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A94435 To Sions virgins: or, A short forme of catechisme of the doctrine of baptisme, in use in these times that are so full of questions. By an antient member, of that long agoe gathered congregation, whereof Mr. Henry Jacob was an instrument of gathering it, and the pastour worthy of double honour, Mr. John Lathroppe succeeding him, now pastor in New England; and the beloved congregation, through Gods mercies sees her teachers, waiting when God shall give more liberty and pastours according to his own heart, praying the Lord of the harvest to thrust forth labourers into his harvest. Antient member of that long agoe gathered congregation. 1644 (1644) Wing T1385; Thomason E17_18A 5,710 12 View Text
A77748 The dippers plunged in a sea of absurdities, or An ansvver to Doctor Chamberlaine concerning sprinkling the baptized. By Thomas Bakewell. Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. 1650 (1650) Wing B531; Thomason E597_18; Thomason E605_4; ESTC R206299 6,014 9 View Text
A59805 The charity of lending without vsury, and the true notion of vsury briefly stated in a sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, at St. Bridget's Church, on Tuesday in Easter-week, 1692 / by William Sherlock ... Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707. 1692 (1692) Wing S3278; ESTC R8222 11,444 34 View Text
A90803 A relation of a dispute of baptisme of infants of Christians at Holgate in the county of Salop, Maii. 30. 1650. betwixt P. Panter, Dr. in Divinitie, rector of the place, and Mr. Brown, preacher to the Anabaptists in that circuit. Panter, P.; Brown, Mr. 1650 (1650) Wing P274A; ESTC R43711 11,586 16 View Text
A47371 An appendix to the answer unto two Athenian Mercuries concerning pedo-baptism containing twenty seven syllogistical arguments proving infant-baptism a mere humane tradition : the gentlmen called the Athenian Society desiring in the last of the said Mercuries to have syllogism / by B. K. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1692 (1692) Wing K45; ESTC R2646 11,825 10 View Text
A80203 The church-catechism with a brief and easie explanation thereof for the help of the meanest capacities and weakest memories. By T.C. D.D. Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. 1681 (1681) Wing C5444A; ESTC R223943 15,091 34 View Text
A31328 A Catechism containing the substance of the Christian religion in the words and phrases of Scripture. 1693 (1693) Wing C1470; ESTC R26584 19,006 33 View Text
A39259 The lambs of Christ fed with sincere milk of the Word in a short Scripture-catechism / by the author of Christianity in short. Ellis, Clement, 1630-1700. 1692 (1692) Wing E564; ESTC R41959 19,233 70 View Text
A37722 Baptismes in their verity: or, The baptisme of John, and the baptisme of Christ what they are in truth, as they are described in the scriptures of truth. And of what necessitie they are unto salvation. In a plain and brief manner herein declared. By one of the most unworthy servants of Christ, J.E. J. E. 1648 (1648) Wing E13A; ESTC R215328 20,684 42 View Text
A77749 Doctor Chamberlain visited with a bunch of his own grapes, gathered out of his own packet of letters: to know whether my answer to his question gave satisfaction, and that by his reply to partake of those rare gifts of the spirit, which he proffered to publish in Black-fryers Church. Also an answer to Dr Chamberlains reply, concerning sprinkling the baptized. / By Thomas Bakewel. Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. 1650 (1650) Wing B532; Thomason E601_4; ESTC R206402 21,189 30 View Text
A41822 John Baptist's decreasing and Christ's increasing witnessed being a treatise concerning baptism in the type, and baptism in the mystery / by John Gratton ... Gratton, John, 1641-1712. 1674 (1674) Wing G1585; ESTC R39439 23,175 59 View Text
A07354 Mayers catechisme abridged. Or the A.B.C. inlarged With many necessary questions fitted vnto it, for the benefit of all that desire to teach or learne it effectually. A duty to which all wee of the Church of England are bound, it being generally appointed by authoritie. Mayer, John, 1583-1664. 1623 (1623) STC 17739; ESTC S107048 24,537 78 View Text
A85810 A treatise of baptisme: wherein is clearly proved the lawfulnesse and usefulnesse of believers baptisme; as also the sinfulnesse and vanity of infants baptisme. With many usefull instructions, concerning the same matter. Grounded upon Ephes. 4. 5. One lord, one faith, one baptisme. / By Robert Garner. Garner, Robert. 1645 (1645) Wing G263; Thomason E314_16; ESTC R200501 29,978 40 View Text
A25573 An Answer to the Athenian Mercury, vol. 4, numb. 14, concerning infant-baptism with an account of divers queries sent by the author (and some others) to the Athenian Society, which they have not yet answered : to which are added, some remarks by way of reply to their Mercury on the same subject, num. 18, published Novemb. 28. 1691 (1691) Wing A3386; ESTC R15319 31,117 26 View Text
A87756 A new and useful catechism; very necessary and teachable both for children and young Christians. : Wherein is contained by way of question and answer a brief discovery ... / by Manasseth King. King, Manasseth. 1693 (1693) Wing K512AB; ESTC R202442 31,368 74 View Text
A77753 A iustification of two points now in controversie with the Anabaptists concerning baptisme: the first is, that infants of Christians ought to be baptized, with grounds to prove it, and their objections answered. With a briefe answer to Master Tombes twelve doubtfull arguments against it in his exercitation about infants baptisme. Also a briefe answer to Captaine Hobsons five arguments in his falacy of infants baptisme, being (as he saith) that which should have beene disputed by him, and Mr. Knowles, and some others; against Mr. Calamy and Mr. Cranford. The second point is, that the sprinckling the baptized more agreeth with the minde of Christ then dipping or plunging in or under the water: with grounds to prove it, and a briefe auswer [sic] to what they have to say against it. / By T.B. Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. 1646 (1646) Wing B534; Thomason E316_23; ESTC R5282 32,062 32 View Text
