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A16663 The last trumpet: or, a six-fold Christian dialogue Viz, 1 Betweene death, the flesh, and the soule. 2 Between the Divell, the flesh, and the world. ... 6 Betweene the soule and the city of God. Translated from the elegant Latine prose of Richard Brathvvait Esquire, into English verse, by Iohn Vicars.; Novissima tuba. English Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.; Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. 1635 (1635) STC 3569; ESTC S106132 46,858 112

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thy_o presence_n precious_a gain_n de._n all_o be_v one_o to_o i_o the_o youngling_n or_o the_o sage_a fl._n alas_o what_o profit_n then_o in_o youthful_a age_n since_o youth_n and_o old_a age_n have_v but_o one_o condition_n and_o must_v submit_v to_o fate_n most_o dire_a commission_n de._n indeed_o if_o thou_o do_v their_o condition_n eye_n they_o both_o be_v subject_a to_o mortality_n but_o if_o their_o probable-departure_n hence_o thou_o may_v discern_v this_o only_a difference_n as_o youngman_n soon_o may_v die_v though_o ere_o so_o strong_a so_o old-man_n can_v alive_o continue_v long_o death_n be_v for_o old-man_n ever_o at_o the_o gate_n for_o youngman_n he_o with_o net_n and_o snare_n do_v wait_v to_o old-man_n he_o be_v still_o before_o their_o eye_n to_o youngman_n close_o behind_o their_o back_n he_o lie_v death_n be_v the_o child_n hood_n of_o weak_a infancy_n death_n be_v the_o lad-age_n of_o our_o childe-hoodry_a death_n be_v the_o youth_n of_o our_o lad-age_n estate_n death_n be_v the_o manly-hood_n of_o youthful_a fate_n death_n be_v the_o old-age_n of_o our_o manhood_n stout_a death_n after_o old_a age_n do_v decrepit_a flout_n for_o death_n be_v of_o decrepid-age_n the_o death_n and_o thus_o it_o be_v plain_a that_o none_o that_o ere_o draw_v breath_n can_v shelter_v be_v in_o such_o a_o close_a estate_n but_o death_n make_v entrance_n in_o he_o soon_o or_o late_a fl._n alas_o i_o sure_o think_v but_o plain_o see_v i_o do_v but_o gull_v myself_o that_o none_o like_o i_o so_o lusty_a lively_a in_o their_o youthfull-blood_n so_o fresh_a in_o flower_n of_o age_n so_o quick_o shall_v be_v nip_v and_o crop_v but_o may_v make_v truce_n with_o death_n and_o so_o enjoy_v a_o long_o happy_a breath_n de._n o_o no_o for_o short_a be_v that_o felicity_n which_o still_o be_v tend_v with_o fragility_n fl._n ah_o though_o it_o be_v short_a yet_o who_o desire_v it_o not_o de._n he_o that_o a_o tyresome_a tedious_a life_n have_v get_v fl._n yet_o even_o he_o will_v escape_v death_n if_o he_o may_v de._n have_v thou_o never_o hear_v or_o read_v those_o lesson_n right_a that_o it_o be_v far_a best_a not_o to_o be_v bear_v at_o all_o or_o soon_o to_o leave_v this_o life_n most_o tragical_a that_o dead_a than_o live_v be_v in_o happy_a state_n that_o nought_o than_o sleep_n do_v death_n more_o personate_v that_o death_n be_v the_o haven_n of_o ill_n the_o help_n against_o woe_n the_o only_a easer_n of_o all_o grief_n that_o grow_v that_o all_o must_v die_v that_o death_n conclude_v all_o strife_n that_o death_n be_v better_a happy_a far_o than_o life_n fl._n that_o i_o have_v read_v they_o oft_o to_o mind_n i_o call_v but_o hold_v none_o true_a and_o so_o forget_v they_o all_o de._n it_o seem_v indeed_o they_o be_v all_o slip_v out_o of_o mind_n fl._n true_o for_o those_o thing_n in_o which_o no_o joy_n we_o find_v we_o scarce_o believe_v and_o easy_o let_v they_o go_v de._n but_o say_v think_v thou_o that_o thou_o