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A30209 The strait gate, or, Great difficulty of going to Heaven plainly proving by the Scriptures that not only the rude and profane, but many great professors will come short of that Kingdom / by John Bunyan. Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. 1676 (1676) Wing B5600; ESTC R26567 52,935 156

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1._o a_o intimation_n of_o the_o kingdom_n of_o heaven_n 2._o a_o description_n of_o the_o entrance_n into_o it_o 3._o a_o exhortation_n to_o enter_v into_o it_o and_o 4._o a_o motive_n to_o enforce_v that_o exhortation_n first_o a_o intimation_n of_o the_o kingdom_n of_o heaven_n for_o when_o he_o say_v strive_v to_o enter_v in_o and_o in_o such_o phrase_n there_o be_v suppose_v a_o place_n or_o state_n or_o both_o to_o be_v enjoy_v enter_v in_o enter_v into_o what_o or_o whether_o but_o into_o a_o state_n or_o place_n or_o both_o and_o therefore_o when_o you_o read_v this_o word_n enter_v in_o you_o must_v say_v there_o be_v certain_o include_v in_o the_o text_n that_o good_a thing_n that_o yet_o be_v not_o express_v enter_v in_o into_o heaven_n that_o be_v the_o meaning_n where_o the_o save_v be_v and_o shall_v be_v into_o heaven_n that_o place_n that_o glorious_a place_n where_o god_n and_o christ_n and_o angel_n be_v and_o the_o soul_n or_o spirit_n of_o just_a man_n make_v perfect_a enter_v in_o that_o thing_n include_v though_o not_o express_v in_o the_o word_n be_v call_v in_o another_o place_n the_o mount_n zion_n the_o heavenly_a jerusalem_n the_o general_a assembly_n and_o church_n of_o the_o first_o bear_v which_o be_v write_v in_o heaven_n heb._n 12._o and_o therefore_o the_o word_n signify_v unto_o we_o that_o there_o be_v a_o state_n most_o glorious_a and_o that_o when_o this_o world_n be_v end_v and_o that_o this_o place_n and_o state_n be_v likewise_o to_o be_v enjoy_v and_o inherit_v by_o a_o generation_n of_o man_n for_o ever_o beside_o this_o word_n enter_v in_o signify_v that_o salvation_n to_o the_o full_a be_v to_o be_v enjoy_v only_o there_o and_o that_o there_o only_o be_v eternal_a safety_n all_o other_o place_n and_o condition_n be_v hazardous_a dangerous_a full_a of_o snare_n imperfection_n temptation_n and_o affliction_n but_o there_o all_o be_v well_o there_o be_v no_o devil_n to_o tempt_v no_o desperately-wicked_n heart_n to_o deliver_v we_o up_o no_o deceitful_a lust_n to_o entangle_v nor_o any_o enchant_a world_n to_o bewitch_v we_o there_o all_o shall_v be_v well_o to_o all_o eternity_n further_o all_o the_o part_n of_o and_o circumstance_n that_o attend_v salvation_n be_v only_o there_o to_o be_v enjoy_v there_o only_o be_v immortality_n and_o eternal_a life_n there_o be_v the_o glory_n the_o fullness_n of_o joy_n and_o the_o everlasting_a pleasure_n there_o be_v god_n and_o christ_n to_o be_v enjoy_v by_o open_a vision_n and_o more_o there_o be_v the_o angel_n and_o the_o saint_n further_o there_o be_v no_o death_n nor_o sickness_n no_o sorrow_n nor_o sigh_v for_o ever_o there_o be_v no_o pain_n nor_o persecutor_n nor_o darkness_n to_o eclipse_v our_o glory_n o_o this_o mount_n zion_n o_o this_o heavenly_a jerusalem_n 2_o cor._n 5._o 1_o 2_o 3_o 4._o psal._n 16._o 11._o luk._n 20_o 35_o 36._o heb._n 12._o 12_o 23_o 14._o behold_v therefore_o what_o a_o great_a thing_n the_o lord_n jesus_n have_v include_v by_o this_o little_a word_n in_o in_o this_o word_n be_v wrap_v up_o a_o whole_a heaven_n and_o eternal_a life_n even_o as_o there_o be_v also_o by_o other_o little_a word_n in_o the_o holy_a scripture_n of_o truth_n as_o where_o he_o say_v knock_v and_o it_o shall_v be_v open_v unto_o you_o and_o the_o elect_n have_v obtain_v it_o this_o shall_v teach_v we_o not_o only_o to_o read_v but_o to_o attend_v in_o read_v not_o only_o to_o read_v but_o to_o lift_v up_o our_o heart_n to_o god_n in_o read_v for_o if_o we_o be_v not_o heedful_a if_o he_o give_v we_o not_o light_a and_o understanding_n we_o may_v easy_o pass_v over_o without_o any_o great_a regard_n such_o a_o word_n as_o may_v have_v a_o glorious_a kingdom_n and_o eternal_a salvation_n in_o the_o bowel_n of_o it_o yea_o sometime_o as_o here_o a_o whole_a heaven_n be_v intimate_v where_o it_o be_v not_o at_o all_o express_v the_o apostle_n of_o old_a do_v use_v to_o fetch_v great_a thing_n out_o of_o the_o scripture_n even_o out_o of_o the_o very_a order_n and_o time_a of_o the_o several_a thing_n contain_v therein_o see_v rom._n 4._o 9_o 10_o 