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A28298 Prince Arthur an heroick poem in ten books / by Richard Blackmore ... Blackmore, Richard, Sir, d. 1729. 1695 (1695) Wing B3080; ESTC R23258 151,284 320

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arm_n regain_v your_o own_o fear_v not_o the_o relic_n of_o a_o conquer_a foe_n their_o totter_a state_n fall_v with_o another_o blow_n now_o let_v no_o funeral_n honour_n be_v deny_v to_o these_o brave_a man_n that_o for_o their_o country_n die_v let_v we_o with_o sigh_n and_o tear_n lament_v their_o fate_n who_o fall_v while_o strive_v to_o support_v our_o state_n age_n to_o come_v shall_v their_o great_a virtue_n praise_n view_v the_o tomb_n that_o on_o their_o grave_n you_o raise_v and_o first_o the_o prince_n to_o the_o pavilion_n go_v whither_o brave_a macor_n breathless_a corpse_n be_v send_v he_o lay_v extend_v on_o a_o purple_a bed_n with_o high_a raise_v pillow_n place_v beneath_o his_o head_n his_o servant_n stand_v round_o their_o grief_n express_v with_o old_a pendarvan_n sad_a above_o the_o rest_n cador_n to_o he_o as_o to_o his_o faithful_a friend_n for_o wise_a instruction_n do_v his_o son_n commend_v his_o counsel_n form_v his_o youth_n and_o do_v prepare_v his_o mind_n for_o all_o concern_v of_o peace_n and_o war._n now_o in_o his_o face_n the_o deep_a grief_n appear_v he_o beat_v his_o breast_n and_o bathe_v it_o with_o his_o tear_n he_o wring_v his_o hand_n and_o in_o his_o mournful_a rage_n tear_n off_o the_o hoary_a honour_n of_o his_o age._n immoderate_a grief_n in_o lamentable_a sound_n as_o arthur_n enter_v through_o the_o room_n rebound_v the_o pious_a prince_n with_o heavy_a sorrow_n press_v burst_v out_o in_o tear_n and_o thus_o his_o grief_n express_v inexorable_a death_n at_o every_o heart_n without_o distinction_n shoot_v her_o fatal_a dart._n can_v beauty_n courage_n virtue_n youthful_a age_n move_v her_o compassion_n or_o divert_v her_o rage_n brave_a youth_n thou_o have_v escape_v and_o live_v to_o see_v our_o triumph_n for_o a_o vict'ry_n due_a to_o thou_o but_o all_o thy_o charm_n by_o strong_a fate_n overcome_v can_v not_o reverse_v the_o irrevocable_a doom_n oh_o thy_o sad_a sire_n what_o swell_a grief_n will_v roll_v its_o stormy_a tide_n over_o his_o afflict_a soul_n can_v he_o the_o news_n of_o macor_n death_n survive_v or_o i_o with_o who_o he_o trust_v he_o forgive_v to_o allay_v the_o smart_n may_v the_o danmonians_n tell_v how_o brave_o macor_v fight_v how_o great_a he_o fall_v and_o how_o my_o own_o with_o cador_n grief_n contend_v he_o mourn_v the_o best_a of_o son_n and_o i_o the_o best_a of_o friend_n our_o hope_n be_v go_v may_v the_o danmonians_n cry_v and_o what_o britannia_n can_v thy_o loss_n supply_v then_o to_o embalm_v the_o prince_n he_o give_v command_v that_o he_o may_v send_v he_o to_o his_o native_a land_n straight_o with_o hot_a stream_n they_o wash_v his_o body_n over_o and_o purge_v his_o skin_n from_o dust_n and_o putrid_a gore_n then_o in_o arabian_a spice_n fragrant_a gum_n rare_a aromatic_a oil_n and_o rich_a perfume_n they_o lay_v his_o snowy_a body_n which_o they_o fold_v in_o band_n of_o linen_n round_o he_o often_o roll_v then_o from_o his_o troop_n a_o thousand_o youth_n he_o choose_v that_o may_v a_o solemn_a equipage_n compose_v that_o may_v accompany_v the_o funeral_n state_n to_o the_o