shall_v die_v or_o no_o fl._n i_o think_v i_o shall_v but_o yet_o withal_o i_o hope_v the_o day_n be_v far_o off_o ere_o death_n with_o i_o will_v cope_v de._n we_o hope_v thing_n good_a we_o hate_v thing_n that_o be_v bad_a and_o what_o can_v worse_o be_v either_o hold_v or_o have_v than_o a_o continual_a warfare_n jar_n and_o strife_n and_o still_o to_o prop_v a_o transitory_a life_n fle._n o_o but_o what_o ever_o do_v please_v give_v ease_n to_o all_o de._n and_o can_v thou_o that_o a_o pleasant_a passage_n call_v which_o be_v encumber_v with_o so_o many_o strait_n whereon_o fierce_a famine_n thirst_n and_o labour_n wait_v cross_n and_o loss_n and_o a_o sea_n of_o woe_n which_o from_o corrupt_a life_n do_v fleet_n and_o flow_v fl._n man_n use_v to_o pain_n be_v not_o so_o passionate_a and_o we_o be_v so_o inure_v to_o such_o a_o state_n and_o daily_o so_o acquaint_v with_o all_o these_o that_o we_o scarce_o feel_v they_o or_o though_o feel_v they_o please_v de._n will_v thou_o not_o count_v it_o a_o choice_a benefit_n if_o one_o will_v thou_o of_o these_o dire_a fetter_n quit_v fl._n yes_o i_o shall_v hold_v it_o the_o best_a favour_n find_v if_o first_o i_o can_v believe_v that_o i_o be_o bind_v de._n peace_n peace_n for_o shame_n can_v thou_o not_o plain_o see_v life_n discommodity_n base_a bond_n to_o be_v fl._n o_o spare_v i_o prithee_o till_o i_o think_v they_o so_o till_o i_o believe_v they_o such_o pray_v let_v i_o go_v de._n nay_o now_o i_o smell_v thy_o foxlike_a fallacy_n i_o will_v not_o do_v so_o nor_o shall_v thou_o so_o i_o tie_v as_o once_o one_o do_o who_o spy_v i_o draw_v near_o and_o brandish_v this_o fatall-sithe_n i_o bear_v still_o in_o my_o hand_n this_o only_a suit_n do_v make_v that_o with_o my_o deadly_a dart_n i_o will_v not_o take_v his_o life_n from_o he_o until_o he_o quite_o have_v do_v his_o deep_a devotion_n pious_a prayer_n begin_v which_o finish_v he_o will_v thank_v i_o very_o much_o and_o quiet_o to_o die_v will_v never_o grutch_v i_o have_v ea●●ly_o grant_v his_o petition_n and_o bind_v myself_o by_o oath_n to_o this_o condition_n not_o once_o to_o touch_v he_o till_o he_o quite_o have_v end_v his_o orison_n and_o prayer_n so_o pretend_v he_o instant_o leave_v off_o leave_v i_o delude_v and_o from_o that_o time_n he_o with_o himself_o conclude_v and_o make_v a_o vow_n he_o never_o death_n will_v pray_v to_o spare_v he_o more_o unto_o his_o dying-day_n maid_n it_o be_v most_o easy_a never_o to_o believe_v thing_n we_o desire_v not_o and_o which_o most_o we_o grieve_v but_o i_o will_v deal_v with_o thou_o another_o way_n and_o cause_v thou_o instant_o aside_o to_o lay_v this_o vicious_a most_o pernicious_a fond_a opinion_n then_o lend_v a_o ear_n put_v off_o thou_o wanton_a minion_n thy_o carnall-nicenesse_n for_o i_o will_v now_o declare_v thing_n which_o to_o thou_o most_o wholesome_a healthsome_a be_v he_o be_v teachable_a that_o diligent_o hear_v show_v thyself_o such_o and_o lend_v i_o thy_o press_a ear_n so_o shall_v thou_o sure_o understand_v and_o find_v that_o i_o have_v herein_o be_v to_o thou_o most_o kind_a fl._n o_o death_n i_o will_v hear_v thou_o most_o attentive_o but_o o_o i_o will_v not_o have_v thou_o in_o my_o eye_n de._n then_o shut_v thy_o eye_n only_o set_v open_v thy_o ear_n and_o now_o first_o tell_v i_o how_o thou_o spend_v thy_o year_n how_o thou_o employ_v thyself_o what_o pain_n do_v take_v what_o do_v thou_o daily_a thy_o chief_a pleasure_n make_v that_o thou_o be_v so_o much_o take_v and_o delight_v with_o life_n false_a fleet_n