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A19531 The mother and the child A short catechisme or briefe summe of religion, gathered out of Mr. Cragges Catechisme, for the fitting of little children, for the publick ministery. With short, very comfortable and fruitfull meditations on the Lords Prayer. Together with other briefe and profitable meditations on the seuen penitentiall psalmes. Craig, John, 1512?-1600.; Du Vair, Guillaume, 1556-1621. 1611 (1611) STC 5961.5; ESTC S116725 44,088 216

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sinne when I was yet in my mothers wombe I sucked it in with her milke and lo it is so growen vp with me that it ouer-shadoweth my head and casteth a miste before mine eyes But when I see the eyes of my bodie so seeled with sin which compasseth me I opē the eyes of my soule and begin to discerne a far off the rayes of thine infallible trueth and acknowledge the marueilous secrets of wisedome which thou hast manifested to me Then my soule abandoning the impuritie of my bodie lifteth it selfe to heauen vieweth the circuite thereof and casting her eye vpon the book of life there doth she peruse the treatie of the newe Couenaunt which thou hast made with men and after returning into her miserable bodie doth fill it with hope of ioy promising it assured victorie ouer sinne For shee hath learned in heauen that thou wilt take a branch of odoriferous hysope in thine hand wilt sprinkle vpon me the water of purification thou wilt wash me and I shall be whiter then snow there shal no more sportes of sinnes appeare in me What pure lee shall this bee O Lord which made of the cinders of my sinnes consumed by the fire of thy loue with the water of those teares which my repentance hath distilled from my heart and in the sun of thy grace shall wash away our weeping and shall breede in vs spiritual ioy and in the end shall whiten in the puritie and candor of iustice to make vs hereafter shine as the starres in the firmament Then shall no sound enter into our eares but of that ioifull trumpet of saluation which shall proclaime grace and mercie to all that will receiue them Then shall wee see our carcasses which were consumed with rottenness rise vp out of their beds to be partakers of this vniuersall ioy wherevnto thou hast inuited the vvhole world But that I may appeare before thee in such honourable attire as is befitting such honourable magnificence treade downe O my God all my faults vnder foote burie them in the centre of the earth that no eye may bee able to see them make an euerlasting separation betwixt me and mine iniquitie which at this present I forsake and from whom I vow an irrevocable diuorce Receiue my soule which I offer vnto thee make it pure and cleane renewe in my heart such a spirite as shall conceiue nothing but truth and holiness Make it O Lord God a temple for thy holy spirit to dwell in that henceforth all my thoughts may breath out nothing but the praises of my God that thy will bee alway imprinted in my breast and thy glorie written in my lippes When thou hast so reuested and adorned mee with pietie and integritie then shall I bee assured that nothing can separate mee from thy presence and then as the true eagle looketh right vpon the sunne so will I fixe my eyes vppon the face of thine eternitie and shall beholde in thy maruellous and glorious countenance all the perfections which I am not able now to conceiue O let thy sacred spirite neuer more dislodge from my hart for hee it is which vpon the wings of zealous loue shall carrie me into thy bosome there to make me partaker of thine heauenly ioyes Make me then euermore to taste the sweetnes of this immortall life saue mee speedily from the rockes of this world which on euerie side threaten shippewracke And as the Mariner now comne vnto the hauen crowneth the maste of his shippe with garlands in signe of safetie so crown me my God with the precious giftes of thine holy spirit for pledges of euerlasting blessednesse which thou hast promised mee I say of thy spirit which raigneth among thy faithfull which giueth faith to thine elect loue to thy beloued and hope to them whom thou hast predestinated And so whilst my soule shal abide in this exile waiting when thou shalt call him home I will teach thy wayes vnto the wicked by following which they may please thee and will direct them how to passe through the darknesse of this world without stumbling at such offences as daily offer themselues they shall beleeue mee and so be conuerted vnto thee O father of light they