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A67927 Actes and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happenyng in the Church. [vol. 2, part 2] with an vniuersall history of the same, wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these latter tymes of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions agaynst the true martyrs of Christ, sought and wrought as well by heathen emperours, as nowe lately practised by Romish prelates, especially in this realme of England and Scotland. Newly reuised and recognised, partly also augmented, and now the fourth time agayne published and recommended to the studious reader, by the author (through the helpe of Christ our Lord) Iohn Foxe, which desireth thee good reader to helpe him with thy prayer.; Actes and monuments Foxe, John, 1516-1587. 1583 (1583) STC 11225; ESTC S122167 1,744,028 490

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thee and I will send my wrath vpon thee vpon thee I say O Englande and punish thee according to thy wayes and rewarde thee after all thyne abhominations Thou hast kindled the fire of Gods wrath and hast stirred vp the coales For thou waste once lightned and hadst tasted of the heauenly gifte and wast become partaker of the holy ghost haddest tasted of the good word of God Yea it is yet in thy mouth sayth the Prophet Alas O Englād thou knewest thy Lorde and maisters wil but diddest nothing thereafter Thou must therefore sayeth hee suffer many stripes and many sharpe strokes and walke on in the glittering and hot flame of thine owne fire and in the coles that thou hast kindled This commeth to thee from my hande saith the Lorde namely That thou shalt sleepe in sorrowe yea euen so thou shalt The plain truth telleth the tale the immutable iustice of the euerliuing God and the ordinarie course of his plagues from the beginning confirmeth the same The ioy of our heart sayeth Ieremie is gone oure glory is fallē away our mery singing is turned into mourning the garland of our head is fallen Alas and weale away that euer we sinned so sore Wo worth all abhominations and wickednesse wo woorth cloked hypocrisie woe worth our carnall liberty wo worth our most cursed idolatrie For because of these things sayth the Lorde ye shall perish with sword hunger and pestilence Wherfore let all the wicked enemies of Christe and all the vnbeleuers look to be tormented and vexed with al hellish furies and cleane wythout hope at Gods accompting day which know not God in Christ to be their very righteousnesse their life their onely saluation alone sauiour nor beleeue not in him They must sayth S. Iohn needes abide and pearish wyth their sinnes in death and in eternall damnation But we be the children of Saintes as the elder Toby did aunswer and looke for an other life which God shall geue to all them which chaunge not theyr faith nor shrinke not from him Reioyce therefore ye Christian afflicted brethren for they can not take our soules and bodies out of the handes of the almighty which be kept as in the bosome of our most swete and louing father and if we abide fast in Christ and turn not away like weathercocks surely we shall liue for euer Christ affirmeth the same saying My sheepe heare my voyce I knowe them they hearken vnto me and to no straungers and I geue them euerlasting life for they shall not be lost nor no manne shall plucke them oute of my handes no nor yet this flattering world with all his vaine pleasures nor any tyranne with his great threates stout bragges can once mooue them oute of the way of eternall life What consolation and cōfort may we haue more pleasant and effectuous then thys God is on our side fighteth for vs he suffereth he smarteth and is afflicted wyth vs. As the world can doe nothing against his might neyther in taking away or diminishing of his glory nor putting him from his celestiall throne so can it not harme nor hurte any one of hys children without his good will For we are members of his body oute of hys fleshe and of hys bones and as deare to him as the apple of his eye Let vs therefore with an earnest faith set fast hold and sure feeling vpon the promises of God in the gospell let vs not be sundred from the same by any temptation tribulation or persecution Let vs consider the verity of God to be inuinsible inuiolable immutable