sweet_v more_o fit_o slight_v fl._n o_o sir_n my_o exercise_n be_v most_o sweet_a and_o to_o my_o nature_n every_o way_n most_o meet_a i_o feel_v no_o fry_a heat_n nor_o freeze_a cold_a my_o hand_n do_v never_o wheel_n or_o distaff_n hold_v my_o heart_n in_o serious_a study_n i_o never_o pen_v to_o sweet_a pleasure_n i_o myself_o have_v bend_v namely_o in_o delicate_a delight_n to_o flow_v to_o please_v my_o tooth_n to_o public_a sport_n to_o go_v to_o swim_v in_o luscious_a liquor_n sparkle_a wine_n to_o be_v array_v in_o vesture_n rich_a and_o fine_a to_o be_v a_o guest_n at_o banquet_n nuptiall-feast_n to_o be_v at_o play_n and_o other_o joviall-jest_n to_o dance_v lascivious_a measure_n spend_v the_o night_n with_o youthful_a gallant_n juvenile_a delight_n on_o rich_a embroider_a bed_n of_o down_n to_o lie_v my_o flesh_n in_o sweet_a hot_a bath_n to_o clarify_v fine_o to_o feed_v full_o to_o sleep_v and_o snort_v to_o fill_v my_o flesh_n with_o pleasure_n of_o each_o sort_n de._n but_o that_o thou_o may_v thy_o own_o prime-state_n review_v and_o take_v a_o just_a account_n and_o reckon_n true_a how_o thou_o have_v spend_v each_o day_n from_o morn_n to_o night_n what_o special_a work_n do_v this_o task_n expedite_v fl._n i_o never_o work_v nor_o any_o work_n desire_n my_o only_a business_n be_v earth_n joy_n to_o acquire_v de._n what_o joy_n be_v they_o i_o prithee_o to_o i_o show_v sure_o they_o be_v rare_a whence_o such_o rare_a love_n do_v grow_v fl._n my_o chief_a care_n be_v for_o my_o clothes_n and_o meat_n my_o dainty_a breakfast_n in_o my_o bed_n to_o eat_v which_o be_v provide_v in_o such_o costly_a wise_a that_o nothing_o want_v my_o palate_n to_o suffice_v this_o proem_n past_a that_o all_o thing_n may_v concur_v to_o answer_v my_o desire_n in_o bed_n i_o stir_v and_o roll_v myself_o by_o soft-degree_n most_o slow_a as_o when_o a_o door_n smooth_a on_o the_o hinge_n do_v go_v and_o thus_o a_o sweet_a and_o soak_a nap_n i_o take_v desirous_a nothing_o more_o to_o shun_v forsake_v then_o foreign_a quarrel_n and_o domestic_a strife_n from_o public_a tumult_n to_o preserve_v my_o
a_o life_n austere_a and_o rough_a will_o find_v you_o merry_a mate_n if_o you_o will_v forsake_v your_o closet_n and_o with_o i_o world_n joy_n partake_v my_o lovely_a lady_n hereupon_o reply_n how_o merry_o at_o dice_n the_o time_n hence_o fly_v how_o muddy_o at_o prayer_n it_o stick_v and_o stay_v how_o still_o it_o steal_v away_o at_o sport_n and_o play_n how_o slow_a it_o seem_v to_o go_v how_o tedious_a spend_v when_o at_o god_n worship_n we_o be_v most_o intent_n and_o thus_o my_o mistress_n hereto_o condescend_v and_o ready_a ear_n to_o my_o allurement_n lend_v de._n it_o seem_v then_o that_o the_o maid_n her_o mistress_n sway_v fl._n most_o true_a for_o she_o in_o nothing_o i_o gaine-sayes_a but_o always_o hold_v i_o as_o her_o merry_a mate_n hug_v i_o with_o kisses_z do_v i_o consolate_v we_o be_v as_o one_o `wee_fw-mi agree_v as_o one_o in_o all_o namely_o that_o we_o quench_v nor_o the_o sparkle_v small_a of_o our_o sweet_a love_n dear_a lust_n but_o they_o fulfil_v not_o to_o deter_v but_o to_o prefer_v they_o still_o de._n thus_o thou_o o_o flesh_n give_v as_o thy_o mistress_n aid_v art_n her_o destruction_n and_o chief_a scandal_n make_v fl._n o_o sir_n you_o be_v much_o mistake_v in_o the_o thing_n rather_o much_o joy_n and_o solace_n i_o she_o bring_v de._n thou_o do_v not_o joy_n but_o her_o annoy_n with_o woe_n fl._n nay_o then_o farewell_n sir_n if_o you_o censure_v so_o de._n farewell_n nay_o