shall receiue thy faith into their hearts and shall walke in thine obedience I know O Lord that some will against my voice stoppe their eares and obstinately persist in their vices they will conspire my death and seeke to drench their barbarous crueltie with my bloud Deliuer me from their hands O God and preserue mee that I may declare thy iustice and pronounce their condemnation I will foretell their wretchednes and they shall feele it yea as soon as I haue made an ende of speaking it thy hand shall smite them and no sooner shal thy hands haue smitten them but they shal be broken like a Potters vessell and come to sodaine destruction Then shalt thou open my lippes and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise declare thy victory the aire shall bee calme the winde shall cease the riuers shall stay their course to hearken to my voice whilst it shall chaunt resound the maruellous actes of the eternall God For thy praise shall euer be the sacrifice which I will offer vnto thee and which shall bee euer acceptable in thy sight I would ere this haue filled thine aultars with the bloud of beasts I would haue slaine a thousand oxen a thousand sheep to thine honour but bloud doth stinke in thy nostrils thou art not pleased with flesh the smoke of such offerings doth but vanish in the ayre and can not ascend vp vnto thee it is the voice alone of a righteous man vvhich findeth passage into heauen and therin is presented vnto thee Oh how acceptable a sacrifice before thee is a hart pierc't with repentance an hart humbled and deiected in the knowledge of its sins neuer shall such a one be reiected For the way to ascend vnto thee is to descēd in our selues to touch the heauens we must fall down grouelling vpon the earth to bee heard of thee wee must bee silent and to bee crowned in thy kingdome wee must suffer paine and affliction in this vvorld These are the sacrifices by which wee must make an attonement to thee and enter into that couenaunt which thou hast appointed And if thou wilt O Lord that we offer oxen and buls that wee make thine aultar fatte with the bloude of beasts if thou wilt that by the death of the innocent holocaust wee shall represent the death and innocencie of him whom thou hast destinied for the redemption of our soules if the figuring of that which is to come in the person of that immaculate lamb bee acceptable in killing of Sheepe and Rammes O then look downe with thy eye of pitie vpon thy poore people comfort thy distressed Sion giue courage to her poore inhabitants that they may repayre the
sunne riseth higher and higher ouer it vntill it appeare but as a point so as soone as thine anger was risen ouer me O Lord my life my goods and my greatnesse did by little vanish turne to nought so that now behold I am but as the haye spread vpon the ground without grace and without colour they bind it vp in bottles to feede their sheep and al those glorious flowers which before were so sweet fragrant are now bound vp togither with the thistle and hemlocke But what shal I therfore giue ouer all hope Not so my God for thy might is immense and shall neuer decay Thy mercy is infinite shall extend ouer all those that trust in thee One age succeedeth another but the memorial of thy louing kindness shall endure for euer One generation goeth and another generation succeedeth and all shall recount thy praise and magnifie thy goodnes Thou shalt at length arise O Lord and be mercifull vnto Sion for the time approacheth Behold I see it at hand The Riuers doe not sēd so much water into the wide bosome of the Ocean as thy bountie will showre bounty and graces vpon the face of this land Open your hearts O yee people open your hearts wide for the liberall hand of my God will fill you with a holy zeale vvhich shall purifie you and make you as faire beaten gold For the edifice of Sion O Lord is the refuge for thy seruants this is it they loue so well this is it they desire so ardently this is it where they waite for thy mercie this is the temple O Lord which thou wilt destroy in three daies and in three daies build againe to be the mansion of life eternall the seate of saluation the store-house of grace the temple of eternitie Then my God shall the nations stand amazed and the kings of the earth shall tremble at the brightnes of thy glorie What corner of the earth shall bee so secret but that thither also shall spread the fruit of thy blessed comming What people shall there bee so remote from the sunne so confined in darknes which shall not open their eyes to behold the