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A96441 No martial law, but advice for the grand inquests of London, and Middlesex, and may serve generally for the whole kingdome written by a London apprentice, on the behalfe of his fellow apprentices, 1648. Whittington, John. 1648 (1648) Wing W2045A; ESTC R43949 4,135 9 View Text
A63302 A true account of the behaviour, confession and last dying speeches of the six criminals that were executed at Tyburn on Friday, the 12th of September, 1690 Smith, Samuel, 1620-1698. 1690 (1690) Wing T2351B; ESTC R492266 4,958 3 View Text
A60389 Sundry queries tendred to such as are, or profess themselves to be ministers of Jesus Christ for clearing the doctrine of the fourth commandement. And the Lords sabbath day. To all that are, or profess themselves to be the ministers of Jesus Christ; these ensuiug [sic] quaeries are humbly presented to be considered, for the clearing of the truth in this weighty controvercy, about the sabbath day. Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. 1653 (1653) Wing S400AA; ESTC R220934 5,838 8 View Text
A60379 Sundry queries formerly tendred to the ministers of London for clearing the doctrine of the Fourth Commandment and the Lord's Sabbath-day but now tendred to the consideration of all men. Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. 1660 (1660) Wing S400; ESTC R26226 5,946 1 View Text
A22431 A treatise made by Athanasius the Great, concerning the vse and vertue of the Psalmes Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, d. 373. 1580 (1580) STC 885; ESTC S108219 6,125 14 View Text
B08934 Divine examples of God's severe judgments upon Sabbath-breakers, in their unlavvful sports, collected out of several divine subjects, viz. Mr. H.B. Mr. Beard, and the practice of piety : a fit monument for our present times, &c. 1671 (1671) Wing D1720BA; ESTC R175964 8,169 1 View Text
A15195 The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter by T. Sternhold, I. Hopk. and others, conferred with the Hebrew, with apt notes to sing them withall ; set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of al the people togither before and after morning and euening prayer, as also before & after sermons, and moreouer in priuate houses, for their godly solace & comfort, laying apart al vngodly songs and ballads, which tend only to the norishing of vice, and corrupting of youth.; Whole book of psalms. 1614 Sternhold, Thomas, d. 1549.; Hopkins, John, d. 1570. 1614 (1614) STC 2549.4; ESTC S176 8,776 17 View Text
B04311 A sermon preached on Sunday the XXVI of July, 1685. Being the day appointed for solemn thanksgiving to almighty God, for his Majesties late victory over the rebels. / Preached at Wakefield by Obadiah Lee, M.A. and vicar there. Lee, Obadiah, 1636 or 7-1700. 1685 (1685) Wing L885B; ESTC R222844 9,795 31 View Text
A17005 Textes of Scripture chayning the holy chronicle vntyll the sunne lost his lyght, and the Sonne brake the Serpentes head: dying, rising, and ascending. Broughton, Hugh, 1549-1612. 1591 (1591) STC 3888; ESTC S105846 10,323 22 View Text
A90715 The lawfulness of the celebration of Christs birth-day debated, in case it be annnally [sic] known or not known. Discussed by Scripture, and consequence of Scripture; and many objections answered, and refuted by reasons. By George Palmer, wel-willer to a particular and solemn joyous-thankfulness to God, for his several special mercies in Christ; by way of gradation. Palmer, George, b. 1596 or 7. 1648 (1648) Wing P228; Thomason E476_10; ESTC R204341 11,240 16 View Text
A34660 An abstract or the lawes of New England as they are novv established Cotton, John, 1584-1652. 1641 (1641) Wing C6408; ESTC R9081 11,490 20 View Text
A52175 The waters of Marah sweetned A sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Clare Wittewronge, eldest daughter to Joseph Alston Esq; and late wife to John Wittewronge Esq;: who was interred at Stantonbury in the county of Bucks. Octob. 22. 1669. By Mr. John Mason, minister. Mason, John, 1646?-1694. 1671 (1671) Wing M923; ESTC R213830 13,714 37 View Text
A41684 An Epistle to all the Christian magistrates and powers in the whole Christendom and professors, and teachers, and Christians that witness the end of the law, and the Levitical priesthood, and confess Christ Jesus ... Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Gould, Anne, 17th cent. 1659 (1659) Wing G1414; ESTC R15794 14,696 17 View Text
A50876 A sermon at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher, sister to the Honourable Sir William Dawes, Bar. D.D. and wife to the Reverend Dr. Peter Fisher preach'd at Bennington in Hertfordshire, June the 2d, 1698 / by William Milner ... Milner, William, Vicar of Shephall in Hertfordshire. 1698 (1698) Wing M2084; ESTC R15588 15,425 28 View Text
A01767 Of the Christian Sabboth a godlye treatise of Mayster Iulius of Milayne / translated out of Italian into English, by Thomas Langley. Julius, of Milan.; Langley, Thomas, d. 1581. 1552 (1552) STC 11903; ESTC S2707 16,368 72 View Text