Promising and geuing vs his faithfull souldiours life eternal It is he onely that hath deserued it for vs it is his onely benefite of his only mere mercy vnto him only must we render thāks Let not therefore the vaine fantasies and dreames of men the foolish gauds and toyes of the world nor the crafty delusions of the deuil driue and separate vs from our hope of the crowne of righteousnes that is layd vp in store for vs against the last day Oh that happy and merry last day I meane to the faithfull when Christ by his couenaunt shall graunt and geue vnto them that ouercome and keepe hys woordes to the ende that they may ascend and sitte in seate with him as he hath ascended sitteth on throne with hys father The same body and soule that is now wyth Christ afflicted shall then be with Christ glorified now in the butchers hands as shepe apoynted to die then sitting at Gods table with Christ in his kingdom as Gods honorable and deare children where we shall haue for earthly pouertie heauenly riches for hūger and thirst saturitie of the pleasant presence of the glory of God for sorrowes troubles and colde yrons celestiall ioyes and the company of aungels and for a bodely death life eternal Oh happy soules Oh precious death and euer more blessed right dear in the eyes of God to you the spring of the Lord shal euer be florishing Then as sayth Esay the redeemed shal returne and come againe into Sion praising the Lorde and eternall mercies shal be ouer their heads they shall obtaine mirth and solace sorrowe and woe shal be vtterly vanquished yea I am he sayeth the Lord that in all things geueth you euerlasting consolation To whom with the Father and the holy Ghost be glory and praise for euer Amen Robert Samuel An other letter wrytten to the Christian congregation by Robert Samuel wherein he declareth the confession of his faith The beliefe of the hert iustifieth and the knowledge with the mouth maketh a man safe Rom. 10. Feare not the curse of mē be not afraid of their blasphemies and reuilings for wormes and mothes shal eat them vp like cloth and woolle but my righteousnesse shall endure for euer and my sauing health from generation to generation Esay 51. COnsidering with my selfe these pearillous times pearishing daies and the vnconstante and miserable state of man the decay of our faith the sinister reporte and false sclaunder of Gods most holy word these vrgent causes in conscience do constraine me to confesse and acknowledge my faith and meaning in Christes holy Religion as S. Peter teacheth me saying be readye alwayes to geue an aunswere to euerye man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you and that with meekenes and feare hauing a good conscience that when they backbite you as euill doers they may be ashamed for asmuche as they haue falsly accused your good conuersation in Christ. As touching my doctrine for that little talent that God hath geuen mee God I take to recorde mine owne conscience and mine auditorie knoweth that I neither in doctrine nor maners willingly taughte any other thinge then I receiued of the holye Patriarckes Prophetes Christe and hys Apostles For it were not onely sinne but also the verye parte of a cursed miscreant to
bee free from chastisement whereof all are partakers then are ye bastardes and no children Seing then when as we haue had carnall parents which chastened vs we reuerenced them shall not we much more be subiect vnto our spirituall father that we might liue And they for a litle time taughte vs after theyr owne mind but this father teacheth vs to our commodity to geue vnto vs his holinesse Al chastisment for the present tyme appeareth not pleasaunt but paynefull but afterward it rendereth the fruite of righteousnesse on them which are exercised in it Wherefore let vs bee of good cheere good Brethren and let vs plucke vppe our feeble members that were fallen or beganne to faynt hart handes knees and all the rest and let vs walke vpright and straight that no limping no● 〈…〉 bring vs out of the way Let vs looke not vpon the thinges that be present but with the eyes of our fayth let vs stedfastly behold the thinges that be euerlasting in heauen and so choose rather in respecte of that whiche is to come with the chosen members of Christ to beare Christes Crosse then for this short life time to inioy all