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A11462 Sermons made by the most reuerende Father in God, Edwin, Archbishop of Yorke, primate of England and metropolitane Sandys, Edwin, 1516?-1588. 1585 (1585) STC 21713; ESTC S116708 357,744 396

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close by the altars from the presence of which he was exiled In the ende to shewe the happie case wherein they are to whom continuall and daily accesse to the house of the Lord is graunted he preferreth one day spent there before a thousand any other-where the meanest roome about the house of God before the highest throne in the pallaces of the wicked In another Psalme he so speaketh as if euery daies absence from that holie place were a thousand yeeres When shall I come to appeare before the presence of God As if he should haue said Shall I neuer Neuer shall I be so happie So the Israelites at such time as they were exiles in Babylon declared their earnest desires this way by their bitter teares Nehemias by his heauinesse in the presence of the king Christ by leauing his mother to present himselfe at holie exercises in the temple being but as yet of greene and tender age And with what zeale ioye and gladnesse the Disciples of Christ after the death of their master ioyned themselues together in priuate houses when by reason of the cruell persecution by the Priests they durst not shewe themselues abroade it appeareth both in the Euangelists and in the Acts of the Apostles Yea when afterward the spirite of God miraculously descending vpon them had increased both their zeale and courage they openly professed him whom before they worshipped in secrete places No feare no prohihition no threatning of higher powers was able to withholde them they spake they entred into the temple they taught daily and beeing persecuted were glad that God thought them woorthie to suffer for his sake who had died for theirs God according to his promise is euer present in his congregation Wheresoeuer two or three are assembled in his name he is with them yea what thing soeuer his Saints so assembled shall lawfully aske his promise is it shall bee giuen them 3 With what earnest desire deare brethren ought we then to stand in this place before the Lord beeing driuen from the tabernacle of God as Dauid persecuted as the blessed Apostles of Christ exiled as Israel cast out of the Churches wherein we were nurced and trained vp Howe thankefull ought we to be to our heauenly father who hath in so ample manner in the midst of our manifold distresses griefes caused the light of his countenance to shine in the faces of vs his poore afflicted seruaunts For althogh because we our princes our prophets our people haue grieuously sinned in not esteeming so preciously nor following so religiously his blessed Gospel as we ought to doe therefore he hath bereaued vs of our worldly prosperitie and brought these miseries vpon vs wherein we nowe are yet knowing that we are the sheepe of his pasture howsoeuer wee haue wandered and gone astray it hath pleased him in great aboundance of mercie so to temper the sharpenesse of his correction that we finde him still our present helper at hand and readie most to succour vs in our extreemest neede Could wee wish for more at the hands of God than beeing banished and constreined to forsake all the profites and comforts which we inioied at home in our natiue countrie here amongst aliens and strangers to finde a citie so safe to dwell in maintenance so competent for our needeful and reasonable sustentation such grace in the eies of the godly magistrates vnder whom we liue such fauour and respect to our hard estate such free libertie to come together to call vpon God in our common praiers to heare his word syncerely and truly preached in our owne natural tongue to the great and vnsearchable comfort of our soules finally all things so strangely and almost miraculously ministred and brought vnto our handes as doubtlesse we could neuer haue found heere if the Lorde himselfe had not gone before as it were to make readie to prouide for vs O what tokens of mercie special fauour hath our kind gratious father shewed vs in this our exile and distresse for his Gospell in these our sorowful and afflicted times Wee haue lost the sauing truth at home and found it abroade Our countrie-men are become our enemies and strangers are made our friends Being persecuted by our natiue rulers foraine magistrates haue shewed vs fauour In banishment wee haue a place to dwell in In anguish we abound with comfort And as the Apostle speaketh hauing nothing we are as possessing all things Therefore deare brethren hauing receiued these so great and rare graces at the mercifull hands of our good God I may iustly as one of your poore helpers in these holie labours vse the words of S. Paul which in the beginning I recited exhorting and beseeching you that yee receiue not this grace of God in vaine Be not an vnthankeful people neglect not the great benefite now offered vnto you approch with all reuerence and present your selues as humble petipetitioners before the Lord and careful