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A45335 A practical and polemical commentary, or, exposition upon the third and fourth chapters of the latter epistle of Saint Paul to Timothy wherein the text is explained, some controversies discussed, sundry cases of conscience are cleared, many common places are succinctly handled, and divers usefull and seasonable observations raised / by Thomas Hall ... Hall, Thomas, 1610-1665. 1658 (1658) Wing H436; ESTC R14473 672,720 512

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fare_n the_o better_a for_o they_o every_o day_n why_o be_v the_o heap_n of_o chaff_n keep_v from_o burn_a but_o because_o there_o be_v some_o wheat_n mix_v with_o it_o but_o if_o once_o the_o wheat_n be_v out_o the_o chaff_n shall_v soon_o be_v set_v on_o fire_n when_o once_o the_o number_n of_o god_n elect_n be_v accomplish_v the_o world_n shall_v not_o stand_v a_o moment_n it_o be_v just_a with_o god_n to_o take_v they_o from_o we_o for_o our_o abuse_v they_o we_o cast_v dirt_n and_o god_n cast_v dust_n on_o they_o many_o great_a man_n be_v fall_v of_o late_a in_o this_o our_o english_a israel_n nigh_o a_o hundred_o godly_a minister_n be_v take_v from_o we_o within_o the_o space_n of_o three_o year_n past_a many_o of_o they_o young_a and_o eminent_a for_o piety_n so_o that_o we_o this_o day_n be_v weaken_v both_o in_o church_n and_o state_n joseph_n be_v not_o and_o simeon_n be_v not_o and_o benjamin_n be_v not_o all_o these_o thing_n be_v against_o we_o this_o be_v and_o shall_v be_v a_o lamentation_n to_o we_o now_o since_o there_o be_v such_o abundance_n of_o false_a fire_n and_o feign_a zeal_n in_o the_o world_n we_o have_v the_o more_o need_n to_o try_v our_o own_o some_o be_v mislead_v by_o a_o blind_a zeal_n rom._n 20.2_o other_o by_o a_o indiscreet_a zeal_n matth._n 26.51_o luke_n 9.52_o 53_o 54._o john_n 8._o ult_n other_o by_o a_o hyrocritical_a zeal_n they_o pretend_v religion_n but_o they_o intend_v their_o own_o enrich_n so_o demetrius_n pretend_v the_o preservation_n of_o religion_n when_o indeed_o he_o intend_v his_o own_o silver_n trade_n act_n 19_o 24._o 1._o true_a zeal_n be_v know_v by_o the_o rise_n and_o original_a of_o it_o 1._o if_o it_o be_v wrought_v in_o our_o heart_n by_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n finem_fw-la we_o be_v not_o bear_v zealous_a for_o god_n his_o truth_n and_o people_n but_o by_o nature_n be_v full_a of_o enmity_n to_o all_o these_o act_n 9.1_o phil._n 36._o paul_n in_o his_o natural_a state_n persecute_v the_o church_n out_o of_o a_o blind_a zeal_n many_o mistake_v the_o fire_n of_o their_o own_o flint_n and_o the_o fire_n of_o hell_n for_o this_o celestial_a fire_n but_o the_o author_n of_o all_o true_a zeal_n and_o heavenly_a fire_n be_v the_o holy_a spirit_n of_o god_n which_o be_v oft_o call_v fire_n act_n 2.3_o 4._o matth._n 3.11_o because_o like_o fire_n it_o enlighten_v and_o heat_n our_o cold_a and_o freeze_a heart_n luke_n 24.32_o a_o man_n that_o have_v fire_n in_o his_o bosom_n will_v quick_o be_v sensible_a of_o it_o prov._n 6.27_o 28._o 2._o it_o be_v operative_a like_o fire_n daily_o burn_v up_o our_o lust_n purge_v out_o our_o dross_n and_o work_v out_o our_o scum_n it_o be_v the_o true_a purgatory_n fire_n which_o all_o believer_n pass_v through_o isaiah_n 4.4_o 2._o it_o spring_v from_o knowledge_n as_o david_n first_o believe_v and_o then_o speak_v so_o the_o zealous_a man_n first_o know_v god_n will_n and_o then_o be_v zealous_a in_o the_o prosecution_n of_o it_o rolloc_n blind_a zeal_n be_v rather_o fury_n and_o madness_n rashness_n and_o rudeness_n than_o zeal_n it_o be_v celeris_fw-la cursus_fw-la extra_fw-la viam_fw-la it_o be_v like_a mettle_n in_o a_o blind_a horse_n which_o carry_v the_o rider_n into_o many_o danger_n like_o a_o ship_n without_o a_o pilot_n which_o run_v itself_o on_o many_o rock_n and_o sand_n like_a wildfire_n in_o a_o fool_n hand_n or_o the_o devil_n in_o the_o demoniac_a which_o cast_v he_o sometime_o into_o the_o fire_n and_o anon_o into_o the_o water_n the_o jew_n have_v a_o zeal_n after_o legal_a rite_n and_o ceremony_n but_o it_o be_v a_o blind_a zeal_n that_o but_o spoil_v all_o rom._n 10.2_o as_o without_o knowledge_n the_o mind_n be_v not_o good_a so_o neither_o be_v the_o man_n nor_o his_o zeal_n prov._n 19.2_o as_o blind_a obedience_n be_v no_o obedience_n so_o blind_a zeal_n be_v not_o zeal_n such_o be_v the_o zeal_n of_o papist_n and_o sectary_n 3._o it_o spring_v from_o a_o love_n to_o christ_n this_o constrain_v we_o to_o do_v and_o suffer_v for_o christ._n aretius_n 2_o cor._n 5.14_o as_o christ_n love_v we_o and_o spend_v himself_o for_o we_o so_o the_o sense_n of_o this_o love_n be_v shed_v abroad_o in_o our_o heart_n will_v make_v we_o to_o spend_v ourselves_o for_o he_o this_o fire_n of_o god_n love_n to_o we_o will_v make_v we_o contemn_v all_o other_o fire_n 4._o when_o it_o spring_v from_o a_o love_n and_o compassion_n to_o our_o brethren_n when_o all_o our_o admonishion_n and_o reproof_n come_v from_o a_o spirit_n of_o love_n and_o tenderness_n misericordiae_fw-la and_o be_v mix_v with_o meekness_n and_o mourning_n this_o be_v true_a zeal_n thus_o samuel_n 1.16_o tell_v saul_n plain_o and_o sharp_o of_o his_o sin_n yet_o mourn_v for_o his_o person_n lot_n reprove_v the_o sodomite_n for_o their_o wickedness_n yet_o call_v they_o brethren_n gen._n 19.7_o christ_n be_v angry_a at_o the_o sin_n yet_o mourn_v for_o the_o sinner_n mark_v 3.5_o so_o do_v paul_n 2_o cor._n 12.22_o hot_a and_o moist_a be_v the_o best_a temper_n both_o in_o nature_n and_o grace_n when_o man_n rave_v and_o rage_n and_o be_v full_a of_o bitterness_n than_o satan_n cast_v out_o satan_n and_o they_o do_v more_o hurt_n than_o good_a these_o hate_n the_o sinner_n and_o not_o the_o sin_n when_o the_o good_a man_n be_v merciful_a to_o the_o sinner_n but_o cruel_a and_o unmerciful_a to_o the_o sin_n 2._o true_a zeal_n be_v know_v by_o its_o end_n sine_fw-la viz._n god_n glory_n it_o can_v be_v content_a to_o decrease_v so_o god_n honour_n may_v increase_v john_n 3.30_o as_o true_a zeal_n come_v from_o god_n so_o it_o be_v for_o god_n and_o his_o glory_n and_o not_o for_o self_n the_o hypocrite_n may_v seem_v very_o zealous_a but_o it_o be_v for_o his_o own_o end_n like_o the_o sheca●ites_n that_o will_v be_v cirumcised_a that_o they_o may_v get_v cattle_n gen._n 34.33_o jehu_n do_v a_o act_n that_o for_o the_o matter_n be_v good_a but_o his_o selfish_n vainglorious_a end_n mar_v all_o and_o make_v it_o murder_v hosea_n 1.4_o 3._o by_o the_o property_n and_o effect_n of_o it_o which_o be_v five_o 1._o it_o increase_v by_o opposition_n like_a fountain-water_n it_o be_v hot_a