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A35858 A dialogue between a blind-man and death Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. 1686 (1686) Wing D1291; ESTC R184577 3,923 1

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a_o dialogue_n between_o a_o blindman_n and_o death_n blindman_n the_o more_o man_n see_v the_o less_o they_o do_v inquire_v the_o worse_a they_o see_v the_o more_o they_o do_v desire_v other_o to_o grant_v what_o blindness_n can_v give_v and_o for_o intelligence_n grow_v inquisitive_a they_o ask_v to_o be_v inform_v who_o can_v see_v i_o know_v it_o by_o sad_a experience_n woe_n be_v i_o death_n where_o be_v you_o sir_n what_o sit_v all_o alone_a i_o do_v suppose_v it_o be_v you_o by_o that_o sad_a moan_n come_v this_o way_n to_o gather_v what_o be_v my_o due_n i_o think_v it_o not_o amiss_o to_o call_v on_o you_o blindman_n i_o do_v not_o know_v that_o voice_n it_o be_v sure_a some_o stranger_n and_o by_o his_o word_n he_o seem_v to_o bode_v i_o danger_n death_n you_o guess_v aright_o sir_n and_o before_o i_o go_v i_o will_v make_v you_o know_v i_o whether_o you_o will_v or_o no._n blindman_n why_o what_o be_v you_o pray_v tell_v i_o what_o be_v your_o name_n and_o what_o be_v your_o business_n and_o from_o whence_o you_o come_v death_n i_o will_v declare_v what_o no_o man_n can_v deny_v there_o be_v none_o so_o great_a a_o traveller_n as_o i_o yet_o you_o must_v know_v i_o be_o no_o wander_a rover_n for_o my_o dominion_n lie_v the_o world_n all_o over_o i_o march_v through_o court_n and_o country_n town_n and_o city_n i_o know_v not_o how_o to_o fear_v nor_o how_o to_o pity_v the_o high_a cedar_n and_o the_o low_a flower_n soon_o or_o late_a do_v both_o feel_v my_o power_n the_o mighty_a emperor_n do_v submit_v to_o i_o nor_o be_v the_o poor_a totter_a beggar_n free_a in_o peace_n i_o glean_v here_o one_o and_o there_o another_o sometime_o i_o sweep_v whole_a street_n both_o one_o and_o tother_o in_o time_n of_o war_n thus_o much_o i_o can_v divine_v whoever_o get_v the_o day_n the_o triumph_n i_o i_o be_o a_o potent_a and_o a_o high_a commander_n it_o be_v i_o that_o conquer_v the_o great_a alexander_n though_o mighty_a nation_n under_o his_o foot_n he_o tread_v and_o have_v the_o ambition_n to_o be_v think_v a_o god_n yet_o after_o all_o the_o victory_n he_o have_v win_v i_o make_v he_o know_v he_o be_v but_o philip_n son_n be_v you_o goli●●h_n great_a or_o sampson-strong_a be_v you_o as_o wise_a as_o rich_a as_o solomon_n be_v you_o as_o nestor_n old_a as_o infant_n young_a have_v you_o the_o fair_a cheeck_n the_o sweet_a tongue_n yet_o you_o must_v stoop_v all_o these_o will_v nought_o avail_v for_o my_o arrest_n do_v not_o admit_v of_o bail_n and_o to_o deal_v plain_o sir_n my_o name_n be_v death_n and_o it_o be_v my_o business_n to_o demand_v your_o breath_n blindman_n my_o breath_n and_o life_n shall_v both_o go_v out_o together_o death_n and_o on_o that_o errand_n it_o be_v that_o i_o come_v hither_o i_o will_v have_v both_o breath_n and_o life_n without_o delay_n you_o must_v and_o shall_v dispatch_v come_v come_v away_o blindman_n what_o need_v such_o post_v haste_n pray_v change_v your_o mind_n it_o be_v a_o poor_a conquest_n to_o surprise_v the_o blind_a death_n you_o may_v not_o call_v it_o post_v nor_o surprise_v for_o you_o have_v warn_v when_o you_o lose_v your_o