seruants before our God For I say vnto you as Iacob saide in his iourney towardes Mesopotamia Verè Dominus est in loco isto Truly God is here euen present amongst vs. We doe clearely and plainely perceiue that our fathers and mothers our friends and familiars hauing forsaken vs he hath receiued vs as his dearest 4 Let vs nowe take a viewe of S. Pauls words which I haue propounded to intreate of In the entrance of which he professeth himselfe to bee our helper furthering vs and setting vs forwarde in the course of our saluation not onely by teaching the woord of reconcilement remission of sinnes free mercie in the death and through the merites of Christ crucified but also by most earnest and vehement exhortation beseeching vs woorthily to receiue this so freely offered grace and blessing Nowe as Paul was an helper and a moouer vnto godlinesse so no doubt we ought all to bee helpers euerie one to another according to our calling in distributing and communicating such gifts as we haue receiued at the bountiful hands of God Euerie one according to that of S. Peter as hee hath receiued grace himselfe so ministring it to another as good dispensers of the manifold graces of GOD. For he hath not deliuered vs our talents to bee wrapped vp hidden and buried in the earth We are stewards so to vse the riches of his grace as may bee most to the aduantage of his glorie amongst men 5 Vnto this our blessed Apostle exhorting setteth three especiall things before our eyes to be considered First hee putteth vs in remembrance of the great mercie of God towards vs whereof we are mooued not to shewe our selues vnwoorthie receiuers Secondly hee sheweth that this is the acceptable and onely accounted time wherein it must appeare whether wee receiue that grace in vaine or no Thirdly he teacheth wherein and howe wee must declare our selues so to haue receiued it as behooueth 6 Receiue not the grace of God in vaine I will
that worketh all in all Wherfore as not onely Paul Apollos Cephas but all are ours and we are Christs and Christ is Gods so let vs comfort and strengthen one another in our holy faith holding nothing more deere vnto vs then the saluatiō ech of others and in Gods holy feare commend we one another to that faithful creator who is father of all aboue vs all and through vs all and in vs all To him be rendred all thanks and all honour geuen for euer and for euer The order and matter of the Sermons 1 The first Ho euerie one that thirsteth come to the waters c. Esa. 55. 1. 2 Be this sinne against the Lorde far from me that I shoulde cease to pray c. 1. Sam. 12. 23. 3 Take vs the little foxes which destroie the vines for our vine hath florished Cant. 2. 15. 4 I exhorte therefore before all thinges that requestes supplications c. 1. Tim. 2. 1. 5 Be like minded hauing the same loue being of one accorde c. Phil. 2. 2. 6 Teach mee thy way O Lorde and I will walke in thy truth Psal. 86. 11. 7 Drawe neere to God and he will draw neere to you Iac. 4. 8. 8 Seeke the Lorde while he may bee founde call vpon him while hee is neere c. Esay 55. 6. 9 All the daies of this my warfare do I waite till my changing come Iob. 14. 14. 10 That being deliuered out of the hands of our enemies we may serue him c. Luc. 1. 74. 11 Owe nothing to any man but this to loue one another for hee that loueth c. Rom. 13. 8. 12 He hath shewed thee O man what is good and what the Lorde requireth of thee c. Mich. 6. 8. 13 And Iesus went into the temple of God and cast out all them that soulde and bought c. Matth. 21. 12. 14 Then Peter opened his mouth and saide Of a truth I perceiue that God c. Act. 10. 34. 15 We therfore as helpers beseech you that ye receiue not the grace of God in vaine c. 2. Cor. 6. 2. 16 Mariage is honorable in all Heb. 13. 1. 17 After these thinges Iesus went his waie ouer the sea of Galile c. Ioh. 6. 1. 18 Then there shalbe signes in the sunne and in the moone c. Luc. 21. 25 19 And when he was entred into the ship his disciples followed him c. Mat. 8. 23. 20 The end of all thinges is at hand Be ye therefore sober c. 1. Pet. 4. 7. 21 Offer the sacrifices of righteousnesse Psal. 4. 5. 22 For the rest brethren fare yee well be perfect be of good comforte c. 2. Cor. 13. 11. A Sermon made in Paules on the day of Christes Natiuitie ESAY 55. 1 Ho euerie one that thirsteth come to the waters and ye that haue no siluer come buy and eate come I say buy wine and milke without siluer and without money 2 Wherefore doe ye lay out siluer and not for bread and your labour without being satisfied Hearken diligently vnto me and eate that which is good and let your soule delight in fatnesse 3 Encline your eares and come vnto me heare and your soule shall liue I wil make an euerlasting couenant with you euen the sure mercies of Dauid OVR Euangelical Prophet Esaias through the spirit of reuelation hath in the former part of this his prophecie 800. yeres before the birth of Christ euen as if the thing had alreadie beene performed such is the certainetie of his prophecie most liuely described and set foorth the natiuitie the preaching the persecution the apprehension the death the resurrection