the riches honours and pleasures of the broade worlde Why should we Christians feare death Can death depriue vs of Christ which is all our cō●ort our ioy and our life Nay forsooth But contrary death shall deliuer vs from this mortall body whiche lodeth and beareth downe the spirite that it cannot so well perceiue heauenly thinges in the which so long as we dwell wee are absent from God Wherefore vnderstanding our state in that we be Christians that if our mortall body which is our earthly house were destroied we haue a building a house not made with handes but euerlasting in heauen c. therefore wee are of good cheere and know that when we are in the body we are absent from GOD for we walke by fayth and not by cleare fight Neuerthelesse we are bolde and had rather be absent from the bodye and present with GOD. Wherefore we striue whether we be present at home or absent abroad that we may alwayes please him And who that hath true fayth in our Sauior Christ whereby he knoweth somewhat truely what Christ our Sauiour is that he is the eternall sonne of God life light the wisedome of the father all goodnesse all righteousnesse and whatsoeuer is good that heart canne desire yea infinite plentye of all these aboue that that mans hart canne either conceiue or thinke for in him dwelleth the fulnesse of the Godheade corporally and also that he is geuen vs of the Father and made of GOD to be our wisedome our righteousnesse our hol●nesse and our redemption who I say is he that beleueth this in deede that woulde not gladly bee with his mayster christ Paul for this knowledge coueted to haue bene loosed from the body and to haue beene with Christ for that he counted it muche better for himselfe and had rather to be loosed then to liue Therefore these wordes of Christe to the thiefe on the Crosse that asked of him mercy were full of comfort and solace This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise To dye in the defence of Christes Gospell it is our bounden duety to Christ and also to our neighbour To Christ for he dyed for vs and rose agayne that he might be Lord ouer all And seing he dyed for vs we also sayth S. Iohn shoulde ieopard yea geue our life for our Brethren And this kinde of geuing and loosing is getting and winning in deede for hee that geueth or looseth his life thus getteth winneth it for euermore Blessed are they therefore that die in the Lord and if they dye in the Lordes cause they are most happy of all Let vs not then feare death which can do vs no harme otherwise then for a momēt to make the flesh to smart but that our fayth whiche is surely fastened and fixed vnto the worde of GOD telleth vs that we shall be anon after death in peace in the handes of GOD in ioye in solace and that from death we shall go straight vnto life For Saynt Iohn sayeth he that liueth and beleeueth in me shall neuer dye And in an other place he shall depart from death vnto life And therefore this death of the Christian is not to be called death but rather a gate or entraunce into euerlasting life Therefore Paule calleth it but a dissolution and resolution and both Peter and Paul a putting of this Tabernacle or dwelling house Meaning thereby the mortall body as wherein the soule or spirite doth dwell here in this worlde for a small time Yea this death may be called to the Christian an end of all miseries For so long as we liue here we must passe through many tribulations before we canne enter into the kingdome of heauen And nowe after that death hath shot his bolt all the christian mans enemies haue done what they canne after that they haue no more to doe What coulde hurte or harme poore Lazarus that lay at the rich mannes Gate His former penury and pouerty his misery beggery and horrible sores and sickenesse For so soone as death had stricken him with his dart so soone came the aungels and caryed him straight vp into Abrahams bosome What lost he by death who from misery and payne is set by the ministery of Aungels in a place both of ioy and solace Farewell deare brethren farewell and let vs comforte our hartes in all troubles and in death with the worde of God for heauen and earth shall perish but the word of the Lord endureth for euer Farewell Christes dearely beloued spouse here wandering in this world as in a straunge land farre from thine owne coūtry