A74654 A brief and plain exposition of the creed, commonly called the Apostles Creed. By Christopher Cartwright minister in York. Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. 1649 (1649) Wing C683; Thomason E1421_1*; ESTC R209463 35,241 119 View Text
A39277 Clavis fidei, or, The key of faith written in Latine by John Ellis ... and propounded by him in publick lectures upon the Apostles Creed, to the students of Harts Hall in the University of Oxford ; faithfully translated into English by W.R. for the good and benefit of the ingenuous reader, as an help to build him up in his most holy faith. Ellis, John, 1599?-1665. 1668 (1668) Wing E585; ESTC R40476 36,379 109 View Text
A41783 The Pædo-baptists apology for the baptized churches shewing the invalidity of the strongest grounds for infant baptism out of the works of the learned assertors of that tenent, and that the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins is a duty incumbent upon all sinners who come orderly to the profession of Christianity : also the promise of the Spirit [b]eing the substance of a sermon on I Cor. 12, I, to which is added a post-script out of the works of Dr. Jer. Taylor in defence of imposition of hands as a never failing ministery / by Tho. Grantham. Grantham, Thomas, 1634-1692.; Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1671 (1671) Wing G1541; ESTC R39521 38,200 120 View Text
A33967 The improvableness of water-baptism, or, A discourse concerning the gravity and seriousness of the action and the usefulness of the sacred institution of baptism instructing all parents how great a thing they do when they bring their children to that holy ordinance, and all persons, whether young or old, what obligations their baptism hath brought them under, what wrath it hath exposed wicked and impenitent persons to, and what use they may make of their baptism for confirmation of their faith, and quickening them to repentance and an holy life : discoursed from Rom. 6:3,4, by way of sermon / by John Collinges ... Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1681 (1681) Wing C5321; ESTC R5112 38,449 47 View Text
A51360 The Baptist and Independent Churches (so called) set on fire by a bright shining light revealed from heaven their pastors and teachers scorching in the flame of it, gnashing and blaspheming God in his temple ... / by ... Thomas Morford. Morford, Thomas, d. 1693. 1660 (1660) Wing M2727; ESTC R31041 41,223 48 View Text
A36265 The reason why not infant sprinkling but believers baptism ought to be approved is because the Lord Jesus Christ, his forerunner, and apostles preach't it, and practic'd it as hereby will further appear by Scripture authority in about fourty texts, with notes on every text : to which is added, how infant sprinkling came in fashion, the evil tendencies of infant sprinkling, answers to objections, differences betw. believ. baptism and inf. sprink. with several other things / by a believer baptiz'd. Doe, Charles. 1694 (1694) Wing D1827B; ESTC R33458 41,356 85 View Text
A47602 Pedo-baptism disproved being an answer to two printed papers (put forth by some gentlemen called the Athenian Society, who pretend to answer all questions sent to them of what nature soever) called the Athenian Mercury, one put forth November 14, the other November 28, 1691 : in which papers they pretend to answer eight queries about the lawfulness of infant-baptism : likewise divers queries sent to them about the true subjects of baptism, &c. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1691 (1691) Wing K79; ESTC R12897 42,621 35 View Text
A25834 Secret and family prayers with brief helps for the more devout receiving of the Lords-Supper And better observation of the Lords-day, as also to further the needfull duties of catechizing, visiting the sick, and personal instruction. Fitted for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of Cartmel in Lancashire. Armstrong, John, 1634 or 5-1698. 1677 (1677) Wing A3708A; ESTC R214879 44,221 112 View Text
A04701 A present consolation for the sufferers of persecucion for ryghtwysenes Joye, George, d. 1553. 1544 (1544) STC 14828; ESTC S103802 45,372 104 View Text
A47599 The marrow of true justification, or, Justification without works containing the substance of two sermons lately preached on Rom. 4:5 ... : wherein the nature of justification is opened, as it hath been formerly asserted by all sound Protestants, and the present prevailing errors against the said doctrine detected / by Benjamin Keach ... Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1692 (1692) Wing K76; ESTC R18579 45,425 50 View Text
A76023 Plain truths of divivinity [sic]. Collected out of the sacred Scriptures, & set forth by way of question and answer the best way conceived for the information of the judgement of the Christian reader. Wherein is set forth many excellent things which are not commonly publshed [sic]. Especially the destruction of Antichrist, and the yeare when it shall be: the coming of the Lord Christ to judgement, and his reigning with his saints for ever upon this earth, at the restitution of all things. Alcock, John, fl. 1647. 1647 (1647) Wing A887; Thomason E1176_4; ESTC R204909 45,978 119 View Text
A53583 Man wholly mortal, or, A treatise wherein 'tis proved, both theologically and philosophically, that as whole man sinned, so whole man died ... with doubts and objections answered and resolved, both by Scripture and reason ... : also, divers other mysteries, as of heaven, hell, the extent of the resurrection, the new-creation, &c. opened, and presented to the trial of better judgment. / by R.O.; Mans mortallitie Overton, Richard, fl. 1646.; Overton, Robert, ca. 1609-ca. 1668. 1675 (1675) Wing O629C; Wing O640_CANCELLED; ESTC R11918 46,615 138 View Text