the ascension yea and the latter comming of our Sauiour Christ to iudge the quicke and the dead in such wise that for the substance thereof no Euangelist hath more perfectly or plainly set foorth this great mysterie of our saluation He foretelleth that Christ shall be borne of a virgin that his name shalbe Immanuel that his office shalbe to preache the glad tidings of saluation to the poore in spirit that he shalbe led as a sheepe to the shambles to be slaine that he shall be stricken for our sakes and beare the burthen of al our sinnes vpon his backe 2 His birth foreshewed so long agoe by this heauenly Prophet was in fulnesse of time accomplished as this day in Bethlem a citie of Dauid according to the testimonie of that Angel sent from heauen to proclaime the birth of the sonne of God at the same time saying Behold I bring you tidings of great ioy that shalbe vnto all the people because this day is borne vnto you a Sauiour which is Christ our Lorde in the Citie of Dauid This is that seede of the woman which breaketh the serpents head that meeke Abel murthered by his brethren for our sinne that true Isaack whom his father hath offered vp to be a sacrifice of pacification and attonement betweene him and vs. This is that Melchisedeck both a king and a priest that liueth for euer without father or mother beginning or ending This is Ioseph that was solde for thirtie pieces of monie This is that Sampson full of strength and courage who to saue his people and destroy his enemies hath willingly brought death vpon his owne head This is that Lorde and sonne of Dauid to whom the Lord sayde Sit thou on my right hand This is that bridegroome in the Canticle whose heart is so inflamed with heauenly loue towards his deare spouse which is his Church This is he whom holy Simeon imbrasing prophesied that he should be a light to the Gentiles and a glorie to his people Israel he vpon whom the holy Ghost descended and of whom the father testified from heauen This is my welbeloued Sonne This is that lambe of God pointed at by Iohn and sent to take away the sinnes of the world to redeeme vs from thraldome not with golde nor siluer but with the inestimable price of his pretious bloud to be made our wisedome iustification sanctification and redemption This is the childe that is borne for vs the sonne that is giuen for our cause the king whose rule is vpon his shoulders whose name is maruellous the giuer of counsell the mightie GOD the euerlasting father the prince of peace the same Messias which was shadowed in the ceremonies and sacrifices of olde which was prefigured in the Lawe and is presented in the Gospel and hath beene approoued to the worlde by signes and wonders by so cleare euidence as cannot bee either dissembled or denyed Let vs therefore embrace this babe with ioie let vs kisse the sonne let vs with the Angels of heauen praise the Lord let vs sing their Psalme to the honour of his name Glorie be to God on high and on earth peace 3 The Prophet Esaias hauing in spirite espied Christ and seene the day though farre off wherein the Sauiour of the world should be borne
against the Lord farre from me c. Wherein first he putteth the ministers in minde of their dutie secondly he telleth the prince and people of their office lastly hee sheweth if they doe it not what punishment wil followe 6 Samuel reiected put from the office of a magistrate by this froward rebellious people yet was not so froward himselfe as to forsake the office of a minister Neither minded he to reuēge this wrong offered him but with a milde minde he was content not onely to pray for them but to teache them faithfully and louingly to admonish them A patterne for all princes to bee milde in their owne matters yet earnest and zealous in the quarel of God He prayed for the people his enemies the cause was his owne he tooke the sword in his hand and cut King Agag in peeces the cause was Gods Moses in his owne cause was a man most milde he quietly suffered wonderful wrongs but when he perceiued Idolatrie committed Gods glorie comming into question hee with his partakers for worshipping of that calfe put to the sword three thousand men Christ our Sauiour and Master suffered though vndeseruedly yet meekely all reproofe yea reproch yea death it selfe but when his fathers cause came in hande that the house of God was made a denne of theeues hee bestirred him with his whip coursed those symoniacall choppers and chaungers buyers and sellers out of the Temple and made hauocke of whatsoeuer they had 7 This milde and zealous Samuel zealous in Gods cause and milde in his owne first by his owne example putteth the ministers in minde of their duetie in whom hee requireth two things as principall points concerning them To pray and To teache God forbid that I should sinne against the Lorde and cease praying for you I will shewe you the good and right waie 8 Christ that good pastor was earnest in praier for the people Holie father keepe them yea for his enemies Father forgiue them Paul the good Apostle prayed without intermission Iames the good Bishop of Hierusalem made his knees as hard as the hoose