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A96078 A dialogue betw[een] life and death Very requisite for the conte[m]plation of all transitory pilgrims, and pious minded Christians. Wates, Richard. 1657 (1657) Wing W1059; ESTC R232341 7,311 37

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a_o dialogue_n betw●●●_n life_n and_o death_n very_o requisite_a for_o the_o contemplation_n of_o all_o transitory_a pilgrim_n and_o pious_a min●ed_a ch●isti●●●_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ●●●●on_n by_o w._n w._n &_o be_v to_o be_v sell_v by_o edwar●_n 〈◊〉_d 〈…〉_o ●auls_n churchyard_a to_o the_o worshipful_a true_o affecte●_n and_o no_o less_o meritorious_a mr_n james_n bis_n …_o senior_n esquire_n the_o author_n wish_v grace_n mercy_n and_o peace_n sir_n the_o manifold_a courtesy_n receive_v at_o you●_n hand_n deserve_v a_o far_o more_o gratification_n than_o my_o ability_n either_o the_o one_o way_n 〈◊〉_d the_o other_o be_v able_a to_o give_v you_o yet_o to_o b●_n oblivious_a of_o all_o be_v treb●e_a ingratitude_n and_o therefore_o to_o shun_v so_o absurd_a a_o error_n i_o hau●_n in_o my_o dutiful_a affection_n lay_v aside_o commic●…_n thaleia_n present_v to_o your_o worship_n view_n deat●_n conquer_a that_o must_v be_v conquer_a although_o th●_n subject_n be_v not_o correspondent_a to_o festival_n time_n yet_o to_o 〈◊〉_d think_v upon_o at_o all_o time_n and_o so_o in_o conclusion_n 〈◊〉_d time_n omit_v but_o to_o make_v my_o wing_n big_a than_o 〈◊〉_d nest_n be_v ridiculous_a and_o therefore_o in_o the_o best_a 〈◊〉_d affection_n i_o rest_v be_v oblige_v richard_n wates_n dialogue_n between_o life_n and_o deata_n the_o speaker_n for_o life_n be_v wisdom_n beauty_n wealth_n youth_n and_o age._n death_n begin_v and_o proclaim_v his_o authority_n from_o who_o he_o be_v send_v from_o the_o imperial_a throne_n of_o your_o creator_n with_o this_o my_o large_a commission_n i_o be_o send_v my_o name_n be_v death_n which_o must_v so_o much_o abhor_v and_o will_v through_o frailty_n this_o my_o sting_n prevent_v but_o my_o embassage_n no_o one_o may_v withstand_v be_v seal_v in_o eden_n by_o the_o almighty_n hand_n this_o sandy_a glass_n which_o in_o my_o hand_n i_o bear_v do_v measure_n out_o the_o time_n of_o mortal_a man_n which_o be_v run_v with_o this_o my_o dart_a spear_n i_o bring_v he_o to_o the_o grave_n both_o pale_a and_o wan_a nor_o king_n nor_o keysar_n nor_o the_o servile_a slave_n that_o can_v be_v privilege_v from_o the_o grave_n no_o golden_a bribe_n though_o lean_a i_o be_o in_o show_n shall_v cause_v i_o at_o fond_a worldling_n once_o connive_v nor_o plead_v orator_n who_o wisdom_n flow_v like_a to_o bright_a pallas_n shall_v his_o date_n survive_v where_o be_v brave_a hector_n pompey_n alexander_n why_o go_v by_o i_o that_o be_o the_o world_n commander_n there_o be_v not_o a_o day_n do_v pass_v but_o i_o do_v bring_v a_o full_a fill_v catalogue_n of_o the_o dead_n name_n unto_o your_o dreadful_a lord_n and_o heavenly_a king_n some_o to_o their_o consolation_n some_o their_o shame_n where_o in_o a_o book_n of_o brass_n the_o total_a sum_n be_v all_o record_v till_o the_o judgement_n come_v the_o utmost_a region_n of_o the_o earth_n i_o tread_v to_o find_v the_o christian_a pagan_a fair_a and_o foul_a million_o of_o million_o living_n i_o leave_v dead_a some_o with_o a_o bless_a some_o a_o curse_a soul_n i_o can_v give_v omittance_n for_o a_o hour_n have_v my_o charge_n from_o the_o eternal_a power_n death_n be_v thy_o advantage_n death_n speak_v to_o youth_n thou_o that_o be_v youthful_a and_o be_v new_o come_v to_o speak_v the_o prologue_n of_o a_o great_a sum_n yet_o err_v thy_o speech_n be_v end_v death_n do_v spy_v the_o period_n of_o thy_o sand_n and_o thou_o must_v die_v youth_n plead_v for_o itself_o but_o i_o be_o young_a and_o in_o the_o prime_n of_o day_n then_o be_v it_o not_o ingratitude_n in_o thou_o to_o nip_v the_o garland_n of_o my_o new_a grow_v bay_n before_o it_o come_v to_o full_a maturity_n i_o be_o but_o threescore_o year_n and_o ten_o nay_o more_o i_o may_v survive_v ere_o nature_n give_v i_o over_o have_v we_o not_o example_n late_o in_o father_n parr_n that_o live_v a_o hundred_o forty_o and_o twelve_o year_n although_o time_n glass_n to_o few_o do_v run_v so_o far_o yet_o man_n of_o foure-score_n gate_n there_o oft_o appear_v then_o be_v it_o not_o mere_a cruelty_n in_o death_n for_o to_o bereave_v my_o youthful_a day_n of_o breath_n ah_o let_v i_o live_v that_o i_o