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A86457 An exposition, or, A short, but full, plaine, and perfect epitome of the most choice commentaries upon the Revelation of Saint John. Especially of the most learned and judicious authors, as Bullinger of Helvetia, Francis Iunius, Thomas Brightman, Aug. Marlorate, Aug. de Civitate dei, but especially (among many) the excellent and learned David Pareus. With severall remarkable notes, observations, and doctrines very profitable. / As it was for the most part delivered by way of commentary in the parish-church of Sutton-Valence, Kanc [sic]. By Hezekiah Holland Anglo-hibernus, Minister of the Gospell at Sutton-Valence. Holland, Hezekiah, fl. 1638-1661. 1650 (1650) Wing H2426; Thomason E606_1; ESTC R5543 143,079 206

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the gathering together the Kings of the earth into Armageddon the burning of the whorish woman the desolation of Babylon the event of the Goggish war More then the beginning we have seen and further shall see E. H. The Errata of moment are these CHap. 1. page 2. line 10. Alcasar should be set in the margin against that line l. 13. read changeable causes for unchangeable cause ch 3. p. 30. l. 6. after doth r. not l. 26. for spiritual r. spirit ch 8. p. 54. l. 31. r. Bishops successors ch 9. p. 66. l. 30. for eye r. use ch 9. l. last for withdraw r. wrath ch 10. p. 72. l last after locusts r. doctrine ch 11. p. 83. l. 37. for shew r. flew ch 12. p. 88. l. 11. for of Christs birth r. at Christs birth AN EXPOSITION OR A short but full plaine and perfect Epitome of the most choice Commentaries upon the REVELATION Of Saint JOHN Especially of the most learnedly judicious DAV PAREVS CHAP. 1. Vision 1. Vers 1. The Revelation of Iesus Christ .. THE Word Revelation or Apocalypse signifies the unfolding of a secret T is called a Revelation for two reasons First because we need the knowledge of it Secondly it shews the divine authority of it for the title answereth the title of the ancient Prophets as the vision of Isaiah so the Revelation of John Of Jesus Christ which God gave him God may be said to give it to Christ as he was man nay as God for the father is the fountaine of the Godhead So Christs wisedome is from the father by an eternal generation it shews Christ to be God because it belongs to God only to reveal secrets Isa 41.23 now t is Christ office to reveal to his People the Will of his father His servants To wit Christ This proves Christs divine nature because all the faithfull are his servants Which must shortly come to passe therefore this book doth not treat of things then past as some would perswade but things to come Must come shews the unchangeable decree of God Also secondary causes as the malice and rage of Satan and his instruments against the Church though unchangeable causes if not hindred by the over-ruling Power of God bring forth necessarily an effect Shortly That is shall begin suddainly to take effect though the things herein mentioned were not in a very short time to be all performed for many hundred years are past already and yet many things are not come to passe yet the time is short in respect of the age of the world already past or in respect of eternity Alcazar or God with whom a thousand years are but as one day And signified it by his Angel God gave him the Revelation not to keep for himself but to shew it to his servants now is expressed the faithfulnesse of Christ in executing his charge committed to him of God And he sent This proves Christs Divinity in that he commands the Angels and they obey him This is Pauls argument of the Deity of the Son Heb. 1.6 His servant John Christ takes notice of nay doth register the names of his servants Poor Lazarus is mentioned when the rich mans name is buried in Oblivion only there was a certain rich man Happy are his servants whom he hath graven unto their comfort be it spoken on the palmes of his hands not on iron but flesh not on his back parts but his hands not the back of them but the palmes of his hands Vers 2. Who bare record of the Word of God That is of Christ the Word note three things 1. That the Penman was one that writ of Christ 2. That 't was Iohn who in the entrance of his Gospel says In the beginning was the Word to wit Christ 3. That Iohn wrote his Gospel before he wrote the Revelation who bare Record of the Word And of the Testimony of Iesus Christ the doctrine of Christ the death and martyrdome of Christ for Iohn stood by and saw him crucified And of all things that he saw to wit now in visions also he alludeth to a place in his Gospel where he says he that saw it bare record and his record is true Vers 3. Blessed is he that readeth because by reading comes faith and observance also he commendeth the reading of this book to all men And which heare those then that cannot read may be blessed let them procure others to read to them this and other books of the Scripture especially explained And keep the things reading and hearing without observance will availe little yet it may be both a means to remove what may hinder our happinesse and to direct us in the right way of attaining the same Of this Prophecie This shews it is from God for all Prophecie is of him 2 Pet. 1.20 it may also the sooner stirre up our hearts to feek the knowledge of this book for men do covet to know the things to come See my little book called A glimpse of Christs love p. 14. concerning a Prophet and Prophecie in part For the time is at hand The time of the beginning of the performance The time both of the fury of the adversary and the deliverance of the Church this should stirre up in us a diligent care to read this Prophecie for the knowledge of good and evill at the doore ought not to be neglected Vers 4. Iohn to the seven Churches gathered in Asia the lesse by the preaching of the Word chiefly by Paul to whom Iohn dedicates and sends his book because the first Vision directly concerns them Grace he to you and Peace by grace understand the free love of God in pardoning sin by peace chiefly that of conscience but also all temporal blessings included in that word peace he is to reprove these to whom he wisheth thus well it teacheth that reproofe should be the effect of love not of malice From him which is which was and which is to come that is from the father alluding to that name in Exod. 3. I am which is because the father is from none which was because he was before all time in eternity which is to come because he shall come to judge the world by the Sonne the Sonne also is one with his father was for in the beginning was the Word is to come to judge immediately the quick and the dead yet I rather understand this of the father because by the seven spirits before the throne is meant the holy Spirit as Christ is expressed in the next verse From the seven Spirits before the throne the holy Spirit is called seven because he is perfect in working for seven is used for a perfect number in this book In my quoted book pag. 43. I proved that by Angels excelling in strength arch-angels are meant Psal 103.20 the rather because the ordinary Angels are meant in ver 21. yee his host Also I affirmed that by seven spirits ch 3. v. 5. happily these angels may be meant but in