in_o the_o cold_a weather_n as_o water_v cast_v on_o lime_n by_o a_o antiperistasis_n burn_v more_o fierce_o the_o more_o the_o wicked_a oppose_v god_n law_n the_o more_o david_n love_v it_o psal._n 119.126_o if_o michol_n mock_v david_n for_o dance_v before_o the_o ark_n he_o will_v resolve_v to_o be_v yet_o more_o vile_a 2_o sam._n 6.22_o true_a zeal_n overlook_v and_o over-leaps_a all_o let_n and_o impediment_n difficulty_n be_v but_o whetstone_n to_o fortitude_n heroic_a spirit_n know_v not_o what_o discouragement_n mean_v many_o water_n of_o opposition_n can_v quench_v this_o ardent_a love_n but_o intend_v it_o rather_o cant._n 8.6_o 7._o as_o we_o see_v in_o jacob_n gen._n 32.24_o 25_o 26._o and_o the_o woman_n of_o canaan_n difficultates_fw-la tell_v caleb_n there_o be_v anakim_v and_o he_o will_v say_v le_fw-fr we_o go_v up_o courageous_o against_o they_o numb_a 13.30_o tell_v paul_n of_o bond_n why_o he_o fear_v not_o death_n hypocrite_n make_v a_o great_a show_n till_o they_o meet_v with_o opposition_n and_o then_o like_a snail_n they_o pull_v in_o their_o horn_n 2._o it_o will_v make_v we_o abound_v in_o duty_n if_o there_o be_v the_o fire_n of_o zeal_n within_o there_o will_v be_v a_o flame_n of_o a_o holy_a conversation_n without_o love_v especial_o zealous_a love_n be_v bountiful_a it_o think_v it_o can_v never_o do_v enough_o for_o god_n he_o be_v glad_a he_o have_v any_o thing_n of_o worth_a to_o lose_v for_o he_o and_o resolve_v with_o the_o martyr_n affectionis_fw-la if_o he_o have_v as_o many_o life_n to_o lose_v as_o he_o have_v hair_n on_o his_o head_n and_o as_o much_o blood_n to_o venture_v as_o there_o be_v water_n in_o the_o sea_n it_o shall_v all_o go_v for_o christ._n they_o be_v ready_a to_o act_v to_o their_o power_n yea_o and_o beyond_o their_o power_n 2_o cor._n 8.3_o zeal_n be_v a_o very_a high_a and_o intensive_a heat_n of_o all_o the_o affection_n it_o make_v we_o burn_v in_o our_o love_n to_o god_n in_o our_o desire_n after_o he_o 118._o our_o joy_n in_o he_o our_o fear_n to_o offend_v he_o our_o indignation_n against_o all_o that_o speak_v or_o do_v any_o thing_n against_o he_o or_o he_o psal._n 139.21_o jer._n 13.9_o 10._o it_o be_v not_o so_o much_o any_o one_o affection_n as_o the_o intensive_a degree_n of_o all_o when_o they_o be_v all_o improve_v to_o the_o utmost_a for_o the_o furtherance_n of_o god_n glory_n and_o the_o good_a of_o his_o people_n a_o zealous_a man_n be_v a_o man_n of_o mettle_n and_o spirit_n he_o be_v all_o life_n and_o activity_n it_o
conviction_n it_o be_v infinite_a patience_n that_o the_o earth_n do_v not_o open_a her_o mouth_n and_o swallow_v they_o up_o alive_a and_o if_o the_o rock_n rend_v the_o fonndation_n of_o the_o earth_n be_v move_v and_o the_o sun_n hide_v its_o self_n when_o christ_n be_v crucify_v and_o blaspheme_v aug._n by_o many_o that_o know_v he_o not_o oh_o how_o do_v the_o whole_a creation_n groan_v under_o the_o burden_n of_o such_o as_o crucify_v the_o lord_n afresh_o and_o witting_o and_o malicious_o put_v he_o to_o a_o open_a shame_n 4._o it_o do_v exceed_o debase_v a_o man_n and_o make_v he_o vile_a than_o the_o vile_a creature_n that_o we_o tread_v under_o our_o foot_n for_o they_o in_o their_o kind_a praise_n god_n and_o show_v forth_o the_o wisdom_n power_n and_o goodness_n of_o their_o creator_n but_o the_o blasphemer_n dishonour_v he_o in_o all_o his_o attribute_n 5._o it_o be_v a_o most_o unprofitable_a sin_n other_o sin_n have_v some_o seem_a pleasure_n and_o profit_n to_o allure_v but_o what_o pleasure_n or_o profit_n can_v it_o be_v to_o rage_n against_o the_o just_a and_o great_a god_n 6._o such_o be_v guilty_a of_o a_o most_o pestilent_a scandal_n they_o grieve_v the_o godly_a harden_v the_o wicked_a offend_v the_o weak_a who_o be_v quick_o turn_v out_o of_o the_o way_n and_o become_v a_o ill_a example_n to_o their_o child_n who_o like_o soft_a wax_n be_v ready_a to_o be_v frame_v to_o any_o thing_n like_o sponge_n which_o suck_v up_o any_o water_n that_o come_v near_o they_o now_o woe_n unto_o they_o by_o who_o scandal_n especial_o blasphemous_a scandal_n come_v matth._n 18.6_o 7._o 4._o 7._o it_o be_v a_o sin_n which_o make_v man_n most_o like_a to_o the_o damn_a in_o hell_n as_o the_o saint_n in_o heaven_n be_v fill_v with_o joy_n shall_v vocal_o sing_v the_o praise_n of_o their_o redeemer_n so_o the_o damn_a in_o hell_n be_v fill_v with_o the_o wrath_n of_o god_n shall_v vocal_o blaspheme_v he_o hell_n be_v full_a of_o blasphemy_n it_o be_v the_o very_a work_n of_o the_o damn_a to_o lie_v under_o the_o intolerable_a wrath_n of_o god_n continual_o blaspheme_v he_o he_o that_o accustome_n himself_o to_o such_o language_n here_o let_v he_o take_v heed_n that_o he_o be_v not_o put_v for_o ever_o to_o sing_v it_o there_o reg._n and_o if_o the_o wicked_a that_o in_o this_o world_n do_v but_o taste_v of_o the_o cup_n of_o god_n wrath_n yet_o blaspheme_v he_o for_o their_o torment_n revel_v 16.9_o how_o will_v they_o be_v fill_v with_o blasphemy_n when_o they_o shall_v be_v fill_v with_o the_o wrath_n of_o god_n for_o ever_o last_o as_o it_o be_v the_o great_a sin_n so_o it_o make_v man_n obnoxious_a to_o the_o sad_a judgement_n of_o god_n and_o severe_a punishment_n of_o the_o magistrate_n when_o a_o man_n shall_v direct_o and_o purposely_o speak_v reproachful_o of_o god_n deny_v he_o in_o his_o attribute_n or_o attribute_v that_o to_o he_o which_o be_v inconsistent_a with_o his_o nature_n this_o be_v call_v direct_a and_o immediate_a blasphemy_n and_o if_o it_o be_v act_v not_o out_o of_o infirmity_n of_o nature_n the_o person_n not_o be_v distemper_v with_o sickness_n melancholy_a or_o madness_n god_n but_o out_o of_o malice_n deliberation_n and_o obstinacy_n then_o the_o party_n be_v to_o die_v without_o mercy_n leu._n 24.13_o 14_o 15_o 16._o this_o be_v no_o judicial_a law_n peculiar_a only_o to_o the_o jew_n but_o it_o be_v of_o the_o law_n of_o nature_n be_v a_o universal_a law_n for_o all_o nation_n he_o who_o ever_o he_o be_v that_o shall_v direct_o and_o obstinate_o blaspheme_v the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n shall_v sure_o die_v hence_o wicked_a jesabel_n that_o she_o may_v stone_n naboth_n to_o death_n proclaim_v he_o a_o blasphemer_n 1_o king_n 21.11.14_o this_o ston_a endure_v till_o christ_n time_n as_o appear_v by_o their_o ston_a of_o steven_n act_n 7._o now_o if_o every_o direct_a and_o obstinate_a blasphemer_n shall_v be_v stone_v to_o death_n in_o england_n what_o shower_n of_o stone_n will_v there_o be_v in_o all_o part_n of_o the_o land_n and_o if_o nabuchadnezzar_n a_o heathen_a by_o the_o light_n of_o nature_n can_v make_v a_o decree_n that_o who_o ever_o