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A05076 An epitome of chronicles Conteyninge the whole discourse of the histories as well of this realme of England, as al other cou[n]treys, with the succession of their kinges, the time of their reigne, and what notable actes they did ... gathered out of most probable auctours. Firste by Thomas Lanquet, from the beginning of the worlde to the incarnacion of Christe, secondely to the reigne of our soueraigne lord king Edward the sixt by Thomas Cooper, and thirdly to the reigne of our soueraigne Ladye Quene Elizabeth, by Robert Crowley. Anno. 1559. Lanquet, Thomas, 1521-1545.; Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. aut; Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588. aut 1559 (1559) STC 15217.5; ESTC S108255 485,101 678

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terme of the lyfe of Charles being than kynge and after his decease the crowne of Fraūce with all rightes belonging to the same to remayne to kynge Henry and to his heyres For confirmacion wher of he toke to wife Katherine the daughter of Charles By this treaty it was also agreed that kinge Henrye with the Duke of Burgoyne al the power of France shuld pursue the Dolphin as an enemy of the realme because he endeuoured to let the peace as muche as layt in ' hym Sigismund the emperour succeded his brother Winceslaus in the 〈◊〉 of Boheme There was in Boheme a newe sect of phantastical people called 〈◊〉 which went altogether naked and vsed theyr 〈…〉 sayinge that they were only free and all other bonde whyche company of heretikes for crueltye that they vsed was supressed by Zische chiefe capitaine of them which pretended to fauoure Husse whiche than was of great power and his adherentes were named Thahori●es a newe citee that they had buylded The yere of Christ 1420 Amurates kinge of Turkes Anni regum Angli 8 in ma●l●●●sse and prowes farre passed all his predecessours The yere of the worlde but he was cruel and most gr●●●usly vexed the christ●ans his 〈…〉 he made agaynst the kinge of Seruia from whom after long siege he wanne Scopia and Fewmoun● and toke in battaile twyo of his sonnes whom he berefte of theyr syght but after he toke theyr sister in mariage and restored Newmount Then he inuaded the Ulaches Hungarians and Almaynes and after tourned into Epyre and cōquered Croia Finally he prouoked agaynst him the power of the Ueneciās by taking from them Thessalonica Sigismunde toke on him the crowne of Boheme Iohn Zischa capitaine of the Thaborites brought vnder his subiection wel nere al Boheme and at diuers ●n countres discomfited Sigismunde the emperoure in so much that he was fayne to entreat Zyscha priuely to f●uour his pa●t and make the Bohemes acknowla●e him for theyr kynge Philip duke of Millaine with great successe subdued and conquered all his fathers heritage of Lumbardye and toke the citee of Geane Katherine the daughter of king Charles of Fraunce The yere of the worlde The yere of Christ 1421 was crowned quene of England with great solemnitee Anni regum Angli 9 The Duke of Clarence king Henries brother of England was ouerset by the Dolphin of France and slaine to the kinges great displeasure Mordo Stewarde sonne to 〈◊〉 Roberte was made gouernour of Scotland after his fathers deth Martine the byshop ca●e to Rome and was r●ceiued with wonde●rfull io●e of the people nobles of the ●y●ie King Henr● went againe into France and made war vpon the Dol●hine The riuer Tiber ouerflowed the citie of Rome th●● about Anni regum Angli 10 The yere of the worlde The yere of Christ Great trouble and warre in the kyngdome of Naples by the vnconstancie of Iohan the quene whiche toke by ●doycion for heire Alphons king of Arragon Lewys Erle of Ange●●● was pronounced king of Sicilye Naples by the byshop of Rome ▪ to whiche apointment agreed Iohan the quene refused Alphons whom before the had chosen heyre Kynge Henry departyng out of this lyfe in France ordeined his brother Hūfr●ai Duke of Glocester to be protectour of England and the Dukes of Bedforde and of Burgoine to be regentes of the realme of Fraunce Ammurates emperour of Turkes after gret cōquestes and victories made hym selfe a monke of the religion of Mahomet Charles the .vi. kinge of Fraunce ended his lyfe whyche had ben vexed with a phrenesie the space of .xxxii. yeres to the great discouragyng and incommoditie of the realme by reason of whose death the realm and crowne of Fraunce by right of composicion fel to the yong king Henrye of Englande HEnrye the .vi. was proclaymed king of Englande beyng yet an infāt of eight monethes of age Anni regum Angli 1 The yere of the worlde 1384 The yere of Christ wherfore continuyng the tyme of his youth he was committed to the tuicion gouernaunce of the noble Duke Hamfrel of Glouster his vncle whan he came to mans state he was of wytte and nature simple gentill meke and loued better peace than warre quietnesse of mynde than busynesse of the worlde honeste than profite reste and ease than trouble and care all trouble vexacion vnquietnes iniuries that euer hapned to him whiche were many and great he suffered so paciently that he reputed theim to be worthely sent to him of god for hys offences He fauoured good letters excellently well in token wherof he erected .ii. famous colleges the one at Cambridge called kynges colled ge the other at Ac●on by meanes wherof good