of a camell with continuall praying Our good Prophet Samuell thinketh it a great sinne not to pray for the people Absit a me hoc peccatum Be this sinne farre from mee Christ Peter Paul Ieremie praied with many teares God is delighted with an heartie prayer both in the minister in the Prince and in the people Christ was so feruent herein that he swet water and bloud King Dauid in his earnest prayer nightly watered his bed with teares The Israelites in Babylon in powring out their heartie prayers powred out also teares aboundantly Moses was so earnest with God in his prayers that God saide vnto him Why doest thou holde me Anna was so eager that shee powred out her verie heart before God in prayer The verie Ethnickes would not dallie with their false gods in prayer Plato reporteth that when they met in the house of their Idols to pray one openly pronounced Hoc agite Doe this Talke not trifle not let not your mindes wander Doe that ye come for For prayer is the lifting vp of the minde to God And Christ complaineth of this lippe labour This people honour me with their lippes God seeth thy heart and he requireth it 9 The persons for whom Samuel did praie are specified in the latter ende of his speeche For to whom hee saith if yee doe wickedly ye shall perish both you and your king for them that they might not doe wickedly he prayed Wee must pray first for kings and all that are placed in authoritie that God may giue them vnderstanding hearts rightly to rule faithfull counsellers from whom they may receiue wise and graue aduise carefull mindes to put good counsels in execution Euil counsel giuen and followed hath wrought much woe to many princes and vtter ruine to sundrie common wealths King Hanan hearkened to euill counsell and executed it but it turned to the confusion of him and his people Absolon likewise followed Achitophels wicked counsel and destruction likewise followed them both Solomon he gaue eare to foolish women and followed their idolatrous deuises whereby he procured to himselfe the wrath of God Roboam reiected the counsel of the graue and wise and followed the light and lustie deuises of young braines but it spoiled him of the most part of his kingdome Zedechias would not heare the good counsel of Ieremie but gaue eare to the euill aduise of his bad counsellers which in the ende turned to his confusion Happie is that Prince that hath wise and godly counsellers and thrise happie that wil followe them Then may the people liue a quiet and a peaceable life in all godlinesse and honestie Samuel praied for the Prince and the people This is one principall part of the ministers office 10 The other is to teache If I teache not woe woorth me saith S. Paul But what is it that the minister should teache The Pope to be head of the vniuersal Church No that Christ claymeth as his owne right To abstaine from mariage and meate as not lawful to be vsed That S. Paul termeth the doctrine of deuils Shal we teache Purgatorie and prayer to the dead or for the dead But S. Iohn teacheth that we are purged by the bloud of Christ. And God commaundeth vs to call vpon him in our prayer Other commaundement haue we none To be short shal we teache the doctrine of men Then all our worshipping of God shall be in vaine Samuel therefore telleth vs what we shal teach namely the good and right waie Esay speaking of Gods word saith This is the waie walke in it The prophet Ieremie hath the like Stand vpon the waies and see and inquire of the olde waie which is the good waie and walke in it We ought to walke in the olde path of Gods auncient woord For that is the good and the right waie Yee shall not doe that which seemeth right vnto you but what I commaund that onely doe neither adde nor detract any thing Christ taught not his owne waies but the waies of his Father The wordes which I haue spoken are not mine but his that sent me the fathers S. Paul durst not teache any other thing than what he had receiued of the Lorde Yea he curseth the verie Angels of heauen if they teache any other way than that which hee had alreadie deliuered as right and good It is the office therefore of the minister to teache the woorde He that speaketh let him speake as the words of God The good Emperour Constantinus was so carefull of this that hee required of the Synode ouer which he was set to decide matters of religion that they should order all things by the booke of God which booke hee placed for the same purpose in