A41789 The seventh day-Sabbath ceased as ceremonial and yet the morality of the fourth command remaineth, or, Seven reasons tending to prove that the fourth command in the Decalogue is of a different nature from the other nine ... also certain answers to some of the said reasons proved insufficient : whereunto is added a postscript, shewing the judgement of the Jews and antient Christians, touching the Sabbath-day / by Tho. Grantham. Grantham, Thomas, 1634-1692. 1667 (1667) Wing G1547; ESTC R18492 18,115 24 View Text
A87192 Londons charity inlarged, stilling the orphans cry. By the liberality of the Parliament, in granting two houses by Act, and giving a thousand pound towards the work for the imployment of the poor, and education of poor children, who many of them are destroyed in their youth for want of being under a good government and education, whereby they may be made serviceable for God, and the Commonwealth. Also this good work is much encouraged by the liberall contributions of many well-affected citizens of London, for the better carrying it on for the glory of God, the honor of the nation, and comfort of the helples poor. With a platform, how many officers needfull to govern 100 children in a work-house, with laws and orders for the schoolmaster to read to the children once a day for a time, afterwards twice a month, whereby they may be kept under a godly and civill government, to the great joy of good peopl. With other observations worthy the reading. / By S.H. a well-wisher to the nations prosperity, and the poors comfort. Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. 1650 (1650) Wing H993; Thomason E598_4; ESTC R206315 18,731 24 View Text
A41726 A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall on Christmas-Day, 1684 Humfrey Gower ... Gower, Humphrey, 1638-1711. 1685 (1685) Wing G1459; ESTC R3870 19,094 36 View Text
A45488 The pastors last legacy and counsel delivered in a farewel sermon, preached at St. Philips in Bristol, August 24th, 1662 / Mr. Edward Hancock ... Hancock, Edward. 1663 (1663) Wing H640; ESTC R40546 20,130 40 View Text
A03279 The dignitie of preaching in a sermon vpon 1. Thessal. 5.20. By Sam. Hieron. Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617. 1615 (1615) STC 13396; ESTC S120671 20,449 30 View Text
A10047 A heartie prayer, in a needfull time of trouble. The sermon preached at Theobalds, before his Maiestie, and the lords of the Priuie Councell, an houre before the death of our late soueraigne King Iames. On Sunday, March 27. / By D. Price, deane of Hereford, then in attendance, and now chaplaine in ordinarie to his Maiestie. Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. 1625 (1625) STC 20293; ESTC S115208 20,513 40 View Text
A59771 The principles of holy Christian religion, or, The catechism of the Church of England paraphrazed for the use of Borwick-Hall. Sherlock, R. (Richard), 1612-1689. 1656 (1656) Wing S3246; ESTC R33882 21,051 65 View Text
A47081 Mercy triumphing over judgement or, A warning for Sabbath-breakers Published for Gods glory and the benefit of all true Christians. By me Thomas Jones, of the City of Hereford. Who for prophaning the Lords Day was [m]ost miraculously strucken by the hand of God, and ut[te]rly depriv'd of all my senses, for the space of 4 years; [an]d now by his great mercy (upon my hearty repen[ta]nce) being perfectly restored to my former health, I [w]as moved to set forth this ensuing relation, as a testi[m]ony of my thankfulnesse to God for his fatherly [ch]astisement; and that all others by my example, may [b]e deterred from so hainous an offence as Sabbath-breaking. Jones, Thomas, of Hereford. 1641 (1641) Wing J993A; ESTC S103195 21,118 49 View Text
A33722 Liberty of conscience, asserted and vindicated by a learned country-gentleman ... Care, George. 1689 (1689) Wing C503; ESTC R21541 21,512 30 View Text
B00106 A short treatise, agaynst the prophanation of the Lord's day, especiallie by salmond-fishing thereon, in tyme of divine service. / By William Guild, D.D. minister in Aberdene, and chaplane to his Majestie.. Guild, William, 1586-1657.; Johnstoun, Arthur, 1587-1641. Epitaphium piscatoris. 1637 (1637) STC 12491; ESTC S92781 21,843 84 View Text
A10094 The doctrine of the Sabbath· Delivered in the Act at Oxon. anno, 1622. By Dr. Prideaux his Majesties professour for divinity in that Vniversity. And now translated into English for the benefit of the common people. Prideaux, John, 1578-1650.; Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1634 (1634) STC 20348; ESTC S115223 22,039 62 View Text
A64265 A warning piece to England, or, The wrath of God revealed against sinners his judgments being already entered upon the nation / by S.T.G. S. T. G., Lover of truth and peace. 1676 (1676) Wing T59; ESTC R184832 22,392 78 View Text
A43869 A short but cleare discovrse of the institiution, dignity, and end of the Lords-day upon occasion of those words of St. Iohn ... / written by George Hakewill ... Hakewill, George, 1578-1649. 1641 (1641) Wing H209; ESTC R18460 22,776 41 View Text