blaspheme_v the_o god_n of_o heaven_n or_o speak_v any_o thing_n amiss_o concern_v he_o shall_v be_v cut_v in_o piece_n and_o his_o house_n be_v make_v a_o dunghill_n dan._n 3_o 29._o how_o much_o more_o ought_v christian_a magistrate_n to_o make_v severe_a law_n for_o the_o punish_n of_o such_o high_a offender_n lest_o as_o their_o light_n and_o charge_n be_v great_a so_o they_o suffer_v double_a punishment_n we_o see_v how_o careful_a magistrate_n be_v to_o punish_v thief_n and_o murderer_n of_o man_n and_o shall_v spiritual_a thief_n who_o rob_v god_n of_o his_o honour_n deny_v his_o be_v and_o since_o they_o can_v kill_v he_o yet_o will_v smite_v he_o with_o their_o tongue_n be_v suffer_v to_o go_v unpunished_a we_o see_v how_o tender_a great_a man_n be_v of_o their_o own_o name_n honour_n privilege_n and_o life_n if_o any_o oppose_v they_o he_o must_v die_v for_o it_o and_o shall_v he_o that_o abuse_v and_o blaspheme_v the_o king_n of_o king_n attainer_n not_o die_v the_o death_n sure_o as_o this_o be_v the_o great_a sin_n so_o it_o shall_v be_v punish_v with_o some_o eminent_a and_o remarkable_a punishment_n this_o hellish_a sin_n defile_v the_o land_n and_o can_v b●_n purge_v away_o but_o by_o the_o death_n of_o the_o blasphemer_n impunity_n breed_v blasphemy_n and_o all_o manner_n of_o sin_n eccles._n 8.11_o paul_n must_v excommunicate_v such_o 1_o tim._n 1.1.20_o and_o the_o magistrate_n must_v cut_v they_o off_o levit._fw-la 24.6.16_o dan._n 3.29_o and_o when_o man_n can_v or_o will_v not_o punish_v they_o god_n take_v the_o sword_n into_o his_o own_o hand_n he_o cut_v off_o blasphemous_a sennacher●b_n with_o one_o hundred_o fourscore_o and_o and_o five_o thousand_o man_n 2_o king_n 19.35_o blasphemous_a arrius_n void_v his_o bowel_n fayu●_n and_o so_o die_v the_o syrian_n blaspheme_v the_o god_n of_o israel_n and_o call_v he_o the_o god_n of_o the_o mountain_n and_o not_o of_o the_o valley_n many_o thousand_o of_o they_o fall_v by_o the_o sword_n 1_o king_n 20.29_o 30._o and_o if_o the_o lord_n be_v thus_o terrible_a in_o the_o camp_n of_o the_o assyrian_n for_o blasphemy_n where_o will_v blasphemous_a christian_n appear_v who_o sin_n against_o great_a light_n and_o great_a love_n caution_n yet_o every_o unadvised_a speech_n or_o act_n against_o god_n do_v not_o present_o denominate_v a_o man_n a_o blasphemer_n there_o be_v may_v blasphemy_n in_o what_o be_v speak_v and_o yet_o the_o person_n speak_v not_o to_o be_v a_o blasphemer_n job_n and_o jeremy_n speak_v many_o thing_n unadvised_o when_o under_o a_o tentation_n yet_o blaspheme_v not_o blasphemy_n proper_o take_v be_v ever_o join_v with_o a_o intent_n to_o cast_v reproach_n upon_o god_n as_o every_o one_o be_v not_o a_o liar_n that_o tell_v what_o be_v not_o true_a but_o he_o that_o tell_v a_o untruth_n know_v it_o to_o be_v a_o untruth_n with_o a_o intent_n to_o deceive_v and_o wrong_v other_o so_o he_o that_o think_v or_o speak_v a_o thing_n unbecoming_a god_n with_o a_o intent_n to_o reproach_n or_o slander_n god_n and_o his_o way_n this_o be_v blasphemy_n direct_o against_o god_n 6._o disobedient_a to_o parent_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d parentibus_fw-la non_fw-la obedientes_fw-la next_o unto_o god_n our_o parent_n be_v to_o be_v love_v and_o obey_v he_o that_o dare_v blaspheme_v the_o one_o espencaeus_fw-la will_v never_o fear_v to_o abuse_v the_o other_o he_o that_o dare_v revile_v his_o heavenly_a father_n will_v not_o stick_v to_o rebel_v against_o a_o earthly_a one_o hence_o hater_n of_o god_n and_o disobedient_a to_o parent_n be_v yoke_v together_o in_o the_o same_o predicament_n rom._n 1.30_o this_o be_v a_o branch_n of_o pride_n it_o be_v that_o which_o make_v man_n so_o refractory_a persuadec_fw-la and_o rebellious_a that_o no_o persuasion_n of_o their_o superior_n can_v work_v upon_o they_o nor_o any_o entreaty_n win_v they_o to_o obedience_n the_o word_n be_v indefinite_a and_o equivalent_a to_o a_o universal_a baldwin_n in_o the_o last_o day_n man_n shall_v be_v disobedient_a to_o parent_n in_o the_o plural_a number_n viz._n to_o parent_n natural_a political_a spiritual_a domestical_a 1._o in_o the_o last_o day_n man_n shall_v be_v disobedient_a to_o their_o natural_a parent_n of_o both_o sex_n mercer_n father_n and_o mother_n thief_n especial_o be_v here_o employ_v in_o the_o word_n parent_n though_o i_o shall_v not_o exclude_v the_o latter_a since_o the_o character_n in_o its_o full_a latitude_n suit_v so_o full_o with_o our_o time_n 1._o be_v there_o ever_o more_o contempt_n of_o natural_a parent_n be_v not_o the_o complaint_n general_a that_o the_o youth_n of_o our_o age_n be_v
defame_v yet_o subtle_o cover_v all_o with_o a_o deep_a sigh_n profess_v his_o great_a sorrow_n for_o such_o a_o one_o fall_n when_o they_o shall_v delight_v in_o the_o virtue_n of_o other_o they_o feed_v upon_o their_o vice_n let_v such_o consider_v 1._o that_o this_o sin_n be_v hateful_a in_o respect_n of_o its_o original_a it_o come_v more_o especial_o from_o the_o devil_n and_o bring_v man_n to_o he_o he_o at_o first_o slander_v god_n to_o man_n man_n to_o man_n and_o a_o man_n to_o himself_o other_o sin_n make_v man_n like_a to_o beast_n but_o this_o make_v man_n like_o the_o devil_n himself_o hence_o gerson_n call_v they_o canivos_fw-la dentes_fw-la diaboli_fw-la the_o devil_n dog-teeth_n and_o the_o holy_a ghost_n range_v they_o among_o the_o wicked_a psal._n 50.20_o rom._n 1.30_o by_o such_o person_n and_o practice_n the_o devil_n uphold_v his_o kingdom_n lie_v and_o slander_v be_v the_o pillar_n of_o popery_n 2._o such_o breed_v great_a strife_n in_o city_n family_n kingdom_n prov._n 16.28_o and_o 26.20_o especial_o if_o it_o be_v a_o son_n servant_n or_o bosom_n friend_n and_o be_v do_v malicious_o to_o get_v a_o estate_n as_o ziba_n when_o he_o accuse_v mephibosheth_n to_o david_n 2_o sam._n 16._o and_o tertullus_n accuse_v paul_n for_o self-end_n act_n 24.25_o 3._o they_o be_v the_o worst_a kind_n of_o thief_n they_o rob_v a_o man_n of_o his_o good_a name_n which_o be_v a_o choice_n treasure_n prov._n 22.1_o eccles._n 7.3_o thief_n may_v be_v shun_v or_o outrun_v but_o who_o can_v avoid_v a_o slanderous_a tongue_n adhaerebit_fw-la a_o thief_n may_v make_v satisfaction_n for_o what_o he_o steal_v but_o this_o sin_n scarce_o admit_v of_o any_o sound_a restitution_n though_o the_o fame_n be_v false_a yet_o it_o leave_v a_o scar_n behind_o it_o hence_o machiavelli_n teach_v his_o scholar_n to_o lie_v lusty_o some_o dirt_n will_v stick_v however_o 4._o it_o be_v a_o kind_a of_o murder_n it_o be_v call_v the_o poison_n of_o asp_n rom._n 3.13_o and_o the_o asp_z spit_v poison_v a_o great_a way_n off_o it_o be_v death_n