unhappy_a father_n palace_n gate_n small_a comfort_n for_o so_o great_a a_o loss_n yet_o due_a to_o the_o sad_a sire_n and_o all_o the_o prince_n can_v show_v forthwith_o the_o briton_n weave_v with_o bend_a sprig_n of_o willow_n tree_n and_o tender_a oaken_a twig_n a_o easy_a bier_n and_o with_o soft_a rush_n spread_v sweet_a flower_n and_o fragrant_a herb_n the_o lofty_a bed_n the_o roof_n on_o high_a fresh_a spread_a branch_n shade_n and_o here_o sublime_a the_o hapless_a youth_n be_v lay_v such_o on_o the_o ground_n the_o fade_a rose_n we_o see_v by_o some_o rude_a blast_n tear_v from_o the_o parent_n tree_n the_o daffodil_n so_o lean_v his_o languid_a head_n new_o mow_v down_o upon_o his_o grassy_a bed_n though_o from_o the_o earth_n no_o more_o supply_v they_o gain_v their_o splendid_a form_n in_o part_n and_o lovely_a hue_n remain_v then_o a_o rich_a garment_n glorious_a to_o behold_v pond'rous_a with_o orient_a pearl_n and_o stiff_a with_o gold_n a_o noble_a present_n from_o king_n odar_n hand_n receive_v when_o arthur_n leave_v the_o neustrian_a land_n upon_o the_o bier_n his_o royal_a bounty_n throw_v the_o last_o respect_n that_o a_o sad_a friend_n can_v show_v a_o noble_a portion_n of_o the_o wealthy_a prey_n and_o spoil_n gain_v from_o the_o foe_n on_o car_n they_o lay_v with_o arm_n and_o standard_n that_o himself_o have_v win_v the_o trophy_n of_o the_o wonder_n he_o have_v do_v now_o the_o magnificent_a and_o pompous_a woe_n do_v from_o the_o camp_n in_o sad_a procession_n go_v the_o labour_a axle_n mourn_v along_o the_o road_n and_o groan_n beneath_o the_o uncomfortable_a load_n the_o horse_n slow_o march_v and_o mournful_a look_n as_o they_o their_o share_n of_o public_a sorrow_n take_v pendarvan_n follow_v stoop_v with_o his_o year_n but_o more_o with_o grief_n and_o deluge_v in_o his_o tear_n then_o macor_n chariot_n roll_v distain_v with_o blood_n on_o which_o sublime_a amid_o the_o war_n he_o ride_v his_o war-horse_n rapa_n with_o black_a trappings_o spread_v and_o he_o too_o seem_v to_o weep_v be_v after_o lead_v his_o arm_n and_o polish_a armour_n other_o bear_v his_o golden_a spur_n his_o helmet_n shield_n and_o spear_n then_o in_o long_a order_n the_o danmonians_n mourn_v their_o spear_n turn_v backward_o and_o their_o buckler_n turn_v then_o arthur_n stand_v and_o with_o sad_a accent_n speak_v thus_o far_o i_o mourn_v the_o fate_n i_o can_v revoke_v back_o i_o be_o call_v where_o arm_n and_o bloody_a strife_n with_o more_o sad_a object_n must_v renew_v my_o grief_n farewell_o brave_a youth_n farewell_o till_o we_o above_o meet_v in_o the_o peaceful_a realm_n of_o light_n and_o love_n he_o say_v no_o more_o but_o turn_v and_o take_v his_o way_n back_o to_o the_o camp_n which_o lofty_a work_v survey_v mean_a time_n ten_o orator_n from_o octa_n send_v arrive_v and_o wait_v at_o the_o prince_n tent._n their_o embassy_n a_o truce_n be_v to_o obtain_v to_o clear_v the_o field_n and_o to_o inter_v the_o slay_v they_o urge_v that_o all_o hostility_n shall_v cease_v against_o the_o dead_a who_o ought_v to_o rest_v in_o peace_n that_o all_o heroic_a conqueror_n ever_o give_v to_o those_o from_o who_o they_o take_v their_o life_n a_o grave_a the_o saxon_n prayer_n seem_v just_a and_o ten_o day_n truce_n prince_n arthur_n grant_v for_o this_o pious_a use._n to_o cador_n court_n the_o heavy_a tiding_n come_v