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A47120 An advertisement of an intended meeting to be held by George Keith and his friends, at their usual meeting-place, in Turners-Hall, in Philpot-Lane, the 29th. day of this instant and present month called April, 1697. to begin about the 9th. hour. To which meeting William Penn, Thomas Ellwood, George Whitehead, John Penington, and these of the second days weekly meeting at Lombard-street, are justly desired to be present, to hear themselves recharged and proved guilty of these vile and gross errors and heresies, wherewith they have been formerly charged by George Keith, and proved guilty off [sic], at a meeting held at Turners-Hall, on the 11th, of the month called June, 1696. ... Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1697 (1697) Wing K137C; ESTC R216367 1,600 1 View Text
A51260 The doctrin [sic] of transubstantiation consider'd and fully confuted from a union of scriptures hitherto not perform'd / by Tho. Moor; with An advertisement concerning a dispute in the country between T.M. and one Mr. S. on the 25th of July, 1700. Moor, Thomas, fl. 1695-1697. 1700 (1700) Wing M2608A; ESTC R29037 3,828 13 View Text
A18157 A breefe catechisme so necessarie and easie to be learned euen of the symple sort that whosoeuer can not or vvyll not attayne to the same, is not to be counted a good Christian, much lesse to be admitted to the Supper of the Lorde. It standeth of three partes. ...; Breefe catechisme so necessarie and easie to be learned even of the symple sort. 1576 (1576) STC 4798; ESTC S109782 3,948 16 View Text
A51050 A new catechisme very usefull for persons of meanest capacity and shortest memory, and for them onely composed : and since fitted to the directions concerning suspension from the Lords Supper in case of ignorance, and published / by T. Mocket ... Mocket, Thomas, 1602-1670? 1647 (1647) Wing M2308; ESTC R43459 4,828 23 View Text
A91527 The Bishop of Ely's letter to his clergy Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1692 (1692) Wing P821A; ESTC R42660 5,032 16 View Text
A06887 Here is a shorte resytal or certayne holy doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not conteyned in the Sacrame[n]t of the Lordes supper but fyguratyuely, collected in myter by Ihon Mardeley; Here is a shorte resytal or certayne holy doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not conteyned in the Sacrament of the Lordes supper but fyguratyvely. Mardeley, John. 1548 (1548) STC 17318; ESTC S104367 5,179 18 View Text
A61138 The Christian doctrine: or, A short catechism Briefly shewing how to become a Christian: how to continue a Christian. Divided into ten heads, for the ease of memory. Approved by sundry elders of the baptized churches. J. S. 1678 (1678) Wing S49AA; ESTC R213986 5,229 17 View Text
A57012 Antipas, or, The dying testimony of Mr. James Renwick, Minister of the Gospel, who suffered at the grass-market of Edinburgh, Feb. 17, 1688 : his sentence was founded on these following heads : 1. Because he could not own James the VII, to be his lawful soverain, 2. Because he taught the unlawfulness of paying the cess expresly [sic] exacted for supressing of the faithful and free-preaching of the Gospel, 3. Because he taught, that it was the people's duty, to carry arms at the preaching of the Gospel (when it was persecuted) for defending of themselves, and resisting of unjust violence. Renwick, James, 1662-1688. 1688 (1688) Wing R1043; ESTC R22164 5,229 10 View Text
A06057 The order of the communion; Order of the Communion. 1548 Church of England.; Wied, Hermann von. Simplex ac pia deliberatio. 1548 (1548) STC 16457; ESTC S122099 5,258 22 View Text
A95242 A True relation of the most horrid and barbarous murders committed by Abigall Hill of St. Olaves Southwark, on the persons of foure infants; parish children, whom she undertooke to nurse, and her most deceitfull borrowing of other children of her poore acquaintance, whom on every quarter day she would bring to the over-seers of the parish, and receive her quarters pay for them, as if they had bin the same children which had bin committed to her charge to nurse. For which most cruell murders, being convicted and condemned at the sessions held at the Old-Baily. Wednesday Decemb. 15. Shee [sic] was accordingly executed on Wednesday, Decemb. 22. in Cheapside neare unto Woodstreet. Together with a true account of the strange and stubborn end she made, and her jeering of her executioner at the houre of her death. And a caveat to all other women that are suspected for the like unnaturall and most unmercifull practises. 1658 (1658) Wing T3008; Thomason E1881_2; ESTC R209883 5,672 16 View Text