for_o one_o to_o poison_v his_o neighbour_n slander_v be_v poison_v he_o their_o poisonous_a mouth_n breathe_v forth_o nothing_o but_o curse_n brevis_fw-la lie_n reproach_n upon_o which_o murder_n often_o follow_v rom._n ezek._n 22.9_o 2_o sam._n 10.3.18_o hamans_n prince_n misinterpret_v &_o traduce_v david_n kindness_n bring_v the_o sword_n upon_o they_o &_o cost_v many_o life_n the_o slanderer_n kill_v three_o at_o once_o viz._n the_o speaker_n the_o receiver_n and_o he_o that_o be_v speak_v against_o hence_o his_o tongue_n be_v compare_v to_o destructive_a thing_n as_o a_o sword_n a_o razor_n and_o coal_n of_o juniper_n which_o they_o say_v will_v keep_v fire_n a_o year_n about_o psal._n 55.21_o and_o 120.3_o and_o solomon_n compare_v the_o mischief_n of_o a_o evil_a tongue_n to_o a_o hammer_n or_o maul_v a_o sword_n and_o a_o arrow_n prov._n 25.18_o a_o slanderous_a tongue_n be_v no_o small_a evil_n 124._o it_o be_v a_o hammer_n to_o knock_v out_o his_o neighbour_n brain_n a_o sword_n to_o kill_v he_o and_o a_o sharp_a arrow_n to_o wound_v he_o a_o malicious_a slanderous_a tongue_n be_v a_o most_o pernicious_a evil_n prov._n 12.18_o and_o 18.8_o 5._o it_o be_v a_o sin_n which_o god_n soul_n do_v more_o especial_o abhor_v it_o be_v not_o only_o abominable_a but_o a_o abomination_n itself_o in_o the_o abstract_n to_o he_o prov._n 6.16.19_o especial_o when_o it_o be_v raise_v against_o his_o servant_n to_o traduce_v any_o man_n be_v ill_a but_o god_n take_v it_o very_o ill_a when_o we_o belie_v and_o slander_v his_o holy_a harmless_a one_o numb_a 12.8_o be_v you_o not_o afraid_a to_o speak_v against_o my_o servant_n moses_n we_o shall_v be_v afraid_a to_o defame_v any_o but_o especial_o god_n meek_a mose_n those_o be_v his_o jewel_n and_o he_o will_v not_o let_v they_o and_o their_o name_n lie_v always_o in_o the_o dirt_n david_n cut_v off_o such_o from_o the_o earth_n psal._n 10.1.5_o and_o god_n shut_v they_o out_o of_o heaven_n psal._n 15.1.4_o see_v more_o in_o those_o that_o handle_v the_o nine_o commandment_n help_v against_o this_o sin_n 1._o interpret_v doubtful_a thing_n in_o the_o best_a sense_n praeferenda_fw-la and_o put_v the_o fair_a construction_n on_o they_o where_o we_o want_v certainty_n judge_v charitable_o better_o offend_v in_o be_v too_o charitable_a then_o in_o be_v too_o rigid_a 1_o cor._n 13.5.7_o charity_n think_v no_o evil_a but_o hope_v all_o thing_n and_o believe_v all_o thing_n that_o can_v be_v hope_v and_o bear_v with_o a_o good_a conscience_n it_o believe_v all_o thing_n so_o far_o as_o may_v stand_v with_o reason_n and_o religion_n so_o jacob_n when_o he_o see_v the_o bloody_a coat_n do_v not_o suspect_v his_o son_n but_o say_v some_o beast_n have_v devour_v he_o gen._n 37.31.33_o gedaliah_n be_v but_o over-credulous_a and_o too_o charitable_a in_o this_o kind_n jer._n 40.14_o etc._n etc._n he_o will_v not_o entertain_v a_o suspicious_a thought_n against_o ishmael_n though_o it_o cost_v he_o his_o life_n it_o be_v a_o rule_n in_o heraldry_n and_o it_o hold_v good_a in_o divinity_n that_o in_o blazon_a arm_n and_o ensign_n the_o animal_n must_v be_v interpret_v in_o the_o best_a sense_n according_a to_o their_o noble_a and_o generous_a quality_n e._n g._n if_o a_o lion_n or_o a_o fox_n be_v the_o charge_n we_o must_v conceive_v his_o quality_n represent_v to_o be_v wit_n and_o courage_n not_o rapine_n and_o pilfer_a so_o and_o much_o more_o in_o blazon_v my_o brother_n name_n i_o must_v find_v out_o what_o be_v best_a and_o mention_v that_o if_o i_o meet_v with_o a_o sin_n of_o iufirm●ty_n and_o humane_a frailty_n i_o must_v conceal_v it_o it_o be_v the_o glory_n of_o a_o man_n to_o pass_v it_o by_o prov._n 19.11_o christ_n excuse_v the_o heaviness_n of_o the_o disciple_n the_o spirit_n say_v he_o be_v willing_a but_o the_o flesh_n be_v weak_a if_o it_o be_v a_o great_a sin_n and_o not_o public_a we_o may_v not_o divulge_v it_o but_o admonish_v the_o party_n and_o show_v he_o his_o sin_n that_o he_o may_v be_v bring_v to_o repentance_n and_o if_o there_o may_v be_v twenty_o interpretation_n make_v of_o a_o thing_n if_o nineteen_o be_v naught_o and_o but_o one_o good_a love_n will_v take_v that_o which_o be_v good_a and_o leave_v the_o nineteen_o bad_a when_o we_o hear_v the_o innocency_n of_o our_o neighbour_n call_v in_o question_n we_o shall_v open_v our_o mouth_n for_o the_o dumb_a and_o plead_v their_o cause_n else_o by_o our_o silence_n we_o shall_v become_v accessary_a to_o their_o slander_n when_o david_n be_v accuse_v and_o slander_v by_o court-parasite_n to_o saul_n than_o jonathan_n plead_v his_o cause_n why_o shall_v he_o die_v what_o evil_a have_v he_o do_v 1_o sam._n 20.32_o when_o n●codemus_n see_v the_o rashness_n of_o the_o jew_n in_o condemn_v christ_n unheard_a he_o tell_v they_o it_o be_v against_o their_o law_n so_o to_o do_v 2._o shun_v envy_n filia_fw-la which_o be_v the_o root_n of_o slander_v and_o strife_n hence_o they_o be_v join_v together_o in_o scripture_n rom._n 1.29_o 30._o and_o 13.13_o god_n will_v have_v we_o act_v nothing_o from_o such_o a_o principle_n philip_n 2.3_o let_v nothing_o be_v do_v through_o strife_n or_o envy_n but_o let_v all_o wrath_n and_o bitterness_n and_o discontent_n at_o the_o piety_n part_n and_o honour_n of_o other_o be_v lay_v aside_o ephes._n 4.15_o two_o sin_n help_v to_o crucify_v christ_n covetousness_n sell_v he_o and_o envy_n deliver_v he_o they_o be_v still_o two_o great_a enemy_n to_o the_o church_n of_o christ._n covetousness_n sell_v religion_n and_o envy_n prosecute_v it_o 3._o shun_v idleness_n which_o make_v people_n slanderer_n and_o busy-body_n 1_o thes._n 4.11_o titus_n 2.3_o 1_o pet._n 4.15_o peter_n must_v look_v to_o himself_o and_o not_o meddle_v with_o johns_n business_n john_n 21.21_o be_v ever_o employ_v either_o in_o the_o general_a or_o particular_a call_n for_o when_o man_n want_v work_v the_o devil_n cut_v they_o out_o such_o work_n as_o this_o most_o of_o the_o abuse_n of_o the_o tongue_n spring_n from_o idleness_n idle_n person_n be_v usual_o tatler_n and_o busybody_n speak_v thing_n they_o ought_v not_o 1_o tim._n 5.13_o 4._o be_v not_o hasty_a in_o pass_v sentence_n on_o other_o action_n hut_a weigh_v all_o circumstance_n for_o they_o do_v much_o vary_v a_o case_n and_o this_o make_v it_o so_o hard_a to_o judge_v of_o man_n action_n herle_v because_o we_o know_v not_o the_o person_n his_o end_n aim_n tentation_n etc._n etc._n it_o be_v the_o barbarian_n rashness_n act_n 28.4_o as_o soon_o as_o the_o viper_n appear_v on_o paul_n hand_n to_o conclude_v he_o present_o without_o any_o consideration_n a_o murderer_n be_v not_o hasty_a to_o believe_v report_n but_o stay_v a_o little_a