soft_a there_o be_v no_o way_n to_o evade_v for_o yet_o more_o talk_n i_o have_v thus_o long_o delay_v nay_o whimper_v not_o you_o do_v but_o beat_v the_o air_n if_o for_o your_o struggle_v you_o think_v i_o will_v you_v spare_v fl._n let_v i_o alone_o or_o i_o aloud_o will_v cry_v if_o thou_o provoke_v i_o with_o thy_o cruelty_n de._n can_v thou_o accuse_v i_o now_o of_o fornication_n fl._n no_o but_o for_o theft_n i_o will_v bring_v my_o accusation_n de._n indeed_o if_o accusation_n may_v suffice_v the_o innocent_a party_n guilty_a lie_v but_o can_v it_o by_o thy_o nimble_a wit_n be_v show_v to_o be_v a_o theft_n to_o claim_v and_o take_v my_o own_o fl._n if_o those_o two_o pronoun_n i_o and_o thou_o may_v cease_v the_o world_n deep_a discord_n will_v not_o so_o increase_v de._n how_o right_o thou_o hit_v the_o nail_n yea_o pamper_a flesh_n while_o thou_o do_v live_v jar_n will_v arise_v afresh_o i_o tell_v thou_o wench_n thy_o white_a skin_n paint_a face_n do_v in_o a_o realm_n raise_v more_o contention_n base_a than_o all_o thy_o lady_n utmost_a art_n or_o skill_n and_o strength_n of_o wit_n be_v able_a ere_o to_o still_o but_o i_o have_v catch_v thou_o now_o and_o thou_o be_v i_o i_o will_v now_o take_v care_n to_o end_v thy_o cheat_n most_o fine_a fl._n o_o i_o have_v rather_o run_v into_o a_o stew_n than_o such_o a_o spight_v spittle-house_n to_o choose_v de._n i_o easy_o believe_v thou_o but_z now_o know_v thou_o must_v such_o brothell-house_n quite_o forgo_v death_n to_o the_o suburb_n now_o have_v make_v his_o way_n then_o near_o the_o wall_n thou_o inmate_n can_v not_o stay_v fl._n what_o do_v thou_o mean_v to_o touch_v i_o raw-boned_a face_n de._n to_o give_v thou_o now_o a_o deadly_a cold_a embrace_n fl._n most_o irksome_a and_o unpleasant_a be_v esteem_v the_o embrace_n of_o a_o wooer_n ugly_a deem_v but_o what_o be_v death_n in_o love_n with_o flesh_n i_o pray_v de._n yes_o eager_o thy_o flesh_n to_o turn_v to_o clay_n fl._n thou_o needs_o must_v be_v in_o love_n who_o be_v in_o want_n de._n i_o therefore_o covet_v because_o i_o feel_v such_o scant_a fl._n will_v not_o a_o piece_n of_o i_o give_v thou_o content_v de._n no_o by_o no_o mean_n for_o it_o be_v most_o evident_a that_o death_n devour_v jaw_n no_o part_n will_v take_v but_o all_o or_o nothing_o be_v his_o proper_a stake_n fl._n yet_o many_o gallant_n full_a of_o youthful_a heat_n famous_a for_o beauty_n brave_a and_o body_n neat_a have_v think_v themselves_o to_o have_v get_v a_o ample_a prey_n if_o on_o these_o roseal_a lip_n they_o can_v but_o lay_v and_o fix_v one_o only_a kiss_n and_o wish_v no_o more_o and_o yet_o must_v thou_o wear_v lank_a and_o thin_a all-ore_a and_o as_o thou_o seem_v to_o i_o bloodless_a and_o bare_a have_v i_o all-whole_a as_o thy_o insatiate_a share_n de._n i_o will_v not_o bare_a one_o inch_n i_o will_v have_v thou_o full_a fl._n oh_o whither_o do_v thou_o thus_o i_o hale_v and_o pull_v de._n even_o to_o my_o horrid-house_n of_o clay_n the_o grave_a fl._n o_o must_v thou_o such_o a_o expiation_n have_v must_v my_o fair_a corpse_n fillip_a a_o ugly_a urn_n de._n it_o must_v indeed_o and_o must_v to_o dust_v return_n fl._n and_o what_o companion_n shall_v i_o therein_o find_v de._n only_o great_a crawl_a worm_n breed_v of_o thy_o kind_n fl._n o_o will_v thou_o not_o i_o spare_v but_o one_o year_n more_o de._n no_o not_o one_o hour_n i_o tell_v thou_o so_o before_z a_o statute-law_n herein_o do_v on_o i_o lie_v and_o i_o my_o charge_n must_v discharge_v instant_o fl._n what_o instant_o ay_o i_o