A89554 Fifteen considerations, stirring us up to the watchfulnesse of these dangerous times. With, fourteen directions to every godly Christian, who is desirous to go out to fight the Lords battles against Antichrist. Also, thirteen principles of religion; by Mr. Perkins: by way of question and answer. Shewing, what necessitie there is for all that are for reformation, and are desirous to venture life, fortune and estate, for religion, King, Parliament, laws, liberties; against those who (if they prevail) will blot out religion, and utterly destroy us all. Published by Richard Marsal minister of Gods word. Published by authority, and printed with order. Marsal, Richard.; Perkins, William, 1558-1602. Thirteen principles of religion. 1645 (1645) Wing M723; Thomason E1189_9; ESTC R208285 5,736 17 View Text
A58337 An epistle of the prophet Reeve Written in the year, 1656. Reeve, John, 1608-1658.; Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698. 1670 (1670) Wing R677; ESTC R223718 6,053 9 View Text
A10040 Short questions and answers, plainely opening and explaining both the nature and also the vse of the sacraments of baptisme and the Lords Supper Very profitable for all those who desire to know the nature and vse of the said sacraments. By Richard Preston, preacher of the Word of God at Rushden in Northhampton shiere. Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. 1621 (1621) STC 20286; ESTC S115178 6,203 30 View Text
A18158 A breefe catechisme so necessary and easie to be learned euen of the simple sort that whosoeuer can not or vvill not attaine to the same, is not to be counted a good Christian, much lesse to be admitted to the Supper of the Lorde. It standeth of three partes. 1. The first sheweth how miserable all men are of them selues. 2. The second, how happy they are that rightly beleeue in Christe. 3. The third, what duetyes they owe vnto God for his great mercy towards them in Christ Iesus. 1582 (1582) STC 4799; ESTC S120645 6,591 18 View Text
A61446 The shame and humiliation of the Quakers in a remarkable judgment of [...]tuation, already begun upon some of [...]stinate ministers of their second days meeting. With a fair warning and kind admonition to the rest, who are sincere, and desire to escape the snare of deceit, to beware of them. 1. A brief account of the beginning and progress of the difference between George Keith and the other Quakers, and of their meeting at Turners-Hall, April 29, 1697. Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. 1697 (1697) Wing S5441; ESTC R222026 6,738 9 View Text
A07480 A short and faythful instruction, gathered out of holy Scripture composed in questions and answeres, for the edifyeng and comfort of the symple Christianes, whych intende worthely to receyue the holy supper of the Lorde.; Claer bewiis, van het recht gebruyck des nachtmaels Christi Micronius, Marten, d. 1559.; Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556, attrib. trans. 1556 (1556) STC 17864; ESTC S104495 6,813 20 View Text
A01468 An admonishion to the bishoppes of VVinchester, London and others &c. Bale, John, 1495-1563. 1553 (1553) STC 11593; ESTC S102855 7,265 18 View Text
B10074 Certain queries concerning the receiving of the sacrament preached in a sermon on Saint Luke 9. Vers. 30, 31 / by Richard Standfast. Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. 1680 (1680) Wing S5206; ESTC R184576 7,792 29 View Text
A76815 Mr Humphrey's Second vindication of a disciplinary anti-Erastian, orthodox, free-admission to the Lords-Supper, taken into consideration, in a letter occasionally written / by Mr Blake pastor of Tamworth, and by a friend of truth made publick. Blake, Thomas, 1597?-1657.; S. B. 1656 (1656) Wing B3147; Thomason E889_4; ESTC R206499 8,889 16 View Text
A52823 Old popery as good as new, or, The unreasonableness of the Church of England in some of her doctrines and practices and the reasonableness of liberty of conscience : in a letter from a private gentleman in the country to his friend a clergy-man in the city. N. N. 1688 (1688) Wing N47; ESTC R42186 9,235 20 View Text
A18685 A caueat for the Christians agaynst the arch-papist 1548 (1548) STC 5195; ESTC S117729 9,918 39 View Text
A68976 A godly wil and confession of the Christian faythe, made by Rychard Brasier, late auditour to the kinges maiestie in Ireland, whiche be dydde most constantly cleaue vnto during the time that he lyued, worthy to be read by all Christians Brasier, Richard. 1551 (1551) STC 3552.7; ESTC S113319 10,135 24 View Text
A11828 A short information, but agreeable vnto Scripture: of idol-images· Made vnto the Christian congregation at Prague, when as, by his Royall Maiesties most gracious command, the Castle-church there, was clensed from all images, on Sonday the twelfth of December, in the yeare 1619. By Abraham Scultetus. Faithfully translated according to the high Dutch copie printed at Heidelberge, by Gotthard Vœgeliu, 1620. Scultetus, Abraham, 1566-1624. 1620 (1620) STC 22126; ESTC S121082 10,238 24 View Text