eye_n nor_o can_v you_o hope_v your_o house_n can_v long_o be_v free_a after_o the_o window_n be_v possess_v by_o i_o blindman_n but_o life_n be_v sweet_a and_o who_o will_v not_o if_o he_o may_v have_v a_o long_a day_n before_o he_o bid_v good_a night_n o_o spare_v i_o yet_o awhile_o slight_a not_o my_o tear_n death_n hard_a heart_n and_o hungry_a belly_n have_v no_o ear_n blindman_n i_o be_o not_o yet_o quite_o ready_a for_o the_o table_n death_n all_o be_v one_o to_o i_o i_o be_o inexorable_a blindman_n yet_o by_o your_o favour_n i_o may_v step_v aside_o death_n be_v not_o deceive_v for_o it_o be_v in_o vain_a to_o hide_v my_o force_n be_v disperse_v through_o all_o place_n and_o act_n for_o i_o without_o respect_n of_o face_n i_o have_v a_o thousand_o way_n to_o shorten_v life_n beside_o a_o rapier_n pistol_n sword_n or_o knife_n a_o fly_n a_o hair_n a_o splinter_n of_o a_o thorn_n a_o little_a scratch_n the_o cut_n of_o a_o corn_n have_v sometime_o do_v my_o business_n heretofore_o so_o to_o the_o full_a that_o i_o need_v wish_v no_o more_o shall_v all_o these_o fail_n enough_o of_o humour_n lurk_v within_o your_o body_n sir_n to_o do_v my_o work_n blindman_n well_o then_o let_v some_o one_o run_v to_o my_o physician_n tell_v he_o i_o want_v his_o aid_n in_o this_o condition_n death_n run_v boy_z and_o fetch_v he_o call_v the_o whole_a college_n do_v for_o i_o intend_v to_o have_v they_o short_o too_o i_o value_v not_o their_o portion_n and_o their_o pill_n nor_o all_o the_o cordial_n in_o the_o doctor_n bill_n when_o my_o time_n be_v come_v let_v they_o do_v what_o they_o can_v i_o will_v have_v my_o due_n so_o vain_a a_o thing_n be_v man_n shall_v galen_n and_o hypocrates_n both_o join_v and_o paracelsus_n too_o with_o they_o combine_v let_v they_o all_o meet_v to_o countermand_v my_o strength_n yet_o shall_v they_o be_v my_o prisoner_n at_o length_n i_o grant_v that_o man_n of_o learning_n worth_a and_o art_n may_v have_v the_o better_a of_o i_o at_o the_o start_n but_o in_o long_o run_v they_o will_v give_v out_o and_o tire_n and_o quit_v the_o field_n and_o leave_v i_o my_o des●●●_n as_o for_o those_o quack_n that_o threaten_v to_o 〈◊〉_d i_o they_o be_v my_o friend_n and_o speed_v some_o patient_n to_o i_o blindman_n well_o if_o i_o must_v i_o will_v yield_v to_o you_o the_o day_n it_o be_v so_o enact_v and_o i_o must_v obey_v henceforth_o i_o count_v myself_o among_o you_o 〈…〉_z r_o for_o it_o be_v i_o see_v the_o measure_n of_o my_o bet_n 〈…〉_z but_o tell_v i_o now_o when_o do_v your_o power_n 〈…〉_z ce_fw-fr death_n my_o power_n begin_v from_o adam_n first_o offence_n blindman_n from_o adam_n first_o offence_n o_o base_a beginning_n who_o very_a first_o original_a be_v sin_v death_n my_o rise_n do_v from_o adam_n fail_v begin_v and_o ever_o since_o my_o strength_n and_o sting_n 〈◊〉_d sin_n blindman_n to_o know_v wherein_o the_o enemy_n strength_n do_v lie_v in_o my_o conceit_n be_v half_a a_o victory_n have_v you_o commission_n now_o for_o what_o you_o do_v death_n i_o have_v commission_n what_o be_v all_o this_o to_o you●_n blindman_n yes_o very_o much_o for_o now_o i_o understand_v i_o be_o not_o total_o at_o your_o command_n my_o life_n be_v at_o he_o who_o give_v you_o this_o commission_n to_o he_o i_o will_v therefore_o make_v with_o my_o petition_n i_o will_v seek_v his_o love_n and_o on_o his_o mercy_n trust_v