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A15745 Palladis palatium vvisedoms pallace. Or The fourth part of Wits commonwealth. Wrednot, William. 1604 (1604) STC 26014; ESTC S111763 39,902 146

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with matters not pertayning vnto it but being brought in as a iudge in any case it waygheth the reasons that were the causes thereof considereth of the circumstances inducing therto and then pronouncing sentence according as the quallitie of the cause shall require there by endenouring that neither she may be rightly accused of rashnes nor yet ● findiscretion A man endued with wisdome ought so ranck his actions into three partes ordering well his actions present forecasting for those that are to ensue and calling to minde those that are passed for be that neuer thinketh of his deeds passed destroyeth his owne life and he that foreséeeth not those to come falleth at vnawares into many dangers and inconueniences Senec. de quatuor virtutibus Wisdome or prouidence is a present knowledge throughly considering pendering the future euent Ibidem Y Youth EUen as in old men sobriety and perfection of maners is required so likewise ought youth to be obedient tractable and willing to learne Cyp●i A yong man can hardly be wis● ●●cause that wisdome is learned by experience which youth hath not tried Aristotles Ethicks He that in his youth hath learned to obay well is most likely in his old age to gouerne well Youth had need to be vertuously treyned vp in time of yongyeares for how hardely many who haue in their yonge yeeres had the raine in their owne hands are restrained from those vices which in youth they learned experience it selfe dayly teacheth Good education formeth manners and if thy children in their yong age be vertuously instructed in thy old-age they will be a comfort vnto thee but let them haue their owne will when they are yong and when thou art old they will not reḡard thee Youth is hotte because the blood is then mo●● fresh and it is a hard matter in youth to be free from lust He that dying rich leaueth his wealth vnto prodigall youth at the yeares end shall haue as many angels in his Coffine as the other hath in his purse As it is an excellent thing to see youth well murtured so is it a most odious thing to see an old man who is redie to goe vnto his graue voyd of good manners Vse no vnseemly speeches in the presence of youth for there by thou thy selfe shalt be censured for vndisereete youth will be easily corrupted by thy lewde and Idle communications For all of vs by nature are more ready and apt to nose and marke any idle and vaine words then to imitate any godly or vertuous actions If then loue thy childe in youth giue him correction for he that spareth the rode spoyleth the child Quo prius induta est seruabit odorem testa diù Looke with what liquor a vessel or cask is first filled and it wil long retaine the smel therof so likewise youth c. The headlong courses of youth cause repentance in old age when as experience telleth vs how vaine a course we haue runne Bernard Youth is vnstayed vnconstant rash he●●y and vnaduised but when it hath runne his course seeth his owne fully their beginneth to looke backe vnto the paths that it hath trode seeketh to redéeme the time mispēt when it hath no time lest to recouer it August It is a death vnto youth to be restrained of his liberty but when riper iudgment hath taken possessiō of his vnderstāding then it confesseth that had not youth ben bridled old age had been like to goe a b●gging Euen as the Rose that in y● morning florisheth but in the euening fadeth a way and withereth euen so is the life of man soone ripe soone rotten no sooner at yeares of vnderstanding iudgment but presently ensueth death before stayed experience can haue time to amend the giddie errouts of wanton youth Bernard He that marrieth a child most cōmonly dyeth a beggar he that marrieth for beauty oftentimes dieth a cuckold he that marrieth a skould hath a shrewde goose to pull and he that in youth betaketh himselfe vnto lust before olde age come shall want an hairy bushe to keepe his braines warme Idem Youth may be compared vnto a fertile ground wherein whatsoeuer séede be sowen it will prosper euen so youth if the precepts of vertue and godlinesse bée so wen therein they will fructifie and growe vnto a good increase and likewise if vice be therein planted it will not be barren of corrupt liuing To late commeth repentance 〈◊〉 old age when youth hath consumed the treature that should maintaine thee in thy later yeares Many in theyr old age and especially towardes their death are so tormented with the remembrance of their wicked youth spent in vngodlinesse that they are all most as it were in despaire of pardon thereof Hugo Z Zeale IT