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A80028 Divine blossomes. A prospect or looking-glass for youth: wherein and whereby he may plainly behold and see a supereminency and super-excellency of grace and religion, beyond the worlds honor, glory, fame, repute, pleasure, joy, delight, love,. [sic] And all other lower accomodations whatsoever. Laid down to youth by exciting parallel between [brace] earths honor carnal pleasure inordinate love [brace] and [brace] heavens glory and spiritual pleasure divine love. Under every of which particulars, the author exemplarily expresseth himself in a varied verse. / Composed by a hearty wel-wisher to the youthful generation, Francis Cockin, alias Cokayne. Cockin, Francis. 1657 (1657) Wing C4873; Thomason E1652_1; ESTC R209121 43,716 131

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behove Loyal to him to be Yes that I will With all the skill That I can make or gain Whose work about I will lay out My self with might and main 27. Come Lovers I 'll you tell What privilege I have The which I will not sell For all Earths glory brave Although that glory Shews none can story Whereof my love possest Yet still dare I To him draw nigh In love to be refresht 28. My love he is not coy Though beautiful and fair But fills my soul with joy It glads me to appear Before his sight For why with might Afresh he doth me fill He ne'r me scorns But me adorns According to his will 29. While that low worthless beauty That thou dost so adore Presenting with such duty Gives thee no thanks therefore But makes thee serve While like to starve Regarding not thy love Whom thou draw'st nigh Oft she is shie And doth far off remove 30. With scorn she oft thee flouts The fruit of loath'd rejection Disdains with churlish pouts Thy tenders of affection Though thoudost crouch Her for to touch With lowly bended knee Yet she flies off Doth at thee scoff She will not no not she 31 O youth what pains thou tak'st Her love for to obtain Thy self most servile mak'st Yet merits but disdain But were I you I ne'r would sue For love so frivolous I would forsake No suit more make To be rejected thus 32. Unto my Love I never did Tender my hearts desire But he forth with me answered And sent me fire for fire What I him give He doth receive And so in mutual love We each enjoy Nor do we cloy Oh may I never move 33. They that do give a heart Unto the great Jehove May sure themselves that start He will not from his Love I 'm sure there 's none Can make their moane That they did to him tender Not onely part But their whole heart And he no love would render 34. Think'st thou that Jesus Christ The Heir of Earth and Heaven By whom thy soul was prick't And for't his life was given Thinks thou say I That he 'll deny Thee love when thou dost sue Ah no he won't His practice don't Confirm that thing as true 25. He 'll bind his listning ear When thou prefer'st a suit Thy voyce he soon will hear Nor will he then be mute He 'll condescend Unto that end For which thy suit was made He will delight And glad thy spright Come therefore ben't afraid 36. None ever made a proffer Of any thing to him That he refus'd their offer Or flung their scorn on them Ah no his grace Doth soon give place To entertain that love He 'll answer them With love again That truth of heart doth move 37. And youth when thou hast gain'd The person thou dost sue for Her love I mean obtain'd Which oft thy heart did rue for Thou art not sure It will endure For Lovers minds are changing For all that love Don't constant prove The mind is prone to ranging 38. But sure I am that love That God doth give to his Is constant can't remove It everlasting is The highest mountains And lowest fountains Shall all first cease to be The mighty hills The desert fields Shall move into the Sea 39 Could my tongue tell the sweets The pleasures of the mind That with my soul oft meets And I in love do find There is no ear That could them hear But would be ravish'd by 'em And then would spy The vanity In earthly things and fly ' em 40 No place can me debar The presence of my love That bideth every where On earth beneath above No company Can me deny My sweet converse with him Nor darkest night Hide from my sight His beauties clear and trim 41 This beauty can't decay Though age your lov 's defaces My joyes shall ' bide for aye In mutual loves embraces I shall enjoy Without annoy My love for evermore In that bright glory That none can story Where Seraphims him adore 42 The care that now I take Is only