common wealth What stirs diuersities of religion hath raised in nations kingdoms the histories are so many so plaine and our times in such sort haue told you that with further proofe I need not trouble your eares One God one king one faith one profession is fit for one monarchie common wealth Diuision weakneth Concord strēgtheneth The storie of Scilurus the Scythian is knowen who vpon his death bed taught his lxxx sons the force of vnitie by the strength of sticks weake by themselues when they are tyed in a bundle Let conformitie and vnitie in religion be prouided for and it shal be as a wall of defence vnto this Realme 26 And as these things are especially to be regarded as our principal care must be for the highest matters synceritie and vnitie in religion so we may not neglect or passe ouer smaller things which neede redresse For as diseases and sores in the basest and vilest parts of the body doe grieue and may endaunger the chiefest vnlesse they bee cured betimes so the least abuses by sufferance may worke the greatest harme Gorgeous apparel and sumptuous dyet with such like matters may seeme small things but they are the causes of no small euils They eate vp England and are therefore to bee repressed by straite Lawes It is a part of true seruice done vnto God to see euen vnto these things 27 Wee may seeme to cast our eyes very lowe when wee looke into the dealings of euerie officer vnder the Prince Yet euerie one must be seene vnto They waxe sodainely rich by the spoile of the Prince Reforme it by Lawe that all may walke in trueth If merchaunts with other artificers and meaner trades doe inriche themselues by impouerishing others through deceitfull shifts the common wealth suffereth dammage by their vneuen dealings If we wil haue God serued in trueth wee must by Lawe reforme them 28 That biting worme of vsurie that deuouring wolfe hath consumed many many it hath pulled vpon their knees and brought to beggerie many such as might haue liued in great wealth and in honour not a fewe This canker hath corrupted all England It is become the chiefe chaffer and merchaundise of England We shall doe God and our countrie true seruice by taking away this euill Represse it by Lawe else the heauie hand of God hangeth ouer vs and wil strike vs. 29 That vile sinne of adulterie in Gods common wealth punished with death so ouerfloweth the bankes of all chastitie that if by sharpe Lawes it be not speedily cut off God from heauen with fire will consume it Preuent Gods wrath bridle this outrage so shal you serue the Lord in truth 30 There is nothing more hurtfull to the common wealth than these corner contracts without consent of parents contrary to the woorde of God the Lawe of nature the Lawe ciuil and all right and reason The inconueniences that followe are not sufferable Euaristus a Bishop of Rome saith It is not wedlocke but whoredome when the consent of parents is wanting God cannot bee better serued than if by Lawe yee restraine this vnlawfull contracting The children of this inconuenient mariage may scarsely bee termed lawfull The deuill that hath euer hated wedlocke and loueth whoredome was the first author of this great disorder God graunt you vnderstanding heartes and willing mindes faithfully and in trueth to trauell to represse and take away these euils 31 And as euill is to be controlled by Lawe so that which is good is also by Lawe to be procured God hath made vs many wayes riche For what wee haue freely at his hands we haue it But he himselfe is become very poore in so much that for want of reliefe he is forced to begge and for want of lodging and meate hee lieth and dieth in our streetes This great ingratitude God cannot but reuenge Oh what shame is this to a Christian common wealth in a reformed countrie Obstinate Iewes would neuer shew themselues so vnthankful Their auncient Lawe forbidding beggars is euen to this day most straitly kept amongest them Lawes in this behalfe haue beene prouided but as they wanted perfection so haue they in manner in no point or any where had execution Serue God in trueth prouide that Christ craue not Such as wil not feede him here he wil neuer feede in his kingdome Thus haue I point by point let you see disorders and wants in the common wealth Ye haue authoritie by Lawe to reforme them Consider duetifully of it and serue God truely as ye ought alwayes remembring the saying of the Prophet Esay Woe be to them that make wicked Lawes 32 When good Lawes are made they must be put in execution Lawe is the life of the common wealth and execution the life of the Lawe And better not to make Lawes than not to execute Lawes when they are once made This is the dutie of the publike ministers of the common wealth They must first keepe Lawes themselues then see that others in like sort may obserue them If the officers and ministers of the common wealth contemne lawes doubtlesse the people wil neuer reuerence them if they breake them the people wil neuer keep them Which Solon wisely considering wisely aunswered being demaunded what was chiefe safetie for a common wealth If the Citizens obey the Magistrate and the Magistrate the Lawes You that are appointed to this purpose and put in trust therewith lay aside dread and meede fauour and friendship gift and gaine and with simplicitie of heart punish the transgressor of the Lawe according to the Law Make not Anacharsis webbe of the Lawe Let not the hornet escape and the litle flie bee caught Fewe Lawes well made and well kept would serue the turne This is Gods seruice the execution thereof he hath set ouer to your hands Serue him in trueth and singlenesse of heart Cursed is he that negligently doeth the worke of the Lorde 33 Thus much hath beene spoken concerning higher powers and of their duetie in the seruice of God Samuel speaketh not to