bear_v swift_o thither_o on_o the_o wing_n of_o fame_n loud_a lamentation_n through_o the_o palace_n go_v and_o bitter_a cry_n give_v their_o strong_a passion_n vent_v officious_a fame_n the_o dismal_a news_n relate_v and_o universal_a sorrow_n propagate_v pale_a face_n cross_v arm_n deject_a eye_n overflow_a tear_n and_o deep_a despair_a sigh_n compose_v a_o finish_v scene_n of_o black_a woe_n the_o tragic_a place_n do_v all_o sad_a figure_n show_v the_o man_n like_o pallid_a ghost_n pass_v silent_a by_o women_z outrageous_a in_o their_o sorrow_n cry_v macor_n be_v dead_a our_o hope_n too_o with_o he_o die_v through_o all_o the_o street_n prodigious_a number_n flow_v and_o pour_v out_o from_o the_o gate_n promiscuous_a go_v to_o meet_v their_o hero_n hearse_n with_o flame_v brand_v and_o pitchy_a torch_n light_v in_o their_o hand_n which_o in_o long_a order_n shine_v along_o the_o way_n disclose_v the_o field_n and_o call_v back_o banish_v day_n soon_o as_o they_o spy_v the_o lofty_a hearse_n from_o far_o attend_v with_o the_o pomp_n of_o mournful_a war_n a_o lamentable_a cry_v the_o valley_n fill_v echo_n repeat_v it_o loud_o in_o the_o hill_n wild_a with_o their_o grief_n distract_v with_o despair_n they_o strike_v their_o throbe_v breast_n tear_v off_o their_o hair_n and_o with_o their_o pierce_a scream_n disturb_v the_o air._n both_o troop_n unite_v rival_n in_o love_n and_o grief_n and_o the_o sad_a conquest_n seek_v with_o equal_a strife_n as_o cador_n love_n no_o bound_n his_o sorrow_n know_v who_o from_o their_o arm_n and_o prayer_n distract_v fly_v close_o in_o his_o arm_n he_o do_v the_o corpse_n embrace_v kiss_v his_o cold_a lip_n and_o bathe_v with_o tear_n his_o face_n a_o scene_n so_o tender_a such_o a_o move_a sight_n melt_v all_o their_o heart_n and_o do_v fresh_a grief_n invite_v touch_v with_o compassion_n to_o the_o afflict_a king_n from_o their_o exhaust_a eye_n fresh_a torrent_n spring_n when_o the_o fierce_a tempest_n have_v its_o fury_n break_v with_o a_o deep_a sigh_v the_o unhappy_a monarch_n speak_v oh_o my_o dear_a son_n how_o mild_a have_v be_v my_o doom_n have_v thou_o escape_v i_o suffer_v in_o thy_o room_n this_o sight_n kill_v worse_a than_o death_n oh_o that_o the_o dart_n have_v miss_v thy_o breast_n and_o pierce_v thy_o father_n heart_n oh_o that_o to_o
almighty_n rest_a day_n then_o the_o bless_a voice_n come_v with_o hymn_n of_o praise_n angelic_a music_n sweet_a melodious_a lay_n such_o as_o bright_a spirit_n in_o high_a rapture_n sing_v around_o the_o throne_n of_o their_o eternal_a king_n now_o the_o first_o rank_n of_o potentate_n and_o peer_n mighty_a arch-angel_n and_o high_a throne_n appear_v crown_n of_o substantial_a massy_a glory_n make_v adorn_v with_o gem_n and_o flower_n that_o never_o fade_v and_o green_n of_o heavenly_a growth_n all_o wreathe_v between_o be_v on_o the_o head_n of_o this_o bright_a order_n see_v fresh_a green_n and_o flower_n such_o as_o their_o garden_n bring_v blessed_v with_o mild_a ray_n and_o everlasting_a spring_n vial_n of_o incense_n in_o their_o hand_n they_o bear_v and_o the_o sweet_a cloud_n in_o wheel_n roll_v up_o the_o air._n odour_n not_o to_o be_v tell_v fan_v from_o they_o fly_v and_o wondrous_a fragrancy_n perfume_v the_o sky_n each_o have_v his_o lyre_n that_o from_o his_o shoulder_n hang_v with_o golden_a wire_n like_o radiant_a sunbeam_n