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B08964 A serious exhortation to the necessary duties of [brace] family and personal instruction made (formerly) to the inhabitants of the parish of Tredington in the county of Wercester, and now upon request published for their use / by William Durham. Durham, William, d. 1686. 1659 (1659) Wing D2832A; ESTC R229159 38,436 108

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commands when they see thee practizing what thou enjoynest them It was the reproach of Appius Appius Lucretiae Regum juris quod ipse composuerat oblitus Flor. lib. 1. c. 24. In commune jubes si quid censesve tenendum Primus ipse subi Claud. Prius disce qui doces Lanct that he forgot the Law of his own making and that he who had expelled Tarquin for a rape himself committed one Pompey was famous for giving good rules but as infamous for breaking them first himself When a Father or a Master of a Family doth truly fear God Suarum legum Author Eversor Tacitus Vid. Muscul Psa 7.7 he will both by his Precepts and Example endeavor to bring his whole houshold to the knowledge and obedience of God too but if he be a wicked person himself whatsoever commands he may lay upon them his corrupt practice will hazard and indanger the ruine of them all Mind that place in Joshua well Josh 24.15 I and my house will serve the Lord it is not I without my house a good man would willingly bring all especially those of his Family to heaven with him nor is it my house without me I am contented that they shall know and serve him but I will not This is all one as if one should say I am willing that my Family should go to heaven but for my self I am resolved to go to hell But it is I and my house I will enjoyn them no more then I will do my self I shall walk before them by mine own example but I will not leave them to their own choice whether they will serve God or no. It 's a pernitious liberty which suffers men to be either of no Religion or of a false one You must provoke them to this good work by doing it before them or else they will be apt to think that it is onely a device to keep children in awe but not a duty necessary to salvation Thus have I according to the grace of God given me Conclusion endeavored to perswade you to lay the foundation whereon the Fabrick of your salvation is to be raised Other foundation can no man lay let every man take heed how he builds thereuponi fanyman build upon this foundation 2 Cor. 3.10 11 12 c. wood hay stubble his work shall be burnt with fire but if any man build gold silver precious stones his work shal abide and he shall receive a reward You have seen the sad inconveniencies which attend the neglect of this work and the great advantages that accrew to those who exercise themselves in it Profit is a spur to Piety Moses his eying the recompence of the reward quickened him in his Duty The Lord give you understanding in all things that you may know where your interest and greatest concernment lies And now Brethren I beseech you by the tender mercies of God by the precious merits of Jesus Christ by all that is dear and precious to you that you suffer this word of Exhortation to prevail with you to the performance of your respective Duties God will have much glory and your poor Souls will one day find the comfort on 't And as for me it will be an abundant recompence of this and all other pains which I have taken amongst you if I may find your hearts more and more inflamed after the saving knowledg of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ as he is revealed in the Gospel Finally what remains Act. 20.32 but that I commend you to God and to the word of his Grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among them that are sanctified Humbly beseeching the God of peace Heb. 13.20 that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ that great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting Covenant that he would make you perfect in every good work to do his will working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight through Jesus Christ to whom be glory for ever and ever Amen READER THere remaining some spare room and meeting with this short Catechism used heretofore to the benefit of many Christians by that eminent and faithful servant of Christ Mr. Robert Lilly late Minister of Campden I thought fit to annex it here as out of a desire to promote thy spiritual good so to testifie that reverend respect which I bear to the memory of that worthy Person now with God Twelve Questions and Answers fit to be learned and understood by all those who desire worthily to communicate at the Lords Table Quest 1. WHat is the Ground of your coming to receive the Lords Supper Answ Because it is an Ordinance which Jesus Christ hath appointed in his Church for the spiritual good of every true Member of it Q 2. What is that spiritual good Christ hath appointed it for A. He hath appointed it as for a holy remembrance of himself so for a special means to confirm the faith of every true Beleever in him Q. 3. What need you or any man believe in Christ A. Yes I and all men are sinful both by Original and Actual sin and must die eternally if the Lord Jesus Christ do not save us which he will not do unless we beleeve on him Q. 4. How can you conceive that the receiving of Bread and Wine should be a means to confirm Faith A. Yes Because as they are a sign of Christs Body and Blood so they are a seal to confirm a special part of the Covenant between God and a Beleever and to give him an interest in it Q. 5. What is the special part of the Covenant which it both confirms and conveys to a Beleever A. That by Faith as he shall have his sin pardoned and Gods favor recovered which is signed and sealed in Baptism so in feeding on him by Faith he shall be nourished and preserved in that estate unto Everlasting life Q. 6. Hath every one that receives this confirmed and conveyed to him A. Yes every one that hath Faith if he come not unworthily for so he may hinder his own spiritual good Q. 7. May a Beleever come unworthily A. Yes in some sort if he do not carefully perform his Duty as he should both before he receive in receiving and after receiving sanctifying them all by prayer Q. 8. What is the Duty that a Christian must do before he receive A. He must duly examine himself whether he have Knowledge Faith Repentance Obedience Love and carefully renew them all so oft as he cometh to receive Q. 9. How may he know by his examination whether he hath these Graces yea or no A. By this Rule every one of them if he can truly say that his Performance is some his Endeavors are more his Desi●e is infinite Q. 10. How is a Beleever to renew these Graces A. In laboring to see the imperfections of them in seeing them to bewail them confess them crave pardon for them with a holy resolution to redress them Q. 11. What is the Duty which a Beleever must do in receiving A. In beholding the Bread and Wine thankfully to discern the Lords Body and by faith to receive them as the seal of God that by his faith he shall be preserved in Gods love and that they as instruments of God exhibit it to him Q 12. What is the Duty that a Beleever must do after receiving A. As to remember the Covenant made in receiving and continually to make use of it so to remember himself whether he have received that spiritual comfort to be had in it if he have to be thankful and make use of it if not to search out the cause and be humble for it FINIS READER BE pleased to correct these Errata's ere you read the Book because many of them marr the sense the literal slips especially in the Margin are less considerable you may mend them as you read Page 12. Line 3. for would r. worlds line 24 25. the words are misplaced in the beginning of each line in the 24. for thorough r. in some measure in the 25. for in some measure r. thorough p. 14. l. 17. r. in a wrack p. 16. l. 19. r. they will find p. 17. l. 5. for Baleans r. Baleares p. 21. l. 11. for Estones r. Estones l. 25. for vari r. vare p. 33. l. 22. for what r. which p. 53. l. 6. for be r. he l. 7. for he r. be p. 71. r. Greg. Nazianzene l. 22. for Eynus r. Cyrus