cōpassed about on euery hand with deadly enemies which cease not to assault thee euer seeking thy destruction Farewell farewell O ye the whole and vniuersall congregation of the chosen of God here liuing vpon earth the true churche militant of Christ the true misticall body of Christ the very house holde and family of God and the sacred temple of the holy ghost Farewell Farewell O thou litle flocke of the highe heauenlye pastour Christ for to thee it hath pleased the heauenlye father to geue an euerlasting and eternall kingdome Farewell Farewell thou spirituall house of God thou holy and royall priesthood thou chosē generatiō thou holy nation thou wonne spouse Farewell Farewell N. R. ¶ An other treatise of B. Ridley wherein is conteyned first a lamentation for the chaunge of Religion in England then a comparison betwene the doctrine of the Gospell and the Romish religion with wholesome instructions in the end to all christians how to behaue themselues in time of tryall ALas what misery is thy church brought vnto O lord at this day Where of late the worde of the Lord was truely preached was read and heard in euery towne in euery Church
neyther of mannes lawes neyther at such time as men require it but at such time as God geueth it ¶ The examination and answeres of Iohn Newman Martyr before D. Thornton and others FIrst one of the Doctours or one of the Benche eyther the Archdeacon or Fauced or some other whose name Iohn Newman doth not expresse beginneth asking in this wise Doctor How say ye to this This is my body whiche is geuen for you Newman It is a figuratiue speach one thing spoken and an other ment as Christ sayth I am a vine I am a dore I am a stone c. Is hee therefore a materiall stone a vine or a dore Doct. This is no figuratiue speache For he sayth This is my body which is geuen for you so sayth he not of the stone vyne or dore but that is a figuratiue speach New Christ sayth this cup is the new Testament in my bloud If ye will haue it so meant then let them take and eate the Cup. Doct. Nay that is not so meant so it is a common phrase of speache among our selues we say to our friende drinke a cup of drinke and yet we meane hee shoulde drinke the drinke in the cup. New Why if we will haue the one so vnderstoode ye must so vnderstande the other Doct. Nay it is a common vse of speach to say drynke a cup of Ale or Beere And therefore it is no figuratiue speache New The often vsing of a thing doth not make that thing otherwise then it is but where soeuer one thing is spoken and an other ment it is a figuratiue speach Doct. Well we will not stand here about Howe say ye by the reall presence Is not christes naturall body there that was borne of the virgine Mary New No I do not so beleue neither can I so beleeue for the soule of man doth not feede vpon naturall thinges as the body doth Doct. Why how then doth he feede New I thinke the soule of manne dothe feede as the Aungelles in heauen whose feedyng is onely the pleasue ioye felicitie and delectation that they haue of God so the soule of man doth feede and eate through fayth the body of Christ. Colens Yea but if the body doe not feede vppon naturall thinges the soule cannot continue with the body therefore the body must needes feede vppon naturall thinges that both may liue together New I graunt it to be true but yet the soule dothe liue otherwise then the bodye whiche doth pearysh therefore naturall thinges do but feede the body onely I pray you what did Iudas receiue at the supper Colens Mary Iudas did receaue the very body of Chryst but it was to hys damnation Newman Why was the Deuill entred into him before Then he hadde both the Deuill and Chryst in hym at one tyme. Colens Nay the deuill did enter into him afterwade New Yea and before too what doe ye thinke had hee but one Deuill Nay I think he had rather a legion of deuils at the latter end Colens Well put case it be so what say you to that New Mary if Christe and the Deuill were both in Iudas at once I pray you how did they two agree together Colens Wee graunt they were bothe in Iudas at that tyme for Chryst may bee where the Deuill is if he will but the deuill cannot be where Christe is excepte it please Christ. New Christ will not be in an vncleane person that hathe the Deuill Thornton Why will ye not beleue that Christ was in hell