A91515 Aqua genitalis a discourse concerning baptism. First delivered in a sermon at Alhallows Lumbardstreet, Octob. 4. 1658. and now a little inlarged. Into which is since inserted, a brief discourse to perswade to a confirmation of the baptismal-vovv. / By Symon Patrick, B.D. minister of the Gospel at Battersea. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1659 (1659) Wing P747; Thomason E2142_2; ESTC R210125 49,818 131 View Text
A81048 Unrighteousness no plea for truth, nor ignorance a lover of it. Being an answer to a book called A plea for truth, in love to truth, subscribed by James Pope, wherein is contained his answer to several queries (sent to him by Thomas White) which are tried and found unsatisfactory, and James Popes Ten queries to the people (called) Quakers fully answered. : Also the doctrine and practise of the people (called Baptists) ... With a full discussion of their principles ... / By a true lover of all their souls and eternal welfare. John Crook. Crook, John, 1617-1699. 1659 (1659) Wing C7225A; ESTC R171617 50,094 60 View Text
A63876 Animadversions upon a late pamphlet entituled The naked truth, or, The true state of the primitive church Turner, Francis, 1638?-1700. 1676 (1676) Wing T3275; ESTC R15960 53,553 71 View Text
A01278 Of the preparation to the crosse, and to deathe and of the comforte vnder the crosse and death, two bokes very fruictefull for deuoute people to rede, translated from latyn to englysshe, by Rycharde Tracy. Frith, John, 1503-1533, attributed name.; Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. 1540 (1540) STC 11393; ESTC S109824 57,606 210 View Text
A61652 A scriptural catechism useful for all sorts of persons, both sure as desired to teach their families and such as desire to learn the principles of the Christian religion out of the Holy Scriptures / by Owen Stockton ... Stockton, Owen, 1630-1680. 1672 (1672) Wing S5700; ESTC R34619 58,281 114 View Text
A47587 Four sermons publickly delivered at several times in Ecclesfeild Church in Yorke-shire By Immanuel Knutton preacher of Gods word there. Knutton, Immanuel, d. 1655. 1655 (1655) Wing K743; ESTC R221976 59,329 142 View Text
A26811 The sure trial of uprightness open'd in several sermons upon Psal. xviii, v. 23 ... / by William Bates. Bates, William, 1625-1699. 1689 (1689) Wing B1129; ESTC R24838 61,106 151 View Text
A38555 A scriptural catechism, or, The duty of man laid down in express words of Scripture chiefly intended for the benefit of the younger sort : divided into two parts : the first containing the chief principles of our Christian belief, the second instructing us in our duty to God and man, according to the method observed in the excellent book, entituled, The whole duty of man : to which is added some private devotions in express words of Scripture with devout collects for several occasions. 1676 (1676) Wing E32; ESTC R1033 61,449 88 View Text
A69672 Baptism and the Lord's Supper substantially asserted being an apology in behalf of the people called Quakers, concerning those two heads / by Robert Barclay. Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. 1696 (1696) Wing B742A; ESTC R20190 64,146 145 View Text
A52918 Vox clamantis, or, A cry to Protestant dissenters calling them from some unwarrantable ways, with which they are vulgarly, and perhaps too truly charged, viz. from all unnecessary medling in matters of state, from too deep engagement of themselves in this present world, and too great conformity to it : from thinking too highly of themselves for their separation-sake only : from fanaticism, properly so called, in their prayers, sermons, books, &c. : and seriously exhorting them to the minding of the great concerns of heaven, to fruitfulness in well-doing, to sobriety, and the use of reason in all religious matters / by N.N. a Protestant and declared dissenter from the Church of England, as far as that church dissents from Christian liberty, to holiness and charity, and no further. N. N., Protestant and declared dissenter from the Church of England. 1683 (1683) Wing N63; ESTC R5934 64,696 84 View Text
A33455 A catechism containing the principles of Christian religion together with a preparation sermon before the receiving of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's-Supper, as it was preach'd in Serjeants-Inn Chappel in Fleet-Street, London / by James Clifford. Clifford, James, 1622-1698.; Clifford, James, 1622-1698. A preparatory sermon for the worthy receiving of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 1694 (1694) Wing C4702; ESTC R27090 66,204 177 View Text
A68467 A treatise of the sacraments according to the doctrin of the Church of England touching that argument Collected out of the articles of religion, the publique catechism, the liturgie, and the book of homilies. With a sermon preached in the publique lecture, appointed for Saint Pauls Crosse, on the feast of Saint Iohn Baptist, Iune 24. 1638. / By T.B. Pr. Pl. Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653. 1638 (1638) STC 1789; ESTC S113179 66,854 266 View Text
A53334 A brief defence of infant-baptism with an appendix, wherein is shewed that it is not necessary that baptism should be administred by dipping / by John Ollyffe ... Ollyffe, John, 1647-1717. 1694 (1694) Wing O287; ESTC R32212 67,029 72 View Text
A01725 Foure sermons vpon seuerall partes of scripture, preached by George Gyffard, preacher of the worde, at Maudlin in Essex Gifford, George, d. 1620. 1598 (1598) STC 11859; ESTC S117695 68,936 149 View Text
A69670 A catechism and confession of faith approved of and agreed unto by the general assembly of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles, Christ himself being chief speaker in and among them : which containeth a true and faithful account of the principles and doctrines which are most surely believed by the churches of Christ in Great Brittain and Ireland who are reproachfully called by the name of Quakers ... : to which is added An expostulation with and appeal to all other professors / by R.B. Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.; Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. An expostulation with and appeal to all professors. 1673 (1673) Wing B725; ESTC R26677 71,924 193 View Text