A10735 The doctrine of the Lords supper By way of question and answer, gathered out of 1. Corint. chap. 11. ver. 23. to 33. By Charles Richardson, preacher at S. Katharins neare the Tower of London. Richardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617. 1616 (1616) STC 21014; ESTC S119813 11,301 38 View Text
A77908 A second part of the enquiry into the reasons offered by Sa. Oxon for abrogating the test: or an answer to his plea for transubstantiation; and for acquitting the Church of Rome of idolatry Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1689 (1689) Wing B5870B; ESTC R231153 11,390 8 View Text
A96383 Antichrist in flesh unmask'd, the Quakers Christianity vindicated, from the malicious and injurious attempts of [brace] Edward Paye, William Alcott, & Henry Loader, in their late defaming confused book falsly styled, Antichrist in spirit unmask'd, or Quakerism a great delusion, wherein their causeless outrage, folly and falshood are deservedly exposed. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1692 (1692) Wing W1888; ESTC R186514 11,564 37 View Text
A47371 An appendix to the answer unto two Athenian Mercuries concerning pedo-baptism containing twenty seven syllogistical arguments proving infant-baptism a mere humane tradition : the gentlmen called the Athenian Society desiring in the last of the said Mercuries to have syllogism / by B. K. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1692 (1692) Wing K45; ESTC R2646 11,825 10 View Text
A29522 A breviate of saving knowledge, or, The principles of Christian religion methodically digested into short questions and answers purposely composed and published, for the use and benefit of such as have good desires but weake memories, by I.B. Brinsley, John, 1600-1665. 1643 (1643) Wing B4708; ESTC R33274 11,869 29 View Text
A86899 A plaine and briefe discovery of those two beasts that are written, Revel. 13 And to show what dishonour and disgrace the clergie bring against Christ and his glorious church in reading some part of the service-book. Againe I praise God I have shewed in briefe the true signification of Christ and his glorious church, with those holy ordinances that doe belong unto it. Gathered and directed by that grace God hath given to me James Hunt. All glory be to God on high. Hunt, James, 17th cent. 1643 (1643) Wing H3731; Thomason E70_12; ESTC R1261 12,315 16 View Text
A96917 A brotherly and friendly censure of the errour of a dear friend and brother in Christian affection, in an answer to his four questions lately sent abroad in print to the view of the world. Published according to order. Walker, George, 1581?-1651. 1645 (1645) Wing W355; Thomason E265_4; ESTC R212426 12,460 13 View Text
A67268 Divine hymns, or, A paraphrase upon the Te Deum, &c. and the Song of the three children, or canticle Benedicite omnia opera, &c. as they are in the Book of common prayer by T. Walker ... Walker, Thomas, 1658 or 9-1716.; Nicetas, of Remesiana, Saint, d. ca. 414. Te Deum laudamus. 1691 (1691) Wing W415; ESTC R13384 12,832 40 View Text
A59790 An answer to the request to Protestants, to produce plain Scriptures directly authorizing these tenets Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707. 1687 (1687) Wing S3264; ESTC R16978 12,957 22 View Text
A14251 The olde fayth of greate Brittaygne, and the newe learnynge of Inglande wherunto is added a symple instruction, concernynge the Kinges Maiesties procedinges in the co[m]munyon. Compyled by R.V. R. V., fl. 1549. 1549 (1549) STC 24566; ESTC S119007 13,729 40 View Text
A41899 The Great feast of the gospel-passover, or, The commemoration of the sufferings of Christ celebrated in his Last Supper a poem. 1694 (1694) Wing G1692A; ESTC R26751 14,168 33 View Text
A52862 The necessity of receiving the Holy Sacrament (that great test both of the Christian and Protestant religion) declared in a sermon, at a conference of the several ministers of the Deanery of Braughin, in the county of Hertford, appointed by the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry Lord Bishop of London, to be held at Ware, August 28, 1678 / by Robert Neville ... Neville, Robert, 1640 or 1-1694. 1679 (1679) Wing N523; ESTC R12405 14,625 32 View Text
A78174 Censura cleri, or A plea against scandalous ministers, not fit to be restored to the churches livings in point of prudence, piety, and fame. By a true lover of the Church of England in doctrine, ceremony and discipline. Barnard, John, d. 1683. 1660 (1660) Wing B852; Thomason E1035_2; ESTC R209059 14,798 23 View Text
A35182 A sermon preached in Christs Church Bristol at the assizes for that city and county, holden August the 1st, 1676 / by Samuel Crossman ... Crossman, Samuel, 1624?-1684. 1676 (1676) Wing C7270; ESTC R31340 14,837 34 View Text