A96885 Christ-mas day, the old heathens feasting day, in honour to Saturn their idol-god. The Papists massing day. The prophane mans ranting day. The superstitious mans idol day. The multitudes idle day. Whereon, because they cannot do nothing: they do worse then nothing. Satans, that adversaries working-day. The true Christian mans fasting-day. Taking to heart, the heathenish customes, Popish superstitions, ranting fashions, fearful provocations, horrible abhominations committed against the Lord, and His Christ, on that day, and days following. Woodward, Ezekias, 1590-1675. 1656 (1656) Wing W3482; Thomason E868_3; ESTC R207652 24,177 32 View Text
A78440 Balaam's wish: a sermon Wherein the vanity of desires without endeavours, in order to the obtaining the death of the upright, and their last end, is opened and applyed. First occasionally preached, and now at the request of some published. By an unworthy messenger of Christ. Cawton, Thomas, 1637-1677. 1670 (1670) Wing C1652; ESTC R225053 24,897 113 View Text
A13875 A treatise of libertie from Iudaisme, or An acknowledgement of true Christian libertie, indited and published by Iohn Traske: of late stumbling, now happily running againe in the race of Christianitie Traske, John, d. ca. 1638. 1620 (1620) STC 24178; ESTC S118597 25,197 50 View Text
A79564 The church catechism, analysed, explained, and improved The first part. Wherein, I. The text is set down whole, and entire. II. It is broken into questions, and answers in the very words of the catechism. III. The terms of it are explained, and such short questions and answers added, as are occasioned by it, and seem needful to the discovery of its true meaning, and use. At the end is added matter, and direction for all acts of devotion for morning and evening, mostly in the words of the catechism. The whole accomodated to the capacity, and use of them, that are yet to learn it, and recommend to the rich, to bestow among the poor. 1683 (1683) Wing C3993A; ESTC R229600 26,096 48 View Text
A96264 A sermon touching the divine right and due observation of the Lords day Preached before the Lord Deputy, and the Lords Spiritual & Temporal of the kingdom of Ireland; in time of Parliament. At Christ-Church Dublin. On Sunday the 6th. of October, 1695. With a preface humbly address'd to the whole body of English Protestants: especially those inhabiting the kingdom of Ireland. By Edward Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross. Wettenhall, Edward, 1636-1713. 1697 (1697) Wing W1520A; ESTC R229732 26,838 68 View Text
A19398 [A dialogue of diuerse quections [sic] demanded of the children to their father very necessary, and profitable both for children, and parents, masters and seruants.] Cotes, William, b. ca. 1560. 1585 (1585) STC 5829; ESTC S111175 27,610 76 View Text
A62538 The lasher proved liar, or, The beadles lash laid open in a short reply to a slight pamphlet ushered into the world with the scurrilous title of A lash for a lyar, discovering the vanity of William Jennison, with his ungodly abuse of Thomas Tillam, minister of Christs Gospell. Tillam, Thomas. 1658 (1658) Wing T1165A; ESTC R27149 27,669 46 View Text
A78019 A divine tragedie lately acted, or, A collection of sundrie memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers, and other like libertines, in their unlawfull sports, hapning within the realme of England, in the compasse onely of few yeers last past, since the book was published, worthy to be known and considered of all men, especially such, who are guilty of the sin or archpatrons thereof. / By that worthy divine Mr. Henry Burton. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.; Prynne, William, 1600-1669, attributed name. 1642 (1642) Wing B6161; Thomason E176_1; ESTC R18494 27,899 47 View Text
A66437 Warnings to the unclean in a discourse from Rev. XXI. 8. Preacht at Springfield lecture, August 25th. 1698. At the execution of Sarah Smith. By Mr. John Williams pastor of the Church at Deerfield. Williams, John, 1664-1729. 1699 (1699) Wing W2743; ESTC W15452 28,591 67 View Text
A37604 De fastis Anglicis, sive Calendarium Sacrum The holy calendar : being a treble series of epigrams upon all the feasts observed by the Church of England : to which is added the like number of epigrams upon some other more especiall daies, which have either their footsteps in Scripture, or are more remarkeable in this kingdome / composed by Nathanael Eaton ... Eaton, Nathaniel, 1609?-1674. 1661 (1661) Wing E116; ESTC R23217 28,909 82 View Text
A45577 A charge given at the general quarter sessions of the peace for the county of Surrey holden at Dorking on Tuesday the 5th day of April 1692, and in the fourth year of Their Majesties reign / by Hugh Hare. Hare, Hugh, 1668-1707.; England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Surrey) 1692 (1692) Wing H760; ESTC R25410 29,639 42 View Text
A02749 A nevve comedy or enterlude, concernyng thre lawes of nature, Moises, and Christe, corrupted by the sodomytes, Pharysies, and papistes: compyled by Iohn Bale: and nowe newly imprynted.; Comedy concernynge thre lawes Bale, John, 1495-1563. 1562 (1562) STC 1288; ESTC S104458 30,927 80 View Text