not_o 5._o army_n that_o can_v save_v we_o it_o be_v not_o 6._o carnal_a policy_n nor_o sinful_a shift_n that_o can_v save_v we_o 1._o idol_n can_v help_v we_o they_o be_v vanity_n teacher_n of_o lie_n hab._n 2.18_o jonah_n 2.8_o nothing_o in_o respect_n of_o any_o divine_a power_n or_o virtue_n lapide_fw-la 1_o cor._n 8.4_o though_o it_o be_v something_o in_o respect_n of_o man_n vain_a imagination_n who_o honour_v it_o as_o their_o god_n yet_o it_o be_v nothing_o in_o respect_n of_o virtue_n or_o value_n for_o it_o can_v neither_o help_v nor_o hurt_n jer._n 10.5_o they_o can_v save_v themselves_o from_o fire_n and_o plunder_v micah_n god_n be_v steal_v judg._n 18.18_o 24._o they_o be_v curse_v that_o worship_n they_o psal._n 97.7_o they_o shall_v have_v sorrow_n that_o follow_v they_o psal._n 16.4_o and_o be_v great_o ashamed_a that_o trust_n in_o they_o isaiah_n 42.17_o great_a then_o be_v the_o folly_n of_o the_o papist_n who_o fly_v to_o s._n loy_n for_o their_o horse_n s._n anthony_n for_o their_o pig_n saint_n george_n for_o their_o war_n s._n apollonia_n for_o their_o tooth_n s._n steven_n for_o the_o night_n s._n john_n for_o the_o day_n according_a to_o the_o manner_n of_o their_o necessity_n so_o be_v their_o go_n 2._o if_o god_n be_v against_o we_o riches_n can_v help_v we_o they_o oft_o hurt_v we_o in_o a_o time_n of_o trouble_n the_o finger_n many_o time_n be_v cut_v off_o for_o the_o gold_n ring_n and_o the_o soldier_n inquire_v not_o for_o the_o poor_a but_o for_o the_o rich_a man_n riches_n avail_v not_o in_o a_o day_n of_o wrath_n prov._n 11.4_o ezek._n 7.19_o zeph._n 1._o ult_n they_o fly_v from_o we_o when_o we_o be_v die_v or_o in_o trouble_n and_o have_v most_o need_v of_o help_n prov._n 23.5_o hence_o they_o be_v call_v uncertain_a riches_n they_o be_v like_o a_o break_a reed_n that_o not_o only_o fail_v but_o wound_v he_o that_o trust_v in_o they_o isaiah_n 36.6_o he_o that_o trust_v in_o they_o shall_v fall_v prov._n 11.28_o and_o be_v reproach_v for_o his_o folly_n with_o a_o lo_o this_o be_v the_o man_n that_o take_v not_o god_n for_o his_o strength_n but_o trust_v in_o his_o riches_n psal._n 52.7_o luke_n 12.20_o 3._o friend_n cannont_a help_n be_v they_o never_o so_o many_o or_o mighty_a the_o great_a they_o be_v the_o worse_o and_o the_o soon_o we_o be_v deceive_v by_o they_o because_o we_o be_v apt_a to_o trust_v in_o they_o man_n of_o low_a degree_n be_v vanity_n but_o man_n of_o high_a degree_n be_v worse_o they_o be_v not_o only_a liar_n but_o a_o lie_n in_o the_o abstract_n psal._n 62.9_o hence_o we_o be_v forbid_v to_o trust_v in_o they_o be_v they_o never_o so_o great_a psal._n 146.3_o 4_o 5._o trust_v not_o in_o prince_n yet_o if_o any_o man_n can_v help_v we_o it_o be_v they_o why_o so_o for_o in_o they_o be_v no_o help_n they_o die_v or_o change_v their_o mind_n and_o then_o all_o thy_o plot_n perish_v 4._o strong_a hold_n can_v save_v we_o if_o god_n be_v against_o we_o they_o shall_v all_o drop_n as_o ripe_a fig_n which_o with_o a_o shake_n or_o summons_n come_v down_o nahum_n 3.12.14_o though_o wicked_a man_n build_v wall_n as_o high_a as_o heaven_n and_o make_v ditch_n as_o deep_a as_o hell_n yea_o and_o make_v their_o nest_n in_o the_o star_n yet_o sin_n will_v bring_v they_o down_o jer._n 49.16_o obad._n 4._o if_o sin_n reign_v within_o all_o the_o fortification_n without_o be_v but_o vain_a lam._n 4.12.17_o isaiah_n 22.8_o to_o 14._o 5._o it_o be_v not_o army_n charret_n horse_n etc._n etc._n that_o can_v help_v a_o king_n be_v not_o save_v by_o a_o great_a host_n psal._n 33.16_o 17_o they_o fall_v that_o trust_n in_o they_o psal._n 20.7_o 8._o many_o trust_n in_o their_o long_a sword_n and_o think_v that_o it_o shall_v save_v they_o but_o god_n tell_v those_o that_o work_n wickedness_n yet_o stand_v upon_o their_o sword_n that_o the_o sword_n shall_v destroy_v they_o ezek._n 33.25_o 26_o 27._o 6._o it_o be_v not_o carnal_a policy_n nor_o sinful_a shift_n that_o can_v help_v we_o achitophel_n policy_n end_v in_o folly_n and_o so_o do_v pharaoh_n work_v wise_o exod._n 1.10_o become_v his_o bane_n hence_o henry_n the_o three_o of_o france_n forsake_v the_o truth_n turn_v papist_n think_v thereby_o to_o get_v the_o monk_n on_o his_o side_n he_o be_v kill_v by_o a_o monk_n yea_o he_o become_v contemptible_a to_o his_o people_n paris_n and_o his_o great_a town_n revolt_a from_o he_o there_o be_v no_o power_n or_o policy_n can_v prevail_v against_o god_n prov._n 21.30_o many_o turn_n with_o the_o time_n forsake_v the_o truth_n make_v lie_v their_o refuge_n and_o under_o falsehood_n do_v they_o hide_v themselves_o isaiah_n 28.15_o this_o be_v the_o base_a refuge_n of_o all_o other_o sin_n never_o do_v good_a to_o any_o it_o be_v a_o ill_a refuge_n which_o make_v god_n our_o enemy_n isaiah_n 47_o 10._o thou_o have_v trust_v in_o thy_o wickedness_n isa._n what_o follow_v verse_n 11._o therefore_o evil_a shall_v come_v ●pon_n thou_o 2._o affirmative_o and_o inclusive_o all_o our_o help_n be_v only_o in_o the_o lord_n he_o be_v the_o salvation_n of_o his_o israel_n jer._n 3.23_o the_o creature_n answer_v in_o this_o case_n as_o they_o do_v concern_v wisdom_n job_n where_o shall_v wisdom_n be_v find_v the_o depth_n say_v it_o be_v not_o in_o i_o and_o the_o sea_n say_v it_o be_v not_o in_o i_o so_o where_o shall_v help_v in_o trouble_n be_v have_v parliament_n say_v it_o be_v not_o in_o we_o and_o army_n say_v it_o be_v not_o in_o we_o and_o riches_n say_v it_o be_v not_o in_o we_o etc._n etc._n but_o it_o be_v god_n only_o who_o be_v el-shaddai_a almighty_a all-sufficient_a gen._n 17.1_o who_o be_v a_o strong_a tower_n prov._n 18.10_o and_o a_o present_a help_n in_o trouble_n psal._n 46.1_o when_o trouble_n be_v present_a than_o god_n be_v auxilium_fw-la praesentissimum_fw-la most_o present_a by_o his_o wisdom_n to_o direct_v we_o by_o his_o power_n to_o protect_v we_o and_o by_o his_o spirit_n to_o comfort_v we_o quest._n how_o do_v the_o lord_n deliver_v his_o people_n when_o we_o oft_o see_v they_o lie_v under_o sad_a affliction_n answ._n deliverance_n be_v twofold_a 1._o when_o the_o lord_n do_v actual_o deliver_v his_o people_n as_o he_o do_v the_o three_o young_a man_n from_o the_o fiery_a furnace_n dan._n 3._o daniel_n from_o the_o lion_n den_n and_o peter_n from_o prison_n 2._o sometime_o he_o let_v the_o trouble_n continue_v but_o uphold_v the_o spirit_n under_o it_o thus_o joseph_n be_v in_o prison_n but_o the_o lord_n be_v with_o he_o paul_n have_v not_o the_o tentation_n remove_v but_o he_o have_v strength_n give_v he_o to_o bear_v it_o 3._o if_o god_n do_v suffer_v the_o wicked_a to_o take_v away_o their_o temporal_a life_n yet_o he_o give_v they_o eternal_a