so to live A life that love may speak To whom my love I give I care not I Who doth defie The service of my love ' I shall be my care No cost to spare Sincere to him to prove 43 Commend or dis-commend My lov 's most strict commands It nought to me doth tend My act not therein stands I will endeavour Now and for ever His pleasure for to do With heart and might Both day and night Who ' er's averse thereto 44 I prize no love to his For what 's all else to me In him 's contain'd my bliss Nought care I else to see 'T is he alone That onely one On whom my hear doth fix Him would I serve Not from him swerve Nor other service mix 45. Oh may my heart be true My will and my desire Constantly him pursue And be to him entire Who is worthy Of more than I Am able for to give him But to his praise Even all my dayes I crave that I may live him 46. A thousand hearts had I And every heart the might The strength and valiancy Of thousands as his right Them unto him My hearts dear gem Would I present and give And think this all Yet far too small For him for to receive 47. My tender youthful years Hath long agoe forsaken Earth's fading foolish toyes Of them farewel hath taken My tender youth They may not sooth For dead is my desire Unto its joyes Such worthless toyes That do so soon expire 48. My tender years present Their youthful strength to him With whole and joint consent To whom bright Sol is dim Whom I adore For evermore As Soveraign Lord and King Whom I 'd reraise In strains of praise And of his Glories sing The Conclusion NOw young man lay to heart what I have said Note well each matter I have here down laid Here 's life and death presented fairly to thee Be well advis'd they both alike do woo thee Onely there 's this advantage courses ill do swiftest go their path is down the hill But youth thy breast is strong and youthful fire May carry thee up-hill-wayes and yet not tire Put thy strength to it do not back retire Thy lungs being good thy breath 't will not expire Though down-hill-waies are easie yet there 's danger In them it is the practice of each stranger Eas'ly to go yea t' light and lead their Horse There where the Road doth prove a down-hill course But up-hill wayes do offer means to try The Horses courage strength and valiancy The rider he delights swiftly to force A speedy passage on an up hill course So young man up-hill-waies present th' occasion To try thy youthful strength without perswasion Come put on courage put on manly might And mount this hill the which presents to sight A gallant prospect the bright Court of Heaven Where Saints and Angels all the glorious seven Do sit and chant the everlasting praise Of
Earth the Captain is The cause is good 't is for eternal bliss 5. O put on courage Let that boyling blood That heats your veins turn into holy rage Bid Sin avaunt let Sathan be withstood And in that holy War your selves engage Redeem your time your freedomes and your selves For all are Captives unto hellish Elves 6. Your enemy is strong a potent foe He 's full of might of policy and skill The World the Flesh do joyn their strength un●● Most earthly Powers do obey his will Things that do look with seeming glorious faces Principalities and Foes in heavenly places 7. You have to fight against Engines of War Your Foe-man hath sleights stratagems and wildes Whereby he often conquers from afar And often many Creatures he beguiles We are his Slaves and in fell bondage all Stand at his beck and run when he doth call Encouragements 8. and Exhortations Oh let us rouze us quitting sinful floth And put on courage and go forth with might For to engage in fight let 's not be loth Because we lose our Souls else and their right What though our Foe be strong our Captain 's stronger What though his arm be long our Captain 's longer 9. The Body 's broke Up up and take the spoyl The Body of our foes puissant strength Our noble Captain ' th given Death the foyl And we shall be victorious to him at length Fall on Fall on our foes are in a Rout The Victory is ours out of doubt 10. Right noble Spirits true heroick Minds Delight t' engage where Courage may appear I have oft heard how glad He is that finds A desperate attempt that may him dare And this they do that the shrill Trump of Fame Unto the Age may blazon forth their Name 11. Argument 1. But young Men Heark ye If that airy honour May move hot Spirits to adventure far Then what may this under Jehovah's Banner For your owne Interests t' attempt a War Y' are Slaves to Sin and to each Humour then