and ye will graunt that the Deuill is there and so mighte he be in Iudas and if it pleased him New Christ woulde not suffer Mary Magdalen to touche him which sought him at his graue and did loue him entirely much lesse he will suffer an vngodly man to receaue him into his vncleane body Thornton Yes seeing God may do all thinges he may do what he list and be where he will And doth not the Psal. say he is in hell and in all places Why shoulde wee then doubt of his being there New Though his Godhead bee in all places yet that is not sufficient to prooue that his humanitie is in all places Thornton No doe you not beleeue that God is omnypotent and may do all thinges New I doe beleue that God is almighty and may doe all that he will do Thornton Nay but and if he be omnipotent hee may doe all thinges and there is nothing vnpossible for hym to do New I know God is almighty and can do all that he wil but he cannot make his sonne a lyer he cannot deny hym selfe nor hee cannot restore virginitie once violated and defiled Thornton What is that to youre purpose GOD dothe not defile virginitie we speake but of thinges that God doth New Why will ye haue the humanitie of Christ in all places as the deitie is Thornt Yea he is in all places as the deitie is if it please him New I will promise you that seemeth to me a very great heresie for heauen and earth are not able to conteine the diuine power of God for it is in all places as here and in euery place and yet ye will say that where soeuer the deitie is there is also the humnanitie and so ye wil make him no body but a phantasticall body and not a body in deede Thornton Nay we do not say he is in al places as the deitie is but if it please him he may be in all places with the deitie New I promise you that it seemeth to me as great an heresie as euer I heard of in my life and I dare not graunt it least I shoulde deny Christ to be a very man and that were agaynst all the scriptures Thornton Tushe what shall we stande reasoning wyth him I dare say he doth not beleeue that Christ came out of his mother not opening the matrice Doe you beleue that Christ rose from death and came through the stone New I doe beleue that Christ rose from death But I doe not beleue that he came through the stone neither doth the scripture so say Thornton Loe how say you he doth not beleue that chryst came through the stone And if he doth not beleue this how shall he beleue the other If he could beleue this it wer easie for him to beleue the other New The scripture doth not say he went through the stone but it saith the Angels of God came downe and roled away the stone and for feare of him the keepers became euen as dead men Thornt A foole foole that was because the women shuld see that he was risen agayne from death New Well the scripture maketh as much for me as it doth for you and more to Thornton Well let vs not stande anye longer aboute him Backe agayne to the real presence How say ye is the body of Christ really in the sacrament or no New I haue aunswered you already
Succession of Peter 1120 Succession of Bishops no certayne or essentiall poynte to knowe the true Church by 1613.1614 Suffolcke persecuted 660 Suffolke men assist Queene Mary to the Crowne 1407 Suffolke persecuted 1912 Sulpitius Martyr 4 Sultanes first so called 737 Summe of S. Paules doctrine 20 Summary Collection of the errors heresies and absurdities of the Popes doctrine Summus Orbis Pontifex a proude title of the Pope neuer vsed till the time of Boniface 3. Phocas the wicked Emperor 12 Supper of the Lord how ministred by our sauiour Christ is a representation of hys body and bloud 1973. Supper of our Lorde the true vse thereof .1174 why ordayned 1431. Supper of the Lorde requireth a communion 1816. Superalter what it is 1519. Supplication of all the nobles and Commons of England to Pope Innocent 4. in the Councell of Lyons 288. Supplication of the persecuted preachers dyrected to king Phillip Queene Mary 1483. Supplication of beggars by fishe 1014.1015 Supplication of M. Philpot to the king and Queenes Maiesties 1829. Supplication of the inhabitants of Suffolk and Northfolke to Q. Maryes Commissioners 1902 1903.1904.1905.1906 Supplication of the Nobles in the Parliament house to the pope 1477. Supplication of the persecution in Muchbently to the Lord Darcy 2005. Supplication of the Nobles of Boheme in the behalfe of Ioh. Hus. 602. Superstition crept into the churche with Monkery 153. Suppression of Abbies by K. Hēry the 8. 