A42296 A guide to young communicants: or, The whole duty of the sacrament fitted for those that desire to be worthy receivers of the Lords Supper: with suitable prayers, for morning and evening. Also directions for a holy living and dying. A dialogue between a divine and a beggar. And a description of Christ's person when on earth. To which is added, Bishop Usher's prophecy. 1695 (1695) Wing G2187B; ESTC R223701 15,115 22 View Text
A42655 Irelands advocate: or, a sermon preached at a publike fast held by authorie, July the 27. in behalfe of bleeding Ireland. By John Geree, pastour of Tewkesbury, in Glocester-Shire. Published by authoritie. Geree, John, 1601?-1649. 1642 (1642) Wing G596A; ESTC R223673 15,404 25 View Text
A62123 An answer to all the excuses and pretences which men ordinarily make for their not coming to the Holy Communion ... by a divine of the Church of England. Synge, Edward, 1659-1741. 1697 (1697) Wing S6375; ESTC R1735 15,409 38 View Text
A68347 A confutation of the Popish transubstantiation Together with a narration, how that the masse was at sundrie times patched and peeced by sundrie Popes. Wherein is contained a briefe summe of the reasons and arguments which those render, that will not receiue the masse. Translated out of French into English by Peter Allibond minister of the word of God. L'Espine, Jean de, ca. 1506-1597. Sommaire des raisons que rendent ceux qui ne veulent pas participer à la messe.; Sommaire des raisons que rendent ceux qui ne veulent pas participer à la messe. aut; Allibond, Peter, 1559 or 60-1628. 1592 (1592) STC 15511; ESTC S112323 15,671 54 View Text
A09946 A preparation to the due consideration and reverent comming to the holy communion of the body and blood of our Lorde The contentes whereof followe in the next page. Barker, Christopher, 1529-1599. 1580 (1580) STC 20203; ESTC S106589 16,377 96 View Text
A85140 The heart opened by Christ; or, The conditions of a troubled soul that could find no true rest, peace, comfort, nor satisfaction in any thing below the divine power and glory of God, breaking forth and appearing in several operations and manifestations, by the blessed spirit of the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of the soul, God manifesting himself in flesh, that he may glorified in spirit. With, a word to those that are for the approbation of ministers; and something to those that scruple about the receiving or not receiving that which they call a sacrament and communion of saints, at Easter, Penticost, Christmas, so called, and other festival and set daies, or any other time when it is to be administered by those priests that profess themselves to be ministers of Christ. Written in the year 1654. in the third moneth, commonly called May, by R.F. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1654 (1654) Wing F485; Thomason E745_7; ESTC R207062 17,335 24 View Text
A63233 A Tried method of catechising being an abstract of the Bishop of Corke's Shorter notes on the church-catechism : with the Scripture-proofs of them as far as necessary, and directions for the use of the abstract to advantage. Rosse, E. Corke. 1698 (1698) Wing T2272A; ESTC R25824 18,530 36 View Text
A85542 Christians liberty to the Lords table, discovered by eight arguments, therby proving, that the Sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord, doth as well teach to grace, as strengthen and confirm grace, and so is common, as well to the outward Christian as to the inward Christian: occasioned by the contrary doctrine, taught by a strange minister in Woolchurch, on the 29th of June last. / By I.G a parishioner there. Imprimatur, James Cranford. Graunt, John, of Bucklersbury. 1645 (1645) Wing G1589; Thomason E296_30; ESTC R200217 18,658 23 View Text
A39737 A sermon of the education of children preach'd before the right honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at Guild-Hall Chapel on Sunday, Novemb. 1, 1696 / by William Fleetwood ... Fleetwood, William, 1656-1723. 1696 (1696) Wing F1249; ESTC R15389 18,831 43 View Text
B00327 The forme and manner of making and consecrating bishops, priestes and deacons.; Ordinal Church of England.; Barker, Robert, d. 1645, printer.; Bill, John, d. 1630, printer. 1633 (1633) STC 16473; ESTC S122861 19,142 27 View Text
A13094 A christal glasse for christian vvomen containing, a most excellent discourse, of the godly life and Christian death of Mistresse Katherine Stubs, who departed this life in Burton vpon Trent, in Staffordshire the 14. day of December. 1590. With a most heauenly confession of the Christian faith, which shee made a little before her departure: as also a wonderfull combate betwixt Sathan and her soule: worthie to be imprinted in letters of golde, and are to be engrauen in the tables of euery Christian heart. Set downe word for word, as she spake it, as neere as could be gathered: by Phillip Stubbes Gent. Stubbes, Phillip. 1592 (1592) STC 23382; ESTC S104605 19,337 22 View Text