them alone to the people it is spoken as well as to the prince Feare and serue ye the Lorde in trueth Feare God embrace the Gospel leade your liues in holinesse and righteousnesse according to the word of trueth The Lorde is a strong defence to them that feare him They that feare him want nothing 34 Giue vnto the Lordes annointed due reuerence and honour Let euerie soule be subiect not by constraint but for conscience sake Imitate those worthie Israelites who were so willingly obedient to Iosua that they cryed with one voice Whosoeuer shall rebell against thy commaundement and will not obey thy woordes in all that thou commaundest him let him die Grudge not repine not at higher powers say not in your hearts Let vs breake their bands and cast away their chaines from vs. 35 Seeke the peace of the common wealth and
to the idle and Idol pastor to the dumme dogge to the vnpreaching minister For the bloud of all these that perish for lacke of taking through his negligence shall be required at his hands 31 The second net is godlie conuersation good example of life This net holdeth hard Examples are a great deale stronger than words and the voice doeth not so fully instruct as the life Therefore Peter saith Be a platforme for the flocke to followe He that liueth otherwise than he speaketh teacheth God to punish him saith S. Chrysostome Paul termeth such teachers as are fertile in speeche and barren in life tinckling cimbals They send foorth a sound and inwardly are hollowe Christ did what hee taught His innocencie and patience chaunged the hearts of the verie souldiers that put him to death And as the godlie example of a good life draweth many to Christ so an euill life giueth great offence The bad demeanor of Helies sonnes caused men to loath the offering of the Lorde And you saith Iacob to his two sonnes Simeon and Leui haue made me to bee abhorred among the inhabitants of the Land Let vs therefore haue our conuersation honest among these men that as now they speake euil of vs as euil doers so hereafter they may by our good workes which they shall see glorifie God in the day of visitation 32 The third net to take these foxes in is discipline Where the former nets faile this will take hold it helde that incestuous Corinthian whom no other way could haue taken Hereby Ambrose brought the Emperor Theodosius himselfe to vnfained humilitie and heartie repentance Doeth it not appertaine vnto pastorall diligence saith S. Augustine with feare yea if they resist with feeling of stripes to recall to the fold of the Lord those sheepe when wee finde them which haue not beene violently caried away but by faire and soft vsage being seduced haue gone astray and began to be held in possession of straungers Those wilfull cubbes which neither by teaching nor by example will be reformed must feele the smart of the rod. We haue saith Paul in a readinesse punishment against all disobedience Such as will not come to feede with Christ willingly must bee compelled against their wils Constraine them to come in Thus the minister should take these litle foxes and winne them vnto the Lord with the net of Gods word of good example and of discipline Now if they cannot be so recalled that themselues perish not they are to be cut off or tyed vp that they destroie not others 33 The magistrate therefore must also set traps to catch these foxes withall The chiefe trap the magistrate hath is the Lawe Artaxerxes writeth his letter vnto Esdras whom hee sent to Ierusalem to see the people gouerned and requireth him hoth to place Magistrates and Iudges ouer the people and to see that they might liue according to the Lawes of God and the king adding thereunto a sharpe commination against transgressors Whosoeuer will not doe the Lawe of thy God and the kings Lawe let him haue iudgement without delay whether it be vnto death or to banishment or to confiscation of goods or to imprisonment The kindes of punishment here set downe are foure Death Exile Confiscation Incarceration These lawfull meanes are wisely to be vsed of Christian Magistrates as traps to take these litle foxes 34 The first is death It is the Lords commaundement Let the false Prophet die Let the adulterer and the adulteresse be put to death Let the blasphemer be stoned Moses obserued this in destroying Idolaters and hanging vp them that committed whoredome The Magistrate beareth not the sword in vaine Asa the good king of Iuda gaue commaundement that if any would not seeke the Lord God of Israel he should die from the least to the greatest from the man to the woman Thus zealous Magistrates haue indeuoured to take rebellious foxes 35 Exile is also a punishment fit for foxes Zerubabel and Ieshua together with the rest of the fathers of Israel agreed not to suffer the enemies of their religion those wilie foxes to ioyne with them but banished them out of their companie It is not for vs and you to builde a house to our God The Emperor Theodosius likewise being mooued thereunto by that zealous Bishop Amphilochius draue all the Arrians out of his dominion These foxes must be remooued the further the better And it were wel with