1101.1070 Supremacy of the Pope resisted by diuers Churches 13. Supremacy of the church of Rome reproued .1065.1066 neuer knowne to the auncient fathers 1066.1067 Supremacy of the Pope set vpp and established in the Parliamēt of Queene Mary 1481. Supremacie of the Pope driuen out of England 1094. Supremacie of the Pope ouerthrowne how it came vp 1647.1648 Superioritie in the Churche what and how lawfull 21. Superioritie none amongst the Apostles proued by great and forcible reasons 14. Sueues his story 99. Suffragane of Douer brake hys necke after he had receaued the Cardinals blessing 2099 S. W. Swallowe persecutor of George Egles plagued of God for hys bloudy crueltie 2009.2010 Swallow a cruell tormentor of Gods sayntes his end 2103. Swearing when where and how lawfull 529.538 Swearer hys terrible and fearfull end 2104.2105 Swearing by a booke whether lawfull and howe where and when it is lawfull to sweare and take an othe 529. William Sweeting Martyr .804 his articles and Martyrdome 818. Swinderby hys story .464 cited 470. processe agaynst hym .471 his aunswere .472 condemned hys appeale .473 hys forced abiuration .465 hys protestation letters .467 articles articulate agaynst him falsely wrested by the maligne Papistes 466.468 Swincherd made Bishop of Winchester 142. Swingfield bewrayer of one Angels wife hys death 2100. Swithinus Byshop of Winchester hys fained monkish myracles 137. Swordes neuer geuen to the pope 473. Swordes blunt and hangmen wery with murthering of Christians 80 Sworde of the Pope double 499. S Y. Symphorissa with her .7 children martyrs 41. Symon a Deacon martyred 32. Symon zelotes crucified 32. Synode of Cloneshoe 128. T A. TAble of the Martirs that suffered in Fraunce 897.898 Table of the Nobles of Boheme 638 Table of the Martyrs that suffered in Germany 886 Table of the Spanish Martyrs 928 Table of certaine Countryes won frō Christendome by the turks 760 Table of the successiō of the Archbishops of Caunterbury 394.395.396 Table of the yeares of the Turkes and Saracens 771 Table of the persecution in the dioces of Lincolne 821.822.824 Table of the Popes extortions exactions and oppressions in England 284.282 Table of suche as abiured vnder Warrham Archbishop of Can̄terbury 1286.1278 Table of certayne persons abiuring with theyr articles 1040 Table of the Saxon kinges such as made themselues Monkes 134 Table of the Saxon kinges which raigned from Egbert to Williā Conqueror 135 Table of the kinges of Englande that reigned with the Saxons after theyr comming in 112.113 Table of all orders of religion 260 Table of the 7. Kingdomes of the Saxons ruling in England 110 Table of the Italiā Martyrs 934 Tacitus Florianus Emperors 75 Tacianus commended 45 Tamerlanes his victoryes againste the Turkes 739 Tame deuill his story 2108 Tamerlanes king of Persia a cruell Tyraunt 739 Tancrede king of Cypres his maner of interteining of King Richard the first 244 Tankerfield Martyr his story examination condemnation and cōstaunt martyrdome for the Gospell 1689.1690.1681 Tartarians theyr spoyle in Christendome 338 Tathe besieged of the cruell merciles Turkes 754 Tayler Doctor Parson of Hadley his life and story .1518 his examinations .1521 his degradation .1524 his godly death and cōstant Martyrdome .1526.1527 his letters 1528 Taylour his apprehēsion trouble with Articles obiected agaynste him .658 his martyrdome 659 T E. Te Deum song for Queen Maries child 1476 Telesphorus Byshop of Rome Martyr 52 Templaries their order began 200 Templaries burned at Paris 368 Templaries of Ierusalem ouerthrowne 294 Templaries put downe 351.368 Temples destroyed 77 Tempest horrible in England 269 Tempting tooles of Sathā wherwith hee assaulteth the Godly 1925. Tenne Martyrs sent at once to Boner Bishop of London to be examined 1689. Tenne blessed martyrs burned in C●lchester for the profession of Christes veritie 2005.2006.2007 Tenthes graunted to the Pope for for 7. yeares by the king of England 335. Tenthe parte of all moueables in England and Ireland geuen to the Pope for the election of Richard the Archbishop of Caunterbury 273. Tertullian a great learned manne his Apology in the behalfe of