glorious lustre of saluation which shall shine vnto them The heauen shall encrease the number of his lampes to giue light at thy glorious entrance into the world and kings shall come from far to doe homage to the King of Kings and Lord of heauen and earth For hee hath exalted his throane in Sion with great and magnificent preparation there shall men see him enuironed with glory and obscuring the Sun Moon with the brightness of his countenance But wherfore hast thou O Lord so highly exalted the throne of thy glory Is it to this end that thou mightest contemne the humble prayers of thy faith full seruants and to neglect all the world which is nothing in comparison to thy greatness Ah nay my Lord. Thou hast therefore set thy self in a place so eminent to the end that all the inhabitants of the earth might see acknowledge thee to bee their God and to run to thee for grace and mercy for thou art euer ready prest to incline to the humble call of thy seruants and neuer disdainest their pitifull request Look now vpon them al arraignd like poore prisoners condemned to the chaine who attend the view of some King to bee by him deliuered at the day of his coronation Euen so deliuer these O Lord who are sold vnder the slauery of sinne and at the turne of thine eye all their irons shall fall from them Then shall they be heard to chaunt out the song of glory to the victorious king their voice shall bee heard throughout all the parts of the earth and the memoriall of thy singular bounty and infinite mercy shall bee engrauen in mens harts to remain from generation to generation to all posteritie The Earth shall melt away the waters shall be dried vp the aire shal vanish the heauens shall passe away and be no more but the memoriall of thine aboundant kindnes O eternall God shall endure for euer Thou art the euerlasting God who hast daind to cast down thine eyes from heauen to behold the neathermost parts of the Earth to take notice of their torments who lye fast bound in the depth who hast heard their groanings and immediately runne to their succour to vnbinde and set at liberty these poore prisoners and their whole posteritie Death hath vanquished them by the strength of sin and had shutte them vp in darke dungeons but the Lord of life hath conquered death and hath giuen full deliuerance That so they might declare thy praise O Lord in Sion and proclaim thy clemencie in Hierusalem But though euery one of them had an hundred tongues though their voice were as strong as thunder yet would they not bee able to reach vnto the greatness of thy glory though all the parts of the world conspire in one to represent in their motions some part of thy might and infinite bounty yet can they reach no further for these are depths and the depths of depths which haue no bottom nor bound and which wee are not able to see but a far off Let it then suffice O my God that thy people assembled revnited both in body and minde doe vvith humble deuotion offer vp vnto thee the wil they haue to honour thee for the effect is not able to approach to that which to thee is due Let it be acceptable in thy sight O Lord that the kings of the earth doe prostrate themselues at thy feet and do tender that homage and seruice which is due to thee as to their soueraigne Lord. They shall lay down their scepters on the earth and their crownes at their feet and shall present an innocent conscience as a sacrifice of an humble deuotion I will bee the first O my God that wil prostrate my self before thee to worship and serue thee with my whole heart On thee onely will I fixe my thoughts to thee will I consecrate my spirit Quicken it O Lord that beeing purified with the sacred ardour of thy loue it may as a most pure mirrour receiue in it the image of thy incomprehensible beauty and perfection and may feele in it selfe the reflexion of thy sincere amitie vntill thy infinite beautie shall associate it vnto the number of thine elect to be with them coheir of euerlasting life Now my God doe I feele that thou hast enlightened my soule with thy grace and haue first felt the fauor which thou wilt bestowe vpon the sons of men My spirit hath already seen a far off how thou wilt come to redeeme the world but it feareth it shall dye before thy comming and this is the cause why it hath cried vnto thee saying Tell me O Lord what shall be thee course of mine age when thou wilt ende my dayes Cut not off the thread of my life O