and_o when_o my_o sin_n be_v pardon_v do_v your_o worst_a death_n that_o you_o may_v know_v how_o far_o my_o power_n exterd_n i_o will_v divorce_v you_o from_o your_o dear_a friend_n you_o shall_v resign_v your_o jewel_n money_n plate_n your_o earthly_a joy_n shall_v all_o be_v out_o of_o date_n i_o will_v deprive_v you_o of_o your_o dainty_a fare_n i_o will_v strip_v you_o to_o the_o skin_n naked_a and_o bare_a linen_n or_o woolen_n you_o shall_v have_v to_o wind_v y_fw-mi 〈…〉_z as_o for_o the_o rest_n all_o must_v be_v leave_v behind_o y_o 〈…〉_z bind_v hand_n and_o foot_n i_o will_v bring_v you_o to_o my_o d●●●_n where_o constant_a dreadful_a darkness_n reign_v and_o then_o your_o only_a dwellinghouse_n shall_v be_v a_o cave_n your_o lodging-room_n a_o little_a narrow_a grave_n a_o chest_n your_o closet_n and_o a_o sheet_n your_o dress_n and_o your_o companion_n worm_n and_o rottenness_n blindman_n if_o this_o be_v all_o the_o mischief_n you_o can_v do_v your_o harbinger_n deserve_v more_o dread_a than_o you_o disease_n be_v your_o harbinger_n i_o be_o sure_a many_o of_o which_o it_o be_v grievous_a to_o endure_v but_o when_o once_o dead_a i_o shall_v not_o then_o complain_v of_o cold_a or_o hunger_n poverty_n or_o pain_n death_n there_o be_v one_o thing_n more_o which_o here_o to_o mind_n i_o call_v when_o once_o i_o come_v then_o come_v i_o once_o for_o all_o and_o when_o my_o stroke_n do_v soul_n and_o body_n sever_v what_o be_v left_a undo_v must_v be_v undo_v for_o ever_o blindman_n that_o be_v a_o great_a truth_n and_o i_o have_v learn_v to_o know_v that_o there_o be_v no_o work_n in_o the_o grave_a below_o to_o be_v before_o hand_n therefore_o i_o will_v try_v that_o then_o i_o may_v have_v nought_o to_o do_v but_o die_v but_o tell_v i_o sir_n do_v all_o man_n die_v alike_o death_n to_o i_o they_o do_v for_o who_o god_n bid_v i_o strike_v look_v how_o the_o foolish_a dye_n so_o die_v the_o wise_a as_o do_v the_o righteous_a so_o the_o sinner_n die_v there_o be_v afterward_o a_o difference_n though_o it_o be_v
true_a but_o that_o be_v a_o thing_n with_o which_o i_o have_v nought_o to_o do_v that_o i_o to_o some_o prove_v better_o to_o some_o worse_o to_o some_o a_o blessing_n and_o to_o some_o a_o curse_n that_o be_v none_o of_o i_o i_o may_v not_o undertake_v it_o it_o be_v god_n appointment_n and_o man_n work_n that_o make_v it_o hence_o it_o be_v that_o sinner_n trouble_v never_o cease_v and_o that_o the_o end_n of_o the_o upright_a man_n be_v peace_n blindman_n there_o now_o remain_v but_o only_o one_o thing_n more_o will_v not_o thy_o power_n be_v one_o day_n out_o of_o door_n death_n yes_o i_o must_v needs_o confess_v it_o be_v very_o true_a there_o be_v a_o death_n for_o i_o as_o well_o as_o you_o and_o i_o be_v the_o worst_a for_o i_o must_v die_v for_o ever_o you_o may_v revive_v again_o but_o i_o shall_v never_o blindman_n by_o all_o that_o have_v be_v say_v i_o now_o do_v see_v you_o need_v not_o have_v be_v so_o rough_a with_o i_o death_n come_v let_v that_o pass_v the_o kind_a to_o appear_v i_o will_v reveal_v a_o secret_a in_o your_o ear._n the_o death_n of_o christ_n upon_o the_o painful_a cross_n which_o seem_v to_o be_v my_o gain_n turn_v to_o my_o loss_n as_o in_o his_o hair_n the_o strength_n of_o samson_n lay_v and_o with_o his_o hair_n go_v sampson_n strength_n away_o so_o i_o have_v no_o strength_n