A46707 A plain and short discourse concerning the nature of the Lord's Supper, and the end of celebrating it to which is added, A paraphrase of all those places in the New Testament, wherein the Lord's Supper is mentioned / by John Jeffery ... Jeffery, John, 1647-1720. 1699 (1699) Wing J516; ESTC R1646 20,211 33 View Text
A65294 The duty of self-denial briefly opened and urged. By Thomas Watson, minister of the Gospel Watson, Thomas, d. 1686. 1675 (1675) Wing W1122A; ESTC R7336 20,236 63 View Text
A11614 A briefe treatise agaynst certayne errors of the Romish Church Very plainly, notably, and pleasantly confuting the same by Scriptures and auncient writers. Compiled by Gregory Scot. 1570 Perused & licenced according to the Quenes Maiesties iniunction. 1574. Scott, Gregory, 1532 or 3-1576. 1574 (1574) STC 21855; ESTC S116867 21,066 64 View Text
A14265 An ansvvere or admonition to those of the Church of Rome, touching the iubile, proclaimed by the bull, made and set foorth by Pope Clement the eyght, for the yeare of our Lord. 1600. Translated out of French; Aviso a los de la iglesia romana, sobre la indiccion de jubiléo, por la bulla del papa Clemente octavo. English Valera, Cipriano de, 1532?-1625. 1600 (1600) STC 24578.5; ESTC S116178 21,562 32 View Text
A00261 A bryefe and plaine declaracion of certayne sente[n]ces in this litle boke folowing to satisfie the consciences of them that haue iudged me therby to be a fauourer of the Anabaptistes.; Brife and faythfull declaration of the true fayth of Christ I. B., fl. 1547.; Bale, John, 1495-1563, attributed author.; Bradford, John, 1510?-1555, attributed author. 1547 (1547) STC 1035; ESTC S103779 21,747 42 View Text
A51330 A short and plaine tractate of the Lords Supper grounded upon I Cor. II, 23, &c. / by VVilliam More ... More, William, 17th cent. 1645 (1645) Wing M2694; ESTC R4121 21,840 72 View Text
A61497 The English case, exactly set down by Hezekiah's reformation in a court sermon at Paris / Dr. Steward ... Steward, Richard, 1593?-1651. 1687 (1687) Wing S5521; ESTC R3486 21,870 37 View Text
A61494 A brief but full vindication of the Church of England from the Romanist's charge of schism. Steward, Richard, 1593?-1651. 1688 (1688) Wing S5517; ESTC R33857 21,943 36 View Text
A29121 The second Adam being the second part, or branch of the comparison between the first, and the second Adam, in these words, so by the obedience of one, shall many be made righteous. By Thomas Bradley doctor of divinity, chaplaine to His late Majesty King Charles the First, and præbend of York. And there preached at Lent assizes holden there, 1667/8. Oxon. Exon.; Nosce te ipsum. Part 2. Bradley, Thomas, 1597-1670. 1668 (1668) Wing B4136A; ESTC R213087 22,288 53 View Text
A30477 The unreasonableness and impiety of popery: in a second letter written upon the discovery of the late plot.. Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1678 (1678) Wing B5935; ESTC R7487 22,368 40 View Text
A02884 The catechisme, or maner to teach children and others the Christian fayth used in all the landes and dominions that are under the mighty Prince Frederike, the Palsgraue of ye Rhone, elector of the empyre, &c. Translated out of Latin into Englysh, by William Turner Doctor of Phisicke, easely to be vnderstanded and read, aswell of the people of the north cuntry, as others.; Heidelberger Katechismus. English. Turner, William, d. 1568. 1572 (1572) STC 13028; ESTC S112597 22,595 59 View Text
A21065 The Christian schoole-maister, or A dialogue betweene the maister and the scholler. By G.E. minister of Gods word G. E., minister of Gods word. 1613 (1613) STC 7433; ESTC S120491 22,781 63 View Text
A09077 A double catechisme one more large, following the order of the common authorized catechisme, and an exposition thereof: now this second time published: the other shorter for the weaker sort: both set forth for the benefit of Christian friends and wel-willers. By Richard Bernard, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word at Worsop in Nottingham-shire.; Large catechisme Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. 1607 (1607) STC 1936; ESTC S113787 23,289 50 View Text
A14105 A matter of moment: or, A case of waight As great as euer was any, to be pleaded and examined in the hall of the heart and conscience of euery Christian at all times, before the receiuing of the Lords Supper. Touching that waightie charge of the Apostle Paul, in the I. Cor. II.28. Let euery man examine himselfe, and so let him eate of this bread and drinke of this cup. Set forth dialogue wise. Tye, William. 1608 (1608) STC 24414; ESTC S101785 23,867 76 View Text
A30335 A discourse concerning transubstantiation and idolatry being an answer to the Bishop of Oxford's plea relating to those two points. Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1688 (1688) Wing B5775; ESTC R23015 24,041 38 View Text