most_o woeful_a wretch_n spare_v i_o but_o till_o i_o do_v my_o mistress_n fetch_v for_o she_o alas_o do_v little_a dream_n of_o thou_o or_o of_o thy_o now_o so_o near_o approach_v to_o i_o de._n indeed_o i_o think_v no_o less_o for_o i_o believe_v thou_o friendly_o entertainment_n will_v i_o give_v if_o more_o familiar_o thou_o do_v i_o know_v but_o hence_o such_o strangeness_n do_v between_o we_o grow_v and_o hence_o i_o be_o your_o so_o unwelcome_a guest_n because_o scarce_o one_o thought_n of_o i_o be_v ere_o express_v yet_o call_v she_o forth_o i_o will_v promise_v make_v never_o doubt_v i_o will_v thou_o not_o touch_v before_o she_o first_o come_v out_o fl._n o_o mistress_n mistress_n be_v you_o now_o asleep_a more_o sound_a than_o ere_o you_o use_v that_o hence_o you_o keep_v soul_n thou_o be_v deceive_v maid_n if_o thou_o think_v so_o that_o ever_o i_o do_v sleep_v i_o do_v not_o know_v but_o what_o be_v the_o news_n what_o be_v the_o cause_n and_o case_n that_o thou_o i_o call_v with_o such_o a_o fright_a face_n fl_fw-mi o_o mistress_n there_o be_v extreme_a necessity_n fall_v on_o we_o both_o for_o most_o impetuous_o a_o stranger_n knock_v at_o door_n of_o horrid_a hue_n and_o if_o i_o may_v speak_v what_o i_o think_v be_v true_a of_o fierce_a aspect_n a_o most_o deform_a creature_n and_o every_o way_n of_o most_o uncomely_a feature_n he_o stand_v without_o but_o spite_n of_o you_o or_o i_o he_o plain_o threat_v that_o he_o let-in_a must_v be_v so._n who_o be_v it_o i_o prithee_o that_o so_o saucy_o behave_v himself_o what_o be_v it_o not_o fit_a that_o i_o shall_v mistress_n be_v of_o i_o bid_v he_o let_v we_o see_v what_o right_a he_o have_v to_o enter_v then_o tell_v i_o fl._n tender_v indulgent_a mistress_n i_o you_o pray_v your_o tender_a maiden_n flesh_n i_o neither_o may_v nor_o dare_v so_o much_o as_o look_v he_o in_o the_o face_n much_o less_o expostulate_v with_o he_o the_o case_n i_o will_v not_o for_o a_o thousand_o world_n and_o more_o go_v back_o again_o alone_o to_o he_o to_o the_o door_n so_o ghastly_a ghostly_a frightful_a spritelike_a he_o fierce_a furious_a fatal_a do_v appear_v to_o i_o so._n then_o tell_v i_o prithee_o what_o may_v be_v his_o name_n or_o whence_o this_o formidable_a creature_n come_v fl._n ask_v he_o yourself_o i_o pray_v a_o monster_n sure_a o_o i_o can_v to_o talk_v with_o he_o endure_v for_o such_o bold_a liberty_n of_o speech_n he_o use_v and_o i_o without_o least_o blush_v so_o abuse_v as_o that_o he_o i_o his_o paramour_n do_v call_v and_o on_o i_o lay_v his_o fatal_a paw_n withal_o only_o he_o herein_o show_v some_o courtesy_n and_o plight_a promise_n to_o i_o serious_o that_o until_o you_o dear_a mistress_n come_v out_o hence_o he_o will_v not_o on_o i_o use_v his_o violence_n so._n alas_o poor_a fool_n and_o what_o will_v thou_o then_o be_v when_o i_o thy_o mistress_n soul_n go_v out_o of_o thou_o nothing_o alas_o but_o a_o poor_a carcase_n dead_a on_o which_o foul_a crawl_a worm_n must_v full_o be_v feed_v but_o i_o will_v go_v meet_v he_o and_o do_v what_o i_o may_v timely_o to_o tame_v his_o pride_n who_o be_v thou_o say_v de._n i_o be_o the_o utmost_a end_n of_o every_o thing_n fl._n o_o mistress_n go_v not_o near_o he_o fear_v his_o sting_n o_o if_o you_o love_v i_o send_v he_o soon_o away_o by_o treat_n or_o threat_n by_o force_n or_o full_a pay_n by_o any_o mean_n we_o must_v he_o quick_o quail_v and_o pack_v he_o hence_o or_o our_o whole_a house_n will_v fail_v so._n peace_n peevish_a wench_n i_o will_v forth_o &_o talk_v with_o he_o