auayleth nothing to haue the zeale of God without knowledge the Iewes being blinde thought that they had the zeale of God yet were they sacrilegious vnto the sonne of the Almighty for they being ignorant of the righteousnes which came by the sonne of God thought to cleaue wholye vnto their owne rightcousnesse and so refused to submit themselues vnto the righteousnes of Christ where vnto they ought to haue cleaued Origen The first occasion of well doing is the commendation of honest actions for praise begetteth zeale zeale procureth vertue and vertue acquireth blisse and this is the principall marke whereat all honest mens actions are chiefly bent Nazian The zeale of the Lord is a grace which searcheth and ouercommeth yea it infuseth it selfe into the brest of the righteous The zeale of God is life Those that haue the zeale of the Lord. iudge all men that are enemies vnto God to bee theirs also although they be father mother brother and sister Ambrose There is no sacrifice so acceptable vnto the Almighty as is the zeale of soules Greg. Zeale is the feruentnesse of the mind prone vnto compassion of nature the punishment of offences and the loue of grace and goodnesse zeale therefore profitably scourgeth a bad seruant giueth wholesome correction vnto a froward childe and carfully obserueth the bonds of wedlock The first by punishment the second by compassion and the third by loue Hugo The Lord in his zeale will consume those that walke stubbornely after the inuention of their owne hartes Deut. 29. 20. Blessed is the man that is zealous for the Lord of hoasts sake the Lord will requite them with eternall felicitie There is a zeale vnto life and a zeale vnte death the zeale vnto life keepeth Gods commandements and for his name sake abhorreth to doe euill such was the zeale of Phinees The Lord of his mercie grant that we may be all zealous for his sake and not suffer so many abuses vncontrouled as now we do Certaine celected sentences both briefe and pythy THe remembrance of the godly albeit they returns to earth as other men do endureth for euer Man doth his endeuoure but it is God that giueth the issue A wise man loueth to be admonished but afoole hateth correction We ought to vse temporall riches but not to repose confidence therein A sorrowfull hart pineth the bodie Vnto the godly all thinges sort vnto the best We haue all sinned and haue all neede of a sauiour As we are most sure once to die ●● are we most vnsure when we shall die The longer we liue the more are our crosses The wicked take counsell together but God ouerthroweth their purposes We ought not to giue sentence before we haue hard both parties for one mans tale is good vntill anothers b● toulde Mans life is a warfarre and if he meane to purchase heauen he must fight manfully against the worlde the flesh and the deuill To care for the body only and to neglect the soule is the right way to the deuill God depresseth the proud but geueth grace vnto the lowly and méeke Despise not the poore for we are all Gods creatures He that taketh councell against the Lord striueth against the streame Despaire not in afflictions for therby God trieth thy faith As is a blubbe vpon the water euen so is the life of man to day a man tomorrow none Where Iudges are corrupted with bribes there the poore goe home by wéeping crosse The lawier and the leache may well be compared for the leache neuer hath inough till his belly breake nor the lawier vntill he want breath He that goeth to law for euery trifle will helpe to make the lawier rich himselfe a beggar He that maketh himselfe beho●ldinge vnto his enemie selleth his owne libertie A fayned trend is more daingerous then aprosessed soe He that thinketh to get any thing out of the courtous mans purse is as much deceaued as he that thinketh to wring water out of a stone Eate not ouer much for cloying thy stomacke Féede not ouer fast lest thou strangle thy selfe against thy will Fast not ouer long least euill smels annoy thy stomacke As neere as thou canst obserue a diet for it is healthfull for thy body Obserue due seasons in taking thy meate for then thy appetite most commonly will be sharpe set Plenty of the choysest daynties is no dainty If thou desire to haue well do well He that is in pouertie and asketh of one that hath as much neede as himselfe may goe to bed hungrie and he that being vnséene in any matter asketh councell of one that hath as little skill as himselfe may seeke about for a foole and finde him in his owne bosome Beauty is like vnto a pleasant● flowre which in the morning florisheth but in the euening is dryed away and withered He that by wisedome guideth himselfe shall receiue glory for his reward but he that suffereth himselfe to be led by folly shame shall be his ending Nascimur in commune bonum FINIS