A13780 Here beginneth a song of the Lordes Supper Tilney, Edmund, d. 1610, attributed author.; Tilney, Emery, d. 1606, attributed author. 1550 (1550) STC 24078; ESTC S108085 24,437 64 View Text
A50679 An antidote against the venom of Quakerism, or, Some observations, on a little pamphlet, stiled, The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers by John Meriton ... Meriton, John, 1666-1717. 1699 (1699) Wing M1816; ESTC R11247 24,688 49 View Text
A41825 A defence of Christian liberty to the Lords table except in case of excommunication and suspension wherein many arguments, queres, supposition, and objections are answered by plain texts and consent of Scriptures ... / by John Graunt ... Graunt, John, 1620-1674. 1646 (1646) Wing G1592; ESTC R36548 25,052 34 View Text
A85545 A defence of Christian liberty to the Lords table; except in case of excommunication and suspension. Wherein many arguments, queres, suppositions, and objections are answered by plain texts, and consent of scriptures. As also some positions answered by way of a short conference which the author hath had with divers, both in citie and countrey. All which are profitable to inform to truth, and lawfull obedience to authoritie. / By John Graunt, who beareth witnesse to the faith. Published according to order. Graunt, John, of Bucklersbury. 1646 (1646) Wing G1591; Thomason E330_22; ESTC R200727 25,078 32 View Text
A62906 A discourse on 2 Cor. III. 6 ... by Samuel Tomlyns ... Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. 1699 (1699) Wing T1858A; ESTC R37158 25,093 52 View Text
A03926 A sermon preached at Yorke before the right Honorable, Henrie Earle of Huntington, Lorde President of her Maiesties councell established in the north, and other noble men, and gentle men, at a general communion there, the 23. of September in the eightienth yeare of her Maiesties raigne: by Mathewe Hutton Deane of Yorke. Hutton, Matthew, 1529-1606. 1579 (1579) STC 14034; ESTC S104336 25,148 72 View Text
A09915 A notable sermon concerninge the ryght vse of the lordes supper and other thynges very profitable for all men to knowe preached before the Kynges most excellent Mayestye and hys most honorable counsel in hys courte at Westmynster the 14. daye of Marche, by Mayster Iohn ponet Doctor of dyuinity. 1550. Ponet, John, 1516?-1556. 1550 (1550) STC 20177; ESTC S115044 25,346 112 View Text
A61692 A short discovery of certain truths of God according as they are revealed through the manifestation of the eternal light of the Son of righteousnesse, which are, a reply against two things in an epistle, and, an answer to certain queries contained in a book, intituled Christian queries, to quaking Christians, subscribed by one J.B. : also queries propounded, to be answered by the authour of the same book, or any other / by John Story. Story, John, d. 1681. 1664 (1664) Wing S5753; ESTC R4917 25,813 34 View Text
A01236 A Christian confession of the late moste noble and mightie prince, Friderich of that name the third, Count Palatine by [ye] Rhein, one of the electours of the holy Empire, and Duke in Bauire: wherein constantlie and meekelie he departed out of this world the 26. of October in the yere of our Lord God 1576. Taken word for word out of his last will and testament. Whereunto is added the Lantgraue his answere to the French King; Proclamations. 1620-07-01 Friedrich III, Elector Palatine, 1515-1576.; Johann Casimir, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein, 1543-1592.; Wilhelm IV, Landgrave of Hesse, 1532-1592. 1577 (1577) STC 11348; ESTC S116026 25,880 96 View Text
A12203 The spirituall-mans aime guiding a Christian in his affections and actions, through the sundry passages of this life, so that Gods glory, and his owne salvation may be the maine end of all / by the faithfull and reverend divine, R. Sibbes ... ; published by T.G. and P.N. Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. 1637 (1637) STC 22513; ESTC S1655 25,951 96 View Text
A50844 A short defence of the orders of the Church of England, as by law establish'd, against some scatter'd objections of Mr. Webster of Linne by a presbyter of the diocess of Norwich. Milbourne, Luke, 1649-1720. 1688 (1688) Wing M2038; ESTC R15534 26,123 38 View Text
A13267 Iacob and Esau. Election. Reprobation Opened and discussed by way of sermon at Pauls Crosse, March 4. 1622. By Humphry Sydenham Mr. of Arts, and fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford. Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? 1626 (1626) STC 23567; ESTC S101842 26,538 44 View Text
A02885 The catechisme, or manner how to instruct and teach children and others in the Christian faith appointed to bee read in all the lands and dominions of the late right and mightie prince, Frederike, countie palatine of the Rhein, one of the electors of the Holy Empire, and duke in Bauier / newly translated out of Latin and Dutch into Englishe.; Heidelberger Katechismus. 1578 (1578) STC 13029; ESTC S3764 26,578 74 View Text