Arise arise and quit your selves like Men. 12. The Spoyl is good the Triumph and the Joy Is great and glorious Ever doth endure Time sha'nt wear out Oblivion sha'nt destroy Your Trophees of Renown you shall be sure Ever to have and therewithall a Crown Of lasting Glory when this life 's laid down 13. Each valiant Act and each Heroick Deed You do or ever shall attempt to do With real Heart taking respective heed Shall much the glory of your Crown ad to For every Lust you conquer and subdue Joy Peace and Comfort will to you ensue 14. Argument 2. Nay 'T is high Honour for you then to joyn With Gods own Son the Heir of Earth and Heaven Your spirits then with his Spirit combine For to destroy all Sin his Life was given He came to overthrow the works of th' Devil The same do you when you oppose an Evil. 15. Youth would'st have Honour Prethee tell me then What is' t to be Favourite to a King The King of Kings that rules and reigneth when The world shall cease and every earthly thing This thou shalt be if thou dost to him live A Crown and Kingdome likewise he 'l thee give 16. Tell me then Can thy strength be laid out better Can thy hot vigorous Youth it self imploy For more advantage then to make him Debter Unto thee that doth Heaven and Earth enjoy His Love thou gain'st by living in his will Shalt Him and his possesse on Zions Hill 12. Oh lay not out the strength of youthful years To feed foul humours and a fond desire Vain pleasures will procure eternal tears And make thee lodge in everlasting fire Resist oppose thy youthful inclination That leads thee captive to each sordid passion 13. Wilt serve him whom thou art asham'd to own As Master of the work that thou dost do Be not deceiv'd but look what thou hast sown Thou canst not but expect to reap also Bur-seed doth Burs Dill-seed doth Dill bring forth The fruit and seed are ever of like worth 14. Thou sow'st in Flesh of Flesh thou shalt reap shame But if in Spirit glory thou shalt find Permit not puny pleasure for to maim Thy Souls best strength nor to enerve thy Mind Thou canst not say but 't is an absurd evil To give the worst to God the best to th' Devil 15. Tax me not Young-man that I do enjoyn Thee to a thing impossible to do No I 'l assure thee here is not a line But 't is thy safety to comply unto 'T is not by Hear-say that the thing I tell But by Experience I know it well 〈…〉 21. My heart esteems't the noblest design That ere my youth can make adventure on Unto Jehove to make a full resign And in my Soul for to set up his Throne I would that he should reign o're me as King And every thought to his Subjection bring 22. His service I esteem at such a rate I would not leave it for to be a King An Emperour the mightyest Potentate The Earth ere bore I do esteem that thing Of far less worth in Splendor far more dim Then for to be a Servant unto him 23. I scorne a Crown an Earthly Diadem The Scepter of this universe to sway Compared with that matchlesse glorious Gem Of grace for why that Honour 's but a day But grace doth bring to glory evermore Makes a possessour of all glorious Store 24. If that a Crown was layed at my feet As sure as I do live there should it lie If with Emperial honour men should greet Me as the greatest Earthly majesty I would refuse that honour and that grace For those same troubles that attend the place 25. Much more would I contemn it if it should Be proffer'd to me if I would forsake The Service of my God or if I would My self subservient to my humours make No such petty honour I disown I eye no less then an alglorious Crown 26. An Earthly Crown 's too mean for my desire Too base an object for my heart to fix on My Spirit 's fill'd with more Heroick fire I beauty love not such a dull complexion My Noble Soul doth crave a bigger boone I must injoy that sacred Three in one 27. Your fading honour I esteem as dung Earth's weltering glory as the dirt in street I will not lodg one thought thereof among Those noble thoughts my Soul do dayly greet Base servile earth avaunt I 'l not enslave My thoughts with thee if I the world might have 28. Alas poor earth what 's all that thou canst give Or dost afford when sorrow greets the mind Wherein can an awakened conscience live What cordial in thy Store-house can it find Thou canst not give thereto one dram of peace 'T is not in thee to make distraction cease 29. Alas Alas thy glories are too mean Too mean an object for the Souls desire The Souls desire's vast and too extreme 'T is too extreme and heat with better fire Then