the Christians his blemishes 55. Testimonie of the vniuersitie of Oxford and of Iohn Hus of Iohn Wickliffe 448. Testimonies for the principalitie of the Pope 17 Tewkesbery battaile whē where and how atchieued and ended 716. Tewkesbery a godly Martyr hys story .1024 his martyrdome 1026. Testwood his trouble and persecution with the cause thereof .1211 hys death 1220. Tewlerus an auncient preacher agaynst the Pope 390. T H. Theodora Martyr 4. Theodoretus archbishop of Caunterbury beginner of misrule in the Englishe churche 124. Theodora a virgin martyr her story 63. Theonus first archbishop of London 172. Theeues amongest the Romaines burnt in old time 62. Thirtene persons burned at stratford the bowe in one fire .1915 theyr agreement in theyr fayth 1915.1916 Thaddeus Martyr 32. Thackuell martyr her storye and martyrdome 1910.1911 Theodorus martyr his story 99. Theodorus 2. pope 146 Theophilus ecclesiasticall writer 53. Theodulus Deacon of Alexander hys martyrdome 38. Theotechnus Byshop of Cesarea 35. Thirlby hys story 1090. Thomas Audly speaker of the Parliament house .1053 made Lord Chauncellour of England 1054. Tho. Arundell archbishop of Canterbury hys constitutiōs against the gospellers hys horrible death 587.588 Thomas Arundell Archbishop of Caunterbury a bloudy persecutor 507. Thomas Arthur hys trouble persecution .998 articles ministred agaynst him 999. Thomas Benbridge Martyr hys story .2046 articles obiected agaynst him ibid. his death and glorious martyrdome 2047. Thomas Barnard martyr his story 774.
William Sentlow committed to the Tower Lady Elizabeth charged with Syr Thomas Wyats conspiracye Lady Elizabeth ch●rged with the 〈◊〉 of Peter Car●w Lady Elizabeth threatned to goe to the Tower Lady Elizabeth 〈◊〉 her 〈◊〉 to the Lordes Lady Elizabethes se●u●untes 〈◊〉 from her The Queenes m●n and wayting wom●n attendant vpon Lady Elizabeth The hard dealing of a certayne Lord with the Lady Elizabeth The Earle of Sussex gentle to the Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth writeth to the Queene but it would not serue Lady Elizabeth sent to the Tower The wordes of Lady Elizabeth ent●ing the Tower The Christian prayer of Lady Elizabeth The Lord of Sussex speaketh for Lady Elizabeth The Bishop of Winchester ●nemye to Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth 〈◊〉 by the B. of Winchester The friendly speach of the ●a●le of Arundell to the Lady Elizabeth Syr Iames Acroft examined touchi●g the Lady Elizabeth These were not the offi●er● of the ●ower but such as went in white greene Lady Elizabeth 〈…〉 the Tower Displeasure bet●een● the 〈…〉 and Lady Elizabethes men Lady Elizabe●hes wayringmen in the Tower Lady Elizabeth ●●nyed the l●bertye 〈◊〉 the Tower Liberty graunted 〈◊〉 Lady Elizabeth to wal●● in a little garden Suspicious heades A young childe 〈◊〉 for bringing flowers to the Lady E●izabeth The Con●●●ble of the Tower discharged of his office Syr Henry Benifield with his company placed about the Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth in great feare and doubt of lyfe Lady Elizabeth in doubt of Syr Henry Benifield Lady Elizabeth remoued from the Tower to Woodstocke Lady Elizabeth ●ecluded frō her seru●untes Lady Elizabeth in di●payre of her selfe Lady Elizabethes V●her talketh with the Lord of Tame The gentle ha●t of the Lord of Tame to Lady El●zabeth Tanquam ouis ● Like a sheepe to the slaughter Lady Elizabeth honourably receaued and beloued of the people The gentle entertaynement of Lady Elizabeth at the Lord of Tames house M. Benefield grudging at the gentle entertaynement of Lady Elizabeth The rude and vngentle manly behauiour of Syr Henry Benifield Lady Elizabeth commeth to Woodstocke The strayte watch kept at woodstoc●e A mery story concerning the s●r●yte keeping of the Lady Elizabeth The straytenes of Syr Henry Benifield merely noted Lady Elizabeth with much ado suffered to write to the Queene The cruell dealing of Syr Henry Benifield to the Lady Elizabeth reprooued The letters of the Lady Elizabeth sent to the Queene D. Owen and D. Wendye Q. Maryes Phisicions sent to the Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth requested to submit her selfe to the Queene Counsell of the Papistes to mary the Lady Elizabeth to a Spanyard Wicked counsell geuen of the Lord Paget agaynst the Lady Elizabeth Spanyardes