A10780 A frendly farewel which Master Doctor Ridley, late Bishop of London did write beinge prisoner in Oxeforde, vnto all his true louers and frendes in God, a litle before that he suffred for the testimony of the truthe of Christ his Gospell. Newly setforth and allowed according to the order apoynted in the Quenes Maiesties iniunctions. Ridley, Nicholas, 1500?-1555.; Foxe, John, 1516-1587. 1559 (1559) STC 21051; ESTC S115942 27,194 106 View Text
A19398 [A dialogue of diuerse quections [sic] demanded of the children to their father very necessary, and profitable both for children, and parents, masters and seruants.] Cotes, William, b. ca. 1560. 1585 (1585) STC 5829; ESTC S111175 27,610 76 View Text
A00273 A dialogue or Familiar talke betwene two neighbours co[n]cernyng the chyefest ceremonyes, that were, by the mighti power of Gods most holie pure worde, suppressed in Englande, and nowe for vnworthines, set vp agayne by the bishoppes, the impes of Antichrist: right learned, profitable, and pleasaunt to be read, for the comfort of weake co[n]sciences in these troublous daies. Read first, and then iudge. 1554 (1554) STC 10383; ESTC S115543 27,807 78 View Text
A11083 A treatise of the preparation to the holy supper of our onely saueour and redeemer, Iesus Christe Necessarie for all them that vvil vworthely approche to the Lordes holy table. Also a dialogue containing the principall points, which they that wil recieue the Supper ought to knowe and vnderstand. By Yues Rouspeau minister of the vvord of God. Ttanslated [sic] out of French into English by R.B.; Traitté de la preparation à la saincte cene. English. Rouspeau, Yves.; R. B., fl. 1570. 1570 (1570) STC 21351.5; ESTC S106673 28,200 65 View Text
A17028 A sermon preached at the assises holden at Winchester the 24. day of Februarie last, before Sir Laurence Tanfeild knight, Lord Chiefe Barron of the Exchequer, and Sir Richard Hutton knight, one of the iustices of the Court of Common-pleas. By Abraham Browne prebend: of the Cathedrall Church of Winton. Browne, Abraham, d. ca. 1625. 1623 (1623) STC 3906; ESTC S119312 28,509 46 View Text
A56695 A sermon preached at St. Pavl Covent-Garden, on the late day of fasting & prayer, Novemb. 13 by Simon Patrick ... Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1678 (1678) Wing P840; ESTC R23234 28,516 39 View Text
A67627 A box of spikenard: or A little manual of sacramental instruction and devotion especially, helpful to the people of God, at and about the time of receiving the Lords Supper. With some other formes expedient for some peculiar occasions. The third edition, by Thomas Walmestry, Dean of Worcester. Warmstry, Thomas, 1610-1665. 1660 (1660) Wing W881; ESTC R218419 28,612 228 View Text
A82006 The great duty of communicating explain'd and enforc'd, the objections against it answer'd, and the necessary preparation for it stated With devotions to be us'd before, at, and after the Lord's Supper. By the author of The duties of the closet. Dawes, William, Sir, 1671-1724. 1700 (1700) Wing D455B; ESTC R229669 29,052 50 View Text
A59597 Two clean birds, or, The cleaning of the leper as it was unfolded in a sermon preached before the right honourable Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax, Generall of the northern forces, and the most of his army, on the fifth day of February, 1642 (being the Lords day, and by his honor appointed to bee kept as a fast upon speciall occasion) at Selbie, in the West Riding of the county of Yorke / by Iohn Shaw, pastor to the church at Rotheram in the same county. Shawe, John, 1608-1672. 1644 (1644) Wing S3031; ESTC R29354 29,441 41 View Text
A14135 A briefe declaration of the sacraments expressing the fyrst oryginall how they came vp, a[n]d were institute with the true and mooste syncere meaning and vnderstandyng of the same very necessarye for all men, that wyl not erre in the true vse and receauing therof. Compyled by the godly learned man Wyllyam Tyndall.; Fruitefull and godly treatise expressing the right institution and usage of the sacramentes Tyndale, William, d. 1536. 1548 (1548) STC 24445; ESTC S118858 29,454 82 View Text
A31020 An apologie for Paris for rejecting of Juno and Pallas, and presenting of Ate's golden ball to Venus with a discussion of the reasons that might induce him to favour either of the three : occasioned by a private discourse, wherein the Trojans judgment was carped at by some and defended / by R.B., Gent. Baron, Robert, b. 1630. 1649 (1649) Wing B888; ESTC R11456 29,594 112 View Text