A02738 [A comedy concernynge thre lawes, of nature Moses, & Christ, corrupted by the sodomytes. Pharysees and Papystes Compyled by Iohan Bale. Anno M. D.XXXVIII.]; Comedy concernynge thre lawes Bale, John, 1495-1563. 1548 (1548) STC 1287; ESTC S110903 31,494 94 View Text
A17298 A divine tragedie lately acted, or A collection of sundry memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers, and other like libertines, in their unlawfull sports, happening within the realme of England, in the compass only of two yeares last past, since the booke was published worthy to be knowne and considered of all men, especially such, who are guilty of the sinne or arch-patrons thereof. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1636 (1636) STC 4140.7; ESTC S115279 33,687 58 View Text
A05710 The new arival of the three gracis, into Anglia Lamenting the abusis of this present age. Batman, Stephen, d. 1584. 1580 (1580) STC 1584; ESTC S112724 36,047 48 View Text
A51785 Divine contentment, or, A medicine for a discontented man and a confession of faith, and other poems upon several subjects / by Edward Manlove ... Manlove, Edward, fl. 1667. 1667 (1667) Wing M452; ESTC R31166 37,704 118 View Text
A57206 Mellificium musarum: the marrovv of the muses. Or, An epitome of divine poetrie Distilled into pious ejaculations, and solemne soliloquies. By Jeremiah Rich. Junii 19. 1650. Imprimatur, Joseph Caryl. Rich, Jeremiah, d. 1660? 1650 (1650) Wing R1344; ESTC R217989 38,773 110 View Text
A79493 The evening star appearing to the saints, directing them to celebrate their holy rest, even the Sabbath-day (not from morning to morning nor from midnight to midnight but) from even to even, according to the word of God ... There is an epistle to the Parliament in the conclusion ... Unto which is annexed, A new Christian creed ... / By Samuel Chidley, Cler. Chidley, Samuel. 1650 (1650) Wing C3839B; ESTC R173826 39,041 163 View Text
A77209 An answer to M. Cawdry's two books of the Sabbath, lately come forth Wherein the author doth two things: 1. He vindicates himselfe from Mr Cawdrie's unfriendly abuse of him, in fathering upon him three texts of scripture, and three arguments deduced from them, to prove the perpetuity of the antient Sabbath, ... Wherein the author hath 1. Answered and confuted all that Mr. Cawdry hath wrote to corrupt the sense and meaning of the Commandement. 2. He hath restored the antient, genuine, and proper sense of the Commandement: and confirmed it by sundry undeniable arguments. By Theophilus Brabourne. Brabourne, Theophilus, b. 1590. 1654 (1654) Wing B4088; ESTC R229562 39,309 117 View Text
A61344 A testimony unto the truth, and a warning unto the world in general, but more particularly to the inhabitants of Enoder parish in Cornwall by ... Richard Samble. Samble, Richard, 1644-1680. 1676 (1676) Wing S531; ESTC R23481 39,477 54 View Text
A73593 An abstract of the doctrine of the sabbaoth Briefly, yet fully and plainely set forth; together with the vses of the same doctrine; with the vsuall obiections and answers therevnto. All which for the helpe of memorie, are drawne into sundry chapters. Burton, William, d. 1616. 1606 (1606) STC 4165a.5; ESTC S124659 39,562 132 View Text
A52008 The church-catechism enlarg'd and explain'd in an easie and familiar method, with the scripture-proofs annexed thereunto. R. M. 1697 (1697) Wing M70A; ESTC R221785 40,396 65 View Text
A03497 Three sermons vpon the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension of Our Sauior preached at Oxford, by Barten Holyday, now archdeacon of Oxford. Holyday, Barten, 1593-1661. 1626 (1626) STC 13619; ESTC S104172 41,348 128 View Text
A25391 A manual of the private devotions and meditations of The Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews, late Lord Bishop of Winchester translated out of a fair Greek MS. of his amanuensis by R.D., B.D. Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.; R. D. (Richard Drake), d. 1681. 1648 (1648) Wing A3135; ESTC R16134 44,278 357 View Text
A52051 A sermon of the baptizing of infants preached in the Abbey-Church at Westminster at the morning lecture, appointed by the honorable House of Commons / by Stephen Marshall ... Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655. 1644 (1644) Wing M774; ESTC R876 44,378 66 View Text
A89447 A box of spikenard newly broken not so much for the preparation of the burial; as for the clearer illustration, and exornation of the birth and nativity of our blessed Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. Contained in a short and sweet discourse which was at first hinted, and occasioned through a question propounded by R.B.P. de K. Which is now answered and resloved by T.M. P. de P. Malpas, Thomas. 1659 (1659) Wing M340; Thomason E2140_2; ESTC R208367 46,250 128 View Text
A06733 The demaundes of holy scripture, with answeres to the same wherein are defined, and declared the cheefe, and principall poyntes of Christian doctrine: very profitable for the right vnderstanding of holy scriptures: made by T. Becon, and dravven out of his great vvorkes. Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. 1577 (1577) STC 1718; ESTC S110677 46,473 108 View Text