more fauorable to Lady Elizabeth then some English men Lady Elizabeth in daunger of fire Lady Elizabeth in daunger of killing An other conspiracye of murder agaynst Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth preserued by the Lordes prouidence from execution in the Tower Winchesters platforme ouerthrowen Whereof read before pag. 1787. Verses written by Lady Elizabeth in the glasse Window Lady Elizabeth not suffered to come to the Lord of Tames house Lady Elizabeth wisheth her selfe to be a milke-mayde Lady Elizabeth 〈◊〉 from Woodstocke to Hampton Courte Lord William Haward gentle and hnourable to Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth requested by Winchester to submit her selfe to the Queenes mercy Lady Elizabeth standeth to be tryed by the lawe Talke agayne betweene Winchester and Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth denyeth to confesse any fault done to the Queene Lady Elizabeth sent for to the Queene Lady Elizabeth brought to the Queenes bed chamber Talke betwene the Queene and Lady Elizabeth Small comforte at the Queene● hand toward her sister King Phillip thought to be a friend to Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth by Gods prouiden● 〈◊〉 at libe●●ye Syr Henry Benifield discharged Mistres Ashley sent to the Fleete ● Gentlewomē of ●●dy Elizab●the sent to the ●ower 〈…〉 wond●rfull working of the 〈◊〉 prouidence 〈…〉 of Lady Elizabeth Lady Elizabeth d●liuere● by the 〈◊〉 of Stephen Gardiner How the Lord here beganne to worke for Lady Elizabeth A note of a story 〈◊〉 the 〈…〉 o● the Papistes toward Lady Elizabeth Robert Farrer 〈…〉 to Lady ●lizabeth Robert Farrer 〈◊〉 agaynst Lady Elizabeth The pa●te of a good trusty seruaunt Robert Farrer● complayned of to the Cōmissioners but 〈…〉 was ●ad How Bysh. Boner and D. Story beare with him that rayled agaynst Lady Elizabeth Note the vngodly lyfe of these Catholicke● Lady Elizabeth proclamed Queene the same day that Quene Mary dyed The Lord make England thankfull to him for his g●eat benen●es 〈◊〉 17. Q Mary 〈◊〉 Q Elizabeth beginneth her 〈◊〉 The maner of Q. Maryes death Q. Mary 〈◊〉 ●●ought 〈◊〉 the losse 〈◊〉 Calice More Eng●●●● bloud 〈◊〉 in Q Maryes 〈◊〉 then 〈◊〉 was in 〈…〉 her The raygne 〈◊〉 Queene ●ary now 〈…〉 it was 〈◊〉 to her r●●lme to her 〈◊〉 in al 〈◊〉 Q Mary 〈◊〉 had 〈…〉 any 〈…〉 about Comparison betweene the raigne of Q. Mary and Queene Elizabeth Gamaliels reason Actes 5. Q. Mary prospered so long as she went not against the Lord. Q. Maryes promise to the Gospellers broken The ship called the great Harry burned Q. Maryes maryage with a straunger Q Mary disappoynted of her purpose in Crowning king Phillip Q. Mary stopped of her will in restoring Abbey landes The victory of K. Edward 6. in Scotland The ill lucke of Q. Mary in losing of Calice The 11. king of the Conquest got Calice and the 11. agayne after him lost it The ill lucke of Queene Mary in her childebyrth Q Mary left desolate of king Phillip her husband The ill lucke of Q Mary with her husband The finall ende and death of Q. Mary Q. Mary raygne●● 5. yeares 5. monethes The shortnes of Queene Maryes raigne noted An admonition 〈◊〉 Christian rulers A treatise of Gods seuere punishment aagaynst c●●ell p●●secutors and enemyes to his 〈…〉 De 〈◊〉 lib. 13. The death of Stephen Gardiner read before pag 1786. 〈…〉 S. Dauids A note of 〈…〉 Iustice Morgan 〈◊〉 with 〈◊〉 D Dunning 〈◊〉 Chauncel●our 〈◊〉 wi●● sodaine ●●ath The sodayne death of Berr●y a Cōmissary in Northfolke Gods stroke vpon D. Thornton Byshop or Suffragan of Douer An other 〈…〉 he had 〈◊〉 the Car●inall● bless●●●● The Iudgement of God vpon Grimwood A terrible example of Gods seuere punishment vpon one Nightingall Parson of Crondall in Kent D. Geffrey Chauncellour of Salisbury M. Wood●●●fe a cruell Sheriffe plagued Read before pag. ●624 The betrayer of George Eagles plagued Gods punishment vpon M. Swingheld and other which bewrayed one Angels wyfe A story of Burton Bayliffe of Crowland how he was plagued for setting vp Masse Burton earnest in se●●ing vp the Masse The stinking death of a Popish Massemonger Of the Martyrdome of Iames Abbes read before pag. 1683. A story to be noted of all rayling persecutours The Shrieffes seruaunt vyly rayling agaynst Iames Abbes. A fearefull example of Gods righteous iudgment against the Sheriffes seruaunt