Christs Church if they were all as farre as Rome hence from whence many of them came who now wander and raunge amongst vs. God spared not to expel Angels out of heauen men out of paradise And when Absolon had put off the duetifull minde of a naturall sonne then Dauid laying aside the tender affection of a louing father banished him his countrie 36 The third trappe to take withall is confiscation of goods which way is the easiest and not the woorst For the most men loue Mammon better than God their riches more than their religion When the riche man heard that hee and his wealth must part he went away very sorowfull If he from Christ it is to bee hoped these wil from Antichrist There can bee no sharper punishment to a worldlie minded man than to be taken in this trap God therefore commaunded the Egyptians to be spoiled than which there could be no plague more grieuous vnto them being so greedily set vpon their gaine When the Philistims would keepe the Iewes in good order and disable them to rebell they tooke their weapons and instruments of warre from them It is no euill or vnlawfull policie to weaken these enemies which are readie to vse the strength of their wealth to the ouerthrow of the Church if occasion did serue Touche them by the purse It is the most easie and readie way whereby to take and tame these foxes 37 The last way set downe by wise Artaxerxes is Incarceration When Ioseph had cast his brethren in prison then they remembred their fault and repented then they thought Wee suffer these things deseruedly for the hardnesse of our heartes against our brother Manasses was neuer reclaimed vntil he was inclosed in prison He was miserable in his kingdome and blessed in his captiuitie Thus it is the duetie aswel of the Magistrate as the Minister to obey the commaundement of the almightie and by all meanes to preuent wicked enterprises to roote out euill and to seeke the safetie of Gods vineyard his beloued Church Which God graunt them once effectually to doe for their owne discharge and benefite of the people so deerely redeemed by the bloud of Christ. To whom c. A Sermon preached in the same place and vpon the same occasion with the former 1. TIM 2. 1 I exhort therefore before all things that requests supplications intercessions and giuings of thankes be made for all men 2 For Kings and for all that
destruction of that citie If counsellers emulate and contend amongst themselues ●t must needes teare the state of the common wealth in pieces It was great wisedome therefore in M. Aemilius and Fuluius Flaccus that being at enmitie yet when they were chosen Censors of Rome together they ioined handes and buried all iniuries least through their contention the state should come to ruine Abraham knowing the hurt of contention gaue place to his nephewe Lot Let there be no strife I praie thee betweene thee and me neither betweene mine heardmen and thine for we are brethren The scripture termeth vs sheepe meeke and patient Let vs not therefore be currish like vnto dogges contending barking and biting at our brethren If yee bite one another beware least ye be consumed one of an other 9 And as the bane of vnitie is contention so the breeder of contention is vaineglorie What else caused Iohn Bishop of Constantinople to contend to be called The vniuersall Bishop Superbum nomen hoc est This is a proude name saith Gregorie What else made the Angel to contend to aduance himselfe aboue measure Adam to seeke to be wise as God Absolon to striue for his fathers kingdome Caesar to brooke no man to bee his better Pompey no man to be his peere Wherefore let vs not bee desirous of vaineglorie prouoking one another enuying one another The proude and vaine glorious are compared to the Cedar trees of Libanus which are higher than others not of themselues but by reason of the high mountaine whereupon they growe 10 It is madnesse for men to glorie in that which is not their owne What hast thou that thon hast not receiued And if thou hast receiued why doest thou glorie Doest thou glorie in thy good workes and righteousnesse They are as the cloathes of a woman in her bloud Doest thou glorie in thy nobilitie and great authoritie By me Kings doe raigne neither is there any power but from God Rule is giuen you of the Lorde and power by him that is most high Glorie not but feare knowing that hee which hath receiued much hath much to recken for And A hard iudgement shall they haue that beare rule Doest thou glorie in thy riches Foole this night thy life is taken from thee and then whose are they They are as grasse vnto all but vnto most men as thornes many haue beene pearced to the heart by them they spare neither prophet nor Apostle as we see by the examples of Balaam and Iudas they are euerywhere vnquiet gests Sigismundus the Emperor could not sleepe so long as a chest full of golde remained in his bed-chamber Doest thou glorie in forme and fashion in fauour in beautie All flesh is grasse and the glorie of it is as the flower of the field To daie it flourisheth to morowe it vanisheth Doest thou glorie in thy worldly wisedome and policie The wisedome of the world is