B00845 A concordance or table made after the order of the alphabet, conteyning the principall both wordes & matters, which are comprehended in the newe Testament, / gathered by T.W. T. W. 1579 (1579) STC 24917; ESTC S95720 47,961 96 View Text
A05400 A treatise of the right way fro[m] danger of sinne & vengeance in this wicked world, vnto godly wealth and saluation in Christe. Made by Th. Leuer, and now newly augmented. Seene and allowed, according to the order appointed. Lever, Thomas, 1521-1577. 1575 (1575) STC 15552; ESTC S106915 50,750 138 View Text
A12706 A sermon preached at Whaddon in Buckinghamshyre the 22. of Nouember 1593. at the buriall of the Right Honorable, Arthur Lorde Grey of Wilton, Knight of the most Honorable order of the Garter, by Thomas Sparke pastor of Blechley Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616. 1593 (1593) STC 23024; ESTC S102431 51,655 100 View Text
A64846 Private devotions digested into six letanies; I. Of confession. II. Of deprecation. III. Of supplication. IV. Of Thanksgiving. V. Of intercession. VI. For the sick. VVith directions and prayers for the Lords day. Sacrament. day of Death. Judgment. And two daily prayers, one for the morning, another for the evening. Valentine, Henry, d. 1643. 1654 (1654) Wing V23B; ESTC R219631 53,520 386 View Text
A64661 The judgement of the late Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland 1. Of the extent of Christs death and satisfaction &c, 2. Of the Sabbath, and observation of the Lords day, 3. Of the ordination in other reformed churches : with a vindication of him from a pretended change of opinion in the first, some advertisements upon the latter, and in prevention of further injuries, a declaration of his judgement in several other subjects / by N. Bernard. Ussher, James, 1581-1656.; Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. 1658 (1658) Wing U188; ESTC R24649 53,942 189 View Text
A33970 A modest plea for the Lords Day or rather the summe of the plea made by divines for the Lords Day as the Christian Sabbath, against those who contend for the old Sabbath of the seventh day, in order from the creation / by J.C., D.D. Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1669 (1669) Wing C5327; ESTC R43109 56,915 142 View Text
B09144 An explanation of the solemn advice, recommended by the Council in Connecticut Colony, to the inhabitants of that jurisdiction, respecting the reformation of those evils, which have been the procuring cause of the late judgments upon New-England. By Mr. James Fitch ... Fitch, James, 1622-1702.; Mather, Increase, 1639-1723.; Fitch, James, 1622-1702. Brief discourse proving that the first day of the week is the Christian Sabbath.; Connecticut. Council. 1683 (1683) Wing F1063; ESTC W24614 58,047 146 View Text
A87056 Gods judgements upon drunkards, swearers, and sabbath-breakers. In a collection of the most remarkable examples of Gods revealed wrath upon these sins with their aggravations, as well from scripture, as reason. And a caution to authority, lest the impunity of these evils bring a scourge upon the whole nation. By W. L. Hammond, Samuel, d. 1665. 1659 (1659) Wing H623bA; ESTC R230554 59,944 204 View Text
A25343 Ancient truth revived, or, A True state of the antient, suffering Church of Christ, commonly (but falsly) called Brownists, living in London, and other places of this nation wherein I. Is shewed (in the preface) the state of the gospel-church, from the time of Christ's ascension, to the end of the world, gathered out of the book of Revelations, II. The confession of our faith, grounded on the doctrine of the apostles and prophets, III. By vvhom the gospel vvas first preached in this island, IV. Our practice in the worship of God, according to the practice of the primitive church, with an explanation of every ordinance, and vvho have right to administer the same, V. The first day of the week proved to be the gospel-sabbath. 1677 (1677) Wing A3076; ESTC R40283 61,216 57 View Text
A23804 The whole duty of prayer containing devotions for every day in the week, and for several occasions, ordinary and extraordinary / by the author of The whole duty of man ... Allestree, Richard, 1619-1681. 1692 (1692) Wing A1195; ESTC R7356 61,296 178 View Text
A08820 The historie of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and ansvver. Read and corrected by the author.; History of the Bible. Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. 1605 (1605) STC 19106; ESTC S100467 61,308 288 View Text
A43584 A narrative of the holy life, and happy death of that reverend, faithful and zealous man of God, and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Angier, many years Pastor of the Church of Christ at Denton, near Manchester in Lancashire wherein are related many passages that concern his birth, education, his entrance into the ministry, discharge of his trust therein, and his death. Heywood, Oliver, 1629-1702. 1683 (1683) Wing H1772; ESTC R177987 61,863 136 View Text