learninge greatly encreased A priest was burned in London for heresie called William Tailour A generall counsaile at Pauie in Italy Phillip of Myllaine conquered Gean and made warre on the Florentines The yere of the worlde 5385 The yere of Christ 1424 The Duke of Bedforde regent of Fraunce warred so fiercely vpon the Dolphine Anni regum Angli 2 that he wane from him many strōg holdes and townes and nere to a towne called U●rnoyle discomfited his whole power to the great losse of his enemyes For in the fyght were slaine the Erles of Turon and Brucam with the Uicount of Narbon and diuers other men of name of the commōs were slaine v. thousande or after the Englysh cronicles .x. thousand Whiche aduenture Pollidore affirmeth to haue chansed in the yere folowyng Iames the kinge of Scottes sonne was delyuered out of Englande and at Stone was crowned ki ng of Scotlande He was a vertuous and good prince g●iuen more to the ministryng of iustice thā the troubles of warre he was him selfe well lerned and fauoured al learned men Sir Iohn Mortimer hanged and drawen for treason The yere of the worlde 5386 Brachias the tyranne of Iataly whiche of longe tyme had disquieted the countrey The yere of Christ 1425 Anni regum Angli 3 was vanquished and slaine of the byshops souldiours The Duke of Britaine forsoke the Englishemen and alied him with the Dolphine The Prince of Portugall came into Englande The yere of the worlde 5387 The yere of Christ 1426 Grudge varyance betwene the Duke of Gloucester protectour of England Anni regum Angli 4 and his halfe brother the byshop of Winchester whyche was apeased by the regente of Fraunce Iames Stewarde the .iii. sonne of Duke Mordo rebellyng against kinge Iames in Scotlande was chased in to Irelande The Uenecians Florentines were confederate and made sharpe fierce warre vpon the Duke of Myllaine Carmignola The yere of the worlde The yere of Christ 1427 Anni regum Angli 5 by whose māhode and pollicy Phillip of Millaine had recouered and augemented his heritage forso●e him ▪ and went to the Uenecians In England was verye vnseasonable weatheryng for it r●igned most parte cōtinually from Easter to Mychelmas wherby hey and corne were greatly huyd●●●d The Englyshemen
withall crueltie for Selinus the Turke e●pelled his father out of his kyngdome withal his brothers an knismen and after dyuers gret battailes vanquysshed chased and slew two Souldaines and annexed A●gypte and Araby to his kingdome Sir Edwarde Hawarde lorde admirall of Englande throughe his to muche hardnesse was slaine in Britaine after whō his borth●r sir Thomas Haward was made admyrall by the king The nauyes of England Fraunce meting at Britain Bay fought a cruell battaile in the whiche the regent of Englād a Carike of France beinge crapeled together were burnte and their capitaines men al drowned the Englyshe capitaine was sir Thomas Kn●ue● who had with him .700 men in the French Carik was sir Piers Morgan with .900 A parliament was holden wherin i● was determined that the kinge hym selfe shoulde personally inuade the realme of Fraunce Warre betwene the Polonians and Mosconites Kyng Henry of Englande Anni regum Angli beyng confederate with the emperour and the kinge of Spaine The yere of the worlde 5474 The yere of Christ 1513 passed with a great power into France where hauing in wages vnder his banner the emperour Maximilian and all the nobilitye of Brabante Flaunders and Hollande he discomfited and abashed the whole power of France and conquered Terwine and the great city of Turney whiche is saied to haue in i● as many towers as ●her be days in the yere In this citie the kinge builded a goodly castell or tower with excedyng costes and kepte ther a garrison certaine yeres after The lord Chamberlayne of Scotlande inuadinge the borders was discomfited by sir Wylliam Bulmer In this meane time the kyng of Scottes notwithstandyng that he was sworne on the sacramēt to kepe peace perced this land with a mighty armye but by the good diligence of the quene and the pollicy manh●de of the Erle of Surrey the kinges lieuetenāt he was him selfe slayne with a .xi. of his Erles and the Scottes discomfited but not without great losse of Englyshemen Sir Iohn Wallop burnt diuers villages townes in Normandye Anni regum Angli 6 A peace concluded betwene Englād and Franc● and on S. Denis day was Lewys the French king coupled in mariage with ladye Mary the kinges sister The yere of the worlde 5475 The yere of Christ 1514 on newe yeres day folowinge he ended his lyfe wherfore kynge Henry sent agayne for his sister by th●●uke of Suffolke and other Rycharde Hunne this yeere was h●●ged in Lollars tower Frauncis the first of that name The yere of the worlde The yere of Christ 1515 succeded in the kyngdome of France Anni regum Angli 7 This man is grea●ly praysed of al writers in those dayes for his singular humanitee fauouring of learned men He maynteyned the warres which king Lewis had begunne and alied him with the Dukes of Gelrie Leigie and Burgoyne which did him due homage He would also haue ben confederate wyth the bishop of Rome but he fayled of his purpose for shortly after betwene the bishop of Rome themperour the king of Spayne the Swi●zers and other was made a pri●ye league and confederacie agaynst the Frenchmen Uenecians Lady Marye kinge Henries doughter was borne at Grenewiche Lady Mary the kinges sister before maryed to