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death_n grace_n grant_v remember_v 5,880 5 12.8081 5 false
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B06872 Thomas Law bell-man. His Christmass greeting to his masters of St. Giles Cripplegate, within the Freedom, presenteth his love and humble endeavours, as followeth. Law, Thomas, bellman. 1666 (1666) Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.4[110] 2,699 1 View Text
A04442 Certaine deuout and godly petitions called the Iesus psalter 1624 (1624) STC 14570.3; ESTC S3135 9,423 48 View Text
A04437 Certaine deuout and godly petitions, commonly called, Iesus Psalter; Jesus psalter. Whitford, Richard, fl. 1495-1555?, attributed name. aut 1575 (1575) STC 14563.3; ESTC S107390 11,477 66 View Text
A11139 A terrible battell betweene the two consumers of the whole world: time, and death. By Samuell Rowlands Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? 1606 (1606) STC 21407; ESTC S112121 12,846 45 View Text
A62015 To the nobility and gentry lawyers and physicians, sea-men & trades-men, magistrates subordinate and supreme, &c. By Tho. Swadlin D.D. Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. 1658 (1658) Wing S6229A; ESTC R220646 17,046 127 View Text
A01347 The mourning of Mount Libanon: or, The temples teares A sermon preached at Hodsocke, the 20. day of December, anno Domini, 1627. In commemoration of the right honourable and religious lady, the Lady Frances Clifton, daughter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Cumberland: and wife to the truly noble Sir Geruas Clifton of Clifton, in the county of Nottingham, Knight and Baronet, who deceased the 20. Nouember, 1627. By William Fuller Doctor of Diuinity, one of his Maiesties chapleines in ordinary. Fuller, William, 1579 or 80-1659. 1628 (1628) STC 11468; ESTC S102826 23,698 50 View Text
A17892 The alphabet of prayers very fruitefull to be exercised and vsed of euerye Christian man. Newly collected and set forth, in the yeare of our Lorde, 1564. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions. Cancellar, James, 1565 (1565) STC 4558; ESTC S109602 28,466 96 View Text
B08795 Animadversions upon a fatal period, or, A brief discourse concerning the present state of the body, and the future state of the soul by Tho. Collard. Collard, Tho. 1678 (1678) Wing C5102A; ESTC R174032 31,547 104 View Text
A49187 A practical discourse concerning repentance and the nature of the Christian religion. By A. Lortie, rector of Barton, near Nottingham. Imprimatur, Oct. ult. 1692. Guil. Lancaster, R.P.D. Hen. Episc. Lond. à Sacris. Lortie, André, d. 1706. 1693 (1693) Wing L3078; ESTC R218635 34,929 144 View Text
A67024 A collection of private devotions, fitted for every day of the week by Thomas Wooley. Wooley, Thomas. 1670 (1670) Wing W3525A; ESTC R38761 42,629 168 View Text
A11432 A warning to take heede of Fovvlers psalter, giuen by Th. Sampson Sampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589. 1578 (1578) STC 21685; ESTC S102972 50,039 111 View Text
A10295 [The perfect pathway to salvation] R., James (James Rowbotham), attributed name. aut 1590 (1590) STC 20579.5; ESTC S112957 50,554 348 View Text
A11180 A right godly rule how all faithfull Christians ought to occupie and exercise themselues in their dayly prayers. 1602 (1602) STC 21446.7; ESTC S105748 51,867 378 View Text
A14004 The practise of the faithfull containing many godly praiers both of morning and euening and other necessarie occasions. Whereunto are added diuers profitable and comfortable meditations necessarie to be remembered and practised of euery Christian. Tuke, Thomas, d. 1657. 1613 (1613) STC 24314; ESTC S102481 54,477 274 View Text
A02762 The burning bush not consumed wherein (either vnder all deepe sense of wrath; or hardnesse of heart, one may iudge, whether he be the childe of God, or not, &c. Chiefly receyuing satisfaction concerning the sinne against the Holy Ghost. Perused by I.D. and diuers other diuines. Hart, John, D.D.; Dyke, Jeremiah, 1584-1639, attributed name. 1616 (1616) STC 12891; ESTC S103842 61,708 194 View Text
A93578 The penitent Christian, fitted with meditations and prayers, for a the devout receiving of the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper, / by Lewis Southcomb, rector of Rose-Ash in the county of Devon. ; For the benefit of the people under his charge, and others. Southcomb, Lewis. 1682 (1682) Wing S4751A; ESTC R184495 64,495 181 View Text