string_v such_o be_v their_o splendour_n with_o such_o grace_n they_o tread_v in_o look_n and_o motion_n each_o appear_v a_o god_n hither_o thick_a crowd_n of_o vulgar_a angel_n make_v and_o to_o admire_v this_o glorious_a order_n stay_v and_o as_o they_o pass_v humble_a obeisance_n pay_v then_o low_a rank_n in_o long_a procession_n pass_v with_o crown_n and_o badge_n of_o distinction_n grace_v and_o all_o so_o splendid_a all_o so_o rich_a and_o gay_a that_o heaven_n before_o never_o see_v so_o bright_a a_o day_n unfading_a rose_n of_o a_o heavenly_a red_a on_o the_o bright_a pavement_n be_v profuse_o spread_v elysian_a jess'mine_n and_o blessed_v am'rant_a lay_n in_o odorous_a heap_n along_o the_o milky_a way_n the_o fountain_n all_o such_o cost_n be_v then_o bestow_v with_o unexhausted_a spring_n of_o nectar_n flow_v and_o now_o advance_v before_o the_o imperial_a throne_n that_o losty_a with_o excessive_a brightness_n shine_v they_o from_o the_o uneasy_a lustre_n of_o the_o light_n protect_v with_o spread_a wing_n their_o dazzle_a sight_n in_o prostrate_a adoration_n down_o they_o fall_v oppress_v with_o glory_n unsupportable_a entrance_v transport_v ravish_v there_o they_o lie_v and_o with_o bless_a hallelujah_n fill_v the_o sky_n in_o song_n sublime_a they_o praise_v the_o eternal_a mind_n his_o work_n from_o all_o the_o age_n pass_v design_v his_o greatness_n wisdom_n empire_n unconfined_a his_o justice_n that_o no_o force_n or_o prayer_n can_v move_v his_o spotless_a truth_n and_o everlasting_a love_n they_o sing_v the_o eternal_a son_n be_v immortal_a praise_n and_o to_o a_o equal_a height_n the_o sacred_a spirit_n raise_v then_o all_o arise_v from_o the_o sacred_a choir_n overflow_a with_o unbounded_a joy_n retire_v to_o the_o bless_a shade_n of_o the_o celestial_a bower_n where_o oft_o they_o choose_v to_o pass_v their_o happy_a hour_n their_o hunger_n here_o delicious_a banquet_n meet_v with_o vast_a profusion_n on_o rich_a table_n set_v banquet_n divine_a not_o such_o as_o mortal_n eat_v high_a dish_n in_o long_a pomp_n and_o order_n stand_v fill_v with_o choice_a fruit_n rare_a meat_n all_o angel_n food_n ambrosial_a juice_n sweet_a nectarean_a wine_n ravish_v their_o taft_n and_o make_v their_o face_n shine_v the_o son_n of_o god_n thus_o cheer_v dissolve_v in_o joy_n whilst_o his_o high_a praise_n their_o bless_a tongue_n employ_v in_o joy_n and_o triumph_n so_o the_o day_n they_o spend_v such_o mirth_n and_o show_v the_o festival_n attend_v then_o when_o the_o evening_n come_v or_o what_o instead_o of_o evening_n there_o do_v in_o its_o turn_n succeed_v glorious_a illumination_n make_v on_o high_a by_o all_o the_o constellation_n of_o the_o sky_n in_o bright_a degree_n and_o shine_a order_n place_v spectator_n charm_v and_o the_o bless_a dwelling_n grace_v through_o all_o the_o inlight'ned_a air_n rare_a firework_n fly_v which_o the_o celestial_a youth_n with_o shout_v throw_v comet_n fly_v up_o with_o their_o red_a sweep_a train_n then_o fall_v in_o starry_a shower_n and_o glitter_a rain_n in_o the_o air_n ten_o thousand_o meteor_n blaze_v hang_v that_o from_o heaven_n gild_a battlement_n be_v sling_v here_o furious_a fly_v dragon_n hiss_v come_v here_o harmless_a fire_n play_v in_o a_o lambent_a flame_n such_o universal_a joy_n in_o heaven_n they_o show_v and_o in_o such_o hallow_a mirth_n the_o day_n