A43749 A testimony to the true Jesus and the faith of him wherein the way of the people called Quakers is in meekness and righteousness summed and weighed, first in a general examen of their spirit and chief principles, after in a particular review of the same as it is distinctly set forth in a book of theirs, called, Love to the Lost : wherein are many things useful for the discerning of spirits in this hour of darkness and temptation / by T. Higgenson. Higgenson, Thomas. 1656 (1656) Wing H1950; ESTC R31109 71,988 85 View Text
A91351 A cryer in the vvildernesse of England, declaring the baptisme of the eternall spirit, to be the onely baptisme in Christs kingdome published in Gospel-light, according to the word written in the Scriptures, and the eternall word written in the hidden man of the heart, for satisfaction of those, who are satisfied with truth alone. By Edward Punch of Carisbrook in the Isle of Wight, who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, because it is the power of God to salvation. Punch, Edward. 1653 (1653) Wing P4211; Thomason E725_7*; ESTC R206765 72,185 101 View Text
A89843 Love to the lost: and a hand held forth to the helpless, to lead out of the dark. Wherein is plainly held out divers perticular things, as they are learned of Christ; and are most needfull to be known of all who profess godliness. Set forth chiefly for the directing the simple into the living way of truth, as it is in Christ Jesus, the Righteous, that therein they may come to the life and power of that which the world hath in words; which being received, satisfies the weary soul, and makes the creature wel-pleasing to his maker. Wherein also there is some reproofs to the dark world. / By one that seeks the redemption of Sions seed, and a lover of the creation of God, who is called James Naylor. Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. 1656 (1656) Wing N294; Thomason E866_2; ESTC R207630 74,213 79 View Text
A57682 Infant-Baptism; or, Infant-sprinkling (as the Anabaptists ironically term it,) asserted and maintained by the scriptures, and authorities of the primitive fathers. Together with a reply to a pretended answer. To which has been added, a sermon preached on occasion of the author's baptizing an adult person. With some enlargements. By J. R. rector of Lezant in Cornwal.; Infant-Baptism. J. R. (James Rossington), b. 1642 or 3. 1700 (1700) Wing R1993; ESTC R218405 76,431 137 View Text
A09597 The Christians A.B.C., or, A Christian alphabet contayning grounds of knowledge vnto saluation first propounded in alphabeticall forme, each proposition being seconded with some solid reasons : secondly repeated by way of question and answer, with the proofe of euery particular point of doctrine, acquainting the reader with the most select texts of scripture, whereupon our Christian faith is grounded / by I.P. B. of D. Phillips, John, d. 1640. 1629 (1629) STC 19877.5; ESTC S3143 76,873 278 View Text
A80854 The vertue and value of baptism: in which the dignity and duty of [baptism], the due right of infants to [baptism], and their right above that of grown persons by [baptism], the degrading and destructive principles and practices of [baptism] are / catechetically propounded, plainly preached, and now published as an antidote to the baptism-despising dictates of John Simpson. By Zachariah Crofton ... ; Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy. Crofton, Zachary, 1625 or 6-1672. 1658 (1658) Wing C7003B; ESTC R174314 79,234 315 View Text
A07316 A nevv eight-fold probation of the Church of Englands divine constitution prooved by many pregnant arguments, to be much more complete then any Geneuian in the world against the contrary assertion of the fifty three petitioner-preachers of Scotland in their petition presented in the later Parliament to the Kings most excellent Maiesty. With a ten-folde probation of the same churches doctrine touching one of the most important points of our creede, which is of our sauiours descending into Hell. By Iames Maxvvell. Master of Artes, &c. Maxwell, James, b. 1581. 1617 (1617) STC 17704; ESTC S103373 82,870 119 View Text
A50428 Sanctification by faith vindicated in a discourse on the seventh chapter of the epistle of St. Paul to the Romans : compared with the sixth and eighth chapters of the same epistle / written by Zachary Mayne ... to which is prefixt a preface by Mr. Rob. Burscough. Mayne, Zachary, 1631-1694.; Burscough, Robert, 1651-1709. 1693 (1693) Wing M1487; ESTC R11086 85,470 62 View Text
A53715 Of the mortification of sin in believers: the 1. Necessity, 2. Nature, and 3. Means of it. With a resolution of sundry cases of conscience thereunto belonging. By John Owen, D.D. a servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospel. Owen, John, 1616-1683. 1668 (1668) Wing O787; ESTC R214591 86,730 191 View Text
A41792 Truth and peace, or, The last and most friendly debate concerning infant-baptism being a brief answer to a late book intituled, The case of infant-baptism (written by a doctor of the Church of England) ... whereunto is annexed a brief discourse of the sign of the cross in baptism, and of the use of the ring, and bowing at the altar, in the solemnization of marriage / by Thomas Grantham. Grantham, Thomas, 1634-1692. 1689 (1689) Wing G1550; ESTC R41720 89,378 100 View Text
A47519 The true interest of families, or, Directions how parents may be happy in their children, and children in their parents to which is annexed a discourse about the right way of improving our time / by a divine of the Church of England ; with a preface by A. Horneck. Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1709. 1692 (1692) Wing K651; ESTC R24423 91,974 261 View Text