life_n for_o it_o change_n we_o say_v be_v no_o robbery_n but_o this_o change_n be_v a_o great_a advantage_n so_o that_o sometime_o the_o lord_n remove_v the_o cross_n sometime_o he_o mitigate_v it_o but_o he_o always_o work_v patience_n in_o the_o heart_n of_o his_o people_n and_o give_v a_o happy_a issue_n and_o event_n if_o not_o by_o life_n yet_o by_o death_n which_o be_v best_a of_o all_o philip._n 1.23_o neither_o can_v any_o tyrant_n take_v away_o their_o life_n from_o they_o till_o they_o have_v run_v their_o race_n and_o finish_v the_o work_n which_o god_n have_v give_v they_o to_o do_v luke_n 13.32_o john_n 17.4_o 5._o david_n be_v oft_o pursue_v by_o saul_n yet_o die_v not_o till_o he_o serve_v god_n will_n in_o his_o generation_n act_n 13.36_o peter_n die_v not_o till_o he_o be_v ripe_a for_o martyrdom_n 2_o pet._n 1.14_o paul_n escape_v abundance_n of_o danger_n both_o by_o sea_n and_o land_n till_o his_o time_n be_v come_v that_o he_o be_v behead_v at_o rome_n by_o nero._n 2_o tim._n 4.6_o queen_n elizabeth_n be_v curse_v by_o many_o pope_n yet_o she_o outlive_v nine_o or_o ten_o of_o they_o and_o when_o she_o have_v finish_v her_o course_n she_o die_v in_o her_o bed_n in_o peace_n god_n have_v number_v our_o day_n which_o we_o can_v pass_v nor_o our_o enemy_n abridge_v we_o of_o job_n 7.3_o our_o time_n be_v in_o god_n hand_n and_o not_o in_o the_o hand_n of_o our_o enemy_n psal._n 31.15_o quest._n but_o why_o do_v not_o the_o lord_n deliver_v his_o people_n out_o of_o trouble_n answ._n it_o be_v not_o either_o because_o he_o can_v or_o will_v not_o but_o for_o good_a ends._n 1._o to_o draw_v out_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n people_n that_o their_o faith_n love_n patience_n and_o constancy_n may_v be_v make_v more_o perspicuous_a to_o the_o world_n we_o have_v never_o hear_v of_o the_o chastity_n of_o joseph_n the_o patience_n of_o job_n the_o zeal_n
of_o david_n the_o constancy_n and_o piety_n of_o daniel_n nor_o of_o the_o faith_n of_o those_o martyr_n heb._n 11._o if_o they_o have_v not_o be_v try_v 2._o it_o be_v but_o to_o purge_v we_o and_o try_v we_o not_o to_o destroy_v we_o isaiah_n 27.9_o james_n 1.2_o 3._o 1_o pet._n 4.12_o 3._o to_o wean_v we_o from_o the_o world_n the_o lord_n lay_v wormwood_n upon_o its_o breast_n luther_n for_o a_o time_n find_v some_o reluctaucy_a in_o he_o to_o that_o petition_n thy_o kingdom_n come_v but_o after_o that_o god_n have_v toss_v he_o up_o and_o down_o with_o the_o wave_n and_o tempest_n which_o he_o meet_v with_o from_o the_o world_n then_o no_o petition_n be_v more_o welcome_a to_o he_o 4._o for_o the_o full_a discovery_n of_o the_o cruelty_n and_o malice_n of_o wicked_a man_n that_o all_o the_o world_n may_v see_v and_o say_v the_o lord_n be_v righteous_a in_o their_o ruin_n use_v 1._o if_o god_n be_v the_o help_n and_o deliverer_n of_o his_o people_n than_o woe_n to_o those_o who_o hurt_v they_o if_o he_o be_v the_o preserver_n of_o man_n job_n 7.20_o then_o woe_n to_o those_o who_o be_v like_o their_o father_n the_o devil_n who_o be_v abaddon_n and_o apollyon_n the_o destroyer_n and_o devourer_n of_o man_n revel_v 9.11_o 2._o have_v god_n deliver_v thou_o kiss_v not_o thy_o own_o hand_n do_v not_o sacrifice_v to_o thy_o own_o net_n but_o give_v all_o the_o praise_n to_o the_o god_n of_o thy_o salvation_n jonah_n 2.9_o say_v with_o the_o church_n not_o unto_o we_o etc._n etc._n psal._n 115.1_o 3._o as_o we_o must_v praise_v he_o for_o deliverance_n past_a so_o pray_v to_o he_o for_o deliverance_n out_o of_o trouble_n whither_o shall_v we_o go_v for_o water_n but_o to_o the_o sea_n or_o for_o light_v but_o to_o the_o sun_n or_o for_o help_v but_o to_o the_o god_n of_o all_o help_n if_o he_o but_o speak_v the_o word_n he_o can_v command_v deliverance_n for_o we_o psal._n 44.4_o for_o 1._o he_o be_v a_o omnipotent_a helper_n there_o be_v nothing_o too_o high_a or_o too_o hard_a for_o he_o the_o son_n of_o zervial_a may_v be_v too_o strong_a for_o we_o but_o not_o for_o he_o he_o behold_v all_o nation_n as_o a_o drop_n etc._n etc._n isaiah_n 40.15_o 17._o 2._o he_o be_v a_o omnipresent_v help_v the_o eye_n of_o his_o providence_n run_v to_o and_o fro_o through_o the_o whole_a earth_n in_o defence_n of_o his_o people_n 3._o he_o be_v a_o omniscient_a help_n though_o we_o know_v not_o how_o to_o help_v our_o self_n yet_o he_o know_v how_o to_o deliver_v he_o 2_o pet._n 2.9_o he_o know_v the_o fit_a manner_n laurent_n time_n and_o season_n for_o our_o deliverance_n when_o it_o will_v be_v most_o for_o his_o glory_n and_o our_o good_a rule_n 1._o if_o we_o expect_v help_v and_o deliverance_n from_o god_n we_o must_v be_v such_o as_o trust_v in_o he_o psal._n 37._o ult_n he_o be_v the_o saviour_n of_o all_o man_n by_o a_o common_a providence_n but_o his_o special_a providence_n extend_v only_o to_o such_o as_o believe_v 1_o tim._n 4.10_o such_o need_v not_o fear_v what_o man_n can_v do_v unto_o they_o isaiah_n 12.2_o jehosaphat_n that_o trust_v in_o the_o lord_n when_o a_o great_a army_n come_v against_o he_o be_v deliver_v from_o they_o 2._o we_o must_v be_v sincere_a and_o righteous_a man_n prov._n 18.10_o 2_o pet._n 2.9_o when_o a_o man_n heart_n be_v upright_o and_o his_o conversation_n pure_a god_n have_v a_o special_a eye_n on_o such_o 1_o pet._n 3.11_o 12._o god_n will_v be_v a_o terror_n to_o the_o wicked_a but_o a_o strong_a tower_n to_o the_o righteous_a deut._n 4.3_o 4._o zeph._n 2.3_o 3._o we_o must_v be_v poor_a in_o spirit_n and_o sensible_a of_o our_o own_o want_n that_o we_o may_v go_v out_o of_o ourselves_o and_o rest_n sole_o on_o god_n he_o give_v power_n to_o the_o faint_a isaiah_n 40.29_o and_o save_v such_o as_o have_v no_o power_n job_n 26.2_o and_o when_o we_o be_v child_n without_o a_o father_n than_o christ_n will_v be_v a_o father_n to_o we_o john_n 14.18_o he_o will_v not_o leave_v we_o orphan_n or_o fatherless_a to_o such_o the_o promise_n run_v hos._n 14.3_o job_n 3.15_o zeph._n 3.12_o 4._o we_o must_v be_v such_o as_o mourn_v for_o the_o sin_n of_o the_o time_n god_n mark_v such_o in_o mercy_n ezek._n 9.4_o he_o have_v a_o zoar_n for_o lot_n who_o soul_n be_v vex_v with_o wicked_a sodomite_n a_o grave_n for_o mourn_a josiah_n to_o hide_v he_o in_o from_o evil_n to_o come_v job_n 14.13_o verse_n 12._o yea_o and_o all_o that_o will_v live_v godly_a in_o christ_n jesus_n shall_v suffer_v persecution_n the_o apostle_n proceed_v ab_fw-la hypothesi_fw-la ad_fw-la thesin_n have_v mention_v his_o own_o persecution_n he_o now_o come_v to_o application_n every_o man_n can_v say_v in_o thesi_fw-la he_o must_v expect_v persecution_n affliction_n etc._n etc._n and_o it_o be_v good_a for_o we_o but_o when_o