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Word A Word B Word C Word D Occurrence Frequency Band MI MI Band Prominent
death_n figure_v steal_v zone_n 18 3 12.7754 5 false
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ID Title Author Corrected Date of Publication (TCP Date of Publication) STC Words Pages
A18103 The originall of idolatries: or, The birth of heresies a true, sincere, and exact description of all such sacred signes, sacrifices, and sacraments as haue been instituted and ordained of God since Adam; with the true source and liuely anatomy of the sacrifice of the Masse. First faithfully gathered out of sundry Greeke and Latine authors, as also out of diuers learned fathers; by that famous and learned Isaac Casaubon, and by him published in French, for the good of Gods Church: and now translated into English for the benefit of this monarchy; by Abraham Darcie. Darcie, Abraham, fl. 1625.; Casaubon, Isaac, 1559-1614, attributed name. 1624 (1624) STC 4747; ESTC S107577 78,965 150 View Text
A18104 The originall of popish idolatrie, or The birth of heresies Published under the name of Causabon [sic], and called-in the same yeare, upon misinformation. But now upon better consideration reprinted with alowance. Being a true and exacte description of such sacred signes, sacrifices and sacraments as have bene instituted and ordained of God since Adam. With a newe source and anatomie of the Masse, first gathered out of sundrie Greeke and Latine authors, as also out of diuerse learned fathers. Published by S.O.; Originall of idolatries. Darcie, Abraham, fl. 1625.; Ofwod, Stephen.; Casaubon, Isaac, 1559-1614. 1630 (1630) STC 4748; ESTC S107605 102,805 138 View Text
A13142 A summe or a briefe collection of holy signes, sacrifices, and sacraments instituted of God euen since the beginning of the world, and of the true originall of the sacrifice of the Masse; Sum or a brief collection of holy signes, sacrifices and sacraments. Ling, Nicholas, fl. 1563.; Brett, John, Sir, attributed name.; Devonshire, William Cavendish, Earl of, 1590-1628, attributed name. 1609 (1609) STC 23434; ESTC S113014 129,473 362 View Text
A05408 The vnmasking of the masse-priest vvith a due and diligent examination of their holy sacrifice. By C.A. Shewing how they partake with all the ancient heretiques, in their profane, impious, and idolatrous worship.; Melchizedech's anti-type Lewis, John, b. 1595 or 6. 1624 (1624) STC 15560; ESTC S103079 137,447 244 View Text
B08142 A most godly and vvorthy treatis of holy signes sacrifices, and sacraments instituted of God, euen since the beginning of the world. Very necessary for Christian understanding. ; Seene and allowed by authority.. Worseley, Edw. 1609 (1609) STC 23434.5; ESTC S95424 138,496 398 View Text
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