thee 10 My heart panteth my strength faileth me and the sight of my eies is gone from me 11 My louers and my neighbors did stand looking vpon my trouble and my kinsmen stood a far off 12 They also that sought after my life laide snares for me they that went about to do me euill talked of wickednes and imagiced deceit all the day long 13 As for mee I was like a deafe man and heard not and as one that is dumb that doth not open his mouth 14 And I am as a man that heareth not and in whose mouthe are found no reproofs 15 For in thee O Lord haue I put my trust Thou shalt answere for for me O Lord my God 16 I haue required that they euen mine enemies shuld not triumph ouer me for when my feet slipt they reioiced greatly against me 17 And surely I am set in the plague and my heauinesse is euer in my sight 18 For I will confesse my wickednesse and be sorry for my sinne 19 But my enemies liue and are mighty they that hate mee wrongfully are many in number 20 They also that reward euill for good are against me because I follow the thing that is good 21 Forsake me not O Lord my God be not thou far frō me 22 Hast thee to help me O Lord God of my saluation 1 Haue mercie vpon mee O Lord after thy great goodnes according to the multitude of thy mercie doe away my offences 2 Wash me thorowly from my wickednes and cleanse me from my sinne 3 For I acknowledge my fault and my sin is euer before me 4 Against thee onely haue I sinned and done this euill in thy sight that thou mightest be iustified in thy saying and cleare when thou art iudged 5 Behold I was shapen in wickednes and in sinne my mother cōceiued me 6 But loe thou requirest truth in the inward parts and shalt make mee vnderstand wisedome secretly 7 Thou shalt purge me with hysop and I shall be cleane thou shalt wash me and I shall be whiter then snow 8 Thou shalt make me heare of ioy and gladnes that the bones which thou hast broken may reioice 9 Turne thy face from my sinnes and blotte out all my misdeedes 10 Make me a cleane hart O God and renew a right spirit within me 11 Cast mee not away from thy presence and take not thy holy spirit from me 12 O giue me the comfort of thy help again and establish mee with thy free spirit 13 Then shall I teach thy wayes vnto the wicked and sinners shall bee conuerted vnto thee 14 Deliuer me frō bloud-thirstiness O God thou that art the God of my health and my tongue shall sing of thy righteousnes 15 Thou shalt open my lippes O Lord and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise 16 For thou desirest no sacrifice else would I giue it thee but thou delightest not in burnt offerings 17 The sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit and a contrite heart O Lord shalt thou not despise 18 O be fauourable and gracious vnto Sion build thou the wals of Ierusalem 19 Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifice of righteousnes with the burnt offerings and oblations then shall they offer yong bullockes vpon thy aultar 1 Heare my prayer O Lord and let my crying come vnto thee 2 Hide not thy face from me in the time of trouble Incline thine eares vnto mee when I call O hear me and that right soone 3 For my dayes are consumed away like a smoake my bones are burnt vp as it were with a firebrand 4 My heart is smitten downe and withered like grasse so that I forget to eate my bread 5 For the voice of my groaning my bones will scarce cleaue to my flesh 6 I am becom like a Pellicane in the wilderness and like an Owle that is in the desert 7 I haue watched and am euen as it were a sparrow that sitteth alone vpon the house toppe 8 Mine enemies reuile me all the day long and they that are mad vpon me are sworne togither against me 9 For I haue eaten ashes as it were bread and mingled my drinke with weeping 10 And that because of thine indignation and wrath for thou hast taken me vp and cast mee downe 11 My dayes are gone like a shadow and I am withered like grasse 12 But thou O Lord shalt endure for euer and thy remembrance throughout all generations 13 Thou shalt arise and haue pitie vpon Sion for it is time that thou haue mercy vpon her yea the time is come 14 And why thy seruāts think vpon her stones and it pitieth them to see her in the dust 15 The Heathen shall feare thy name O Lord and al the kings of the earth thy maiestie 16 When the Lord shall build vp Sion and when his glory shall appeare 18 This shall be written for them that come after and the people which shall bee borne shall praise the Lord. 19 For hee hath looked down from his sancturie out of the heauen did the Lord behold the earth 20 That he might hear the mournings of such as be in captiuitie and deliuer the children appointed