the frenche king ▪ retourned into Englād and shortly after was maryed to the duke of Suffolke A great battayle foughten betwene the Switzers and the Frenchemen in the which the frenche kinge was in so great dāger that the brayne of his owne men sper●led in his face and him selfe was t●rise striken with a spere but in the ende of the f●ght by helpe of the Uenecians other whiche came in good season the 〈◊〉 were discomfited and slayne and the citee of Mill●yne yelded to the french kinge An horrible sedicion in Hungary by a company of souldiours and robbers that had the signe of the crosse for theyr badge and cognisaunce which minded to destro● al the nobilite and gentlemen Brixta ge●●n vp by composicion to the frenchmen A peace concluded betwene the ●mper●ur the kinges of Fraunce and Spayne and the Uenecians wherby that cru●ll warre cease● A solemne met●●g at Uienna of the emperour the king of Polonie and of Hungarye whiche by maryage we●e confederate Margaret the quene of Scottes king Henries elder syster fled into England la●e at Hareb●ttell where she was deliuered of a childe called Margarete In Maye she came to London where she taryed a hole yere before she departed into Scotland The yere of the worlde 5477 The yere of Christ 1516 This yere was so great frost in England that men might esely passe with cartes ouer the riuer of Thames from Westminster to Lambeth Anni regum Angli 8 Mathewe bishop of S●donon and cardinall of Swyshes came as Ambassadour from the emperour to king Henry Charles Arch duke of Austrich was ordeyned king of Spayne On May euen in the citee of Londō Anni regum Angli 9 was an insurrection of prent●les and yong persons agaynste straungers The yere of the worlde 1478 The yere of Christ 1517 of which diuers were put to execu●ion and the resydue came to Westminster with halters aboute their neckes and were pardoned This is named ill May daye Lady Marg●ret the kinges sister returned into Scotland Iohannes Frauncis Picus of Mirandula a knight of excellent 〈◊〉 and learning was famous and in the presence of Leo bishop of Rome made a vehement oracyon exhortinge him to refourme the vicious noughtye li●e of the clergy Many dyed in England of the sweating sicknesse and especially about London Lewys about this time succeded his father in the kingdomes of Hungary and Boheme A great famine and pestilence in many places The terme kept one daye at Oxenford and adiourned agayne to Westminster The cardinall Camp●ius the bishops legate came frō Rome in ambassade to king Henry and was receyued with great pompe by meanes of the cardinal of Englād Thomas W●lsay which was then of great auctoryty in this realme The admirall of Fraunce came into England as ambassadour with a great cōpany of gentilmen The citee of Turney was deliuered agayn into the french kinges handes for the which he should paye 60000● crownes and for the castell that the kinge had buylded 40●000 and .23000 poundes Turneys which the cite ought for their libertees and francheses A peace concluded betwene the kinges of Englande Fraunce and Castile for terme of their liues The Spaniardes vanquished The yere of the worlde 5479 The yere of Christ 1518 chased and slewe Aenobarbus with his brother in Afrike Anni regum Angli 10 A sedicion in Pannonie by meanes of the bishoppe of Uesbrune The emperour held a counsayle at Auguste Selinus the great Turke after he had with continual and blouddye warre conquered Egipt Syrie Phenecia Palestine Coele and chased out of Arm●nie the king of Persie as a sodayne tempeste or storme retourned into Europe and besieged the citee Belgradum or Taurodurum Martine Luther wrate first to
was condempned and put to death with certayn of her counsaile in Aprile Woulffe and his wyfe for a shamefull murde● by them committed in sleayng of two marchant strangers were arreigned and hang●d at the place where they hadde done the murder The Anabaptistes caused great trouble and ruffling in the north partes of Germany and at the citie Monstere chusyng to theyr kyng one Iohn a Leyde exercised much crueltie expellynge other out of the citie that would not con●escende to their beleefe This Iohn a Leyde in token that he had bothe heauenly and earthly power gaue to his garde greene and blewe and had for his armes the figure of the worlde rounde with a sword t●ru●● through it He maried hymselfe .xv. wyues and ordeyned that othe● should haue as many as they listed and all other thinges to be common amongest theym The byshop of Monstere by the ayde of other princes besieged the citie against the rebellious Anabaptistes fiftene or sixtene monethes In whiche tyme the stubburne and frowarde people susteyned so great scarcitee and hunger that they beyng alyue were lyke dead corses and did eate commonly dogges cattes myce with other vile beastes and seathyng hydes leather and olde showes dyd poune the same and made breade therof After long siege the citie was wonne spoyled and destroyed with great● crueltie and slaughter of that w●cked people Paule the thirde was ordeined byshop of Rome Charles the emperour sailed with a great nauie into Afrike restored Altrachenus to the kyngdom of Tunes The lorde Dacres of the North was arreigned of high treason who so wittilye and directlye confuted his accusers that to theyr great shame he was founde giltlesse Frith a yong man of excellent witte and lernyng was brent in Smithfield for his