_o in_o building_n the_o foundation_n whereof_o be_v already_o lay_v by_o m._n waddam_n of_o merryfield_n in_o somersetshire_n cambridge_n be_v first_o a_o common_a school_n found_v by_o sigebert_n king_n of_o the_o east_n english_a in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n god_n 637._o since_o which_o time_n it_o have_v be_v so_o increase_v and_o augment_v that_o at_o this_o day_n it_o be_v equal_a to_o oxford_n it_o consist_v reckon_v michael_n house_n and_o king_n hall_n for_o two_o which_o have_v be_v since_o add_v to_o trinity_n college_n of_o eighteen_o halles_n &_o college_n the_o hall_n have_v land_n belong_v to_o they_o as_o well_o as_o the_o college_n for_o there_o be_v no_o difference_n there_o betwixt_o halles_n and_o college_n but_o in_o name_n only_o save_v that_o the_o college_n have_v more_o land_n then_o the_o hals_n and_o therefore_o maintain_v more_o scholar_n than_o the_o hals_fw-ge do_v the_o name_n of_o the_o house_n and_o by_o who_o and_o when_o they_o be_v found_v and_o augment_v be_v as_o follow_v 1_o peter-house_n found_v by_o hugh_n bishop_n of_o ely_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1280._o 2_o michael_n house_n found_v by_o sir_n henry_n stanton_n knight_n one_o of_o the_o judge_n of_o the_o common_a bench_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1324._o 3_o trinity_n hall_n found_v by_o william_n bateman_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1354._o 4_o corpus_fw-la christi_fw-la college_n found_v by_o john_n of_o gaunt_n duke_n of_o lancaster_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n god_n 1344._o 5_o clare_n hall_n be_v first_o call_v scholar_n hall_n and_o afterward_o the_o university_n hall_n and_o be_v burn_v with_o fire_n be_v afterward_o re-edify_v by_o elizabeth_n daughter_n of_o gilbert_n clare_n earl_n of_o leicester_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n god_n 1326._o and_o by_o she_o call_v clare_n hall_n 6_o pembroke_z hall_n found_v by_o mary_n countess_n of_o pembroke_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1343._o 7_o king_n hall_n repair_v by_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1376._o 8_o king_n college_n found_v by_o king_n henry_n the_o six_o in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1441._o 9_o queen_n college_n found_v by_o margaret_n wife_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o six_o and_o finish_v by_o elizabeth_n wife_z to_z k._n edward_n the_o four_o in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n god_n 1448._o 10_o katherine_z hall_n found_v by_o doctor_n woodlabe_n provost_n of_o king_n college_n in_o cambridge_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1459._o 11_o jesus_n college_n found_v by_o john_n alcocke_n bishop_n of_o ely_n in_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1504_o 12_o christ_n college_n found_v by_o queen_n margaret_n grandmother_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o eight_o 13_o saint_n johns_n college_n found_v by_o the_o say_a