vnto death 21 That they may declare the name of the Lord in Sion and his worship at Ierusalem 22 When the people are gathered togither the kingdomes also to serue the Lord. 23 He broght downe my strength in my iourney and shortened my dayes 24 But I said O my God take me not away in the midst of my age as for thy yeeres they endure throughout all generations 25 Thou Lord in the beginning hast laide the foundation of the earth and the heauens are the workes of thy hands 26 They shall perish but thou shalt endure they shal all waxe olde as doth a garment And as a vesture shalt thou change them and they shal be changed 27 But thou art the same and thy yeares shall not faile 28 The children of thy seruants shall continue and their seed shall stand fast in thy sight 1 Out of the deepe haue I called vnto thee O Lord Lord heare my voice 2 O let thine eares consider well the voice of my complaint 3 If thou Lord wilt be extreme to marke what is don amisse Oh Lord who may abide it 4 For the●● mercy wi●● thee therfore shalt thou be feared 5 I looke for the Lord my soule doth waite for him in his word is my trust 6 My soule flyeth vnto the Lord before the morning watch I say before the morning watch 7 O Israel trust in the Lord for with the Lord there is mercy and with him there is plentious redēption 8 And he shal redeeme Israel from all his sins 1 Heare my prayer O Lord and consider my desire hearken vnto me for thy truth and righteousnes sake 2 And enter not into iudgement with thy seruant for in thy sight shall no man liuing bee iustified 3 For the enemie hath persecuted my soule hee hath smitten my life down to the groūd he hath laid me in the darknes as one that had been long dead 4 Therefore is my spirit vexed within mee and my heart within mee is desolate 5 Yet doe I remember the time past I muse vpon al thy workes yea I exercise my selfe in the workes of thy hands 6 I stretch forth my hand vnto thee my soule gaspeth vnto thee as a thirsty land 7 Heare me O Lord and that soone for my spirit waxeth faint hide not thy face from mee least I be like them that goe downe into the pit 8 O let me heare of thy louing kindnes betimes in the morning for in thee is my trust shew me then the way that I should walk in for I lift vp my soule vnto thee 9 Deliuer me O Lord from my enemies for I flye vnto thee to hide me 10 Teach mee to doe the thing that pleaseth thee for thou art my God let thy louing spirit leade me forth into the land of righteousnes 11 Quicken me O Lord for thy name sake and for thy righteousnes sake bring my soule out of trouble 12 And of thy goodnes slay mine enemies and destroy all them that vexe my soule for I am thy seruant
decayed walles of thy holy citie and build vp thy temple though not with that glory which thou deseruest yet with as great as the riches of this world will retch vnto Thither then shal all thy faithfull flocke come from all parts to sacrifice vnto thee and there shalt thou accept the propitiation for their sins But O my God it is neither the bloud nor death of beasts which can wash away their offences the expiation of their disobedience and stubbornnesse is prepared from all eternitie This is that inestimable sacrifice that immaculate holocaust which shall take away the veile dispell the darknesse breake the partition wall to make vs see face to face the truth of our saluation to make the bright beames of mercie shine vpon vs and to resume vs vnto the communion of that eternall happinesse from vvhich wee of our selues had fallen O most merciful God which hast opened the eyes of mine vnderstanding to see the mysterie of my saluation make me O Lord by a liuely faith to taste of that fruite which flourished vpon the tree of the Crosse and shall quicken with his iuice mortified soules preserue and heale vs for euer from that miserie and calamitie which hath so miserably fallen vpon the race of man hath been deriued from the first to the last through their disobedience Psalme 102. Domine exaudi O Lord I haue long cryed vnto thee for mercie and am still to attend on thee for succour The ayre is filled with my cryes the windes haue carried the voice of my complaint to the ende of the earth and thine eare which heareth mee from the depth of hell doth not hearken vnto my prayer which pierceth vnto the very heauens Wilt thou then O Lord be only deafe to mee and shall all the world heare my moane before thee No no my God thou hast been absent from mee too long to reiect me now when I come vnto thee for succour Turne not away thy face from mee O Lord now when