conclude_v in_o such_o delight_v they_o pass_v their_o time_n above_o and_o so_o shall_v we_o if_o like_o they_o we_o obey_v and_o love_n in_o all_o the_o joy_n that_o happy_a mind_n attain_v bless_a adam_n first_o begin_v to_o live_v and_o reign_v he_o to_o fair_a eden_n paradise_n resort_v where_o every_o sense_n its_o proper_a pleasure_n court_v the_o joyful_a spring_n by_o soft_a favonius_n fan_v diffuse_v her_o riches_n with_o a_o wanton_a hand_n from_o newblown_a flower_n luxurious_a odour_n fly_v and_o heavenly_a landscape_n meet_v his_o ravish_a eye_n the_o twine_a branch_n weave_v he_o shady_a bower_n and_o hony-dew_n fall_v in_o delicious_a shower_n bird_n with_o their_o song_n their_o sovereign_a salute_n from_o bough_n that_o bend_v beneath_o their_o golden_a fruit._n pure_a stream_n to_o he_o their_o crystal_n water_n bring_v and_o the_o glad_a fish_n leap_v up_o to_o see_v their_o king_n the_o harmless_a beast_n their_o humble_a homage_n pay_v and_o the_o sole_a monarch_n of_o the_o world_n obey_v uninterrupted_a peace_n his_o mind_n possess_v and_o joy_n unutterable_a fill_v his_o breast_n he_o view_v his_o great_a creator_n glorious_a face_n clear_o reflect_v from_o fair_a nature_n glass_n on_o her_o bright_a form_n he_o see_v the_o impression_n shine_v of_o wisdom_n infinite_a and_o power_n divine_a whence_o all_o thing_n as_o free_a examination_n flow_v as_o stream_n their_o be_v to_o their_o fountain_n owe._n which_o bind_v fast_o nature_n vast_a unshaken_a frame_n lest_o it_o dissolve_v to_o nothing_o whence_o it_o come_v whilst_o in_o his_o thought_n the_o please_a object_n roll_v fresh_a pleasure_n feed_v his_o still_o transport_v soul_n his_o eye_n thus_o fix_v the_o great_a seducer_n skill_n can_v not_o engage_v his_o thought_n or_o move_v his_o will._n a_o day_n serene_a smile_v on_o his_o heavenly_a mind_n dark_a with_o no_o cloud_n and_o undisturbed_a with_o wind._n no_o gild_n no_o frown_n from_o heaven_n disturb_v his_o soul_n calm_v as_o deep_a river_n in_o still_a evening_n roll_v no_o storm_n of_o passion_n such_o as_o we_o molest_v annoy_v the_o peaceful_a region_n of_o his_o breast_n no_o boil_a lust_n swell_v the_o overflow_a blood_n to_o bear_v down_o reason_n with_o the_o impetuous_a flood_n his_o spotless_a mind_n know_v yet_o no_o other_o fire_n then_o those_o pure_a flame_n that_o heavenly_a mind_n inspire_v o_o happy_a man_n above_o description_n blessed_v have_v he_o maintain_v the_o station_n he_o possess_v upon_o the_o crystal_n river_n flowery_a side_n that_o wind_v do_v in_o slow_a meander_n glide_v as_o loath_a to_o leave_v the_o blissful_a place_n there_o stand_v a_o tree_n that_o rise_v above_o the_o hesperian_a wood_n its_o fruit_n seem_v pleasant_a but_o forbid_a food_n for_o he_o that_o with_o enormous_a bounty_n pour_v on_o man_n fresh_a pleasure_n in_o incessant_a shower_n that_o nothing_o can_v disturb_v his_o flow_a joy_n unless_o variety_n suspend_v his_o choice_n bid_v he_o not_o eat_v the_o fatal_a fruit_n to_o prove_v his_o due_a obedience_n and_o his_o constant_a love_n the_o grand_a apostate_n for_o high_a crime_n displace_v from_o heaven_n by_o fierce_a almighty_a vengeance_n chase_v till_o down_o the_o unfathomed_a precipice_n he_o fall_v confound_v to_o the_o fiery_a gulf_n of_o hell_n with_o rage_n and_o envy_n see_v man_n happy_a state_n whence_o he_o for_o