A56393 Reasons for abrogating the test imposed upon all members of Parliament, anno 1678, Octob. 30 in these words, I A.B. do solemnly and sincerely, in the presence of God, profess, testifie, and declare, that I do believe that in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper there is not any transubstantiation of the elements of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, at, or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever, and that the invocation or adoration of the Virgin Mary, or any other saint, and the sacrifice of the mass, as they are now used in the Church of Rome, are superstitious and idolatrous : first written for the author's own satisfaction, and now published for the benefit of all others whom it may concern. Parker, Samuel, 1640-1688. 1688 (1688) Wing P467; ESTC R5001 62,716 138 View Text
A54497 A demonstration of family-duties: or Certaine propositions and reasons of them taken [ou]t of the holy Scriptures, tending to shew the necessity, nature, and manner of performance of such religious duties, as Christian families ought to spare some time unto from common affaires every day. By T.P. Paget, Thomas, d. 1660. 1643 (1643) Wing P168AA; ESTC R220409 63,974 165 View Text
A64231 A practical and short exposition of the catechism of the Church of England by way of question and answer. Wherein the divine authority and reasonableness of every question and answer, every doctrin and practice in it recommended, are evidenced and improved against most contemners of it and dissenters from it. With that moderation and plainness that it may engage all to adhere to, and especially may instruct children in the true Protestant religion of the Church of England. Humbly offered for the good of schools and youth. By Nathanael Taylor, M.A. Taylor, Nathanael, d. 1702. 1683 (1683) Wing T544B; ESTC R222427 64,394 147 View Text
A16573 The complaynt of veritie, made by Iohn Bradford. An exhortacion of Mathewe Rogers, vnto his children. The complaynt of Raufe Allerton and others, being prisoners in Lolers tower, & wrytten with their bloud, how god was their comforte. A songe of Caine and Abell. The saieng of maister Houper, that he wrote the night before he suffered, vppon a wall with a cole, in the newe In, at Gloceter, and his saiyng at his deathe Bradford, John, 1510?-1555.; Rogers, Matthew. Instruction of a father to his children.; Allerton, Ralph. A lamentable complaynt of the afflicted, unto god our onely healper.; Allerton, Ralph. A briefe rehersal of parte of the aucthours trouble, entituled God is my comforte.; Allerton, Ralph. Songe of the poore prisoners in Lolers tower.; Hooper, John, d. 1555. Wordes of Maister Houper at his death.; Hooper, John, d. 1555. These are the wordes that Maister John Houper wrote on the wall with a cole, in the newe inne in Gloceter, the night before he suffered. 1559 (1559) STC 3479; ESTC S112643 64,740 174 View Text
A50229 A sermon, occasioned by the execution of a man found guilty of murder, preached at Boston in N.E., March 11th, 1685/6 (together with the confession, last expressions, & solemn warning of the murderer to all persons, especially to young men, to beware of those sins which brought him to his miserable end) / by Increase Mather ... Mather, Increase, 1639-1723.; Moodey, Joshua, 1633?-1697. Exhortation to a condemned malefactor. 1687 (1687) Wing M1248; ESTC W19800 66,053 133 View Text
A50664 Immorality, debauchery, and profaneness, exposed to the reproof of Scripture, and the censure of the law containing a compendium of the penal laws now in force against idleness, profaneness, and drunkenness, houses of unlawful games, profane swearing and cursing, speaking or acting in contempt of the Holy Sacrament, disturbing of ministers, profane jesting with the name of God, absenting form the church, profanation of the Lord's day, debauched incontinency, and bastard-getting : with several texts of Scripture prohibiting such vices : also a brief collection of several signal judgments of God against offenders in the said vices and debaucheries / published for the advancement of reformation of manners, so happily begun and carried on by several societies, by G. Meriton, Gent. Meriton, George, 1634-1711. 1698 (1698) Wing M1800; ESTC R16769 67,391 130 View Text
A30749 A reply to Doctor Wallis, his discourse concerning the Christian Sabbath by Tho. Bampfield. Bampfield, Thomas, 1623?-1693. 1693 (1693) Wing B630; ESTC R12510 69,562 84 View Text
A12429 Foure sermons preached by Master Henry Smith. And published by a more perfect copie then heretofore; Sermons. Selected sermons Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1599 (1599) STC 22748; ESTC S117441 74,212 106 View Text
A53493 Politicall reflections upon the government of the Turks ... by the author of the late Advice to a son. Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. 1656 (1656) Wing O518; ESTC R23027 74,574 208 View Text
A12430 Two sermons, of Ionahs punishment ; Foure sermons preached by Maister Henry Smith ; and published by a more perfect copie then heretofore. Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1607 (1607) STC 22751; STC 22754; ESTC S514 75,287 114 View Text
