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A87554 An exposition of the Epistle of Jude, together with many large and useful deductions. Lately delivered in XL lectures in Christ-Church London, by William Jenkyn, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first part. Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. 1652 (1652) Wing J639; Thomason E695_1; ESTC R37933 518,527 654

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enemies A greater punishment undoubtedly to those proudest of creatures then was that to Bajazet whose back famous Tamberlane used for an horsblock to raise him up to his Steed when he caused him to be carried up and down as a spectacle of infamy in all his triumphant journeys 2. By the last judgment there shall be an accession of punishment to these angels in respect of their restraint because then they shall be unable to seduce the wicked or to hurt the elect any more Their chain now more loose shall then be so strait that they shall never come neer nor among the Saints of God A vehement vexation to those malicious spirits whose element is mischief and their torment restraint from doing hurt They now deem it some lessening of their torment to be suffered to tempt men to sin They think themselves hereby somewhat revenged on God as he that defaceth the picture of his enemy when he cannot come at his person easeth his spleen a little or as the dog somewhat breaks his rage by gnawing the stone when he cannot reach the thrower They now walk abroad as it were with their keeper but then they shall be closely confin'd yea dungeon'd Now they contain their hell then their hell shall contain them In short As the punishment of wicked men shall be at the full when their souls and bodies are reunited and both cast into hell so the torment of these angels shall be compleated when at the last day they shall be so fettered in their infernall prison as that there will be no possibility of stirring forth They are now entred into divers degrees of punishment but the full wrath of God is not powred out upon them till the day of judgment OBSERVATIONS 1 No secrecy can shelter sin from Gods observation Observ 1. He who will make sins known to conscience and all spectators must needs know them himself Sins are undoubtedly written in if they be read out of the book God need not wrack no nor ask the offender to know whether he hath sinn'd or no he searcheth the heart Jer. 17.10 Psal 11.4 he tryeth the reins his eyes behold his eye-lids try the children of men He compasseth he winnoweth our paths and is acquainted with all our wayes Psal 139. Whither shall we flie from his presence He understands our thoughts afar off knows them long before they come into us and long after they are gone away from us All the secrets of our hearts are dissected anatomized and bare-fac'd in his eyes He who knew what we would do before we did it must needs know what we have done afterwards There 's nothing existing in the world but was before in Gods knowledg as the house is first in the head before erected by the hand of the Artificer He made us and therefore knows every nook and corner and turning in us and we are sustained and moved by him in our most retired motions How plainly discerned by him is the closest hypocrite and every Divel though in a Samuel's mantle We can onely hear but God sees hollownesse We do but observe the surface but Gods eye pierceth into the entrails of every action He sees not as man sees Man looketh on the outward appearance but God looketh on the heart How exact should we be even in secret walkings we being constantly in the view of so accurate an observer We should set the Lord always before us The eye of God should ever be in our eys the presence of God is the counterpoyson of sin Whensoever thou art sinning remember that all thou dost is book'd in Gods omniscience Latimer being examined by his Popish Adversaries heard a pen walking behind the hangings to take all his words this made him wary how he express'd himself but more cause have we to fear sin since God writes down every offence and will one day so read over his book to Conscience that it shall be compell'd to copie it out with infinite horror God did but read one page one line of this book one sin to the conscience of Judas and the terror thereof made him his own executioner 2 How foolish are sinners Observ 2. who are so despairing at and yet so fearlesse before the pronouncing of the last sentence Most irrationall is that resolution Because sentence against an evill work is not executed speedily therefore to be fully set to do evill Eccles 8.11 How wise were it to argue contrarily Because the sentence is deferr'd therefore let us labour to have it prevented and to say with the Apostle 2 Pet. 3.11 What manner of persons ought we to be The deferring of judgment is no signe of its prevention the speedy repentance of sinners would be a much more comfortable prediction Wrath when it is to come may be fled from when once it is come it is unavoidable Christians be as wise for your souls as the Egyptians were for their cattel who fearing the threatning of bail took them into houses Faith in threatnings of judgment may prevent the feeling of judgments threatned For your souls sake be warned to get your pardon in the blood if ever you would avoid the sentence of the mouth of Christ If the Judg give you not a pardon here he will give you a sentence hereafter It 's onely the blood of Christ which can blot the book of Judgment Judg your selves and passe an irrevocable sentence upon your sins if you would not be sentenc'd for your sins Repent at the hearing of Ministers in this your day for if you put off that work till God speaks in his day Repentance it self will be unprofitable If you harden your hearts here in sin the heart of Christ will be hardened hereafter in his sentencing and your suffering The great work of poor Ministers is the prevention of the dreadfull sound of the last Sentence Knowing the terror of the Lord they warn you All the hatred we meet with in the world is for our loving plainness herein but we will not cease to warn you with tears as well as with sweat we can better bear your hatred here then either you or we bear Gods hereafter and we had rather your lusts should curse us here then your souls to all eternity If our voyce cannot make you bend Gods will make you break If you will not hearken is it not because the Lord will slay you 3 Great is the sinfulness of rash judgment Observat 3 It 's a sin that robs Christ of his honour whereby a man advanceth himself into Christs Tribunal and which takes the work of judgment out of Christs hand and therefore the Apostle Rom. 14.10 1 Cor. 4 5. strongly argues a-against it from the last judgment Christians commit this sin both by a curious inquisition into the wayes of others for this end that they may finde out matter of defamation and principally by passing of sentence or giving of censure against the persons and practices of others without a