ever_o lose_v have_v fall_v so_o late_o himself_o undo_v urge_v with_o infernal_a spite_n and_o dire_a revenge_n make_v ruin_n his_o delight_n that_o he_o from_o heaven_n may_v this_o fair_a province_n gain_v that_o sin_n and_o death_n may_v wide_o sway_v attain_v and_o he_o his_o baleful_a empire_n may_v extend_v conceal_v beneath_o the_o specious_a air_n of_o friend_n do_v to_o man_n choice_n the_o fatal_a tree_n commend_v as_o such_o who_o worth_n transcend_v the_o great_a price_n the_o flower_n and_o beauty_n of_o his_o paradise_n please_a to_o taste_n but_o much_o more_o to_o the_o mind_n which_o those_o that_o eat_v shall_v boundless_a knowledge_n find_v then_o point_v up_o to_o the_o fair_a forbid_a meat_n bid_v he_o be_v wise_a and_o bold_o take_v and_o eat_v he_o tempt_v he_o with_o the_o flatter_a hope_n of_o bliss_n great_a as_o his_o god_n and_o last_v too_o as_o he_o this_o gaudy_a scene_n of_o glory_n charm_v his_o eye_n and_o his_o proud_a thought_n at_o godlike_a greatness_n fly_v the_o bright_a illusion_n turn_v his_o giddy_a head_n and_o with_o vast_a hope_n his_o vain_a ambition_n feed_v thus_o gaze_v at_o the_o glory_n of_o a_o
throne_n thus_o with_o a_o haughty_a trouble_a look_v begin_v thus_o far_o in_o vain_a all_o our_o attempt_n be_v make_v to_o crush_v the_o briton_n that_o our_o state_n invade_v at_o sea_n they_o triumph_n over_o king_n octa_n fleet_n at_o land_n success_n above_o their_o hope_n they_o meet_v octa_n defeat_v dread_v prince_n arthur_n arm_n and_o sue_v for_o peace_n by_o ethelina_n charm_n if_o this_o shall_v once_o prevail_v britannia_n lose_v we_o and_o our_o priest_n must_v fly_v this_o impious_a coast._n help_v by_o the_o almighty_a enemy_n of_o hell_n they_o yet_o our_o arm_n escape_v our_o power_n repel_v then_o monarch_n war_n with_o vast_a advantage_n wage_v when_o heaven_n its_o power_n do_v on_o their_o part_n engage_v this_o sure_a expedient_n leave_v we_o to_o annoy_v the_o briton_n and_o their_o tower_a hope_n destroy_v let_v we_o provoke_v they_o to_o some_o dire_a offence_n which_o may_v against_o their_o army_n heaven_n incense_n then_o the_o seraphic_a guard_n that_o round_o they_o lie_v or_o else_o patrol_v through_o the_o region_n fly_v scour_v the_o hill_n and_o vale_n with_o flame_a arm_n the_o christian_n to_o protect_v from_o our_o alarm_n these_o will_n displease_v withdraw_v their_o powerful_a aid_n and_o we_o with_o safety_n may_v their_o camp_n invade_v what_o subtle_a spirit_n of_o seduce_a art_n and_o skill_n in_o tempt_v will_v perform_v this_o part_n then_o filthy_a asmodai_n who_o man_n inspire_v with_o wanton_a passion_n and_o unclean_a desire_n who_o lewd_a adorer_n stand_v before_o his_o shrine_n transform_v to_o lustful_a goat_n and_o loathsome_a swine_n thus_o speak_v this_o grateful_a province_n i_o embrace_v i_o from_o their_o mind_n will_v virtuous_a passion_n chase_v my_o strong_a force_n shall_v all_o chaste_a thought_n expel_v and_o heaven_n weak_a flame_n shall_v yield_v to_o those_o of_o hell_n to_o solemn_a grove_n and_o lonesom_a hermit_n cell_n where_o boast_a chastity_n in_o triumph_n dwell_v to_o cloister_a monk_n admission_n i_o command_v and_o can_v a_o camp_n my_o powerful_a charm_n withstand_v on_o i_o such_o choose_a spirit_n shall_v attend_v who_o skill_n and_o power_n will_v most_o promote_v my_o end_n the_o god_n of_o riot_n