A01148 The conuersion of a most noble lady of Fraunce In Iune last past, 1608. Madame Gratiana, wife to the high and mightie lord; Claudius, Lord of Tremoille; Duke of Thouars; peere of Fraunce, and Prince of Talmonde. A most Christian epistle, written by her, to the ladyes of Fraunce, to resolue them in the cause of her conuersion from popery, to the the profession of Gods Gospell: and aduising them to imitate her religious example. Truely translated out of French. Tremoille, Charlotte Brabantina, Duchess of, 1580-1631.; Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633. 1608 (1608) STC 11262; ESTC S102563 29,611 56 View Text
A77780 Antichrists transformations within, discovered by the light within. Bullock, Jeffery, of Sudbury.; Manning, Thomas, The Baptist. 1678 (1678) Wing B5424A; ESTC R170865 29,654 36 View Text
A62557 A discourse against transubstantiation Tillotson, John, 1630-1694. 1684 (1684) Wing T1190; ESTC R15192 30,129 49 View Text
A08889 The meditat[i]ons of saint Bernard; Tractatus de interiori domo. English Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153. 1499 (1499) STC 1917; ESTC S108390 30,253 66 View Text
A89586 The song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lambe: opened in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne day of thanksgiving, Iune 15. 1643. for the discovery of a dangerous, desperate, and bloudy designe, tending to the utter subversion of the Parliament, and of the famous city of London. / By Stephen Marshall, B.D. and Pastor of Finchingfield in Essex. Published by order of that House. Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655. 1643 (1643) Wing M789; Thomason E56_5; ESTC R16053 30,483 54 View Text
A47188 The true copy of a paper given in to the yearly meeting of the people called Quakers at their meeting-place in Grace-Church-street, Lonon, 15 day of the 3d. month 1695. By George Keith, which was read by him in the said meeting, by their allowance. With a brief narrative of the most material passages of discourse betwixt George White-head, Charles Marshal, and George Keith, the said day, and the day following, betwixt George White-head, William Penn, and Francis Canfield on the one side, and George Keith on the other; ... Together with a short list of some of the vile and gross errors of George Whitehead, John Whitehead, William Penn, their chief ministers, and now having the greatest sway among them (being of the same sort and nature with the gross errors charged on some in Pensilvania) most apparently opposite to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion ... And a proposition to VVilliam Penn, to prove his charge, that G.K. is an apostate. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1695 (1695) Wing K220; ESTC R220379 30,855 34 View Text
A05294 The answere that the preachers of the Gospel at Basile, made, for the defence of the true administration, and vse of the holy Supper of our Lord Agaynst the abhominatio[n], of the popyshe Masse. Translated out of Latin into Englyshe by George Bancrafte. 1548.; Responsio praedicatorum Basileensium in defensionem rectae administrationis Coenae Dominicae. English. Bancrafte, George, fl. 1548. 1548 (1548) STC 1544; ESTC S107183 30,936 108 View Text
A25573 An Answer to the Athenian Mercury, vol. 4, numb. 14, concerning infant-baptism with an account of divers queries sent by the author (and some others) to the Athenian Society, which they have not yet answered : to which are added, some remarks by way of reply to their Mercury on the same subject, num. 18, published Novemb. 28. 1691 (1691) Wing A3386; ESTC R15319 31,117 26 View Text
A87756 A new and useful catechism; very necessary and teachable both for children and young Christians. : Wherein is contained by way of question and answer a brief discovery ... / by Manasseth King. King, Manasseth. 1693 (1693) Wing K512AB; ESTC R202442 31,368 74 View Text
A28192 The divine and spiritual ambassadour described in a sermon preached at the visitation at Alisbury, Com. Bucks. Octob. 14, 1662 by J.B. B.D. J. B. (John Bird), b. 1584 or 5. 1663 (1663) Wing B2952; ESTC R14806 31,553 42 View Text
A68658 A brief declaracion of the Lordes Supper, written by the syngular learned man, and most constaunt martir of Iesus Christ, Nicholas Ridley Bishop of London prisoner in Oxforde, a litel before he suffred deathe for the true testimonie of Christ Ridley, Nicholas, 1500?-1555. 1555 (1555) STC 21046; ESTC S115973 31,702 80 View Text
A68846 Certain bokes of Virgiles Aeneis turned into English meter by the right honorable lorde, Henry Earle of Surrey; Aeneis. Book 2, 4. English Virgil.; Surrey, Henry Howard, Earl of, 1517?-1547. 1557 (1557) STC 24798; ESTC S105392 31,712 54 View Text
A52616 The Trinitarian scheme of religion, concerning almighty God and mankind considered both before and after the (pretended) fall : with notes thereoupon, which notes contain also the unitarian scheme. Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. 1692 (1692) Wing N1509A; ESTC R41717 32,447 30 View Text