A88809 Of baptisme. The heads and order of such things as are especially insisted on, you will find in the table of chapters. Lawrence, Henry, 1600-1664. 1646 (1646) Wing L663; Thomason E1116_1; ESTC R210176 92,194 427 View Text
A47448 A counter-antidote, to purge out the malignant effects of a late counterfeit, prepared by Mr. Gyles Shute ... being an answer to his vindication of his pretended Antidote to prevent the prevalency of Anabaptism, shewing that Mr. Hercules Collins's reply to the said author remains unanswered : wherein the baptism of believers is evinced to be God's ordinance, and the baptized congregations proved true churches of Jesus Christ : with a further detection of the error of pedo-baptism : to which is added, An answer to Mr. Shute's reply to Mr. Collins's half-sheet / by Benjamin Keach. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1694 (1694) Wing K54; ESTC R18808 95,415 63 View Text
A48462 Truth prevailing against the fiercest opposition, or, An answer to Mr. Iohn Goodwins Water-dipping no firm footing for church communion wherein the invalidity of his twenty three considerations against withdrawing from those societies that want baptisme by the bodies burial in water is manifested, and the separation from such societies justified by the word of God : together with the discovery of his great mistakes in the exposition of eight chief Scriptures, wherewith he fighteth to overthrow Mr. Allens answer to his forty queries about church communion / by Thomas Lambe. Lamb, Thomas, d. 1686. 1655 (1655) Wing L213; ESTC R25710 97,252 149 View Text
A10213 The treasure of trueth touching the grounde worke of man his saluation, and chiefest pointes of Christian religion: with a briefe summe of the comfortable doctrine of God his prouidence, comprised in .38. short aphorismes. VVritten in Latin by Theodore Beza, and nevvly turned into English by Iohn Stockvvood. VVhereunto are added, these godly treatises. One of the learned and godlie Father. Maister I. Foxe. In the which the chiefest poyntes of the doctrine of God his election, are so plainely set foorth, as the verie simplest may easily vnderstand it, and reape great profite thereby. The other of Maister Anthonie Gylbie, wherein the doctrine of God his election and reprobation, is both godly and learnedlie handeled. Seene and alovved, according to the order appoynted.; Summa totius Christianismi. English Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.; Stockwood, John, d. 1610.; Foxe, John, 1516-1587.; Gilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585. Briefe treatyse of election and reprobacion. 1576 (1576) STC 2049; ESTC S113223 100,323 280 View Text
A76955 Of Christs testaments, viz: baptisme and the Supper. Written in two bookes. The 1. of holy Baptisme, how it is to be understood in the ground thereof, and why a Christian should be baptised. The 2. of the holy supper of the Lord Christ, what it is, with the benefit and effects of it, and how the same may be worthily participated of. And how these are to be understood, both according to the Old and New Testament. Set forth from the true theosophicall ground, through the three principles of the divine revelation, and presented to the children of God for the information of their understandings. / Written in the yeare of Christ 1624. by Jacob Behm of Old Seidenberg alias Teutonicus Philosophus. And Englished by John Sparrovv, barrister of the Inner Temple London.; Von Christi Testamenten. English Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.; Sparrow, John, 1615-1665? 1652 (1652) Wing B3412; Thomason E665_4; ESTC R14724 100,767 137 View Text
A76800 The storming of Antichrist, in his two last and strongest garrisons; of compulsion of conscience, and infants babptisme [sic]. Wherein is set down a way and manner for cburch [sic] constitution; together with markes to know right constituted churches, from all other societies in the world. Also the cruelty inequality and injustice of compulsion for conscience, by 29. arguments is opened; with an answer to 26. objections brought for the same. Also 12. arguments against the baptizing of infants; with an answer to 26. objections brought for the same. Wherein is displayed to the view of all, from the testimonies of Scriptures, Fathers, councels; the mischiefs, uncertainties, novelties, and absudities [sic] that do attend the same. Wherein is answered the most valid arguments brought by St. Martiall, in his sermon preached in the Abbey Church at Westminister, for the defence hereof. With an answer to Mr. Blake his arguments, in his book cald Birth-priviledge; and to the arguments of divers others. As also a catechisme, wherein is cleerely opened the doctrine of baptisme, together with a resolution of divers questions and cases of conscience, about baptisme. Written by Ch. Blackwood, out of his earnest desire he hath to a thorow reformation, having formerly seen the mischiefs of half reformations. Blackwood, Christopher. 1644 (1644) Wing B3103; Thomason E22_15; ESTC R7842 101,204 126 View Text
A29492 Catechetical exercises, or, Questions and answers for youth to learn that they may better understand the church catechism : with the catechists enlargements upon them / by Jos. Briggs ... Briggs, Jos. (Joseph) 1696 (1696) Wing B4662; ESTC R36511 101,779 204 View Text
A25895 The Art of catechising, or, The compleat catechist in four parts ... 1691 (1691) Wing A3786; ESTC R5214 104,546 218 View Text
A74998 Some baptismal abuses briefly discovered. Or A cordial endeavour to reduce the administration and use of baptism, to its primitive purity; in two parts. The first part, tending to disprove the lawfulness of infant baptism. The second part, tending to prove it necessary for persons to be baptized after they believe, their infant baptism, or any pre-profession of the Gospel notwithstanding. As also, discovering the disorder and irregularity that is in mixt communion of persons baptized, with such as are unbaptized, in church-fellowship. By William Allen. Allen, William, d. 1686. 1653 (1653) Wing A1075; Thomason E702_12; ESTC R10531 105,249 135 View Text
