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death_n ascend_v mount_n zion_n 22 3 9.4069 5 false
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ID Title Author Corrected Date of Publication (TCP Date of Publication) STC Words Pages
A31030 Jacob at his journeys end, or, Part of his last words uttered to his son Joseph, and the rest of his children, immediately before his being gathered to his fathers a sermon preached at the interment of ... William, Lord Brereton of Brereton in Cheshire ... / by A.B. A. B. 1665 (1665) Wing B9; ESTC R3284 11,205 26 View Text
A23644 A gainful death the end of a truly Christian life a sermon at the funeral of Mr. John Griffith, late minister of the Gospel, who departed this life May 16, in the 79th year of his age / preached May the 20th, 1700 by Richard Allen. Allen, Richard. 1700 (1700) Wing A1041; ESTC R28091 13,910 48 View Text
A84068 The grand oppressor, or the terror of tithes; first felt, and now confest: By William Erberie. Erbery, William, 1604-1654. 1652 (1652) Wing E3226; Thomason E671_13; ESTC R207085 45,700 66 View Text
A49867 A fountain of gardens Vol. II. Being a continuation of the process of a life according to faith, of the divinely magical knowledge, and of the new creation. In mutual entertainments betwixt the essential wisdom, and the soul in her progress through paradise, to Mount Sion, and to the new Jerusalem. By J. Lead.; Fountain of gardens. Vol. 2. Lead, Jane, 1623-1704. 1697 (1697) Wing L783B; ESTC R212812 202,788 554 View Text
A19493 Three heauenly treatises vpon the eight chapter to the Romanes Viz. 1 Heauen opened. 2 The right way to eternall glory. 3 The glorification of a Christian. VVherein the counsaile of God concerning mans saluation is so manifested, that all men may see the Ancient of dayes, the Iudge of the World, in his generall iustice court, absoluing the Christian from sinne and death. Which is the first benefit wee haue by our lord Iesus Christ. Written by Mr. William Cowper, minister of Gods word.; Heaven opened Cowper, William, 1568-1619. 1609 (1609) STC 5919.5; ESTC S108989 320,789 380 View Text
A60361 The compleat Christian, and compleat armour and armoury of a Christian, fitting him with all necessary furniture for that his holy profession, or, The doctrine of salvation delivered in a plain and familiar explication of the common catechisme, for the benefit of the younger sort, and others : wherein summarily comprehended is generally represented the truly orthodox and constant doctrine of the Church of England, especially in all points necessary to salvation / by W.S., D.D. Slatyer, William, 1587-1647. 1643 (1643) Wing S3983; ESTC R38256 385,949 1,566 View Text
A41414 The Christian sodality, or, Catholick hive of bees sucking the hony of the Churches prayers from the blossome of the word of God blowne out of the epistles and Gospels of the divine service throughout the yeare / collected by the puny bee of all the hive, not worthy to be named otherwise than by these elements of his name: F. P. Gage, John, priest. 1652 (1652) Wing G107 592,152 1,064 View Text
A70318 The works of the reverend and learned Henry Hammond, D.D. The fourth volume containing A paraphrase & annotations upon the Psalms : as also upon the (ten first chapters of the) Proverbs : together with XXXI sermons : also an Appendix to Vol. II.; Works. Vol. 4. 1684 Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. 1684 (1684) Wing H507; Wing H580; ESTC R21450 2,213,877 900 View Text
A11777 The holie Bible faithfully translated into English, out of the authentical Latin. Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke, and other editions in diuers languages. With arguments of the bookes, and chapters: annotations. tables: and other helpes ... By the English College of Doway; Bible. O.T. English. Douai. Martin, Gregory, d. 1582. 1610 (1609-1610) STC 2207; ESTC S101944 2,522,627 2,280 View Text
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