the_o world_n may_v know_v and_o reap_v the_o joy_n my_o age_a sire_n have_v sow_v let_v death_n to_o some_o sick_a pine_a person_n go_v who_o heavy_a yoke_n do_v make_v his_o heart_n to_o groan_v upon_o my_o youth_n feed_v not_o thy_o malice_n fall_v till_o i_o have_v drink_v at_o aristotle_n well_o death_n answer_v youth_n alas_o poor_a youth_n have_v thou_o not_o often_o s●ene_v the_o silly_a lamkin_n to_o the_o market_n come_v before_o his_o damn_n true_a it_o be_v thy_o day_n be_v green_a and_o now_o but_o enter_v to_o a_o great_a sum_n but_o as_o the_o day_n &_o hour_n and_o month_n and_o year_n come_v on_o upon_o thou_o so_o come_v on_o thy_o care_n nor_o to_o abridge_v thy_o youthful_a day_n of_o life_n be_v malice_n show_v but_o now_o to_o cut_v thou_o down_o be_v the_o road_n way_n to_o set_v thou_o free_a from_o strife_n and_o add_v unto_o thy_o soul_n a_o last_a crown_n i_o shall_v acquit_v thou_o from_o a_o world_n of_o sin_n which_o long_a day_n in_o lose_v great_o win_v and_o ah_o be_v thou_o but_o capable_a to_o know_v the_o intricate_a design_n of_o mortal_a man_n now_o he_o be_v in_o the_o gulf_n of_o grief_n and_o woe_n dogged_a at_o the_o heel_n with_o sad_a despair_n and_o than_o perhaps_o raise_v high_a on_o proud_a ambition_n wing_n whilst_o he_o forget_v his_o god_n &_o heavenly_a king_n nor_o may_v i_o dally_v with_o thy_o tender_a day_n i_o must_v dispatch_v my_o errand_n be_v send_v then_o fear_v not_o silly_a youth_n i_o bring_v the_o joy_n and_o free_v thou_o from_o all_o earthly_a discontent_n see_v see_v thy_o glass_n be_v run_v take_v here_o this_o sheet_n and_o lay_v thou_o down_o at_o death_n triumphant_a foot_n o_o happy_a change_n even_o such_o be_v man_n that_o live_v by_o breath_n each_o moment_n change_v unto_o death_n arise_v this_o be_v no_o place_n of_o rest_n death_n speak_v to_o wisdom_n thou_o that_o have_v wisdom_n and_o apprehend_v as_o much_o as_o to_o poor_a mortal_a man_n do_v tend_v and_o right_o can_v discern_v earth_n sea_n and_o sky_n yet_o man_n for_o all_o this_o wisdom_n bear_a to_o die_v wisdom_n plead_v for_o itself_o can_v my_o large_a apology_n acquit_v my_o body_n from_o thy_o rage_n and_o cruel_a stroke_n can_v my_o pregnant_a and_o ingenious_a wit_n study_v a_o new_a find_v way_n to_o slip_v thy_o yoke_n can_v the_o muse_n and_o deep_a art_n divine_a prevent_v the_o cruel_a blow_n death_n do_v assign_v nor_o yet_o the_o knowledge_n of_o my_o mother_n breast_n oxford_n and_o cambridge_n not_o one_o way_n devise_v for_o to_o escape_v thou_o or_o shall_v i_o request_v with_o tear_n of_o purple_a blood_n from_o weep_a eye_n or_o with_o oration_n frame_v from_o art_n most_o high_a enough_o to_o pierce_v the_o ten_o fold_n orb_n and_o sky_n death_n answer_v wisdom_n have_v jove_n beget_v thou_o in_o minerva_n arm_n and_o have_v more_o learning_n than_o ever_o mortal_a yet_o or_o be_v thou_o drench_v whereas_o the_o muse_n swarm_n with_o holy_a rapture_n yea_o and_o round_o beset_v with_o angel_n for_o thou_o yet_o know_v that_o i_o be_o inexorable_a to_o they_o or_o man_n where_o be_v solomon_n that_o wise_a belove_a king_n prophet_n and_o prediviner_n where_o be_v they_o do_v not_o this_o impartial_a hand_n soon_o bring_v their_o body_n to_o be_v lodge_v in_o bed_n of_o clay_n and_o so_o must_v thou_o for_o lo_o thy_o glass_n be_v run_v no_o wisdom_n can_v preserve_v thou_o death_n be_v come_v what_o not_o die_v thou_o piece_n of_o proud_a earth_n death_n speak_v to_o beauty_n thou_o that_o have_v beauty_n princely_a heart_n to_o move_v enough_o to_o make_v cold_a death_n in_o fiery_a love_n yet_o know_v fair_a dame_n the_o beauty_n of_o thy_o eye_n must_v be_v eclipse_v be_v bear_v to_o die_v wealth_n plead_v for_o its_o self_n can_v my_o bag_n of_o gold_n with_o death_n prevail_v though_o i_o bring_v million_o to_o escape_v thy_o stroke_n so_o to_o be_v privilege_v from_o the_o gale_n and_o not_o be_v subject_a to_o thy_o painful_a yoke_n i_o will_v give_v thou_o all_o my_o revenue_n beside_o so_o i_o in_o golgatha_n may_v not_o be_v spy_v take_v crown_n and_o sceptre_n on_o the_o same_o condition_n jewel_n and_o accoutrement_n take_v they_o all_o so_o that_o my_o name_n from_o out_o thy_o strict_a commission_n be_v whole_o cancel_v that_o i_o never_o fall_v thy_o look_n be_v terrible_a hideous_a and_o thin_a that_o make_v i_o tremble_v at_o my_o former_a sin_n death_n answer_v to_o wealth_n be_v all_o the_o mine_n that_o in_o the_o earth_n do_v lie_v dig_v and_o convert_v