A42499 The whole duty of a communicant eing rules and directions for a worthy receiving the most holy sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By the right reverend Father in God, John Gauden, late Lord Bishop of Exeter. He being dead yet speaketh. Gauden, John, 1605-1662. 1685 (1685) Wing G373A; ESTC R217413 67,785 159 View Text
A68438 A manual of prayers nevvly gathered out of many and diuers famous authours aswell auncient as of the tyme present. Reduced into. 13. chap. very commodious and profitable for a deuout christian. Flinton, George.; Whitford, Richard, fl. 1495-1555?, attributed author. aut 1583 (1583) STC 17263; ESTC S105168 81,344 322 View Text
A13732 The soules alarum-bell Wherein the sicke soule (through the horror of conscience) being awakened from security by the sight of sinne, hath recourse to God by meditation and prayer. By H. Thompson. Thompson, Henry, fl. 1618. 1618 (1618) STC 24024; ESTC S100563 111,521 484 View Text
A06445 A paradise of prayers containing the purity of deuotion and meditation / gathered out of all the spirituall exercises of Levves of Granado ; and Englished for the benefit of the Christian reader. Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.; Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625. 1614 (1614) STC 16916.7; ESTC S2798 125,023 356 View Text
A56184 A moderate, seasonable apology for indulging just Christian liberty to truly tender consciences, conforming to the publike liturgy in not bowing at, or to the name of Jesus, and not kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper, according to His Majesties most gracious declaration to all his loving subjects concerning ecclesiastical affairs ... / by William Prynne, Esquire ... Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1662 (1662) Wing P4011; ESTC R5505 132,513 174 View Text
B04950 The Virgin Mary misrepresented by the Roman Church in the traditions of that church, concerning her life and glory; and in the devotions paid to her, as the mother of God. Both shewed out of the offices of that church, the lessons on her festivals, and from their allowed authors. Part I. Wherein two of her feasts, her conception and nativity, are considered. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707.; Patrick, John, 1632-1695. 1688 (1688) Wing P863A; ESTC R19085 135,709 190 View Text
A09502 Spirituall exercyses and goostly meditacions and a neare waye to come to perfection and lyfe contemplatyue, very profytable for religyous, and generally for al other that desyre to come to the perfecte loue of god, and to the contempte of the worlde. Collected and set foorthe by the helpe of god, and diligente laboure of F. Wyllyam Peryn bacheler of diuinitie and pryor of the friers preachers of greate Sayncte Bartholomes in Smythfyelde. Peryn, William.; Essche, Nicolas van, 1507-1578. Exercitia. 1557 (1557) STC 19784; ESTC S114592 137,241 328 View Text
A12644 St Peters complainte Mary Magdal· teares. Wth other workes of the author R:S; Poems. Selected Poems Southwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595.; Barret, William. 1620 (1620) STC 22965; ESTC S117670 143,832 592 View Text
A79974 Christian rvles proposed to a vertuous soule aspiring to holy perfection, vvhereby shee may regulate both her time, and actions for the obtaining of her happy end. / By her faithfull frend. VV.C. W. C. (William Clifford), d. 1670. 1659 (1659) Wing C4710; ESTC R171392 155,609 555 View Text
A13837 The exercise of the faithfull soule that is to say, prayers and meditations for one to comfort himselfe in all maner of afflictions, and specially to strengthen himselfe in faith: set in order according to the articles of our faith, by Daniell Toussain, minister of the worde of God: with a comfortable preface of the author, vnto the poore remnant of the Church of Orlians; containing a short recitall of extreme and great afflictions which the said church hath suffered. Englished out of French, almost word for word, by Ferdenando Filding.; Exercice de l'âme fidele. English. Tossanus, Daniel, 1541-1602.; Filding, Ferdenando. 1583 (1583) STC 24144; ESTC S100748 160,179 397 View Text
A19468 Fruitfull lessons, vpon the passion, buriall, resurrection, ascension, and of the sending of the holy Ghost Gathered out of the foure Euangelists: with a plaine exposition of the same. By Miles Couerdall. Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568. 1593 (1593) STC 5891; ESTC S122132 168,229 312 View Text