A45640 The divine physician, prescribing rules for the prevention, and cure of most diseases, as well of the body, as the soul demonstrating by natural reason, and also divine and humane testimony, that, as vicious and irregular actions and affections prove often occasions of most bodily diseases, and shortness of life, so the contrary do conduce to the preservation of health, and prolongation of life : in two parts / by J.H ... Harris, John, 1667?-1719. 1676 (1676) Wing H848; ESTC R20051 75,699 228 View Text
A15864 The art or skil, well and fruitfullie to heare the holy sermons of the church written first in Latin, by a godly minister named Gulielmus Zepperus ; and now truly translated into English by T.W. ... Zepper, Wilhelm, 1550-1607.; T. W. 1599 (1599) STC 26124.5; ESTC S5001 76,549 165 View Text
A58333 Hymnes and spiritual songs extracted from Scripture on occasion of some useful texts discuss't / composed in private meditation and made use of (once) in publick for the saints comfort ; now published for their sakes that sung them or others that desire them. Reeve, John, 1608-1658. 1682 (1682) Wing R672; ESTC R33519 77,127 250 View Text
A66765 Paralellogrammation an epistle to the three nations of England, Scotland, and Ireland, whereby their sins being parallel'd with those of Judah and Israel, they are forewarned, and exhorted to a timely repentance, lest they incur the like condempation : to render it the more effectual, some considerable notions are therein expressed touching ceremonies, and things indifferent, the Lords supper, the civil government, the taking of oaths, the mark of the beast, the library of conscience, the great Sabbath, and the two witnesses, with other particulars of concernment interwoven / written by Geo. Wither. Wither, George, 1588-1667. 1662 (1662) Wing W3176; ESTC R11575 78,735 140 View Text
A63259 The Lords day vindicated, or, The first day of the week the Christian Sabbath in answer to Mr. Bampfields plea for the seventh day, in his Enquiry whether Jesus be Jehovah, and gave the moral law? And whether the fourth command be repealed or altered? / by G.T., a well-wisher to truth and concord. Trosse, George, 1631-1713. 1692 (1692) Wing T2303; ESTC R3378 80,084 154 View Text
A12258 Heptameron, the seven dayes: that is, meditations and prayers, vpon the vvorke of the Lords creation Together with other certaine prayers and meditations, most comfortable for all estates, & c. By M. A. Symson, minister at Dalkeith. Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628. 1621 (1621) STC 22566; ESTC S102416 80,114 236 View Text
A06779 A grand-fathers legacy; or Maltbey's morsels for mourners Diuided into seuerall meditations for euery day in the weeke. Being a comfort to all wounded and oppressed consciences, which seeke for comfort by the word of truth. By Iohn Maltbey late minister of Gods word at Buckland in Glocester-shire. Maltbey, John.; Maltbey, Margaret. 1633 (1633) STC 17216; ESTC S103470 82,802 256 View Text
A91155 A briefe polemicall dissertation, concerning the true time of the inchoation and determination of the Lordsday-Sabbath. Wherein is clearly and irrefragably manifested by Scripture, reason, authorities, in all ages till this present: that the Lordsday begins and ends at evening; and ought to be solemnized from evening to evening: against the novel errours, mistakes of such, who groundlesly assert; that it begins and ends at midnight, or day-breaking; and ought to be sanctified from midnight to midnight, or morning to morning: whose arguments are here examined, refuted as unsound, absurd, frivolous. Compiled in the Tower of London, and now published, for the information, reformation of all contrary judgment or practise. By William Prynne of Swainswick Esq;. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1654 (1654) Wing P3916; Thomason E814_11 82,955 107 View Text
A56718 Patròs kat́optra kan paidòs gonyklisiá: = The father's spectacles to behold his child by and the child's cushion to kneel before his parents. By a lover of parental and filial unity. Lover of parental and filial unity. 1695 (1695) Wing P867A; ESTC R217232 83,294 145 View Text
A67379 A defense of the Christian Sabbath in answer to a treatise of Mr. Tho. Bampfield pleading for Saturday-sabbath / by John Wallis. Wallis, John, 1616-1703. 1692 (1692) Wing W569; ESTC R2541 83,482 87 View Text
A59934 [Evangelion aionion eis t aionch] doxotaton, or, A glimpse of gospel glory. The first part together with a short but pithie treatise of Mr. E.D. shewing that Peter was never at Rome : to which is subjoyned as an appendix some pregnant collections by ... H. Nelson ... to a like purpose. Sherwin, William, 1607-1687?; E. D., Mr.; Nelson, H., 17th cent. 1661 (1661) Wing S3404; ESTC R25256 86,334 226 View Text
A16497 God and man. Or, a treatise catechisticall wherein the sauing knowledge of God and man is plainely, and breifely declared, whereby such as are ignorant may be helped, to heare sermons with profit, to reade the Bible or other bookes with iudgement, to receiue the Lords Supper with comfort, to discerne betweene truth and error, with vnderstanding, and to giue an answere to their minister, or any other that shall aske them a reason of their faith, with readinesse. Collected out of the sacred Scriptures, and the most orthodoxe and best approued diuines ancient and moderne, for the good of such as desire to be made wise to saluation, and heires of eternall life. By I.B. preacher of the Word. Boughton, John, preacher of the word. 1623 (1623) STC 3410; ESTC S106544 88,185 194 View Text