opinion concernyng the sacrament The bishop of Romes vnlawfull tyrannie was vtterly abolisshed out of this realme and commaundement geuē that he should no more be called pope but onelye bishoppe of Rome and that the kynge shoulde be deputed and taken as a supreme head of the church of Englande haue full auctoritie to refourme and redr●sse all errours heresies and abu●es in the same The first fruites and tenthes of all spirituall dignitees and promocions were graunted to king Henrie by act of parliament The erle of Kildare died inthe tower of London and his sonne Thomas Fitzgararde rebellynge in Irelande slew the bishop of Diuelinge and toke the kynges ordinaunce Wherfore kynge Henrie sent thither sir Wylliam Sk●uington with a companye of souldiours Anni regum Angli 27 Sir Thomas Moore not longe before chauncellour of Englande Iohn bishop of Roche●ter The yere of the worlde 5496 The yere of Christ 1535 and three monkes of the charter house were putte to death for denyinge the king to be sup●eme head of the churche and mainteinyng the bishop of Romes auctoritee An order was appoincted for sanctuaries and sanctuarie men because dyuers naughty persons trusting to the liberties that before tyme had been vsed committed many detestable murders robberies and other abhominable actes Lorde Cromwel was in this tyme in high fauour with the kynge and bare great rule in this realme Ladie Katherine princesse Dowagier ended her lyfein the monethe of Ianuarie and is buried at Peterborowe Willyam Tindale whiche translated the newe Testament into the Englishe tonge by the crueltee of the clergie of Louene was burnte beside Bruxelles in Brabant Badurius kyng of Cambaia in Indie bey●ge ouerset in warre of Aymanus kyng of Carmania willyngly became tributary to the kyng of Portugall that he myghte obteyne ayde of hym agaynst his enemy At this tyme were geuen to the Kyng by consent of the abbottes all religious houses that were of .300 marke and vnder The yere of the worlde 5497 The yere of Christ 1536 Kyng Henry was agayn diuorsed from the mariage of Lady Anne Bulleyne as vnlaufull and vngodly Anni regum Angli 28 and the sayd lady Anne with her brother George Bulleyne lorde Rocheforde and Henry Norreis Frauncis Weston William Brereton Marke Smeton gentilmen of the kynges priuie chamber shortely after was beheaded for dyuers treasons and naughty actes intended and cōmitted with the sayde gentylmen The kyng toke to wife the right excellent and most vertuous lady Iane Seimour daughter to syr Iohn Seimor knyght After many thynges wer published here in this realme by kyng Henry and his coun●aile with consent of the bishops and his clergie concerning the alteration of diuers poyntes of religio● and that certayne holy● daies were forb dden and many abbaies suppressed the rude people of ●incolnes●ire fearynge the vtter subuersion of theyr ol● supers●ition whiche they had lyued in so many yeres raised a great cōmocion and gathered togyther welnere 20000. men agaynst whom the kyng w●nt with a strong power Wherof when the rebelles had knowlage they desyred pardon brake vp their army and departed euery man to his home theyr capytaynes were apprehended and worthily punished Immediately after began a newe commotion in Yorkshire for the same causes but the people wer more incensed through vayne tales and lyes that were spred by certaine naughtie and sedicious persones as that all theyr syluer chalices crosses iewelles and other ornamentes shoulde bee taken oute of theyr churches That no man shulde bee maried or eate any deintie meate in his house but he shoulde paye a tribute for the same to the kynge These people were gathered to the noumbre of .40000 hauyng for theyr badges the .v woundes with the figure of the sacrament and Iesus written in the middes and called their diuelishe rebellion a holye pylgremage in token that they intended to fighte for the mayntenaunce of Christen religion Agaynst these rebelles the kyng sent the Duke of Suffolke the duke of Northfolke the M●rques of Excester and other with a great army by whom after the day and place was appoynted to fyght sodeynly the nyght before the battayle shuld haue ben the water that was betweene them ros● in suche wyse that the two armies coul●e not com togither By the occasiō wherof the captains of both partes had communication of peace and promyse was made to the rebelles that such thynge● as they were greued with shoulde bee redressed by the kynges auctor●tie Wherewith they beeyng appeased by the prouidence and healpe of god departed without bloudsheadyng The ryuer of Thames was ouerfrosen Thomas Fitz Garet late Erle of Kildare and fyue of his vncles were hanged drawen and quartered at London in February Nicol Musgraue Thomas Gylby and other stered a newe rebellion and besieged the citee of Carlile frome whens they were driuen and many of theym taken and put to deathe The yere of the worlde 5498 The yere of Christ 1537 Anni regum Angli 29 Sir Frances Bygot syr Robert Constable and other beganne an other conspiracie and for the same were a●teinted and executed in the moneth of Iune On S. Edwardes euen the noble prince Edward was born at Hampton court who is now our soueraigne lord and kyng