A40385 Northern memoirs, calculated for the meridian of Scotland wherein most or all of the cities, citadels, seaports, castles, forts, fortresses, rivers and rivulets are compendiously described : together with choice collections of various discoveries, remarkable observations, theological notions ... : to which is added the contemplative & practical angler ... / writ in the year 1658, but not till now made publick, by Richard Franck ... Franck, Richard, 1624?-1708. 1694 (1694) Wing F2064; ESTC R20592 173,699 348 View Text
A54710 The spiritual year, or, Devout contemplations digested into distinct arguments for every month in the year and for every week in that month.; Año espiritual. English Palafox y Mendoza, Juan de, 1600-1659. 1693 (1693) Wing P203; ESTC R601 235,823 496 View Text
A18687 Here foloweth a notable treatyse and full necessary to an crysten men for to knowe and it is named the Ordynarye of crystyanyte or of crysten men; Ordinaire des chrestiens. English. Chertsey, Andrew, attributed name. 1502 (1502) STC 5198; ESTC S109058 314,599 510 View Text
A19824 The collection of the historie of England. By S.D. Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. 1618 (1618) STC 6248; ESTC S107285 367,727 236 View Text
A19563 An aunsvvere by the Reuerend Father in God Thomas Archbyshop of Canterbury, primate of all England and metropolitane, vnto a craftie and sophisticall cauillation, deuised by Stephen Gardiner Doctour of Law, late Byshop of Winchester agaynst the true and godly doctrine of the most holy sacrament, of the body and bloud of our sauiour Iesu Christ Wherein is also, as occasion serueth, aunswered such places of the booke of Doct. Richard Smith, as may seeme any thyng worthy the aunsweryng. Here is also the true copy of the booke written, and in open court deliuered, by D. Stephen Gardiner ...; Answer of the Most Reverend Father in God Thomas Archebyshop of Canterburye, primate of all Englande and metropolitane unto a crafty and sophisticall cavillation devised by Stephen Gardiner doctour of law, late byshop of Winchester, agaynst the trewe and godly doctrine of the moste holy sacrament of the body and bloud of our saviour Jesu Christe Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.; Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556. Defence of the true and catholike doctrine of the sacrament of the body and bloud of our saviour Christ. Selections.; Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555. Explication and assertion of the true catholique fayth, touchyng the moost blessed sacrament of the aulter.; Foxe, John, 1516-1587. Actes and monuments. 1580 (1580) STC 5992; ESTC S107277 634,332 462 View Text
A58881 Ibrahim, or, The illustrious bassa an excellent new romance, the whole work in four parts / written in French by Monsieur de Scudery and now Englished by Henry Cogan, Gent.; Ibrahim. English Scudéry, Madeleine de, 1607-1701.; Cogan, Henry. 1652 (1652) Wing S2160; ESTC R20682 785,926 477 View Text
A61861 Memorials of the Most Reverend Father in God, Thomas Cranmer sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury wherein the history of the Church, and the reformation of it, during the primacy of the said archbishop, are greatly illustrated : and many singular matters relating thereunto : now first published in three books : collected chiefly from records, registers, authentick letters, and other original manuscripts / by John Strype ... Strype, John, 1643-1737. 1694 (1694) Wing S6024; ESTC R17780 820,958 784 View Text
A16151 The suruey of Christs sufferings for mans redemption and of his descent to Hades or Hel for our deliuerance: by Thomas Bilson Bishop of Winchester. The contents whereof may be seene in certaine resolutions before the booke, in the titles ouer the pages, and in a table made to that end. Perused and allowed by publike authoritie. Bilson, Thomas, 1546 or 7-1616. 1604 (1604) STC 3070; ESTC S107072 1,206,574 720 View Text
A67927 Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happenyng in the Church. [vol. 2, part 2] with an vniuersall history of the same, wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter tymes of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions agaynst the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as nowe lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland. Newly reuised and recognised, partly also augmented, and now the fourth time agayne published and recommended to the studious reader, by the author (through the helpe of Christ our Lord) Iohn Foxe, which desireth thee good reader to helpe him with thy prayer.; Actes and monuments Foxe, John, 1516-1587. 1583 (1583) STC 11225; ESTC S122167 1,744,028 490 View Text
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