but foolishnesse before the Lorde Let not the wise man glorie in his wisedome Let him that glorieth glorie in this that he vnderstandeth and knoweth me that I am the Lord which shew mercie iudgement and righteousnesse in the earth Doest thou glorie with insolent Haman that thou art in exceeding grace and fauour with Assuerus the king and canst haue whatsoeuer thy heart doeth wish at his hands Doest thou in this thy loftinesse enuie vnto death godlie Mardocheus because he honoureth not thee which art in thy selfe altogether vnworthie of honour His pride had a fall his insolencie ended in ignominie and shame Let such as are lifted vp into such fauour feare let them learne to bee so much lowlier as they are higher than others remembring that the wrath of a prince is death and what is more easily kindled than wrath 11 It is hard to bridle the hawtie affections of vaineglorious men This vanitie staineth our best and purest actions Our praier when we praie that we may be seene and thought holie our almes when we giue that we may haue a praise our fasting when we vse it either to merite vnto our selues or thereby to seeme deuout vnto others our preaching when we seeke our owne commendation when we studie not so much to please God as men when much learning puffeth vs vp when we take a pride in our picked words pleasant vtterance when we reioice with Herod to heare the people showte and crie The voice of a God Thus as the goodliest trees in a garden are soonest blasted with red windes so men indued with the rarest qualities and best gifts are soonest infected with this poison That great and blessed Apostle himselfe was in some danger of this disease Wherefore thus he speaketh Least I should be exalted aboue measure through abundance of reuelations there was giuen vnto me a sting in the flesh the messenger of Satan to buffet me that I might not be exalted aboue measure He onely was quite and cleane voide of this sinne who is our example who saith in the Gospel I doe not seeke mine owne glorie 12 Now the lets of vnitie which are Contention and Vainglorie being remooued S. Paul teacheth in the last place by what meanes vnitie and concord may be preserued Wherein he setteth downe two strong preseruatiues The first is In humblenesse of minde euerie man to esteeme others better than himselfe To esteeme others better than our selues is a lesson hard to be learned a lesson which neuer can enter into the braine of a proude hearted man And therefore S. Paul requireth humblenesse of minde in him that shall thus frame and fashion his iudgement according to that whereunto he exhorteth in an other place Walke woorthie of the vocation whereunto yee are called with all humblenesse of minde and meekenesse with long suffering supporting one another through loue endeuouring to keepe the vnitie of the spirit in the bond of peace For vpon whom shall the spirit of the Lord rest but onely vpon them that are humble and lowlie To whom should he giue grace but vnto men of a meeke and gentle spirite But there are sundrie sorts of humilitie 13 There is an humilitie which is constrained an humilitie perforce such as that whereof the Prophet saith The Lorde releeueth the meeke and humbleth the wicked to the ground Such are then humble onely when God hath humbled them by afflicting them There is a counterfeite humilitie such as was in Absolon when he stole away the peoples hearts from the king For it is the vsuall maner of some to bowe downe themselues and to looke most demurely when their inward parts are full of deceit and their heads most occupied about wicked purposes Againe there is a superstitious humilitie such as that was Touch not Tast not Handle not touch not the chalice tast not an egge in Lent handle not the bread that by consecration is made holie which things had a shewe of religious holinesse but were in
our sinne but no remedie against the sting therof so that it maketh vs feare and with trembling looke for the reward of sinne which is euerlasting death But the spirite of adoption by the preaching of the Gospel telleth vs that in Christ we haue remission of sinnes we are reconciled vnto God and adopted by him we are his chosen children and may boldly and ioyfully call him father And this certainetie of our saluation the spirit of God testifieth to our spirit whereby we put away all seruile feare of punishment beeing assured of Gods constant fauour and eternall loue towardes vs who neuer leaueth vnfinished that which he hath begun nor forsaketh him whom he hath chosen 15 Therefore daungerous and desperate is that doctrine of the Papists which doth teache vs euer to be doubtfull and in suspence of our saluation A lamentable discomfortable and miserable estate Here it is in one woord confounded For Zacharie saith we are redeemed to serue him without feare or doubtfulnesse For where doubt is there is feare and what greater feare than of a thing so fearefull Hee that will serue God must serue him in a quiet and ioiefull conscience with a sure and vndoubted confidence of mercie and saluation in Christ the Lord of mercy With thee is mercie saith the Prophet that thou