A47513 A new family-book, or, The true interest of families being directions to parents and children, and to those who are instead of parents : shewing them their several duties, and how they may be happy in one another : together with several prayers for families and children, and graces before and after meat : to which is annexed a discourse about the right way of improving our time / by James Kirkwood ... ; with a preface, by Dr. Horneck. Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1709.; Horneck, Anthony, 1641-1697. 1693 (1693) Wing K647; ESTC R15399 107,616 291 View Text
A77762 The great doctrines of the gospel of Christ owned, believed and asserted in several declarations or sermons preached in London, by sundry servants of Christ of the society of Christian Quakers. Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699. 1694 (1694) Wing B5358A; ESTC R227790 110,751 214 View Text
A47535 Gold refin'd, or, Baptism in its primitive purity proving baptism in water an holy institution of Jesus Christ ... : wherein it is clearly evinced that baptism ... is immersion, or dipping the whole body, &c : also that believers are only the true subjects (and not infants) of that holy sacrament : likewise Mr. Smythies arguments for infant-baptism in his late book entitled, The non-communicant ... fully answered / by Benj. Keach ... Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1689 (1689) Wing K68; ESTC R17190 114,897 272 View Text
A35761 Faith grounded upon the Holy Scriptures against the new Methodists / by John Daille ; printed in French at Paris anno 1634, and now Englished by M.M. Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670.; M. M. 1675 (1675) Wing D115; ESTC R25365 115,844 322 View Text
A36046 A clear and learned explication of the history of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ taken out of above thrity Greek, Syriack, and other Oriental authors, by way of Catena: by Dionysius Syrus, who flourish'd most illustriously in the tenth and eleventh centuries. And faithfully translated by Dudley Loftus, doctor of the laws, Master in chancery, and judge of Their Majesties Court of Prerogative in Ireland. Dionysius Exiguus, d. ca. 540.; Loftus, Dudley, 1619-1695. 1695 (1695) Wing D1524; ESTC R221210 116,956 162 View Text
A02928 The vvay of lyfe A Christian, and catholique institution comprehending principal poincts of Christian religion, which are necessary to bee knowne of all men, to the atteyning of saluation. First delyuered, in the Danish language for the instruction of those people, by Doctor Nicolas Hemmingius, preacher of the Gospell, and professor of diuinitie, for the Kynge of Denmarcke, in his Uniuersitie of Hafnia: and about three yeares past, (for the commoditie of others) translated into Latine, by Andrew Seurinus Velleius: and now first, and newly Englished, for the commodity of English readers: by N. Denham, this yeare of our redemption. 1578.; Via vitae. English Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.; Denham, Nicholas. 1578 (1578) STC 13067; ESTC S103963 117,088 234 View Text
A76101 The arrovv of the Almighty shot out of the creatures bowe, against the uncalled ministers in England. Or, A messages sent to them to forewarn them of their determined destruction, before it fall upon them. Likewise here is shewed, from whence they had their calling into the ministery; and how all people have been decieved by them. Here is also a glass wherein all formalists may see their own deformity, and so seek after that which is the substance, wherein all their deformity shall be done away. Likewise here is opened the mystery of the Lords Supper, and the mystery in Baptism; and how there is a threefold Baptism, having relation to the three fold name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; with other truths very needful to be known. All of them being laid down in as brief a manner as possiblemay be, for the use and instruction of the Presbyterians, Independants, and Anabaptists, so called; or for the good of all others who have a minde to seek God in a right way; and in the conclusion, a word to the free-gracians. By Geo. Baitman. Baiteman, George. 1653 (1653) Wing B1095; Thomason E712_16; ESTC R207148 119,470 138 View Text
A00887 The life and gate of Christianitie entreating of the sacrament of baptisme, deuided into five bookes. Contayning the effects, the mater, the forme, the baptiser, and the partie baptised: with the reasons and use of all the auntient rites and ceremonies. ... Composed, gathered, and written by O.A. ... Almond, Oliver. 1614 (1614) STC 11; ESTC S100511 119,637 234 View Text
A33349 Three practical essays ... containing instructions for a holy life, with earnest exhortations, especially to young persons, drawn from the consideration of the severity of the discipline of the primitive church / by Samuel Clark ...; Whole duty of a Christian Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1699 (1699) Wing C4561; ESTC R11363 120,109 256 View Text
A93044 Truth prevailing against the fiercest opposition being a vindication of Dr. Russel's True narrative of the Portsmouth disputation ... Also, a sermon upon Mat. 28. 19. by Mr. John Williams ... As also An answer to the Presbyterian dialogue, by another hand / published by Mr. John Sharp ... who was moderator at the disputation in Portsmouth. Sharp, John, of Froome, Somersetshire.; Williams, John, minister. 1700 (1700) Wing S3005; ESTC R217599 120,924 184 View Text
A47442 A second admonition to the dissenting inhabitants of the diocess of Derry concerning Mr. J. Boyse's Vindication of his Remarks on A discourse concerning the inventions of men in the worship of God : with an appendix containing an answer to Mr. B's objections against the sign of the cross / by William, Lord Bishop of Derry. King, William, 1650-1729. 1696 (1696) Wing K534; ESTC R4453 121,715 288 View Text