we_o descend_v add_v hypothesin_n from_o general_n to_o particular_n and_o tell_v man_n that_o even_o they_o must_v undergo_v persecution_n this_o sound_v harsh_a and_o be_v a_o hard_a say_n the_o apostle_n therefore_o the_o better_a to_o animate_v timothy_n and_o all_o the_o faithful_a against_o persecution_n he_o tell_v they_o it_o be_v no_o new_a thing_n but_o the_o common_a lot_n of_o all_o the_o godly_a and_o therefore_o he_o speak_v emphatical_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d &_o praeterea_fw-la omnes_fw-la q._n d._n it_o be_v not_o only_a my_o lot_n to_o be_v persecute_v but_o all_o the_o saint_n that_o have_v go_v before_o i_o yea_o and_o all_o that_o shall_v come_v after_o i_o must_v certain_o expect_v persecution_n the_o way_n to_o heaven_n be_v not_o straw_v with_o rose_n and_o carnal_a delight_n scultetus_n but_o it_o be_v beset_v with_o many_o dangerous_a tentation_n and_o difficulty_n matth._n 7.14_o he_o that_o will_v be_v christ_n must_v take_v up_o his_o cross_n christ_n and_o the_o cross_n be_v inseparable_a we_o must_v have_v fellowship_n with_o he_o in_o tribulation_n if_o we_o expect_v to_o reign_v with_o he_o in_o glory_n rev._n 1.9_o i_o shall_v explicate_v the_o word_n in_o the_o open_n of_o the_o doctrine_n hence_o observe_v all_z those_o that_o show_v forth_o the_o power_n of_o religion_n in_o a_o holy_a conversation_n must_v certain_o look_v for_o persecution_n 1._o i_o say_v all_o without_o exception_n be_v they_o high_a or_o low_o learned_a or_o unlearned_a qui_fw-la conatur_fw-la excipere_fw-la conatur_fw-la decipere_fw-la if_o they_o walk_v in_o the_o power_n of_o religion_n must_v expect_v persecution_n isaiah_n a_o learned_a holy_a man_n and_o of_o the_o blood-royal_n yet_o be_v sawen_v asunder_o david_n a_o man_n after_o god_n own_o heart_n a_o king_n a_o man_n of_o rare_a accomplishment_n a_o man_n of_o man_n a_o expert_a soldier_n a_o sweet_a musician_n a_o amiable_a merciful_a upright_a man_n yet_o how_o be_v he_o pursue_v by_o saul_n revile_v by_o shemei_n molest_v by_o absolom_n etc._n etc._n seldom_o at_o rest_n the_o better_a the_o man_n the_o soon_o persecute_v the_o devil_n shoot_v his_o arrow_n at_o the_o white_a mark_n it_o be_v the_o innocent_a upright_a man_n he_o and_o his_o agent_n aim_v at_o psalm_n 10.8_o and_o 37.14_o revel_v 7.9.14_o innocent_a abel_n be_v persecute_v by_o wicked_a cain_n 1_o john_n 3.12_o isaac_n by_o ishmael_n 3._o gal_n 4.29_o paul_n by_o jew_n and_o gentile_n and_o christ_n himself_o by_o scribe_n and_o pharisee_n who_o seek_v sometime_o to_o catch_v he_o john_n 7.30.44_o and_o anon_o to_o kill_v he_o john_n 5.16.18_o and_o 8.59_o luke_n 4.29_o and_o 13.31_o this_o be_v a_o part_n of_o that_o cross_n which_o every_o disciple_n of_o christ_n must_v carry_v matthew_n 16.24_o 1._o he_o must_v take_v it_o up_o viz._n cheerful_o god_n love_v a_o cheerful_a sufferer_n as_o well_o as_o a_o cheerful_a doer_n it_o must_v not_o be_v throw_v upon_o we_o against_o our_o will_n but_o it_o must_v be_v willing_o take_v up_o lap._n 2._o his_o cross_n i._n e._n that_o cross_n whatever_o it_o be_v which_o god_n have_v allot_v we_o it_o must_v not_o be_v a_o cross_n of_o our_o own_o make_n but_o of_o god_n allot_v 3._o his_o cross_n i._n e._n the_o great_a trial_n he_o must_v not_o only_o undergo_v lesser_a trial_n for_o christ_n but_o if_o he_o call_v he_o to_o the_o death_n of_o the_o cross_n which_o be_v the_o most_o bitter_a and_o accurse_a death_n he_o must_v not_o refuse_v it_o this_o be_v that_o badge_n and_o cognizance_n by_o which_o the_o church_n be_v distinguish_v from_o all_o other_o society_n isaiah_n 54.11_o oh_o thou_o afflict_a and_o toss_v with_o tempest_n god_n feed_v his_o people_n with_o the_o bread_n of_o tear_n they_o be_v the_o saint_n diet_n psal._n 80.5_o this_o be_v that_o cup_n which_o all_o believer_n must_v drink_v off_o and_o that_o baptism_n
they_o will_v stir_v up_o the_o magistrate_n since_o they_o have_v more_o especial_a influence_n on_o he_o and_o be_v more_o near_o relate_v to_o he_o that_o he_o may_v no_o long_o bear_v the_o sword_n in_o vain_a but_o as_o god_n have_v make_v he_o the_o drunkard_n terror_n the_o swearer_n terror_n and_o the_o profane_a man_n terror_n so_o he_o may_v be_v the_o blaspheamer_n terror_n and_o the_o quaker_n terror_n make_v they_o quake_n in_o a_o better_a kind_n etc._n etc._n that_o some_o of_o these_o be_v witch_n accumulative_a compound_v seduce_a blasphemous_a witch_n in_o the_o high_a degree_n there_o be_v none_o that_o have_v read_v their_o book_n or_o know_v their_o practice_n but_o be_v or_o may_v be_v full_o satisfy_v that_o such_o shall_v be_v put_v to_o death_n be_v clear_a exod._n 22.18_o levit._fw-la 24.16_o dan._n 3.29_o deut._n 13.6_o to_o 10._o some_o judicial_a precept_n be_v juris_fw-la communis_fw-la of_o common_a equity_n such_o as_o be_v agreeable_a to_o the_o instinct_n and_o law_n of_o nature_n common_a to_o all_o man_n and_o these_o for_o substance_n bind_v all_o person_n both_o jew_n and_o gentile_n as_o be_v moral_a and_o so_o agree_v with_o the_o moral_a law_n these_o judicial_a precept_n which_o be_v juris_fw-la particularis_fw-la of_o particular_a equity_n such_o as_o pertain_v especial_o to_o the_o jew_n commonwealth_n and_o be_v sit_v for_o they_o and_o their_o time_n be_v now_o abolish_v e._n g._n that_o a_o man_n shall_v marry_v with_o none_o but_o his_o own_o stock_n that_o the_o brother_n shall_v raise_v up_o seed_n to_o his_o brother_n and_o that_o a_o thief_n shall_v restore_v fourfold_a this_o be_v peculiar_a to_o their_o commonwealth_n and_o not_o to_o we_o for_o 1._o they_o be_v a_o wealthy_a people_n good_a have_v abundance_n and_o can_v better_o bear_v a_o loss_n than_o we_o can_v to_o steal_v a_o ox_n from_o he_o that_o have_v a_o thousand_o be_v nothing_o in_o comparison_n of_o steal_v a_o ox_n from_o he_o that_o have_v but_o two_o or_o four_o 2._o violence_n be_v oft_o add_v to_o theft_n and_o the_o public_a peace_n of_o the_o nation_n be_v oft_o break_a thereby_o now_o more_o regard_n be_v to_o be_v have_v of_o the_o public_a peace_n then_o of_o a_o private_a man_n life_n melius_fw-la est_fw-la ut_fw-la pereat_fw-la unus_fw-la quam_fw-la unitas_fw-la the_o question_n than_o will_v be_v whether_o it_o be_v lawful_a to_o put_v a_o man_n to_o death_n for_o theft_n answ._n we_o must_v distinguish_v of_o theft_n 1._o there_o be_v a_o single_a simple_a theft_n and_o this_o admit_v of_o discreet_a pity_n especial_o when_o it_o be_v commit_v by_o reason_n of_o extreme_a poverty_n and_o necessity_n 2._o there_o be_v compound_v theft_n when_o violence_n assault_n fright_v in_o the_o night_n time_n especial_o by_o break_v of_o