luxury_n and_o wine_n in_o this_o attempt_n shall_v all_o their_o force_n join_v doubt_v not_o great_a prince_n when_o we_o their_o camp_n assail_v nature_n be_v on_o our_o side_n we_o shall_v prevail_v the_o infernal_a diet_n with_o his_o language_n move_v with_o loud_a applause_n the_o wise_a design_n approve_v straight_o asmodai_n attend_v with_o a_o train_n of_o soft_a luxurious_a spirit_n to_o the_o plain_n direct_v his_o flight_n where_o the_o glad_a briton_n lie_v with_o labour_a wing_n he_o mount_v the_o steepy_a way_n and_o quick_o reach_v the_o tender_a verge_n of_o day_n in_o company_n distinct_a the_o briton_n sit_v please_v with_o their_o wish_a success_n and_o prosperous_a fate_n when_o to_o the_o camp_n the_o crew_n infernal_n come_v grasp_a in_o either_o hand_n tartarean_n flame_n about_o from_o tent_n to_o tent_n the_o demon_n fly_v and_o amid_o the_o troop_n their_o flame_a torch_n throw_v the_o wanton_a fire_n about_o their_o bosom_n play_v and_o to_o their_o heart_n lascivious_a warmth_n convey_v the_o soft_a contagion_n glide_v along_o their_o vein_n and_o in_o their_o breast_n the_o please_a poison_n reign_v straight_o all_o in_o riot_n and_o debauch_n join_v dissolve_v in_o mirth_n and_o sit_v inflame_v with_o wine_n the_o captain_n snore_v on_o scarlet_n spread_v beneath_o and_o with_o their_o labour_a breast_n contend_v for_o breath_n table_n o'erturn_v and_o break_v sword_n betwixt_o and_o dish_n fall_v with_o armour_n intermix_v helmet_n and_o harness_n and_o bruise_v goblet_n by_o a_o mad_a confusion_n make_v of_o war_n and_o luxury_n act_v with_o lustful_a fire_n from_o town_n to_o town_n commander_n and_o their_o man_n promiscuous_a run_v with_o outrage_n and_o ravish_a virgin_n spoil_n the_o vicious_a army_n all_o the_o land_n defile_v whoredom_n in_o pagan_a city_n they_o commit_v and_o at_o their_o sacrifice_n feast_v sit_v heat_v with_o lewd_a religion_n lust_n and_o wine_n they_o in_o the_o worship_n of_o their_o idol_n join_v then_o to_o the_o camp_n the_o hot_a adulterer_n lead_v their_o pagan_a woman_n and_o avow_v the_o deed._n the_o angelic_a guard_n the_o enormous_a vice_n see_v and_o in_o displeasure_n from_o their_o camp_n withdraw_v all_o hell_n with_o shout_n of_o triumph_n do_v resound_v that_o such_o success_n have_v all_o their_o wish_n crown_v the_o prince_n of_o hell_n strait_a summons_n from_o beneath_o the_o chief_a supporter_n of_o the_o throne_n of_o death_n vengeful_a megaera_n she_o without_o delay_n from_o hell_n abyss_n ascend_v and_o in_o her_o way_n gather_v raw_a damp_n and_o steam_n from_o noisome_a grave_n and_o putrid_a reek_n from_o subterranean_a cave_n where_o spot_a plague_n first_o draw_v their_o poisonous_a breath_n the_o nursery_n of_o pain_n and_o magazine_n of_o death_n these_o seed_n of_o torment_n and_o devour_a heat_n from_o who_o contagion_n vanquish_a life_n retreat_n megaera_n in_o compact_a hide_n dark_a womb_n for_o this_o infernal_a purpose_n make_v entomb_v in_o their_o distinct_a repository_n lay_v sad_a choice_n of_o death_n she_o various_a plague_n convey_v arm_a for_o destruction_n thus_o the_o fury_n come_v and_o bring_v from_o asmodai_n a_o different_a flame_n then_o wolf_n be_v hear_v in_o neighbour_a hill_n to_o howl_v the_o illboding_a raven_n and_o the_o screach_a owl_n sing_v over_o the_o camp_n by_o night_n the_o sun_n by_o day_n