A65834 An antidote against the venome of The snake in the grass, or, The book so stiled and the Christian people called Quakers vindicated from its most gross abuses and calumnies in certain reflections detecting the nameless author's malice, outrage, and persecution against the said people : unto which is annex'd a brief examination of the author's second book stil'd Satan dis-rob'd : also, some notice taken of his discourse for The divine institution of water-baptism. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1697 (1697) Wing W1889; ESTC R27066 123,381 290 View Text
A05347 A treatise of the authority of the church The summe wherof was delivered in a sermon preached at Belfast, at the visitation of the diocese of Downe and Conner the tenth day of August 1636. By Henrie Leslie bishop of the diocese. Intended for the satisfaction of them who in those places oppose the orders of our church, and since published upon occasion of a libell sent abroad in writing, wherin this sermon, and all his proceedings are most falsely traduced. Together with an answer to certaine objections made against the orders of our church, especially kneeling at the communion. Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661. 1637 (1637) STC 15499; ESTC S114016 124,588 210 View Text
A38017 An enquiry into four remarkable texts of the New Testament which contain some difficulty in them, with a probable resolution of them by John Edwards ... Edwards, John, 1637-1716. 1692 (1692) Wing E208; ESTC R17328 127,221 286 View Text
A39291 The Kingdom of God opened and proved to be a kingdom of grace and glory, the one thing necessary for all, and the saints everlasting happiness a discovery of the subjects of it by their qualification and conversation, scriptural evidences for every one to try his eternal state by : with motives and means for getting and keeping a comfortable assurance of this heavenly kingdom / by Tobias Ellys ... Ellis, Tobias. 1678 (1678) Wing E608; ESTC R31413 128,482 198 View Text
A26345 The main principles of Christian religion in a 107 short articles or aphorisms, generally receiv'd as being prov'd from scripture : now further cleared and confirm'd by the consonant doctrine recorded in the articles and homilies of the Church of England ... / by Tho. Adams ... Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. 1675 (1675) Wing A493; ESTC R32695 131,046 217 View Text
A97309 The whole body of Christian religion, by Hieron. Zanchius. Translated out of Latine by D. Ralph Winterton. Zanchi, Giralamo, 1516-1590.; Winterton, Ralph, 1600-1636. 1659 (1659) Wing Z7; Thomason E1897_1; ESTC R209936 137,419 420 View Text
A35003 The third and last volume of the sermons of Mr. Stephen Crisp late of Colchester Essex, deceased containing XII declarations upon several divine subjects : exactly taken in short-hand as they were deliver'd by him at the publick meeting-houses of the people called Quakers ... and now faithfully transcribed and published : with some of his prayers after sermon. Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. 1694 (1694) Wing C6943; ESTC R26073 139,372 264 View Text
A34405 Believers mortification of sin by the Holy Spirit, or, Gospel-holiness advanced by the power of the Holy Ghost on the hearts of the faithful to which is added the authors three last sermons, on Gen. 3.15 / by the learned and pious Alexander Carmichael ... ; published by his own copy. Carmichael, Alexander, d. 1676. 1677 (1677) Wing C600; ESTC R35466 141,504 247 View Text
A19564 Catechismus, that is to say, a shorte instruction into Christian religion for the synguler commoditie and profyte of childre[n] and yong people. Set forth by the mooste reuerende father in God Thomas Archbyshop of Canterbury, primate of all England and Metropolitane Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.; Jonas, Justus, 1493-1555. 1548 (1548) STC 5993; ESTC S109272 142,949 534 View Text
A58046 Practical discourses concerning death and Heaven discovering the great necessity of a speedy preparation for death : with the danger of neglecting or delaying such preparations : also the excellency, glory, and happiness of Heaven opened and explained as the portion of all true believers after death / by Nathanael Ranew. Ranew, Nathanael, 1602?-1678. 1694 (1694) Wing R247; ESTC R26914 143,487 222 View Text
A47605 The rector rectified and corrected, or, Infant-baptism unlawful being a sober answer to a late pamphlet entituled An argumentative and practical discourse of infant-baptism, published by Mr. William Burkit, rector of Mildin in Suffolk : wherein all his arguments for pedo-baptism are refuted and the necessity of immersion, i.e. dipping, is evidenced, and the people falsly called Anabaptists are cleared from those unjust reproaches and calumnies cast upon them : together with a reply to the Athenian gazette added to their 5th volume about infant-baptism : with some remarks upon Mr. John Flavel's last book in answer to Mr. Philip Cary / by Benjamin Keach. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1692 (1692) Wing K84; ESTC R27451 144,738 231 View Text
A59840 A practical discourse concerning death by William Sherlock ... Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707. 1689 (1689) Wing S3312; ESTC R226804 147,548 359 View Text
A86561 Diatribē peri paido-baptismoū, or, A consideration of infant baptism: wherein the grounds of it are laid down, and the validity of them discussed, and many things of Mr Tombes about it scanned and answered. Propounded to the consideration of the Church of God, and judgment of the truly religious and understanding therein. Together with a digression, in answer to Mr Kendall; from pag. 143. to the end. By J.H. an unworthy servant of Jesus Christ, and preacher of the Gospel to the congregation at Lin Alhallows. Horn, John, 1614-1676. 1654 (1654) Wing H2798; Thomason E729_3; ESTC R17948 148,371 168 View Text