a_o man_n dwell_v house_n whereby_o the_o life_n of_o he_o and_o he_o be_v endanger_v and_o in_o such_o case_n where_o the_o offence_n be_v multiply_v and_o increase_v there_o the_o magistrate_n may_v increase_v the_o punishment_n and_o inflict_v death_n upon_o the_o party_n as_o appear_v 2_o sam._n 12.1_o 2_o 3_o 4_o etc._n etc._n exod._n 22.2_o prov._n 6.31_o so_o then_o those_o judicial_a and_o civil_a precept_n which_o be_v agreeable_a to_o the_o moral_a law_n and_o do_v confirm_v and_o uphold_v it_o they_o bind_v for_o ever_o e._n g._n it_o be_v a_o judicial_a law_n that_o adulterer_n and_o adulteress_n shall_v die_v the_o death_n now_o this_o be_v agreeable_a to_o common_a equity_n and_o to_o the_o law_n of_o nature_n as_o appear_v gen._n 38.24_o where_o judah_n before_o this_o judicial_a law_n be_v publish_v by_o moses_n appoint_v tamar_n his_o daughter-in-law_n to_o be_v burn_v for_o this_o sin_n and_o nabuchadnezzar_n burn_v ahab_n and_o zedekiah_n for_o it_o jer._n 29.21_o 22_o 23._o so_o this_o judicial_a law_n of_o put_v witch_n to_o death_n by_o the_o magistrate_n be_v agreeable_a to_o common_a equity_n it_o help_v to_o preserve_v all_o the_o moral_a prceept_n which_o be_v break_v by_o the_o idolatry_n murder_n and_o malice_n of_o wiche_n it_o preserve_v the_o peace_n of_o the_o land_n and_o therefore_o be_v perpetual_a and_o must_v be_v execute_v in_o our_o day_n on_o such_o as_o practise_v witchcraft_n be_v they_o high_a or_o low_o white_a or_o black_a as_o witchcraft_n be_v the_o same_o for_o substance_n now_o as_o it_o be_v in_o the_o day_n of_o moses_n viz._n a_o covenant_n with_o the_o devil_n whereby_o man_n can_v do_v strange_a thing_n above_o the_o order_n of_o nature_n so_o the_o punishment_n ought_v to_o be_v the_o same_o and_o witch_n shall_v now_o be_v more_o severe_o punish_v because_o they_o sin_n against_o great_a light_n and_o love_n against_o great_a mean_n and_o mercy_n yea_o though_o they_o never_o hurt_v any_o person_n yet_o if_o it_o can_v be_v clear_o prove_v that_o any_o person_n have_v make_v a_o league_n with_o the_o devil_n and_o be_v in_o confederacy_n with_o he_o this_o renounce_v the_o lord_n and_o contract_v with_o his_o deadly_a enemy_n be_v a_o high_a treason_n against_o god_n and_o deserve_v present_a and_o certain_a death_n it_o be_v dangerous_a for_o magistrate_n to_o suffer_v such_o to_o live_v who_o god_n have_v appoint_v unto_o death_n 1_o king_n 20.42_o true_o god_n be_v very_o tender_a of_o the_o life_n of_o man_n and_o therefore_o the_o magistrate_n must_v be_v very_o cautious_a and_o make_v diligent_a inquiry_n to_o find_v out_o this_o great_a mystery_n he_o must_v not_o judge_v by_o bare_a report_n or_o doubtful_a sign_n but_o he_o must_v lay_v all_o the_o testimony_n sign_n circumstance_n and_o strong_a presumption_n of_o witchcraft_n together_o and_o then_o judge_v of_o the_o cause_n what_o a_o heap_n of_o word_n the_o lord_n use_v by_o way_n of_o caution_n before_o a_o man_n be_v put_v to_o death_n deut._n 13.14_o 15._o if_o a_o man_n be_v report_v to_o be_v a_o seducer_n of_o other_o to_o idolatry_n he_o must_v not_o present_o be_v stone_v though_o he_o be_v a_o son_n of_o belial_n but_o they_o must_v inquire_v and_o make_v search_n and_o ask_v diligent_o and_o behold_v if_o it_o be_v truth_n and_o the_o thing_n be_v certain_a that_o such_o a_o abomination_n be_v wrought_v than_o they_o must_v sure_o die_v levit._fw-la 20._o ult_n this_o make_v josiah_n to_o destroy_v the_o witch_n of_o his_o time_n 2_o king_n 23.14_o yea_o saul_n though_o a_o wicked_a man_n yet_o put_v witch_n to_o death_n 2_o sam._n 28.3.9_o though_o his_o heart_n be_v not_o sincere_a in_o what_o he_o do_v for_o he_o seek_v to_o they_o in_o his_o trouble_n and_o if_o the_o magistrate_n will_v not_o cut_v off_o such_o yet_o 8._o god_n will_v balaam_n the_o sorcerer_n fall_v by_o the_o sword_n josh._n 13.22_o simon_n magus_n fall_v and_o perish_v miserable_o yea_o saul_n lose_v his_o life_n for_o seek_v to_o such_o 1_o chron._n 10.13_o 14._o and_o so_o do_v ahaziah_n 2_o king_n 1.2_o 3_o 4._o levit._fw-la 20.6_o 2._o idolater_n and_o enticer_n to_o idolatry_n must_v die_v exod._n 22.20_o deut._n 13.6.9_o but_o witch_n be_v the_o gross_a idolater_n they_o sacrifice_v to_o the_o devil_n they_o pray_v to_o he_o execrabilissima_fw-la trust_v in_o he_o and_o serve_v he_o who_o be_v god_n profess_a enemy_n 2._o they_o entice_v other_o to_o forsake_v god_n witch_n beget_v witch_n they_o usual_o seduce_v wife_n son_n daughter_n friend_n etc._n etc._n and_o therefore_o they_o ought_v to_o die_v 3._o those_o that_o do_v more_o especial_o bring_v god_n plague_n on_o a_o land_n and_o nation_n ought_v more_o especial_o to_o be_v punish_v but_o witch_n and_o wizard_n do_v more_o especial_o bring_v god_n plague_n on_o a_o nation_n this_o bring_v the_o curse_n on_o the_o canaanite_n and_o drive_v they_o out_o of_o their_o land_n deuteronomy_n 18.12_o 14_o 15._o this_o be_v that_o cry_a sin_n which_o make_v the_o lord_n to_o forsake_v his_o people_n isaiah_n 2.6_o therefore_o thou_o have_v forsake_v thy_o people_n because_o they_o be_v soothsayer_n like_o the_o philistines_n manasses_n witchcraft_n and_o wickedness_n bring_v plague_n on_o the_o jew_n many_o year_n after_o so_o 2_o king_n 17.17_o 18._o i_o have_v insist_v the_o more_o on_o this_o sin_n because_o witchcraft_n grow_v so_o rife_o in_o the_o land_n have_v it_o be_v practise_v in_o the_o midnight_n of_o popery_n it_o have_v be_v no_o wonder_n to_o see_v such_o work_n of_o darkness_n in_o day_n of_o darkness_n revelation_n 18.23_o but_o now_o in_o the_o glorious_a sunshine_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o day_n of_o special_a grace_n to_o practise_v such_o abominable_a work_n of_o darkness_n make_v man_n sin_n out_o of_o measure_n sinful_a we_o look_v for_o peace_n but_o god_n may_v say_v to_o we_o as_o jehu_n do_v to_o joram_n what_o have_v thou_o to_o do_v with_o peace_n since_o the_o whoredom_n of_o thy_o mother_n jesabel_n and_o
the_o adulter_fw-la act_n his_o lewdness_n if_o he_o think_v the_o jealous_a husband_n stand_v at_o his_o back_n ready_a to_o slay_v he_o etc._n atheism_n be_v the_o root_n of_o all_o the_o wickedness_n among_o we_o psal_n 14.2_o &_o 50.21_o 22._o &_o 94.5_o 6_o 8._o ezek._n 9.9_o this_o breed_v hypocrite_n job_n 13.16_o there_o be_v a_o grain_n at_o least_o of_o atheism_n in_o every_o sin_n 4_o it_o be_v a_o cordial_a in_o affliction_n god_n be_v a_o omniscient_a and_o omnipresent_v friend_n he_o know_v all_o our_o loss_n cross_n tentation_n enemy_n rev._n 2.2_o 3_o 9_o 13._o when_o the_o priest_n and_o the_o levite_n pass_v by_o we_o than_o he_o come_v in_o to_o we_o he_o be_v with_o