but_o what_o i_o have_v from_o sin_n nor_o have_v i_o sting_v but_o what_o lie_v hide_v therein_o christ_n suffer_v death_n to_o put_v this_o sting_n away_o have_v make_v i_o he_o who_o i_o suppose_v my_o prey_n my_o strength_n be_v now_o decay_a my_o sting_n rebate_v my_o boldness_n check_v and_o my_o dominion_n mate_v and_o i_o be_o now_o both_o faint_a and_o feeble_a grow_v much_o like_o poor_a samson_n when_o his_o streagth_n be_v go_v in_o my_o own_o craft_n i_o be_v complete_o rout_v my_o jaw_n be_v break_v and_o my_o holder_n out_v what_o now_o i_o catch_v i_o have_v no_o power_n to_o keep_v my_o very_a name_n be_v change_v from_o death_n to_o sleep_v i_o seize_v on_o christ_n indeed_o that_o i_o do_v do_v nay_o more_o i_o bind_v he_o in_o my_o prison_n too_o but_o all_o my_o strong_a door_n bar_n bolt_n and_o band_n be_v but_o mere_a nothing_o in_o his_o mighty_a hand_n he_o break_v they_o all_o and_o leave_v my_o door_n wide_o open_a and_o all_o his_o servant_n prisoner_n of_o hope_n for_o though_o they_o die_v yet_o with_o devout_a affection_n they_o do_v expect_v a_o joyful_a resurrection_n and_o with_o their_o master_n to_o be_v bring_v again_o that_o they_o with_o he_o for_o ever_o may_v remain_v thus_o christ_n by_o die_v do_v become_v victorious_a and_o from_o his_o bed_n of_o darkness_n rise_v more_o glorious_a and_o i_o by_o bind_v he_o make_v myself_o fast_o and_o his_o i_o know_v will_v prove_v my_o death_n at_o last_o blindman_n these_o word_n give_v comfort_n and_o instruction_n too_o henceforth_o i_o shall_v be_v better_o please_v with_o you_o decree_v it_o be_v for_o all_o man_n once_o to_o die_v after_o that_o judgement_n than_o eternity_n to_o prayer_n therefore_o will_v i_o join_v endeavour_n so_o to_o live_v here_o that_o i_o may_v live_v for_o ever_o and_o see_v they_o that_o have_v and_o keep_v christ_n word_n whether_o they_o live_v or_o die_v be_v all_o the_o lord_n repentance_n faith_n and_o new_a obedience_n shall_v fit_a and_o prepare_v i_o for_o my_o funeral_n from_o whence_o i_o trust_v my_o saviour_n will_v translate_v i_o in_o season_n due_a beyond_o their_o reach_n that_o hate_v i_o even_o to_o that_o place_n of_o life_n and_o glory_n too_o where_o neither_o death_n nor_o sin_n have_v aught_o to_o do_v this_o hope_n in_o i_o that_o word_n of_o he_o do_v cherish_v he_o that_o believe_v in_o i_o shall_v never_o perish_v now_o welcome_a death_n upon_o my_o saviour_n score_n who_o will_v not_o die_v to_o live_v for_o evermore_o death_n sir_n i_o perceive_v you_o speak_v not_o without_o reason_n i_o will_v leave_v you_o now_o and_o call_v some_o other_o season_n blindman_n call_v when_o you_o please_v i_o will_v await_v that_o call_v and_o while_o i_o stand_v make_v ready_a for_o my_o fall_n in_o the_o mean_a time_n my_o constant_a prayer_n shall_v be_v from_o sudden_a and_o from_o endless_a death_n good_a lord_n deliver_v i_o the_o conclusion_n judge_v not_o of_o death_n by_o sense_n lest_o you_o mistake_v it_o death_n be_v neither_o friend_n nor_o foe_n but_o as_o you_o make_v it_o live_v as_o you_o shall_v you_o need_v not_o then_o complain_v for_o where_o to_o live_v be_v christ_n to_o dye_n be_v gain_n finis_fw-la license_v according_a to_o order_n london_n print_v by_o george_n larkin_n at_o the_o coach_n and_o horse_n without_o bishopsgate_n a_o little_a beyond_o old_a bedlam_n 1686._o