A63006 Of the sacrament of baptism, in pursuance of an explication of the catechism of the Church of England. By Gabriel Towerson, D.D. and rector of Welwynne in Hartfordshire Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. 1687 (1687) Wing T1971A; ESTC R220158 148,921 408 View Text
A88418 The Christian warfare being some serious, humble, and practical reflections on Psalm XV, wherein the princely prophet David's great and soul-ravishing question, divine answer and application, are considered / by J.L. ... J. L. 1680 (1680) Wing L27A; ESTC R226420 153,924 205 View Text
A54199 Quakerism, a new nick-name for old Christianity being an answer to a book entituled Quakerism no Christianity, subscribed by J. Faldo : in which the rise, doctrine and practice of the abused Quakers are truly, briefly and fully declared and vindicated from the false charges ... made by that adversary with a key opening the true meaning of some of their doctrine ... / by one of them and a sufferer with them in all their sufferings, William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1672 (1672) Wing P1347; ESTC R30094 154,759 271 View Text
A36663 A treatise of baptism wherein that of believers and that of infants is examined by the Scriptures, with the history of both out of antiquity : making it appear that infants baptism was not practised for near 300 years after Christ ... and that the famous Waldensian and old British churches and Christians witnessed against it : with the examination of the stories about Thomas Munzer, and John a Leyden : as also, the history of Christianity amongst the ancient Britains and Waldenses : and, a brief answer to Mr. Bunyan about communion with persons unbaptized / by H.D. Danvers, Henry, d. 1687. 1673 (1673) Wing D233; ESTC R35615 154,836 411 View Text
A45276 A Christian legacy consisting of two parts: I. A preparation for death. II. A consolation against death. By Edward Hyde, Dr. of Divinity, and late rector resident of Brightwell in Berks. Hyde, Edward, 1607-1659. 1657 (1657) Wing H3863; ESTC R216954 160,798 388 View Text
A12703 The high vvay to Heaven by the cleare light of the Gospell cleansed of a number of most dangerous stumbling stones thereinto throwen by Bellarmine and others In a treatise made vpon the 37. 38. and 39. verses of the 7. of Iohn: wherein is so handled the most sweete and comfortable doctrine of the true vnion and communication of Christ and his Church, and the contrarie is so confuted, as that not onely thereby also summarilie and briefly, and yet plainly all men may learne rightly to receiue the sacrament of Christs blessed bodie and blood, but also how to beleeue and to liue to saluation. And therefore entitled The highway to Heauen. By Thomas Sparke Doctor of Diuinitie. Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616. 1597 (1597) STC 23021; ESTC S102434 161,682 384 View Text
A81727 Gospel-Glory proclaimed before the sonnes of men, in the visible and invisible worship of God. Wherein the mystery of God in Christ, and his royall, spirituall government over the soules and bodies of his saints, is clearly discovered, plainly asserted, and faithfully vindicated, against the deceiver and his servants, who endeavour the cessation thereof, upon what pretence soever. / By Edward Drapes, an unworthy servant in the gospell of Christ. Drapes, Edward. 1648 (1648) Wing D2139; Thomason E472_27; ESTC R205811 164,938 187 View Text
A47531 Annotations upon some difficult texts in all the books of the New Testament by Sr. Norton Knatchbull ...; Animadversiones in libros Novi Testamenti. English Knatchbull, Norton, Sir, 1602-1685.; J. L.; Walker, Thomas, 1658 or 9-1716. 1693 (1693) Wing K672; ESTC R4721 170,612 336 View Text
A39662 An exposition of the assemblies catechism with practical inferences from each question as it was carried on in the Lords Days exercises in Dartmouth, in the first year of liberty, 1688 / by John Flavell. Flavel, John, 1630?-1691.; Mather, Increase, 1639-1723.; Westminster Assembly (1643-1652). Shorter catechism. 1692 (1692) Wing F1160; ESTC R25088 171,235 224 View Text
A50325 Truth held forth and maintained according to the testimony of the holy prophets, Christ and his Apostles recorded in the Holy Scriptures with some account of the judgments of the Lord lately inflicted upon New-England by witchcraft : to which is added, Something concerning the fall of Adam, his state in the fall, and way of restoration to God again, with many other weighty things ... / written in true love to the souls of my neighbours and all men, which includeth that love to them and myself, by Thomas Maule. Mall, Thomas, b. 1629 or 30. 1695 (1695) Wing M1354; ESTC W491354 172,116 273 View Text
A26977 Of the imputation of Christ's righteousness to believers in what sence [sic] sound Protestants hold it and of the false divised sence by which libertines subvert the Gospel : with an answer to some common objections, especially of Dr. Thomas Tully whose Justif. Paulina occasioneth the publication of this / by Richard Baxter a compassionate lamenter of the Church's wounds caused by hasty judging ... and by the theological wars which are hereby raised and managed ... Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1675 (1675) Wing B1332; ESTC R28361 172,449 320 View Text
A17267 Baptismall regeneration of elect infants professed by the Church of England, according to the Scriptures, the primitiue Church, the present reformed churches, and many particular divines apart. By Cor: Burges ... Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665. 1629 (1629) STC 4109; ESTC S107058 180,308 364 View Text
A13952 A briefe institution of the common places of sacred divinitie Wherein, the truth of every place is proved, and the sophismes of Bellarmine are reprooved. Written in Latine, by Lucas Trelcatius, and Englished by Iohn Gawen, minister of Gods word.; Scholastica, et methodica, locorum communium s. theologiæ institutio. English Trelcatius, Lucas.; Gawen, John, minister of Gods word. 1610 (1610) STC 24261; ESTC S103024 183,328 620 View Text