distain_v with_o blood_n shine_v with_o a_o dismal_a ray._n the_o cruel_a fury_n straight_o her_o flight_n do_v take_v to_o find_v her_o prince_n to_o who_o the_o apostate_n speak_v go_v glut_v thy_o rage_n and_o let_v the_o briton_n know_v hell_n monarch_n be_v not_o yet_o a_o vanquish_a foe_n pass_v through_o their_o camp_n with_o thy_o accustom_a haste_v and_o on_o they_o all_o thy_o deadly_a treasure_n waste_v straight_o do_v the_o vengeful_a minister_n prepare_v to_o infect_v the_o camp_n and_o poison_v all_o the_o air._n her_o bottle_n turgid_a with_o imprison_a death_n she_o open_v and_o release_v the_o fatal_a breath_n in_o livid_v wheel_n the_o dire_a contagion_n fly_v and_o putrid_a exhalation_n taint_v the_o sky_n the_o region_n choke_v with_o pestilential_a steam_n malignant_a reek_n raw_a damp_n and_o sultry_a gleam_n now_o with_o their_o breath_n the_o hot_a infection_n slide_v into_o their_o breast_n and_o through_o their_o vital_n glide_n their_o labour_a heart_n spout_v out_o the_o flow_a blood_n and_o fry_v the_o limb_n with_o a_o aetnean_a flood_n the_o rage_a pestilence_n chase_v through_o the_o vein_n retreat_v life_n and_o dress_v in_o purple_a reign_n while_o other_o plague_n run_v cold_a to_o the_o heart_n and_o through_o their_o breast_n strike_v like_o a_o poison_a dart._n rack_v with_o torment_a pain_n some_o gasp_a lie_n some_o only_a breath_n the_o envenom_a air_n and_o die_v their_o heart_n with_o chill_a congeal_v blood_n oppress_v throb_v a_o few_o moment_n in_o their_o pant_a breast_n then_o yield_v and_o from_o their_o vital_a labour_n rest_n in_o vain_a for_o help_n in_o vain_a for_o drug_n they_o cry_v friend_n and_o physician_n come_v but_o with_o they_o die_v through_o all_o the_o camp_n the_o fierce_a destruction_n spread_v deform_v every_o tent_n with_o heap_n of_o dead_a mean_a time_n the_o pious_a arthur_n prostrate_v lay_v thus_o in_o a_o flood_n of_o tear_n dissolve_v pray_v great_a king_n of_o heaven_n thy_o arm_n thou_o make_v bare_a to_o invade_v the_o briton_n with_o resistless_a war._n thy_o glitter_a sword_n brandish_v with_o dreadful_a sway_n do_v through_o our_o camp_n with_o wide_a destruction_n slay_n why_o do_v thy_o aid_n the_o shipwreckt_v britons_z save_v from_o rock_n and_o tempest_n and_o the_o insult_a wave_n if_o we_o must_v only_o see_v our_o native_a isle_n and_o with_o our_o dead_a the_o encumbered_a land_n defile_v the_o insult_a heathen_a will_v blaspheme_n thy_o name_n and_o in_o their_o song_n advance_v their_o idol_n fame_n to_o their_o vain_a god_n loud_a praise_n they_o will_v return_v and_o hecatomb_n upon_o their_o altar_n burn_v spare_v yet_o thy_o briton_n let_v some_o relic_n live_v that_o may_v due_a honour_n to_o thy_o temple_n give_v let_v the_o destroyer_n cease_v at_o thy_o command_n and_o death_n at_o thy_o rebuke_n arrest_v stand_v and_o may_v the_o crime_n that_o heaven_n provoke_v be_v know_v that_o our_o deep_a sorrow_n may_v its_o wrath_n atone_v the_o pious_a prince_n humble_a cry_n succeed_v and_o glorious_a raphael_n with_o angelic_a speed_n descend_v his_o sword_n of_o flame_n draw_v in_o his_o hand_n to_o chase_v the_o fierce_a destroyer_n from_o the_o land_n a_o crystal_n vial_n full_a of_o odorous_a fume_n ambrosial_a balm_n and_o rich_a etherial_a gum_n his_o other_o hand_n pour_v out_o upon_o the_o air_n to_o cure_v the_o damp_n