11._o gala._n 3._o 16_o 17._o heb._n 8._o 13._o but_o second_o as_o we_o have_v here_o a_o intimation_n of_o the_o kingdom_n of_o heaven_n so_o we_o have_v a_o description_n of_o the_o entrance_n into_o it_o and_o that_o by_o a_o double_a similitude_n 1._o it_o be_v call_v a_o gate_n 2._o a_o strait_a gate_n strive_v to_o enter_v in_o at_o the_o strait_a gate_n 1._o it_o be_v set_v forth_o by_o the_o similitude_n of_o a_o gate_n a_o gate_n you_o know_v be_v of_o a_o double_a use_n it_o be_v to_o open_v and_o shut_v and_o so_o consequent_o to_o let_v in_o or_o to_o keep_v out_o and_o to_o do_v both_o these_o at_o the_o season_n as_o he_o say_v let_v not_o the_o gate_n of_o jerusalem_n be_v open_v till_o the_o sun_n be_v hot_a and_o again_o i_o command_v that_o the_o gate_n shall_v be_v shut_v and_o charge_v that_o they_o shall_v not_o be_v open_v till_o after_o the_o sabbath_n neh._n 7._o 3._o chap._n 13._o 19_o 20._o and_o so_o you_o find_v of_o this_o gate_n of_o heaven_n when_o the_o five_o wise_a virgin_n come_v the_o gate_n be_v open_a but_o afterward_o come_v the_o other_o virgin_n and_o the_o door_n be_v shut_v matt._n 11._o so_o then_o the_o entrance_n into_o heaven_n be_v call_v a_o gate_n to_o show_v there_o be_v a_o time_n when_o there_o may_v be_v entrance_n and_o there_o will_v come_v a_o time_n when_o there_o shall_v be_v none_o and_o indeed_o this_o be_v a_o chief_a truth_n contain_v in_o the_o text_n strive_v to_o enter_v in_o at_o the_o strait_a gate_n for_o many_o i_o say_v unto_o you_o will_v seek_v to_o enter_v in_o and_o shall_v not_o be_v able_a i_o read_v in_o the_o scripture_n of_o two_o gate_n or_o door_n through_o which_o they_o that_o go_v to_o heaven_n must_v enter_v 1._o there_o be_v the_o door_n of_o faith_n the_o door_n which_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n have_v open_v to_o the_o gentile_n this_o door_n be_v jsus_n christ_n as_o also_o himself_o do_v testify_v say_v i_o be_o the_o door_n etc._n etc._n acts._n 14._o 27._o joh._n 10._o 9_o by_o this_o door_n man_n enter_v into_o god_n favour_n and_o mercy_n and_o find_v forgiveness_n through_o faith_n in_o his_o blood_n and_o live_v in_o hope_n of_o eternal_a life_n and_o therefore_o himself_o also_o have_v say_v i_o be_o the_o door_n by_o i_o if_o any_o man_n enter_v in_o he_o shall_v be_v save_v that_o be_v receive_v to_o mercy_n and_o inherit_v eternal_a life_n but_o 2._o there_o be_v another_o door_n or_o gate_n for_o that_o which_o be_v call_v in_o the_o text_n a_o gate_n be_v twice_o in_o the_o next_o verse_n call_v a_o door_n there_o be_v i_o say_v another_o gate_n and_o that_o be_v the_o passage_n into_o the_o very_a heaven_n itself_o the_o entrance_n into_o the_o celestial_a mansion-house_n and_o that_o be_v the_o gate_n mention_v in_o the_o text_n and_o the_o door_n mention_v twice_o in_o the_o verse_n that_o follow_v and_o thus_o jacob_n call_v it_o when_o he_o say_v bethel_n be_v the_o house_n of_o god_n and_o this_o be_v the_o gate_n of_o heaven_n that_o be_v the_o entrance_n for_o he_o see_v the_o entrance_n into_o heaven_n one_o end_n of_o jacob_n ladder_n stand_v in_o bethel_n god_n house_n and_o the_o other_o end_n reach_v up_o to_o the_o gate_n of_o heaven_n gen._n 28._o 10_o 11_o 12_o 13_o 14_o 15_o 16_o 17._o jacob_n ladder_n be_v the_o figure_n of_o christ_n which_o ladder_n be_v not_o the_o gate_n of_o heaven_n but_o the_o way_n from_o the_o church_n to_o that_o gate_n which_o he_o see_v above_o at_o the_o top_n of_o the_o ladder_n gen._n 28._o 12._o and_o joh._n 1._o 51._o but_o again_o that_o the_o gate_n in_o the_o text_n be_v the_o gate_n or_o entrance_n into_o heaven_n consider_v 1._o it_o be_v that_o gate_n that_o let_v man_n into_o or_o shute_v man_n out_o of_o that_o place_n or_o kingdom_n where_o abraham_n and_o isaac_n and_o jacob_n be_v which_o place_n be_v that_o paradise_n where_o christ_n promise_v the_o thief_n that_o he_o shall_v be_v that_o day_n that_o he_o ask_v to_o be_v with_o he_o in_o his_o kingdom_n it_o be_v that_o place_n into_o which_o paul_n say_v he_o be_v catch_v when_o he_o hear_v word_n unlawful_a or_o impossible_a for_o a_o man_n to_o utter_v luk._n 13._o ●0_n chap._n 23._o 24._o 2_o cor._n 12._o 1._o 2._o 3._o 4._o 5._o quest._n but_o be_v not_o christ_n the_o gate_n or_o entrance_n into_o this_o heavenly_a place_n answ._n he_o be_v he_o without_o who_o no_o man_n can_v get_v thither_o because_o by_o his_o merit_n man_n obtain_v that_o world_n and_o also_o because_o he_o as_o the_o father_n be_v