Shortly after the vertuous lady queene Iane his mother dyed in childbedde was buried at Windsor An assemble was holden at Wittenberge wherin the preachers of Germany agreed concernynge the controuersy of the sacrament of the body and bloud of Christe Sir Thomas Percy syr Stephē of Hamelton sir Iohn Bulmer and his wife William Lomley Nicolas Tempest and the abbottes of Ierney and Riuers also the lord Darcy the lord Husey Robert Ask wer condemned and put to deathe for high treason Iames kyng of Scottes maried ladie Magdalene the Frenche kynges eldest daughter Frier Forest was hanged and brent in Smithfielde for treason and heresie with the image of Daruell Gathern of Wales The yere of the worlde 5499 The yere of Christ 1538 in whiche idolle the Welshemen had a greate confidence and feigned of him many straunge thynges In the moneth o● december the Marques of Excester the lorde Mountacute and sir Edwarde Neuell were beheaded for treason that was layd to their charges Sir Nicholas Carew maister of the horses was beheaded for treason Pilgremage and idolatrie were forbydden dyuers images al●o hauynge inginnes to make theyr eyes open and shutte and other partes of theyr bodye to steere and many other false iuglynges as the bloudd of hayles and suche lyke wherwith the people of longe tyme had been deceiued were espied out and destroyed Abbaies were suppressed and all friers monkes channons nunnes and other sectes of religion were roted out of this realme for theyr iniquitie and naughtinesse In Ma●e the citisyns of London mustred al in bryghte harneis with coates of white silke and clothe Anni regum Angli 31 and chaines of golde in three great battailes The abbottes of Redinge Glastenburye and Colchester wyth dyuers other were atteinted of treason and put to death It was ordeined that suche religious persons as were discharged of their profession might purchase pursue and be sued in al maner of accions Auctoritee was graunted to the kyng by acte of parliament to nominate and make bishops and bishoprikes by his letters patentes or other writinges The landes and profites of all abbaies heretofore dissolued or that hereafter should be dissolued were assured to the kynges hyghnesse and his heyres The greate Onele of Irelande inuaded the Englisshe ●ale and brent almoste .xx. myles within the same wherfore the lorde Graie beynge deputie there assembled a stronge power and droue hym backe Duke Friderike of Bauerie Palsgraue of Rhine the Marshall of Duke Iohn Friderike electour of Saxonie with certaine other came to London by whome the mariage was concluded betwene Kyng Henrie and the lady Anne sister to the Duke of Cleue who in Decembre was receyued into the realme with great triumphe and sumptuous prouision The commons of Gaunt rebelled and were brought in subiection and cruelly handled by the Emperour The acte made for the abolishynge of opinions concernyng the .vi. articles was publisshed with greate rigoure and extremitee Whiche ye maye reade in the actes of the pa●liament holden the .xxxi. yere of the kyng Anni regum Angli 32 In this yeare was so great a h●ate and drought that in many places the people wold haue geuen one busshel for the grindynge of an other The yere of the worlde 5501 The yere of Christ 1540 and dyuers great ryuers were dryed The byshoppe of Chichester and doctour Wilson were deliuered out of the tower vpon the kynges pardon Many died of hot● burning agues and of the laske in all partes of this realme The religion of the knyghtes of the Rhodes was dyssolued by acte of parliament By commaundement of kinge Henrie certaine learned men were apoincted to set foorth an vniforme introduction into the latine tongue whiche onely shoulde be taught in all scholes the vse of all other grammers beynge sette a parte Barnes Hierom Garrarde priestes were forced to recante at S. Maries spitle in London Lorde Cromwel late before created Erle of Essex and Water lorde Hungerforde were beheaded the .28 day of Iuly The .xxx. day Robert Barnes Thomas Garrarde Wylliam Hierom priestes were burned The same daye Thomas Abell Edwarde Powel and Richarde Fetherston were hāged drawen and quartered for mainteinyng the byshop of Romes auctoritee and deniyng the kinge to be supreme head of the churche of Englande Kyng Henrye by auctoritee of the clergie was diuorsed from his pretenced mariage made with the ladie Anne of Cleue and maryed shortlye after the ladie Katherine Hawarde where they were sworne to bee true prisoners and than were delyuered to the custody of dyuers noble men whiche honourably i●tertained them In this season an heraulde of England rydyng on the borders syde to doo a message was mette by certayne rebelles which cruelly against all lawe of armes slew him in his coate armure But they for this moste vengeable deede were s●nt to the kyng the yere folowyng who worthily executed them for that offence After the ouerthrowe of the Scottishe army the kyng of Scottes dyd not long enioy his lyf● for he died incontinent after leauynge his queene with chylde who was delyuered of a mayden At Newe yeares tyde the Scottes that were taken by Ca●li●e were by the kyng sent home agayne with greate gyftes vpon condicion to agree to certaine articles for the welth of bothe realmes The Burdeux fl●te was arested in Gascoyne and lykewyse the ●renchmen h●re and at the I le of Wight wer taken seuen shippes laded with marchandise of the frenchemen Wherevpon the ambassadours of bothe parties were restreined after dyuers requestes proponed to the ambassadour of France ce●tain respite was graunted