so many thousands of griefes lay hold on mee and so many mischiefes assault me Alas I haue placed all my hope of rising in the milde looke of thy countenance I haue forsaken the world to draw neere vnto thee I haue abandoned the children of the earth to ioin my selfe to the Maister of heauen and wilt thou now forsake mee O doe not so good Lord but assist and strengthen my weakness all the dayes of my life that as soone as I shall lift my voice vnto thee so soone I may feele the comfort of thy presence and let thy grace speedily descend vpon mee as an Eagle hasteth to succour her yong For vnlesse thou assist me how shal I be able to fight against the enemies of my soule My strength faileth me and my life dayly consumeth as a smoake that vanisheth away into nought the same eye that seeth it rise out of the fire seeth it also dispersed in the same moment seeth both its beginning and its ende man may looke after it and loe not so much as the trace therof it selfe He that hath noted the small branches cutte off the trees and laide in the sunne how soone they lose both sappe and verdeur may suppose hee seeth my bones which are dryed vp and fallen away and fit for nothing but a Tombe A Tombe no doubt might make me happy if a small graue could stay the course of my most extreame miserie Hee that hath seene the grasse cut down in the medowes how it fadeth changeth his liuely hewe withereth let him looke vpon my face so wan and pale that I looke like death it selfe My heart is scorched in the midst of my entralls and my bloud is dryed vp within my veines because I remember not to put bread within my mouth and forget to take my daily repast My mouth serueth mee but to lament and crye and the voice of my daily complaints is so strong that it spendeth all the rest of my vigour so that my bodie consuming with heauiness falleth away by little and little now my bones appear most wofully through my skin Why then doe I care to remaine any longer in this bodie the subiect of my misery Why doe I watch to preserue this life which wrestleth against so many miseries which is cleane spent with so many afflictions Were it not much better for mee with the ende of my life to ende my miseries The Pellicane that in the solitarie deserts of Egypt tormenteth her selfe vvith grief to haue slain her yong ones besprinkles them with her owne bloud to restore them that life which she had taken frō them is not more sorrowful thē I nor maketh more grieuous moane then I. Hath not my sin procured the death of my dearest child which I loued more then my selfe And now that I haue already spent all my teares the bloud is readie to spring forth of my eies least my plaints should faile in so woefull a case But the Pelican redeemeth her young by the price of her bloud and I miserable wretch shall bee vtterly depriued of the child which I so tenderly affect I forsake the day and the light and confine my selfe in the obscure darknes as a dolefull Owle which goeth not out of her hole vntill the night with his sable mantle haue couered the earth I watch continually and take no rest I seeke to hide me from mischiefe which commeth vpon mee as an armed man I am quite discomfited my courage faileth mee I doe nothing but search for a corner to hide me in euen as a solitarie sparrow which beaten with winde and raine doth seek some couerture where shee may shrowde her selfe from the raine and also receiue some heate from the sunne Mine enemies seeing me thus deiected reuile mee and make a mocke of my misery they that vvere wont to make much of me in stead of condoling with me in mine affliction haue conspir'd against me What shall wee then account of the goods of this world when the greatest riches a man can attaine vnto is to haue many friends and yet friends are so double that they make small reckoning of violating their faith Behold my glorie is decayed the floure of my beautie is fallen away and withered for I haue cast ashes vpon my bread and mingled my drinke with teares But shall I for this bee still a laughing stocke to this wicked race of infidels I am come indeed before thy face in the day of thy displeasure thou hast laide vpon me the arme of vengeance and it hath beaten me downe and laid me in the dust I had magnified my self among men and loe now am I brought lowe O vaine presumption to what height hast thou made mee mount to giue mee the greater fall Alas what could I finde in my selfe which could breed in my hart so high a selfe-conceit As the shadow of a body decreaseth by little and little according as the