be filthy still in hope to scape unpunished which words are not a permission or approving of filthinesse but a threatning a secret judgment for reprobates shall be given up to a reprobate sense if after admonishing such will be filthy let them be filthy still He that is righteous will be righteous still As Dan 12.10 many shall be pure but the wicked shall do wickedly to which our Gospel Daniel here alludes All the righteous will believe and do righteously though the day of judgement be not very near the Word in them is the incorruptible seed now for their sakes the Prophecy is chiefly therefore seale it not Here observe how the same word causes divers effects accidentally t is the savour of life to the Elect to the rest the savour of death as our Apostle 2 Cor. 2.15 16. bravely Righteous still Continuing in righteousnesse and encreasing in righteousnesse Here the Papists say second Justification by works is proved for they who were justified first by Christ may be more justified by works as charity but t is false no works justifie and Scripture which commands charity never speaks of its justifying Christ justifies alone but our good works declare us to be in Christ and justified So James may be understood ch 2. ver 24. Quaest How is a man that is justified justified still or more for the words in Greek bare that interpretation Answ We are justified but once but sanctified oft more and more both which Sanctification and Justification are here expressed but though we are but once justified as was David yet after sinning and falling from God when by repentance we return to the God of our Iustification we have the benefit of Justification renewed as Psal 51.7 David had as that most pathetique Psalme proves every where but enough Vers 12. Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me This is Christs voice perchance represented by the Angel yet it might be Christ distinct from the Angel for t is no unusual thing in this book as in some Comedy or Tragedy to have several Persons brought in speaking of Christs coming quickly See ver 7 and ch 1. ver 1. My reward Because Christ freely gives it Now the reward is eternal life and that is the gift of God Rom. 6. ver last Damnation is properly a reward so is not eternal life but improperly being out of free grace and promise To render to every one according to his works The good mans reward out of mercy and promise shall be good the wicked mans shall be evil to him but just as from God out of desert The wicked man is rewarded for his works being perfectly evil the good man according to his works which are due debts to the Creator but imperfectly good to which God hath annexed a promise out of free love not desert Vers 13. I am Alpha and Omega the first and the last c This proves it to be Christs voice who chap. 1. ver 8. cals himself so Now Alpha is the first letter and Omega the last among the Greeks So Christ is first even eternal with his father and last as God to eternity See chap. 1.8 expounded Christ though the Son is as soon as the Father as light and heat are in the Sunne and fire yet the Sunne and fire are causes of them he that pleases may read the learned refutation of Engedinus the heretick against Christ being Alpha and Omega by my Pareus upon this verse Vers 14. Blessed are they that do his Commandements It seems as if spoken by an Angel of Christ whose commandments are mentioned but it may be referred to the Commandements of the book or sayings of the Prophecy ver 7. and then t is Christs voyce Now the sayings of Christ or Commandements are touching the not worshipping the Beast nor his image as chap. 13. flying out of Babylon chap. 18. and forsaking any thing of Rome if they be blessed that keep them what becomes of them that break them worshipping the Beast The Lord remember all his People and them in Ireland to call them from Popery to salvation through Christ Iesus That they may have right to the tree of life To wit Christ Now that we have in being his spiritual members and spouse who have right to their head and husband The servants of the Beast have no right to Christ being neither elected nor redeemed in general Vers 15. For without are dogs and sorcerers Out of heaven to wit being not written in the Lambs book chap. 21 27. Now though all wicked men and reprobates are here meant yet in a most peculiar manner the servants of the Beast By which you perceive how God hates all Idolaters and Idolatry Dogs Are unclean and tearers or devourers Matth. 7.6 Give not that which is holy unto dogs Julian the Apostate was such a dog who receiving some knowledge of Christ tore the Gospel and rent it with arguments out of its selfe but wrested Now who are greater tearers of the Scripture then Papists wresting it to destruction who greater lyars against Christ and truth who teach more false doctrines then they Vers 16. I Iesus have sent my Angel to testifie unto you these things c He is the Person speaking the Author of the Revelation the Alpha and Omega the Lord of the Prophets the Commander of the Angels the doner of eternal life and therefore God Omnipotent Note Christ gives himself that name which long before was given him by the Angel Matth. 1.20 21. This name we should chiefly acknowledge him by this is the only name of comfort so he says thus muth I Jesus or your Saviour have sent my Angel putting us in mind of his love and mercies towards us To you Of or in the seven Churches chap. 1.11 But these things concern all the People and Churches of Christ though particularly the seven Churches in Asia long since ruined First this is comfort to us that our Jesus is the Angels Commander therefore we shall not want their assistance Secondly that we should carefully read what Christ commanded his Angel to testifie and John to write How ill did they who question the authority of this book I am the root and off-spring of David The root beareth the tree so Christ as God upheld and saved David but according to the flesh he was the off-spring or sonne of David and by consequent the true Messias The bright and morning starre The meaning is that as Venus outshines all the stars so Christs glory excels all the glory of Saints and Angels thus Christ resembles his glory to the heavenly brightnesse and lustre of the morning starre Balaam Numb 24.17 and Peter 2 Pet. 2.1 v. 19. cals Christ a star Christ expels the darknes of sin and ignorance and brings the light of knowledge and grace and at the morning of the resurrection will drive away the darknesse of this life and shew himself most gloriously to all the Saints Thus Christ promised himself to