to knowe his maysters mynde who wolde not agree to any reasonable demandes nor yet receiue the kynges herald who came with honorable and indifferent conditions of peace for whiche causes and most specially for the common profite of Christendom seyng the French kyng had entred in league with the Turke and procured hym to make warre vpon Christendome and also that he withholdyng from kyng Henry his tribute he with the emperour Charles ioyn●tely proclaymed warre agaynste the frenche kynge In the meane tyme a parliament was holden at London in which an act was made wherby the common pe●ple were restreigned from r●dyng the holy scripture and in li●u of it was sette foorth by the kynge and his clergie a doctrine for all his subiectes to folowe to the whiche all bookes that were repugnaunte by auctoritee of the saied parliament were condemned In thys parliamente was graunted a subsidie to the kynge of .ij. s̄ of the pounde of goodes and .iii. s̄ of landes to be paied in thre yeares Anni regum Angli 35 Thomas Becon Wysedom The yere of the worlde 5504 The yere of Christ 1543 and Shingleton wer forced to recante openlye at Paules crosse The Abrine a lorde of Ireland with diuers of the wild Irishe submitted them vnto Kynge Henrie King Henry maried lady Katherine Latimer at Hampton court About this time the Sacre of Diep a shippe royal and the minion of Englande foughte a cruell fyght
A proclamation sette foorth by the kynge for the abrogation of superfluous holydayes and the vayne ceremonies of the Nicolas bysh●● with the absteynynge frome fleshe on sainct Markes daie The lorde Leonarde Graie whyche before was deputie generall of Ireland was beheaded at Tower hill for certayne treason whiche he had there commytted A proclamation was published that the Englishe Bible shoulde be had in euery paryshe churche ready for all sortes of men to resorte vnto at tymes conuenient About this tyme a new trade of dancyng of galiardes vpon fiue paces and vauntyng o● horses was brought in to the realme by Italians whiche shortly was exercysed commonly of all yonge men and the olde facion left Doctour Pates whom king Henry had sent in ambassade to the emperour at the commyng of the bys●oppe of Winchester into Almayne secretly fledde awaye to the byshop of Rome most lyke a traitour beyng put in trust by his prince The emperour at the breakyng vp of the councel in Almayne departed from thens into Italy where he prepared an a●my to go to the citie o● Argiers in Afrike in whiche v●age fortune was contrary to hym For his nauy liyng in the rode of Argiers by a tempest contrary wind were driuen parforce vpon the toune where thei were destroied and many of the galeys also were drowned with ordinaunce and other abilimentes of warre The emperour beyng on lande with part of his army was in great distresse what for lacke of vitayle through great weate whiche fell on them In this voyage sir Henry Kneuet ambassadour for kynge Henry hardely e●caped the daunger of the sea And so the emperour was fo●ced to returne into Spayne without obteynyng his purpose A welsheman was hanged drawen and quartered for prophecyeng of kyng Henries deathe Kynge Henry toke his progresse to the citie of Yorke where he looked for the comyng of his neuew the kynge of Scottes who had promysed to come vnto hym and came not but in stede therof made an inuasion vpon England and after in the Christmasse sent ambassadours to dissimule his vnfaith●ull and vnnaturall herte whom neuerthelesse the kyng honourablye intertayned A parliament holden in Irelande where by the cōmon consent of that realme they desyred the kynges highnes to take on hym the name of kyng of Irelande for auoydyng of continuall warre amongest theym Whervpon the kyng by proclamation altered his style and receaued the name of kyng of Irelande A parliament was begunne the .xvi. day of Ianuarye in whiche witchcraftes coniurations inchauntmentes with declaration of armes names and badges in prophecies sent thither came home againe A litle before Christmas the Uiceroy of Sicil came frō the emperour to kynge Henrie in ambassade of whom he was honorablie enterteined and shortly returned againe At that time a shyp was drowned in Goodwynes sand wherin many gentilmen of Spaine goyng toward theyr countrey were loste In the Christmas tyme the flete goyng toward Flaunders by tempest were sore tossed and in great daunger at whyche tyme a vessell laded with corne was taken by the Frenchmen and certaine ships of theirs laded with fisshe was taken by the Englisshemen In this yere beyng the leape yere chaunsed foure eclipses one of the sonne the .24 of Ianuarye and three of the moone In Ianuarie all the Scottes whiche were taken and sworne to be true to kynge Henrie settyng a side both the feare of God and all humanytee trayterouslye fell from him nothyng regarding his exceding gentlenesse shewed to them in deliueryng them free taken in the inualyon of his realme nor yet the honorable interteinmēt here more lyke princes than prysoners In Februarye Germin Gardiner Ihon Heiwod with other for deniyng the kynges supremitee were arrayned and condemned to die The same time fiue priestes for an insurrection that they entended were adiudged to dye The lone whiche was lente in the .34 yeare of the kynges reigne by auctoritee of parliament was forgeuen A licence graunted to vse the feate of shootyng in handgunnes Whiche