A42660 Divine consolations against the fear of death in a dialogue between a minister and a tempted Christian : to which is added the Christians triumph over death : with divine contemplations, ejaculations and poems thereupon / written by John Gerhard. Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637. 1680 (1680) Wing G608; ESTC R24967 88,829 240 View Text
A28676 The French gardiner instructing how to cultivate all sorts of fruit-trees and herbs for the garden : together with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural / first written by R.D.C.D.W.B.D.N. ; and now transplanted into English by Phiocepos.; Jardinier françois. English. 1658 Bonnefons, Nicolas de.; Evelyn, John, 1655-1699.; Phiocepos. 1658 (1658) Wing B3598; ESTC R28517 90,626 327 View Text
A06131 A briefe conference of diuers lawes diuided into certaine regiments. By Lodowick LLoyd Esquier, one of her Maiesties serieants at armes. Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610. 1602 (1602) STC 16616; ESTC S108780 93,694 158 View Text
A55489 The life of Mr. John Hieron with the characters and memorials of ten other worthy ministers of Jesus Christ / written by Mr. Robert Porter ... Porter, Robert, d. 1690. 1691 (1691) Wing P2987; ESTC R33944 94,309 99 View Text
A16568 A discourse vpon the Sabbath day Wherin are handled these particulares ensuinge. 1. That the Lords day is not Sabbath day, by divine iustification. 2. An exposition of the 4. commandement, so farr fort has may give light vnto the ensueinge discourse: and particularly, here it is showne, at what time the Sabbath day should begine and end; for the satisfaction of those who are doubtfull in this point. 3. That the seaventh day Sabbath is not abolished. 4. That the seaventh day Sabbath is now still in force. 5. The authors exhortation and reasones, that neverthelesse there be no rente from our Church as touching practise. Written by Theophilus Brabourne. Brabourne, Theophilus, b. 1590. 1628 (1628) STC 3474; ESTC S120444 95,505 198 View Text
A60498 Conversation in Heaven. Being devotions; consisting of meditations and prayers on several considerable subjects in practical divinity. Written for the raising the decay'd spirit of piety. By Lawrence Smith, LL.D. Fellow of St. John's College in Oxford. Smith, Lawrence, 1656-1728. 1693 (1693) Wing S4128B; ESTC R221501 97,123 362 View Text
A08275 A good companion for a Christian directing him in the way to God, being meditiations and prayers for euery day in the weeke; and graces before and after meate. Norden, John, 1548-1625? 1632 (1632) STC 18609; ESTC S119834 97,176 420 View Text
A56812 The great concern, or, A serious warning to a timely and thorough preparation for death with helps and directions in order thereunto / by Edward Pearse. Pearse, Edward, 1633?-1674? 1674 (1674) Wing P983A; ESTC R24450 97,407 255 View Text
A94081 An essay in defence of the good old cause, or A discourse concerning the rise and extent of the power of the civil magistrate in reference to spiritual affairs. With a præface concerning [brace] the name of the good old cause. An equal common-wealth. A co-ordinate synod. The holy common-wealth published lately by Mr. Richard Baxter. And a vindication of the honourable Sir Henry Vane from the false aspersions of Mr. Baxter. / By Henry Stubbe of Ch. Ch. in Oxon. Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676.; Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. Vindication of that prudent and honourable knight, Sir Henry Vane, from the lyes and calumnies of Mr. Richard Baxter, minister of Kidderminster. 1659 (1659) Wing S6045; Thomason E1841_1; ESTC R209626 97,955 192 View Text
A67315 Baptism anatomized being propounded in five queries, viz. I. What water-baptism is? II. What is the end for which it was instituted? III. What giveth right to it? IV. Who are the true administrators of it? V. Whether it be lawful for a man to baptize himself? Wherein the right that the infants of believers have to water-baptism is vindicated: the duty of believing parents in that matter, asserted: and that by the contrary tenet and practise, they ought themselves to be excluded from the Lords-Supper, is plainly and fully proved. And wherein also is proved, that the covenant which God made with Abraham, Gen. 17. and with Israel Exod. ch. 19. and Deut. 29. are the Covenant of Grace in Christ, and not part of the covenant of works made with Adam before his fall. By Thomas Wall. Wall, Thomas. 1691 (1691) Wing W474; ESTC R218344 98,232 196 View Text
A40356 Time and the end of time, or, Two discourses, the first about redemption of time, the second about consideration of our latter end by John Fox. Fox, John, fl. 1676. 1670 (1670) Wing F2024; ESTC R10455 99,064 254 View Text