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A00263 Articles to be enquired of by the church-wardens and sworne-men, within the diocesse of Winchester in the visitation of the Reuerend Father in God, Thomas Bishop of Winton, in his triennall visitation, holden 1603 in the first yeere of the raigne of Our Most Gracious Soueraigne Lord, Iames by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. Church of England. Diocese of Winchester. Bishop (1597-1616 : Bilson); Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. 1603 (1603) STC 10356.5; ESTC S874 8,425 17

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ARTICLES To be enquired of by the Church-wardens and Sworne-men within the Diocesse of Winchester in the Visitation of the reuerend Father in God Thomas Bishop of Winton in his Triennall Visitation holden 1603. In the first yeere of the raigne of our most gracious Soueraigne Lord Iames by the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland defender of the Faith c. Printed at London by Thomas Purfoot 1603. THe Church-wardens and their assistants are straightly required to read or heare all these Articles read ouer vnto them and diligently to consider and enquire thereof betweene the time of the deliuery hereof vnto them and the making of their presentments Articles to bee enquired of by the Church-wardens and Sworne-men within the Diocesse of Winchester and the trueth thereof to be by them vpon their oathes certainely presented to the Bishop or his Deputie with perticular answere to euerie Article Articles concerning the Cleargie WHether your common prayer be read by your Minister in your Churches or Chappels plainly and reuerently vpon all Sundayes and Holydaies and other daies prescribed in such order as is set foorth in the Booke of common praier authorized by the Lawes of this Realme without any innouation or change of any part thereof at due and conuenient houres And whether the holy Sacraments be likewise ministred reuerently in such manner as by the Booke of common praier is appointed 2 Item whether any person not being ordered at the least a Deacon hath attempted to say common praier openly in your Church or Chappell or to solemnize matrimonie or administer the Sacrament of Baptisme 3 Item whether the Church-wardens haue permitted or do suffer any Curator Minister to serue your Church before he be admitted and examined by the Ordinarie in writing and doe shew his licence vnder seale vnto the Church-wardens and whether any Curate doe serue two Cures in one day 4 Item whether your Minister not being a Preacher do euerie Sunday when there is no Sermon read distinctly and plainely some part of the Homilies prescribed and set forth by the Queens authoritie to be read and whether any Minister not admitted by the Ordinarie or by other lawfull authoritie doe expound any scripture or manner of doctrine and thereby omit and leaue off the reading of Homilies or whether any in your Parish doe depraue or speake against the Homilies and the vse of them in the Church 5 Item whether your Minister doe at the administration of the Lords Supper reuerently kneele when himselfe receiueth it according to the Booke of common praier and whether the communicants themselues in like sort doe reuerently kneele vppon their knees at the time of the receiuing thereof or whether he doe administer it confusedly to some kneeling to some sitting and to some standing 6 Item whether your preacher in his praier made in his Sermon whether it be at the beginning middle or end therof doe vse or omit at any time the praier for his Maiestie with his whole title giuen him as King of England Scotland Fraunce and Ireland desender of the faith c. of all causes and ouer all persons within his Maiesties Dominion as well ecclesiasticall as temporall next and immediatly vnder God supreame Gouernour and for our most gracious Queene the Prince of Wales their eldest Sonne and all their royall Progenie 7 Item whether any Lectures Cenuenticles or priuate meetings be read or vsed within your Parishes either publique in the Church or priuately in any house by any not licenced thereto by the Ordinary Or whether any such Reader do teach any doctrine of innouation to withdraw the people from due obedience to the ordinances of the Church set foorth by publique authoritie or to cause them to forbeare participating in prayer and sacraments with our Church 8 Item how many sermons hath your Parson or Uicar preached in his owne Church within this yeere past And if your Parson or Uicar be not a preacher how many sermons hath he procured to be preached there in this yeere past and who hath preached them and whether were they that did preach them licensed or no and by whom 9 Item whether your Minister hath receiued to the holy communion any persons which be not of his owne Parish without testimony from the minister of the place where they dwell what they be that it may appeare they be not persons excommunicate or otherwise notorious offenders 10 Item whether your Minister doe euerie Sunday or holiday openly in the Church call for heare and instruct all the children apprentices and seruants that be of conuenient age within your Parish or at the least so many of them by course as the time will serue and as he may well heare and instruct for one halfe houre at the least before or after Euening praier in the ten commandements the articles of the beleefe the Lords praier and the sacraments and diligently examine and teach them the Catechisme as it is now allowed and set forth in the Booke of common prayer and whether to that purpose he hath taken the names of them all and by course call certaine of them by name euery Sunday and Holiday to come to the teaching of this Catechisme and if the Parents Master be slacke in sending them whether he hath called vpon the churchwardens to present them 11 Item whether your Parson Uicar or Curate or other Minister in your Church or Chappell hath admitted to the holy communion any publicke excommunicate person or any open or notorious fornicator adulterer or euill liuer by whom publicke offence is giuen without due pennance first done to the satisfaction of the congregation enioyned him by his Ordinarie 12 Item whether your Preachers or Ministers be peace-makers and exhort their Parishioners to obedience towards their Prince and all other that be in authoritie and to the gouernement ecclesiasticall now established and to charitie and mutuall loue among themselues whether they be diligent in visiting the sicke and comforting them 13 Item whether any person hath preached declared or spoken any thing in derogation of the Book of cōmon praier which is set forth by the Lawes of this Realme dispraising or deprauing the same or any thing therein contained or against the Preachers or Ministers of the word and sacraments 14 Item whether there be prouided in your Parish one conuenient parchment Book And whether therin are written the names of all persons which haue beene christened married or buried in that Parish since the beginning of the raigne of our late most gracious Soueraigne Ladie Queene Elizabeth And whether euerie page of that Booke being filled with the inscription of those names be subscribed by the Minister and Church-wardens And whether euerie Sunday after morning or euening praier the Minister in the presence of the Churchwardens doe write into that parchment booke the names of all persons that haue been christeneed married or buried in the Parish the weeke before And immediatly after the wr●ting of all the