before men were prohibited to dooe In the beginning of Lent lord Edward Seimour Erle of Hereforde was made lieutenant of the Northe partes and sente thyther with an armye for the defence of that countrey Germin Gardyner and Larke person of Chelsei beside London The yere of Christ 1544 were executed at Tyburne for deniyng the king to be supreme head of the churche The yere of the worlde 5505 The .xxii. daye of Marche the lorde admyrall with a great nauie departed from the port of London towardes Scotlande All this lent season a counsaile was holden at Spires in Almayne at which the emperour with the princis of Almayn and the byshop of Romes legate were p●●sent The .29 of Marche the parliament begunne in the ●3 yeare was cleane dissolued wherin was e●tabl sh●● t●e succession of the kynges highnes and also an act ●or preseruation of wooddes and the rigour of the acte of ●ixe articles was somewhat qualified Upon Maie euen died the lord Thomas Audeley high chauncellour of Englande after whom succeded lor●e Thomas Writhosel●y Upon Maie day the nauie sente by the lorde admyrall whiche vntil this tyme had no good wynde tooke theyr viage into Scotlande from Tynmouthe with whome was lorde Edwarde Seimour Earle of Hertforde the kynges lieutenant and generall capitayne of the a●my whiche the fourth daye of May arriued by Lith the hauen of Edenbourgh and tooke the towne of ●ith and spoyled it After whyche they made towardes Edenborough where at a certayne bridge the Scottes hadde layde their ordinaunce but by the policie and manhode of our capitains and souldiours the Scottes ordinance was wonne and discharged agaynst theim selues and therby were put to flyght After this the town of Edenbourgh sent vnto the army pretendynge to deliuer the towne vpon certayn conditions to the behoufe of oure kyng but whan the armye entred they were inuaded by theym for whyche cause the towne was destroyed and cleane wasted Kyng Henry and the Emperour agreed ioyntly to inuade the realme of Fraunce with two great powers A proclamation made enhauncyng the value of gold to the rate of .xlviii. s and siluer to .iiii. s. the ounce The .xv. daye of May all frenchemen not beyng denisens were commaunded to depart the realme within xx days vpon payne to be sent vnto the galeyes Kynge Henry made great prouision for a viage into Fraunce Irisshemen to the number of .700 with dartes and handegunnes after theyr maner mustered before the kyng in S. Iames parke Bonfyres we●e made in London for the good speede and safe returne of the kynges armie ou● of Scotlande and the lorde Maxwell was agay●e taken prisoner After the whitson holy days the duke of Norfolk and the lorde priuie seale with a great armye toke their vyage into Fraunce and besieged Mountrell wher● they lay vntill the kyng had wonne the towne of Bulleyne Not longe after the duke of Suffolke with many other noble me● passed the seas and encamped before Bulleyne on
Streter and Antonie Burwarde The x. daye Iohn Lyfe dyed at Newgate in London The xiii da●e were burned at Lytchefielde Thomas Haywarde and Thomas Gorwaye Aboute this tyme one Tingle dyed in Newgate at London and certen other in the Lowlers towre As Rycharde Smith George Kyng and William Andrewes Wherof some were at the commissioners commaund ement layd out vpon the donghilles with●ute Moregate but Tobias scholers buried them in the night The xix day at Couentrie were burned Robert Glouer gentleman And Corneli●s Bunge The iiij of October were burned at Elye Willyam Walley Weuer and Robert Pygat paynter The xvi daye were burned at Oxforde Nicholas Ridley Bishoppe of London and Hugh Latimer sometime Bisshoppe of Worcester The xxi of October was holden a parliament at westminster and continued to the dissolution thereof whiche was the nynthe of December In this parliamente wer giuen from the kynges of Englande the firste fruites and tenthes which in the tyme of kynge Henry the eyghte were geuen and by parlyamente annex●d to the crowne of Englande The laste of this moneth were burned at Canterbury Iohn webbe gentleman George Roper and Gregory Painter Aboute the tenthe daye of Nouember dyed Stephane Gardiner Bisshoppe of winchester and Lord Chauncellour of Englande chiefe trauai●er in the bringing in of the pope and foren power into this Realme The vii day of December Iames Gore dyed in Colchester pryson The xiiij daye wyllyam wyseman dyed in Lowlers tower and was ca●te into the fieldes vnburied The xviii daye Iohn Philpot Archedeacon of wynchester was bourned in Smithfielde He was one of the chiefe that disputed in the co●u●tation house against the Papistes and putte the same disputation in writinge He wrate also his owne examinations and gathered manye authorities against the abuse of the Lordes supper and the vsurped power of the bishoppe of Rome He wrate also an Inu●●tyue againste Arrians and Anabaptistes Anni regum Angli 4 The xxvii of Ianuarye were burned in Smithfielde The yere of Christ 1556 Thomas Whitwel minister The yere of the worlde 5517 Bertelet Gre●● gentlemā of the temple in in Lōdon Thomas Brown Iohn Tutson Iohn Went Agnes Foster Ione L●shford● The .xxxi. of the same moneth were burned at Canterbury Iohn Lowmas Anne Albright Ione Soale Ione Paynter and Agnes Snode The .xix. of Februarye were bourned at Ipswitche two women The .x. day of Marche there appeared a notable blasyng s●arre in the Southeast The .xxj. of Marche Thomas Cranmer archebyshop of Canterbury was burned at Oxforde He wrate dyuers worthy bokes bothe in the tyme of kyng Edwar● and in the tyme of his imprisonment The .xxiiii. of the same moneth were burned at Salisbury three men one named Spiser one Maudrell and an other Liouerley About this tyme Cardinall Poole was made archebyshop of Canterbury The seconde daye of Aprille Iohn Hulliarde minister was bourned at Cambridge And Hartpole and Beches wydowe at Rochester The .x. of the same moneth were bourned in Smithfielde Willyam Tyms and Robert Drakes ministers George Ambrose Iohn Caruill Thomas Spurge and Rycharde Spurge The .xviii. day of the same month wer brent at Colchester Christopher Lyster minister Iohn Mace Rychard Nicoll Iohn Spenser Iohn Hamond Symon Gyen The .v. of Maye were burned at Glocester one Thomes a blynde boy and one other named Croker The .xiii. day of this moneth Margaret Elyot a mayden beynge condenmed to be burned died in Newgate at London and was buried in the fieldes The .xv. day were burned at Stratford the bow Iohn Aprice a clotheworker and blind and Heugh Leueroke a lame man The xvi daye were burned in Smithfielde Katarin● Hut-widow Ioan Horne Maidē And Elizabeth Thakn●ll mayden The .xxi. daye were bourned at Bekelles in Suffolke two men and a woman The xxxi daye william fleche died in the Kings bench and was buried in the backsyde About this tyme sir Iohn Cheke schole master to king Edwarde and sir Peter Carewe were trayterously taken in Flaunders and from thense shipped and brought to the tower of London and there kept till they submitted them selues to the Pope and then set at libertie But sir Iohn Cheke lyued not long after The .vi. day of Iune were burned at Lewes in Sussex Thomas Harlande Milwright Iohn Oswarde carpenter Thomas Reade and Thomas Auington And the .xx. day were burned there Thomas Hoode minister and Thomas Milles. The .xxiii. day Willyam Adhirall dyed in the kynges benche and the .xxv. day Iohn Clement wheelewright died there also and were bothe buried in the backesyde The .xxvi. day of this moneth there was bourned at Leycester a marchantes seruant The .xxvii. day of the same moneth there were burned at Stratforde the bowe in one fyre .xiii. persons whose names were Henry Adlyngton Kafe Iaxson William Holywell Thomas Bowyer Laurence Parmene Lyon Acoex Henry Wye Iohn Dorefall Iohn Rothe Edmunde Hurste George Searles Elizabeth Peper and Agnes George The same daye Thomas Paret dyed in the kynges benche and ii daies after Marten Hunt and were both buried in the backsyde The xxx daye there were .iii. burned at s. Edmundes burye The first of Iulye Iohn Carelesse weauer died in the Kinges benche was buried in the backsyde The xvi day of the same moneth were burned at Newbery Iohn Gwine shoemaker Askin Iulius palmer The xviii day wer burned at Grinsted Thomas dun-gate Iohn Forman and mother Tree Whiles the fire was thus raginge amōg the poore christians there were certen as busy aboute a conspiracye whose purpose was to haue robbed the Quene of her treasure in the Escheker and thereby to haue bene able to wage battell againste her whiche purpose as it was fond so fondly it was vttered by one of th●ir owne conspiracie And c●rten of th●m were appr●hended and executed As Udall ▪ Frogmorton ▪ Peecham Staunton and other And dyuers other fledde the Realme for the same The firste of August there was burned at Exceter an olde woman The .xxiiii. of S●ptember were burned at Mayefielde Iohn Hart Thomas Rau●s●all Nicholas holden and two other ▪ A●d the morowe after was bourned at Bristowe a yonge man a glouer About this time ther was burned one Iohn Hor●e at Newen● and a woman at wotton vnder edge in Glocester shiere And at Canterburye in the Castell Iohn Clearke Dunstan Chetterden Archer Pot●ins wy●e and Willi●m Fo●ter died of famine In Oc●ober one was bu●ned at North●mpton and it● died in Canterbury cast●ll and wer buried in the fields The yere of the worlde 5518 The yere of Christ 1557 The xx●i daye of Ianuary were burned a● Cante● b●in one tyre vi persons Anni regum Angli 5 The xxv of the same moneth wer burned at Asheforde two and at Wye othe● two The xxvii of February ther came to London an Embassadour sent from the kynge of 〈…〉 wher one of the thre ships that vent●ed towardes the caste by the north seas fortuned to arriue About this tyme D. Scot bishop of Chester D. Watson bisshop of Lyncolne and
this thinge was mente of the Sarasens whiche after that inuaded the empire with greatte crueltee The yere of the worlde 4596 The yere of Christ 635 CAdwalline the son of Cadwane Anni regum britannie 1 began his reigne ouer the Britaines He was valiant and mightye and warred strūglye vpon the Saxones and made Penda king of Mertia to him tributarie Kingilphus kinge of weast Saxones was tourned to the right belife The yere of the worlde 4597 The yere of Christ 636 by a holy man called Berinus Anni regum britannie 2 Sigeberte kinge of Eastangles or Northfolke ordeyned good letters to be learned and exected scholes in dyuers partes of his dominion as he somtime had sene in Fraunce By him was the first cōmon schole founded at Cambridge Dagobert king of Fraunce whiche before had lyued as a moderate and good prince The yere of the worlde 4598 The yere of Christ 637 Anni regum britannie 3 waxed nowe a cruell tyranne and with exactions pilled his people