discovered his humbling quickning strengthning presence to thee in thee Let no Sacrifice please thee without fire Love the Ordinances because God meets thee in them If God be not at home think it not enough that his servants his Ministers have spoken to thee Let the society of Saints be thy solace and deerly esteem those in whom thou beholdest any resemblance of God With the wicked converse rather as a Physician to cure them than as a companion to delight in them Let not thy heart be taken with any comfort any further then thou beholdest the heart of the giver in it or findest thine own raised to serve and delight in him 4. No distress should dishearten those here Observ 4. to whom God will not deny his presence hereafter Though God brings them into miseries yet he will not exclude them with the miserable If men cast them out of their company yet Christ will never say to them Depart from me If they want an house to hide their heads in and a bed to rest their bodies on yet their Fathers house and bosome will supply both Let men do their worst they may send Saints to him not from him How little do those rods smart in striking with which the Lord takes not away his loving-kindnesse What hath that poverty more then a name which is not accompanied and followed with the loss of God himself In a word Though sometimes the Saints sit in darkness and see no light yet is light sown for them they shall not lie under darknesse but after the darkest night of desertion shall arise to them that glorious Sun of Gods presence which shall never go down again but make an eternall day Thus farre for the first part of the punishment of the Angels viz. that which they undergoe in in the prison The second follows viz. that which shall be laid upon them at and after their appearing at the barr and in that first to what they are reserved viz. to judgment EXPLICATION There are two things may here bee enquired after 1 What we are to understand by the judgement to which these angels are reserved 2 How the angels which are punished already are yet said to be reserved to judgment 1 For the first Though the word 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 judgment be frequently in Scripture taken more largely and improperly for the cause of punishment John 3.19 for the government of the world John 5.22 amendment or reformation John 12.31 c. for the place of judgment Matth. 5.22 yet in this place it comes more close to its own proper signification according to which it imports a judiciary trial of and proceeding about causes In which respect it s taken in this place and oft in the new Testament for the solemn action of the last and generall judgment Mat. 10.15 Mat. 11.22 24 and 12.36 Mark 6.11 2 Pet. 3.7 Where we read of the day of judgment and Ecc. 11.9 12.14 Luke 10.14 Heb. 9.27 10.27 where there is mention made of this judgment Which judgment consists of three parts Veritas in inquisitione nuditas in publicatione serenitas in executione 1 A discussion and manifestation of the faults for which the prisoners were committed 2 A pronouncing sentence upon them for every crime discussed and manifested 3 A severe executing upon them the sentence so pronounced 1. Act. 23.3 1 Tim. 5.24 Act. 16.15 2 Cor. 5.14 In this judgment faults and causes shal be discussed and manifested and judgment is sometime in Scripture put for this discussion and discerning of causes some mens sins are open before hand going before to judgement c. 1 Tim. 5.24 c. And this knowledg of the cause is intended Cunctaque cunctorum cunctis arcana patebunt Ezra 4.15.19 and 6.2 Est 6.1 Deu. 32.34 Psal 56.8 Jer. 3.22 Hos 7.2 1 Cor. 4.5 Rev. 20.12 Where we have mention of those who stand before God of the opening of the books and the judging out of those things which were written in the books For though at the last judgment God will make use of no books properly so called yet all the works of the judged shall be as manifestly known as if God kept registers rolls and records of them in heaven and at his coming he will bring to light the hidden things of darknesse and will make manifest the counsells of the hearts that the righteousnesse of his proceedings may appear to all These books of discovery are two 1 that of Gods omniscience 2 that of the creatures conscience 1 According to the former every creature is manifest in his sight and all things are opened unto his eyes Heb. 4.13 Mat. 3.16 Joh. 2.25 Jer. 23.24 Mar. 4.22 Rom. 2.5.16 he hath a book of remembrance he needeth not that any should testifie of man for he knoweth what is in man As God hates sin wheresoever he knows it so he knows it wheresoever it is Men may hide their sins from men from God they cannot Men may like foolish children when they shut their eyes and see none think that none sees them but the light and the darknesse are both alike to God Nor can any Isa 29.15 by seeking deep to hide their counsels from the most High help himself Never hath one sin since the creation of the world Deus nec fallitur nec flectitur slip'd from the memory of Gods knowledg though he hath been pleased to put away the sins of some out of the memory of his vengeance Nor doth he forget any sin out of necessity but meerly out of mercy 2 According to the later * Ad hunc librum emendandum omnes alii libri sunt inventi Quid libri aperti nifi conscientia non atramento scripti sed delictorū inquinamento Amb. in Ps 1. Psal 51. Idem judex reus testis tortor flagellum the book of Conscience the Lord will in the generall Judgment bring to every mans remembrance what he hath done he will set the sins of the wicked in order before them Psalm 50. their consciences shall then be dilated and irradiated by the power of God Here in this life Conscience is brib'd and gives in an imperfect but then it shall bring a full and impartiall evidence against sinners who shall be speechlesse and have their mouthes stop'd Hence Jude 15. it is said that God shall 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 convince all the ungodly Their faults shall be so demonstrated to them that they shall have nothing to object but shall be compelled to acknowledge all both in point of fact and desert That which before was almost imperceptible shall being held to the fire of vengeance and the light of conscience be made legible 2 In this judgment to which these angels shall bee brought there shall be a decisive definitive sentence Isa 5.3 Matt. 7.1 John 18.31 Acts 24.6 Acts 17.31 Matth. 19.28 1 Cor. 6.3 Acts 4.19 And frequently and most properly in Scripture is judgment taken for a